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Episode 20: Heritage Turkey & More

welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network on day one of those to cooking issues here with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez the person who keeps the wheels on the truck but probably cooking related technology related or not we will we will take all questions 18497 to 128 that 718-497-2128 or going to be here live for another 45 minutes or so today show is brought to you by 360 cookware 360 where is top of the line stainless steel cookware that is made in America in the greenest Footwear manufacturing facility in the country it can be used to make all of your favorite recipes but it also gives the option to cook using Vapor technology which creates a seal that surrounds food with intense heat lacking in vitamins moisture and flavor without added oil fat or excess water visit our website at 360 for more information that's 360 cookware, okay now

so a lot of waiting for that phone call I let starting on the Thanksgiving and the the heritage turkeys the Narragansett last week received a turkey from heritage heritage foods and I cooked it using a technique in my whole life so good in fact so good that no one was able to take a picture of it before it was completely gone swear to God like I'm never not had turkey leftovers the next day we don't even have that many people turkey was obliterated obliterated gone we have a caller caller you are I'm here


Holly Lawson hello hey how you doing I'm doing I'm trying to decide whether it's worth $1,500 per course plus the flight across country and three nights in a hotel room

so you're asking me to sell the class hydrocolloid first of all along with the title over there it's you know I realize that the classes can be somewhat pricey and but there's a whole lot of work that goes into it and whether or not it's worth while for you depends a lot on you hydrocolloid is a it's a difficult subject to teach because it invariably in the class we get people with a wide range of previous previous knowledge previous experience and also goals right so we're teaching something like low temperature sous vide cooking you know pretty much everyone's goals are fairly similar and it's it's a matter of just showing people what's possible within the realm within the context of cooking low temperature yo this is what we can do with different kinds of proteins at different treatments this is what we can do

you know vegetables are various Technologies way to do things and so it like it's very focused and everyone is there pretty much of the same goal in mind hydrocolloid say such a wide-open field that we basically we have to hit there certain things we have to hit right because some people in the class may have never use hydrocolloid at all and some people might be very very experienced so that the class has to be a balance between things that you know maybe you might already know how to do like spherification we tend to deal with it with him or you know in a more kind of rigorous way then you wouldn't get anywhere else I think that's where the that's what you know we try to do in general at the FCI and the tech department in cooking issues in particular we try to do things in a very rigorous way whenever possible I think that's a standpoint you can you know you always get but aside from those kind of basic techniques we also try some techniques there's always something that no one seen before because we always try to develop at least one or two new things for each class mean when I say no I mean like brand new and then

specific applications we try to teach a particular way of thinking about using these ingredients so you know how to develop a recipe properly so I mean I think that I've had people take the class and come back to me and said that you know they were able to apply their stuff right away in in their menus you know what I mean I've never had anyone come back and say you know it was useless you know what I mean or like what wasn't necessarily worth it about you know what I think it all depends on what you want to get out of it and kind of how you want to apply it mean a lot of the people that we deal with our chefs and so for them it's it's straight up now I don't know whether you're shutting up a lot of this straight up while am I going to get enough new menu items out of it and usually the answer's yes you know also I'm terrible at 7 myself and I right I'm like the worst person selling myself because I hated to sell someone something and then have them not get what they want is it be helpful at all or no

call a recipe collection from Martin Larsen has read your primer and stuff and then some of the recipes I'm not as interested actually in recipes as I am in understanding if I'm going to be using sodium alginate and calcium carbonate what are the acidity affected how does temperature affect things like that so that I can then use those chemicals on my own without a recipe to Dalton wd-50 he hates giving him hate but he prefers not to just give out straight recipes because he wants to Foster understanding of how to use these ingredients right I mean with me and the one problem is is it it's over the course of two days we're going to be dealing with a wide range of of products so I mean like for instance would algiknit one of things we deal with in Dental alginate near as you alluded to out for those who don't know what the heck were talking about sodium

