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Episode 213: The Great Guac Debate and Beyond!

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you doing well so well and Nastassja together by French missionaries and last name and oh so easily go by 18 years old say it it exists for government documents only

small tiny little island my mom's from there I was born there there half Japanese half pulao one would be terrible the Crystal Blue Waters more fish than you could ever imagine you have a caller on the line we can get to him whenever

what's up at the jail from Greenpoint Greenpoint and I wanted to try to do like a combination of seaweed or like low temperature cooking and smoking and I want to get your thoughts on how I might go about doing that like we should I see the smoke smoke first and then then the put it put it in the water but

what temperature should I do I was kind of thinking maybe it would be cool to do it's like medium-rare braised type thing but I don't know if that's something that you would recommend for brisket what were your thoughts play just so you know we got here you got your normal nastase to tell me that I'm an idiot but Cliff has been doing work with me for a long time production for past couple of years for the lab techniques and Jordana was paid is currently paid to write about eating and cooking and formerly critic of other people's cooking correct very critical is on low temperature brisket and you know Cliff has his if you're doing a low temp brisket and you're going to go medium rare what's by The Smiths you problems smoke problem down detector problem the temperature going to do right on it

taste like a traditional brisket so if you're certain you're going to a restaurant that's more stinky and well yeah because the spot you thought you were getting hit with was the brisket spot and medium rare brisket doesn't hit hits a bird hits a different kind of a spot so I can and I think that's the main problem with and I did this because I don't know how many thousands are short ribs are cooked you know when I was at the French corner is part of all the teaching stuff that we did but you know the more and more I ate I was like this is delicious but it's not really a short rib and if you want to short rib this is not what you want anyone of you guys agree with me here so you could do a medium rare thing tasted meaty right and it won't have as much moisture loss so it won't have the same texture or concentration of flavor so there's that right so you can choose

you can do like a relatively you know if you want to do is is it for smoke smoking for flavor and color yeah you can smoke it you can smoke it before because that's going to prevent the drying out of it so if you're if you're going to do if you're going to do me Dreher I would smoke before then and then I would do a final Chris book on the outside of the skin or else also but they come out of the sauce and a green tinge

just to get the color right it's less a texture on the outside but just remember the pleasure of a fine brisket is a little bit of drying out on the couch in my opinion a little bit of something like a little bit even if you're going to go meet rare and going anywhere in between as soon as you hit as soon as you hit like in beef I would say like 60-63 sell anything above that I don't see the damn point just go go go go full tank of a good range there anyone agree disagree in anyone anyone anyone know but what temp would you

what type of oil for the cook whatever your first doing a lot of low temp work your your inclination is to do the kind of virtuoso move it like Bruno guiso like another the granddaddy of low temp cooking used to do you know how long cooked meats at rare at like 54° which is like rare remember this is story I don't told a long time since. He is not going to throw up if I tell it again Nigel Robuchon and and and they gave them a 72-hour like 52 or 54 degrees short rib and Shuffle on was like

it was like straight-up bacteriological to people in like a nursing home thing was safe but yeah you can go all the way that low like long cook things alkire likes 57 which is about 135 is a good medium rare long push it all the way up today like I say to like I mean if you're going somewhere in that range and

never a 6263 remember if you're going to put a sauce in the bag reduce the hell out of it is the mistake people make they don't reduce the hell out of it you don't put like a meat in a bag and you cook it and all the juices come out and now it's like swimming in its own juices especially these higher temperatures right so think about the fact that any bike sauce that you put in post and poaching an entirely different technique my friend. Talk about 4th of July

and we built a fort and it was spectacular Ford I was told to pay for it was a t t piano is a glowing TP in the forest outside of our restored Barn teepee like 15 ft teepee with the two best-known references on TV and log construction what I did was I went foraging in a shed for electrical cords which I lashed around some trees and hung sheets over them so if that's how you would do you listen to what I like about you get it done. Co disagrees with the S is that we dance we weave throughout the trees and I tried to pay attention to the trees tuition assassin was particularly drawn she hates treats

like I'm so she says that she doesn't like the bottom of pools biscuits the band but she does like tree is

nothing like the difference or not do that in private nice horse actually nice they landed in Ed Sheeran's hair caught on fire I like that a lot looking at one of your buddies who is there supposed to get the fireworks for your shin Jakes. I didn't do it and I have to say I think I talked about on the show if you have the opportunity estate

