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Episode 207: Beach Party & Insects

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hello I'm slow hay and we have Michael and Andrew here join us in the studio today because what you guys do what was it Michael Wright Andrea right here tell Charles how you arrived here rocking the boat inner city kids about sailing and where do you sail to trying to think what the Waterway is that they're actually end up in the South Bronx but as well we still have another club out in your city like Legend up there at the tip of Manhattan that do you know that guy tried to roll across there and got stuck down in the current and

buy a fashion he's going to do it in spite of the devil and it's not exactly where the Hudson in the East River come together they're not exactly the most most friendly of places to be boating around for those were just learning right interesting thing is they also have another fundraiser where they decided to join up and there's three legs and Fries like you have to raise like x amount of money but they're out there and they're just growing constantly all day long and it's it's a really good time and it's a really great organization freaking circle line last time I was in the circle line the cat that Captain quotes the guy was talking with unbelievably drunk and spewed nothing but lies and misinformation about New York City I got there but I hear you can get some unbelievable stripers right in the East River that there's like so like a couple channels running up the East River where you can get some great by great stripers like right near Roosevelt Island it's

dead fish out of Staten Island Sheep said they definitely love going fishing for stripers on the water there I don't know about these forever but maybe here in freaking New York City that anyone who actually knows where there's going to be a big striper nice river is not going to say a damn thing about Empire State Building don't want you to eat anyways

so Dave Natasha Jack guest

I mean I like to mix it up using bleached flour and is there any disadvantage of the Milling your own ever done I have not done the side-by-side myself but for anyone that's ever done the side by sides on cake flour vs. not cake flour for cake applications everyone always says the cake flour is better and cake flour mean I guess there's brands that aren't but the ones that we use like swans down and the other one was the other one just remember you don't like cakes to make them sheets and play I don't want to hear anyting no one consolation like a commission like many likes should my biscuits but she likes case just doesn't like to make right right and so I don't know whether the

I don't know whether the bleaching per se does anything I had once researched it but I don't kind of remember the bleaching remember also oxidized it's a change of the properties that I have to go back and do I have to go back and redo the research to figure out exactly kind of what I thought what are you thinking about

I mean I just want to know I'm thinking of going in the investment of buying a stone ground middle and little bit of everything I'm going to be doing I mean even I don't know but I mean I imagine I could probably do corn flour and there to do tortillas and I know what I want it I want to get there's a bunch of research on recently did a bunch of research on grinding because I was when I was going to Mexico I was going to get the nixtamatic grinder for doing Masa

all of the kind of high-end flower mills hear the stone once I can fit what are you looking at you looking like a red cell are you looking at like which which company you looking at one that I seen Dan Barber also used to this place that it's just it's automatic so the none of those are designed to do wet Milling of Masa so just don't even think you're much better off getting going to do Massa is getting like one or two made for it you know what I mean but they're supposedly fantastic and I didn't get a chance to read the kind of super technical stuff on it but the people are bent out of shape because most of the stones now or a composite stones made from aluminum oxide and so

like some people are anti aluminum oxide because of the old kind of the old now discredited Alzheimer series about aluminum grinding wheels but that said I think 99.9% right unless they're going and buying like a French stone cutting it in like doing it their all composite stones that are being made by AB raises Corporation now that you know it again in a while since I researched it but look into that but you know the resource I saw it shows it there's a kind of a different kind of a shearing a fact that happened in some of these kind of Old Stone Grinders but I've never done a side-by-side with an equivalently dressed stone grinder versus and equipment equipment Lea sized metal don't have any way of saying but most of the jockeys who do it they like their Stone Grinders the other thing is it now there's

relatively inexpensive kind of you know like first and grain like micronizing grills that use like a intermeshed teeth that can supposedly do a very good job as well but then again I haven't looked at the at the you know Michael grass pictures of the flour mill in the different ways but I assume they're probably different

get me those thinking whether I wanted to get to stone-ground one or just the KitchenAid attachment in which case it does a fantastic job of like crushing up barley to eat to to make beer with like making flour with the kitchen AC is going to be a source of frustration and he's the flower up like a Monster it clogs if you put anything really into it it doesn't have a very high throughput loud it's like I bought it was going to change my life years and years ago and just sits in my drawer making me angry

