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Episode 200: EPISODE 200!

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I don't know where I'm at and it's late

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hundred episode Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

witnessed a little past and Jack and Joanne and Jerry with how you guys doing today


wow oh man that's strong sounds like that's good

how to thank Declan christenberry the Antonio to put that together see it but the song was playing in Dave thought his mic is r200 episode apparently Champagnes going to arrive

and as you know the shortest way I know the many things many many many things that nastassia hates

I just named it you hate it biscuits puppies but the one thing

we are pop out here with

anagram solver one thing anastacio actually does enjoy is champagne I have to say that true or false

and that's all right we'll get some from the restaurant in Jackson he get us

he's got he's already gone and we have some delicious we have to do is just Meats From The Underground Meats Collective what do we have here do we have at this one's at 3 so and then the other one is the

especially for you with your lung Jasmine right so it'll pop how you got your mic hear your phone is on how you doing

Austin now

so it's like it doesn't exist meme or write a check then blanket under it's like Atlantis for the snow

I mean it's bananas are right

it's fine now I mean I got to like the fact that I mean well the guys up in Madison in like anyone we have it listens in Minneapolis or whatever we can see how the mayor of Boston had to come out on the internet and say you know don't don't jump out of the windows pretty awesome he can get ready for them all right listen live to 718-497-2128. 718-4972 and took you or mutilating this summer

yeah you and you're absolutely

we have a Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese nights were having a pleasant little cousin little 200 here

what did I do last night the bachelor for the first time deal so I was supposed to cook dinner for us like our our Factory contact in town on Sunday and he Sunday Sunday Sunday and he couldn't make it because we spent like 7 hours going was normally a two hour to her anyways so we had to postpone until Monday but I'm going to have to like turn on The Bachelor like what is it the first of all where you come from do you watch TV during dinner or would you ever turn on the TV during the message super Super Bowl I don't know but like we have someone coming for all the way from China to come over to the house for dinner there right you turn on the TV so then I had to record it for her and then I had to watch it to know that the show is is ratchet

it's a horrible show like The Bachelor tanks cheers

yeah right it's hard shell I'm sure the people like it starts like this one what is the you like about you

I would hit you like about the program

you know how do you know this one, instead of champagne on the show insoluble settling settling to the bottom of my otherwise delicious beverage well you got a couple of problems here at the beverage that you have a decent blenders you can blame the hell out of you just need to spend that sucker better at the bar we had some people working on horchata isn't very quickly cheapest 20% of your sexy self articles how but you know you probably don't have one just saying probably not so like most people I think you just need to strain it to something a little bit more like a cheesecloth and should get rid of some of that stuff

if you're talking about that's great if you're just trying to stop a selling out of starches will then you're a little more Sol you going to have to stabilize it with the stabilizer cuz otherwise I mean that stuff will probably settle over time there any uncooked starts will settle every time she's needed

I saw he saw an article is hilarious when I said that that's spilled Wasabi oil all over their kitchen and then got in his eyes was running around going they have someone in Japan made a a smoke detector that I guess I know there's some people who are deaf or whatever that sprays you with Wasabi oil so you get up and you're like that like electroshock me better at least that's over oil spray in your eyes

Keeping It Gets In Your Eyes then you like you feel it can you run around screaming about like your eyes burning mean the stuff I mean like look admittedly your house is on fire so you need to get out but like how many how many times how many times have you guys had fire alarms fire like detectors go off in your house how many times how many times like more than one zero so that's how many times you have been sprayed in the eyes with Wasabi oil for no apparent freaking reason

not a good idea and a regarding the Cross Sound Ferry and we were talking about I think last week would be a situation like that song icicle special so since go back here we have a question in high a Dave Jack and it's Tasha favorite farmers markets in New York City I'm moving New York City soon I would love to live in neighborhood and that's the one that you can guarantee that you can get what you need and if you can't you can call the folks ahead of time and make sure that they bring the stuff that you need it's there more days a week there any other

