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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn probably till like 12:15 till we get to evil stairs today and we haven't been able to establish episode about the condiment ketchup joined as usual it nastassia the hammer Lopez howdy right and a jacket

Day first hour as an intern here where do you hail from Maggie old school Brooklyn Brooklyn Suburban mom Brooklyn wait till you like you are next Suburban mom

yeah yeah which ones Jersey Turnpike Jersey Jersey call your questions into 718-497-2128 to answer on Monday we have an event at imbibe alive 2015 on Monday at the hotel dandelion which is not spelled like we spell is at the Brits built-in when you think so it's like dandelions right Dandy lawn the Gandy Leon or something like this maybe that's maybe in French but it was it sounded like using Dandy Louis

with a veggetti monologues Mobile in through not to reopen Old Wounds but nothing by the way can I are devotees of the illegal Firework and stassi just found out that you have accident by I made the Trek to the great state of New Hampshire where it one can live free and die in purchase almost any kind of fiber open exception Jack no bottle rockets in New Hampshire black powder in a box that shoot 200 feet in the air and explode in a butt about a rocket

that's dangerous bra while they also don't allow my fingers off I guessed each other that don't live near the New York area like New York Massachusetts New Jersey and I think Delaware are like the firm block of a stick-in-the-mud regarding a fireworks and their enjoyment like you just not available here Connecticut recently changed their laws allowed fireworks again and then disallowed some again so now in Connecticut you can only buy like you can't buy Roman candles by Fountains of things on the ground that shoot up Sparks and you're like man I wish this would blow up in the air

Rhode Island Rhode island is part of our smallest state you allow for so you have like lots of great places to light fireworks in Rhode Island why don't you make them legal in Rhode Island and then literally the entire New York Connecticut Metro are they still having to drive all the way to New Hampshire to go to the great state of Rhode Island by the fireworks only an hour 50 outside of New York or something like this

in Pennsylvania it is illegal if you are a Pennsylvania resident is it illegal for you to buy bad aerial fireworks that we all want if you show up in Pennsylvania and provide an out-of-state license they will show you anything and we hardly know where you going to light it but for some reason if you show up with a Pennsylvania license even though you swear on a stack of Bibles that you're going to like these things off in a state where it's legal right if you are a Pennsylvania resident as we like to say Sol you can apply for a permit as a Pennsylvania resident to purchase fireworks are also what's the word I'm looking for awesome awesome awesome National Fire

people who make a fire code they have a whole campaign band consumer fireworks causes more injuries with fireworks in any other check-in guesses soap on a sparkler like the classic cases of some parent gave their three-year-old a sparkler and then turn away turn away she walked into their into their house drop it in the trash bucket burn down the house kill somebody who's the funny moment once were my girlfriend we right here country house and she wanted to light some incense in the kitchen or in the living room rather and she lit the fire instead that different they look kind of similar

go to the temple and put a bunch of u.s. States you think like like the New England stick-in-the-mud states and New York is Connecticut in California like you're responsible in a lot of places to light fireworks because of the immense like a fire hazard because of the tremendous crowd going I mean a lot of it has to do with the fact that wherever there's a lot of people in close proximity and assumptions no one has any common sense and you can hurt a lot more people when you're you know it's flat and big desert not that you don't have to face whatever I'm not going to get into it not going to get into it

let you know what I would wear my where we know where I used to go where my wife's family was living in Arizona going to burn down burn it down thank God the things are the devil you know what I mean anyway no offense do you like teddy bear trenches and like try to have fun get all the spines I know you like City virtually I don't know really fuzzy want it the teddy bears are the ones that are so Insidious that they claim that you because like you brush up near it like leather shoes is the spine will somehow work their way through it's spelled right you spell Cholla turn Road in about a. Mr peace questions you missed answering my question where the bag was inflating

even when she was cooking that one day into the process it's weird when bags when sous-vide bag blow up with way down line the process so could be a couple of things going on like one if you'd like if their phones in the in the thing or uncooked veg like air could be coming out of that overtime and inflating but usually that's going to happen relatively early in the process like a couple of hours in not like you in 20 or 30 hours in it's all so I guess possible that like some thermophilic thermophilic bacteria are surviving and blowing up that I don't know I have to do more research on not thermophilic bacteria