alright thanks for letting that are chasing me some money and left for sure I don't know if I'd love it if they gave us some free mix of can you use a KitchenAid extruder which doesn't work I want the rollers because this way I don't have to bolt down the pasta roller they charge like it's over a hundred bucks for the roller to make any sense to you hun over a hundred bucks for the roller seems high anyways I would wait invest your money in a real stand-alone grinder that's going to do a good job for you and I wouldn't believe a lot of the hype it's hard to cut through the hype on the on the grain mills because most of a lot of them a lot of the Green Mill review sites are like Doomsday Preppers and or like you know people with dubious kind of health and I believe

and so it's hard to kind of shift fact from fantasy and some of the claims that are made about them so that's one of the reasons why it's difficult so I would go mainly on build quality and what people say about the quality of the breads they can make with the flowers that they do and you'll be able to grind corn fine just not masa for tortillas otherwise I have to go to the hand right I guess and my grandma is is wearing insoles actually producing every time I make Masa with it gets a little bit a little bit better but what he was saying is that even if you have a substandard Masa grinder then if you go and manually work it on a Metate afterwards they can like bring it up to a level of excellent Masa even though so maybe if you had a big

knucklehead that you can probably like work the mouse and a molcajete a little bit to get that kind of extra texture ol thing he said he knows some people have done that with good results but I'm still working on getting my just my next Ematic grinder me up when you sing exactly what I want by the way sorry but I still want to leave without saying but they got certain Mills are known for doing better with certain products so certain Mills are known for like a you-know-what having Stones Blaze over if you put certain Brand Products through them versus other so I would like try to figure out what you want to do most and then find reviews from people who do that with it all day

Exxon I didn't know if there's like one that was all purpose across the board that you could use for him but me Tech in touch with them you know what I mean and they make grinders whenever they feel like it and ship it whenever they feel like it and they have like some hand crank ones and some a lot of people want hand-cranked ones because they still want to be able to bake bread when when the world is over right but if the world ends because you know like probably will be flooded there anyway so you might want to say I am going to assume that I have electricity might be something that you're going to make some people trying to eat insects or that little trying to come in or whatever you want I've never had an insect

but they're not delicious you know what I mean and like the legs get kind of caught in your in your teeth I had the ant eggs those were quite good you know what I mean and in Mexico I brought home some of the ants and I shouldn't say it because it's illegal by brought home some of that Aunt like bodies for Booker because and he like them but I think if something is delicious then eat it but you know most things that aren't are like sad the end up going away anyway it's like most people don't actually like absence which is why I like the trend went crazy for a while and people thought they were going to get all impressionistic messed up like toulouse-lautrec out on the Green Snow Fairy or whatever it's called and then they realize that you know it's mainly the alcohol that's messing you up there like wow I don't like absent why am I drinking now and then it went into a consumption level drop down back to those people who like it you know

very good thank you for always super beneficial information and I'll be talking to you later police on the line about Anthony and I'll look it up I look at it I'll look it up I look it up but yeah you're not supposed to bring it back into the country

I said I brought Candy back which is kind of true

snacks for the kids they're dry they're dead they're not going to enter not going to like you know it's like I'm not going to cause the next Asian longhorned Beetle infestation you suckers are dead as doornails like dry desiccated in a stack you know what I mean. Do you like The Grasshoppers Agave worm that I don't remember it it said cuz I'm not like that because I was too drunk yeah I think we're supposed to bite it and have to prove that you know that it's in your mouth rather than just letting it wash down I think I don't know I haven't had one of those since I was in college

yeah you an insect eater I had the bars once but they're just flour it's like cricket flour he's a pinch of cricket flour have another caller caller you were on the air

so I have 18 stream cooking challenge which is Lord with me apart from you know the two powdered collections I have looking for something interesting to make for crowd other than just you know the modernist cheese dip to show that I can do a better cheese dip than what comes in a jar pardon I still got the frozen fruit from liquid intelligence but the any other ideas course that you're doing or is there one night to have traditionally been one of the better Cooks in the Social Circle and like to have a lot of fun circulated in the past but has all but

