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Episode 201: Say What?

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how much Rick Hendrick Network every Tuesday from 12 as usual in the studio with this Tasha

is that why you didn't have the time to put the Jackie molecules on so I can go on during the day

cooking cooking anything right meme look there's some questions that will probably refuse to answer but you want to wait that 718-497-2128 or nastase would have to write the number on a piece of paper in front of my face I have a mental block on the telephone number crazy maybe you know it's like the number to memory you haven't met me what you're better than me and my man have liked that my like the number I grew up with in junior high high school and college

my mom's house number is still the house and the the first telephone number I had a New York City I remember to 12666 typo

awesome nice nice you went to 666 typo I remember I remember numbers that existed prior to like when your phone stored all the numbers you want a name so I can remember very early cell phone numbers like my cell phone number I've been around a long time my wife cell phone number and her sister cell phone numbers been around forever so I remember those my dad's house my own house number

but I do know the number of the Heritage Radio Network call in line and that is some water +849-721-287-1849 cooking things happened to you this past week I mean I just saw this and it's wet sand. Long as it's usually late on it starts drying a liquid out right but you still have a really spongy like a spongy thing going on with the eggplant so when you squish the hell out of it

why the salting also helps you squish a little when you squish it you're you're getting rid of some of the porosity it's going to lead to the increase oil absorption I don't put oil in the pan and then put the eggplant in there in like 3 Reddit this is not what I was going to fry the egg plant they choose the lady wanted you watch The Bachelor

yeah she played the Christmas it's like it brings people together please do not compare the bachelor Arie Christmas please do not get there until they never say never see it again what happened was last week so we had their the maker of the searzall and as soon to be mailed steak decorator and then the next two products actually what you hear about the next couple of months from Booker and Dax you are manufacturer I had him over at my house and we made him use the the Sears oil on a prototype stage decorator by the way I didn't understand why he was useless useless I don't want to watch this anyways so like we got him over and we made him cook a cook a steak but Nastassja was like well not coming over unless I can watch The Bachelor and I told her

you don't turn on the TV with someone over at your house for dinner this is like I'm a human being 101 you know what I mean this is like I haven't grown up it in a cave I wasn't raised by TV only wolves I know how to behave around other people drinks right sounds like look I'm a Believer and have any form. She only receives television that is broadcast to her through the air she will not accept any other form she won't get it over the internet

if she has internet she has it but she won't get TV via the Internet she like won't spend the $30 and no extra money ever on a Roku stick or on an Amazon fire I don't know why she's a lot of the same reason why she only listens to music that's picked by people that she doesn't know on the radio wow rather than professional right right if you made a playlist she would want to hear it

any happens to it like being get a DJ slot on any random like you know radio station along some Highway and some crap hole right that person depending on what you play next in the radio valid anyway so I don't need to record this onto onto a computer and you can watch it at later and later point so I recorded the bachelor for her to watch but it was at my house so she had to watch it at my house and then I had to see it

sorry but are you at a book and you couldn't not watch it that's not true I couldn't pay attention at the door is hard to pay attention it's like cuz you're sitting there like making all kind of comments about people at I don't care about these people are like compelling these two I don't really see the difference between this means you're basically kind of making fun of humanity I don't know right now for it I really care what you watch how do we get on this

cooking oh yeah so the bachelor was on last night so you couldn't make it to do what there's an interesting no fry recipe from the new hit pressure cooker and pressure cooker interesting kind of pressure cooked eggplant parm style think maybe I'll look up the recipe if it's out I can share wrong with you you know what people listen like we're doing this year this is a 200 first episode right how many times I talked about like Saving Time efficiency throughput with something like a pressure cooker stassi City next to me every single time I think one there's one show you weren't here for it and

and why are you so resistant and use the pressure cooker instead

I use my pressure cooker about half the time as a regular pot usually if you get a decent one Enough by the way in my life yeah I pushed on recon so much you're how much we got in with everything what's up what's up pressure cooker that's all I'm saying but the emails came out of crap that I don't need it but whatever

so eggplant parm that's what you didn't feel like it gross nastassia show

yes it's true I think like everyone a lot of people you know you get busy you don't cook I think you should take the time to try and make one interesting thing a week did you try to make one of those things be new and outside of your comfort zone and then we can talk about it to go back and so this Sunday when I do this Sunday