eventually I got a nice little teddy bear sitting at it Shabbat with s c o l l a s s c h o l l a r Halle is my new imagine if you wanted a teddy bear Halle and someone sent you a teddy bear Cholla and you open up the package and got all those spines embedded in your like face somehow it came up in your face I'll be a complete Nightmare on 17th and make some peanut butter I use fresh peas and didn't get them to blend to thoroughly I assume 2 hours at 16000 and 1/2 G should be able to. The piece but unfortunately it didn't change their integrity Lending Tree have been done better but is there something else I should take into account the recipe calls for frozen peas with might have destroyed the cell structure and a lot better blending perhaps what is worse is that one of the containers broke mid Midway through Center Fusion destroying the Goodwill on their side

using Center fuse again I'll have to look for another place we just because because I use something solid peas instead of the usual liquid or is this just wear and tear and I'm fortunate to happen with me yeah you've got some bad luck that can happen is if if you use the wrong bottles if you use a flat bottom bottle that's not meant to go in the centrifuge or you use a sharp conical bottle and you put it into a round bottom road to form the bottom of it like you want the bottle shape to match the shape of the bottom of the rotor so if you don't do that then it could be your fault for using the wrong flask vile but presumably they gave it to you right so or maybe you bought it I I don't know the other thing is you could use one with the wrong composition of solid shouldn't matter because they are the bottle supposed to get smashed against the bottom of the rotor and stay that way for the rest of the week but they do so

the other problem you had it not working sixteen thousand seventeen thousand cheese is not nearly not nearly not even close to being enough G2 actually rupture the cell structure of break apart that you know the plant structure of a of Peace not enough that all you need to blend it a lot better I would use frozen peas as a satyr freeze your fresh piece which is going to shatter some of the cell structure due to the action of the ice crystals in fact you know you might have done even for something's repeat freeze thaw cycles each time you freeze and thought you destroy the structure a little more make sure you blend the hell out remember like 20,000 Gees meanwhile 4000-5000 Gees isn't even enough to pop air bubbles on the surface of some centrifuging stuff 20,000 Gees it is is not even enough to clarify lime juice on its own and there's not even enough tote to pull cloudiness out of lime juice right you need like twenty seven

20/20 7002 used to do that and that doesn't even pull that are everything I was down so is 16000 G's seems like a lot but in fact is not enough to completely obliterate the structure really obliterating cellular structure they go to many many many higher higher G's in that I would have guessed it like 50,000 Gees would be enough to do what you want but you know I don't know that's a guess but again I wouldn't say I would just say that you know your solution would be better blending Alex Road in from Toronto regarding carrots I haven't do Dave carrots I like that song says write about what's about carrots in a recent Cook's Illustrated I haven't read this one you were having like someone's like I'm just not going to give it to him as a gift to be more than just waiting to happen to your magazine

you don't want to join a PR you just want someone to get it for you for gift anyone out there who likes nastassia just like so many things like that other people like you hate how is it that you like the New Yorker is it because you like before you knew other people like to eat something that's well liked SNL yeah I guess that's true New York is popular because you have to look at the people around you every day that like it by myself and you see someone really for me. I think it was three or four braised carrots

you're okay about the structure of the carrot they call a persistent furnace and explode in this recipe so that even when the carrots are subsequently overcooked in the pan they still come out with some texture I have tried this using my circular it as far as I can tell it does make a difference for me detectaron the final product it is a known thing it's so will it work with other vegetables presumably other temperatures are you aware of any easily accessible resources that could tell me more yes it does work on other things I say I was able to crush the saltine challenge with 10 Saltine being like how in a minute. Your voice.

question is I don't understand like what version of the saltine challenge get you to 10 what you did to my guess for four and three

844 + 244 + 2 write for cracker for the only way to really challenges to do multiple crackers at once I will crush 10 most of ever seen is 12 and he did four for four

that sounds like put my strategy would be and open mouth before the end of the open mouth like particulate matter jammed into your molars but there can't be like a bunch of stuff rolling around inside your mouth and definitely I'll see it

no chipmunk a chipmunk enjoyed I enjoy this like this like cheating strategy you can't see their other people try anyways just forced down to dry crumb it hurt but it work and I won the bet yours Alex from Toronto to swallow but not swallowed able to make the 6 and I call her you're on the air

hey this is our Bradley from San Francisco and I wanted to call back you giving me some advice on meat curing chamber and the coffee a couple months ago turned out really well and the advice is super helpful drinks instead of using cream on Edson non-dairy friends and we had some almond milk horchata that was like Khalifa Farms almond milk horchata until we substituted dad and people actually preferred almond milk horchata version of the Toba in bed, but I wanted to thank you pretty think that they do they actually prefer the taste or you think at the San Francisco thing

