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Episode 210: BKON

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Bushwick Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network as usual on Tuesdays from around 12 somewhere in the 12 area hey look I stated my fault because people show up to work on time ever in my defense the J&M are skipping all of the stops are related to Francis one of the problems about being out here in Rices that's why she raised Hell's Kitchen she claims

she claims that the actual son is nicer like a mile and a half West on the west side of the island that better coordinates sure have a way it depends on how many tall buildings are are between you and everything else and crazy people crazy people would set perfectly in between the grade I was driving to Philly and all these people are in the middle of the street blocking traffic with their phones it's completely overcast at the same age of Aquarius sound like you are sitting in front of the age of Aquarius right and Jupiter aligns with Mars something will happen across the planet of Lucy Earth would never happen

I called here we are with Lou from Baccano

hi David actually Lou and Dean we're both here and you are correct better over the years I try to imagine my two kids working together and it only if their job with a fight each other would be the only way I could get a nice nice all right so rather than me giving the developed this new Brewing device but rather than be roughly tell people who aren't familiar with it kind of what you got going to Beacon you know where I'm unlocking a higher quality high-quality made to order crap ever become from the coffee industry and the technology was originally born to Coffee Wendy and bank to that but the process uses vacuums pulled are out of material

and when the vacuum to relieve the liquid good back and sides called ring in the center of Earth's atmosphere confusion and will realize is that it is an open technology that optimizes flavor extraction from coffee tea infused Waters cocktails it allowed to be created that have never been able to be created before and sell

add the patent from the technology is Breitbart reaching for focusing first in the the restaurant Arena and they could still working with Chef to mixologist & Baristas to create great content platform But ultimately the idea is that this is an internet technology that that will bring him to the home so one day all those recipes that exists out there can be replicated by any consumer it's not spelled like that why you spell it for people so that they can find it on the internet and we just got a little bit differently but it's it's now it says in Beacon like a beacon of light at finding

Terminator right now so the old school vacuum infusion where you doing like Paul's cycles of a vacuum to First infused liquid and then brought back at back out again presumably the patent has to do with the combination of that with the heating element and the processor control of it and photo property but

that processes is is quite simple although it's a little bit more complicated than just pulling a vacuum specifically it has to do with this the phases of the the vacuum of the depth of the vacuum the time that it's applied and or controlled with the between where it goes back to normal atmosphere so that's really the key of the technology is the I controlling the vacuum and the depth of each specific vacuum phased it allows you to penetrate determine distance it essentially into the cellular structure of the material we have three it's three letter in sequence with a with a pause in between allows us to draw the gas is out this oven goes in then we go with the next one go little bit further and keep going through this other structure drawing the flavors actually out through the

the pores of the material itself is acting as as a filter I got water purify is bedrock and presumably you do you have different programs written for different kind of products and there's like a lot but you haven't got like a recipe system in it that there is more of a user just types and what they want and it and then you pump it up

yes yes it's predetermined pre-designed by the content Partners there's specific flights that we've designed that allow a very turn key application as far as finding the best recipes for a specific type of beverage that we've done a lot of research to make it easier for the people to use the tool the right way and to find the optimal setting like a simple like a diaphragm or a wobble pump or do you have to have like a larger pump and air or at the way what are you guys using a diaphragm pump that's designed for medical equipment we would a diaphragm pump you're not taking to like as a vacuum level as you would with let's say like a rotary vane pump in a come in a commercial in a packer but also you can't stop those kind of volumes anyway

I mean that's kind of vacuum levels anyway because a lot of what you're doing is that temperature is she going to get oil off of a lot before that was a lot of the art of it figuring out how to get enough of a vacuum Delta and still have the high temperature without a lot of boy law for what temperature to the depth of the vacuum I'm also taking the the material and the solvent into account as well go into a full-on boil with by creating a very deep vacuum as that will also reduce the temperature of the liquid if we're working with something hot we can go quite a bit further but there certainly is that that relationship what's optimal

summer camp point is all of the all the code that goes into controlling different parameters the water temperature is a whole times different vacuum pressure vacuum durations and a difference between two coffees AR-15 coffee to roast profiles and the beautiful thing about it because it's code and paste on a client was built is built exclusively in commercial space by on by Frankie and because of the level engineering at that has gone into this

what's amazing about it that when that beverages recreate it can be recreated so come back to your question earlier about how the other methods that been around for a long time of using manual pump deny you a message message to liquid this is all about understanding how we control those parameters how he put them into code and ultimately how we allowed to be replicated based on all the factors that allow you to achieve a precise if a beverage bottle of stone beer you want me to be in San Diego to drink it to know exactly how good and how perfect she tastes. So go over trying to do when the Maid to Order side hits a recipe that's a water base and they have an alcohol in there like you have to know when you're like it has to know from the pumping curve that stop I'm boiling before I thought I was going to things like this

