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Episode 204: They Want the Scream!

loud Krazy one generally people like surprises I hate surprises and answer of the top my head you think about to get back to it later to show me awhile call your questions into +718-497-297-2128 next me here with her veggetti wow so

especially the last time I was surprised is right now leave the jetty Chronicles

turn on Sakura open a vegetable spiralizer now it looks like kind of like she said to veggetti teeth in different ones fine and ones course and it's got a little push her so that you don't get your fingers sliced off in the veggetti now have a cucumber and zucchini starts Mall she's now twisting it like a pencil sharpener good sound does sound

yeah I mean it tastes like a butt look it's good that doesn't get that I could see tastes just like spaghetti

amazing cucumber is kind of cool

you see the text Lucia peel it first are stars we see her


look it's not a bad product all the fries it makes no sense cuz it's a sponge

dog has compacted there's a bunch of stuff compacted into veggetti here she better get out

all right so we don't have to call her back and everybody Minds Bradley I'm from San Francisco and I had a couple questions for you I found this podcast. 7 weeks ago and I'm unemployed so I've listened to 104 episode mod 7 weeks

well I'm I'm I'm helping to refurbish a handsome family handyman projects so I'm listening to it while working but I called me trash every year for my mom and my uncle's birthday they were born on the same day and we get a whole ribeye and you know you grill it all up and so my goal this year was to dry curing chamber and dry aged ribeye that I got and I'd seen online that like I'd go pound salt stage suggested using a tray of of rock salt sea salt down below humidity and temperature controlled if that's helpful or it's that kind of a bad way of keeping humidity

relatively the same profit process

yes far as my understanding of it is the salt is more for

like you say stability of of the humidity right because it's like the salt is going to add saturation is going to want to maintain a specific humidity I'd always read the first time I ever read this was Zeno decades ago in a now outdated book what's it called sausage the sausage maker something was with by rytek kutas switch was made its got the books got to be from the 80s or something like that but he was the first one I sent you know Saul recommending the salt in the curing in it in the Aging for curing chamber as a as a modifier my memory serves me and he actually has a huge amounts of salt and some water there so that you know you could evaporate water into it or absorb it as needed it would only be a guess again until it turns completely to liquid if you are in an extremely human-environment otherwise it could be

70s I think is that right if you looked it up recently it's like 77% or something like this just believe in the mystical power of salt in the Aging room. So David Burke Steakhouse in Chicago and he literally tile on the walls giant blocks of salt Himalayan salt block stuff and it was pretty impressive if it made a bit of difference or not because he

helical setup is 4.4 cubic foot Kenmore mini fridge that I'm rewiring to include a temperature controller and attend the thermostat for the fridge and rewiring it to an Arduino along with a fan and a humidifier but I have like that kind of setup and they're all maintaining within normal range Basalt is like a fun extra but not necessarily something that I need ya except for this what

so what is the if you're running the coils in the fridge right that will automatically remove enough humidity to keep your humidity low enough right then if you have a humidifier to add back in then you can achieve any humidity you want without the salt right maybe act as a buffer there but it's not necessary if you weren't running cooling coils that we're going to automatically dehumidify the that if you didn't have some way of removing humidity and adding humidity then whether or not salt would be helpful would depend on what the ambient relative humidity of your area is Right forgot where you said you were calling from but it's ya so I mean you're pretty mean like you're just air is pretty nice there right

yeah I mean it's it's pretty Pleasant it's a it's a little damp just cuz of the fog although you know it's been nice recently San Francisco back away from the city to the Warren side of the city and it makes a huge difference in about 5 to 7 degrees that depending on the day that is so crazy to New Yorker you know what I mean that whole concept is so crazy to New Yorker like a will a dehumidifier the fridge has it's working or is it something is it totally sealed like what is it old style so you can see the coils or is it new style she can't see the club leopardi at it's about have taken apart on me like in the process of building this and one of the reasons why I was asking was because you know if I have to put a Pyrex pan full salt at the bottom that's going to change.