things which was which which was really nice and I don't think it was a regional saying what if you would add in cinnamon to the cream you think that would have changed our younger people aren't actually from San Francisco so you can adding cinnamon to the recipe in general would make it better or no

maybe I mean we didn't I didn't try it but you know if you have the top it's like a nice flavor to it so that's why I'm planning a dinner party and I had a question because in the past he talked about feeding clams couch at the kind of change their flavor and I dread that you can feed mealworms in the in order to kind of like enhance their flavor before doing it and I wanted to do like a mealworm coffee for for dessert I was wondering if you had any experience with that

the insides of a lizard's at and stuff that you feed them to you know that you know that old Legend right never happened to any of those lizards I've had mealworms to it's been proven false by the way like in the book by Mary Roach test I think you need this prove it so it doesn't happen although I personally thought happen to me when I was a kid it's just that my lizard happen to die I happen to be feeding mealworms and laid it hasn't happened to go back to the straight through their body because it just it doesn't actually happen it's not a thing to actually happens all right I mean I was going to cook them had them to a toffee

I'll give it like a little bit of crunch when I get done molded you could feed them and then when you purge them for a couple days and then cook them unless you're just thought it maybe they get it on the outside of them I don't know where they washed the idea that you can feed them purge them then wash them and they still have the flavor

responsible you fry them basically live without going through a wrench to the question then my mind is is is there cinnamon on the outside of these guys are they actually flavor themselves from the inside out like my whole fascination with this stretches back to the Henry Winkler movie night shift right where one of the characters who is in that movie look at UPS does always carry a tape recorder with them and be like note to self one of which was note to self feed their mayonnaise to the tuna before you kill it right before he is so they invade make stuff in the tuna salad so I had this idea in my head since I was like a little kid

but with mealworms mean you have to act like a try it because it in any event it makes a great story right great stuff is there a need to purge it

I mean I I don't know like it wait what I'd seen on the internet was mostly you know if it was like a solid thing that had you know if it didn't have too much water if you send them for a couple of days before it would they would your body with slightly like that idea of feeding snails specifically things like Rosemary for use in paella I've tried it on three separate occasions all miserable failures it left my my bathroom stinking like dead snail and rotting Rosemary so I've never had any luck with snails that would give it a shot and see what happens I would try some I would try I would just for your own for Giggles I would I would try some Purge I'll try some unpurged right and I would also take some and win some

turn water and Pat them dry before you fry them to see whether or not it's really just cinnamon that you fed them that sticks the outside of their bodies that's that's doing it you know what I mean it would be a good it's a good story I mean Yeah Yeah Yeahs nastassia didn't give you the screenshot face on on the mealworms but she did give you the scrunch up face on the word opal which isn't to say that she doesn't like the meats she just hates that word

true story that's like that's what you want take a commercial break after night shift with my corporate card all right if I come right back

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the genetics of sound test to make sure that we were going to send out to the people who donated to the kickstarter and we got a whole bunch of people right in saying they wanted a Jackie molecules ringtone do we have to find it that's not it let's see if the mic and maybe that'll work with City factually I can plug it right in every town so here we go


Jackie molecules

the real thing wow I didn't put that on my phone send it to you

I'm not messed up to you at the end

oh my gosh oh my gosh that the enzyme that were talking about is pectin a methyl Ester Ace and so the reason you have to raise the temperature is you had numerous studies on different veg on what temperature is to get to you and you remember I think it was a pack of pectin Methodist raistrick. Jeffrey steingarten was using to do the firming of potatoes in his very famous and very very influential article on mashed taters in his first book The Man Who Ate Everything which I encouraged if you if you don't own that book like you kind of need to go out and buy it like he's right now it's going to Amazon and an Amazon Prime that book and read it and if you've never read it before if it doesn't change kind of the way you look at Food writing a food then you

give me the fact of the matter is that I can't erase like that the whole dialogue of how he works for my head approached what they do so yes I think that the potatoes last race trick we've tried it with the other things as well there's also other enzymes that you can activate the trick is the reason you need the elevated temperature is you need a temperature that's going to not denature the enzyme but disrupt the cell structure enough that the enzyme is liberated and can do its business into that's typically what's happening in are there have been studies on various different veggies and various different temperatures to kind of figure out where where to hit them and how to treat them for how long also you can enhance this effect if you don't calcium into the water I don't know if the Cook's Illustrated did that but adding calcium to the water while you're working can also increase the amount of affirming you get out of it I don't know if they did that