I usually when I'm going to go to the vet I know I can't bring my equipment I'll cheat and I'll cook everything ahead of time bring it and then just do the finishing their rights I'll do all my low temp in back at the house seal the stuff down and ice pack bring it throw it in the fridge and then you look like you look like some sort of like like you know genius cuz everyone else is working and doing all this stuff going to start cooking like about 30 minutes stats like pretty much when you wanted me to pay my how hot it is out there you know

flip down for week on the beach so I can't really precook too much do this but I've always wanted to don't do this don't want to hear anyone saying that they've done this but if you guys ever gone on to YouTube and look at the videos of the engineering Professor guy who starts his his on grills with liquid oxygen

can anyone know you have seen this amount of coal like a size of a whole small light Kingsford bad when he puts like a lit like I think it's something like a cigarette on top of it and the whole thing is like entire Grill is melted and there's a small pile of perfectly ready Kohl's left on the ground and like under 5 Seconds talk about flashy you know what I mean and like that right at the end. I've been doing a lot of high heat work recently because I've been working a lot with the Tandoor and really really good results with the Tandoor for kind of outdoor fast

Boogie Nights hard to mimic in a regular Grill because you can't get the the heat from kind of both sides at once but what I'm learning on attend or weight when you can't do those low temps is the wisdom of super high but intermediate right so and it when you're cooking food in a Tandoor Meats in there for like 3 4 minutes and it's like a hundred degrees from all sides and then you pull it out and you'll hang it you let them eat cool off a little bit and then you'll do that like to three times and it builds up the crust right the same way there a rotisserie might but it doesn't over cook the inside of course remember also with Tandoori usually doing some sort of surface tenderization with yogurt or acid or or beating the crap out of it which is another time on or 10 ization techniques learning the wisdom of this kind of multiple cooking and hanging September everything in a Tandoor happens on these kind of skewers

don't go in. Come out don't hang I'll cook other stuff that can sit around longer than I'll put them back but it requires a relatively high heat so you can eat a very big bed of coals like close to your great

is there anything you can do on an open fire on a beach that you can't do on a regular Grill

timer Clambake is supposed to build a fire in the ground then line it was that is super baller like if you do an ulcer

standard protocol Fourth of July weekend you do a clambake get from the top to not have it be a problem with sand crab getting in your stuff or do they cheat

seaweed and burlap and and what do you thought you corn lobsters clans of how do you what do you put in yours

I got that the Watchers aren't just like so way overdone I'm sure the corn is delicious thing yeah barring something like that is pretty is pretty awesome I would say like you can't ya how do you get the sand to go out of the way that don't tangle of sand is pretty you low lot of digging a backhoe ohmygod ohmygod maginet I want to do that in the Connecticut I'm talking to someone if we ever gets like we're going to do we're going to dig in the ground do big pit cook stuff other than get down the pit you probably met her at you probably even pull something when it's done but usually they're done on retainer the problem with Clambake cooking is most people don't wait long enough to layer the stuff in and they're dealing with to hire retained

if you were to judge it just right with a retained heat cooking by using the Earth is your oven I'm sure you could do it without overcooking because you put the stuff and kind of right at the point where it was going to cook anymore he's let it ride for a long time do you throw your sausages in early along with recording your potatoes you'd wait right then you kind of Unearthed throw in your your Seafood on top it would cook the juices will go down into your potatoes and whatnot you be good to go I don't think anyone's written the definitive book on how to make a clambake that doesn't over cook the food viciously so she looking at something else but if I actually said to her I was going to add that we were going to spend the next 3 weeks working on Clambake she would probably be might like it actually

supposed to be doing

why I hate beaches is the problem

hate them I love looking at them from a deck I don't like the feeling of sand between my feet I hate it Mike Booker love to hug me when he's full of sand on the beach vs nightmare another said many times on the air I'm that guy at the beach with the long pants the big wide brim hat and a long shirt that's me if you ever see that guy that's me I'm willing to be white information Health are you still there

it was great to hear this stuff

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sorry I have to check on that yeah it's like I was like you know a customer is great we won't say that you did that because I'm sure he had a reefer truck give me a lot of funny looks Convoy song, song Greatest Song Ever Convoy like The Gambler year was like I didn't really talk about that that person called before was interested in rotisserie is and we can talk about the rotisserie I was just thinking the rotisserie at the beach might be kind of a pain it to set up if you don't if you can bring a circulator

dad's going to bring a rotisserie and then appoint you crank it by hand right in the Stasi here said that you made a hand-crank rotisserie 140 cook lunch and who actually turned a U-turn Dairy Mayfield turn it to cheat Stars used to be a camp counselor in Switzerland and every once in a while I don't have to kick your feet pogo stick but then it just automatically that works with me in Mexico right Mexico just one place I was making the like the really like that the high-end past or the place that you are Donna and Alex stupak who are we