I can figure it but it it doesn't really have it's pretty it's pretty sealed in there

thirsty thirsty freezer component of the refrigerator it's got like two coils I was going to try to take that out will accept remember though these units usually have like the single compressor and they're running everything off of the one so if you take that you're not going to use that you're not going to use the killing of the fridge at all

the chilling in the fridge. I was going to try to take the got like one of those like mini freezer components that mini fries are component is actually what provides a chilling for the entire fridge if it's the one I'm thinking about and then what happens is if they eat they concentrate and insulate the freezer area so that it stays Frozen and then the rest of it kind of doesn't that's why stuff it's up near that freezer box sometimes freezes over like one refrigeration system in them not to and they're always so it's basically just like to get the temperature right now

throughout the box so you can Shield off like the coil there a little bit so there's not really chilling too much if you don't want to chill too much but it's condensation on to those coils and then the melt off and you got to drain the water out from those coils that's going to dehumidify that chamber for you because it's time you're freezing anytime you freeze water out of the air on to a coil and then you know put it through a saw saw cycling trip. That's how a dehumidifier Works having that in something like in contact with the air in the box is going to definitely provide the dehumidification that

it in there for that you can add the humidity back otherwise otherwise you can't use that hit the numbers that you want then the salt might be something that's useful for you okay great well that's that's really helpful and then I add another question you had episode I think it was like 96 you were talking about coffee cocktail called the shape NATO and you said you were cold you or cold Brewing the coffee directly into the liquor and I was wondering if that was just green Spirits or what are like you know it supposed to that as you can get yeah and I was wondering what what liquor you were doing the cold brew in the extraction in the isi is a darkroom the one that I

the one I use most often is called Ron Zacapa it's called 23 it's not 23 years old like a Solera system so I can know one microliter in a bottle of probably 23 years old but it's a it's a good nice nice dark rum I like it cuz it goes It goes well with what you're shooting for like we're shooting for like a cocktail on the coffee flavor is extremely intense so you know 2 oz of but I also wanted a little bit of that kind of rum sweetness on the note if you don't want that you could use you know you could use at a neutral neutral Spirit but we're using regular 40 proof 40 proof liquor in fact that the recipe for the is I the one I always uses the one that's in in the liquid intelligence and if and if you don't I'm pretty sure you could do a look inside on Amazon and and snag the recipe

for the I think it's called Cafe Zacapa is what I caught it in the book and it's just but you can substitute any kind of liquor you want the key there is that a coffee and fuses so quickly into the alcohol that you just have to be pretty accurate with your grind you know and pretty accurate with your timing otherwise I can just go intensely bitter intensely bitter and the whole idea of doing it that way so you don't need to add like a boat ton of sugar back to it to make it to make it good you know what I mean right yeah there's a race in San Francisco called Beta Breakers it's like a the most San Francisco San Francisco holidays everybody wakes up at 7 a.m. for the race and then gets in costume and run this race completely drunk and it's a complete mess but I do a pretty breakfast so I was thinking about drinking

making messes the cocktail last year we did a Kentucky Breakfast is it is it going to be something that you said being precise with these I can be something that is two different you think is going to be too difficult to do a laminate for a bunch of people you know it at 7 in the morning kind of thing or is that is it going to be make the coffee liqueur the night before let it said and then you know and it sits out right so it's no problem you can bust out like a lot lot of it it's in and it'll hold overnight no problem and then just shake it shake it in the morning you know that you could do these are the milk the version with milk or the version without milk depending on you know kind of what you feel like but already like I know man running when you're drunk that's painful why do people do that to themselves

no it's so much fun so like what we do is show it like last year I made strawberry buckwheat pancakes with bourbon whipped cream and had Kentucky Breakfast is and you're only going like 2 miles and you don't like actually run you more like walking drink more and it's the one day of the year where the nudity ban is like is not in a fact so you know there's costumes and naked people and people throwing up and it's it San Francisco San Francisco SantaCon without frightening the children or maybe with the children. Bandwagon to this is like our own special thing but you know you it's it's it's it's just this massive they shut down the street and they know

not that I know you hate block parties and being outside but it's it's it's it's really you know if you ever wanted to do all sorts of weird that's just kind of insane tweet us egg cooking issues let us know how it worked out and let us know how to say your a curing chamber worked out actually seem to take the next one

I just wanted to give you a little bit of encouragement and doing anybody tell you otherwise you have to continue the intro with your show in the full New York WWE introductory fashion because that was the first time I heard your show. I think I I just happen to find your podcast and I the first episode was one that Natasha Stole Christmas tree oh yeah but the intro I'm sitting in my bed listening to the interim thinking what in the Sam Hell is this and then of course it turns into a great show with Rants and Raves so don't let anybody change your introduction because when I started listening to the backlogs as soon as I pulled my back while giving I can lose this is Dave and this lecture NPR and it was like is this the same show this is not right there so much more aggressive ideology here that I want to hear so don't anybody change that my question was how do you clean your cast iron do you use soap is the question