Seth Rogen good afternoon my name is Seth warshaw I own a restaurant

hey I got a question about ice cream I am accused of being a freak about ice cream and well just a freak in general

I love the taste of ice cream without egg but it's tough to get the text to write


the questions can I ask you for one is there any way to deal with any kind of hydrocolloid or anything crazy like that or two is it in my better off spending some money on a computer or trying to get at a really nice ice cream machine that can get the best times down under 10 minutes or 15 located a bunch of questions where do you grow up

what what part of what part is an American what part of the country did you grow up in the east coast are very familiar with eggless ice cream right the whole style of eggless ice cream in the u.s. is known as Philly style ice cream right but for those who are the kind of classic Philly style ice cream used to be Friars right and that it didn't contain eggs it also used to contain no stabilizers and that's why I also all of us know that if you get Breyers when it's incredibly fresh it's it was good but it never as smooth and creamy as like you know an egg style you know like french vanilla style but good but that goes I see really quickly because it's not stabilized and it doesn't have the eggs in it and added a bunch of stabilizer to their ice cream I guess because they realized it in

lesson fewer and fewer people kind of you know where casualties of that style or kind of understood like what that's that was supposed to be

right now I just have the cheapest Hundred Dollar Trees in the canister and and turn it to Salt cell Frieza canister OK Google 20th and I'm looking at ice cream machines that are the to self refrigerating kind thousands of dollars range that correct and how much are the stuff you want to make is this like a family outing thing or do you want to do this commercial you want to do is for family right

well well for me yes so I recommend I recommend a good old-fashioned salt and ice I would buy the motorized one you don't need to buy the expensive White Mountain in fact the best ice cream that I've ever personally made outside of using liquid nitrogen or a carpet Johnny has been with a $2 thrift store rival brand ice cream which by the way they're owned by the same people is on White Mountain but rival brand ice cream maker with a motor on it that used salt and ice and I mean I guess it depends on which model you get like it did the trick with the with those style of ice cream machines is you can decrease the batch Time by just adding more adding more salt and at a certain point the makers tell you not to do it because they worried that you're not going to able to scrape the sides off enough but I found at least on my arrival I could Janet pretty hard and get like 12 minutes

is on it and get incredibly textured ice creams using just milk cream sugar vanilla and salt and I would also Jack the cream level to appoint almost sputtered out on me because that's going to also provide some textual advantages the problem there is a soft, buttery a buttery texture which some people find off putting in an ice cream salt nice things can and in general there a higher quality product if you don't want to store your ice cream after you're done turning pull the motor off and you just add a boat ton of salt to the outside drop a towel over it and let it cure inside of its own container mean without on packing without agitating without going back in your freezer so you don't need to worry

freezer space while you're in a while it's curing up while you're cooking the rest of dinner but as a lot of advantages now back to the other side let's let's go to the stabilization side on the stabilization side on it there are a boat ton of things you can add to to an ice cream like this that that are not that that make it creamier friend since Joanne if you would but it's a little bit more of a pain in the butt you could take just a milk I wouldn't do it to the cream I would take just a milk and make a Jell-O and fluid gel with it right blend it and then adding your cream blend it down with the the vanilla and when you freeze that sucker it will be super duper smooth you can go look at my stretchy on my specialized gravel stretchy ice cream post on that's also friable and and you can later on fire on the cooking issues blog that apparently you can still search for

omit the Gwar just use the Jalen and I would ignore my instructions to Jack the owl and a little bit but you don't need a jacket as much as I said at the end of the end of that article because I was just guessing in fact you don't need a jacket that much that makes a supremely smooth ice cream with no eggs in it but really any sort of stabilizer is going to is going to help you out like that LBG or or something like that is going to is going to stabilize a carrageenan like adding some carrageenan to it will like I would probably forget I think most people use iodine in small amounts for this is going to help really smooth it out for you what you what you want you don't want to add so much of any of those things to get gummy though right that's that that's it that the kind of that the downside of it

are you still with you I don't know what it is but anytime I had any number of head it just changes the flavor

I don't know what it is. Do you want to do you want a circulator

okay here's a little trick Sam mason sand Mason didn't used to like his ice cream to taste eggy but he love the texture that he got from eggs and so what he would do is he would put the egg yolks in a in a bag and pasteurize them at a low temperature like you could do it at 60 right Celsius and 40 Fahrenheit I purchase long enough to pasteurize out the egg yolks which is not that long really and then and then stir those in and it actually going to kill those eggs and then you can stir those into your mix and you're not going to get that you'll blend a man and you're not going to get that that aging is that you get from the egg and that's what he used to do and ain't nobody ever argue with Sam Mason's ice cream

interesting there's a battery of things you can you can try let us know how Works going to restaurant in Teaneck New Jersey on a Technics indoor kitchen summer ideas been successful and others not so much our biggest hurdle is that we are a kosher establishment which preclude us from using many ingredients most recently I was just not have sodium caseinate so activity I buy the way for those who that no on hip to this activity is is the brand name of transglutaminase AKA meat glue that we use to bond different proteins usually meets together now that it's an Ensign naturally occurring enzymes not some sort of horrific monster thing and you know I can get into a lot of discussions about how awesome

is and how it's been blind by specifically a couple of fake news outlets in Australia but what's added to the enzyme is some bulking agent and also helped her protein now they are the most commonly used helper protein is casein it's obviously it's not Kosher because it's the right for milk in your gluing meat with milk clearly not Kosher so that's the problem that we're dealing with activity I which is that the one that they're getting is a pure and order doesn't have any help or protein in poke

recently purchased activity I which is not have the sodium Case-Mate component there for The Binding to not have the binding site to buy me strength is much reduced I did find a product online call Title Max, Max it sounded like a car website for a wine website for Cava at my question is can I use kava Max instead of a sudden case need to add tequila and get the desired result of being able to Blue Army together additionally how would I introduce a covermaxx into the mix if this idea is not going to work cuz there's some other idea that you could point me to I hope this email finds you well thank you Seth yes and friends as well if it's meant to replace an emulsifier then I would not use it as a replacement what I would do is get kosher gelatin and just mix the kosher gelatin in with the idea because it's going to provide a different type but a very fast Bond's drink so Activa GS which is not Kosher cuz I don't use kosher

I see the GS is

is the greatest strength or the cheapy peepy one of those to both of those actually have gelatin in them one of them is also has phosphates to keep it stable it at temperature but if you mix gelatin and you should be fine so what I would do I don't know if you have to pre functionalize the gelatin into like a a slurry and then paint it and then sprinkle the weather will work just straight sprinkled both ways but I would do gelatin that's what I would do about reverse agar alginate I guess and lentils most of the questions on the Heritage Radio page or somewhere else very obvious way things actually posted questions email on the are on a page about us

trauma training for my brother is planning on getting engaged in the next couple of weeks we probably missed it for a special lady friend before popping the question apparently she loves bubble tea which I know traditional uses tapioca starch balls give me the scripture in the TC get to New York it sounds like they use a reverse aljunied flavor Pearl Pearl enclosed apparently it pops and Stasi and leeks peach juice peach juice

now it's leaking not good leaking okay this sounds like a bit much out of some random Eatery but maybe they buy them pre-made either way how to make this I've looked at chefsteps and thought about using their recipe for a reverse us to your vacation any tips on this when using fruit juices do I have to manage the pH what's the deal with s h m p a k a shrimp I know this is a loaded question any tips on macaroons Willison forgot to her website just went out of my head to the website you need to read on macaroons I'll try to remember and if I can't remember I'll get it next week I've also been trying to make lentil tofu I soak lentils for 2 days blenderized it brought up a couple may have strained it heated it 268 Fahrenheit and that is one tablespoon of Epsom salts so far just giant pots of goo any thoughts

and by the way it you can also thanks us on our Randomness and and thanks you nastassia for your ambivalence ads great balance the show he said sodium hexametaphosphate AKA verification work normally when your scared of dying out using algenist verify stuff you put your flavor into you add alginate Elgin it's in your sodium alginate which is a hydrocolloid to your flavor you drop that flavor into a calcium bath calcium lactate gluconate asleep way before but calcium lactate is it easiest and cheapest together tape Terrible's you have to rinse it off okay so you drop it in and instantly the alginate cross-links and you get this you get this firm shell around your liquid and then you pull it out you rinse off the calcium and you serve these little Pearl problem several problems one you can't use a fluid to do this it's very low in PH the reason is is that it'll pregel

ruin the alginate like I said things ruin the owl turn its that's one thing that's why it's one of the problems you have another problem is that the reaction keeps happening and you keep on telling all the way through it eventually you get solid balls and they're gross because they have no flavor owl turn its flavor thief and also has very bad texture okay so that's two problems so solution solution what are the Solutions in Reverse or vacation what you do is you make a neutral usually algiknit bath you can make an object that has flavor but usually it's a neutral Elgin at that and then you drop calcium Laden products for your juices into it and you get a membrane about you and around your flavor for products okay here are the and the good news is that the product of using can be as acidic as you want I've done almost straight lemon juice it doesn't matter because you know it doesn't it's not going to hurt or pregel because we all dream is not contained in the flavor. So it doesn't matter that's the good news here's what you need to keep in mind