but the good news is is that Union Square is biking distance from pretty much anywhere between like like the forties even where you are stars right all the way down to where I am like I have like when it's tomato season I live in the Lower East Side so it's about oh I don't know 40 minute walk from where I live in about like a 10 minute bike ride or some like that so I have is my bag specially tricked out with a hard internal shell to store tomatoes and then I have like special like like lofted blankets that I like in early even in the bag and then had it like this

he said oh yeah right like I'm from Holland you know what I mean because I don't want those Tomatoes they could damage so I got to ride like a nut job to get to the place to get the tomatoes because I don't bite for fun people I'm getting somewhere and then like you know and then on the way back I am merely a machine that carries tomatoes to my house and like any other thing that I do is incidental for that so I have to breathe in my legs have to move otherwise for tomatoes won't get there I think I might have some property in Connecticut flea market I've gotten the Skagit Tomatoes there and there's really two tomatoes that I would be willing to go to Extraordinary Measures to get and they're both by this one Farmers got this great dirt in Old Tappan New Jersey and there's hardly any Farmers there because the lamps work too much and so you know they're like a hold out but like no one else can really start a farm there until I like

Aunt Ruby's German green beans and I like they're they're still German stripes and that mean that other good tomatoes and other people make with tomatoes but like that's kind of like that's the tomato and I think I lied tomato right now that's the one that I'm going to let you know what I mean for someone to give me a tomato one day that you don't hit me in the head with a baseball bat and you like hope you're an idiot you you've been thinking for the past you know however long you been a YZ no tomato is going to practice this other thing but it hasn't happened yet but that said Union Square is pretty easy shot by a Subway

does it say but don't say Brooklyn

all the stuff

numbers and the L but then a lot of neighborhoods have like one or two a week like Tompkins Square Park has like a fairly okay one life like a couple times a week what about us want to buy used us Hell's Kitchen

yeah but you asked where's the Jack what about Brooklyn bring the broken home for him there's a there's one in Greenpoint have to find out the name how many days how many days a week is that I will get more information but garlic park that's it where is the Mack Daddy of the Green Market and it runs on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and Saturdays and that's a really good reason to run some of them are big but like it runs I was there to hear Dave and the cooking issues crew had to go over how to season stainless steel and keep it clean I always try to season My Pan on the stove but they never do we end up with a yellow ring

how do you tell if I'm also how do restaurants keep their cookware so clean I have a lot of freaking elbow grease like it's really hard core dishwashers or scrubbing the hell out of stuff and how do you know if you're going to do it's how you do it I usually use steel wool on my pants and try to maintain them but often times as futile as some black and brown spots seem to be burnt on so well this doesn't help is this damaging to the pan I seem to be able to handle cast iron seasoning cleaning a stainless steel poses a much larger problem thanks so much I needed to answer this question long time ago but I was hoping you could repeat it as I can't seem to find it I'm working my way through the backlog episode 60

I just think you like it sticks unbelievable amount of like scraping with braces to get there to get the stuff off me and

like a lot of times back when I was at the school at the FCI like once a week they would take all the pans out and then spray them with a very highly basic like oven cleaning solution and then like let it sit and then soak the stuff off like they were doing oven cleaning now do I recommend that you spray like around the house like maybe noxious you use it like at the end of the week off but like a lot of times our pots like they going for a heavy soaked and then don't use it don't use the cruddy was not ready for what is good for but don't use the thin or the Brillo style thin guys the reason is they work really well when they're very very fresh but they have to constantly pull Andre tough them to get them otherwise they clogged with own crime that you're getting out and then you might as well be using something Penny I would get a larger

like the ones that look like they're made out of razor blades should they tore boy dies and they come in Copper if you're worried about everything. But those want to feel kind of like a hairnet made of razor blades like those guys when do you soak you scrape the heck out of it and you have to go over to bunch of times and as a last resort I would use a basic kind of thing that you took everything away but that's how you know it's kind of all there is another alternative if you are going to self clean your oven you can throw stainless steel like a hardcore good stainless steel riveted pan into your oven on self clean and

dedicated even heat to not going to work it out but I've never done it, I've never owned another way to self clean your oven self clean you do kitchen hotplate I don't use a toaster oven that I use for frying fish frying this is even work you just sticked up oil in the toaster oven in like a cup weigh for to get really hot and throw like to french fries in my eyes and put it in there and then I open the window in case it's making sound so I almost a night I almost cut my kitchen on fire today because I know how I built it talk about in the show I built this coffee roaster and normally my coffee roaster like I can I have to crank it so I pull the motor

I see no I feel that I deserve to be able to walk away from my coffee roaster when it's roasting so I have a Whirley Pop popcorn maker up in a motor on it turns out I don't deserve that because someone wrote a question in and they're going to get to later and I got so engrossed like reading the article that they sent me that I totally forgot that I and so like I'm like that's weird I can smell the coffee and smells really dark roasted and my hood John so something and I walk in like the whole kitchen was I feel as smoking they're all like little is awful it just keeps on going like the paralysis and so like it was just going and going even I turned it off I'd put the dustpan and nightmare nightmare the inside total sludge I had my coffee yet today so I'm like champagne wishes yes

eat my meal are you like that accepts of coffee in this Prosecco so that's where I'm at right now

find Tomatoes I got like I got a labrador I got some forestland I got a pickup truck I'm almost set very close-knit a shotgun and I and a pontoon boat and I'm good seriously like what else do you need an apartment in the city

I think home in La works really well great products thank you question I have I live and work in Tokyo and go home every few months when considering to purchase a second at my apartment in Tokyo I can get one and a Bernzomatic in the US and bring it back with me but would prefer not to carry a propane tank in my luggage you should not do this you should go ahead on record and say you should not put propane tanks into your luggage we are a bunch of times like some of their rules are crazy like that you can't bring nitrous cartridges for whipped cream with you because every single seat is like has two or three of those of the CO2 versions in in the Life vests that are underneath you

so what I searched around in Japan they have a butane propane mix fuel canister feel like here I don't have with us again it's not too cold in here in the US text or actually made by Worthington the parent company of Burden whatever you don't get it doesn't matter I see it as well as other Japanese camping brand such as snow peak which are of high-quality but no propane only version Burns mad to these Japanese canister so all good there please let me know your thoughts on the Propane fuel and whether that should be fine with a searzall or will it cause problems with it easy with the message screen

cooking issues blogs of figured a cocktail book would be great thanks Japan and California looks like Canada bunch of people in California like crap on this dude done okay

I heard my thoughts as many of you know who have ever liked had a corporate thing or a company I cannot under any circumstances recommend that you use an adapter to attach a torch to another account astir I will say this on a strictly technical level because I can't the reason I can't access the safety I can't assess everything there's nothing I can't access any of it so I can't recommend and in fact I have to strongly urge anyone to not do it right. Just like my obligation as someone who makes things that have fire involved I have to tell you that I have ever on a strictly technical basis propane butane mix has should not hurt the screens in the series of laws if it actually is propane and not like a map gas. Which is like a different mixture but the butane and propane shouldn't cause a problem to the screens however

I can't access the safety of the rig with the adapter and the extra height and and or whether the next see like a serious like that like Worthington BernzOmatic specifically manufacture their torch like a tank combinations such that if something dire happens to them their failure mode is such that you don't blow up and so and I can't necessarily guarantee that that is the same when it's connected to a different canister buy an adapter in the ice can't guarantee it so you know I always you know are on the side of going hyper safe but from a strictly from a willow screens blowout I want to hear your reaction to this bit of news in in the quotes the news quotes

because you're vegan face music with someone you seen this like cooking for vegans another horrible people's is Lady Lazarus like podcasting but you should watch it cuz he well I know she does cooked for them to make fun of the whole time anyways guys but like I couldn't because the person password I steal to get like access to real articles I couldn't get in touch with her thank you guys calling my mom out on the air as allowing me to steal her password she's like all nervous about you they don't tell anyone day is going good job setting nature apparently has shown emulsifiers to be an issue in obesity and other health issues like pina coladas here's the link I can pay for it to be the full study it looks like

carboxymethyl cellulose CMC or like cellulose gum and polysorbate 80 and other gums excetra pretty much my question is is there any way of stopping science writers from being so bad at their jobs no no there's really not in fact you know I haven't had a I haven't had a chance to read the full article yet however I read some of the rebuttals online since I was here what happened as normal the researchers that that a lot of problems with but they called metabolic syndrome quotes were and how they mean by that but like things leading to obesity and like you know

problems with the tablet him down there have to do with a disruption of the ability of the mucous line like that says mucous lining you know down there to prevent the bacteria naturally occurring and me are generally beneficial bacteria in your gut from being in direct contact with your with with your membranes right so what they did was he said well they posited that emulsifiers maybe because they are surface active and can act sometimes like at urgent but they have surface-active properties that somehow these are Dorking with the weather at the mucous layer that's him that's very beneficial and healthy and therefore warping and or messing with the microbiota in your system when they do they took some rats couple different kinds of rats ones that were predisposed to having problems in ones that were normal to cover all types

and they said them and I think this is what I heard out of water as they're who I am as they're as their beverage of choice or 1% Solutions of carboxymethyl cellulose in water or 1% solution is polysorbate 80 and lo and behold or ones that were fed large amounts of polysorbate 80 and carboxymethyl cellulose they had some problems right but I haven't had a chance to read the article so I can't comment on it but like all the things saying that in most of fires medicross the problems they tested to specific as far as I can tell the tested to specific ingredients watching methylcellulose extraordinary thick pen which one of you is very highly viscous stuff at 1% and so it like part of the argument was that party argument in one of those bottles was look at there was an increase in there's an increase in mucus destroying enzymes in the guts of these rat and of course I would be because you're drinking mucus

percent must had a very clean version I mean I have to read I don't know that I'm in the dark what I'm not in the dark about saying is that it doesn't seem like this one study is you know says anything about emulsifiers in general and it's one of these things were people like in polysorbate 80 you know what you know it's like well eggs will wipe you out and give you all the stuff right even though it's against those things as emulsifiers weed emulsifiers all the time all the time from natural sources and from add a process horses show their I need to do a lot of research is a lot of HuHot around it but you know of short answer no no way to stop people from writing bad stuff because it's very easy to say emulsifiers are bad put something out especially with a b c is involved

I went to rehab obesity involved or like bowel problems involved people like are looking forever for you know why am I having this problem why are we having this problem so if you could tack it on something that's just going to blow up like wildfire. It also is Keith also a recipe only cold and Jen House cocktails doesn't hops kombucha and had hops candy

uses for hops you can think of that yeah sure the 200 episode cooking issues

hey congratulations thank you

hey this is Steven been for your I called like two other times but it's been awhile

I was just thinking maybe I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about that and I know you trying to do 5-gallon. But I want to buy a naked but it has like what you like. About how are you

you're cutting out a little bit but let me see what I can piece together what you're saying you're going to make a 5-gallon batch of cold cold brew coffee right and you want to put beer gastro but you want to be slightly carbonator do you want to go to straight nitrogen

I think I prefer to straight nitrogen but I keep up the good news about carbon dioxide provide a lot of the kind of bacteriostatic stuff it won't wipe out yeast obviously it's going to have some anti spoilage effects on it but it's going to taste carbonated whereas I don't think for instance like will be delicious would be nitrous and I'm not saying it since your med student even get a hold of nitrous but I'm telling you is messed up and you can get ahold of nitrous please don't abuse the nitrous by the way and then you don't have enough oxygen to end you can you asphyxiate yourself that's how you died with it so I can like a plastic bag

nitrous nitrous is great for pushing things and for making things really creamy and bringing kind of body back to Coffee beverages are using coffee beverages all the time and you can get small Med tanks of it and I know this from experience you can attach them to corny kegs and you can pop out with nitrous now I don't know cuz I've never studied it cuz I never try to do it for long-term storage I don't know if nitrous has any of the same kind of bacteriostatic properties that CO2 does you can just add crab to it to kill stuff right so most of the things that you add that kill things and you know they have to go look at Piper was doing all the research on that unlike their little bit of bands of it and the but you can taste that crap

if you agree I don't know what's papi in the Xfinity if it would presumably you as a med student have experienced a cup of coffee that's been on a desk for two weeks so you know that you know that things can grow on top of coffee in general are there molds so it's like you're going to have to worry about so you just have to make sure that whatever environment you have is not did not conducive to those things growing and so I don't like I don't know it's like a nitrous environment or pure nitrogen environment everything is like right you can kill that stuff in a fairly

low temperature but is that going to kill your flavor to heat it up to the temperature where you pass your eyes out and kill your your yeast and mold and stuck and that's what's going to get you

right and I was wondering if Refrigeration temperature is if I would even have an issue with that because because I know that I'm going to have bacterial issues with that if you're going to keep it in the fridge I mean I would love to have someone who has more experience I think you're probably going to be okay me how fast can you drink coffee

what alarm is going to come over and study with me so probably pretty quick though I don't know what kind of grow I think in general something like that I'm fairly confident in saying that it will become unpleasant before it will kill you and so you know I mean again I would love for someone to correct me if I'm wrong so don't want to scare someone and safety device in the wrong direction but I wouldn't worry about it but I would try to get a hold of nitrous to push that stuff through I think you will be pleased

okay I'll give that a shot and I think I actually woke is considered anaerobic

is it I don't know how available the oxygen is in I don't think it's very available I mean it becomes available in card when your combusting It generally oxidizing I store stuff with nitrous for a long time I don't get oxidation in in fatty things for infants and whip cream canisters in my fridge for a long time they don't they don't see no get those kind of oxidized flavor when you're doing when you're doing the nitrous what I would do is attach it to the the wrong side attach it to the liquid draw just the bottom and then pull pull the US a corny kegs for those you haven't had one before have a pool ring safety vent on the top yet to make sure it receives otherwise there can be a touchy special on old used ones but just filled

vintage and then bubble through the bottom so you're forcing and bubbling all of this stuff out of the coffee into the atmosphere then let it go then do your heart shape to nitrous carbonate and then it should push fine with whatever pressure you want

okay excellent one more one more time at the only said that you are asked to metabolize I don't think so its presence is is in a harmful to many Beastie so I don't know about nitrous I mean I'm saying that I understand, but I don't know that it has any beneficial destructive properties two things the way CO2 does nitrous might not be

sweetheart thanks a lot

hey what's up guys it's me Jack as in Jack from cooking issues as in the guy that's probably been talking on the show so here on the break to tell you about molecular which is not only not some website and store and resource but also they support us which makes them even that much cooler so I know Dave gives you plenty and plenty of information on the show but should you need further resource should you want to get some of the things he's talking about molecular has recipes techniques ingredients tools all in the world of this modern is thing we love so much on the show so you know explore the world of cones and spheres and then visible Foods in mind blowing cocktails all that awesome stuff there's a community of over 400,000 Chef scientists and food lovers sharing their favorite recipes tips and tricks cool photos tools gadgets again this is everything you'd be into all in one place molecular and just for being a listener of the show

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it's the Jackie molecules are calm

Rocky Mountain snake going to start a band again to be the front man to give me Jackie molecules definitely finishing the teeth with the to extract the bitterness and then I do a cold one that gets more of the aroma so I get kind of like the simile or similar to do you know somewhere like how you make beer news for you is that all of the isi Whipper is assuming you have a 1 of the professional ones and not the white ones the ones that are stainless

they're all fine with heat the ones that aren't there are insulated they say it for hot foods it's not that they're stronger it's just they're insulated so that they keep temperature longer in fact there a detriment to you when you're trying to do hot work because they he doesn't transfer from the simmering pan as quickly as it would be with the one you know as it wouldn't regular one so assuming you have an actual a c branded unit and not an off-brand unit you can go hot so just don't worry about me like I saw it when I was in Austria I saw the tests on their on their units when they actually hook them up to like like large amounts of pressure and blow them out and there's like a the bottom and dance and then then all sorts of untoward things happen to it before it ruptures there's a lot safety involved in that regardless of what you may have seen when I put a blowtorch on one when I was doing that nachos thing which I don't recommend

it's like you know what I kept on saying that I might blow up the guy next to me and he was not happy if not cuz if I was just trying to write something about hip hop hip hoppers makers are CD's a complex on South 1st in case you know website old old hip hop and like vs. like the stuff that started coming out like in the late late eighties and early nineties I was like I was so much more innocent just like you know my sneakers sneakers sneakers like an actual rap song

as I know it's just like you know my speakers in my tracksuit like that's what was important back in the day you know the concept of the wind supposed to express where it comes from and using hip hop music Wine Festival in Boston called btg by the glass and it's taking place in Kenmore Square Island Creek Oyster Bar and then actually at the rest stop. So it's a weekend seminars

hung out with somalis don't start

it's just like if you can't listen you got some crazy bartender

yeah this is nutty I did so I have April real quick question after that on another line

hey Dave how you doing fine from Charleston West Virginia and I hear your anniversary episode anniversaries possum have a question for us is primarily the thing we have snow down there now are you good

has she gone already what's it like to be there another call a grandma is waiting again mom has more so about creativity and up when your intelligence and I love it and we're looking at your solving problems when you're looking at coming up with the ideas how does that start you know like when you're saying do you start with the alcohol to start with the problem or do you work backwards or how do you treat cavity in general question any any and all of that stuff so a lot of things come up because someone will say hey you're doing an event with XYZ product of my really okay and then you have to figure out something that you like with it or

I can start with start with you know I have particular thing like I don't think gin tonics are as good as they could be and then you start working on that or it could be you're working you noticed a little difference is that happened when you change a recipe and then exploit that and push that and Direction and then sometimes it's like I'm walking down the aisle in a in a store just tastes like I'm going to buy it and then going to figure out this can do that that I find interesting or other things are eye problems like I don't like a lot of lot of tea drinks because of the Xfinity in the back so how can I mitigate that using knowledge already have some kind of its everything is the important thing is that kind of always approach approach things like in a problem solving matter I'm very rarely

are you able to wake up and say I need to come up with some new crap today and then you can come up with that new crap it's more it's more like someone represent something to you and once you go down the step of that kind of analyzing what you have and where you need to go that's when you kind of figure out new ways to get there or if someone shows you something if you have enough experience so with rapid infusion with the with easy with a nitrous using carbon dioxide in a soda bottle to inject marinade Under Pressure into into chicken strips the guy's name was mr. Fizz I believe on YouTube and looking at it in my mind I saw the exact that have an exact you know analog to what happens in vacuum infusion

and so out 8 for me was like

because I was looking at that trying to figure out exactly what's happening and then you can cross looks like it's about it's just about paying attention keeping track in like following things in an analytical is very very very rare that you just like I'm going to come up with some new crap what is it as a chef POA I go through and yet you look at things from the past you look at you know you try to think of future things and thoughts on where ideas come from and for me it's kind of a it's always a process of everything that you see Chase here but I just didn't know if you had a method or technique or Booker and Dax and enjoy cocktails there and some of the things are just Mindbender the offensive

accomplished it because me and he's like the best at this kind of stuff but in terms of creativity but if you were a cook like watching the way that those guys just kind of like very methodically tackle being the most creative Cooks like it was really interesting I like Club can't save you know very few people contain like this structure in the organization that he has around

Conoco defying an end and being able to capitalize on the creativity of the people around him that's also super successful successful what does is that you know he'll break up being he'll break a stick over your head if you don't record what you do because then you can't repeat it's wasted wasted work so I guess we'll have one more call and we are wrapping up so it's

I was curious about using math gas with the Sears at all unlike it must have been really I was looking online and really see much about that

well couple things with MAPP gas so Madagascar actually map Pro

has a couple of problems won the tanks are the wrong size so for safety reasons I can't recommend that you use MAPP gas and 49 MAPP gas tank which is why I'm asking is all I got it from a pre-order your screen will undoubtedly burnout this that searzall is not designed to have MAPP gas and that extra like couple hundred degrees that can hit that screen will burn out that that rear screen we are working at like look we're not approved on map gas working on a rear screen

that will withstand it it will last and MAPP gas and we theoretically Stars my right we might sell the gas rear screens feel comfortable with the unit handling that gas then we would have to also sell a foot to allow you because most people think only have access to the skinny map gas we would have to sell off to make it so I filled it safe to use it and I guess Jack saying we're wrapping up I'm going to have a bite at Johnny's sausage cooking issues

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