yeah you so and I use regular kind of you know the dishwashing stuff like that like you have on the on the counter not the not the powdery stuff obviously but just like regular of henna hand dishwashing soap mean I don't let it soak there forever but I use I just use Scotch-Brite and and then wash it give it a ribs and then I always almost always throw them back on the burner for like 15 seconds on high heat just heat it up off the pan so that it's dry so it's not like sitting and ever and I think it's the old the old cleaners like Alkali Bass Cleaners or alkaline cleaners can hose it because it can start breaking down the surface but that polymerization well surface isn't is it know Da Nang cutting that grease and aggressive

can probably be might be able to cause you a problem but like the regular like steel wool on it and stuff like that on them and cuz otherwise I get all gunked up you know like pretty pretty slick and old polish pans like a polished and you know that I've had for probably you know 25 years and it was probably 40 years old when I bought it and I've never had a problem with that and

and I have a bunch of large stuff that you know is new or that kind of pebbled surface it's not polished and it's all so fine that way of course you know that those newer pans take a lot longer to build up to a complete like awesome non-stick nest and the old school one but my seasoning never comes out in fact they're the ones that use most often so I had I scrub them all the time because I have a I have like six of those like fajita pans and they decided they stack so easy and so they can I use them a lot but frustrated Lee excited when somebody tells you that they don't like biscuits no way you can go back to the NPR intro cuz eventually you're going to get all excited so just stay with the excitement

sounds good thank you thank you for the thank you for calling in and know the next time you're on the air

hey how's it doing Dave nastasha Jack and the rest of the crew as well

when showing the nice weather forecast Asia hates nice weather do you know why nastassia haten I was feeling great people enjoy the outside especially hipsters

my question is if you're aware of any other modernist technique that you can make black garlic outside of the long and slow method did you write in the black garlic question

how would you go about making which is totally separate and we know it's unfortunate we have to get I don't know if you can get Johnny Hunter on the on the phone jack but he has I was literally talking to Black Star the who's on the show a couple of weeks ago and I was talking to him about black garlic cuz they make it and then he said yes someone makes it in like in like a couple of days and I think they just do it by jacking the temperature higher but I couldn't remember what the protocol was at the guy use for those of you that don't know if we're listening to program my account so I can read it was fairly recent in invention

but the basic principle is you keep whole garlic cloves garlic heads rather no skins on and everything sealed in a container so that it doesn't they don't dry out and you let him go for that like 60° Celsius like a hundred forty or thereabouts you know like within plus or minus 556 degrees and you keep it for like a month for a little longer and people mistakenly called is fermentation starts but it's not really fermentation because it's not it's not up it's not a bacterial or fungal it's just you know it's kind of sweet black garlic that is pissed a lot of people make it themselves but

and know that the only way I've ever done it is in my Excalibur food dehydrator but people do it in their rice cooker Princeton and in a rice cooker rice cookers are a bit hotter there at 165 degrees Fahrenheit people say that two weeks in a rice cooker might be enough to keep warm function but I forget what Johnny said I don't know if we can get him or not but if not I can treat him and have him tell me what what the other guys were using it in Madison they're upset today by the way losing their Madison badger mushroom mushroom the point is is there is a way to speed it up I don't know the protocol but it doesn't taste quite the same it still tastes good but it's not the same because any time you're working with these reactions that take place over a long. Of time they're very complex whether they be my order any other kind of reaction like this flavor you get depends on

every factor involved including the rate at which it happens and so speeding it up you might get something that looks the same but probably and cording to Johnny doesn't taste the same doesn't taste bad and it's not in a silly question of better or worse it's just it's going to be different that make sense

turn off but if I can get him on the phone I'll figure out what what it is speed up cuz he said that these guys were getting it like in a couple of days like like I think was under under a week which would be awesome it's not like a 10-minute thing I want to know what else like what else are people experimenting but I know the Nordic food guys lab Nordic Food Lab folks onions and shallots the same way and they said those were good times are so complicated that you're a lot of interesting stuff goes on but like you know weeks and weeks I should just keep random stuff in there and see what happens to it I kept I've only kept rice warm for 3 days I was hoping I would get some sort of Miracle rice after 3 days of keep warm but it didn't the maybe I should have left it for like 2 weeks maybe I'll just like divided up my rice cooker like have some rice there

some onions some garlic and some other random stuff and just keep it on keep warm for like a month and see in like kind of note the changes that happen to a bunch of different foodstuffs you know what I mean

you have totally given up on cooking issues or if Johnny gets back before the end of the show I'll have him tell us the fast way to do it