hurricane tracker it is 11 seconds of awesome awesome name of a firework American woman like you can put into a firework and sell legally in as one block of fireworks and I bought you like light one walk away it's awesome so most of these last like 45 seconds a minute but American trucker does its full 511 seconds 11th and I like it like that kind of guy I hope it doesn't say to know I'm saying I put the hard I try to suck on this and a crunch a different in that way anyway but maybe

affirmations you back it up with a bunch of like Excalibur and El Diablo shells LP so I took my natural gas deep fryer out of the city I'm no longer deep fryer in the city outside and so I can report on how it's going to work with weather and propane usage now that I'll be testing at the whole freaking summer but I was busting out fries and chicken and shrimp like we're on the air

it's going to rain in DC calling in and I had a question questions about ice for you I got a friend who is open and I got a friend who's opening up a bar in a former restaurant space and they've got some equipment still there we're trying to see if it makes any sense to hold on to that for their ice program

yeah I got his machine and they got like a victory 2 door reach-in freezer we are hoping to try to use to do some like bigger clear presentation kind of cute. Okay on Monday with the small with a small stuff a little thing that pushes out the little Waffle shaped Cube thing is that it's like smaller than you suggest me a book for shake and stuff starts. Cuz it's just too much surface mineral quick

I think they might I mean I think he's chipped in this place to mainly mainly a cocktail bar was like a small small sweet program on that sucker is but I mean like if I if I could like whatever I want it I would get like a medium decent ice machine easy the kind of my own ice program by freezing down to use probably in a chest freezer cuz I've always wanted a nugget machine or you can just get act like a machine to flake out the cube cubes that you got but that's what I would do

and I'll make sure you make sure that you change the filters and make sure everything went like you know if it's coming out clear but it's just you know it's kind of small as we should have seen it as Scotland patients and we can calibrate around that and just try for something like it like a cold draft machine sort of sounds like what has the has the buzz is something like cocktail stuff but they know if you're going to do any culinary with it it's kind of a crappy culinary ice cuz it Doesn't stock very well into like if you ask me to I see if you if you in New York a lot of times what you do is you hire like the bartender comes in and they're working a couple shifts here a couple shifts there a couple ships here a couple ships there right then it's going to be hard to have

on fenders head around the fact that you're using shell ice and everyone else is not and so you're probably going to have some issues with it if your if your party was only your bark like as long as you know what you'll your tools are you can crank delicious stuff out in the matter what I should have it doesn't matter you sat there like alter your alter your techniques a little bit but then it requires you to make sure that everyone does all through their tickets and someone comes in you have to beat them around the head and tell them that you know that it's a little different from where they were for excetera excetera make sure that everything's right you have to keep a really evil eye on your drinks come out and stuff like that but meal can be done to me nice Isis Isis just the rate at which it dilutes that's all it that's all you're messing with right and then how much surface water in high places who said they're cold draft machine

a little bit higher maintenance than just the shell ice machines around servicing cold wrap so when they went down there was like a problem to be a lot of times in the summer especially if you machine ages you going to get problems with your ice machine cuz I'm running all the time but I had heard that I thought they fix that problem I'd heard that that was a problem I haven't I haven't owned one or you know how to use one on a daily basis in years so I don't currently know like I'm not if it's that they were fine or sort of brands in that ballpark that are recommended by people makes a almost everyone now makes a larger size Cube that you can use an in a nicer nicer Cube I would look look you know you're going to have a service contract

at the bar restaurant I mean honestly whoever Services of stuff well I haven't done a used to be that every year so I would have to read all of the company's specs on their ice machines and and freezers and bridges and see who is coming out with like the new stuff that I used to write about it for food Arts but I haven't spect one in a long time so I don't know what are there is a filtration good does it have a problem with the with you no mold and slime growing on the inside of the unit because that's a known issue the kitchen with a camera crew go to the ice machine should I don't know that that that's think it's easy to clean and not going to Harbor nasty bacteria it doesn't taste like crap

