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Episode 206: Mexican Treats, MOFAD and More!

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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn 718-497-2128 from Chicago at The Spine Institute today with Peter Kim the hell you present director basically you're looking for a legal counsel to justify all of your nefarious actions

Xavier Peters who's the new intern at the Museum and Tails originally I guess from Brazil in Miami

yeah it feels in here like Mammy feels in this room like rain Miami me to believe that can't blame me for it. I don't know maybe up all of the entire ground with sulfurous mineral I don't know where do they have on that side the giant palmetto bugs everything just to clarify metal bags here in New York Jets in are on the lower floors are buildings only and they don't congregate in huge packs I called and travelers because they just kind of you see when you kill it you're not worried about infestation to the game somewhere from the pipes down from the depths Woody Allen

I also have a bunch of stuff so I'll just get to it although please do call me questions 271-849-7128 s2017 most of you who are plugged into the food internet a sphere probably already know but he died yesterday

are they still haven't figured out. Kind of why he died but he was found in his hotel room yesterday morning he was in Chicago actually for the only 47 very sad you know very very kind of larger-than-life figure for my workers in a couple times over the years on on things so you know yeah and he actually did a show here for for a while back in 2009 and 10 remember that story is like he's a creative he was like a larger than life a legit kind of larger-than-life individual had a couple of the same early Champions Jeffrey steingarten yeah you know it's just a nobody

going to be missing the food world so it's a sorry announcement have to make ya next Wednesday so we've got the annual mofad spring benefit dinner coming up and well I'm biased but I think this is really the most exciting dining event in New York City today for together and it's biceps in the country to come together and put together a meal but it's not just any kind of meal we do Museum themes like food in Ancient Rome or space food or what else can we do today we did caveman Foods while eating caveman Foods

another New York City and congrats Mark Chef Christina did space food show about a big guy Elizabeth Falkner we've got Alex Guarnaschelli she's only doing what would Jesus eat which I think is really one of more exciting topics is God mad restlawn one of them has kicked at the wedding that we know

Riccar your friend my friend Pok Pok man and he's doing rotten rotten food and then we've given that because I guess we gave him the 19th century the emperor menelik who's won the most beloved Empress of Ethiopia. All these giant public banquet for 10,000 over 10,000 people the time and so he's doing a meal that is an omage do that then we have Bill telepan he's taking on the story of a ancient satellite dish called sick buys I don't know if I'm pronouncing correctly but nobody

Keystone from the language of the former executive pastry chef at the White House taking on the topic when the White House burned because in 1814 the British troops arrived the White House burn it down but they found bizarrely enough a meal laid out for them that was a meal that the President Madison and tell me that it's in the first lady had abandoned in their haste to leave of course they leave the portrait of George Washington the light we left spinner fit exactly in the house down cocktail Demos in Cedartown, ga

tsotickets we just got a handful of tickets left and booze by none other than some schmuck Named Dave Arnold also maybe a James Beard award winner winning father is cocktails aposto is getting an incredible amount of wine we got a sparkling wine and champagne with God and then she will be there at 6 and 6 wines available dinner at Carnegie Hall but of course it's to support the development of the Museum of food and drink which is itself worthy cause butt

is no price you can pay for it so now we're charging something that's not how much would you pay for the thing is really low low and we can do that point is we hopefully also you also get a little then I can always feel and taste out what we're going to be doing in the museum in the upcoming year directly from Peters at mouth the way we structure that we started back this way is nine times out of ten unless you want to go to 10 benefits either one of them doors come in and the chefs are you know if maybe they got a couple of chefs or maybe they have big tasting but typically the chef is doing something that is a some version of what you might be able to get at their restaurant

can't we do exactly opposite actually a huge kind of challenge that are chefs take on it's a huge commitment which is why we're so grateful to all of the chefs that have done it over the years and what they're doing this year in fact I mean look to see if a bunch of the week can we invite the Chateau it down to, just as guessing expect to see some of those Heavy Hitters there at the at the benefit as well but you're going to get stuff you can't really ever buy any of this stuff you know it's something tickets are $750 ahead and head it is we do put a lot of love into it and tickets are available at benefits. Moffat. Org I think we've only got like 10 or 11 tickets left so definitely hop on and get it

so if you want to go but definitely this isn't love it's money benefits, $5 is left when I donate donate donate donate anyway how close are we from last week people place

people come on please do you want to be able to have a website so that like the stuff that you call in 271-849-7128 actually gets put on a website that works and has new and interesting content I don't know do you guys right now is crying some sweet sweet H2O out of his out of his tear ducts right enough enough all right today is Cinco de Mayo a couple of weeks ago I bought a nixtamatic grinder which allows me to make nixtamal

they're the worst. You listen to everybody else that one next to you is not listening he's the worst the issue here is that it's hard to get some really interesting corn tortillas Mexico came up with my grinder somehow packed in my bag and got it under the weight limit on the scale on the edge or put my knee up against their jerks I'm buying a billion pounds over the years to look like