Ruby that have to get built into the kind of lease somewhere right now is to do certainly going to be visual cues of the more you get used to seeing things are right or wrong it's not to say that we can actually make hot water with with an ethanol base and make a a beverage cuz we can then we've done we've done it with hot toddies which is quite interesting so it's not just a single beverage in itself but for a crossover Sogo infirmity to the spirit and then it's and a t and a spirit combined it to the same recipes using chocolate race because it's a little sweeter and we get the beautiful Madagascar vanilla beans and if

Kiki and as well as this song

The People block you from Rafiki we put it in the portafilter with the bourbon bourbon is what's a 75 degrees in this pic sounds of it and we add 8 oz of 200 be water somewhere between 840 degrees math is my strong suit personality and vanilla into the water and the bourbon increase the temperature but will now have the bourbon and they're acting as a solvent as well but you make your point it's only one side the other side is the art and that is the part that occurs in my talking partner decide whether it's a coffee roaster & Tea Company Shepherd mix ologist training recipe and has the knowledge and expertise of how to source and curate and prepare the ingredients and then the second part is

diameters and having the right code having a recipe so you can put the two together that match the purse

it depends where you are in the world in America we call it Frankie Frankie and in Europe is Frankie Frankie to work with them is as you realize this technology was from her broad-reaching and have applications in applications and blending & bottling way down in a way down the road we need we need to the Queen Latifah flawlessly future space where the content will be created and as an example and look the other 40 companies are bringing Technologies to Market a lot in with building these Technologies which really is very exciting and and and definitely has an appeal to it but there's obviously a lot of coughing a lot of recycling to it which was Frankie because they're a multimillion-dollar organization as an example in McDonald's wanted to do McCafe and he said they needed thousands locations activated in one year and isn't she was coming down two more than 4 hours and

call centers and service network setup to to protect us from machine Patty built us to inspect franchi that one that and executed on itself or equipment is being built on the same team kaliber on the same platform is there a huge right but in terms of the u.s. their penetration from like I don't know in the US are world but in like the fine restaurant world really only in the coffee sector like but they have a huge business outside of that in Europe and all over the world and wonder why they never like they sell autoclave they sell all sorts of stuff I wonder why they don't have the penetration in the other segments here say that you know they definitely have the infrastructure and they've been incredibly been amazing partner and Incredibly

stepping out of there their big infrastructure organizational Norms to be very Innovative an Adaptive without that has as entrepreneurs so you know where I can get to still be thanked be essentially involved in the Innovation and ideation and marketing standpoint with them but they bring you no occasion Decades of experience and you know Uncle unbelievable infrastructure that we can never practically you the money or Bill I see you don't have a unit yet that people can fuss around with him home where can they go like who's buying you things and how much they cost the market price that species that they should be fine in Minnesota for somewhere around the 14k mark

20 piece through it a day to to break even within a matter of months and we have customers who gone from as an example in the teeth guy who had no teeth but try to sellers 10 hotkeys a day because they were promoting it to putting this in and now having 70 hot teas a day so I think it's pointless act technology in allows you to deliver that level of quality cause any beverage and so a lot to do things you can do for an example on huge water capabilities and really anything else we can break loose leaf tea and concentrator price to make

wait. It's the money makers commercial machine late last fall in purchasing them it doesn't well over 50 that have already been purchased going into Market you can see it at Whole Foods in Chicago, doing great things with that you actually sent down Empire State South Ruby with him after this Sunday's Panther Coffee Miami rolling out multiple locations are you at them actually on Wednesday and there's a green beans outside Philadelphia really Innovative he hasn't got to watch them they have a table and black chairs and incredible model what to doing in for the health pet food help to us all model is it really attractive

infused Waters Gabriel kreuther do you what do your website have a list of places that he's like that so it's like if someone is Liv's I don't know if they live their lives. Cleveland Cleveland on on your website and find someone like you know close to them that has one or no on multi-unit players in the craft outer space that has more stuff for Nationwide level not allowed to buy inhabitant any product is in the city of innovative that innovator demographic which is actually represent about

electrician near Market the next stage of the early adopters and that will really trust in that innovator Hospital adopt a phase of people using it but the results have been you know what we're at War pristine increases that sells at 165% within the shop aesthetic beverage category two people working with Frankie but are you worried about being clovered we're like some big person buys you and then crush is a technology into tiny pieces to bring around the world most importantly what building is to populate the beat the crap Cloud which one said that content is up there it's an allowance answer your question before it's allowed to move very quickly on face because the content will exist on model is much simpler for us to build until we already are adding pumpkin partner the graffiti and Counter Culture coffee and it just think it's like app

when onions come out you're going to know exactly what you love and giving a pulled his ass down a recipe that you've created Dave and they can have their own cocktail or water or coffee recipe and ingredients turn the game to check it out really interesting new technology thanks for coming on the show will be right back with a little more cooking issues

