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Episode 208: Memorial Day Mishaps & Turkish Cheese

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it's not like he's got delayed coming back from Istanbul for some reason her flight from Greece with connected through Istanbul no one told those folks if that's the wrong way that's the wrong way to get back to American flight to talk about Greece trip but I came back a day early so that I could hang out in Istanbul for a day really cool food in Turkey did you know that Turkish cheese is really interesting I don't I mean I just hadn't expected they have this I need to look at the translation cuz I you know I don't speak English in a smattering of German and you know enough French

but I guess it seems like just the kitchen like crazy string cheese thing that taste like beer almost I get to yellow white string cheese that tastes fairly neutral yellow string cheese and taste kind of like fermented yeasty beer kind of a situation they had AIDS in a goat skin aged in a goat skin

good very good and have some like incredibly light like buttery cheese dancing dancing really really good cheeses I also had some really letting you know that they had some very good cured fish in night in Turkey did you know that I did not know that either through the bosporus that they catch them a salt they like salt and let you buy inserted Roth It's like the most velvet with onions it's like the most velvety textured fish like ever so awesome anyway especially ice cream PS plus the first time I've had it actually there you know proper which is nice. You can bring it home so not quite the same their life and they say they're going to be the same is not quite the same and you bring it home I think it needs to be manipulated little bit didn't have quite the bike cuz I paid some ungodly amount of money to do you also know that you can bring dry ice on an airplane as long as nobody asked you

can you bring a lot of stuff as long as nobody asks you when they started me on the airplane the first time I've ever been able to actually rationally talk somebody at Customs out of anything we can't bring it in because it's it's it's it's not permitted to Dairy and it may contain eggs and so will you know it's cooked and he's a straight face guy looks at me like when I make ice cream at home it's not cooked really he said it's okay here in America Philly style ice cream which is does not have egg yolks typically and it's not cooked I was like this is probably what you making it home buyer style of ice cream what kind of ice cream is a something

only been sold at the airport for transport into into a powder from an orchid that must be cooked in order for it to work so I can get it is ice cream has been cooked up to temperature going to get to kill anything it didn't you know the guy said bring something through you got stopped last time Customs right Customs job like you're not bringing Rhino horn or anything like that right there also supposed to ensure that you're not going to bring any deadly new pathogens in like you're not going to bring the next so I don't know longhorn beetle or something like that or Citrus Greening you're not going to bring in the neck by the way

just a little bit tell me more 40 million bird so far in the US with the with the price of eggs going through the roof

price of eggs which you know no one ever talks about everyone says the price of a standard like what's the price of eggs price for the first time in and who knows how long usually this bird flu has it struck kind of commercial this time you have 40 million birds I mean we have a lot more than what the price of eggs is gone gone gone way up now I was reading recently that they think you're going to get it under control by by September but that's still pretty far away you know summer away yeah although I was also reading luckily that this virus doesn't like it when it's hot out so much like me it doesn't like it when it's hot out and so the the prevalence of going to go down and I will see the other guy was when I had all these powders that I had labeled rights and I had a citric acid powder malic acid powder

all the stuff labeled guy comes up to me and says they didn't identify so I called Dad that can actually detect kind of what products you had with you and it was able to pick up the mail and the citric acid and one other guy goes through their whole life super suspicious all the time but you know who the hell wants to be life treating everyone like their Potential Threat realize it's his job anyway so he says to me you know

acids and then he couldn't Identify two acids I had right he could identify lactic acid I don't know why and you couldn't identify agar agar powder because she can identify it takes huge like being a polymer sugar Palmer Course you can't I said okay I don't understand this because half the stuff on my body you can't identify but whatever you want to meet Mike you can't identify a block of wood either because it also can identify cellulose good it's a large chainsaw to be okay and that something would that you're letting bring food you can identify but but sure and doing things by label work things they label he goes well