nothing like like I did like Ci salt pepper shrimp and pepper shrimp you know what it's like to double fry you deep fry right quickly don't have cooking shrimp with a little bit of a batter on it right then you add the pepper that the hot pepper relish and more salt and then you stir fry real quick right before you serve it along with like that you know I also put in my killie's and scallions. Stir-fry real quick and make it so crunchy East eat the shells because

what's the point because it's not on the inside the shrimp and the only flavor I get out of it at the stuff from if I like suck on their heads or if I get the stuff on my fingers while I'm peeling the shells which is gross as you're telling me that the flavor transfer you're getting is solely because you're licking your fingers after you peel the shrimp you just told me that's gross is that grows my point being that like if you fry it right like that you should be able to show you what am I made my mom's escarole dish which is I could go to on Sundays when I'm super busy

I like you I guess Brown dance bass meet escrow and biscuits which I know you hate 201 is like a new it's our new yes our third Century of what is a Gabite facility with trumpet mushrooms your little secret color pasta taste a different when you describe two are for vegetables I want to know

what kind of non-english speaker was like veggetti that's a good name

veggetti Jack would you ever like knowingly eat something that came out of the jetty

I'm not going to answer that question answer that question

veggetti moving on to be like healthy for you but all the recipes say like use a veggetti in their fry noodles and then allow the jetty used to me for a little bit he threw me for a loop I'll tell you what I don't like these rights when I first became aware of spaghetti squash because that's when I first became aware of anything cuz that's the key I was born in 71 so what day would people would do and why people need my mom is a great cook great cook and I just went to her like I went to her she's got on a recently because she started

cardiac transplant successful anywhere

yes just cardiologist isn't everyone if hernia surgeons that might be listening you're not going to take it and it's all just listen the surgeon comes in they cut the heart out they put the new heart and soul together and then they're done like the The Cure beforehand and afterwards right is it going to be whether or not this person lives for a long time or doesn't whatever, just cardiologist

how many times had to go to that

spaghetti squash spaghetti squash or right or whatever rows whatever shred it into its little noodle in whatever you call those things and then like butter like lots of butter and other stuff maybe some country stuff in you know it's not good as it's not freaking spaghetti put a can of or a jar of pasta sauce into the spaghetti squash it doesn't taste like spaghetti or did you go back to like to go back to what Jack was saying earlier

one of the few things I learned about making pasta because I may have made a lot lot lot of it but he never became very good at it was that you can add anything to it to add color it doesn't change the flavor so you don't care what I added to it and it and it does taste is like using an alternate flour like you know like the whole wheat 101 there's one that's made out of garbanzo beans now and it sounds gross you have a good look on your face is it cuz they were on Shark Tank or something when I was working there Tour on Shark Tank the show

I was like what and I was like like. Sometimes I really appreciate you being hijacked that's great I have a caller on the air build a Precision boiler for making coffee and I started looking at like pids and heating elements and all that my plan was to hook up like a like a swivel valve to the bottom of an insulated stainless steel water dispenser straight over the coffee but

yeah okay babe you technically to do that but they don't officially sanction it you know what don't they don't officially sanctioned if your tank gets dirty or the circular but they didn't specifically say that because the water isn't good to drink into my understanding all the parts that are on their submission of water are like food grade and metal and accept the bottom of the cat for is plastic you know every is below 205 degrees so

I'll give you two deals here to Deals one

as the manufacturer of equipment that people use to cook things and having spoken to many people they will never tell you it's okay because they have to say you have to spend whether or not an item and item can be as pure as the driven snow but you in order to get it so they can legally tell you it's okay they have to pay some some jocomo a lot of money to look at it and certified it's okay even if they even if every material is put into it is known to be food-grade right they have to like pay a lot of extra money and then keep the certs up to be able to say that it can be in direct food contact so that's why none of these folks are ever going to tell you that you can do that unless unless for some unless there's a big market for it if there's a big market for it in a commercial situation where they need direct food contact then they'll pay the extra money but unless they have to for a very small think they're never going to tell you it's okay

right now I don't manufacture that product if they say that the stuff that is in contact with the with with the water is food-grade then you're okay you're obvious points are one nation becomes a big deal because if it's not meant to be food to contact it might have notes and crannies where bacteria are going to grow but that said you're going to be circulating air temperatures is going to wipe out any vegetative bacterial obviously you're not in like sterilization sport stuff that you could always in between things bleaching if you want right so I would say you're okay now second point is that I used circulators to do T seminars where people want a very accurate T temperatures one of the problems with circulators is in general it's not going to do you want to do this every day of your life or you just testing if you're just testing then yeah get a circulator and like you know just get a container and like put like a little valve in the bottom and

