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Episode 202: Award Tour

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a glass of wine

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Prosecco bubbling stars is not with me in the studio today but she is actually in Long Island on the day that we have probably hears does what you can't believe that you're missing the puppy I know I asked for the bubbly for you it's so sweet friend it's not the money it's a fact that she wants someone else to have it even though she couldn't have it that's the market which is enforced by the way this is cooking network from Roberto's Pizzeria Bushwick Brooklyn

Applause ready radio show still has yet someday someday intelligence nominated for James Beard award along with Sherry book and the death & Co book for like a beverage writing I guess or beverage book and first real never been ever ate who's like you know I didn't do poorly enough to get best Improvement stock. Best personality in me

I like it you can buy a white one is a friendship in the green one the green one is whatever in the hell and then they are the red one is who I love you all this other crap well I was the one who got the secret admirer Carnation at the end of the day because everyone had to get one and so if nobody Iris it's like listen I'm not an idiot you know what I mean like I get it you know what I mean it's like I don't need to walk around with a flower in my hand you know what I mean is like if you're going to wallow in it just builds character it's good stuff you know so I feel like my whole Mojo is ruined by this nomination for something I can't have and you should tell that story I think I'll tell you what

did the thing is is at both the other books are fantastic fantastic books so whoever whoever wins it's going to be it's good I would like to I would like to win for the only thing that I've been stiff competition there are you are you mean the non-alcoholic stuff used to make for the Raging alcoholic Jackson Pollock 4 hours from all accounts just a real jerk just a real place

I mean food looking so far I don't know I know you're a hater of everything so like I said like there's nothing you hate more than a concept well it's funny looks kind of good is he like no offense to it and what is it you like about this radio station says it's just so incredibly like community-oriented and I and II

pocket of the kid that they pulled over weird guess he was like you got nominated for best insulated food separator that's on the books where is mine is simply something that keeps hot foods and cold food separated it's like written any more would have been too heavy if I'm any less it would have been nice

we might be joined later in the program by Peter Kim if we ever want to go we're going to have to go more distinguished instead of you think

questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 but you don't like you don't like kind of melo's that stayed folks right when people talk right away I love you like a producer asked that on the show I mean whatever it is there cameras for a Kickstarter video I haven't started yet

it's a new website Kickstarter oh oh yeah hey do we have a firm ship date by the way speaking to Kickstarter on the stage decorators

I know we don't have that date yet they're done right that they should be shipped out this week and they should be here you know in a couple weeks at the most and pretty soon we can talk about our next product pretty soon within within a month or so we should be announcing our next step once we get this take decorators out and everybody's happy with us we don't have the hounds at our heels okay let me get you some questions instead of just chit-chatting bjd wrote in and listen I apologize obviously this was a corned beef question for Saint Patrick's Day and obviously Saint Patrick's day is over me to say corned beef is not just for Saint Patrick's Day do you like corned beef

do you like any form of it are you a sandwich corned beef person or more like a hash person sandwich form with mustard Mariana you know I did touristy stuff you know cuz we are live in Jersey and hope you know what do we know she's got to be in like you know late 70s early 80s or something and I asked for freaking mayonnaise and like they're all my God I was a little kid like crazy

never do that now mustard mustard

I like corned beef better than pastrami worst thing in the world is people who try to get the lien is pastrami possible just don't have to get something else like love the fatty part of you are going to ride with us I don't like right right now

do I have to discuss it with the holidays upon is Saint Patrick's Day which I miss cuz I was flying back people from South by Southwest where I was giving a talk with Peter, never boast about the Museum of food and he gets here maybe we also did a really fun event for the museum at a place called odd duck in Austin fantastic Place everyone there was really really nice food excellent really awesome place I recommend anyone Austin go check it out by the way how much is birthday today