Nate is a seaweed derived hydrocolloid like it like a gelling agent that stays liquid until it hits calcium free calcium at which point forms of jail that you know that is not broken nighter by heat nor by anyting else basically means just the jails are forever the unfortunate part about sodium alginate is it tends to suck a flavor have very kind of poor flavor the jail itself you never read a block of algae anyway but so as you know it's affected by acid so yes we get into that right but you know like you know it's more saying we're going to take it to his look if you know you can't have a seat too much acid because it's not going to cause me not to set and then you know for the more you need to use a semicolon sequestrant to sequester the calcium has freed up in the water as you said it increases or use a buffering agent soda sodium citrate we will get into that kind of stuff to make sodium hexametaphosphate but it's no it's not it means there's only certain level of actual technical information we can get into in the

that's because we're dealing with people with a wide range of backgrounds and goals so we're going to deal with it but I'm not going to say that the same as reading scientific literature on the subject you know which would we can point you to know if you know what I mean this is just a front corner instructor in and I really don't like giving out recipes I'm in the best friend of mine I want to teach people principles on a teacher and how to think about food and then go ahead and do it without having to follow recipe line by line from her prescription set the sort of sounds like you're doing that in the class so you're not doing recipes that you are going more into the principal's instructors by the way taking our class ojiketa school to pay for it

I hope to see you in January thanks for calling Thanksgiving real quick on the air

it's calendar again from downtown DC power through at least you're having a bath in baking these kind of like looking things that skin on them a little more pearlescent right okay so hard snot

skin to have a little bit of Trent like be more translucent and transparent a reversal agent you doing so you're doing and they're frozen beforehand or not frozen picture and then you drop it in you don't have to worry about it too much easier okay now to your pearlescent problem there are a couple of solution so you're looking to add something to the alginate bath both of modify to texture in the look okay now if you want to just modify the look I don't recommend this by the way by what I'm saying to you I don't recommend but you can go they kick it Acosta method quique Dacosta Jim I know famous Spanish Chef adds a lot of metal dust to a lot of his stuff right

can get her food grade basically pearlescent powder It's relatively flavor I'm not recommending this but I'm saying like as a fastest way so he did a famous dish where he did an oyster that he literally put silver dust on like an oyster oyster not like what you're saying I believe it's moving a long time been many years but that look you know that was from shiny stuff you know what I mean I'm not so much about adding stuff it doesn't have a sort of a flavor impact now if you want to go flavor impact even do that going to look there's not going to affect the tasty and get food grade silver either from like a while usually leave with you get it from an Indian store so I can activate a sword or you can get food grade powders I don't know to keep they got them from somewhere spent it if you want to add more of a shimmer to it and you want to modify the texture of the Elgin it right so that it doesn't taste like it's not right technical term right in stash certified snot anyway so I buy some oil into the base before you drop so what you doing

old semi establish technique but one is not really talked about a lot because everyone knows that the texture of an alginate gel is not so great if you add a little oil must follow a whale in to it right all of a sudden now your teeth are going to break it better it's going to look better it's going to feel softer as long as you're careful with it you're not going to destroy the Integrity of it too much right and it said that mean to me much more than the than adding metal does to it like that cuz you're improving actual product other than just a visual it will also you know because your most to find stuff and it'll get a shimmery you're more of an salad dressing a shimmery whip to it but you're actually going to just make sure that you're the most loyal into the alginate and not the other way around because he needs to be the continuous phase

it was going to break all the mustache in Japanese

Nex-Tech next to the negative second ago we do that all the time I mean I've never done it overheat because I cannot wear all about trying to preserve the original flavor of its side typically will reduce in my rotary evaporator but I've made some of the most ridiculous reductions so like typical applications we've done like fresh Apple reduction that we clarified and taking it down to a syrup we've done fresh strawberry in fact I talked about it on there but as a result of a question someone asked on Aaron wants what I made a candy where we did I reduce to Fresh clarified strawberry juice down here without heat down to about 33 breaths and then yesterday that into a candy base that I'd made that let cool you know some what's a driver wasn't flavored crazy crazy good crazy good and are we done blood orange you like to put on dry nastasha where we were doing

is there a post clarification to an excellent application I don't know what the results with heat are cuz it's going to taste a little bit cooked but they're certain clarifications steps that if you can cook it you might as well cook it but it's very good special things like apple and in what not so yes

if I wanted to try to take the remaining start units in the sawdust out of some like sweet potatoes with caramelized I know he even talked last week about it for a while and like it's on the pan I don't want to I want to make that but like in large amounts so I figured especially when a kid next 9

you know how much sugar is in a mini back down to make two starches and then I got to figure out a way to try to turn it into like you don't remove enough of the kind of solid matter to get like it should be liquid I can simmer down and turn into a, there's no question in my mind there's no question in my mind at all that you can juice a sweet potato and then clarified no question and then know the guy in there now if you wanted to get sweeter you can add some some Brewers and some amylase to it you know what I mean sex and Alpha Beta amylase you get a brewer supply shop added to that and just and just basically it out like you would work for a beer you know what I mean in the right balance then clarifying and cooking out the match before you set the starts at the sticky is is it to spin out or to get to clarify out the extra start before you gelatinize it