because we have to throw all of it out of it all of it but you are able to identify their these things as well but I could identify these I have to throw out everything that I couldn't identify the freak you know what I mean it's like cuz I was like you know look at he didn't see who looks at me straight faces is acids can be used with oxidizers an explosive reaction so I can be used as an oxidizer in a freaking explosive reaction what the hell you talkin about like we're on your computer database do they say citric acid should be regulated because of its potential using explosives and if so where is all the other stuff that I'm going to combine with the citric acid to make into a pain but you can't even say those words in airport you know what I mean or you'll get you'll get instantly into me and I laid in the guy said Amigos you have you have two choices to render all of this or other turn over to the Port Authority police Port Authority police for what for what did I do that I need to be turned over to the police so you know typically you can't reason with that's like the last time I tried to bring medlar jelly into a from England

new LEGOs you can't bring that medlar jelly and it's a a liquid and I unscrew the lid of the jelly and turn it upside down and 30 seconds of course nothing came out because in fact it's a solid and she's like it can be melted into a liquid and I pulled out a piece of plastic I said she's like she's like we only have to let you on the airplane we don't have to let the jelly on the airplane I think you are bad human being you're just a poor quality person you know what I mean it's like

yeah I said it doesn't make any sense like like I can't make solid things that can light on fire or explosives but like somehow meddler whatever I already did I did I didn't want to get into it but I did the rules are you to me it's like whatever I'm on Pro safety I don't want anyone to think that I'm anti safety

what's filming in here until they are moving around in our faces Studios I actually did get to really boneheaded because I wasn't being safe injuries this week in two separate ones though two separate Memorial Day stupid dad and I hit my foot with an ax which was entirely my fault I hit a Punky piece of wood in a glance the wrong way and guess what I was wearing on my feet instead of safety boots freaking sneakers I wasn't incredibly stupid and the other one installing an umbrella and you I hate umbrellas right I did not know that I hate umbrellas ridiculous I'm important crap on you know what I mean it's like they're all about poking other people in the face or getting out of a Subway and standing there at the entrance while while someone else is trying to get out of feeling around with your umbrella

or trying to walk into an entryway and poking somebody in the eye or dripping on someone's head and under an overhang very few there are many other you know what you're just as important as I am kind of situation to handle the rain right don't get me started on on parasols this weekend which formerly I was four because I hate the Sun but you know this one Aspire you I tried it try to kill but my fault Brothers not fitting into his pole problem. Okay let me turn into a rotate when I rotate it took a big chunk out of my pinky my fault my fault stupid so is that a few things that you don't think like you're going out and splitting it a little bit of wood you don't think you're going to get damaged when I was a kid I was severely injured putting what I know what the heck is wrong with me why I should be thinking about it or you know

well that's it's not it's not when you're using a chainsaw or like using a deep fryer that you get hurt because you're on your toes it's when you're doing something stupid that's when you get tagged you know I mean little boy this is not have anything to do with the future sci-fi Alvin Alvin show so you know how the show it's another thing to add to our Vagina Monologues he says this is his quote cooking issues are you tired of getting things jammed up in your virginity and it goes try this from the trust I hope the KitchenAid KitchenAid now sells a spiralizer attachment for KitchenAid for your KitchenAid this morning because who's not tired of getting things jammed up in there a Jetties Joe Hanley Road in hey Dave what's the best way to defrost hard frozen vac-pac steak and chicken easy

water and I if you have a backpack you probably also have a circulator so the easiest way is to set your set your circulator at like four five degrees Celsius at 45 degrees Celsius it'll keep hitting the water and circulating in that's the most gentle way if you're going to cook it right away you know when you don't mind the fact it's going to go into the danger zone for a little while then you can jack it all the way until like 18 Celsius or something like that and it'll take it up you know he even quicker but yeah circulator in water is by far the best way to thaw a product has been backpack but an innuendo question question as seen on TV that actually is there a large box aluminum with I think typically with fins on the other side and if it's at it but even that is not going to be just like you know sitting in a water bath be like circulating all the time

okay it's sad that we had to do it one other time was wrong I couldn't do it usually joined us by phone last week I was spinning stuff and we'll get to that later for gun semi free throw it in and basically just said that they liked the book and it and they like to show well thanks it's very long long long praiseful thinks I'm not going to read it but thanks any says a short vacation celebrating the end of the semester and will most definitely be making Booker and Dax one of these can't wait to get that first Liquid Nitro chill glass in front of me with thanks and I know hopefully we'll see you there by the way you have to do know this

Istanbul formally or stumble I guess formerly Constantinople right They Might Be Giants song that New York City we have kind of an irritating habit of wherever we are New Yorkers going back to New York to New York City you just say I'm going back to the city and it's super irritating for other people because you could be in a city as large as yours you like you could be a Mexico and you could say oh yeah I like tomorrow in Istanbul or symbol is roughly translated is a very just meeting the city so they're the same way we are

they're like they're the same thing

I was going to put it that way extreme love of their city or that or that or that stream extreme love of their of their City I have a caller on the line by the way I are

hi Dave this is Justin from California when I'm biking as soon as I go a little bit over the limit of what I can do where I was breathing through my nose I breathe through my mouth and I suck some sort of particle in my lungs and spend the rest of the bike ride hacking wheezing all the way over invariably

all right so my cooking question but I just kind of thinner to use the CR for 1/2 eBay and

I paid about 400 working beautiful the thing that I'm doing right now as I'm trying to disinfect the units and I put it through a concentrated chlorine bath I pressure cooked it and I noticed that there when I poured out the concentrated

a lot of red or a purplish color was pouring out of the bucket and it seems like if I take my paper towel and a rabbit run into the Cubs there's like a purplish to make sure we're talking about these are black anodized aluminum buckets in the obviously and all the bucket do you know who had it before you had it what they were doing with it

no I don't I was actually going to call him sometime soon as he's trying to get in touch with them

is on eBay in the now for the person cash is there a local and I just happen to be from a thrift store to pick up some T-shirts and army jacket and a centrifuge crazy yeah and there's no tags on it like for my crew repaired at before or anything like that

no let me know looks like it's in good condition scrub it and see whether you can get that stuff to stop coming off you killed

with the pressure cooking in the bleach you've killed pretty much every bioagent that I can think of will bleach do prions and you're soaking it and scrubbing it but I would make sure you get all of that all of the gunk when you're just looking at it

yeah it's a it's like a kind of like a powder powdery if I really stuck on there but it's kind of like a pottery machine that you see if you put it up to the light you can see like purple haze or they still do plastic inserts that go into those buckets to hold test tubes and I wonder whether it's just like years of like that powdered a pow during those things that make it look like it could be plastic dinosaur looks like a liquid like it makes a whole liquid that color

not sure if you could take a Scotch-Brite okay and just like gently Scotch-Brite at see what you can get that stuff off use a mild detergent like when it's meant to go onto aluminum a I obviously don't dishwasher who sings because the dishwasher detergent will eat the aluminum the same way to delete a Lumina pot you don't want to weaken the surface but see what you can get that off and then you know a couple more good bleach soak the pressure cooking will kill anything bio with exception of like I say prions scrubbing and scrubbing and maybe an extra police because the problem is also do you want to make sure that there wasn't anything hiding out underneath that Gunk that the bleach couldn't get to the first time around so once it's cleaned you want to go with one last kind of bleach around but it wasn't this red Gunk or purple Gunk around the inside of the the stainless of containment vessel was there

no yeah okay so that's between like when a 1-1 good couple good bleachings on that and propped up in lecture I should should get you going to get the gunk off cuz who knows what it is especially

is less of a concern if you're going to spend in buckets but I usually spent Mia in sorry in a bottles in the bucket but I usually spend directly in the buckets but you have to be super super happy with the cleanliness of the buckets are going to do that

okay great fine let us know what happened for gracious store to the CR right

you said it was Refrigerated unit right you said CR

if you're in a couple pointed anyone that has it has his kind of centrifuge out there here's what typically goes wrong with it it's going to stop spending as quickly as because you probably need to replace the brushes make sure that you take like a non gunking eraser or something and clean off a copper on the rotor on the motor before you put the brushes back in or you'll probably eat the brushes down again you can get the brushes for a couple of bucks Ozark biomedical stocks them and you can get them also for my pink ranger if you happen to the size the other maybe even McMaster I'm not sure I've had on those things they break units go on me and you can just click them and not have to break anymore although it's nice having the break sometimes the solenoids for the lids go wonky but you can just take off the front make sure you put it back on for you do it in and fix that and I had to Refrigeration going to be a couple of times the actual controller for it not the refrigerant which case you can put a separate controller on there just put the refrigeration on manual but they're good solid unit she would have worked for a good long time

great thank you read this text from Stars first just got out of airport hate everyone that's like a like except for the airport that's everyday that's it coming back with cooking issues

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and you had you noticed that before powerful stuff Heritage Foods USA Truck I know we talked about when I didn't I tested all of the all the Lambert not all of them but I tested like four or five lamb breeds for the Easter we talked about that right delicious delicious in a Tandoor world's greatest cooking my favorite current cooking of them I don't like look someone I can have to do a big study on a different kind of cooking implements for life differently after they have to do a lot of work going to take maybe I should write that in my next book in myself and figure out my next books going to be about Jack color you're on the air

yes I know you're a great love of cured meat products and I haven't wanted to hear your personal personal opinion would be nitrates and nitrites and whether or not we should eat them in our Keurig products because carcinogenic what have you whatever to get it to those levels with you have any issues or think nitrates or nitrites it's labeled uncured with big Source the you know we had the pigs pigs race that's mainly why buy it I think that the the nitrates and nitrites argument is complete bunk first of all

if you're getting if the bacon is pink right if it's pink and stays pink when you cook it I eat I eat if it is bacon right it has nitrates in it question is where you getting the nitrates from are you getting it from sourcing nitrates or are you taking celery or some other green thing that is like just soaking up a bunch of it from the ground and then concentrating it from that form to add it either way same effect same same product really same effect it's just hocus-pocus it's more it's more BS on the label on the level of saying that a flavor is all natural just because they haven't synthetically created a new compound where there wasn't another you know what I mean it's like you're dealing with functional equivalence both as far as as the meat is concerned and as far as your body is concerned and you know

I'm a nitrites are there to provide to our taste to color and and

you know it's the biggest one thing cuz it's cooked at high levels to the argument in bacon is one of them against the nitrosamine it's right because whatever I don't know what the current state of of causing cancer with my trust means is I really don't but like I said if it's pink and if it's bacon then it's got that stuff in it anyway and I don't care how it got in there and furthermore if your I don't I don't think that there's a you know any research that I think is decent it shows that there's a high enough level of worry and eating squid frankly you're not you're not your great-grandpa or great-great-grandpa going off to the California Gold Rush in the 1840s and the only thing you can freaking survive on is dried cured meats because that's all you can carry in your backpack right I mean I'm presuming that's not the life you lead which means that the vast majority of your food intake is not from a cured meats and so you're eating a relatively small and especially because as opposed to your great-great-grandpa all the stuff is fairly highly titrated now so you're not adding a boat ton

try this stuff than I used to in fact were using for everything except for Country hams you're using nitrites instead of nitrates and nitrites anticipate even more quickly using in smaller amounts really your overall risk level even if there is a risk your overall risk level is relatively low and I would say don't worry about it especially if you're eating a lot of cured meats that don't require a lot of cooking like that where any cooking for that matter like salumi or or what not but it's one of those things I think it's really over blown in the whole uncured pink stuff in the cellar 8 really just gets me meet a ticked off because it what the problem with that I think is it consumers believe that they're getting something that they're not consumers believe that they're somehow buying health and they're not you know what I mean it they're just they're just paying extra for someone to have to jump through a hoop to get a label that looks friendly for the exact same result you know what I mean in that is an irritant to me

yeah it's interesting to me as well I hope that hope that helped cuz I didn't have a fridge you know what I mean my grandfather had my great-grandfather didn't have one you know what I mean so what it's like

I don't know and I really I think we're coming off of it you see these things going away it's like my particular hatred for any any one of our normal foodstuffs comes in waves and I think hopefully that the anti salt wave is crested and crashed and where be no back into a Real Seafood Company still spend a lot of time and energy trying to reduce reduce sodium 441 and what's some reasons Alex some reasons not not valid but how do you compound is the sodium compounds find it's whatever minerals or whatever else they want to treat it or that is correct so let's say you're there are people who are sensitive to to salt and should cut down their salt because they're prone to have blood pressure spikes of the result of salt intake

dead people are right and so what they can do like milligram per milligram salt is going to affect your body the same way no matter how no matter no matter what I don't care you know what I mean if it's harvested by Tibetan Monks in you know in the in the Himalayas whatever doesn't matter you know what I mean Buddhist still still eat meat right because you have to hit those high altitudes right you need the fat so these guys are still eating yak and whatnot I + g x but whatever but there's a whole separate discussion however there are people that can engineer salt delivery systems and salt to make the equivalent amount of salt taste saltier to you by by altering the wave presents on a potato chip which is a dry solve application

they can form salt into shapes like spheres that tastes saltier for a given level of salt just because cuz a lot of salt that you eat you like you might not even ever taste weed it might just go into your body without it actually hitting your tongue in a way that you can taste it so they can make him do things like that they can add also other things to augment your perception of saltiness in the food without without there being salt in there they can also add to a salt aside from being salty clearly increases your perception of other flavors if they flavor it's not just at its own taste tasted on the tongue it's an enhancer of other case and flavors so they have other things that can do that are that are not salt right now they can boost for instance Savory with Mommy and get some of the similar kind of like Flavor enhancing techniques on canvas also there are things they can do

to alter the salt in there that aren't kind of Holcomb I think what's hilarious about the most people who are anti salt are anti or or anti nitrates are somehow anti process processed foods right but what they don't understand is that the amount of processing that actually goes into creating products that are lower in that but are still packaged Goods is higher than if they just used in the normal crap to begin with you know what I mean it yeah I don't even know what the concentration levels are our house exact kind of processes but it's just one of those things that people they believe you know that they just want they want to believe something you know a lot of fun to get some of those myths and write on them

well there's a lot of books out now they're coming out now it's a tough subject and in general kind of like the the psychology and the kind of Science of what we eat in this realm is is the book being written from multiple side so like there's a book called The Dorito effect that just came out that has the issues with it but yeah I just read it and a couple years ago there is a sugar fat salt I wish I had a lot of problems with actually because my tent or trying to make their food is delicious as possible you know it doesn't make sense to me but but but the Dorito effect kind of picked up with that took off right and kind of the argument of that is showing me the book yatted has more that they're making stuff tastes good but that's messing with your biology because it doesn't have the nutrients of those taste wood wood wood normal

anyway there's a lot of work on that side the problem is a lot of the work that is kind of calling calling BS on on movements like the anti salt movement or this for like a fake night rides are written by people with a real ax to grind and there's very it's hard to be kind of write something that hits in the Middle Road it doesn't piss everybody you know what I mean and they're always telling you the alternative when they gramiak exact exact GMO Lobby let's just take that for 4 for an example from a scientific standpoint it's pretty damn clear that there is it it's that there's no problem with it right and that in fact people are pushing to regulate something that is much safer than other processes that they might wish to regulate first printing people are pushing for GMO labeling on GMO products

and I'm not saying that I don't want you to get mad at me right now if you want whatever you want you want this is fine I'm just presenting kind of what I think but there's the people who want GMO products labeled maybe what they don't realize is that in a genetic modification but we're putting a specific Gene and to to an organism because you think that that Gene will help do something a function in another organism right that's what we're talking about now you know it doesn't ever need GM labeling or can can be labeled as GMO free your label GMO free you take and you bombard seeds with high intensity radiation I'm all for this to buy the camo you think they'd be anti this you can bombard these things and cause spontaneous mutations that that may do something you like they may do something you hate but here's one thing they are free

unpredictable because they're spontaneous mutations due to mutagens and radiation you grow these things and you get something that you like and you don't have to label it at all you can label if organic and you can label it GMO free diet makes no freaking sense and it's not really what they do gmv anti-gmo Lobby wants if you actually talk to the GMO and I have been the most at the base that we've done and over the years what their argument actually really boils down to is there anti big Corporation but no one wants to have that conversation location because you're like what about this traumatic we modified plant they're like well that didn't work like okay that's what we should do is we should just have the conversation about Monsanto or or you know whom ever there's a couple other one just have that conversation but for some reason no one is willing to have very few people are willing to head there is

there are some I forget the name of the author don't know why I went out of my head but basically he wrote a book that said you know what the problem is is that food is too important to have in the control of big corporations right that's the tenets of the book are they okay finally someone who's just being honest this isn't there anti big Corporation controlling the food supply but once someone makes that argument will then you can have a reasonable discussion about what the alternatives are you okay are you really willing to abandon kind of like the system that we have now and what would the alternative be that's a reasonable discussion versus the GMO which it seems to me to be kind of like it you're trying to squash it would still be in business if there was no genetic modification let's be clear on this month but still be trying to run to seed trade in the US with or without genetic modification way we can talk about patent laws being problem

able to write a book that deals with that or even partially deals with that without just falling into a flurry of crap from both sides to have access to grind the corporation Pro Corporation side and the corporation side by sides like where is the market for the middle and I don't know because you know and it takes a long time a lot of energy to write a book cheaper whatever they're complaining about GMO products to sell or the non GMO products that they can you know the real problem is if you read if you read books on either side and even I'm saying the reasonable books on either side so like take written by by the Bears

buy a genetic genetic engineering and her husband who's a farmer organic farmer that's the only interesting book and the kitchen witch is pro icy Pro that's written by a better off we are well-known a GMO experts on the other side any one of the number of looks at everybody reads you know you can see kernels of good arguments in both sides not really so much on on the hatred of GMO in general I really don't I don't see the teeth in that but you know that you can but they always bring their BS baggage with them you know what I mean an SSL problem but you're right there's no market for the middle at least not that I can see I don't know life we lunchtime discussion and I've got one more call her here

hey baby after noon mimosas and I was wondering if you had me some interesting ideas for variations like doing anything clarify if you ever time for sparkling white wine or anything like that yes okay you're creeping up a little bit but here's the problem with the Mimosa your friend already likes mimosas right so here's the thing. You can't change the fact that they already like a mimosa so a mimosa is lightly carbonated because the orange juice and it can't be carbonated that highly right also I mean they're not making mimosas with actual Champaign right are they Rich are these friends of yours rich

not quite so they're probably using Cava Prosecco just gassing easiest way to do this here's the other problem though it now you can clarify you can straight clarify orange juice but if you straight clarify orange juice it turns out it tasted is why I always say this even though I haven't had it in years but tastes like Sunny D or tank no longer tastes like orange juice it tastes like orange drink right right so what you're going to look for is more of an Orangina kind of carbonation level and so with with that what I would do is I would just put your orange juice to the finest filter you can obviously it's going to fresh squeezed it then put it through a fine chinois and then if you can get it through a paper towel or something just to get rid of almost all the big particles write it down hard and in carbonate just the OJ obviously if you're buying at the supermarket just buy a no pulp guy and just

terminate it like like five times and what you doing there is two particles do two things particles in your in your juice are their own nucleation sites right which is problematic the pectin in the OJ is a you know what you probably could reduce the pecking by putting SPO and not clarifying and still have the taste be right I never texted that started in there which is causing for me but also the particles have air trapped on them so you're not going to get away for the change the fact the particles and sell their nucleation side but by carbonating like 5 6 7 time you'll be blasting the air is trapped on those particles off of them and making it easier for you to get good carbonation but then I would have a bottle of carbonated juice and I would have at your bottle of bubbly separate and I would pour them together and this way for those of you who don't want it to be most if I'd it doesn't have to be Mimosa fide and you're not throwing away a bunch of bottles of bubbly at the end of the day if you don't finish it all. I mean

yeah yeah okay that's cool I'll try some other things if you can clarify there really a longtime clarified strawberry juice and champagne can you carbonate the strawberry juice clarify strawberry juice tastes delicious and carbonates well you're probably going to have to add a little bit of extra sugar depending on what time of the summer it is and what the bricks of your strawberries are when they come in usually I like to take strawberry juice up to about sixteen bricks somewhere around there and I are sometimes they come in as low as like 12 but he got up like 16 18 and then you do like like either one to 3 or 1 to 4 with bubbly it should be pretty good

can I get a shot list know how it works so Uriel wrote about a about glycemic load going to have to get to that next week Jim guarnieri Road in about cocktails for wedding today he has to have to do for a sifter on the question is I don't have time to get into it now Jam can it wait another week Twitter saying otherwise I'll try to put some stuff over on Twitter doesn't like CarMax then also I need I need a sassy here so I can call out but let's make sure we can go another week have a know how to write an inside round and large Ziploc freezer bags which is not that hot for 24 hours of bags broke is that time temperature combo too much for Ziplocs also do you need a puffin gun to make puffed rice cakes the white light Airy Bland dry tasteless style of food item

Michael once they should not that time temperature is not too much for the ziplock not at all look if they broke on the side seems you have a faulty bad if you make sure you're not using them with the fake zipper pulls they make sure it's just a regular seal on top of the other ones always leak but if you had a leekers in that or punctures you got faulty ones you did the Ziploc freezer to the only ones that I used to never feel like that shame on you as he Johnson wax a family company how do you get good coffee popcorn popper I'm not going to town to get it at the go to Sweet Maria's., to where I get my beans and they have they have list after list of how to use a Whirley Pop but you would I use the serum in a Whirley Pop in on air popper air popper totally different but luckily Sweet Maria's has good advice on both they're going to give you much more detailed advice then I can give you if you read that and have more questions asked me specific questions on that and I'll get back to you Franklin

I'm pumping milk I want to put my own Millet can I use a popcorn machine assuming also you mean a Whirley Pop and not a an air popper because Miller is too tiny to pop in a an air popper droga spray out all of your kitchen in embarrassment will be below the ground can I take it from dry I'll try to do it without oil is there a machine I can purchase a is not expensive that will do it perfect for me Frank okay it's a bunch of different kind of millet right and I don't know whether Mill it will pop on its own what you should do is just a test is take some of the middle you have that don't try to do it dry right away puppet in oil like you would popcorn you don't even do in a pan with a lid on it and oil and see what are pops if it pops then you're good if it doesn't pop then you can cook it and I'll cook it until it lets okay then cook it then dehydrate slightly to get hydrated too much and it won't pop if you don't owe dehydrate enough it'll probably just have to get it I feel for it then you should be able to pop it either in hot air microwave or in

or in oil like popcorn either either way but like one of those should work and get back to me let me know if you need more information do I get another 30 seconds or so huge fan without wasting any of your time I'm curious before I buy what are the advantages of a larger rotary evaporator safe for leaders versus a smaller one say to a bartending application is 750ml okay oh and I'm going to miss a question on Kaylee Bennett about jello shots I'll get them next time okay here's a larger flask means you can put more in before it boils over I would always get the 4 liter flask your biggest problem with a rotovap is going to be the amount of product that you can put through if that's going to be the biggest limitation when you had it now every time you have to break open the machine to clean out the flask you're looking at another 10 to 15 minutes of trying to get another product so if you can get a 4 liter flask you're going to be able to put a lot more into it and it's really too fast flask in some really going to increase your throughput and in general

it's just a glass of your changing out because the unit that can handle a 3 liter flask can also handle it for later flat right depending is not always the case but especially if it's not that much more the four liter flask was going to be a lot better also get the largest net on the flash that you can get in the vapor duck the largest that you can get because it is a pain to clean that stuff out on a center few 750ml is marginal if you're going to do bartending application for large groups of people is fine all you ever going to do is lime juice and if you only ever going to make me look like half a bottle of Christina at a time but for larger application you're going to want to get a 3-liter benchtop to use the swimming pool cleaning buckets I can do for the four thousand years or so or if you can wait I'm not saying that I'm working on something but I might be working on something cooking issues

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