I'm sort of a crazy ass infection and that I stay strong hate that hate the ice machine gets that probably look on the outside of the ice that like Raggedy Ann look on the outside of the ice because it wasn't like filter I hate that when we start getting the Cloudy sprays through the I hate ya anyways I hope that helps shorty in the regular depth Hotel fans be kind of created empty space Denise and

do you see something like that working I mean to see it like an inherent problem with that other than that like the bottom chunks going to not be beautiful just wanted to be like, did it work

that seemed to it's just the way the way is the way it is right now it's kind of slow cuz it's a little hot in that room so close to be slow if ain't like you should only be freezing of to get a really nice clear Cube you should probably only be freezing like in that kind of a freezer without movement freeze faster because the water's moving in a fridge probably shouldn't be free of freezer at you probably shouldn't be freezing more than like to two and a half in a day and yeah if you're not too easy to deal with in and then igloos I've always just done an igloo because I know I just have never tried a double Hotel.

okay last thing is in in in the freezer right it's got a defrost cycle and individual timer to run that is there if we're using this primarily just for freezing blocks of ice is there a best way to kind of game that defrost cycle not going to hurt your eyes far as I can tell the defrost not going to hurt your ice making and it will it will shaft your coils if you don't defrost it defrost a freezer that has a defrost cycle because you just asked me for paint obviously ruining everything but like but but remember the enemy of your ice which is like melting the small crystals melt in like 3 freeze in the back end of the ice cream rather melting the back of the larger ice crystals is in fact your friend

pressure point in any of the written question, only ask one question per call we do some questions before we go to break Jack yes yes yes by the way I'll just I was put in guacamole to pay I didn't even hear about this till it's too late parently the president up like our president of our United States cares about whether there's peas in the guacamole I don't know.

because you know that's fine the way of it but there was actually there is a pea guacamole ABC Cocina like a year-and-a-half ago that this is not like a new debate and it sparked up then Anamosa Clarke publish I think a recipe and then you're trying it was like this whole Twitter hullabaloo and people were debating whether they were team pee or team nopi first and kind of like the delicious and he actually makes a great Mama Luna's while which is quite good

yeah that would be my first that wouldn't be my first way to describe it but I like where you want with it but you know whatever right exactly but like we need things to debate because like we are you know what should the hungry for you no arguments that you know there's that everyone wins and argue with you because it's like it's a it's a it's a light way to have a debate intuitive like exercise some of our demons without you know offending anyone you bring shame upon this family I put the type really want to eat your black actually

Hercule Wow Bao beef tomato stew for me a guacamole is measured every wanted it frankly like I wouldn't put him in but that's the tasty flavor it's Dad's can understand why you would it's about the gradient of color if you over Mash your guacamole and it's like all like the same color green then you and I have some words yeah I'm on the chunky style I can't do the Keurig K I also like both kinds of peanut butter I'm going to go there and it reminds you what you're eating at a connects you to the Earth and it's like a whole thing you don't make sense

CO2 me remind me to tell you which I didn't know I like I didn't know I like mashed minted peas management two peas and they were like you know like all kind of like you. I mean kind of like something and I've gotten a really good one and then someone gives you the crap the next day the worst the right and one more thing I wrote in front of the show my screen while he's been using a Jeni's Ice Cream recipes for eni look it up on the internet with great results

I want to ask you about the how to recreate the Razzmatazz Iraq and also just going to be like your general formula for radlers or like any kind of information thing I did he die did he would try with them for the Razzamatazz Iraq is they were doing they were getting dried freeze dried raspberries and then blending them who's Dino Dan to the liquor and spitting them out so any sort of like freeze-dried raspberry and I think they're still using freeze-dried raspberries usurpations I allowed in the bar because I detest peychaud's bitters

icing on the back remember that if it's not a controlled substance no interest you're getting the real different flavored just for flavor and it shows so like that's how they do that that and other other than that I think it's fairly straight up like yeah you know Sazerac I think they do the absence but they might rent or something else it's the only recipe that I had written. So like you do it just like you do the old school orange juice clarified of the beer and then we take and you want like a relatively non hoppy relatively light beer and then we've

pour a can of juice into it and you had the rather that DDX I need you guys to take me to be like obviously like a lot of people they do like the lemon in the beer but I like grapefruit I like I can't go to to to happy you don't I mean you know so I don't think I'm going to use is not Cascade even though that would be a more great Fruity Fruity thank God we don't people like to have people like a pounder & The Juice itself is too damn sweet but when you cut it with the beer then like the sweetness is right on that thing and like the Bering is his right so it's like right in between it's like the Arnold Palmer of beers

chatted yeah but like the grapefruit in particular I find refreshing because he's so mushy minted peas