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National truck because I'm not touching it a light blue shirt today I didn't wear my I don't take a picture of are we going to be spring MVC shipping old boo straight out of the bottle one more thing I have her first of all it's too late because I didn't know anything was this year and I'm looking to have some free time I didn't realize it before the conference and just started so he miss his free time so sweet to him a treat to me for him any suggestions you have for his remaining time in the San Francisco Bay

area places to go I need to go back there soon I forget why but I have to go back to San Francisco soon and then I can have my own fresh recommendations but I hope you're having a good time they're doing why you treat us and tell us where you went but he enjoyed it says did you enjoy it did you have a good time to anyone who lives in a mountainous region I'm interested in Turkish coffee that is produced at altitude and so if you live in what kind of like you are in your like 6,000 that's like around 2000 or 1800 or somewhere in there like the boiling point of water should just about be at Optimum coffee extraction temperature and I want to know whether you're a Turkish coffee is it is especially delicious Nacho Libre can start to see that movie today especially delicious I want to know whether it's any different from us you know Trump's down here at sea level producing producing coffee joke

let me know because I'm sorry for those of you that are actually Turks you going to get mad if I called the Turkish coffee maker Andy break because you use the term e-brake to mean something else but here in the United States we refer to a Turkish coffee maker we call it an e-brake and the Greeks you don't care about what anyone calls anything in Turkey they call it a brickie right he's like a brickie their minds from Grease it's very nice and stassi bought it for me and it was very cheap because as we all know the economy in Greece not Subway but and I am very interested in rubbing it in the face of snobs who think the Turkish coffee is not a good fiber can't be a good product because it doesn't fit their particular idea of what good coffee should be and anytime somebody does something as a cultural ritual for hundreds and hundreds of years

probably something to it probably something to it or people wouldn't keep freaking doing it you use a percolator you use a freaking percolator when it goes through Bluetooth to Bluefin Bluefin the plastic top you put it on your stove and it died and I had to tell him kind of its own kind of Brew but the fact of the matter is is that these technologies have sustained themselves because they produce something that people freaking mic so why thumb your nose at the idea let's just figure out what all the parameters are in Turkish coffee I'll let you know one thing about Turkish coffee is that every single American I seen do it does it wrong they do it freaking wrong for those who who's your daddy

so whether you mix it into the water when it's already Hot or Not depends on where you where you make it like whether you're doing it in Serbia and Turkey Greece whatever but when I need to get into that she put the powder thing in and then it comes up in forms of fraud which is called a boil right and in America they always say you boil it three times right but if you look in Americans do it there such Jokers right than what we do is we let it boil up and then we don't do anything with that settled back down and we can spoil that three times and pour it and then use a spoon the froth off the top know you don't have to go to Turkey right to know this this is why YouTube was invented not really this is why I don't like the fact that you took was invented because I can go watch a video of like 12 different folks in Turkey making Turkish coffee and instantly realized it as soon as it frosts up first of all the cooking and sand right and that's why I haven't tested yet because I haven't gotten the sand and want to buy a 50 lb sack of it Home Depot because he likes to say

straw man anyway so you put sand into it like into a pan pulled over coals in 4 evening anyway now into the cup then you would have brought again then you pour that Frost out again then maybe if you want you do the third time and then you pour it out and you leave a lot of the grounds in a cup that's the way to do it and I've never seen an American do it that way maybe that's why it's not the Americans thumb their noses at it because it does have no idea how to properly make it anyway I'm going to go through the investigation why because I enjoy it now if I can get to a question before they put the unplug my mic and kick me out of here

turn Road in tell me if I answer this question refer are not present like Jason wrote in about gimlets and I think I answered it already Jason if I didn't answer your question your basal give me a question it read it back to me again say hey you didn't answer it you know what I mean and I will rest of the crew was very nice tail recipe of modernist cuisine that do this I found degrees Celsius recipe which I got out before they actually went off I had the Octo and ribs backpack that my local butcher with a chamber vac sealer now I assume the reason

maybe do this lately big water bath but the short ribs were fixing the center and I measure the temperature throughout the bath with a thermometer indicating concert and correct temperature every everywhere any ideas what went wrong yes I have some ideas I think what happened is like let's say you had a bunch of short ribs in a given tell me you had a bunch of short ribs in one package right so there's sauce and microbes and all sorts of like nastiness right inside of the bag in the center of the Bay right and I think what happened is it just took too long for the temperature that kill temperatures to make it to the inside of the bag right so if you were to take a block of my favorite example I don't know why but if you were to take a block of me homie there's never been pierced with a knife like let's say don't cook kill and cook whale for let's say you had a chunk of whale flesh single chunk of whale flesh cuz I can't think of any other animal big enough to do this right

what is the size of like a Chevy small-block engine right and you were put that into a bag one piece right and then you were circulated right then it doesn't matter really how long it takes for the center of that wheelchair to get up to cooking temperature because the inside of the meat is fundamentally sterile unless it had an infection or unless you stab it with a knife all the way through to the center now as soon as you get in a situation where because the whale meat is extremely you know him very it's very lean took whale you know what I mean but I think the meat itself the muscles I don't know how because I'm not for killing whales but as soon as you take big pieces of lard or or blubber and you start like penetrating the meat within like putting stuff in the middle of it or if you start packing up that big piece of meat and then laminating it together with sauce or if you take a bunch of different ribs and short short ribs or whatever you're using oxtail and you pack them all into one bag well now you have contamination in the middle of your back

so if it takes 6 hours for the middle of the bag to get up a kill temperatures for bacteria start growing and popping the bag out what the bad Puffs out then you can have a reduced temperature everywhere and it and continue to grow when you can go off so I think that's what happened because of temperatures that you're using are clearly high enough to kill everything so even if you're cooking at home and you're not going to be doing portion control work I always recommend if you can to bag each large bees peace like a choc Taylor each rib in a separate bag if you can and boring that because also that if you lose a bag you only lose one piece of meat and you know if it's that jerk who said they were going to come over for dinner doesn't come over to dinner you can always just chill that that happens.

so then you can take that bag that you would plan to serve to your ungrateful house guests and put it back in that you're chill. Put it back in the fridge so it's nice to have them individually bagged requiring that you should have all of your individual pieces of meat in a single layer and I think that might solve your problem is a single layer such that the back and get all the way around it right so if you have a bunch that are laminated together even though it's a good cuz I think that's happening second problem is I remembered answering a question let me know and you can ask me more questions okay let's see let's see what this one is Dave

Rocky statue of Milwaukee it's one of the things you like Milwaukee called in to get recipe for brandy Old Fashioned slushies for their late-night Ramen transformation my wife and I just bought a house can rats and discover the previous owners had never installed a water line into the freezer what the hell is it doing what they doing people in the freezer so we are Isis barring A Midsummer snow storm even up there in a bit and get him you know I'm saying he would run out and snow chilicki over to get me over Rosa and that's wanted to go into business selling snow chilled. Dax is dark roast no chill coffee and I was like I think I was I would support him but it's a hard business model because you have to wait for snow or move to Sweden or something

by the way, for doing that I wanted to get your thoughts on making ice at home we basically have to use ice for cocktails considering getting a a greater than $300 stand-alone ice maker for rapid cooling and making qubes using the cooler and freezer technique described you know they stole his website for bar ice how do you set up a good home ICE program from scratch any recommendation for inexpensive ice makers that could work for both the cooking and bar application thanks Christian this telephone let me give you some good and bad news the good news is

what's there's no good news why I would get the expensive ice maker what do I have can write any game tell me how to actually pronounce to the Manitowoc Manitowoc Manitowoc that's the company ice maker company that I have at home commercial ice maker I will get an under-counter commercial ice maker try to find some knucklehead who's getting rid of the problem is they use a lot of energy did you fill a hole in your freezer and put a water line in and then 5 I am most likely your freezer has a space in the back for you to put the water line in and most likely you can just put in a you can put in it and ice maker because I've done that before you don't get a filter in an ice maker and do it run like a quarter and find a copper to it and that's just going to make ice

really you want kind of crappy ice for your normal chilling you don't want the Big Blocks and then you can just do like a freezer things but if you're going to have what you didn't mention is that you're going to put seltzer water on that you like seltzer water and who doesn't write like I use a cold Schiller and I have that in the bottom of a commercial ice machine so I always have decent ice on hand all the time because it makes it I use a a very nice Manitowoc and the reason I like it is because you can it makes a nice kind of large Cube it's weird octagonal shape it looks like those little jealous but you can shut it off because they're very loud so if if if someone in the house cuz I got so loud that you can shut it off for like 2 hours and I'll come back on and continue to make ice but that thing I use it to chill actually when I make my big cooler of ice I use hot water from the tap and then throw those ice cubes into it to get the temperature down without including a lot of gas by pointing back and forth then put the cooler in the

is there a and go from there so the best from a budget standpoint is to aftermarket install your own ice maker into your freezer because they make ice on a cycle but don't require a lot of water and energy and they actually store the ice without melting where is a commercial ice maker is constantly making ice and letting it melt down the quality of ice in the home in the inside of the freezer ones and never quite as high so I'm always going to want to make some ice in a cooler but it's a lot less energy-intensive and a lot cheaper so that's my recommendations back next week was cooking

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