accent sounds good thanks a lot man, you're on the air

hey there how's it going I got to play to the court

I got to totally out of 80 questions for you so that were the first one I run a pop-up bar and I do a lot of Home infusions and things like that and I've tried filtering coffee filters with the terrible and buchner funnel which are a pain to use and water filters which I'm worried flavors out to be activated charcoal to block on infusions or just Blended things like your strawberry jam for the first question so I have a gar clarified liquor

yeah I'm not super Jazz about it to be honest because it's strips it just rips a lot of flavor and add some water cuz you got a hydrate the agar in water and because obviously the temperatures you can't reach their hydration temperature of agar in straight booze and so I've done it but I just don't like it you know what I mean it's like a clarifying juices yeah but like doing clarified booze I've never been to Super I've never been super happy with I tried it once because I did an event in in South America wants and I couldn't get a center Fusion I was trying to do something like it was something like strawberry and Jen but but as a whole you know what I mean and I just I just wasn't happy with it

I'm not saying that you couldn't find something you're happy with and it will work it's just the flavor is not going to that you could you could you could maybe treat it as soon as pre watered a little bit right but still I think you're going to strip a lot of flavor out so I know if you were going to do like a carbonated drink it didn't matter that I was going to come out more watery than sure you could take an infusion hydrate that agar in the water and then like tempered back in trying to keep the alcohol percentage somewhere around twenty maybe 20 30% applied with 20 and then and then I got to clarify your yield might not be that high your proof probably go up a little bit over your base level because the water's going to be preferentially held on to the egg are a bit and it'll clarify and it might taste good for something carbonated where you need like a lighter flavor anyway but I don't think it's going to work that well for let's say bastard drink

do you think that it is charcoal in a water filter would strip less play more than either or am I just

charcoal does clearly strip flavor I mean you can taste it it's just flavor even if you take something it's clear from so you know you're not removing particulate matter and you taste it you can taste a difference after it's gone through a charcoal filter like a Brita in fact we used to run we used to run all of our Smirnoff through British to get rid of it you know any residual Hospital knows on it before we were using it to Do rotary evaporation back at that back-to-school holder so we used to take a torch and melt the bottom of quart containers and then punch to filter through the bottom of quart containers that's how Chief we are sitting there like melting the bottom of a quart container with a torch and punching a Brita through through too cheap to buy a picture for it whatever

so I mean looks great and I think with within a year I will stay within a year there will probably be centrifuge there will probably be a centrifuge that normal people can afford to have around within about a year I would say I mean not going to guarantee it but I would say that means I would bet on it if there's not I'm in big trouble let me put it that way so you know if you can hold out a bit longer maybe you should hold out a bit longer for that for the centrifuge

so I was wondering if I want to serve it like a European dry-cured ham is it better to get one of the ones that have been age for a year or more or one of the ones that have been gone for four to six months okay now here's a problem before the 6-month ones are some of them are the people who are good at it anyway I doing faster hams they they basically

put it to a faster cycles of a kind of like it would go to naturally and then they they keep it at exactly the humidity they need to to get fit the same as dry as possible as fast as possible right so I'm further inspection these hands can look like someone is doing it so okay

back up a second so if you were to take if someone lets say like a new Sims aren't Edwards or no finchville or any one of these kind of traditional style hands right open one of those guys up at seven seven six or seven months so this would be okay then for like traditional American Cookie but the inside of the kind of like a cushion area of the meet the meaty part is going to be really tacky you know what I mean and it's going to be impossible to slice without gumming forget the fact the flavor won't be fully developed yet but it's going to be pretty Tacky in there

so one of the hands have been meant to be released after you know a fairly short amount of time might seem like it's lost all that packing their however I've noticed on slicing them when you slice them and then let them sit they can get kind of gummy tacky you're not going to have the same texture and also there's no there's no way you're going to get the same kind of flavor in a quick in a quick thing as you will in a in a in a slow on because you'll have the drying but you won't have the flavor development from protein breakdown whatever else happens when a Lip lip oxidation Reverend a heck else happens in the ham is its aging that's up just takes time and they're not accelerating the Aging they're just really accelerate in the dehydration of it and I'm saying and so you know what you know what a what a country ham really want is to go through you know