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louder than normal cooking issues

no I do not play Jackie molecule is ringtone please set a ringtone ever we can see who's paying for it yet but we can make a change to do it but I made him a ringtone I didn't know you have yours ready

you hear that we are

theater in the Box yeah and I are obsessed with Rudolph the Rudolph

I'm off to play with a hater I love that show King moonracer that show makes less and less sense every time I watch it is. So you see me what 857 times

yeah but I think it's freaks Booker out he doesn't know he doesn't like to watch just like to watch the other one with Heat Miser and Snow Miser even though Thomas water the bartender isn't exactly a totally yeah yeah yeah yep

that was one without you

ask specifically ask nicely I'll send it over your life will appreciate this

you are mean to me you are mean to me college in Waiting the whole time

hey Dave

hey this is Chris from the green zone for the mint question right so so what happened with the one that you did not invite of crab butter and acid and ascorbic acid didn't work it keep it from browning but then I remembered all your talk about acid turning things of chlorophyll Brown helping soda because I know that Alkaline Things will keep things green but then it stayed green but it tasted funny and so for my events so far I've just been blending it on the spot

but at the bar but I'm wondering if it's anything I can do to keep that green color for more than like half an hour

no I mean in fact if anything it made it worse down to toe is really hard mint wants to go Brown really badly have you tried using like semi-dried

I haven't but the whole point is that in the Middle East lemonade is super popular and I'm really depressed taste I'm going for

yeah yeah I mean I've never had luck keeping fresh mint you first verse about you can't Blanchett that's destroy you can't Blanche if you can not as soon as you keep them in front rent but then

the idea I think the baking soda going to make it taste soapy

that sounds like that could be good to get back to the guacamole debate we're having earlier you could do chlorophyll extraction it that's cheating is cheating like a moto read mean yeah yeah

yeah spinach spinach

yeah I mean you don't need that much TV shows ever for the green blend strain that you squeeze the hell out of it for you blend right in it then you're going to be okay but I'm starts tasting swamp that's when you know you're going to be smell and taste awful did you know that you're not allowed to yell at customers for not drinking their stuff fast enough.

difference between back and let me know whether you come up with some of that works because it's a problem that everyone is how we do all of our stuff on meant to order just because I've never been able to keep an eye out for outside of Jordan is on the air for a reason we only have five minutes. She had a big question

refinish map did I start it and then we'll do it mat for macaron at USB from Spectrum chemical tips and it would be appreciated they rejected my llc's attempt to tell him your school right telling your school right way I didn't tell you to just fall asleep represent to your school I take that back I don't know figure something out to make a bark is it can you think of any way to clarify it with Clarity and color are two different things I can have something is totally clear it's still going to be brown right so you want colorless and clear when I do it I can make it totally clear I mean yeah clear in a centrifuge Shorewood good filtration and that's going to be good for good enough for carbonation

other spices past to it are foaming agents in in the cagina bark that aren't the quinine it's going to be going to get more phone out so you just need to be careful if you do a good job clarifying and you could put it through a filter to try and do that like you could put it through some sort of like some sort of the infiltrator gets all the particles app I hate doing that you can spin it in a low grade Center for you that would also works you don't need to do that much but you need to get a crystal clear what does crystal clear I mean colors not that unappealing once it's really water down to the point where you going to use it then it looks almost like a ginger ale and people find that it's a pleasant and if you do get it clear you will get foamy when you open the bottle but you won't continuously lose carbonation because of constant nucleation bubbles still hope that helps

I'm ready when you are get to whole week's work for the question again this summer we're going to go again yeah I'm going to go for like as long as they'll have me basically I thought the whole thing was that they have anyone that shows up definitely not the whole thing thing would like to get to know who really just go and it's grown to a minute the second largest city in Nevada outside of Las Vegas for one week out of the year and seventy thousand people and second entire infrastructure it's the city I mean it is because like they're definitely don't worry and a lot of friends as well

it's really stunning what how well it actually works considering its reputation Bedouin tent they're pretty awesome I actually I live in it in like a trailer I mean a lot of people live in tents and that's still the majority for sure it's not like luxurious by any means and I share it with six people so it's not a truck and you drive it in and then you park it and then you press a button and it expands with the movie trailer. I don't know what the odds is but no it's not