separation is what I would try first but I mean it cuz I don't know how much of its soluble I don't know how much of it is stabilized by by by the packing but it's only we could try to stiffness. Remember to write it down will give it it will give it a whirl play a definitely doable but not right away right away and then do any procedure going to have to the two scoops is just going to free up more of the enzymes so do all your expected to squeeze him on a walk with with pectinex Andre juice but it's going to be better than what you get chicken out of food stores in Utah

give us give us a holler tell us out of work already thanks for calling so do we are we going to do you want to 8


all right

welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network show where we answer all of you are cooking issues or asthma stuff she said today just your issues or 97212 +87-184-972-1285 in Brooklyn Patrick Davis disa it me I should say instead she didn't get to eat me to do a little bit little bit or a lot bit is there any moisture in it at all was there a similarity with a hammer was it was it like was it like a solid block there is some juice left

yeah anyway as I said last week the one that we got was when I got was a Narragansett bird clocked in around 15 pounds I think 15 pounds or so it's a smaller than my normal Neo giganteus bird but you know what does hitherto so I did the bionic turkey boned attending a bone it inside out without cutting the skin made an aluminum skeleton for it made you know aluminum leg bones that we cut holes into so they're like a sprinkler system hooked it up to a circulator pipe hot oil through the through the air SATs leg bones to cook the Lakes from the inside out at the correct temperature I set my circulator at 67 5 for a final temperature in the leg after it's pumped of all the aluminum about 66 which is where I wanted it then after about an hour and 20 minutes of that drop the whole bird still with the leg pumping through to get it inside a lot through it into a big thing of duck fat when I sit while I'm at duck fat in duck fat cooked it all to about a six that started a little higher at like 66 and dropped it too

65in Define at 64th and finish off of the cook it down like it was getting too fat like was a confit ripped it out and because my parents my stepfather actually is petrified of any sort of cooking operation and doesn't understand it I decided I was going to finish the bird in the oven rather than my preferred technique which is first deep fat frying and then failing that labeling hot fat over to crisp the Skin So anyway so my car at listen my stuff out of his garage was going to call and driving right here and he now claims that I started a major forest fire that day even real and he says the grass is still dead there which person Alyssa it was he who cares they got an acre land like a little patch of dead grass make a turkey in a cooking spot right not a big problem but this is the kind of thing that could totally flipped him out because he does like I say even though he's got one of the best palettes for wine I've ever met anyone I've ever met and like loves food petrified and doesn't understand any

sing about cooking at all like doesn't know the sharp end of the knife and I'm saying anyway so this year I won't kill your grass so I fried it against my wishes my mom said fried turkey again years ago and I fried it on the patio on a flagstone and some oil hit the flags down and in this is one of those sub-freezing Thanksgiving up in New York and and he was out there I don't know what the hell he's doing hosing down flagstone in below-freezing weather because the water was just freezing up as he's trying to get the oil off anyway he ended up ruin Thanksgiving for the second time for a turkey related reason to my ruin Thanksgiving many times for other things arguments what not but the only way to reduce your ass like it's going to be somewhat normal and then throw the bird in the oven everything's going to be fine I decide my mom has this is Clay bisque clay you're like a baked baking sheet almost remember toothpaste made by its clay baking sheet to throw this and like a piece of stone I'm going to throw this thing in the kids got sides right so it'll catch the drippings to 500 Degrees and then I'm going to put the turkey

in the bottoms going to get brown just like the top because that's what you had the bottom never get brown properly when you're doing this kind of thing and my mom are going to shut off the smoke detector like I know safe to smoke detectors safety all that crap they put a dang some sort of sweet they are cooking detectors these things are cooking detectors and my mom's cooking detector is hooked directly to the fire department so as soon as you start cooking like the engines come in in in in Westchester where my parents live up say that they charge you the city gives you a big fat Bill if they show up at your house and there's no fire took almost makes me want to light a fire like whenever they come you know what I mean I didn't say that I didn't recommend a show like you know I'm running around the house like it's like sticking these like plastic covers these defeater's over the over the cooking detectors and wears a demented right then I want to put a switch on it in case you should you turn it off and then go to bed but instead to give you a plastic thing to defeat if you have to remember to get on a chair and remove the plastic thing just make any sense it should be like your virus protection when you when you get on the computer where you say okay I will turn it off in the next 20 minutes