Apple full cycle of at least a year sometimes a man when they're like 18 months that's like sweet sweet spot you know what I mean I used to store mine out in my hanging the problem is is that you can get certain insects can attack it and then you can get mites that hit the Creator powdery residue around that's why some of the old-timers that used to spread lard on the gonna cut surfaces on it there's like that you create a cavity there in like mold can grow in there mold on the outside

as long as you show me the way you know isn't going to kill you store in the fridge for even a relatively long. Of time but like I tend to something like get like weird kind of like sticky nastiness on where the pay play so you would wrap and wax paper and put it in the fridge I can't like some sort of weirdness on the surface of the meat right by the wax paper and sometimes you can pick up odors from your fridge and vice-versa like for instance in the country ham fridge at some sambar they put the for some reason they put the milk for the coffee in the country ham fridge and that milk is unused those suckers are using it for coffee and coffee

I wouldn't have it necessarily resting against anything can you can get some like weird mole wear contacts I'm going to keep the bugs away from it and if you get if you happen to get mites again unless it's going to kill you you know what I mean trim away anything you don't like and you're good to go meet his stuff is in of the stuff survival food man I know that Edwards uses a Heritage breed pigs like Berkshire and whatnot are there any other producers using those kind of fig

I think I think newsom's might have bought some stuff from Patrick and there's a there's a I just went out of my head but there's a there's a company that produces some really expensive and very delicious ham that are all kind of mass fed I saw them at at Star Chef so you can look up the people who are but then the name of the company just went right out of my head as I as I went to go think about it but I think it's more because that's really where

that's really where the future of American kind of country ham Excellence lies is in in the feed and and the the meat self like it's just daddy you know they haven't forgotten how to do that right I mean it's just a quality of the kind of Broad and I listen to Heritage Radio Network wanted an excuse to do that nice nice Network huge supporter has sponsored the show from time to time but but anyway

all right that answer your question

help me that's great thank you insert a break right jack actually you know I have another minute for another caller I just the lines are off the hook today

yeah stressed out size size is making her headache or migraine headache with a great head everybody loved it awesome drink but do it so much could I see got to know your likes I don't know your shake technique right so when you shake usually

you shake and then I kind of like a let it drain and then I'll do it I'll do a snap like you know you like to come holding their the Shaker kind of pointed down with my with my pointer holding the pulling a strainer on to the saying right and then I'll give us I'll give it a snap down and that'll get some last little little bit little bit out

and plus I was reshaped

Hawthorne's of different larger and weird size ice crystals coming out I likes like a couple of ice crystals in a drink because like I like that little crunch the problem is is that it's hard to control with those kind of older Hawthorne Spinners most of the cocktail people for a long time for anti Crystal you always see them straining through a tea strainer right so they would have a Hawthorne which why would you use a Hawthorne if you're going to go through a tea strainer right. Don't ask me cuz I don't know except for the fact that they rest more conveniently they're easier to hold them until trainer I think in in at 10 and then it was trained through a tea strainer

it's fine for Daiquiri but for a milk wash bottle with tea time is milk washers on the show before I think Mark washing there's a specific phone from the whey protein is in milk washing and that is destroyed by a tea strainer so and so that's why I use exclusively the cocktail kingdoms like fine Define wired Hawthorne because it's like the best balance it doesn't let through an inordinate amount of crystals you don't have to worry about clamping the Gate of your Hawthorne down so hard to the Shaker that you know you're you're having like White Knuckles by the end of the evening and it doesn't hurt the phone that's what I use for it

yeah that's what I used as well and I guess it's just the the snapping technique cuz after two or three of those on a Sunday afternoon my technique kind of the deal yeah just give it a snap and that's going to get that other stuff that I have had bartenders who're used to the kind of older style like a fat wire Hawthorne's will call him or coarse Hawthorne's I'll call him say that they said that they're not getting everything out of the Shaker and that there are you know this is kind of upset them but then if you if you just give it that last snap on the on the way out I think you're going to get most of the stuff back out of there

alright well thank you very much and that's a great drink for anybody yet so we're going to get ripped off and get to any of that describes we'll talk about next week we're back here next week right we're not in Our Stars right okay

we met our company while I'm eating my grandma going to come here and we had a question on cooking squirrel from Sam Geiger but she's going to be interesting because I've never cooked squirrel but I will talk about what I think and we had a question on black garlic and what kind and making a tea out of the black garlic skins and what and what thickens them real quick starter for a new Heritage Radio website that will make especially my life a lot easier. I do all this like horrible HTML coding everyday to get your quick so the codes expire in on our website interactive modern mobile-friendly so for Heritage Radio Network every dollar counts please please please do they get

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whatever you want whatever you want and they'll push it on the other push on the what's it called on the website we need to talk about next week the Tandoor I've got a lot of Tandoor stuff I've been going Tandoor crazy off maybe I'll cook with Tandoori this weekend too and juice

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