it's to a truck more protection from the elements and a provide actually it has a you don't have that has a bathroom for you know but it ended it has a refrigerator so that actually helps with some storage issues but not to the extent that I'm going to need them this Summer because it's so part of the whole experience there that you go and you want to contribute to community last year I really kind of let it all wash over me and it was amazing and I took so much and experience but I felt like I didn't contribute that much so this year my my group and I decided that we want to build a bar at Burning Man to give back to the community and me

you know make it a little bit more formal we actually want to build a structure and we have this idea for like a rope installation art piece and I want to do in our camp is Day of the Dead seems like like I said we want to do you know Mexican cocktails the part of that is to trust and the environment the climate of Burning Man at the Citrus will go immediately so you can actually bring such as I start to think about what are some alternatives to how can I fix that trespass up in the deserts my first thought was that I would do it minding that there are some packing issues as well you know like I'm going to die Falls you don't have a tremendous amount of room if not you know you got to be a little bit Scrappy so my first thought was maybe inspired by the acid tasting that you did at the Fantastic mofad benefit at Carnegie Hall I thought maybe I would do but I would fake lime juice with some of the powdered acids

and I want more information from that but then I was told by my friend of Satya that you actually have another idea that's what I'm going to say that I can make it for you right okay you're going to be talking about in about an ounce or drink how many how many drinks till like 500 oz to call that like a 2 L bottles can you do it can I bring a 2 liter bottles now it's too heavy I can travel with that

I'm getting tough here's a problem with us it's ya talk to me first of all they don't have the richest of flavor that are real that are real you know Citrus is going to have very good for making sodas and things are going to keep at infinitely and the good news is the amount of acid that contains in a leader right to a kilogram of lime juice only weighs 60 grams but things that are shaking that have acid in them have no texture because they don't have any of the proteins that you get out of the out of the Citrus and it's never going to have that kind of fresh kind of a fruit kind of a thing going on you know if you could have someone deliver the Citrus to the trailer then you could choose and cook the answer to keeping it is doing cordial right so like if you want to use real Citrus the answer is is like you don't want to be juicing every day and then going to go bad

it's not even though we do have refrigeration in the trailer and a special a little bit of added refrigeration and in this sort of like desert kitchen thing it's not as it's it's not a bank account equal quantities of sugar and lime juice in the desert cover not in a fridge forever temperatures can rise during the day to over 100 degrees and higher and at night they can drop to freezing very very challenging environment it's all good you'll be good for how long is it let's listen week in that cordial right now if you can't fly it out there right you know you could like like what when you pick up the thing like quickly juice like the the lines or have someone to buy the hay actually don't buy the really bad

stuffed but what you going to cook it the lime juice doesn't have to be Super Fresh anyway cuz you going to make a cordial with it right juice that's been Juiced a couple of days ago you could buy it by the court out there in Reno my uncle Ralph was a Pit Boss in Reno back in the day did not know that glad to pay me a visit if you'd like real Fiesta Texas I haven't done I haven't made an orange cordial but take the the Malik and eccentric and it's 32 grams of citric and 20 G of malic acid per liter of OJ cuz O'Jays

fantastically easy to buy fresh squeezed right combine that and every every leader of that OJ which you can Source anywhere and you can fly with the powders equal quantity of sugar in bring it up to the boil let it come down and use that as your sour mix should be stable should be should be good should be good I haven't done it so I have to test its going to have a cooked orange flavor not a fresh orange flavor but it'll have still like a bright acidity to it I'll see how it works out I mean that there are other legislators I mean there is actually there's a sensor kitchen so there is there is a stove I mean it's a propane you know like Nyah for an hour but so there's capability to boil but yeah but I feel like I do now I don't want to let you know there's a lot of people going to be fat in the sentence I can't like commandeer that I tell you what I'll tell you what I'll do just for you have to go

I will take I will make a non boil version of this cordial and quote because it's not oiled and I'll throw it in my dehy at a hundred and ten degrees for a week and we'll see how it taste together stir until dissolves and see how it taste I'll just do a test in my dehydrator and see what happens to it yeah that sounds great in the luggage shelf stable enough and not just going to Proxima we're going to be okay

tell you guys the answers to please don't get angry we still have your questions will get back to him next time radio network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a 501 c 3 nonprofit to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening