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Episode 211: MELD!

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noon 12:50 something like that we got Jack in the engineering Booth thank goodness we have a Darren from Mel Mel now it sounds like a delicious grilled cheese Corporation is not do you like roaches images what's a pretty name meld do you got to like looking sandwiches otherwise it's like you know any problems buddy way they do not in fact manufacturer no offense for a grilled cheese sandwich Corporation cheese boy is not the one that's on I-95 cheeseboy

grilled cheese sandwich is a non-gender is delicious item in my opinion you know and I I've passed by not staffed only by boys first of all you want like an adult making your grilled cheese sandwiches anyway I mean like we do have labor laws

under sink someone can call in and convince me that I'm wrong but I think it's kind of not a good name

breast like novelty Corporation be like Fuddruckers it's too hilarious not to like the name of right I can't believe that like there's millions of dollars invested in the corporation called Fuddruckers Fuddruckers I have it when I went to like sort of burgers where you taught them yourself in the most people put two way too many condiments and ruin the burgers are all alike Roy Rogers back in the 70s with Atwood pilot hi to ruins Burger you say that then I would move it aside and I would have a salad with my burger I would take the toppings back off of a burger and then hadn't we used to eat lunch at this terrible Cafeteria on campus he would come a little side salad but if you put the dressing in the bottom of a little bowl first and then piled everything up on

it would stick together and then you go to the table and flip it over and you didn't like you know five times a salad anyone else would seem smart business and that that listeners is the kind of thinking that is going to bring to your kitchen in the near future meld now Mel's not me Blue Cheese Corporation what they do and I'm actually frankly excited to see it all because we have here is that it's the knob that automatically turns your gas stove range rather get some gas but anything that's got an object can turn that you can do ranges and ovens gas or electric correct so that you can have attic with the temperature control we had him on the phone a couple months ago and there's some of the stuff I thought was interesting was you know what has more and more users use it they'll be able to write more and more into

algorithms like a rice cooker algorithm or all sorts of fun stuff cuz once you have computers controlling everything you know not only will they take over the world and turn us into their slaves to send the other way around but you can do interesting things like turn your gas range into a rice cooker exactly yeah and so what we've got here is we've got one mounted on a little portable butane burner no butane involved at this point no Jack Kennedy told that even the confines of freaking demo in London in like a week and a half note that I'm not going to say who's involved because I'm not going to throw anyone under the bus to specifically but I had the same problem when we were I was in London in a couple of weeks ago where no one wants to get liquid nitrogen is it okay

with his winsupplier delivery of liquid nitrogen and storage and health and safety issues in a live show environment

I'm the one that was I really need to know the details in order angry as you need if you could tell me more about your demo I had a video you can send me to answer such questions as to how do we ensure liquid nitrogen has evaporated from the glass Etc you look at it we dump out the glass and we look at further more when you add a liquid to the glass of hot liquid nitrogen in it if there is liquid nitrogen present it will continue to smoke liquid nitrogen the glass problem pretty pretty well the only person that I am aware of that was injured by the customer who was injured by the use of liquid nitrogen the liquid nitrogen was intentionally placed in the glass and hand it to her intentionally placed in the glass and hand it to her and all of the UK is like on flip Doodles about using Ln

it's a completely valid technique to use it and they're all going freaking pretzel because some jack intentionally poured liquid nitrogen into some ladies it's not yeah well you know there's all kinds of things we use that have created a problem when misused but when used properly produce great results yeah you know I got a patiently waiting with put that on pause

I can't hear you man can you hear me now I can hear you what's going on in Shepherdstown West Virginia which is in the Eastern Panhandle just outside of Washington DC

and the reason I'm calling you is I don't know if you're aware of this or not but the old line CSA people the original Grass Roots CSA people are I having a pretty hard time nowadays in the DC area of those of us who holds of the original standards of the CSA which is soil Farm in a group of people gathered around the farm to get food of equality that's not being produced by the open market system are being beat out by outright commercial vegetable distribution csas that aren't even organic CSA that don't have a farm or a farmer aggregators with your things put together by the USDA that scoop up a bunch of crops for commercially oriented Farms what about in share bags like a CSA does but that's kind of all the beside the point I've been

csas in socks I think I'm 1990 was our first CSA and it's a hard to hold on to a community in the DC area because it's such a there's so much turnover in the area and so much house flipping and so people in neighborhoods change rather rapidly but I the reason I'm calling you is because I've been listening to your program for a really long time and I realize you have a I really

