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Episode 205: Squash Blossoms & Salty Nuts

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new friends near here in the area network they won't you tell us a little about somebody's out there just quit my job I was kind of corporate law we got Jack over there and Jack has kindly given us a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate

Yeah Usher last Friday the James Beard awards nice or as I texted nastassia could use her birthday by the way so she was off in Branford partying like a rock star ride true or false so she was partying like a rockstar I I sent her a text saying I had one best hot food cold separator which is the only thing to use as liquid intelligent for a separate in the hot side in the explosion you to listen to me like you can tell what the Stasi sounds like if you hurt her and that's my invitation over so you can see that my invitation to people there no relationship to what's going on we're going to savor this I don't even know if they're per second will saber you want me to open it like a person

that want to hear from you that was that was the voice of used by the way by the way Jack I noticed that even know today is sponsored by our bodies the recipe but you didn't play Jackie molecules I just by the way this is the sound of this is a sad anastasi suddenly getting happy ready headphones headphones if you want to call in line to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 the first week I heard radio shut down I don't really know why but it was and last week I was in Mexico Mexico Mexico for the first time ever because does anyone considered a Mexico

not right I mean no offense to those who used to live in like Juarez and Nogales and Auntie want to like no offense to you but I mean it's like you know Mexico City is pretty awesome even though you're half Mexican you never been to Mexico

Cancun in TJ TJ I like that TJ like it's a dude TJ Mexico City amazing in fact the food here in New York close to here blows know that God has been in California Mexico me to make sense right it being Mexican food so I guess but I did purchase for those of you that are in the Wayback machine on the cooking issues with many many years ago I did a post on mixed Amo station which is the process of taking corn you know soaking / cooking it for a cooking at and lime water calcium hydroxide right-line kopcow they called down there and then I soaking it and then

grinding it to make nixtamal which is the base of Masa and make myself which is the base of you know corn tortillas right and for those of you that paid attention the hardest part about the whole 9 Santa is grinding the stuff 16th Street and it was uses it was like a child's toy or so small is what I was going to buy one there but they're so damn heavy like a real one like the actual like the driven freaking snow like super Gringo but

for Christ's sakes duct taped to my back and told the airline that it was like it was like it was like the next time by the way I spent most of my time in the Merced Market which is like you know one of them made my markets in Mexico City with these with this group of women who are making they weren't hand patting the tortillas so they weren't like. But they were like making like they were pressing out with a fresh Masa the the Squash Blossom quesadillas there are ridiculous like a week like we were all sitting around like a bunch of us were sitting around saying how much would it cost in New York right so you go to the farmers market you buy a little plastic thing of a crab a Squash Blossom how much is that thinks that you shopping

7 yeah right okay so imagine this lady had what amounted to a like it was clear so wasn't gross but a large garbage bags full of them cuz they're at a market right rough shop has a giant Comal she just throws a giant giant giant giant pile of the stuff on the Comal and just started going she has like a spatula in like a thing of like fresh oil because you know they also her Friday or next to it for doing like gorditas and stuff looks like an upside-down sombreros got a big flat rim and there's like a basin that if imagine a walk with a giant wide brim on it's nothing for Florida

like what Hawken string cheese cuz they literally picked up a block of the cheese and inconsistent I'm making these very kind of long very long like footlong like kind of narrow tortillas that she would like put on the communion that's 40 caliber spitting assault and that's it that's why I'm like a pancake or you know any any one of these numbers

what is so much better

and I can't describe it delicious the first one is juices it's juiciness but it's not watery and still maintain some of it has like I still think it's Avery's not meeting because it's not that kind of trunk but it feels substantial consider we ate like a zillion plus like if they were putting on it was like so much nicer than the crap that we get in the Super Marcato as they called met at my fine local Fine Fare which is not necessarily a good place to buy the certified but it would have been freaking quesadilla because it's not no one wants to pay that kind of money for something just because no one can afford to have a squash blossoms at I hear there's some places here that have very cheap Squad made okay honestly maybe each quesadilla had like one and a half of those containers are looking at like seven and a half dollars for the squash blossoms and eat quesadillas

do it I said in the lady bastards you bastards and another thing try this in New York so like at a different Market at the Mercado San Juan where they have this like that to place it called Los Coyotes that sells all the weird meats and stuff I had the Jack you're not drinking your Prosecco to make me angry I'm sorry they had the because they're thinking that they were going to burn a hole in my refrigerator like for a day and as I'm leaving I'm like you know what

do that like you know are professionals out there you would love these people I walk up to them they have nothing going none of the equipment Saint they have none of their means nothing nasty at like 8 in the morning right when they open so I'm like how long should I come back she's like so 50 minutes to go back and they're screaming they already have stuff out of the out of the door they already have people being served as a lot to be said for the Mexican Street Kitchen amazing amazing so sounds like you no puedes cocinar with my best meal kind of green for Saint Monica's his and he was like looking for fresh like the hyper hyper real that their dad next time I go will get she also made us like he's awesome cuz I bought at the market like a whole boatload of huitlacoche like nice huitlacoche and Sochi

that great great place love Mexico reason I brought it up I bought a Nix nixtamatic grinder the hard part about making Masa is grinding it and other Corona hand grinder which is the best thing I was able to get sucks last time I made after that I went to make Masa the other day out of Rye which by the way you like I say sticky or if you read the Post-it sticky it's not just the form is not a Cialis so if you know you see that I'm a mixed Malai dry basically make the rise lot stickier than corn is and so I was trying to grind the Ryan the Kronos like you know what I'm done I'm done with you I'm getting a good supply of corn and I'll give you some updates on grinding my teeth with a nixtamatic and maybe some new stuff but I will say this that makes them at a grinder also makes a ridiculously good nut Butters. If we'd had that back in the

sui our lives have been so much easier do you remember like all the time to put in those nuts to the champion and then spending the bite of bread the stuff comes out like smooth as silk like one shot you don't want to make that noise made for me ever I want to go to the store I'm going to buy Planters mixed nuts Planters mixed nuts fanfan you like to play with Mixed Nut if you are allergic to it right when I was a kid did you know anyone was allergic when you were kids to us and that's not so new it's like past 15 years when I was a kid you know in the 70s like every person the idea that you would have it so it's always a good idea that you would not be able to buy a peanut butter sandwich to school to be like what what what I mean it's like you don't like that's not that's ridiculous cuz right now I spend who hears what I wanted I want to take just a straight-up can of mixed nuts straight-up Planters poured in this thing and make Mixed Nut Butter when it be good why is no one

really so are you saying you don't like salty way in but I feel you coming from Stars hit might be maybe a little too salty but I'm down I think that's stopping by the way it's in the can't remember the old official can I mean okay so you want like a cracker with less salt on it by the way do you like you like the saltines with the crack with assault right otherwise Saltines it's like the tiny tiny salt are you talking about there's two things we're looking at here right there is the Planters mixed nuts which are the standard old-school kind of processor versus the dry roast

I feeling on the time we talked about that the salt Taste of the dry roast I don't I don't have never had the driver is secret stars not a big fan of peanuts peanuts now she likes pecans almonds in California but what about marcona almonds from Spain water problem problems so a lot of what's the what how many gallons of water does it take to make an almond yeah yeah but but the thing is is like let's say you're in almond trees right let's say let's say you're a sixty-year-old California almond farmer and you've made the mistake of planting a

Phat variety excessive people that you're in my feeling about a lot of California delicious I want to hear about it but my point is I like the higher fat almond varieties right grinding them you can really see kind of remember ways to make almond oil and all that we used to get to the California almonds we had to supplement the oil in it because they were such a pain in the butt anyways but yeah I know I'm right through Magee to the end to labor right yes almond almond farmer to the California Nut Ford why don't we figure out what their response to this is why don't we figure out what the California like you no no I'm not bored cuz it's a big business when we see what they say about it they got to have some sort of wrap on it right now with the water restrictions apply to commercial farmers

questions so I do have a collar first want to hear 10 days to go though and it's gettin to do we win did we win we have not one, want to be winners how much do we need to win so we are $12,000 away from being winners out of how much out of 35 so 65% of the way they're there are really really awesome perks all the way up to having your own radio show I mean that's a really really awesome work out that we've had out of a few actually so that's exciting but check it out if you can see the video we made the website actually will fall apart in the fall like the coding language it was built on Ruby on Rails and all of the update switches are not compatible with our version and it's falling apart

you should do you should you can create a web address it's like exterior / Heritage radio radio show and enjoy Jack being a very pleasant part of what we're doing instead of hating all of you death what I would recommend is that you find this kick-starts at more or less accurate yeah I mean look how many people do we need like what's the average donation here but I mean every dollar counts