reading a book on tacos this is the place they said to go it's like a gas station or mechanic shop during the day and at night it's like an hour past or shot those guys they have flames shooting out of their rotisserie hitting the meat by the way to call around on the thing and they had such a high heat coming out they had a really good Christmas going on but I realize I can only accomplish that because they make 8 billion these damn thing so they can keep it on real high and they just keep going all the time is perfect I was wondering whether you had like a wah-wah pedal for the flame would be kind of awesome right then you can like DYI yoga with a flame that's what I kind of wanted to build all right yes yes okay fishing from a bjd please

somehow I missed half the question it just says it starts with also

the question starts with a P

do they not also the liquid that leeches from the meat I cook in my circulator if I'm not using it to make a pan sauce is it safe to pour over dog food for my dog will let it cool first but yes of course also by the way it's a dog's dew to eat any damn thing won't eat dry food is miss you so how bad that drive-through probably tastes I've never tried it sure it's terrible and if I'm doing chicken low temperature for insurance by the way before frying can I bag it with the buttermilk brine brine bag or not what time and temp should I go with for squeamish folk here's the thing

yes you can bag of chicken with a buttermilk Brine and cook it just realized this

if you leave it in contact with the buttermilk for a long time it's a going to get soft the whole poison the whole point of a buttermilk brine is to soften the meat fibers with the acidity so I don't actually do buttermilk Brian's because I find that low temperature plus buttermilk makes stuff to soften my tape Friday and to me it's like a little bit mushy especially if your vacuum bagging it and you're actually injecting the Aveda butter milk into the fibers of the chicken it's much more effective at delivering that acid into the inner parts of the chicken and just simple soaking alone and so I know I just don't it's not my thing I do a milk Bryant milk salt water and I don't know if it makes any better just four years I've always done my Brian as a straight milk not as a buttermilk and my batter is always buttermilk I've always done it that way so yes you can do it expected to be a little bit mushy but I

and by the way for those who don't know low temperature for insurance is where you take something like chicken and you cook it all the way through in a circulator then you let it cool and then you fry it like it's normal or cook it like it's normal in the reason to do this is because let's say you're making when you're making chicken I used to have to put in the large pieces of chicken first at the fryer too low temperature raise the temperature to fry or do the smaller pieces of chicken then raise the temperature of the fryer again and then do french fries or onion rings if you're if you're doing low temperature for insurance all of the meats already cooked through all the way so you can just cook you know everything from the largest breast down to the french fries all in the same temperature loyal so just makes it much more convenient because you can go back and forth between products without having to act like you know keep adjusting your fryer two different temperatures or just in your oil to different temperatures so it's a great technique for a stuff like that and you can just focus

getting the breading kind of the way you want to hear some tips for leg meat if you're going to bag it I would bone all of the leg meat especially because you're going to get pink around the bone that you're not going to be able to cook away and no one's going to like it so I usually bone out meat if I'm going to bag it if you're not going to bag it if you just going to zip lock it then you don't necessarily need to Bone it out but I would go on the high side so I will go 60 like 6 Celsius even though the meat is cooked tasting and looking around like 6465 I would go 66-67 is not going to dry out because it's dark meat right and especially if it's Brian it's not going to dry out and it's going to get some of that color gone that's that's going to freak people out on the white meat I go straight 64 if people are going to be a little bit squeamish you could do a 65

but don't go about 65 on the white meat so here's how I usually do it I throw the dark meat in at the high temperature in a bag I bagged them separately I throw the dark meat in at the high temperature I let that go I keep everything fairly small I let that go for about 45 minutes to an hour to temperature soaks through then I drop down to my white meat temperature I throw the white meat and I let it ride out for another 45 minutes or so depends on the thickness of your product and keep them separated pull it out then I unbag them immediately and let the let it drain while it's hot so that you get rid of the moisture that's on the surface of the chicken skin then the chicken skin can get tacky and then it holds onto your writing better that's the way I do it a lot of people who let it cool in the bag or they let it sit in the bag in the pull it out when it's cooler they find that using the pre cook for insurance means that they have poor batter adhesion and so I just say pull it out when it's hot in a song from

Joe Esposito Spencer's recently as I currently for straight from the store bought containers which Never Lie ends up making an oily mess no matter what sort of anti drip cap they put on the bottles you should see you should come to Roberta's Manda oil dispensers here are like demons Jack me know this is worse than the worst the worst we've already had the discussion about their standard the standard red hot pepper shakers nastase and I would both if I could go back in time and meet one person it would be the person invented that and I was slapped him in the face and works for like the grated Parmesan cheese but yeah but they don't serve that here because quality

free Applebee's or doing it right now right now is this lady on you're trying to get rid pepper on her Pizza

did you just have a solid cap on it so if you have to unscrew it anyways on Amazon to browse the marketing of oil dispensing technology that's a good sentence first I was looking for a machinist style Oiler with a trigger and wide base if I felt this would be a good solution after a brief search I can night or turn upside product nor a real deal stainless steel machinist oil yeah they're all made with regular steel I think I used to have the one the one that was talking about is the one with the trigger on it where you can have the longest thing goosenecking you like right before it in but the one that I actually like is the one that has the curved bottom that goes on the bottom looks like a cantaloupe looks like a like a like a like I can like a half dome can with a long

love you in that thing I know good reason to use it as a kid said that I had oil getting Everywhere by students love pressing on that damn thing then I thought about what the ultimate dispensing device would be and what sort of challenges would it need to overcome these are the challenges in bullet point form no drips down the side of the container thermally insulated know why does it need to be thermal insulated why because you going to have it too close to your stove maybe just don't keep it to close to your stuff right although I do have that problem sometimes I keep next to myself completely take you don't know how much is in there unless you do if I weigh

what window so you can see how much is left on a dipstick I just had to teach dance with a dipstick was because we got this tractor over the weekend like an old tractor from the 70s and I was like this is a dipstick it's not something you call your buddies showing how to wipe it down and then wild because you know in like a modern car like I have a Subaru I haven't looked at the oil once I don't even know if my Subaru has a dipstick devoid of oxygen to mitigate rancidity that's good call right and pressurize for spraying across pan or grill surfaces

presumably Joel doesn't like the things I think whipped cream maker but the one that's insulated right there fantastically expensive there used typically because you have something hot that you want to keep hot or cold that you want to keep cold if you don't want to keep your whipper in the fridge or keep it in the end in a hot water bath so you can either pre chill or preheat the inside of it fill it with hot or cold and I'll stay hot or cold like a thermos for a long time right yeah but they're about twice the size of the equivalent EC would be if it wasn't a thermal effect utilizing non fat soluble Chargers IEC O2 CO2 is soluble and fat not as much as into other day what is stubby narrow piping or injection tip attached you can charge it once and empty the headspace to provide a gas flush affect and then charged again to pressurize

what are you using some sort of fancy like oil that's like only harvested from a yak like one. Of time during to bet like in Tibet like at the Hyatt Regency for your oil anyway I'm sure you had I guess there's olive oils out there that are fantastically expensive they'll be worth saving Miser attachment to facilitate misting I'm interested to hear Dave starts and is any safety issues oil gas missed igniting and a grilling application have I ever have I ever spray Pam over a grill and ignite

yet no I haven't yet done it

low oxygen nasties and infused oil excetera text okay which are not made of us are the Goldenrod the Goldenrod pistol pump Oiler 6 inch model 606 that's the one you're looking for you ever see the movie Breaker Morant

and Galaxy Breaker Morant don't think they watch anymore it was about this guy who got executed during the Boer War for it for Whatever Whenever anyone says 600 something I think of that movie Breaker Morant Jackie seemed Breaker Morant

no I haven't either one's terrible you know what the bartenders and they hadn't seen things like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom

do you like 25 bucks Jackal 25 I seen all the movies from the 4229 I've seen all those movies I'm saying cheese and sausage price of just make me feel bad anyways it's a little taste of what I have to deal with on a daily basis with Patrol why do you hate on the misto demisto I have to admit I hate you and I'm talking about you if you buy it it's a like a little aerosol pump for oils it doesn't do dripping it only does the Mist right around a lot of I had bad luck with it cuz I got to be honest I melted one and then and then dumped it up but if you read about it what they say is that if you store it under pressure right it's it's it follows some of your things it's a peck right you could take argon and like flush argon think you got the re-rig it to pump with something other than air

are you at the pump with argon or nitrogen or something like this nitrogen's really what you want to use by the way not nitrous or CO2 you want to use nitrogen or argon oh my God I know what you want to do what's the thing called that they had that we tasers Del posto

the wind thing called mosquito system you don't want to have to keep wasting argon right so you like lightly pressurize something with it and it is like an okay kind of bottle and you can probably jerry-rig it so that you could get oil out whenever you wanted and just pressurize it every once in awhile so cuz it is argon's expensive in my system right but that would work anyway so that kind of works but there's nothing there's nothing I do seems like you want to run the experiment anyway she just tells that works so you said everyone coming in

I didn't get the answer yet by the way Jack from the bar on the stabilizing pina coladas and I stopped at your kitchen before we go. I hope you're doing okay now

okay so l e Road in question what is it illegal to they said it's pronounced capital E Lee was that a or e u e like the coffee people but spelled like so Road and congrats again on the James Beard thank you Dennis Taylor briefly speaking of cocktails I made two corn and oil cocktail is Blackstrap rum falernum lime juice I love those things I measured everything both times 2 oz of rum 3/4 ounce of lime juice 3/4 Oz full are in a pinch of salt so I drank the first in about 30 minutes later made the second want to drink that one to the second one tasted much more tired than the first the only difference I can think of is at the lines I use in the second drink refresher the first lines are from an older purchase and slightly less juicy

evidence of juice from Fresh Air Lines is more tart than that from older lions or is this just a coincidence maybe that's a lie I don't know I've never I've never I've never noticed that mean if I in general I have found that sometimes the juice from older crappie or limes is crappier maybe it's because there's more kissing it but also you know how when you cut into a lime and kind of brown on the inside and lie can't you know it's kind of funny sometimes I choose from those lines doesn't taste as good but I don't know how kind of crappy or not or whether it's just kind of less overall

everything but I should we should run experiment mean I'm sure the bar has lines are sitting around for a long time I have that people pick up off laborers though in poorly made line it could just be that you were one drink less sober

right or slightly slightly less measured another possibility and

oh that is a separate question

I'm going to read now from another veggetti another veggetti call in because we have a Vagina Monologues are we talked about like all the people that writing questions and things about the Jetties Chronicles of the past few weeks I thought I send you my thoughts on spiralized vegetables that I don't have a veggetti I do have a I do have a paderno spiralizer not but there no poder no spiralizer yeah by the way they those winds were reinstated right it's like it's like it's like it's like that person ever shot him right it's all over

punished for a while because it seems like a more robust and flexible machine it's also bulkier I'm having a nice start but the larger size allows you to make ribbons and spirals out of a larger harder vegetables like beets jicama which are too girthy to stick in your vagina

I'm reading is directly people I am not I'm not in Torrey lising

spiralized zucchini noodles are infinitely more satisfying than similar noodles cut on a mandolin the texture is better the shape is better and a blow-by-blow spaghetti squash out of the water so they can get Sawyer greasy if you cook them for too long but I don't have those photos the first zucchini noodles with shrimp and pistachio pesto recipe for modernist cuisine at home weight they were actually spiralizing they were using a veggetti in Myers cuisine at home

I got to go check it out potato butternut squash noodles good technique for making Ultra crispy curly fries with it all in all it's worthy of the thirty bucks again the space for it especially if you're looking to avoid pasta eat more plants or just manipulate vegetables in a new and interesting way to check out the blog inspiralized inspiralized. Com which is the best online source for spiralizing techniques tips and recipes all the best Brandenburg in Chicago I mean yeah spiralized inspiralized. Com

getting better just want to cook book on spiralized vegetables or use it he he's into spiralizing Franklin Becker I don't know I just can't I can't make myself get all Jazz what are you guys spiralized I have the veggetti at home right and so I should forget I have also like I said before I think I said this last week I have this straight blade version of the paderno spiralizer that I used to make those potatoes for pizzas number cuz we were talking about it and Jack said he doesn't have someone in this studio said they didn't have potatoes on their Pizza o u r Here style that's why you don't know how you came late yeah it was Peter who said he didn't eat potatoes on his pizza and made us feel like church and I haven't had it

and you said you didn't like it but you took it back when I asked you about Sullivan just delicious anyway all right I can't I can't I was going to say some other stuff but I can't get past the veggetti in my head so we might have to because it's actually going to end on time to restart it on time how you like that I will thanks you guys for coming and hopefully you had a good time the studio today and we'll see you guys next week on cooking issues

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