make sure that you insulate the content whatever it's like the thing you're putting it into so you don't lose a lot of texts but on a day-by-day basis do you want this sucker hanging around in your kitchen with a circulator in a bang with a vowel over at saying with the stuff you know what I'm saying so I like a lot of the other thing is if you just want to see whether if you just want to see whether or not you like the results then yeah WAP it up out of a circulator and then figure out how to make it all fan dance you so that you know so that you get the results you want like right now right you know I want to see whether or not they're there that I would just press it was not be working on but I want to see where this rancilio that I was near that I had would PID rancilio would be kind of where I want it so it's kind of opened up all over my kitchen and it takes a boatload of time to make coffee because it's a nightmare to work with try to figure out whether it's worth it for me to fix it 100% and put it back together in a way that makes my work streamlined that make sense

greatness I don't know what kind of plastic that they they use but what are they used to know what they used to know what it is is it ABS probably be completely polycarbonate and and metal but what I'm thinking if it's an impeller pump and I just needed to basically even out the ambient water temperature in the tank so I can just take the cap off cuz I don't need directional flow right

right yeah I know if you're really super duper worried about it mean like the really baller the really baller move here's a really baller move for you cuz I really bother move would be to also submerse your way are you doing what what style coffee you doing is this is this a are you doing it like stirred and then drained are you doing pour over are you doing French Press what are you doing kinetic sand Hario V60 submit religious forever also put the cylinder in the bath is being circulated so that the temperature in like who knows maybe a decrease in temperature during the Steep time is what you want maybe what you want is a temperature gradient in which case you need to figure out a way to continuously change the temperature during the extraction time you know what I'm saying

yeah that's that's another thing I was thinking about it sitting up there like a manifold but nice and then having like stations where the water is heated to another specific temperature so I can do an extraction that ranges from 195 to 205 and have basically manifold with three different valves on the bottom and they're all headed in different temperatures

right right

let me think I think the easiest way to probably do it

I think most people who do coffee they want us

see they want to start high and go low they won't start high and go low right you want to lessen the temperature over the course of these fractions that true

actually I'm not I'm not up on that right now I need to research that if you want to do you want to lower the extraction temperature over time then what you want to do is dump the liquid through a block that is hotter than the water and then the water as it passes through over the course of the over the liquid passing through it there liquid will cool it because the block won't be able to heat it at the same rate for a long. Of time right so what you'll get is is you'll you'll get a gradient that goes initially it'll start at the Block temperature and then if you if you time it right you know if you get all the thermal masses of everything right it'll end at the temperature of the liquid and that can be changed obviously also by changing the flow rate of various other things like whether you add extra heat to the block during the. Of time when you're doing

doing the reverse I suppose you could also do the reverse where the block is colder than the liquid and and then the liquid comes out then the temperature Will Rise by all these things that have to be tested by by testing if you have to you have to do it you know what I mean but that's easier than actively changing the temperature of the bath over time which would be more complicated in fact review look at most coffee machines they're they're kind of like the good designs are the ones where you know it's not necessary of the temperature is 110 stable but the gradients are in the shot is favorable again my brain only thinks espresso I have to apologize for that

and what's that I said I said I have to apologize my brain only thinks it and espresso but think about it this way in a classic French Press shot French Press cup of coffee right there's a large temperature gradient between the beginning in the end that's a decreasing shot without kind of getting rid of the other intervening variable what you like but hopefully this is somewhat helpful

I said hopefully this is somewhat helpful

I'm sorry I couldn't hear you information helps out a little bit if you can't hear me a side step in buying a $3,500 Marco or Uber boiler or whatever so yeah I'm just trying to find a way around that. So can you just tell me how it works out for you thanks a lot. You want to take a break

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good news


well I didn't I didn't know that was your Jerry underground Meats Madison I hear a lot of lot of protests going on right now or what's it what's it what's the feeling like over there African American kid was shot last weekend I mean it's like really engaging and a lot of people participating on smoking meats and I thought I'd ask you because I didn't want to answer the question based on my sole theoretical knowledge cuz you know I don't have a lot of it

equitation what does Jason Road in Steam I have a question on cold smoking and smoke absorption as I understand the environment and the moisture of the product being smoked what about temperature how does environmental in product temperature affect smoke absorption I'm thinking cold smoking in this case so if ice cold smoke at 75 Fahrenheit like it more or less or the same smoke flavor as if I smoke at 40 40 degrees Fahrenheit inquiring minds wish to know Jason I figured I'd ask you since you probably tested this stuff

yeah let me let me ask for our head smoker right now I'm in a while you go back to call smoking resorption

that's it like smoking incredibly complicated I haven't really I haven't really studied in depth in a long time even from a theoretical basis but I did learn some interesting techniques

yeah by the way

all right so we we have on the line hello hello how you doing so the question was in cold smoking like a what's the difference in terms of smoke flavor more or less smoking at 40 Fahrenheit versus 75 Fahrenheit

75 degrees Fahrenheit 132 140 it stops penetrating at that point I don't think that's going to make much of a difference it always gets above at 1:30 threshold going to be a big difference because the humidity in the box is going to change a lot if they don't have good control over the humidity in the Box because it's going to be like a different relative humidity when it's that cold work when it's likes like fridge temp vs. when it's at like room tempers and not is it really just going to be like 6 and 1/2 a dozen the other

I don't really think there's much of a different some people really think that there's a huge difference but I don't think there's much of a difference if your humidity is is relatively the same you know what I mean right with your opinion be keep it at like 40 just for safety reasons is it are you better off just staying low then

you know you are always better off staying low it depends on if you have any pink salt or any sodium nitrite in the in whatever your processor with your cold smoking if you have if you have that then you're not worried about the botulism not worried about the temperature getting up there so you're right and you should be able to smoke it afterwards maybe a safety issue if there's not enough by botulism incubation do to do to the curio plaid

that's the other just going on what you're saying but with the what I know from what you're saying just now yes that's what is there a is there any difference by the way it's just a question I have not really how wet or dry you want the surface of a product to be when you cold smoke versus when you're hot smoke anytime you're going to smoke a day to hang overnight in the cooler so that it developed some impact to it but not totally don't want to know you want to keep farting but obviously you don't have to try it out but you do want to have some dry surface if it's if it's wet taste to it there's a there's something I read about which I know you guys like having access to all the signs folks over there at the University I just read about it I didn't know about it

turn off the air since I wanted to see what you think about the way you can try this you heard of electrostatic smoking

I need a

smoke designs that I seem like where it's like a friction smoke but I don't know what that is well it is like super important right so we're not to talk about that this is check out what these guys do this is like super speed super speed smoking what they do is if they have a metal conveyor belt at the food travels on right and they travel it underneath a 40-kg electrode right and set up a giant electric field in between the electrode and the conveyor belt with the meat in between and it just stuck in the Smoke on to the meat and it rolls away and so stuff is smoked in like 5 minutes but here's the crazy part about it according to the data I've been reading like it literally forms like a layer of smoke on the on the

on the stuff that you can peel off until it goes through it's like cooking and like tempering out procedure at at at that point that they like it's soaked sanding and behaves like a normal piece of smoked meat like crazy I guess I'm still confused the ground and then they have smoked going through this chamber and then they have a giant electrode that like electrostatically slams the smoke into the surface of the meat like in bedding bedding the not just the particles right because you know everyone who's like smoke snow is it like there are particles which had like a certain like the actual Vapor which is different so there's the paper and then there's the particles which is why if you put smoke in a container let that let the particles settle out and open it still smells like smoke because there's paper and like with this cute

like electrostatic force

is it so does it penetrate those further than or is it just a basic level like just the surface these guys aren't there doing it I think in a pseudo hot smoke so what they're doing is his day is it after it goes through that on the conveyor it goes through its cook process and during the cook process like all all the stuff that's been embedded in the service of the meat will distribute throughout the meet the way that it would in a normal kind of a situation

I think so. It's like a heavy dose of it on the surface of the meat is absorbed through just the regular cooking process in the same way that like applying a heavy smoker to make it awkward because it did anyway check it out she wasn't one of those lunatics at the University till I can read one up for you I'd love to hear someone who actually can play around with it

yeah that's interesting yeah my gosh really thanks so much for the answer me off the air in about in about 30 seconds we love you guys at the underground food and meat Collective over there right now if I didn't answer will get them next week thanks for listening to program my Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or cats in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us with questions anytime at Heritage Radio Network. Org 1 c 3 non-profit to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening