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Episode 21: Say No To Welshers!

Edwards on 3rd Generation CareMaster from s Wallace Edwards & Sons in Surry Virginia we support the Heritage Radio Network because we believe in the cause and what they're doing they're supporting family raised livestock small Family Farms certified Humane pasture-raised antibiotic-free basically we take the products from Heritage Foods USA and make them into Serrano style hands prosciutto style hands bacon sausage like my grandfather did he can find us at Surrey or Virginia

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hello welcome to cooking issues from the Heritage Radio Network coming to you live every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 on Dave and your husband is here with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez the hammer of cooking issues here to set me straight keep me honest calling all of your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's +718-497-212-8200 Today's Show is brought to you by Sam Edwards from s Wallace Edwards Corporation I had actually a little story to relate about that I was coming home from Thanksgiving to take the train from my mom's house in Westchester I just bought a New York down to Grand Central stops at the Murray's Cheese Shop and saw what might be the mess best marbled ham I've ever seen produced by an American corporation and it was one of Sam Edwards is one of his hands and I took it home is incredibly delicious and I have no words for several years actually cuz I'm kind of a nut for a for a long time

a couple of problems with it with the ham it's not marketed under whose actual brand name it's marketed as Siri farms and I don't really Siri Farms I don't really I never knew so if you go to Murray's Cheese in New York are you see something marketed as Siri Farms It's actually an S Wallace Edwards hand and then what's the deal I've never seen an American ham that says that you are so well marbled and he told me that he was actually getting the pigs from Patrick here at Heritage Foods we think about that Natasha pretty cool right now so a delicious product and we fully support Sam Edwards and his attempt to his I've always said before that American ham is delicious and we have our own traditions and you know there's no there's no reason that Americans should try to pretend to be something else we have our own delicious country ham and we have for hundreds and hundreds of years it's a unique culture

product and it's a huge supporter of it in my my one gripe is always been that Although our caremasters are as good as any cure Masters in the world by the way where is still in the construction zone here at Roberto's Pizzeria so if you hear any Hammer Drilling in the background no one is attempting to break into the studio and murder us it's just normal construction going on I've always said that one of the main problems isn't the Cure master who sells what are the techniques they use but the quality of pork available to most Hampshire is here in the US and opposed to those available to let's say the Spanish and so Sam Edwards as well as I were just trying to change that partially by getting some material from Patrick Henry's Foods the founder of our radio network so anyway so kudos to Sam Edwards no

I want to cooking issues proper so some of you who listened to the show regularly might remember that several weeks ago maybe even a month ago now I issued a challenge that if someone could produce a raw chocolate bar that didn't make me want to throw up when I ate it that even remotely resembled real chocolate or you know tasted good that I would eat raw food for a week while I have an update to that chair before I get to that update never call or session never call or I call you I'm here

cooking but not directly related we are building a seminar seriously upcoming semester and wondering if you knew had any contacts at some interested in trying to get someone to talk to

all right well t i c grams for those either don't know what the heck were talking about t i c gums is a major manufacturer of hydrocolloid switch again for those who still don't know what the hell I'm talking about I had to follow its are a group of kind of thickeners in gelling agents that in the past we used almost exclusively by industrial concerns to make foods a cheaper ship better or last longer when they're frozen excetera excetera but in the past 10 years or so it really been used by chefs to try and either a chief special effects or increase quality so they're going to major shift in these ingredients from being seen as additives to being seen as legitimate ingredients in in high Cuisine manufacturer of this in there and their headquarters is in Maryland somewhere I think somewhere near Beltsville rights are there are they in pain

what's interesting about them also for those are you listening out there they will sell to individuals are one of the few manufacturers that for some reason takes an interest in this and they have what's called a lease a used to assess kit that you can buy stuff from them and so dense t i c gums and you can go to the vet the unfortunate thing about TSA gun is it all of their products have horrific names like salad eyes are two 10s and Piccolo it and you know I always like a horrible sounding it sound like parasites diseases and insects but they make really good part of the other thing about them is that they are there a blender there a gum blender a solution provider so they don't provide straight up raw materials the way let's say Dow Chemical would they blend their own upright Airy mixers in their own sources and they sell them so they won't tell you exactly what's in there make sure which is the other interesting thing the main thing and I'm going to answer your question I'm just explained