UNT mean it's not like that anyway I hate this damn thing my wife installing once in my apartment New York even know where to fireproof building and my only memory of it is it going off me getting so angry that I literally jumped up and one hand punch fisted it like you know like Yeah Yeah Yeahs like Street Fighter moves like punched in like rain down on the floor in like little pieces and I was like I'm sorry I had to apologize everyone's like sorry for the Outburst but I have this like this or reaction to get cooking detectors anyway when you catch something on fire in the kitchen right anyway and plus everyone's house is under ventilated so there's always smoke whenever you're doing any sort of good cooking operation so either everyone in the world is setting up apartments in New York and houses of those crappy little Like Home Depot Broan nothing against the brown corporation like like Vents and and the fire him up and they never can get all of the all of the Smoke Out

either everyone is cooking poorly may be true or everyone is enjoying smoke more probably true and then a good portion of those people like someone in the house is freaking out about the smoke right irritating irritating anyway whatever sound like it's going to be fine we put the the little defeater's over the cooking detectors fired up the oven to 500 which is the highest I think would go convection through in the baking she got all nice and hot throw the turkey on time for once a turkey actually fit in the oven because I didn't bring a 30 pound turkey with me or yeah I bought like a 15 pound turkey put it on all of a sudden smoked all through the freaking house smoke everywhere smoke smoke on top of smoke on top of smoke and I'm liking at whatever smoke I don't care everyone slipping I open it up the dang baking sheet to Clay baking sheet had shattered into and all of the dripping in fat and everything from the turkey that was Christine up in the thing on the bottom of the oven basically smoking like smoking like the devil and so I didn't get to fully Brown a turkey and yet still the most

start I've ever made in my life once we got through the hole in a Rooney Thanksgiving aspect of it so do not overcook the turkey but the birds I definitely had like it was like turkey Square to tasted like turkey with turkey flavor in it even though I hadn't reinforce it with anything I didn't put gravy on it I brined it lightly before we cooked it but you don't no big deal that had a very meaty flavor enjoyed by all including my stepfather's 90 or 91 year-old X butcher father who spent his years you know of butchering animals back in the old days back with Meathead had real flavor so that's my report back on the Narragansett turkey and don't try to Chris that thing on top of a on top of a clay baking sheet because bad things will happen

anyway you want to catch back up on time to take our second break now and again apparently if you listen to the first segment not so good of a self-promotion but this is actually a very inexpensive class if you happen to be in New York City tomorrow and you want to learn how to make some holiday cocktails that you can make it home and some that require liquid nitrogen a rotary evaporation then for the meter price of $125 new get how many drinks remaking super project number of drinks before it was cheaper than a bar almost cuz I'm going to give you snacks and everything to me when you think about it's 2 hours at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I'll be there no snoring will be there and we're going to let you know make some drinks that go on fire we're going to make some drinks they are cold anyway that's tomorrow and you cannot sign up by going to

I don't know I don't know any way it should be fun and it and it if nothing else you will have a lot to drink so check that out back another segment +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 cooking issues

Jourdan Dunn

what are back to cooking issues Davon on the Musashi Lopez here in the studio waiting for your call at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you from Bushwick Brooklyn all right I have some questions from the from the email I have a couple of questions Chris S says I really want an isi or EC cuz that they're switching they're switching to switching to EC here in the US or just what you need is a sea or vice versa or something like that so they're both Troopers going to say and you'll know what I'm talking about the whipped cream makers that we use for like a little whipped cream or rapid infusion technique being developed a couple months ago so the question Chris has is which is the best one of these are easy things to buy easy with first of all don't don't buy that nothing against me don't buy the Shelfs or one it's the most limited make sure you get a cream one there's all different kinds

profi whip there's the Gourmet whip like 9 million are crazy names but in general the big deal the newer ones have silicone grip rings on them so that you can rip them when you're wet as opposed to the older ones I look for the ones out of silicone grip ring I should know like exactly what all the line models are but I don't the only big difference really is a thermoweb the thermal whip is looks like it's like a 3/4 of a liter or something but actually smaller it's a half liter and it's insulated and what the thermal whip the thermal it was very useful for people who are working on a line or an area where they need to keep something hot or cold and they don't have access to either keeping it in the fridge or in a bain-marie of hot water for for service right so if you need to keep something hot or cold for a long time then get a thermal with but they're a lot more money and their capacity is is lower now I would definitely maybe you're more limited if you get a smaller size but it's also going to cost you less to do a recipe in a smaller size in a bigger size because you can't just when you're doing interviews