Iran radio Joe your own radio show I believe is a $5,000 for your own season all seasoned my dudes record a podcast for 5000 the whole season

this is your chance to cooking issues stars and I've okay so you guys ever heard of the vegan face right jack people afraid of the vegan face and still be a distaste for things like vegans or biscuits or Wars spores fun fungus She Hates Me So at so what we're going to do is also at work and one of our favorite phrases which we haven't used in a while Jack is enemy of quality right so we're going to make sure we're going to get a caricature of Miss Darcy's vegan face

and Axle and my face is in the cooking issues enemies enemies quality available soon as I sent into the veggetti podcast I was curious about a bottling carbonated cocktails sure what kind of cocktail do you want what kind of carbonated cocktail would you like to bottle did it with the acid it will get very very bitter

very bitter because I don't know why you can add the acid afterwards when you're pouring if any of the other carbonated one if you use like a lion. I haven't tested other types of acid with it and I didn't do a side by side of the Campari soda very and basically with lime Acid versus with the champagne acid that I use an air which is at are tarek lactic blend so I don't know whether it's a particular acid with the Campari that makes it goes Super bitter or whether it's in general weight after all will also go get her in the same way Campari does however it's less perceptible because after all is less overall bitter so you might be able to get away with it with a bra that's just that's at the beforehand for we start going to want to know what is that champagne acid I think it's because

it's not quite as I don't know why but it tends to phone more things are champagne acid in them which is again a 6% mixture that's half a 6% acid make sure half of which is lactic I would you start to mimic the same acidity as lime or lemon I don't know why but it tends to phone more so that guy for you when you're doing a bottle cocktail now if you're going to buy a cocktail first thing you need to do is get glass bottles you need to get caps at seal well you want to make sure the insides of those bottles are super clean so the weight of 1000 my God you gon Darth Vader on the show the way to test that is to pour liquid into the bottle turn it upside down and see where they're at Sheetz if it's sheets out then you got clean if you see little dots then there's things that are stopping him from cheating it's not as though my chemistry teacher you saying in high school analytically clean you didn't want to clean it out why don't have to not like a safety thing but any nucleation sites on the side of that bar

cause of a real pain when you're trying to fill it now another thing carbonated cocktails they phone a lot more than than sodas do they found a lot more than most of the things do so what I would recommend what nastase and I have done with had the bottom in the past you want to get the smallest amount of headspace possible because that's going to also ruin your carbonation because it's going to bleed out right so get your bottles cold very cold not cold enough to freeze any cocktail and a hit because of anything freezes that's nucleation sites right so you want to like like quadruple carbonate your urine cocktails in your bottles I can do normally unless you have some better system then get your bottles cold and then tilted on its side pour the stuff and let it foam up and then just keep pouring fresh cocktail in until there's no phone anymore do this in a tray then cap it at the last minute and let him settle and then when you're done doing a badge recarbonate the stuff that fell into the tray

that's what we do we have to do it like we headed to prove it if we're Jimmy Fallon or something for someone else didn't Dave take a bottle of the carpenter stuff on Jimmy Fallon or something and we had to do it and that's how we did it we just kept on pouring it in letting it fall now and then tap it and then we called the stuff at the end when it's a pain in the butt though you know I mean

yeah yeah that's what I would do

by the way I have a question in safely I'm at Android we haven't talked about that and order all right after Easter

yeah I love the Tandoor I'm loving it so people here that people keep asking me they keep asking me Dave I hear you love your tan door but what do you think about the Big Green Egg and the fact that matter is the big really big green egg then it's like a ceramic Grill like eggs will hatch Big Green Egg and egg shaped ceramic Grill the kamado grill is the is the kind of generic term for this type of grill and they're very well-loved grillz by batteries I don't own one however we might Rectify that soon I may or may not have a magazine that you may or may not have heard of you have heard of it was going to have me do a side by side a big big green egg vs. Tandoor in a brighter thing from that be fun at the Connecticut Direction I bought as a to multiplication as usual

the 4000 I was at doing a benefit for the edible schoolyard and one of Tom colicchio is not working so I use the freaking 8000 you know what I mean Sears Albany using a couple of days with the ts8000 from BernzOmatic and I'm wondering about the gas valve on the torch do you find your valve settings are application dependent or do you just run It Wide Open all the time if any of you ever met me the answer isn't course wide open the time I mean all the time and be a good thing and you can try to let someone go see that don't know that the prism attic ts8000 is a is like kind of a propane torch

that is a trigger starts here like push and I use it I use it pretty much every day either with the searzall or as a lighters right so I use I used to like my Chimney Starter I use it to light would I use it to like my burners in the summer when I turn the Pilot's off I use it all in all the time I don't sit there with like wadded-up toilet paper or whatever and you'll napkins light in my first so ts8000 fantastic but it's got like a little knob on the back of it that can reduce the amount of gas it goes through it hears a problem ts8000 and ts4000 in this entire stylus works that I use on a searzall has a what color gown for text tip on it so if you look at the tip of the torch there's a piece of brass on the end and inside that brass are for Twisted Metal fins and what those things do is they actually swirl and and I guess possibly mix but mainly swirl the gas as it comes out

inexpensive very violent like you know

characteristic of a kind of from flame coming out of it that's not kind of not bushy right as opposed to let's say that you would Tani which has a like a long time but more bushy right is another kind of protective on it so the problem is is when you swallow it down the vortex at work as well when I just straight-up it just doesn't have the Velocity out of it and so you're not getting as good a result and searzall so what happens is if it'll work but he'll tend to flame out more not flame out but if you turn a searzall all the way upside down you start getting

like that kind of a thing and it's irritating so I just leave it all wide open and if I need to pull back side and pull back side it make sense.

Second question PSPs do you wear Nomex leaves Nomex good could you should know that you don't know Maxi of the fire retardant material at first I thought the first came to my attention when I was a small child because they used to use it in like flight suits to stop people from biting on fire looks like a standard kind of flameproof he kind of thing do you use when you're using your Tandoor thanks Michael from the first time I use a Tandoor I bought a set of okay so I was reminded by the Stasi that when we build a Tandoor for the Anthony Bourdain shoot we did like what is that for years ago or 3 years ago whatever that I insisted that we all use our bare hands to put the the bread and because what am I

well now it's I'm back back so then like the first time I fired at an to her at home to make bread I was like I bought a set of those grill gloves right which of these like giant Grill gloss and I was like man can do a lot of stuff in there and then I got back in this. She says you're half a minute your strawman you're a you're made of paper your week you're useless right separate basically what you said and that's fair and so so last week I went back and made it God's way when she was just sticking your hand in the damn Tandoor in like smacking the the bread on to the side of the I'm getting really good at the non by the way I have very little very little fall off I can't wait to try to do not in a Big Green Egg if you liked non right

since you're getting a Big Green Egg but the big is somewhat of a magazine wants to get one for me so that I can do an article on like and or versus green egg

who is it tell me who you leaving everyone he knew why would they not use their let's go through this okay so they have it on the roof balcony not use it because I don't tell Mom bucks

I know the small ones that are about money what the hell number in general.

You're not sure and I will listen to yes will take the will take their big green egg and raise them a whatever I don't cook them something in it it's a good time for our Jackie molecules commercial break maybe I'll do it

hey what's up guys it's me Jack as in Jack from cooking issues as in the guy that's probably been talking on the show so here on the break to tell you about molecular which is not only not some website and store and resource but also they support us which makes them even that much cooler so I know Dave gives you plenty and plenty of information on the show but should you need further resource should do you want to get some of the things he's talking about molecular has recipes techniques ingredients tools all in the world of this modern his thing we love so much on the show so you know explore the world of phones in sphere is an invisible Foods in my blue and Cocktails all that awesome stuff there's a community of over 400,000 Chef scientist and food lovers sharing their favorite recipes tips and tricks cool photos tools gadgets again this is everything

Indian to all in one place molecular and just for being a listener of the show you'll get 10% off any of their popular kids just by using the promo code Heritage at check out the promo code Heritage so we can check them out below the tons of really awesome stuff they're definitely right up your alley

and we're back by the way should you go to Michael with recommend please enter the code let me tell you why you got to let him know that they put into the cooking you should program is doing something for him, right back that's how it works so like in a bother right but if you don't bother entering the discount code then they don't know that the reason you went there is because you heard about was where you came from and who knows

would you know Ben doesn't need a discount apparently the person who has a big green egg that we're going to get ahold of doesn't need a discount through New York don't want to know how many people would like me years I wanted to be able to cook outside in New York years years and have a balcony with a Big Green Egg don't want to use it the street and I'm acceptable it's not right I don't care just means you're bad person it's means you're no good you know what I mean

we got a good person on the line right now you with us

I am yes nice so after those of you that don't know out here on the listen to this is left on the kickstarter I've got about 9 or 10 days to go and next Friday is because you're going to be a Kickstarter backer right

that's absolutely right right starter before enough to low enough to say that you think you can make it right but then there are people out there and kick starter land they don't understand that what you really want is two wildly wildly surpass your number and you already have on meld with great but the point is is that it's as someone is trying to start manufacturing something it's vastly easier when you're dealing with a larger numbers of units and so not only is it it's better for the end it's better for the end user was the first who's buying a quote I know the kick-start is not a pre-order but let's be honest pre-order write me and let's be honest my ride it's pre-order let's stop kidding ourselves is vastly better to be dealing with manufacturers with larger numbers of units and I mean that with small numbers of units

there's there's a certain fixed cost upfront it doesn't matter whether you end up making one part or you make 10000 parts that same fixed cost for the mold is fixed cost us what the product is and then we'll talk about it some you tell me if I'm wrong right so mailed is kind of a first-of-its-kind products of the idea is is that a lot of us have vast majority of this have ranges right that you don't like cooking ranges that operate on the front right and so they require you to the human to adjust the the knob to determine what the the heat level the gas output to most difficulty is going to be on sad range right well what if you were to put a motorized knob that was hooked up to some intelligent Electronics on it and then had something else control it instead and smell does my right about this is right

that's that's absolutely right because you're you know you read a lot of recipes and they'll say put a pan on medium right then we've done the experiment you put the exact same pan on medium on a pill 5 or 10 randomly selected ranges from you and your friends and you'll see differences of temperatures of a hundred hundred fifty degrees easily idea what this weather like in my in my building right it's actually it's the fault of the person that installed installed my range because they didn't put in the regulator that I asked him to install after the gas so like so I have I have fluctuating gas levels in my range and so the actual plan might get out of any particular is dependent upon whether someone else turns on another gas Appliance in close proximity I don't know if a lot of people have that problem that's just cuz the Joker to install the regulator on my on my stove is proper tonight I need to go do it but presumably this would also kind of ease the

level out the vagaries of gas pressure as well

that's correct.

October we deliberately sort of held off on the kickstarter we thought about doing it for the late last year but we waited until we've got you know we're real actual working prototypes and you can see them in in some of the the videos but that are you know except for a few cases where we're still 3D printing a few parts are these are the final products and we're cooking on them everyday so that you know we we are confident we can deliver versus the sort of standard you know well we've never done this before we think we can deliver and you know we'll tell you later if we're going to be late for that process

with the Sears off the I'm not saying anything we would love some time to beta test one but you know I would love to beta test with things like a flame out so a lot of a lot of burners when they get you know on the lower into their spectrum they can sometimes go out and not everyone has a burner with a kind of a a flame sensor on it to determine kind of what's going on so how does this system deal with that sort of notice that there's no more heat input and it's why was it back to light or what would happen

yasso to ask a question and then and absolutely something we have to deal with so what we do is we are you know obviously just to make the same work we're monitoring the level of gas we think we're putting in and the surf temperature response in the in the pot and all time and if we start seeing a scenario we're going down with the beginning to happen is we're going to say well you know we're not getting the additional heat into the pot at the rate we expect it to her for where the gas knob is that's a problem we're going to alert you on your app back on your phone and then we're also going to just turn the gas completely off so there are a number of kind of safety scenarios built into it where you know we think there's something wrong enough for potentially wrong enough going on that we're going to alert you in if you don't respond we're actually just going to turn off the gas

so they can be tuned to someone presumably when you get it you tune it to your range yeah

right so what you do is you put it on your range you turn it with the app asks you to turn it to the off position to the low position to the high position so that it knows sort of the bound where to turn and then you know from there it's basically a self-learning so it'll you know it will adjust the gas flow to maintain temperature whether you put you know a great big pot we've got actually a bunch of people interested in Homebrewing which is an application we hadn't even really consider that come out of the woodwork and we actually made a video with the with the homebrewer they'll come out in a week or so so pretty pretty interesting or you know sometimes you got a small pot need a lot less gas for the for the same temperature level but that feedback loop will actually make those adjustments

the principal before we go any further what's the what's what's your like in production MSRP vs. like what you're going to get on the kickstarter

also kicks us MSRP on a right now is 149 we did early bird Kickstarter at 99 those sold out and we're doing on 9th at 1:20 to get in like you're getting like $20 off which is like 50% off prevent you from using it like a normal gas knob if you just want to just walk up and use it

don't you can walk up and turn it up anytime you want that was actually one of the engineering challenges was to get a motor and motor driver circuit resets that we could generate enough torque to turn the knob you know I'm kind of an old crappy sticky range but at the same time you could still turn the knob and not do any Drive the motor in a way that was going to damage it so we went through a lot of different tests on that before we settled on the rights or combination of motor gear train and Driver to make that happen nice are you anticipating any aftermarket drop in circulation devices for pots or I don't remember I don't think you had one on the kickstarter right

we don't we we've got a number of I think really interesting sort of directions to go with this and you're part of it choose kind of which one we do next is it going to be based on the the feedback from this chick starter so certainly if that if not dropping circulation is it something you want you know it has not been able to respond to to what we hear out of let's say like a 4-quart pot with you know like three or something a water sound like this what kind of stability are you are you getting in their temperature wise

basically one degree

yep it's bananas

1 Celsius as it's not it's not like you know you're getting a high-end polyscience point one degree you know that love will kill Preston does we can't do that on a stovetop but we can do about 101 degrees Celsius is what about stuff that scorches on the bottom right so what are the measurements of it is there some sort of there some sort of way to measure that specifically worries by products are going to squash on the bottom

so there are basically you know depending on where you're not getting a lot lot lot of circulation just from the from the natural convection that's happening in the pot in general we haven't had a meal we haven't had a lot of problem with that because we intend to keep the flame a lot lower and if you've got a decent quality so you know you need aluminum. That's going to distribute the heat up the the aluminum sides pretty well it hasn't been a big issue for us that means that you know if you leave a pot of chili on for 10 hours you know and never stir it I'm not so sure we can make a whole bunch of guarantees there you should die anyway

yeah you're ruining ear anatomy if you're chilly but if you forget that you put chili on for 10 hours so you're an enemy of quality my right you're a bad person won last Super exciting like At first of its kind product amazing no one is done it before I'm extremely excited for to be on the market and for those smelled like meld Kickstarter go check it out but so here's the here's the here's the thing are you going to put programming into it so that you can essentially turn it into a rice cooker

the the rice cooker application it like specifically doing rice we've done a few tests I didn't by the time we released it will have will will be you know we will have some pretty thoroughly tested that and haven't gotten the programming down everyone with one of these things all the sudden they can turn into a rice cooker it's just looking for the nearest looking for the knee and the temperature rise right you put a certain gentle heat into it you wait for the temperature rise to mean that the water is gone and you're done is not how rice cookers work or no

yeah yeah so there's that's that's actually a specific example of a really interesting General case that we've seen in in a variety of things we we've been cooking in in this which is that when you're cooking something that you know liquid in anywhere at all near the boiling point the vast majority of the heat that that you're putting in is being sucked out by water evaporating out pop right and so if you have sort of a logarithm whose only job is to keep you at at the same temperature you want to be at and that low-level algorithm at some point start saying I can dial back the heat I can dial back the heat because I don't need that much heat to maintain the temperature anymore telling you is exactly what you just said

all that evaporation sucking all that that energy out something interesting has just happened and so being able to do recipes that that those kind of effect you should have just like put it on medium heat for 20 minutes right that's at The Game Changer in terms of of how you think about cooking and it's something that we think you're giving that we can detect these kind of things and then have the feedback loops that we can do some really interesting stuff and some of those applications almost at lunch

some of them yeah listen I'm super excited and congratulations on already having fun at the kickstarter everyone should go on and order one now to secure your place in line because you know it sucks to have to be on the second shipment of that thing that they sell on Amazon then you're going to be you know six months in the whole probably before the second shipment comes in am I right

yeah I think I think so I think so much for coming on it's a super interesting product and I'm excited for it to be out in the world

yeah thanks I think so much for for having us on and yeah we're super excited always been a big fan of your show and thanks for having a rough time zero I didn't get a chance to answer okay cool and hydrocolloid and about the Bloodlines and fish I have 20 answers including whatever will have to deal with it next time I have I have all the stuff that's what I thought we already talked about cult a squirrel a squirrel and Oregon Road in on Douglas fir and making tea with Douglas fir I'll just say this if it's a springtime out there collect some of the fresh the fresh green tips if you can and then

the side by side with those in the old one older needles will talk more about Connor 40 next weekend in fact I'm going to make some tea with my Hemlock he's from Brandon Byrd and some talking about

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