sodium hexametaphosphate is a as a sequestrant it's going to get rid of excess calcium so what you want to do is add some sodium hexametaphosphate AKA champ to your Elgin it best to preserve it so that it doesn't go bad while you repeatedly dropping calcium stuff I mean it when you're dropping calcium stuff into it and also in case they're free calcium ions in your tap water right so that's what the sodium how to mix with the head of hexametaphosphate is for want to make sure that the allergen it bad that you use is as thin as you can make it and still get good and still get good film around the outside and this is why you want to use a very strong Elgin it because of the Strong album it's going to get a greater kind of bond strength even when it's a little bit thinned out the reason is is that need to drop your liquid into it and it needs to drop into it so if you have a very thick algiknit it she's going to Pancake on top and you're not going to get a decent reverse a sphere vacation now you can get a

that by injecting into the thing that's a dull pain in the butt what you want is to be able to make a nice good drop what you're doing larger spoon which case another way to do it if you're making larger pearls like larger tapioca pearls you can freeze balls of flavor with calcium then they can be any sickness you want it does matter and then you can kind of throw them into the alginate and then pull them out and then rinse them off so I want to make sure is that you get all the air out of the oven a bath on the top and a pancake me when it hits the air thing and possibly Bubbles and be a nightmare get rid of ear liquid not going to pre freeze it you should stick in the juice you know you usually use something like

something like his aunt then or something there to keep it together and to thicken it so that I can drop in it helps if you densify it if it weighs more than your Elgin at that so things like sugar can help there so you don't want a floating on top you want to sink to the bottom so it should be denser than the alternate bath and slightly thick so that it holds together when you when you drop it and get nice big balls if you're dropping liquid nice day. The other thing is you want to make sure you get all the air out of that because no matter how dense it is if it's full of air that'll float it and it'll float and pancake and be a nightmare Frozen you the way to go then the other thing is is that you can't have them touching each other or they'll join together at the bottom so usually what I'll do is I'll drop a bunch the float to the bottom of the rest on the bottom then immediately. The entire a bath of alginate into into something else through a strainer and then flooded with water to separate the balls and then I put on calcium to set any residual out turn on the outside that's how I do it

gaps on the lentil tofu couple things you could do I've never made a actual tofu from lentils you can I don't know whether you're going to be able to get a firm sets couple things you can do you can add me clue actually and I wasn't able to I didn't have time to look up on the web site so people to do is be you can add Activa and that will bolster any protein protein interactions and give you a harder set rights that's one to you could go pit with soy so it's a soy lentil tofu situation and that's going to help out or three there are Burmese tofu right you can look up isn't really tofu it's really just kind of cooked like a date the people who do it say it's closer to like a polenta so you cook it down and then I'll let set but it sets almost like a tofu it's more of a kind of a starch reaction the way that like a polenta is so you can make like a Burmese style tofu you can't cheat by adding agar which is what a lot of people do with their quote on quote Whole Foods that aren't real tofu but I think you were trying to do traditional tofu in which case

Sawadee Thai Bowl shirt with some soy or I would hit it with some Activa and see if that helps but I'll check out there because people who can't have the regular soy seemed to enjoy the Burmese tofu and that's about it for a couple of months now and he enjoys have a dialogue he lives can't can we talk about when its source is locally I can't hear the problem I can't recommend any torches that I haven't used because like I can't recommend it I can I don't know that they're safe I mean like I would look and see whether or not I would look and see whether or not it's possible to find a torch that looks and kind of functions I guess what we were eventually going to look into eventually going to look into it maybe we looking at

it's going to it's going to be a while using saltpeter instead of Israel for curing salt because I would not use saltpeter do not use salt substitute we are going to get next week to questions we made it to him getting closer right with a question about you is making noodles with agar agar in the flavor of tequila sunrise we have a question on making your own anti-griddle modifying pressure cookers we talk on Twitter or someone can you send me to the question Chris had on meant and meant he needs this now so please and on Turkish coffee will talk about next week quinine and root beer all next week on cooking issues thanks for listening. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

Heritage underscore radio you can email us with questions Heritage Radio Network. Org to become a member visit our website today thanks for listening