great understanding of how the restaurant businesses work and there's myself and several other Farmers out here in West Virginia they're probably going to go belly-up this season that we don't find out about other than CSA for our produce and being tied stool and tried still trying to support the couple doesn't CSA shares I sold this year instead of Arceus he's been up to 350 share some years for this year for farmers who is Cedric tied to the land running around with irrigation hoses for 6 hours a day and what not to the contact chefs who are interested in very flavorful Local Foods would be the TC area but the name of your of your farm in case anyone in DC is looking to contact

it is in Local Harvest it is on the web especially local and it's a 15 years on this soil if I did any techniques all the produce is outrageously flavorful because of all of the minerals that are in the soil and available for the plants now and has a crap you're looking this year will you hit by the same like The Late Late kind of spring we got up here are you guys doing all right for for crops crops but everything was late this year and it and it was I don't know how it was for you but for us it went from freezing nights to 90 degree days in the same week I believe me like crazy I didn't see anything quite like it but as a fantastic model in R Green Market and you know for a long time now

advantage of the Green Market right that you get kind of what I like to call a critical mass or suppliers together and thanks for the Green Market is a place they can go buy a veg but in all the chefs I know think of the Green Market as a place where they can interact directly with the farmer as supplier right in the advantage from the farmers standpoint is obviously they know in advance if they have to bring X Y and Z because they know the chefs are going to I'm going to buy if they have communication prior to them arriving at the at the farm and believe it or not I think it's fairly efficient for the farmer because they either they or you know someone that they're having doing their their their truck for them really only has to give up one day you know what I mean to go and interact with the chest and the chefs very easy for them because they know that let's say you grow fantastic Peppers right and then

let you go get the peppers from you but let's say they know that they really like the you know the purple basil from some other Farmer they can go get that and so you get a critical mass together the chef can make the run to the Green Market here are the main ones are Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday we were huge Market but you know what I mean but even one or two of those days would be enough to sustain it but I think what you what you need is a critical mass of like-minded farmers you have a structure like that in DC for it for a green Mark at the way that we operated cuz I think that's really the method that allowed a lot of farmers here in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley really kind of stay connected with the chef community

yeah well there are several really good markets in DC but they've been closed a new Farmers for a lot of years and sell that that's a problem

hottest world leaders are probably not to let the Cure kind of you know and I haven't heard that flip side of it either like I don't know whether there's a lot of farmers who would be no be itching to supply a New York Chefs but can't because they're getting shut out of our Green Market System specifically the Union Square greenmarket is the big one we had here which is he on 14th Street question I think it's something that needs to be kind of I need some kind of address and I would encourage you know any chefs in the DC area to you know reach out to you anyone that's like listening you know what would it you know what I mean I totally agree with that and I think you just giving you a perspective from Seattle which is where I'm from you know Pike Place Market it's a hundred and something years old it's 10 of the big famous one that the people know about but but there are a lot of other markets in and I think you know what you're looking for where the chefs are going in in Seattle at least it's not there it's probably you know more like the Ballard market on

Days Inn in there a few others but you have they've they've expanded to the point that even though Pike Place may be shut out to to new vendors you know some of these other markets around town are are available and I think you know you're you're more likely to see Seattle chefs probably walking around and sampling what's what's available in Ballard then you are at Pike Place these days I know for sure is that will shift will seek out and go to Great pains and trouble to seek out a good ingredients however once they seek it out the supply chain to them needs to be relatively convenient because it needs to be to be able to be gotten to the restaurant like on a kind of a regular semi-regular basis now they'll deal with you know the deal with I don't have any potatoes this week you know that whatever we got it

it's it's more like you know they can't drive in a 50 miles to go to go get there to go get their stuff because they're simultaneously getting from a bunch of different suppliers so I mean I think it's just a question of figuring out how you can go gather like enough like like-minded farmers in some sort of new venue and it doesn't have to be like super organized or even super nice as long as the chef know that it's going to be there and didn't know that they can count on sending like one person over there and they can and they can pick up what they need from like for suppliers that they've developed a relationship with but you know one thing I know about chefs the police of people that like I deal with and I know is that there are monsters for equality and they love absolutely love having personal relationship with Farmers love it you know what I completely agree

let me throw him that I don't have any problem driving down to see see if we're talking about some sort of scale

right yeah just a question of making of like making it out of hat was like you know germinating the idea planning the seating like reaching a critical mass when there's going to be there the real problem is is that either way from outside and from the farmer side there's going to be like a time. Where everyone sucking wind trying to get enough enough of a critical mass to make it worthwhile for everyone and I mean I hope someone in DC you know here's this or you know I mean that you're calling someone else and has like some sort of problem too because you know a lot of people on this network are interested in this kind of problems well they're hundred percent on that.

Bazemore the specific expert in this but I have absolutely no network. Org is going to be the best way to drop the call and another caller but definitely shoot us an email and we will stay in touch. Thanks so much fun all right thanks so much I wanted to know what to think you're cutting in and out I heard they were setting up a draft soda system and you want to know certain things and then when you actually said with the certain things sorry I start to

specifically and then all of the actual specifics are trailing off give us a ring back if you get

Jackee Harry now cell service is Azo is a wretched thing is it not all right so what are those specific problems you worried about where I'll be running a root beer syrup that I made

repair shop that has a lot of ice


it was so close so close

so close remix system with root beer alright listen I can't hear what your actual questions are but like a you can call back with the questions or I'll tell you some of the problems with root beer root beer is known the world over by anyone that's ever made it to be the absolute hardest thing to clean out of your lines right so like if you're doing you're doing a corny keg with with root beer like you need to throw all of the rubber in your tank needs to be thrown away if you want to switch flavors all of it you know what I mean so you got to throw away the ring gasket even I know some people replace the ceiling parts of the of the ball lock valve because they say that anything that is even mildly absorbent

will absorb flavors from the root beer this includes polyethylene tubes that you use in the interior Coldplay I know that you can wash the actual lot to do I'm assuming he's the kind of problems you might be having a phone I probably might be having if you're using the answer there is just dedicate a system to dedicate a corny keg of root beer dedicate remember I'm a huge advocate of to Coldplay circuits for every flavor not one to so I would always get a cold plate that has at least twice as many circuits as you have flavors in the reason for that is to fold one the extra trip through the initials going to address the second problem that you might be having with root beer the second trip through the cold plate give it a longer line and that longer line tends to slow it down a little bit and cause less foam out on the on the on the output the other problem the other take it solves it gets

older and getting colder by a good chunk by several degrees also reduces your phone out on the output and plus makes it colder which duh do you want your root beer warm size do you like with her oh well good I like it to exactly anyway so, you're going to have is with foaming so anytime you're making your own root beer flavors with Vino tree and bark pieces these things tend to foam like a loony toon there really show me in fact phone is one of the characteristics of root beer a phony of root beer but the problem is you have to keep it somewhat in line and I would not suggest adding you know I like silicone derivatives and I told me it just because I haven't found a really to work at least an alcoholic beverages they'll kill phone maybe in a glass but they're not go

kill the problems on the think on these realize you are going to have some foaming then instead of pre-mixed soda valve I recommend the one to see and Becker makes but you know you can get and by the way kudos to you for doing premix because I think most post mix soda sucks anyway by Becker is going to have a very long in the back torpedo-shaped compensator that's going to gently take it from the pressure in the tube to atmospheric pressure and it's going to save you a lot of your phone out problems I guess I cold is going to solve your phone my problems but also Clarity so if you don't have a centrifuge which I'm assuming you don't centrifuges going to knock out a lot of your particulates and really help with here but I would just take the trouble to really filter your fart stuff through like you know the finest screeners that you have eye coffee even if it takes a million years and eventually

give Center fingers cuz they can spend all the particulate matter out and that's really going to solve a lot of your phone and problems I'm assuming you had one of those two problems if you didn't call me back and and and and we'll talk about it and Jack should we come back right after the commercial break with our demonstration of male let's squeeze one more call who's been waiting and then go to break

I got a question about acid skin draft cocktails with fresh lime juice and I'll give you a couple of suggestions and this one you know I hadn't really thought of by the time I wrote the book but you know I like fresh lime juice cordial in Lime cordial and literally at the bar what I what we do to make a lime cordial is I take the leftover clarified lime juice that we have and then I boil it with sugar and a couple of pills of lime

and right away The Cordial is good and it actually ages after a couple of weeks I think it's even look a little bit better and so that's a stable acid source so it's not fresh lime flavor it's different than to have a fresh wine flavor if you give them a cordial flavor they're like this tastes like cordially like yes but cordial taste good even I mean it's the in-between stuff it doesn't taste good another option is you can. I'm a huge fan of including actual Citrus in in the drinks because as opposed to just acids do some cordial and then. It was some acids like a citric Malik Glen some acid combinations especially ones that are barely soluble so like if you make the champagne acid from liquid intelligence

which is a mixture of its a 3% or 3% lactic acid and 3% acid blend Pro Crystals at the limit of it of the solubility of some of that stuff and I don't know why but maybe that's why when you carbonate with champagne acid you tend to get foamy drinks something about that causes foamy drinks and also when you're bottling something carbonated like I've noticed certain certain drinks like Campari the bitterness is not stable when bottled under acidic conditions I don't know why I've never heard you know I never asked someone with a mass spec to look at it so I don't know why but you know it's definitely true so you know I would I would start with

so you can use like chicken Malik and you can have a very nice Citra snow Citrus flavor that'll last for a while or if you do cordials and you can augment cordials like I say with acid to bolster the freshness level of masonry hire to use less of The Cordial and it is stable as far as I can tell for a long time so I mean I get any any sort of juice can be bolstered can have it acidity bolstered right so too kind of greater or lesser fact that it is is is is is is figuring out what acids are going to add and not adding adding so much that they turn kind of fake right that you can bolster grape juice may I tend to like things that have

characteristic have like a character because this way when you go through the acidity of that like it's it helps to like if the fruitiness is there the actual fruitiness from fruit is there the acidity doesn't taste fake whereas he can taste more like a soda Bay facility like an actual like a fleet like and taste more like an add acidity if there isn't some sort of natural fruit there to back it up if you want to go drop the coax kind of scale directly wait for me to use a little bit less of that phosphoric acid typically sold and very concentrated solution so I would take it down like you can buy it is like 85% phosphoric acid solution and I would take it down to like 6 or less and then start mixing with it at those lower levels because Stars doesn't like the first boric acid right where you call ahead

like you like Cola yeah she like my like a mild amount of phosphoric acid but like usually when bartenders try to have phosphoric acid to a drink they hit it too hard and you don't like that intense dry intensely dry non fruity is Cindy shot

thanks it's very helpful if you get any good results

red wattle bourbon red Navajo churro you're likely to hear it a fairway butcher Foods USA you still do Heritage Foods USA exist to promote small family farms supply is the best way to help a family Farmers to buy from them and Heritage Food is honored to represent a network of family Farmers artisanal producers who swore an immeasurable gift to our food system and to biodiversity the meat we celebrate whether it's Heritage turkey Japanese steaks Berkshire pork or Navajo

I just kind healthy animals of sound genetics that have been treated humanely and allowed to pursue better now as we like to say you have to eat them to say them visit us at Heritage Foods USA. Com for more information I would love to get Steve Jenkins and Alec Baldwin in the same room and have them have like a voice off when that be awesome at work if you're out there get a razor on the show that's right who like the princes blackout will give it give it a listen to that weird song if you're out there let me see you dance and flame on it Jack

well it's anyway it's traumatic why do you know this place that has has not let me use butane noises. The knob mounted here on this side little butane list burner butane picnic by the NFPA fire codes this is rated as a fine piece of indoor cooking equipment because the butane canister is contained and it says it's on a table and can't be knocked up so so what I'm going to do now is just the sort of first manual things so you can see the knob turned itself all at all I'm doing is doing it the old-fashioned way in Mexicali just telling it to go

certain percentage but what I'm going to do now instead is I'm going to set it I'm going to tell it okay I'd like to to go to a temperature of 35 degrees the. That's not very warm but it's warmer than it is in here that's 26 right now so I'm going to touch the the end of this and that this is the temperature probe that goes in the pot Pan and the temperature is holding the priest holding the probe in his hand and we're going to look at the knob in Spanish it's actually on high now because it's trying to raise the temperature but as my body heat actually raises the temperature of this it's going to start turning it down because it's thinking oh I've got the gas on and it's making the temperature go up

so there it goes you see it's starting to turn itself down as we approach the target temperature what is trying to do is get to the temperature I want without overshooting because if it overshoots it's much harder than even if it turns the gas essentially 2-0 to come down and temperature it's much easier to go up so it's it's biased not overshoot and to make these very small adjustments I will be constantly learning both its it learns your range to some degree but also if you put you know a big 12 quart stock pot on there to behave a little differently then then a little you know half quart Saucier to see rightly dump gas into the air with no flame before it looks like my body Heats not actually quite quite hot enough for it so I'll.

turn down the target temperature a little bit and now it's actually his has turned it all the way down so for demo purposes actually these butane burners are are sort of the worst of all possible worlds but but it also stresses a system which I really like is if we can handle this we can handle anything the reason it's the worst case is because from 0 to full blast on this is rotation of only about 40 degrees right where is most ranges Yurts 180 maybe even 270 and so the Precision that we have to get is is much higher on this so it's actually running it at now 4% and thinks it's shy of of its Target to do that manually so what happens is when you start up the app and then choose a recipe before any cooking step what it's going to do is it's going to say turn it on and you turn your knob

Play click click like you said it goes and then leave it at any temperature are any heat level you want you then hit a button on the app that says okay it's on I'm handing you control the Apple then say oh I see it's at 47% but actually at the moment I'd like it to be at 92% then I'll move it there and then it will continue adjusting throughout the the whole execution of that step of the recipe and then for certain recipes like for example we've got a caramel recipe with a video of it on our website where you want a caramel icing sugar but then you want to bring the temperature down at the creaming butter and some idiot knows that there are different Target temperatures for different steps and as you move through the recipe in and do the various steps it will adjust the temperature at sort of like you never have to touch the knob some ways they are doing it for you you're putting radiant's in taking things out and so on October

the will will do our best to try and I'll get you one a little sooner if we can but yes a really cool techniques that that we are working on so for example people I think a lot of times confused Precision temperature cooking with low temperature cooking because you know people are familiar with serve people listen to this show certainly are are familiar with circulators in and what they do circulators obviously don't work particularly well over a hundred see because we can put a pot of oil on there and you can do all kinds of things ranging from here relatively low temperature stuff so we've been playing around a little bit with with poaching things in oil around like 1:20 C and then you can go obviously all the way up to you know frying things at 350 375 400

metal ones because they are there even if they had the power they're not designed to have the recovery rate to the friar needs could you could you tell this guy I like is it from minimize recovery time but still not completely blast out your oil are so freaking good because they have such a high surface area to heat out this is why everyone at home like I'm sorry is not going to have as good a fried stuff is someone who has a two prior mean it's not going to happen if you don't have to come you can do good fried stuff but you're not going to have you're not going to have all night good fry the way that you can into dryer but can you put the key for that week we can do a really good job the key is not overloading that that's the key and you know any frying application right if you if you have a 2 quart pot of oil and you dumped in

20 chicken wings you know it's going to be hard for even your 15000 BTU burner on your stove at home to take to recover from that quickly even if you could you don't have the surface area of pan to oil to not locally so it would start my burners at home and they're kind of stupid the high you know they're their way higher than your supposed to be because a knucklehead to install the stove didn't put the regulator on it right so you know I can looks like a jet engine when I turn on my burner flame out on the low end so it makes it hard to do kind of like the more delicate things not that I like to do. Look at things. Don't worry but I have this vintage sort of 1997 that it's a double wall oven the top one is digital in the bottom ones analog I think this is your digital controls were too

expensive it actually put it on both ovens and the analog one of the bottom to 500 like most you can just keep on turning it and so I can actually Crank It Up to around 700 for pizza I literally put a thermostat bypass on my on my oven to to my last oven in my last place when you went there people like I don't want to cook in your complicated I have to know how to program a watlow PID controller to do in my so what learn how to learn learn you know it's like you know you know how to drive a car can't do we can program my oven that was my attitude but this one I'm one of my things a it had to look like a normal oven so it couldn't have

tires and stuff taken out of this fine and turns out I really didn't need a lot of control on the super high-end for pizza because it just needs to be freaking hot right exactly here for a minute or a minute and a half to hell with it and literally put the thermostat when it's you know when it's horizontal I just tell people not to touch that and it's normal of it until I turn it into into you know you know flame on mode and then it's a thermal runaway the puny thermal runaway that you use on your 500 degree thermostat thermal runaway on talking like thermal runaway you know it's actually too hot to get up at nine hundred throttle it a problem so with my ridiculously high output range right

I still can't get as good of frying in a normal pot situation because I just can't get that service area contact with the oil in the pan to have it not abused when I get slightly better result in a walk because I have a larger surface area for it to hit of course he will degrade because it's against a non stainless Wok my walk by famous so you will do great cook their can't win it would be interesting I'm sure you can win better if you had a control app that was taking it up to the brink of being destroyed and then but not like over because if you don't change the time on iWatch Cooks try to fry on a range they obey jacket too high to get the recovery rate which I understand but it always goes too far over the line and it's kind of a porpoise effect with the temperature where it goes over and then under and I think people underestimate how much

physical abuse the oil is taken during each cycle of overheating along with like salt and flour and burnt particles that are in that it's just like we buy us our algorithms 202 avoid overshooting so we you don't finish you talkin about about frying things all night so back in May sort of to thank a bunch of Arc Kickstarter support as we had a a Cinco de Mayo old party and we are making tortilla chips on it on a burner very much like this but with butane all night long and and we're able to do you know to keep that level of controlling you know was was there some degradation in the oil you know 3 hours later yeah of course but you know but but those chips were still good fact about tortilla chips for those who are out there who make tortilla chips you should first of all you should make your own tortilla chips are absolutely

crappie my Seca Fresh Tortillas and Fry em up because they're thicker and they're crunchy or that's the way I like this hell so cheap but the true fact about tortillas is that other they're going to absorb a lot of well that's how they're supposed to work french fry temperature when you're cooking a tortilla people overheat there oil in there doing tortillas on a regular basis in fact next time you make tortillas I want you to do this I want you to put potato chips the same thing people go over temp on their potato chips because really really you're when you're frying a french fry you have a crust and Interior right right so you need to fry a temperature that maintains across without shocking me and Tara get that's why it needs to be so high we rest in tortilla chips or potato chip you're making a nice crunchy thing but it is entirely the crust and you're what you're doing is a moist

removal operation that's right to do moisture removal which is actually tough on oil frankly especially with cycling from the cycling the next time you start tortilla chips I want you to start your first back in koloa just like you would for a potato chip bag and and and you will not be able to tell the difference between that batch and the back to start in hot oil why because tortilla chips are going to absorb oil. It it's going to happen that you're getting rid of any sort of intermediate absorption you might get when you throw a tortilla chip into locally cooled oil is going to be blasted out by the tremendous water evaporation going to get as soon as the local temperature of the oiler on a tortilla chip gets above the boiling point of water I don't take my word for it Go cook some tortillas you know what I mean really interesting point more generally to its then

been playing with this in and kind of understanding how it works and looking at the feedback loops a lot of a lot of cooking techniques are really all about the heat being sucked out by the evaporation of water right so you know raising a gram of water 1 degree takes a calorie but but while boiling it off take 540 so essentially when you're when you're cranking up the heat to maintain temperature you are in almost all cases doing that to compensate for it being sucked out by evaporation and understanding that then as think as you stop seeing the bubbling and and and all the steam coming off and then you watch as the knob is dialing back that you know it doesn't see the steam but it but it's a it's encountering the same thermodynamics you realize you know that's what it's really all about for a lot of lot of cooking techniques and then the you know

trolling motors and end do getting to the right temperature and recovering and so on to your point about no you need to watch Cooks do it at home and they porpoise that go up and down we saw the exact same thing so when we very first started down the road that that eventually became melt first thing we we looked at was well what if we could sense the temperature in a pot pan in the various ways and transmit that to a nap and then people could look and say oh it's too hot to cold and so we give people your pretty good cooks that the simple task of bring the spot to this particular temperature and they try and do it and then go up to the Dover shoot and then dial it back and they'd undershoot living and go back and forth 20 minutes later it's all you've done is you told me I'm a terrible cook never give me any tool to do anything about it and that's where than the knob can't be sitting okay we've got to actually

get the kind of feedback loop and get the kind of control that you get in sous vide and and why is it that we're still out there be a following recipes that say put a pot on medium when that means you know what that means on your stove and what it means on mine could be 200 degrees apart never been supposed to mean something in the UK I don't know but yeah I mean like you still pay the issue is that recipes like that are still written assuming that kind of where all the community talking about talk about breaking down chickens my age didn't know how to break down a chicken

side like Fear the Reaper cutting down amazing amazing but I can't talk about it now because we have to go but I thank you Darren from milk for coming and showing us this up here

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