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Episode 209: Eating Ants On Air

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again after her you know airplane nonsense last week, you might know him from such things as running the website for a popular science is that your Twitter at calm set your cat know this one else is getting us

you know I ain't that's her to call by the way has been on the show the four most recently for the fall and I both agree that is pretty much the hot girl in the radio and then take the leftover hot carl home and wait for 6 months and then reopen the canister it gets stronger surstromming strong

she loves you that don't remember we talked about this goes out to I think the Catskills right or something like this you have a place in the Catskills or his family has a place somewhere outside of New York Upper West Upper West yourself up some Herring small ones and you don't put enough salt on them to stop bacteria from growing bacteria. The fun thing is you can it right without pasteurizing it right so then the can inflates with noxious gases in you and you open it and it

and you know I don't want to hear any culture like

know this stuff stink the stuff thanks anyway Paul took it on a taxi ride home remedy that he took the leftover we didn't even have a vacuum sealer for even a quart container an open can of surstromming and its attendant like you know you know retinue of applies with him in a cab and that's got to be the best cab ride ever say anything but never did not say anything looking at me

we thought it was just my personal smell

tell me pretty hard core if that was your personal snow

yes and I was Karen little hipster well howdy hey there I was supposed to make a fake voice and say I was Jesus was awesome AKA Dante the person that's not what she's about that's true that's what's important parents

I want to hear any like entomologist like rushing you know like I said I'm going to destroy the ecosystem of New York City or anything I just assumed add fancy pants for Mexico I guess we'll do and we have some antigen and to get it but it antigen like antigen but aunt flavor gin drinks a lot of gin

I'm the only one

who is what's the name of the guy who did that in in Revenge of the Nerds so now look at you now look at me anyway so we're shutting down the 54 Eldridge lab and we have a and I've moved my lab to an undisclosed location in Connecticut but bigger and better much bigger I noticed you're selling an air conditioner in your nerd sale me to throw away from the nerd sale from the microwave which I'm not selling a microwave a microwave for like $5 going to come pick it up on the street so that I can buy a new one for $80

selling a bunch of really cool equipment at the yard sale at 54 Eldridge next Tuesday between 2 and 7 p.m. Cash & Carry cash only we're not moving anything that's about it as they say in business as is where is as is and we take responsibility for what happens after it leaves her since we have unless Peter like claims it beforehand we have a dismal Chinese puffing on it is not it's not a it is not a functional I will never recommend someone use it to puffed grains it is wholly and entirely unsafe it is merely an object of admiration to have on a little piece of cereal history to have on your on your mantle it is not to be used to Puff Sear

how many more clear do not use it to Puff cereal do not seal it and heat it rise up pretty clear is very much like the ones that Chinese Street puffer is used to be used as not to be used because I don't consider it safe and turned out to be very difficult to operate it in this encasement unit and I still felt nervous when I was using it so I'm going to go ahead and say don't use it and the reason why I'm selling it if I was comfortable using it I would be using it all the time yes but because I am not comfortable using it I'm telling you not to use the 3D printer its name is Bruce state-of-the-art was like 6 years 7 years ago

at least it's a C Corp color printer 450 contacts Brands they want it was labeled as anyway it's never been never had fake stuff putting it so you would never had but zcorp I don't think supports it directly anymore it can be made to work as is where is Grand nerd sale a small set funnel buchner funnel but a life-size Santa that was featured at a that was designed by Nastasia and Piper to pump out hot

Christmas mulled wine and its spews Christmas mulled wine out of its mouth into a bowl as though it's puking you need to supply your own circulator to make it work but I still got the piping and the place in Santa's butt to load up the that the mulled wine ride so you supply a circulator is a piping still there a flexible hose made zeze to it's easy to read reggae but you know such famous people as Mario Batali have drunk right or was that it was so like some some some momofuko people and they're like fancy folks all drank holiday cheer out of there used to be a voice recorder and you know Dirtbag friend of the show Phil Bravo with the deep voice had lots of pithy saying that Santa would say about him puking up to

much too much

an inhibitor and a list of things we do straight razors when we open the lab I took all of my tools out of my apartment because it's unreasonable to have that many Tools in my apartment and I used to use straight razors and then I put on my face one of these used to be used on my face the other ones I picked up at a at a sale on the I think I don't think they're my grandpa's otherwise I wouldn't sell them I think that pick him up at a sale McCann carbonator which I think it might need one or two things that we don't appreciate it should work we have a yes a roofing torch without the hose we have a Manitowoc ice machine with a cold plate installed in it by the way so you can use it directly for sale Serenata

a hole drilled in the side of it for the cold plate which I consider a feature anytime I buy an ice machine I immediately drill a hole in the side of the ice machine so that the cold plate will fit inside if you buy this machine I have one at home which is why I didn't take it home

and mine has a hole drilled in the side of it if you take this I'll tell you this I'll throw in the condensation pump

Manitowoc under-counter ice nice and Tuesday is a broken pair of melted one day because she was cold because it was a billion I did not know this crap nastassia pushed the printer up against the heater and then flipped it on full blast

who's Jess was under

okay you pushed it in and melted It Whatever doesn't matter it's melted the end of the day it's still work for electronic equipment Booker and Dax. Com nerd sale 1 Word an early bid on the broken printer

Boise comforser that's what a yard sale is like I'm going to go ahead and recommend it if you buy the 3D printer you might want to get the pallet jack yeah yeah but somehow we didn't end up using it and we just threw the pallet jack into that room what's the story on the vac machine yes or no machine don't recall the freeze dryer we're still going to fix I took Connecticut you and I going to fix that scraping vacuum machine is from Del posto has sealed Meats for the likes of Mark and Mario Batali currently has an issue the vacuum pump has I think a ceiling that needs to be kind of fixed and that you know what's. And I just never did it

enough on the road in from Blackberry Farm

most people making jello shots from scratched of the g&t a Campari excetra variety and I'd like to use bronze sheet gelatin is there a basic ratio you can provide or help otherwise thanks jello shots and I've had shots but you never had a jellified shot not really leaf leaf gelatin right

using bronze Leaf gelatin gelatin is at the weights of all the different grades of gelatin are different because the assumption is that a leaf should gel the same amount regardless of kind of what grade you use is but a leaf of brownsdale and weighs a lot more than a belief of like a like gold star platinum or silver gelatin also you can't go straight based on that kind of set the same but I've only ever really done gelled Boos style things like I used to like years ago we made it I made a champagne jelly that I would carbonate in the bottle on super high PSI in the cut open after it gelled new it have carbonation on the inside there is in fact and I forgot her name but there's literally a cookbook devoted to jello shots and I believe it has a name like Jell-O shots or something like this it came out in 2011 and they know they have a website

get it and I have a bunch of recipes are also Kevin Lu from the craft cocktail book he did a a post on Serious Eats about Gelish unfortunately he was using actual Jello Knox by the way people knock knocks because it's not some fancy she's actually incredibly high like strength quality gelatin it's like it's like right in between kind of gold and platinum if I got a very very high balloons Frank right so it's actually reporting and is that you can wait very easily it so that which is super easy to weigh because it's a powder whereas what whenever you're using sheet gelatin you have your best bet if you're going to use sheet gelatin

I guess why Pros have not done a lot of problem with that you don't need to weigh it because it's already there in sheet format if your recipe calls for some integral number of sheets but most of the time when I'm doing gelatin work I don't know exactly how much liquid I'm going to have because let's say I'm trying to clarify strawberry juice back in the day back when I used to use gelatin to clarify and so I always hated having to snip pieces of the gelatin off to try to get it to work right yeah I don't particularly I mean I use I think sheet gelatin is sometimes easier to use because you can bloom it pick it up and throw it in but powdered gelatin is great for measuring I mean that's what I use when I'm cooking I use Knox brand powdered gelatin I buy it and big cans and there you have it

and it was all so good but of course we stock the high in the Platinum so it was very kind of clothes like that the the knocks and the Platinum were pretty close weight for weight so you can kind of suit back and forth to the had the same kind of thing so since you're using bronze the Jell-O shot lady recommend for a a Jell-O shot that is firm enough to cut mold stand on its own and look it's very kind of hard jelly she is a two packets of Knox which is 14 grams of Knox to a 500ml recipe 2 cups right total base including the sugar everything right to cups now what is that translate in terms of sheet gelatin well according to some people like modernist Pantry they say about three sheets of gelatin equals a packet of Knox but according to the jello shot woman who tested it

Jell-O shot recipes she used about three and a half and that looks more accurate based on calculations I did trying to do Bloom strength and wait to to Knox kind of converting back and forth I would say you're looking in the you looking in the three and a half sheet per cup range yeah that sounds good sounds right area in that range for jello shots that's going to make a firm and I forgot the question. Already answered last week at the ziplock question breaking I think you just got a bad batch Ziploc freezer bags

and so that should last an infinite amount of time in the fifties and Celsius you got a bad back will fail at high or low temperatures storage bags that had fail other brands iPad sale Sysco food safe Sisco brand like bags fake Ziplocs I've had I had to like 100% failure rate on those they fail but an actual Ziploc an actual branded Ziploc freezer bag with the knot with the fake slider on top but a standard Ziploc freezer bag very very rarely fail very rarely so you got a bad batch can you should go yell at somebody but the second question was do you need a puffin gun to make puffed rice cakes to the white light Airy Bland tasteless style of food item well

such a such an enticing description of it I can see why you want to make them red

be when you're making those puffed rice cakes they they have a special machine for those things that decompresses inside of a mold and that's how they do it however you can look up on the Internet there are papers on how to do it in a microwave what you do is you take cooked and then dehydrated starch you than a lightly missed it after it's but you have to cook it over cook dehydrated right not totally but to have to go to the moisture content is but you just end up knowing after a while actually cooking issues you could still look up the post that one's not selling Cialis I think at this moment you still look nice how am I going to buy my Cialis I'll tell you it'll show you pictures and you can get cuz I ain't even though I wrote it many years ago it turns out puffing hasn't changed much but if you take salted water and lightly lightly missed the grains

dehydrated Grand and then toss them together and then put them inside of a mold and pop them in the microwave if you can get the but this is a unknown unknown saying your results May Vary

non glycemic Dave nastase Jack and anyone else potatoes potatoes have a glycemic index of 80 to 100 depending on the method method of preparation and a high glycemic load this is very unfortunate because potatoes are delicious correct information on the interwebs potatoes with saturated fat

I'm hoping the day might be able to explain what the deal is and whether I can make delicious stuff with potatoes without compromise my wife diet thanks your PS does nastase like potatoes when are you going to announce the new project / Kickstarter UT something on the air and then radio silence on a Wednesday sounds like it will not be more than the cube so here's the short answer one

you know the old Joel Robuchon / Wylie Dufresne from Jeffrey steingarten Jeffrey steingarten brought it back take potato cooking technique the super buttery one yeah so that one I would your I don't know just have to be measured by a scientist right and they have techniques for measuring it by what they do is they take enzymes and they break it down and see how much starch remains after they break at that I think I think that one that they use is called term Emile from novozymes is the standard for like testing resistant starch all I could be wrong

are cooked to set the starch granules first right which is going to make more of the stuff resistant to digestion at a low temperature there set I think somewhere in the mid-sixties of Celsius is not like this you remember they are cooked right and then Mash now then the starch granules from Little beads feed format and then Robuchon then takes that and why they used to do the swell and fortified it with obscene amounts of butter obscene like 50% better and then it's chilled in a fridge to form to coagulate back to a solid Mass with that happens you should get a lot of retrogradation overtime the advantages here is it then you just scoop it up and reheat it and the stuff that has retrograded won't won't won't run retrograde in that and so you should have more resistant starch but I don't know what the actual answer is the fat thing

you know there was an article on Rice remember that Paul didn't you tell it to me I haven't tried it how do you test whether or not it would be more resistant starch I didn't I tested whether it tasted okay when it was repeated it did well so that the deal with oil is that so in a resistance is all it was like all about how quickly your body or how effectively your body can break down the starch in their right so mellow pectin is easier to break down enamel Lowe's so I start it has more mellow pectin vs. amylose and I don't know how it works potatoes do you like I'm sure it's fluffy vs. wax he's going to be different right she going to want to select a potato that has less made me to look up package going to increase your glycemic index also how literally available it is to your digestive enzymes in your body or going to like slow down other

would you break things down and so can I decrease the index of all these things affect what's going on retrogradation affect what's going on but what's going on with the rice when they were cooking with the oil is amylose forms a helix when it's right double helix can get into that and form a complex which then they say is more resistant. I don't know whether that's true or not but that's what they wrote in the paper but that's how tapioca ends orbit brand tapioca maltodextrin works is that it's this short chain fluffy so I look for him to start breakdown product complexes with oil so we know what happened right so I don't know the answer too short answer I don't know

that's more testing needs more tests but I don't have the facilities to test it but it's possible like the stuff in the nutrition the spleen like the facts are the facts whether or not so there's going to be more or less healthy is a different story that I can comment on right now it seems likely that fat

promotes retrogradation prevents prevents the enzymatic breakdown of the starches if it's complex at the ER complexing it before it's cooked right why what's cooked before I guess I don't know in a risotto when you do the free fry

that do anything else not me

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and we are back for the ant tasting / grease talkin / whatever so far caller you are on the air

hello hi hi this is Claire Claire how are you and how are you today office-wide saltine challenge is going down to the saltine challenge is where you see whether you can consume without any form of liquid 6 salted top not a Saltine crackers in 60 seconds or less we did it last night no one was able to do it I can do it I only tried it once and I could get within about 10 seconds of it but I was I saw it done on the internet and it did you know that successful people use a technique called chunking where you do multiple

crackers at once and that the most favorable number seems to be three I also noticed some of the successful people did some head tilting The Ides the ideas they can store saliva in one section and masticate the dryer I think the trick is is that your throat has a tough time getting something down if the bolus which is a technical term that you're using for the for the odd is completely dry so you need to somehow segregate a little bit of moisture in your mouth so that you can put the outside of the inside can be dry as that as a Sahara desert but you have to coat the bowl is somehow it enough moisture that you can jam it down your throat to the best technique is to do three at a time and I see people before but then why you have to have to do tomorrow so 3 and 3 I think I saw someone I think 12 in a minute for 4

live production it's all about Savannah and I would do a little bit of that you can't see you but you know the main issue with testing it actually is it is that the dry salty crap really doesn't do your tongue too much good yet Paul are you experienced in this challenge younger son read about it somewhere he was like Saltine Challenge add something tell if I think

you can see it right proper I'm frothing like like some sort of a WhatsApp a rabid dog that has my outgoing to YouTube and look up some people who do it successfully and then that's what I would do when you are in our thoughts and I always have these dinner parties and people always bring cheese usually if they bring you know everybody bring free and then we're stuck with 12 wheels of Brie but if they don't we wrap it up in plastic at the end how do you know when it's really really gone back just decide from smelling bad really they just dry out and in their texture becomes unpleasant moisture occasionally if the humidity of your fridge is not good or if somebody saying the Stasi

get some water on the outside of the formation there which no might be a mold of questionable but that can probably be trimmed away so hard cheese you're pretty much good until until it gets moldy Breeze going to be okay until it smells like ammonia and then it's going to be unpleasant but you have to wait a minute for it.

go on with this waiting a minute wait a minute wait a minute for the ammonia smell to become president so you could think something's okay because a small amount of ammonia is not almost normal temperatures you should Pace Cheese's at the temperature in a serving of a lot of people but when I was growing up liking my belief was a Cheese's should be served at room temp but then like there's a big kind of backlash against that and it should be served you know a different temperatures more closer with seller temperature will cheese

the warmer get some more kind of stinky okay I guess you could heat it enough to drive the ammonia off I don't know you could do one of those you guys want to cook the hell out of it and then poured honey over the top of it and serve it with crackers

Cellars Family Classic recipe from the South Dade I know all about that has cheese straws Brie being a French thing ain't got nothing to do with the south in the fact that the South probably has preserved good old-fashioned American 70s fare better than anyone else like that see no you have to say I enjoy that crap like the fact that the oil separates from the Brie in puff pastry is greasy and it's on that Cracker yeah so sometime in like the very early 80s roasted garlic became kind of big and then it was roasted garlic with that Bree was like the thing to have you would have the roasted garlic on the cracker

with the baked brie and that was that was the shed to be right there that was what would send us photos from your challenge glare of the kind of thing that our listeners probably are excel at Paul's here to taste some fancy and and a taste imagine what you want to do first you want to see the real answer to Auntie Jen antigen was they they take wood ants from Denmark and they cry

Botanicals in Botanicals and now the labels have rubbed off nice and small ones are the giant oaxacan flying ants and I believe the smaller one might live in the Agave somehow the giant ant I have to have the app stay at the helm an eyeball first

it's got pretty much no flavor is it cuz if you think they just have no flavor may be old

not that one maybe I'll try a second one trash out.

And this is the package was already open right

write these are purchased at the Mercado San Juan Mexico City

that's got a little more a little like oxidized Sherry raisin flavor nice

be really good with some Brianna cracker seriously

by the way our enormous go do it do it

are there fatty

why wasn't fatty this is fatty oxidized fat

yeah taste like cooked Brie with

when is dusk

tease me palette

I think there's a little I thinking maybe I think maybe they're a little older I think the fact getting oxidized

that was three weeks ago

maybe longer and longer

next are the small lamps which are the size of small raisins

and they're just the thorax of the end it right there are the try parking some water because the problem is the tightness exoskeleton

I like to take you just don't like the taste because it is so what you searched battery battery of mine all battery for quality control I think these are very well sealed so there hopefully fresher yes

yeah so is that it is that at have again or not having info

I would have one or two more of those

Eric small lamp

he one of these this is the entire ant

that's nice little fresh

he's a brassy lemony and an ant crawls into your mouth

well I grew up in Manhattan so never

yeah that's nicer

I know that I would go out of my way to get these

what you think

waiting for like

what is a psych

eat with a fatty wants while you're waiting I need some water. The cops are the ones that Alex a clock and has a car like totally fresh until

is invalid Alexei the Gaston

I don't know how long it would take around now I don't know I don't think I've learned much by eating these

have you learned a lot by eating these if I ever prepare at snacks I will season them with Chilean line

you were supposed to

machinist from the itself so like that's just cheating I could prepare anything I would just rather have Fritos you know what I mean Fritos are delicious and of themselves add chili and lime and you've added more delicious stuff to a free you know what I mean

yeah but Fritos aren't as freely available in Meadows

no fair

I watched this Aunt particles down at Paul's tasting the antigen

do you need to empty all the vials in before you bring the flavor out

I see what you mean more of the Citrus more of the cases

for the record I did not try the other rent

nearest complex

good and acidity you can really taste the ant

I wouldn't name it as aunt but it is a unique flavor arises rapidly and creates all these interesting complexities

yeah but I don't know how much of that native Aunt flavor is

the syllable

it's made by it I forgot the name of the distillery in Cambridge in conjunction with a Nordic Food Lab I think it's called Cambridge Distillery or something like that English Cambridge the one that's closer to Denmark the one that came first man we don't have much time right now listen by the way I have to do we have next week. They will get to next week and a question on gimlets basil gimlet from Jason that I have to get to next week but pronounced

which is why presumably he also enjoys Gwar the band are you a fan of Gwar the band

hard to pick a favorite Oderus urungus died or sad day for theatrical hydrocolloid fans with contact lenses nastasi Jack

like Crisco slick I haven't asked for my sister to come up with a couple of interesting specifically for the champagne toast

cast and carbonation find a new groom

right dose with acetazolamide but we tested it you and I does it mess up I forget it doesn't mess up your sense of flavor for the thing says it holy crap sickness pill about half an hour before the champagne toast and they can just drink them some champagne and everyone else will be happy he'll be like why is this wine a little flat and I let me know flat is it like lacking in some of the flavor their associate with that whine and why is it so sit it right but don't tell your doctor you're going at the trade name assuming that's what we need

Carnation City would like a non bubbly substitute for the toast I was thinking of first I have liquid intelligence know about your life when you pressurize a bottle with mice cause problems for the bottle up and they prefer the toaster to be lighter since we'll be had by many who might not typically drink cocktail Manhattan Manhattan right now

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