in an easy bottle review you know that the amount of product in it and how many Chargers you put in it are variables and so you want to keep your recipes the same all the time most of my recipes are written for 1/2 liter a half liter containers you know but you can scale them up to liter containers if you can only buy one and you know you're going to need to make a lot of product at one point maybe you have to get the liter size but interesting question Panther I use mainly have there by the way like literally a construction zone here so if you hear any like hammering like don't say that it's not Jack's father are engineer he's not like doing construction this but there's only so much sound insulation and we can do and so there's like no because they're making Roberto's Pizzeria here even better than it was before that's why I'm so it's worth it if you put pineapple in DC with alcohol and charge it when you get both flavored alcohol and alcohol infused fruit similar using a vacuum machine I have tried it we've done it and yes you do get some infusion

into the pineapple itself I don't know that it's I have to redo it again it works I don't think it may be as effective at getting the stuff into the pineapple as the vacuum machine but it's pretty close like it does actually work in fact I'll probably demling that tomorrow the table is you want to make sure that use nitrous or the pineapple doesn't taste carbonated and I think you going to boil more of the liquor out when it bubbles out then you would using a vacuum so I think the vacuum get to Stronger infusion into the pineapple pineapple is also interesting because a lot of it to Roma want it extracted is very fleeting especially in this relationship is a batch that you were going to want to probably you know balance like I wouldn't keep pineapple for a long long time even though people do I think it's like losing some of its good aroma but I hope this hope that helps okay Road NE said what are your thoughts on getting the sous vide Supreme is it as accurate as an immersion circulator thanks no

always not be a sous vide Supreme you say before sous vide is cooking it in in a in a vacuum environment or vacuum bag and seal that using a vacuum machine sous vide Supreme has nothing to do with sous vide Supreme is the low-temperature cooker that basically a non stirred water bath non stirred water bass have limits of accuracy because they're not stirred right I'm not saying it's a bad piece of equipment but I'm saying that there are limits to its fundamental accuracy and and over very long periods of time it probably gets a fairly accurate result if you don't start to leave it maybe if you just leave it sitting probably equalize over a long. Of time but in general cooking I would say there's not going to be nearly as even more accurate is an immersion circulator which is typically good to a couple tenths of a degree across the entire bath so also immersion circulators are a lot they can take and do various different sizes may take up less space in the kitchen the sous vide Supreme I realize is a couple hundred dollars less than a circulator but if I was going to get one I would save up a couple of hundred extra dollars and get a merkin

regulator out personally and I shouldn't ever say this I would rather have like my own like DIY like a home ghetto circulator than the sous vide Supreme that's me that's me don't take this I'm sorry not bad product I'm just saying I'm very Pro circulation nothing you might want to do is put an aquarium pump into a sous vide Supreme and have it circulate and then I think you do you get rid of all of its shortcomings that's another solution that's like a like a $25 solution from color you were on the air

illegally selling alcohol good know is I want to do is dr. pepper and fusion because we all know dr. Peppers the champagne in beverages camsoda turn dr. pepper good price okay dr. pepper is the preferred drink of the booth at Heritage Radio Network as well make a bakery in neutral grain Spirit that's all I feel right now right and it comes in and around like 45 50% and I wanted to just want to know is I and I wanted was you use dr. pepper flavors in the booze

sup okay but means the promise like a liquid liquid like you know what you should do is just buy dr. pepper syrup

yes he's like like you should just like I don't know whether you can like a dr. Pepper a Coke or Pepsi Next leader something right but they locally they always go through a universe like even if you're an independent locally you either go through a Coke distributor or Pepsi distributor for for your bottling so like I like you but my point is if it's ever on tap anywhere which it is right you means you can buy the syrup in a bag in box situation and so the syrups are typically very high Brix because they're mixing low quantity so you can get many many many gallons out of it and then you could just do the real deal you know what I mean so you're talkin adding you know like a very small percentage of product so you can still you can make a straight up dr. pepper you no booze and not take it you know below below 40% if you're starting with if you're starting with 50 you could take it not below 40 and have the straight up dr. pepper

what is a clarification right typically clarifying is just going to get rid of stuff that makes it not light not pass through it dr. pepper the only reason light doesn't pass through it is because it's so concentrated like everything is actually in solution there you know what I mean like at if you want it clear right. Then you'd have to mean the problem is it's like the sugars wouldn't come through and like some of the bittering agent wouldn't come to see if you read a still dr. pepper all you get is kind of the the aroma you know what I'm saying which isn't necessarily which isn't necessarily what you want another thing we could do I don't really know the recipe I know it has prunes in it which is why I like the fake one to call the doctor Thunder a reference to your but I guess but the but the but I don't know

natural recipe of dr. pepper FM sure this is something that is like a known like staying on the internet that we can look it up and if you figure out what the flavor profile is well then you can start doing distillations with the aroma components of it and then try to mimic like a sugar acid balanced or something they friends in the prune and get it get it to come across and then you could use something it's like less card also there white prunes right so if you're going to use a prune like like a most prunes are purple because most plums that are made into prunes are purple that there are white pumpkins that are made in to prune these don't you can't get them commercially I think there's some French ones in my memory a lot but I believe like bring your old prunes can be white not sure but it was so you can get that kind of dried fruit flavor and you can add some kind of Plum Essence back to me to get a plumbing thing in a clear liquid if you start from first principles but then you're going down a much longer Road rather than if you just want like straight-up fast delicious you get your you get yourself some liquor

dr. pepper syrup and you know you water at whatever level you want to drink it at and then and then carbonate it and then you're good to go I mean that's like a one that's like a one-day problem you know what I mean by model 116 appreciate appreciate thanks for thanks for calling in appreciate first non cooking question I haven't Watch The Simpsons in a long time long time because I used to watch it faithfully and there's so many good ones to choose from the one where the pig is flying through the air in Homer says it's still go to still go to still good comes to mind went to jail the first time around that was amazing amazing episode like The Itchy & Scratchy Itchy and Scratchy censorship won the flag burning wanted me live theirs out there so many it's so hard to choose

all of the next week in the couple minutes here can I read through some of these questions Jack you never given me a dr. pepper in the studio for those people who drink diet sodas right and I grew up drinking I realize I was going to hate me right we don't drink just one like people who like have sugar-free sodas like I need a little bit of a boost you know what I mean people drink diet sodas they don't drink water right all they drink is diet soda to need a pound a bunch of these things to stay hydrated right that used to be mean. Now I drink actually sell cigarettes I don't drink really showed that much anymore because I drink exclusively Seltzer But realize that your diet soda drinking friends and neighbors are using it as a hydration technique not as

like I need a little bit of sugar so you know if you're buying for a party right never let a sugar soda drinker by soda for a party there always wrong this is why at the end of the night there's no Diet Coke left and there's 8,000 bottles of Coke left at the end of the party why yes you've no idea what you're talking about a diet soda drinker goes over and locate the Bear 2 liter bottle grants and then they drink it right where you have like a cup of coke like mark my words let diet soda drinkers by the non-alcoholic products for your party I got another question from from Jacob and he had a question about a tabletop vacuum sealer but Jacob I'm going to I'm going to answer this question next week because I didn't have time to research the one that you put onto the onto the onto the emails emails in lower price vacuum machines because level price

for real vacuum machine is in around $1,500 and there's a wealth of new ones out there three and four hundred dollars in question is are they any dang good the answer is I have no idea because I haven't used them but I'd like to look at the specs and see what is there any good it would be great with my life would be really cool if like I had the money to go buy all this equipment and tested for for you guys I don't know what I mean I don't have access to it because the one thing I'm good at this Tasha Wright is putting equipment through his Paces yes or no yes and one last question also is a originally we got a Twist and Sparkle Witch is a new carbonation unit from EC that carbonates liquid and he says it's used in drinks but why not Savory things such as sauces or bras have you carbonated any sauces or broth or other Savory liquids and yes but you know that the issues are one the sauce have to be good served cold because when you heat it you're going to lose a lot of the carbonation

it has to taste good carbonated which means I have to taste good with CO2 a lot of times with Savory dishes when things has CO2 and then they start tasting like they're a little bit fermented and so you have to watch out for that I would do a quick test just by like doing 50/50 with me if you have the I side with the sparkle just try at the rules are make sure it's cold make sure it doesn't have if it has any milk in it you're done it's going to foam over and spray all over your house if you if you have particles in it then it's going to foam up and spray all over your house so needs to be clear otherwise I'm going to run into real problems but other than that the only rules are keep it cold and does it taste good and that that's basically like a general Goodwill for life right with with me well for carbonating temperature where it wants to be and what A good rule for labor for life you should yes I'm not going to get into it next week

this time

cruise ships don't know where I'm at

supposed to be

and it's late