I thought it was from use does someone send me a text is Johnny got his birthday so there it is happy birthday happy happy birthday and I believe I know he was in the pre nominations for the beer towards you in the finalists I hope so what the hell is upon us I was wanting to hear Day suggestions on Brian and circulating a brisket I'm planning on going with the serious eats recipe but I'm always looking to improve and then they linked to kenji's recipe for brisket with you know whatever brisket you know so it is brisket trimmed with salt and listen any cures for 8 days it's salt spices sugar via peppercorns

first of all

candy calls out I'm just going to comment on this particular recipe that you're that you're dealing with him in and deal with the first of all on the salt in the in the recipe calls for first gives a a grams and then announces and then a cup measurement and then it says diamond crystal kosher salt and I'm sure most of the initial will know that you cannot measure so I'm sure it's just like that that's the way they have to do it for the website you can't measure salt by volume specifically kosher salt is a freaking nightmare to measure by volume because Diamond kosher salt which is by the way the choice of everyone everywhere who has any sense really General salting is compared to Morton's kosher salt or any other like a form of regular like iodized like salt crystals

is very fluffy so if you were to use a cup of diamond crystal kosher salt is remember exactly but it's something like the equivalent Morton's kosher salt is like only like 2/3 of a cup so wildly different so you always want to weigh your you always want to weigh yourself to use the reason everybody likes Diamond who is used it and I think it's available Nationwide just have to search what the reason is because it's fluffy it's easier to Dos out because you can put a healthy or sprinkle on and because you can put a healthier sprinkle on because it's less dense that you know you have more margin for error when you're sprinkling the stuff and it's it's it's easier to sit in your hand. The Papas much blah blah blah Superior shape kosher salt for cooking like. Like that's all there is to it so if you're going to measure by volume you must

Diamond if you're going to follow his recipe but I already know that then calls out for the cure for 10 grams of salt saltpeter or pink salt and listen

saltpeter is like an old thing that people call out don't use it just forget it it's there's no freaking reason to ever use saltpeter don't do it so Peter is like I think it's pure sodium nitrate I have to look it up I'm not exactly sure thing that people used to get it druggist you know a druggist I got it once when I was a kid cuz I was making Natron which is the mummification salt when I was doing my mama my mama vacation project in elementary school and I had to like pack it into things but the point is is that is that you don't want to use it because it's incredibly easy to get nowadays curing salt you can't just say pink salt so what happens is that regular salt is regular salt

if you want to get that kind of cured taste in color in meat sit in a reasonable amount of time you have to add nitrites or nitrates so that the trick is it there's there's three different ways that the average person can get these these things is that there's two kinds of kind of a insta cured pink salt called Prague powder 1 and 2 or insecure one and two Pinks All right one do you want to get its night right right and then to is the one you don't want to use and that's nitrate and the difference is is at night rate is considered like a short-acting kind of curated where is a nitrate is a more it's kind of a longer-acting cuz it makes rate has to get converted to nitrite before it can then do it's it's curing work now what do you use that nitrate for music but country hams and things like that basically nothing else anything else you going to do tonight right which is insta cure 1 or Prague powder 1 make sure

get the right one the other thing you could do instead is used product that you can get in a lot of places called Tender Quick and that is salt up with the instacure already put in on my salt weight basis so then if you use that fuse Tender Quick that's important product and it's not as dense you don't have to weigh it but then you admit the pink salt altogether

Angie says to marinated in a vacuum on a ziplock you marinate in a vacuum bag you're going to get a faster penetration and if you marinate it in a ziplock he does it for 8 Days flipping it that's all good then you what you going to do like the real baller ways like you want to do it quickly if you could pressure marinate this thing but you have to get like a pressure pot they make stainless steel pressure pots for painting or you get the Cornelius keg I got you can throw the brisket into the corny keg and then pressurize it at like 80 psi with a with a tank with a gun CO2 tanks are for nitrous if you have it like I had it and then pressure marinated and you can marinate it very very quickly and then let it let it sit and will be a very equal cure then you won't have to worry about salt Equalization as much because it's going to penetrate very very quickly so that's something you can do if you really have a need to pick it up if it's for some reason you don't want to wait around for 8 days or you just want to penetrate and try something else you can do that

I think it's kind of necessary from equality stamp play but here is where it gets interesting he has candy have two different cooking techniques both are a ticket for the Cure wash it off right and then one is a traditional way where you put it on my God I remember you guys if you've all seen our Raiders of Lost Ark a million times right so now I have in my head cuz Dax repeat it constantly is when the guy is looking at the head piece of raw and he goes this is the old way the medicinal remember this where is the awesome dude and indy with a bad dates in the monkey where he's like that like the Nazi has burnt only one side of the staff into his hand and so they make the cat they make this the staff 6 Kaden high and then yes. Take back one to done to honor the Hebrew God whose act as his and then they all say

wrong Tracy says take one back until I can think about this is only going to make sense to people who were the Raiders of Lost Ark Fanatics movies Declan and he remembers the old way so it put in a pot of water with a little bit and then in the oven at 2 what temperature is it actually he's cooking for a long time like an hour or so the presumption is it he's getting enough of that bration in there since the temperature never gets above probably

I don't know 19118 I don't know after I have to measure I don't know I haven't even given measurements and temperature that is when he's in the oven but he does his sous vide is is is vacuum bad one he go to a hundred and eighty Fahrenheit now that is traditional kind of temperatures you also cook sat there for 10 hours which I don't know I don't know how long it takes to get to cook that out but here is where you have a big change in texture flavor and taste when you're cooking brisket in water traditionally right you are giving it more of a post your leaching flavor out of the meat right and you're also giving it that kind of War post textures can become more friable it's going to be it's going to be different right when you do it in the bag

it's going to be kind of more compact more sliceable and it will have a more intense flavor and here's the issue is that you're going to leave a lot less salt out when you cook it in the bag vs. when you cook it in in water you're also not going to have the cooking liquid left later to redo the veg and other stuff afterwards so you have to come up with something else to do there now another issue is that you have to choose what kind of texture you want if you want a traditional texture on this thing then you have to cook it high and high temperature and that's how I do confit even in the bag frankly when I'm doing Ducks high for about the same like the time as you would normally because you're cooking it roughly the same temperature that you would normally cook it the other alternative you can do it makes me entirely different not better not worse different is to go low in temperature something like 57 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit and then

which are you going to want to cook it for probably between 48 and 56 to 72 out somewhere in there somewhere between two days and three days probably in the fifties of hours you going to want to cook it for that long ride so you have two choices and it's based on what kind of texture trying to achieve now the other thing is they mentioned that he mentions is it is the cool-down it here is a vital part of this procedure when you're doing a traditionally believed that you put the lid on to let it cool down as it cools down a tree absorbs the some of the juice from the boiling liquid that goes into it and when you do the bag you have to do the same thing you have to let it reabsorbed here's a trick do not simply throw the the bag into ice water you need to let it reabsorb the liquid so what you want to do is take the bag out of the circulator whatever else you're cooking it in leave it on the table for at least

23rd and now you cook it up at 184 also there's no botulism in here because you cured with nitrates or nitrites rather so you don't really have to worry that much about botulism so I would not worry as much about how quickly you chill it down if it's in a vacuum back I probably shouldn't say that but me personally I wouldn't worry about as much and I want to get a low ramp down and temperature so very very fast as I would ever chill it is like 20 minutes on a tabletop on the on the countertop in the air and then 20 minutes in a regular room temperature tap water invented ice water but I would actually push it even further I would probably do like half hour half hour and then and ice water to bring it down let it cool down and then do urethral when you cook it out because you going to get it if you can get a much better product and if you just shocked she lit that's going to be the big guy is going to be the big megillah now that make any sense

Chase Elliott Road in the show you Aunt Jack baby you know I was just saying I'm only addressing this to you today because you're the only one who answers the question you said hello too many awkward I don't know how to sit down Peter Peter something

yeah yeah yeah

Dave maybe give him a freaking Family Show

yeah watch it here at the beginning but we're trying to be more professional now yeah okay for a new spring growth how much they hate that spring growth even though you're a gardener we still had to get a frost at its last week with the best vinegar and alcohol would shoot stems Etc I plan on Serviceberry Spruce tips could call Cherrywood sour cherries which I wish I could do wild wild raspberry strawberry bean flour for the color is ramps which are your favorite. He calls you out on that hammers favorite season now still annoying

I like how you're angry at the plants for growing if you ever meet Nastasia never tell her that you are enjoying the weather or that you can she hates people enjoying the weather right Behavior I think we said it before but she is like like the singer from garbage she is only happy when it rains so what do you suggest I live in Illinois vinegar is so like just be you know the flavor of the thing is how clean do you want to be remember I have been dirty do you want to be the acidity is going to get mellowed by the fact that you're adding fruit fruit is roughly I don't know probably over 80% water in that range and so she is going to be very mellow by the amount of fruit is present in the vinegar so if you want

like hyper acid infusion that you might want to go as a percent or something acid and that was like hyper vinegar distilled I actually like I like the cleanest of distilled vinegar for a lot of cooking but then on the other hand I love you know delicious I love a delicious of flavor vinegar alcohol you're definitely going to want to go you're definitely going to want to go clean unless you have something specific in New York we can get something called an industry-standard technical Reserve it's like 95/5 but it smells and tastes a whole lot better than Everclear does if you want to do some like super high stuff you can be lowering the proof of the product by how you know by the amount of fruit that's in it but if you use a very high proof very clean alcohol you can add a lot of fruit

very very you know strong attractions out of it so you can just use like a regular if you have a kilo of liquor and a kilo of fruits you're going to end up with a proof eventually that is you know down in like a mid 20s somewhere that's going to mean that the fruits going to end of this going to happen now what it was you or somebody else to try the pectin methyl Ester race which is the Nolo shape which is the way I think maybe it was you but you definitely want to try that this year what I would do is take that the fruit I would add calcium to I would do an initial soap and water of the pectin methyl estrace and calcium and then I would add some extra for good measure to whatever you're going to steep in there I don't know whether it at cuz I I haven't tested it I don't know whether it

is deactivated by alcohol or not I suppose we could find out if you ask someone but I would definitely add some both before as a pre-soak if you can in vacuum it in or let it or is that the enzyme into it along with calcium you're going to get a butt firmer product and it stays firm over an old school house allowed to have cherries my my stepfather's grandfather put down some cherries in the 1920s and his secret was he would just snap the stands but leave the stem on until wise to I'm pretty sure but I had one of those cherries it was put down in the twenties in the late 80s and it was still good

now there's two left of that by the way there's two left of those cherries in the world you have to drink to her or something like that I just wanted him right and then my stepfather and then my brother Ben and we're going to make Manhattans and put those cherries in it and just have like you know almost it's almost a hundred year the Cherry pretty soon we'll be a hundred years old trying to be interesting to the last three of these things have a 95 year old person you know 62 year old person and a 22 year old person like three generations like having a Manhattan I think of a good story when you when I'm human I have interest maybe you want to do our first break and come right back

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what's the name of the show you'll get 10% off any of their popular kids just by using the promo code Heritage at checkout that's promo code Heritage so we can check them out molecular tons of really awesome stuff they're definitely right up your alley

and welcome back to cooking issues this is the Mellow cooking issues voice trying to be more professional Dave Arnold your house to cooking issues with Peter Kim for the Museum of food and drink welcome back Peter oh my God smooth jazz watching for more yeah. Great stuff they don't play the music I want to hear the song today is just hated that song so much and I like we couldn't couldn't couldn't keep playing it who did your break song by the way that's a long time.

Michael property of molecular which guy should check out for the song starts ignition on a constant basis because I hate the term molecular cooking I've been painted with that tarbrush many times your house like is i and e c like 4 years there was confusion over whether is is i r e c e and it was is I here in DC in Austria you'll have talked about the whip cream folk I was going for now I was going to say e c k that's what you're supposed to say now

a number of different whipped cream makers make a home jazz version which is not stainless steel looking at so I can hold it in. It's got a plastic top instead of a metal Tub Time Machine I don't have for many years you know why because they are cheaper so you know back in the day when all I used it for with wood frame that's why I don't do you want to separate the question is regarding different styles with various different kinds of preface to this question 4 - easy whipping siphon by the way life ins since I believe they started getting called siphons in the US as a result of translation to Spanish stuff into the US technically

right only the soda ones are siphons and this is not why this is not a reflection on you like everyone calls him siphons they aren't siphons unless they have the tube running from the top all the way down to the bottom like a soda think it's the same way that if you order a CO2 tank and you want to get the dry ice out of it you have to order with color siphon tank with has a tube going on down the bottom why so you can siphon the liquid off of the bottom instead of getting the gas out of the top so a real safe and you don't have to turn upside down to get that whipped cream out of Like You Do by the way who don't like you passed the whip cream thing around and

and like discharge has the gas without freaking discharging whip cream horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible you're not really siphons so I don't really care if I don't care about that as much as I care about like other semantics nonsense like his sous vide vs. low temperature or molecular vs. you know cooking do you know but I'm just saying like they're really not not the side I recently purchased a used ECC a profit on eBay a live person at a property whip is it's meant for whipped cream it's not meant they don't intend you to use it for other wacky cooking operation of the unit looks to be in good condition but there was a dark greasy Feeling by the way her phone cut out

how do you like that greasy if there was a mommy inside of the head and all over the rubber gasket something akin to engine grease I've managed to wash it off though I need a replacement gasket what the heck it is and if I should be concerned the body itself didn't seem affected any ideas as to what nefarious are benign purpose is the previous owner may have put this whipper to that might have caused this ready for the Stars sebaceous residue

I know he did just call that dude is a patient's residue so you know what it's like when you're making whipped cream in his thing and when cream festers and gets old and sinks under the services of things it turns into a brown greasy nasty stanky like like old are eating nasty and this is why I tell people and I'll tell you again screwed down the nasty nasty cuz once you get all the stuff off its going to get nastier and nastier and nastier you need to unscrew it pull the gasket out rinse the gasket off right and then like put it all together and weight is not screwed together and you'll prevent this nastiness I'm happy I've had once we're not only have they gone greasy but moldy moldy greasy moldy greasy nasty nasty

if you were to boil that gasket I'm sure it would come back to Eno being not so smelly eventually but it's probably just cream is mypoints secondly I have read in the chefsteps for him just as for like a bunch of everything like nominated for best people that people award some of that from that the prophecy who whip can be fitted with a silicone gasket from The Gourmet Thermo whip to make it compatible for hot applications do you think it's a good idea and if so how should the gasket be oriented inside the head as The Gourmet series gasket has a protruding flap on it not found on the gasket what's the purpose of this flange and how should sit within the head cause any problems

I have a whipper or lost so I'm going to walk you through this and I'll walk you through for those either don't have the Whipper in your head

whipper is like all the Whispers that have the stainless steel all the EC whippers have a stainless steel bottom frankly you can use in a hot application the guy's a TC or extremely extremely anal about what you can use in a hot and a cooking application and what you can't a lot of it has to do with very Arcane possible issues where someone might get burnt or blah blah blah blah blah I'm here to tell you that it's going to work all right. Isn't that just a straight-up thing I'm extremely confident I visited their Factory I've seen the stuff that they go through I seen the materials they use and they are like crazy nuts on on all that so you're going to be a you're going to be okay so you have the stainless bottom which doesn't care whether it's hot or not right now you have the head now I'm head the different units have different they have different valve Technologies right which some DEC guys want that you use in certain applications other but it's not really a safety issue from terms of hot and cold because they can both be dishwashed so you're not going to get hoes that way right

on the inside of a head there is as a gasket the silicone gasket can do like that uses the high temperature stuff and that little flap that comes off of it is literally just a pull tab to make it easier to go in there and pull the gasket out the other one I don't really know the composition of it but it's going to be fine I'm telling you I'm telling you this from experience because I have had it hot a billion times and I've never had a problem now maybe someone can you see can call me and tell me that like you know I'm endangering myself but I doubt the other one is a different rubber composition and instead of that pull tab it's got an inner ring the whole ring flaps out and you can Loop your finger into it and pull it out either one fits because the heads I'm here to tell you fit on the same bottoms every one of the professional things is completely interchangeable so you can take the head of a of a 1-liter whipper

what about a half liter whipper you can take the head of a half liter whipper and put it onto a put it onto a thermo which is the one that is a is to keep things hot not to actually keep them up so if you're going to heat up the actual whipper then you don't want to use a thermal witness know what the shift to keep hot things hot for a long. Of time with a thermos right auto parts interchangeable including the gasket so if you want to get a new gasket and you want to get a silicone one cuz that's recommended for the harder stuff then go ahead and get it because the Machining on the inside of the head is all the same thing last set of valves can be slightly different but the actual threads and the seating stuff for the gasket you're going to be okay and I know this from experience

sounds like I don't care I don't care I started to listen to show a few months ago and keep coming back because it's super personal questions for I have a more personal question by the way every week's dies we say your questions cooking or otherwise so here you go otherwise is the first Nastassja it seems like whenever anyone mentions that you went to Stanford the university not Stam the town would you also like I love affair with the town of Stamford Connecticut not the actual City Center which by the way I don't like you or text you I'm just saying no offense of the WWE or WWF whatever it is like the feather what Wrestling Federation has their stuff there but you like the Waterfront they're in Stamford

I like those I like this ship and I like one specific structure and in Japan stand Ford College founded by Lorde with the money from Leland Stanford in California and that's basically it like we hightailed it out of there now its 3 and you know I was born in California and move to never freaking say that I mean alfalfa sprout anything they're the devil I challenge you to find anyone on Earth that actually like the flavor of those rancid things no one likes them they eat them because they think that they're good

fresh tasted the fresh is the opposite of fresh

vintage dirty and raw fresh fresh clean when I'm with you I'm with you on this man there like look nasty they look like they look like steel wool or something bad has happened to General though

Phillip r c I mean I love parsley but like Sprouts are actually physically like normally full of bacteria because of the terrible conditions in which they're produced and they taste of it they taste like they were grown in like somebody's shoe and they are almost invariably raw so that it wasn't I realize everybody likes pea shoots for instance like them very much because of that raw flavor I wish they would just be cooked a little bit like that Star Cheer honest so you have the leftover uncooked you know seed right which has been festering in God because they had to keep it moist for all that I'm in a warm environment and then a little kind of poorly textured nonce and popping out of it what's good about that you know it's just a really fresh you say fresh for me that's the way I would describe it like mung bean sprouts I love mung bean sprouts

are they good for I like if I like broccoli Sprouts I like alfalfa sprouts

I like to cook Sprouts washed like very thoroughly washed cooked Sprouts idea doesn't okay here's what I freaking hate someone takes like they make would otherwise be an okay sandwich and then they put this mess of Harry dirty tasting nonsense on top and then you're like you can't even pick them all out because when you rip take it off and look some of it invariably is embedded and whatever else is in the saying you can't get it out and like one of them weeks of the freaking Sprout container that these nasty things were produced in raps

varsity jacket shove Dave against the Lockers in high school and like made him for Sunday in alfalfa sprout wrap

I mean it's just a harmless like you just have to pretend you're not alive in a couple minutes while you're eating it it's like it's not that bad I mean like I can eat anything you want to meet us I would never ruin food with it sprouts

how about Stanford game is Frozen right now

it seems like whenever anyone mentions he went to Stanford you don't want to talk about it and refer to it as that place you went to college in quotes as a current Stanford undergrad I am curious what was your experience is Stanford like also how the heck did you start working for Dave so best Kevin a class of 15 so graduating this year if I work 40 hours a week and I took the full load while I was there and I just didn't really have much of an Stanford experience because I was more worried about taking the money and I graduated in three years to get out of there because I was sick of paying that money and yeah that's that's it

yeah you didn't think about it is what you're saying is is that has nothing to do with the college as to do the fact that you don't feel like you got the standard college experience but you have nothing against that it's pretty campus right

it's a pretty campus do you have spotted flying through your hair what's what's going on are you going to space ship could you find a liger like an old half dollar or something someone's gold ring that they lost in the surf was it mine oh yeah and then you said all the women and for the rest of that trip just checking you out. That was a different trip and once in the surf and once I swear to God milking a cow or when I was doing the dishes so I was doing in New Orleans and I was watching a lot of dishes and I was also milking a cow ants when I was smoking after I milk the cow that I noticed because they're doing fresh syllabub I noticed that my ring was gone

I got crimped around my finger and had to because I have stainless steel wedding band and it's like

navigate to tell me somebody found a gold ring in their cereal bowl doing right now

meet you on a trip and we were in the same car over this crazy anti-semite he's like I can find you anywhere he's like he was because you know what people they always make a mistake I can always find them you know they don't give up their car they don't give up their car. Give up their kids they don't give up their car and I'll find him and he's like plus I hate Jews

rent a car with this guy for hours he's driving us and like he wasn't that blatant about it but almost as I mean it was like the most random thing in the world I was like I was like why we supposed to do like you're trapped in a car with a car with a vicious anti-semite what you supposed to do you become friends with everyone afraid of the bar low enough

somebody with a touch of racism you guys wouldn't have that kind of like like nuclear bomb blast of holy crap he sang this one of those things but we didn't event but it was at vistancia made me dress in a shirt like a light denim shirt eight times too small for me with a with a fuzzy like appliqued sheep on it

and a rainbow shirt now and John George and Greg Brannon were there for jean shorts they're doing a lobster roll they were dressed and sailors outfits like straight-up big props for Big Ups if you can say to JG behind that he can show up in a sailor's outfit just as you made me

let's get us some questions it's so much time to the and spice Park in Florida

yeah another way place but great fun I always recommend anyone going to be in South Dade to go to the fruit and spice Park awesome but try to get a special tour so you can actually taste the fruit you know tropical fruit people are named barbecue don't I recently bought a copy of your book on 412 that is very similar when I use Twitter benchtop to use Feud what do you use for sanitize bottles in your book one picture shows a point directly into the bucket I do not believe you would actually use the bucket directly any advice or direction of the greatly appreciate it again thank you for the interesting lessons true that the year as regards Brett Humphrey in fact I do use the bucket directly for many years I didn't and then I was like you know what I'm just going to use the freaking bucket you want to make sure that you don't put anything into the bucket that's going to look the buckets are anime

Siena at the end and a disease and if he anodized coating is good I don't think you're going to damage the aluminum much with the very short amount of time that the assets like juices are sitting and I don't let stuff sit in the bucket for a long time but there's no bottle that works really well make little vacuum I used to take a sealer and bags and form little like lunch bags in it to get it out to all the bottles suck because you have to unscrew them to have a throat excetera excetera so I spend directly and the buckets downside you can't fill up too much B fill up too much you can spill stuff is it spins up in Spanish Town had to make sure the pins on the buckets are nice and smooth so you don't get any like flapper it's going but yes I do spend directly in the buckets make sure you never use put them in a dishwasher put a turkey with aluminum you don't want to do this I have your question on hand for next week I'll start off for the next week on how to keep a ham for a long time because what is what is it

forever two people in a Virginia ham I'm going to get going on next week how to keep your hand cooking issues

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