Weiser Idaho the 210 answer the three 10s and this is something I should anyone should have around their house it's a mixture of gum arabic and San Tan gum both natural ingredients and it's a fantastic at stabilizing emotions well water emotions for later take to dilute later so we use it to make simple syrup with oils and fats in them salad dressing so I suppose that's fantastic stuff that goes in cold is really easy to use it's not too in a finicky so that that's the park there's a used in most now the downside I no longer have a real contact on the East Coast my old contacts got reefer moved to be the West Coast and I Asia wrap for t i c gums but they have a hotline called gum Guru and if you email us I will try to remember all those frame whenever medney I'm horrible at email but they're all really nice people down there and I'm sure they'd be happy if you find I don't have his contact info anymore by to call Scott reefer out on the west coast he might to say who cuz he's a really good

nine interesting he used to give the canary talks on the East Coast so if not contact him he might know who his current new Incarnation on the East Coast would be because they're being easy easy trip for them but yeah yeah alright thanks a lot no problem if you need any more help if I can contact this most likely question on the Block is the best way to get a response cuz that's the only thing I'm kind of guarantee to respond to but you know what that they're good people I'm sure they'll the responding actually for those who got their who have gum questions like they are one of the few companies that if you ask them for a problem to that you're a solution to a particular problem like I have XYZ salad dressing it has bees in a situation which product do you recommend they will unlike most companies they will actually get back to you with an answer it took the day of a what's it called system called gum Guru on there TSA guns website so it's a good good good place to go a good resource and find people

alright well thanks thanks for your question okay now back to the raw food raw food town so what I said was if someone could produce a raw food a raw chocolate that is even remotely delicious at all leave a bad taste in my mouth that I would eat raw food exclusively for a week now is here not yes to hammer on you people. 2 although she never actually does that but but to keep me honest and one of my interns Grace is actually has her final today she's going to graduate different color are going to lose another funny but actually several losing Piper as well another fun in turn she brought some are you under the brand name is Sasha some sort of craft paper crunchy label thing from Whole Foods Market they cost like $1,000 a bar or something like that but I ate it and I wasn't revolted right so it looks like I might have to actually do this because if there's

thing on earth I hate it's a it's a welcher write a song about his own bed so you know you could be a serial killer I can find something redeeming about you but someone who well she's not that's not really true of someone who else is on vets it's like a note that's like the worst thing in the world right now is terrible

it's because they're University reviled and paint it anyway so so I can't Welch on this so it now I had a couple of hours I gave myself a couple of hours in this bed because I said that not only guess I did she will remember I said not only does it happen. Delicious but it has to actually be raw and there is a lot of Reese other lot of people out there who basically say there is no such thing as raw as raw cocoa beans because of the processing that they go through on the way they all go above this kind of magic temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit are all enzymes are supposed to be destroyed before I go on a little rant about that not all enzymes are the strippers weather enzymes are destroyed. Below hundred eighteen and there are many many enzymes that last well well well well well above 118 degrees Fahrenheit and how fast an enzyme is denatured is not only a function of temperature but a function of temperature and time so you think there's some sort of magic brick wall at 118 degrees Fahrenheit where no enzymes can pass through that brick wall is absurd mean Beyond

ridiculous has science is 000 basis and science now that's one thing about raw food second thing about it is I don't know why enzymes like what why should I preserve an enzyme in in in food I have not seen a paper yet that would sell me what the benefit is of preserving all the all the enzymes are not willing to be proven wrong and it's like anything else I'm going to be proven wrong but you never saw a lot of enzymes going to be deactivated in the gut anyway not all of them but many of them were going to be deactivated in the gut many enzymes are bad in honeydew damaging things do not all enzymes are little beneficent proteins that are like wandering around your body only fixing things that went wrong so I don't understand relate the whole premise behind raw food either but that is not that is neither here nor there they let that fact the matter is I said that I would do it and how many fine people that is the first the first defense of a prejudiced person right I know

can you find raw food people that it's true I know many find raw food people but I've had a promise I do it so so I will now but I have to to research out the out the outside so yeah chocolate turns out that 99% of the according to the data that I could gather which may or may not be true 99% of the stuff labeled raw chocolate in Asian food market is in fact not raw because there is almost no one out there with processing equipment to actually produce the cocoa butter so you can if you obtained raw completely raw by control fermentation to the fermentation never went a hundred above 118 which is possible you know although not likely be possible never been roasted so it's not going to develop any of the Roast of Flavor that you would get to make chocolate you have to express cocoa butter to add cocoa butter back to I even if you're using just grinding raw raw nibs you have to add cocoa butter back to it together chocolate consistency and the cocoa butter that's pressed his presence

the weather the temperature basically has to get above 118 degrees Fahrenheit using the equipment it's out there so most people who are providing these products to the raw food manufacturers probably are misrepresenting what they're what their providing in this is the day that I'm able to gather on the internet now there's a there's an interesting guy by the name of Ben Ripple Ripple has a thing called a big tree farms out in Bali and I seen a person a couple times I met him although he would never remember this at a taste 3 which is at an event at 8 near the Mondavi the Ted conferences used to have along with you with my daddy and I spoke at it a couple times and been Ripple spoke at it and his deal is if he wants he goes to a poor farmers in Bali Another You Know Places over there and wants to get them some money for their product and so as far as I can tell he doesn't really care so much personally about raw food but he sees it as a niche market where he can all of a sudden raise the value of these products is Farm

producing by producing a very special de product for a very niche market was not competing with bigger Growers or you know bigger country figure industrial concern so he's been a supply of raw cashews for a long time to rock a shoes and he spent a lot of time and energy trying to produce a true raw chocolate so apparently if you get your cocoa products from Big Tree farms which has been ripples Corporation you have a guaranteed certified raw product I don't know what the heck the price is apparently it's a lot lot higher than most of the raw chocolate products are out there and I think he's our supplies to manufacturers but anyway I don't know whether the one I got was real or not but it's weak to try and get out of it just by saying that it probably wasn't actually a raw chocolate so we're going to do it which means I won't be eating the family meal price boner well me and my family because who who else go to my house

nobody now here's the thing now do we have a stick do I follow raw food just based on a hundred and eighteen in which case I can have sushi me right for me most raw food people are also like they drove vegan style folk right now if I need to be raw food as necessarily mean I have to go vegetarian right after I could go vegetarian for a week is not a problem vegan for a week might be a problem promises that have to find unpasteurized milk and you can't it's hard to buy it here in New York if you can get to there certain Farms you can buy direct from Farmers would hear New York City is difficult to get unpasteurized milk so I couldn't have unpasteurized milk but I mean I don't see any reason why I can't have you seen me right do you see any reason or Carpaccio I can't have parmesan with my Carpaccio though because they occurred from parmesan cheese is cooked to a higher temperature than 118 Fahrenheit during the curtain process so I couldn't have Parmesan with

might ruin it for me because really that's the taste of Carpaccio anyways they said parmesan in the olive oil so that's the first question do I follow their rules or just 118 degree rule that's the first question I have to figure out the second even have to plan this for a long time because I'm definitely not going to buy any BS raw food product off the shelf that is just some hyper processed crap that has not done that I could taste the only criteria for its manufacture was it has never been heated because I hate products like that I'm also not going to have any substitute products no no no raw food product pretending to be something that's cooked the challenges can I make everything truly freaking delicious right truly delicious and also raw and wanting to be what it is instead of imitation something else that's the real challenge just going to probably take me a month or so to figure out a good week's worth of recipes learn a whole bunch of techniques have to read every raw food cookbook there is you know it's red Sarma is one of us are my guy says cook

she's she's nice and she's nice maybe I can call her and ask for some advice if you still talk to me because I supposed to help her with a bunch of dehydrator project project he was working on a we never got back to remember that Miss Tasha social still should I still take my calls I'll call her and try and try and work on that but I'm going to shoot for a goal somewhere in probably February or something is such a crappy month anyway what do raw food raw food weak Moustache you can eat any of this or no really I just told you that the worst thing in the world is about here anyway so we're all in all of your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8

you feel good

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and welcome back to cooking issues Dave Arnold close to cooking issues long as I should Lopez here from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 have a question in from Paul says hi de it's well-known that baking soda can be used to speed up my yard reaction from browning is it just about pH is there something else at work and then is there anything that can be used to slow down such reactions my yard reaction for reasons not worth going into I'd like to be able to keep Simple Bross and soups safely warm for up to 18 hours naturally they begin to deteriorate after this long especially those with vibrant vegetable colors any tips or suggestions or something I could throw in thanks Paul now

I got to break this down a little bit and then I know Paul you probably don't have the time to call in during the show but this is something I really like the kind of figure out exactly what what you mean hear my are reactions right are the Browning reactions that are typically go on their they're very complicated but they have to do with reducing sugar certain kind of sugars are in proteins usually always in the presence of not always but usually in the presence of heat right typically higher he's so we associate kind of toasty brown bread in a bread flavors Brown flavors cook flavors and a lot of the flavors on the outside of roasted meats and things like that as our my art style flavors right and another Brown on French fries crispy skin all that these are things we associate with with Meyer these reactions are indeed speeded up by the addition of alkaline ingredients so friends with pretzels famously pretzels are cooking and alkaline water before they're baked to increase the the Browning in the middle so give a characteristic kind of alcohol and taste

now I also egg whites will Brown and cook for a long time even though they're not cooking a very very high temperature because egg whites are alkaline so that my reaction speed it up in and that's the that's the you know that the thing behind how to cook for a long time and turn brown and so it to school you know we do a lot of cooking with eggs in pressure cooker in the eggs turn brown because of my yard reaction so yes basic conditions alkaline conditions which baking soda will do speed up Browning reactions now that's not the same Browning reaction that happens in a in a vegetable soup so if you're doing a broth with vegetables in it and I presume you mean green vegetables right green vegetables are talking about so if you're doing at like a vibrant green vegetable color those right or not broken down because of my art reactions right so like an herb an herb Princeton's is breaking down because of an enzymatic reaction so you can stop those things from going brown initially by destroying the enzymes now that the problem is is that then further Brown

kind of olive drab mistakes on because of chlorophyll in those vegetables is being destroyed because they're there magnesium that's inside of the chlorophyll magnesium gets displaced by a hydrogen ion usually in the presence of an of an acid right or over long in a long cooking times and that causes a chlorophyll to Brown and you lose the vibrancy of the color right so I'm trying to figure out exactly which your which one of these reactions you worried about now having something basic like like no baking soda or something to a green vegetable broth or puree should preserve the chlorophyll now one of the reasons not to add baking soda to if you're cooking what's a green beans or broccoli to the water one of the reasons against it is because although the green is going to be very well-preserved because that the Magnesium is not going to get this place from the chlorophyll is that if they go mushy very very quickly because the other effect that's going on is that the cell walls of these vegetables are made up of pectin and hemicellulose and a peck

right is is very resistant to breaking down in alkaline in a acid conditions but breaks down very very readily in an alkaline condition so you add baking soda to water and you get very green mushy vegetables you had acid to the cooking water and you get olive drab a very firm vegetables so it's like you can't win but if you're doing a puree right then you don't care about the fact it's going to be mushy cuz you're going to puree to suck her anyway so you might as well add a pinch of baking soda just got to make sure that you don't get any off taste and it should help preserve the green color for a lot longer now also the other thing is it if you store your your your soups at a lower temperature you should be able to preserve the color faster now I haven't done any control test of storing a broth that's not a not a chlorophyll base but haven't really done it control testing any of this is just off the top of my head but it would be interesting to do

do a do a test where we stored just in a open vein you know a soup at you know 70° C let's say for 12 hours to see what happened to it I don't know how much more appreciable Browning you against other than maybe you're also getting an increase Browning during during evaporation like a concentration I have to see but I'm kind of interested in the problem so if you email another question into the radio may be more specifically like what recipe you're dealing with and exactly kind of what's going wrong I'd love to take a look at it cuz it seems like an interesting problem writing stasher tell me why but let me do another thing is that I did some more research on one of the products that we like to use is a stuff called that I Redline paste and tie Red Line pays it basically Limestone I always thought that it was naturally red I understand very little up till now that I'm able to find in the way of english-language references on this time gradient other than it's used in soups and banana is like these banana soup to preserve

show all the bands goes back to the The Machinist right so so what we do is we we use his tie Redline Pace what you can get an Asian grocery store you put it in the water you shake it up and settles out and use that water we vacuumed injected into bananas and it makes a banana stay firm even when you cook it so you can make like a Bananas Foster but the banana they taste cooked and delicious and sweet but they don't get mushy and you can also beat the crap out of me and without them breaking apart so it's one of our favorite recipes we've been doing it for years I do it all the time I love that they meant right but I haven't really found up till now in the English language references on it I always assume that the that stuff was natural that naturally red but I found finally in English language blog called she simmers and it's written by someone named Lila but I don't know her last name and she said that the red is actually tumeric that they had to it although I don't I don't know if that's true or false I don't know but that's what she said and she also made some interesting points that it said that the Thai red line I hadn't thought about this before is a basically calcium calcium Hydro

lime which is the same stuff that used for Nick Stone Nick Stella motivation right which is another process used to turn corn into moss and how many by soaking an alkaline condition I've been wanting to go get Cal which is what they use in Mexico to do this for a long time and we had it in our fridge the entire for all these years we've had the next Enigma lising product in our fridge in the form of Thai red lion taste for years and years and we've never done it so we're going to have to run on different location experiments with the Thai Red Line see what should we get out of it but you'll see something very interesting which is that if you add it to fry batters right then fry batter stays crispy after it's been tried for a long time a lot longer than it would if you just use regular water in the batter so I'm going to try to do something for a batter is with this Thai red lime and see where we can get a batter that does indeed blind taste crispier with this person. Because I was not able to find any papers any you know any scientific papers on adding Alcala

ingredients to two batters to try and increase your Christmas I wasn't able to find it so I don't know what I'm going to do some research that something that you know could be very very very interesting but I've seen you much more crap you have to do what you think is Tasha being calcium and being hydroxide dispose alkaline but has calcium present and and what is calcium do to cell walls so in the presence of a lot of calcium you're going to cross-link the you going to cross-link the Sleep acting in there that's going to be resistant to breaking down either by heat or or anyting else and so what I'm wondering is if you use calcium hydroxide as your addition to the boiling water can you get a vegetable that stays green and is also crunchy so that isn't

around experiments we have to run I was not able to find anything on that item now I only search for half an hour or so which is part of the reason that I literally ran in her panties with my hands Frozen off about 10 seconds for the radio show started much to install Exodus I should bring the other reason was I couldn't find any gloves on the way out and that's why I feel my hands I feel taking cracking with a hammer and they break into tiny little pieces but I'm so a lot of interesting experiments are brought up by your question about vegetables and bras and at my art and keeping things green calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 tracking issues

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welcome back to cooking issues still time to call in your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 substitute and I says as Grandparents gotten older he started to watch salt fat and cholesterol in their diets much more although I have to tell you they Contract Health like if I get old enough I'm going to eat nothing because I already ate nothing but that if I make it to that age I'm definitely to start loading up on all the stuff people tell me not to eat but they've tried to use egg substitute and are generally happy with the results and almonds and scrambled eggs but less so in baking can you tell me more about what is an egg substitute as well as when is it appropriate to use instead of egg now the only thing I know much about egg substitutes is egg substitutes actual straight-up single ingredients are used as a substitute for certain properties in Ames right so it looks like you're talking about an egg substitute they can literally be substituted for an egg in like an omelet I'm more used to dealing with products that are Subs

dues for eggs in baking where you know you say okay I have an egg protein that needs to hold something in in a specific me away so like I need to imitate the phone and properties of egg white let's say so then I would say okay then I know what to add I'm going to add some kompa something like his aunt and for thickening and I'm going to add some sort of aeration agent like your methylcellulose verse with someone like that right so it's like that kind of stuff I know about orino Santan to hold things together or either in gluten or an egg replacing recipes or you know I need something is going to provide the emulsification of egg yolk so I'm going to add probably so a less than just like that these are these are things that can I kind of like understand but like straight-up egg replacer I don't have a lot of a lot of information on off the top of my head so I'm going to put the thing is do we have a way to actually make sure they look this up before next week's Regular Show or not but it's something I'm interested in looking I'm trying to figure

like what they can make you know that actually looks like an egg on the plate that works like an egg on the plate and why it wouldn't work in baking soda something I'm willing to investigate further and deserves more time then I was able to give it this week Kurt so I will check up on that starts with pump that question over onto the next week and other one I got that was kind of difficult from Scott Corey is we talked to think a little bit on the Thanksgiving episode about the dragon's beard candy to Poshmark right then we yeah yeah and so in that recipe that you know what do you supposed to cooking candies in that recipe you add acid at the beginning of the recipe and what happens is is that the longer it Cooks the acid continues to invert the sugar breaks sucrose which is a disaccharide down into monosaccharides and that reaction sped up by the presence of acid so the longer you cook in the presence of acid the more you break the sugar down into the sucrose down into into glucose and fructose

and that has the Phillies sugars don't harden up the same way when when their sugar cools down when it's sugar soup cools down and so you end up getting a softer Park the longer it Cooks a softer it is so Scott was working for a chocolatier or is working for a chocolatier part-time as chocolate or I should say and he is told that the faster you cook a caramel to a certain temperature is softer DePauw opposite of what we what we've been I know what we have with regular sugar syrups right and so he says I understand that that the temperature and candy is a function of boiling water I'll send it as long as he acted final temperatures reach write the product would be the same and this is something I think I probably also said on that on that thing is that cuz I remember we also had a question on caramels or something like that and it's true that if you cook too if if you if you only ingredients are sugar and water

this is why maybe if I was talking about your most astronauts look it up and you know I probably spoke too soon if the only ingredients are sugar and water right then the final temperature is strictly a function of how much water is in there right so no matter what you know what is the water content going to be the same once you reach the final the final temperature and that may or may not be true if other ingredients are in there and changing so-and-so altering the boiling point of things break down and become soluble or no longer soluble than they will or they will no longer affect the boiling point I don't know how much it's going to affect the temperature right now the other problem is is that there's a lot of stuff in a caramel there's milk solids there's fat is all these other things in each one of those right affects the final texture of your caramel and I downloaded a couple scholarly articles but didn't have a chance to necessarily weight Wade through them and I'm trying to figure I was trying to figure out why it is that cooking it for longer

is going to make it make it harder and I haven't found any yet except for to say that you know that that the sugar is only just the sugar the sugar and how much is only one of the things that affecting the texture like with something that's going on as you said with it with the milk milk solids might be a factor like if you cook the milk solids too quick for they don't get convert enough that might affect the texture something going on with the fat although I doubt it might affect the texture of a son that you know you would posited that we know to be there is one cook to eat that used to work at this truck is here where he used to cook a very very quickly and he always had to cook to a higher temperature because his camels are coming out too hard to what's a to soft so you need to cook them no sorry too hard and I think I'm getting all confused but the point is is that I would guess it if you cook it really quickly you liable to go to a higher temperature anyway I think it would be unusual we're cooking something faster means you got to a lower temperature because I would think that you have

our stuff at the bottom when you pull it you get a higher rise but I don't know so it looks like it's probably a more complex more complex problem then you know then first blush looks at and unfortunately I was I would have talked about it with the Harold McGee I spoke to him yesterday but he's kind of in transit he's finished up his Whirlwind book to her by the way, he has a new book out how was it called the keys to good cooking right after he's a good cooking was on the New York Times bestseller Harold McGee good friend of cooking issues Good Friends Blog good friend of ours and So Good by his book but it right next time I speak to him what's going to be the end of the week I'm going to try and ask him about this because it might be something that he researched you know and all of the all the stuff that he's been doing recently for his book but it is an interesting question and you have me a little bit stumped so that is a all the questions for today and so I wanted this is a personal plea if any of you out there have good and going back to the raw food wrap raw food chain

if any of you out there have any suggestions for me to write this stuff up on the Block as we do it or know you guys out there you guys out there in radioland think I'm a welcher which means that you think I'm a bad of pork well look all too human being as my son yeah a lot of stuff to do yeah okay well it doesn't matter if you say you're going to do something and you don't then you're welcome it doesn't matter if you're too busy because it seemed like they will I would pay you but I don't have the money know you're a welcher you made a bet and you couldn't deliver so we have to do it right the question is are we going to have the time to write about it that's that that's the thing but I'd like to write about these the experience of trying to trying to go raw food but we're definitely experience

okay so here's a little insight into into the cooking issues team and why we don't write very off and on the plug in the reason is because I am a huge jerk right and so I have it in an extremely narrow point of view about kind of every tank and so I'm hard to work with when it comes to writing things this true or false it's true including with myself the only person harder on me is my wife who's maybe one of the great editors me you know maybe not as good as her sister maile my sister-in-law who runs the Food Network Magazine but pretty pretty damn good my wife is it a vicious editor but aside from stylistically which I'm horrible at you know content-wise I'm pretty particular so I don't know what would you were doing what we were right about the experience

at what like I'm convinced he's the one day to day three how we feel you know the difference between who wish start a separate block cuz we're not about our feelings feelings why won't you listen you guys tell us when I don't think anyone cares about my personal feelings about anything I think they do I don't think so I don't care what you see nor feel like everyone now probably but you're one of the reasons like that. My whole issue with blogs is is trying to like strike this balance between you know serving yourself and serving and serving other people I don't necessarily see the value in saying what what I had for dinner tonight you know what I mean unless it's instructive in some way but I'm not a good enough writer or a good enough for tographer where you know I could spin it

what about what I ate tonight and have it be I think of any use to anyone you know what I mean so the question is how do we do it without becoming self-indulgent there has to be some sort of learning process which means which is really irritating is that we're going to have to develop some sort of new technique or ingredient having to do with raw food stuff massages not banging her head against the microphone

because she knows what this means that she's going to have to go through hell because now we're going to have to come up with some fancy new technique let me know regarding raw food to said he's at that you're if you're worried anyway on top of all the other stuff but you know if I if I have two language in testing hell for a month it's much better than being a welcher to this is pan cooking issues will come back next week to answer more of your questions