I'm carrying a normal weight backpack when I'm in fact carrying like a backpack full of with LED bricks but if you just look like you're carrying a bag you can collapse as soon as you get through security alarms purple this is absolutely normal body transplant from different countries have different rules about West Coast so I probably could have got the grinder through American TSA even I couldn't get the powder because they're usually okay with it as long as weapons but I've had electric motors be problems in Colombia

so I come back I want to get to talking last week at the at the other beards the one that was here an idiot go to go to Mossy Honda I know then why was I thinking so I went and packed yesterday I did a fast next Malaysian people so it's not the best but expect more to come I did met up with Jorge gaviria from Hacienda gave me some of the most awesome kind of corns are tasting and drives really interesting corn still the one I did yesterday was a white Felicia from the check on which was just had an incredible kind of corn corn taste right out of the uncooked broken and there's another couple pounds of Masa

turn the freaking hinch right so like it pinches it in an angle so the tortillas a door to stick on the ones that even if I double flip them I have the quadruple feek freakin flip them to get him the way I want and then I'm always over pressing the one side it's closer to the freaking handle why don't you just machine the thing with the right freaking Fitness or what I want I'm not the girl some space or else get a better oppressed because the lady who like did the best should I start a New Mexico Madden seeme the sweet sweet old alpino Abuelita's do know that that's why I like hand press that I was using their using two sheets of giant cold rolled steel with a with a big pipe on it and there was like more on that later over next week. Talk about when I get to the Cinco de Mayo I brought in some treats from Mexico for us so I have

I don't know about this before but these are from Puebla desert, you know there's no use this like this like fancy sweet potato that grows around Pueblo it's only made in Pueblo to call a camotes and they make these sweets with flavors and I'm the one we there different flavors you can read send me Spanish you can tell me and then Jack you can have some of these and that also I brought in my favorite Mexican confection actually made with peanuts and it has a texture of how the physical at all of it which is it would be sorry all of the grease in the Middle East to the peanut allergic to peanut peanut peanut peanut product

cooking issues recording in the studio that may contain nuts okay and you do the Hungry Hungry Hippos but you know I like to savor things well we had to do the smarmy accident is that that's just my normal voicemail when we take a quick break now

and we're back and we all know that's not true so may I ask you a question though I was wondering the other day who's the largest supplier of meat starts with I am Patrick Martin

Siri, tell me right now selling Heritage Meats hey squirrel that have been cold pack canned thanks and Sam hate to break this to you buddy it's cold pack canned suckers already cooked you don't need to cook it again but I think I was reading actually a lot on a squirrel the success is squirrel meat can I swear to God I knew a guy in North Carolina used to pay his Landscaping crew in Squirrel only had squirrel

and mixed in with stews in North Carolina so when you're making a squirrel that way there's really no way for me to tell you I know what squirrel tastes like it happened to batter and fries with an inch of its life right right so I like like like previously frozen refrozen like Captain somebody's like swamp cooler alligator and I've only had snake in small chunks of the taste like I've never had like I'm sure that's the only large chunk alligators ever cooked taste it has been cooked that way so I don't know squirrel

I'm going to go ahead and say that I've never I've never had it in such a way that I know I can say this is what squirrel tastes like my guess is it tastes like rabbit I hear that house squirrel tastes is vitally depending on how it was skin weather all the glands been taken out of the squirrel I'm sure it's like it's like rabbit so if you use it anyway you would use like a can kind of a rabbit any kind of a white meat strangely all the cold pack canning they can in style right when I be delicious

I would love to have some squirrel react to the lantern New York you were in Chicago not who I know but so see anyone else we know anyone else with friends or their friends that are programmed to Alan Benson

what are using for right Benton's bacon as a culinary bacon but at the same members as needing bacon kind of award sobriety at the end right light hold on and then all these other chefs like I don't think I'm going to drink champagne in a strong now because

I've been in situations like that where people are trying to have a festive thing and something really awful has just happened and what are some of the people know and it's very low for tomorrow because Chicago yeah

bad year for food all the way around sha-2 for Miguel it was this year right after you eat that you got to be one of the founders of Corky says hey Dave

how your Dave Nastasia and Jack and now also Peter and Veronica Veronica by the way just trying to invent / create a frozen mousse pudding concoction Frozen mousse pudding confection Puebla you don't have your Planter's Peanut the combo of psyllium you paid no I don't pay that person

Dennis desert desert God bless his heart you know that a lot of places now returning down on deserts because their margins on his side I'd rather flip the tables deserts have higher because they ingredients in deserts usually have you read that article is bunch of articles on this lot more expensive than mashed taters and whatever I'm saying like you know this is why this is why that's like one of the most ubiquitous sides is cuz it's

I haven't had much luck though isn't it always comes out slimy what's your is a you hate things are slimy says right that slimy oh my God they yam that Japanese slime yeah it's called like nav nine oh my God we had the most HR unfriendly moment

Fallas feel it cost of room addition with against the wall

how much left in for like 3 minutes or talking about yams I got a mental issue I'm trying to reduce his aunt and as much as I can since I think this might be the problem some slimy slimy snotty like xanthan is like Snot and also like even in like relatively small concentration jiggly jiggly like you know where like where you twists like a container of it and outside starts rotating but the center stays still for a minute and then it like Jackie like it like had that back motion that like shoulder flickback motion to its milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

I think this and that might be the problem but I can really reduce it so far before there's no more thinking affects here's the thing you shouldn't really use xanthan as a thickener you should use xanthan as a as a stabilizer right not an emulsifier but a stabilizer before I write a book because they're you're forced to follow some sort of linear thing if you go to tangents at least like that you can put in a footnote or something whatever throw that into the mix

I have yet to use any eggs since I'm trying to keep a vegan vegan face face again it's doable I know this post problem black specifics I just want to learn more about what guns will help and which won't since I'm really fascinated by Hydro College in general I've also been wondering about if I already have guar guar used to be cheaper now that fracking is there it's not that bad Gwar has a very specific beanie taste and it tastes like like not chick a black eyed pea flower flower anyway there are certain like Africa dumplings made with black eyed pea flower and so I used to have black eyed pea flower around and it taste like

rights which is okay if that's what you want but not unpleasant or purified form of guar guar and you can get that from a couple places when I use this from t i c gums flavor free Garden 2000-4000 contact contact a lot of people use if I haven't used it a lot I was just a small amount of I have yet to ask Joanne methylcellulose CMC Gum arabic and locust bean gum will any of these helps each has their application here in the kitchen 100% inside outside upside down is agar because it's super friendly you can buy it anywhere and it can do a lot and so for for your situation you can either do a light set at

right so you can whip it into a into a moose with a life set a guard and then let it set right and we'll settle jail in that moose form use a small amount of that guard you get a really nice texture like 2% eyesight 0.2% to grams in a to grams per liter of a gar will give you a nice like very easy to break Jello just pulled that gel there awhile it's been phoned up after it sets and sets in a relatively Joanne probably even better for that you could use roughly the same amount because Joanne sets faster than a car does the both of them will work or not free Star Stable which is good why because when it melts in your mouth write the structure of the agar will be obliterated because it's not free sauce table so that's good but then things like Gwar

can stop when it's frozen there still liquid in there because you haven't fully Frozen because if you did to be hard like a rock which is not a kind of stabilizer to stop a liquids and solids from separating from the cells also in a similar way to fillet a gar would act as a kind of thin gelling agent don't use enough for it to actually be a sickener use it like very low percentage is like a quarter of a percent like two and a half gram for leaders seem like they're just add a little bit of extra set of a yield point to the to the thing but I recommend assist

I don't agree with everything he says obviously but the one Martin lashes website which is kind most download the latest version of hydrocolloid thing and then just flip through zillions of his of the recipes that he crabs from all over the internet and all people and kind of get a feel for what you like to try one or two them see what you think I definitely don't agree with all of that with all of it by any standard but I'll go check that out and obviously check out our there's huge custard and pudding sections in the modernist cuisine and if you don't own it now there are still some reasons for the local library

yeah you can present if you don't know Marcus was me and you can go there and look at it

call Connie from Los Angeles

what I should add like should I just going to add the chemicals on the back of the retainer or is there anything you didn't like it so we stopped so the first thing you need is

you're going to need like a very fatty like a coconut milk product very fatty and you're also going to need so you want to take a lot of sugar and you're going to need a stabilizer Now. Coconut that's in drinks are have for me been notoriously difficult to stabilize fully using like the normal stuff that I normally use which would be like mixtures of gum arabic in Santan I haven't looked at the back of a can of coconut cream in a long time so I'm not sure what are they used

so there's some

coconut sugar water polysorbate 60 short and mono saturated propylene glycol alginate mono and diglycerides citric acid that is quite a list wow. Fats are difficult to stabilize in loat especially low temperature drink applications I don't think you need to go that hard core because they don't need to stay emulsified that long I would adding an emulsifier

and also a

central stabilizer several emulsifiers in several stabilizer you could try using what I use which is just a mixture of gum arabic and mostly Gum arabic what you're using as an emulsifier and Santan but it's not going to stabilize fully how long does it need to stay there

just for like 20 minutes of that list

some of them need to be cooking some of them don't write and so a presumably if you're going to go through all the trouble you don't want to cook the hell out of it cuz you want to have a fresh kind of a flavor right

I would guess it's a tough problem had a coconut I'll tell you what at the bar we finally came up with a recipe for a stabilized coconut like orgeat that we used I'll figure out exactly ratio as I used Jack can you remind me to talk about on the next program I'll just give you the recipe the next week on the air is that sound good

you still have the other question we had from Trudy was

regarding 6 Bloodlines I don't have a problem with the taste of V bloodline since I actually like the fishes but I was wondering what this part of the fish is actually composed of proteins and that's what I said when I used to eat in Chinese restaurants why do you know I like it when I like it when it's too much for me I think it's Hungarian

what time Miami got out of blood sausage down there in Miami

the North in North Miami in North Miami had it from Miami by the way is everything in it is bad for my dad who has heart heart health issues so what you should do that is I would just read this to you that you can find it it's called fish and seafood composition and nutritional aspects in the document Seafood product teacher's resource guide by Jacqueline wheelers available as a PDF on the University of Rhode Island website actually talking about blood in blood out of a face you're talking about my God by the way don't let me forget if I have time does anyone out there know how to build

there's an old is Regis read you this page Trudy the muscle that's along the outside of the fish and that's basically kind of a fat storage mechanism for fish specially ones that swim Whitefish fish that have less of that bloodline along the side of them tend to store almost all of their fat in their liver whereas fish to have a larger with the called bloodline inside temp to store a lot of stuff there so it's a different compositions not actually blood from from section 7A dark muscle and white muscle some muscles are tight While others have a reddish or brown color this dark color is usually observed just under the skin the proportion of dark to White muscle differs continuously from head to tail

depression also vary between species increasing with the swimming activity of the fish and sometimes approaching 48% of the body weight there are often differences in the chemical composition of dark and white muscles with respect to protein and lipid content the dark muscle has greater concentrations of hemoglobin and myoglobin then the white muscle the presence of dark muscle is related to the activity of the fish those fish that swim continuously throughout their lives usually have a larger proportion of dark muscle than those who often rest on the sea bottom it appears that white muscle control short spurts and darting movements while dark muscle is used for slow continuous movement when freezing fish the dark muscle is sometimes removed in order to prolong the storage life of the fish the dog muscle spoil faster it because it contains hematin compounds which can act as pro-oxidant it has been observed the dark muscle oxidizes 100 times faster than white muscle there for Consumer should be careful not to store dark muscle fish for long periods since adverse flavor change

may occur due to oxidation

this how you put your kids to bed well-written tightly packed trunk and knowledge there right now it's gratifying but also I'm horrified at like there's nothing better than the world we live in a stressful time in life when I first asked of you so you really help me poop pull through it all will thank you very much

cuz I can get you going to get your oil question and from Jacksonville Oregon things and I said I was going to test him walk over the weekend I didn't have an opportunity to but he tested it and he says old old Doug Fir needles bitter nasty Brew young ones sweet Citrus easy delicious brussaux so that gave me some research here to mention and going to get to Ellie on the next one on his on his corn and oil cocktail

after following the veggetti chronicles of the jetty well I should think not your dude I'm kidding I'm going on and some people say never some people say like three-quarters of the way through some people say that she knew at the start anyway I do have the perdono spiralizer and by the way that's the one that's kind of the Japanese style one that looks like it's like I do on a slide and you can do that I actually have one of those too but I have it set up to do

Sheetz like Spiral sheets and that's how I do potatoes for pizza so potatoes for pizza I don't want him in Louis trippy Doodles like I don't want them you know spiralize I want like those thin curly sheets very thin almost like potato chips sickness tempted with lace top tier 2 thickness but like in Long Long spiral and is tossed those salt pepper oil and then those on a pizza cook up just the right amount do you like sick pizza out of the sick potato in

oh you don't like you don't like Sullivan streets potato

Peter what do you like I like to send it doesn't wait on the cross I mean what I've made pizza at home I don't do like potato chips in but I'll go on like you know he's like a millimeter North Miami how do you like your potato pizza in North Miami

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