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Episode 2: Cocktails

shoes banshees. Hello you listening to Dave Arnold on cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network the show where you call in with your cooking issues and we try to solve them be there a technical be they not technical we are going to work on them for you to call the number here is 718-497-2128 that is 718-497-2128 and I'm told that for live call ins at we are authorized to give away Heritage Meat pork chop Porterhouse pork chop so that's an incentive to call please do call me with your questions I'm here with Natasha Lopez also working at cooking issues and we have some email questions if you want to email questions email them to

and Lopez at French culinary. Com emailed him from last week of what we have here from Mike who wants to know about curing a large cut of meat I think or pastrami pastrami beef blade and he's been pumping it with liquids to to cure it and he wants to maybe move to a vacuum machine some advantages of vacuum machines you don't have to use a lot of Brian you can go dryer with a dry rub in here quickly and I can assure you that cheering in a vacuum bag does work I apologize to Mike we we actually just got a vacuum marinator so that we can run a bunch of different vacuum test and see exactly what the optimum BAC level is there's some disagreement some chefs I know when they put their they will use something like an insecure powder or Morton's Tender Quick which is basically salt plus a curing powder and it turned powders is nitrates

weather and these aren't some sort of crazy things have been used for hundreds of years so I don't want anyone saying we're adding some sort of crazy newfangled in artificial crab to it and I tried to been in cured meats for centuries and centuries actually Millenia in the form of impurities that are already naturally occurring in salt deposits around the world so that aside little tirade can do for you but if you just either use a brine or rub your cure on to mean packing and vacuum bag I think you'll notice I use a high vacuum some in a professional say to you actually don't want a super high vacuum cuz I can actually at a certain point hinder the deep penetration to Brian but I haven't touched it yet so I don't know but you'll notice much much quicker penetration in in a vacuum bag much quicker so pretty since I haven't done pastrami this way but pork belly you can get almost all the way through a pork belly overnight in in in a vacuum back vac machine is definitely a great way to accelerate a cure now from at a standpoint

how long should item I would never use it to accelerate a cure in a long cooked long cured item rather like a like a hamlet say because a lot of the flavor of a ham yes I'm specifically talking about your longer has to do with the length of time it takes for the curing the happened so in general even though I'm a tech guy things that are cured over a long. Of time for flavor I tend not to try to accelerate too much thanks Mike that didn't answer your question please you know post something on the forms at www cooking issues. Com forums or email us another question thanks for the question and up before I take the next question I'd like to say that Today Show sponsored by the Hearst Ranch horse ranch is the nation's largest single Source Supply or free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef since 1865 the Hearst family has raised cattle on the rich sustainable native grasslands of the central California coast the result is beef with extraordinary flavor that is memorable and as natural as a surrounding landscape

more information go to www. Hurst Ranch. Com that's this show is 718-497-2128 cooking issues at 718-497-2128 or I can stash what's up next question from an email from Jason who's a health nut and is going to buy a circulator from polyscience wants to know the best way to cook a skinless chicken breast and I must avoid butter duck fat and you something like olive oil or coconut oil should be baggage Cibrian at phone off what do you think all right so what was the name again Jason called me a little bit of a disadvantage because I almost never cook for health and almost always cook for Pure taste so I can know I'm always a little bit out of sorts when I when you know I have to comment on nutrition however if if you just want to know how to make a skinless

chicken breast taste as good as you can go on the right route with it with a circulator here's the problem if you vacuum a chicken breast at it in a vacuum bag and then circulated you can I would I would do it at 63° by the way if that's a little too standard chicken breast in a vacuum bag 63° for roughly you know an hour or so is more than enough that's a good way to go if that's a little too hard on for you I would up at 2 maybe 64 I wouldn't go above 65 I know that runs counter to what you're taught your whole life but trust me try it and I think you look great I tend not to like a vacuum that the chicken because when you do intend to take on a canned chicken texture it's almost too juicy and when you bite into it all the juices kind of flow out and and then the third and fourth to you are a little drier than then I like so I tend to put them into Ziploc bags be cooked in that way by the way for anyone listening doesn't know what the hell were talking about we're talking about

immersion circulator an immersion circulator it's basically just a piece of equipment that lets you keep very very accurate water temperatures and this allows you to cook things very very accurately so you never you never over cooked numb you don't have to monitor them too much it's very simple you know food doesn't dry out it's it's a great piece of equipment and even if you look under a low temperature in sous vide on www. Cooking issues. Com we have enough information to choke you commercial circulators if you want to know about it so don't go look at it there but they're actually fantastic piece of equipment to people using more in their home now back to your question I wouldn't vacuum bag them even though I love vacuum machines I would use a Ziploc bags and the reason is because if you don't put it back you want it you can get much more than natural texture in the chicken breast you can use any liquid you want really you know from chicken stock up to the aluguel I'm 10 not too bad too much with the rent my really flavorful olive oils could I think the taste interaction could be a little bit strange sometimes but you know you can use basically any anything you want and you don't need that much of it in the bag actually so you do

seal the bag up till 2 almost done and then the trick is dunking it under water and then the water basically this place is all the air so that you get a nice seal and it's very very simple to do there's there's a you're not to come to block again there's a section on ziplock baggie with step by step picture instructions on how to do a really good bagging job in a ziplock I can I can make my Ziplocs very quickly look as good as a vacuum pack job to be untrained eye so I think that's really kind of the way the way to go and you can you assis might normally you don't really need to brine it except for the Brian's going to increase the salt level on the inside of a meat which is going to give you a kind of probably better taste and texture but you don't need it from overcooking standpoint because you're not going to overcook it now because you're not going to have a lot of texture on this because it's a skinless chicken breast and it's going to be some what's up these pretzels are usually better I think kind of chopped up for use in salads a really good for cold preps the next day but you know I tend not to eat skinless chicken

on its own but this is a really good technique for a cold prep because when it cools down and still going to be delicious is not going to be dry at all and so to recap in 63 for about an hour or 64 maybe she'd like a little bit firmer recipe from Michael escanes to pastry chef at Le bernadin and I was too stupid to text you beforehand to ask him to answer the questions that we have a text into him so we're going to handle that that question towards the end of the program don't you tell them how you spend your fourth of July and what you cooked a Nordic a TOD or some combination thereof this year I went to Cape Cod and and you know many of you know Cape Cod Massachusetts you know what kind of lobster country the guys in Maine actually makes fun of the Cape Cod Lobster as they say

Maine Lobsters taste better than the Cape Cod Lobster in the guys in Canada make fun of the main Lofts or so for the further north you go to more than make fun of the southerly. There's any that's that's that's not here to there but anyway so Maine Lobsters right they have that there's a catch size limit like you can't catch lobsters are too small and you can't catch lobsters that are too big and spaced on the measurement of the of the back shelf and that's a conservation effort and attitude must be working because it does any of the lobster fishery in in Maine is actually still quite healthy now in Cape Cod they don't have those kinds of limits on male officers minute male lobsters you can basically take any size you want if you die for them they shouldn't I think there's a limit on how many you can take per day supposed to take pay females because Lobster sound like most creatures as they get older and older and older they still bear not just the same amount of eggs more and more and more and more eggs so an older Lobster female officers much more valuable to the Lobster population then then a young female actress who shouldn't take the older females but

the older males I kind of think are are fair game now a lot of people make lobsters big lobsters they said that they taste bad and this is just because two problems one they cook them too long because they have to cook them a long time to to cook them through and secondly they don't they don't serve them properly lobsters as they get older the muscle fibers get bigger and bigger and course or enforcer so if you were to bite into a lobster tail it's a vanilla Lobster it would taste kind of rubbery and tough and then the trick with this is it should just slice the tail and meet like that in two discs and then the fibers are already shortened and you're actually biting you know what kind of with the grain and it breaks apart and it has a different texture from Young lobster tail but still you know very delicious so I know a lot of people they don't, they don't believe this and you're usually the biggest lobster I'll cook is like $6 a pound should you still a monster by most standards I mean you know me a most people are out there with their you know one two and three pound lobsters sissies and let you know what we did is I went walking to the store

in Truro Mass and Isaiah and what kind of what kind of 20 pound Lobster is really really big lobster and I thought if you can get any Lobster to prove my point that big lobsters aren't any worse than small lobsters that you know any harder to get one bigger than about 20 lb now the guy in the store told me that a 20 lb is 20 lb Lobster is like a hundred and thirty years old and you and everyone else was like oh my God you're eating something at a hundred thirty years old and told me what the table you know there's a lobster almost could have fought in the Civil War all this kind whenever it molds you know it's still just a lobster it's still in its brain function doesn't get any higher just because it's all right I mean that's kind of thing this kind of sentimental notion that just could have told you we got plans can live to be a hundred and four

and I know people don't have that much then but I don't know anyone that has a lot of Sympathy for the geoduck anyway anyway that's beside the point and 30 years old that's based on these kind of crazy formulas that they have for lobsters you know that don't kind of fit older Las Cruces probably told I had to go to the Lobster store he want to cook it for 45 minutes which obviously would have made it into inedible terrible in this is why people think the gloves are bad so it's there but I had him do is I hadn't seen it for 8 minutes this kills the lobster and it lets meat separate from the shell then I got metal shears because it showed so dumb thick and I cut that all the meat out of it right and then I sliced it Finn and I ziplock bag dipped with butter and then I quit poached each individual slices each slice with cook very quickly which preserves the textured that allow pets cook for too long gets mushy and it was slice properly so that when you shoot it it wasn't going to be tough and it was it was one of the best lobster

ever made and certainly get fed our whole crew is delicious so anyway that you can check out that post also me no pumping ourselves again why not I'm anyway I've been told we are what are we going to break break and we'll be right back with cooking issues

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you're listening to Dave Arnold on cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network where you call in and we answer your cooking issues please call into 718-497-2128 that's 718-8497 and 2128 falling with any cooking related question you want and you will get free delicious pork chops emailing won't get you the part yet you may sorry folks know you may not know no pork chops with the with the emails okay so we talked about Lobster I'm going to be a couple more minutes to see whether or not we get Michael escanes to get get him on the phone to talk to him about his recipe were talking about the question came from actually a person who made a bug and it came from the person sentenced yet delicious Mana candy what you can also read about on

let's talk about cocktails for a minute while we're while we're waiting next week I guess I'm going off to New Orleans to go to the tales of the cocktail which is a que no kind of a cocktail convention they have a New Orleans every year and I know a lot of the great you know bar people go every year and it says it's kind of a crazy debauch drink fast it's in New Orleans in the middle of summer because you know they're too cheap to have it in New Orleans any other time and no one no one wants to go to New Orleans I'm in the middle of July where it's a billion degrees and you a hundred percent humidity you know and sit in that you know some of the best old bars in the country on air condition do you know drinking yourself into Oblivion but yet I do I do it every year anyway just kidding it's great greater part of seminar called what's it called the science of a shaking last year you know you know they kind of well-known bartender he's kind of a you know the head of the Be Our Guest

Mega restaurant chains bar program and he pulls me in and every year last year we did kind of a science behind shaking a cocktail where we we actually came up with some interesting information which is as far as the dilution of your cocktail is concern and as far as the temperature of your cocktail is concern really with as long as you're within reasonable limits the way you shake the cocktail doesn't make a bit of difference really it it makes a definite difference on the also the ice type doesn't make as much difference is that you think it makes a different different different on the texture of the drink and how it tastes in to text her that your mouth but in terms of temperature in solution it doesn't really make that that much much of a difference this year we're taking on stirring and you'll have to before the seminar that would mean people didn't have to go to the seminar at right so I will be posting that stuff hopefully after next week after they after the seminar tales of the cocktail but something I will talk about is dilution

Grand Prix batching Cocktails so you know a lot of times you have to make a cocktail and then you know that bad should all together but so you're doing an event or a function or party and you have to put all the cocktail together beforehand and then serve it out a lot of people have kind of crazy ideas in their heads on how to figure out how much water to add to a pre batch cocktail to to really get it to to work properly when you when you put it in the fridge Celeste cocktails it's very hard to priebatsch a shaken cocktail because you know you really do need to shake a shake and Cocktails to get the texture right we ran side-by-side blind taste test of drinks that are should be shaken vs. stirred and and we we did we did them both shaken and stirred so we did a daiquiri what should be shaking and we didn't know Daiquiri staring at Daiquiri shaking flying flying folds on and you easily tell the difference and we also took drinks that should be stirred like a Manhattan we know which is whiskey

please. Right now rye whiskey vermouth and Bitters and you know we start something and took some to taste the Blind and shoot huge difference now the shaking is hard to emulate in a pre batched cocktails unless you have liquid nitrogen turns out we've done some tests if you if you chill a drink I let me know that you've already diluted with liquid nitrogen you can emulate the texture of the shaking pretty pretty well but stirred drinks are basically good if you just Duluth improperly and then children because basically stirring is just a chilling and eluding process is not a texturizing process and that's why that's why you use if you don't want to add a lot of extra texture in Astor drink so you know if you can you choose a stir drink to do your priebatsch drinks with and then here's how to determine how much how much water to add make your make a single drink right make it using volume like you normally would with jiggers then wave at on an accurate scale weigh the drink write that number down right that's how much drink you starting with

add your eyes start just like you're making a normal drink normal drink right Starrett then strain it now weigh how much to drink whey is now that is a that is the weight of the total cocktail if you subtract the weight of the liquor that went into it the liquor in agreeance a word into it from the final way to the cocktail you have basically how much water you should add night and that's really the best way to determine instead of guessing in your head 25% and also doesn't work to try and delude it by just deluding it with water when it's at room temperature and then tasting it because when we chill at the balance is going to be off so you really just want to make a drink the traditional way and then weigh how much water is in it it's slightly more complicated than that because some of your Liquors actually held on the ice and so you have to do a lot of fancy finagling but within two or three grams of water you know you're going to be pretty much right doing it the way the way I just told you it seems complicated but you're I think you're pretty back shrinks are going to thank you for it and you're going to do it one

if you write down the recipe you can get that recipe right every time you don't have to retest it every time so it's a little bit of a pain in the butt but well well worthwhile right okay so she that's a pretty batching P batching cocktails what else you would actually talk about mistakes in Chicago and me are ya and these guys have been around for decades and decades I think they're going out a couple Generations old a business now this point right and they specialize in bizarre Meats right and meats that you wouldn't normally get and if so what does that mean I'm not talkin you know Buffalo although they do have that I'm talking beaver and lion you know

what else about to get raccoon bear you know things that you can't you can't normally get and meets a can't normally buy because you can't you in this country you can't buy meat that's been hunted by a hunter Yetman Noah hunt legally bags meet in order to get these kind of game he's so before I get people riding in telling me I'm a horrible person for ordering line me to taste and by the way we're going we're going to taste a tiny piece of each one of them then bagged them and cook them sous-vide because we think that these tough or Tuff older meats are going to be best that way before you get angry at me about ordering these these meats you should know kind of pallet how it happens at these meats are so it's not a pretty story but here's how it is people get Lions as pets because they're crazy writing mean that they're insane you know so they get Lions as pets or they have lions and they use the Lions as to breed you know that they're breeding Lions I therefore I don't know for what

Zeus circuses whatever for other me know freak shows who want Lions as pets right so late they breed them and then once they're no longer good breeders anymore or if someone has a pet and they don't want that anymore they give them to animal Brokers and you know just like stray cats near you give it a few stray cat and they get put down you don't have to see it you don't have to do it but you basically know your cats being put down the same thing happens with a lion so they get the lion and if they can't sell it which often a cantar an older lion the lion is killed the actual the most valuable card that is a skin to skin is sole off for you know fervor for lying for for wet me up whenever making rugs rugs I guess I don't know but in the meat is basically a byproduct so rather than let it go to waste you know these guys are you know in Chicago by the meat from these exotic animal Brokers and then freeze it and resell it so no one's going out

slaughtering lions for the purpose of food do you are you know animals that probably shouldn't have been in the situation that they were in but not through the fault of the name of the butcher it's just you know once you've killed the animal you might as well put it to use so we're going to taste all of these meet when we have coming and we got lion black bear a hole into beavertails Beaver meat to know why but yeah, we'll get some Yak milk cheese will go get some Yak milk cheese and they will have no yak yak yak will get some Yak butter and we'll make Tibetan Tibetan tea with Yak butter floating on the top of it which is actually wretched I don't know how people drink that but I will make it neon the sense of humor what we want to be authentic authentic sous vide Tibetan dinner because back in the day in the butcher laughed laughed his

you know we are off because that he said there's no meat on a beaver tail and he always has people asking him to be to buy it to eat it but he says he's basically no meat on it so we going to do and you know I think the reason most people call him and I don't know how much of a history buff he is but for all your history Buffs out there you know back in the day there were many days not just Fridays when Catholics weren't allowed to eat meat there are many many more fast days and Linton days and on those days you weren't allowed to eat meat you can only eat fish right and so let me have that in fact that's my Theory Y in Italian recipes if I'm very few recipes that use Dairy and a fish because it wasn't just meet you weren't allowed to have on a fast day it was it was Dairy so you didn't cook a dairy you didn't cook I believe also eggs and you didn't cook with meat so these were you know basically fish-based fish bass dishes and just help you know a few of the the dried stockfish do you know any of the dried Cod

can you fry fish business for hundreds of years anyway there's all sorts of religious reasons why they thought meet inflamed passions and it was good Etc blah blah blah City with soy beavertail because you know they had kind of you know what is a pre Linnaeus dad wacky you know ways of categorizing animals so the big actual Beaver was a an animal and you couldn't eat that on the fast days but beavertail with seemed kind of like fish and so you can eat beaver tail on a fast and so you actually get these recipes or these mentions anyway medieval documents of beaver tail cooking beaver tail and this has got to be why this guy gets the interest in it because there's a lots of History Buffs out there who you know what are doing this kind of thing. They also whale clearly is not labeled as a meat strangely is labeled as a fish so if you could get ahold of some whale meat back in the day I don't Advocate then but if you can get ahold of it you can have that on a on a fast day that's why I believe I'm not sure how she feels classified

will let you know how the the beaver tail and the line is the lines actually supposed to be interesting because if you think about it there's no commercially raised meat that we have that comes from a carnivore and supposedly it going to have a completely different tastes carnivores do so will it will let you know when that when that comes in what's going on Saturday the tables from Douglas Baldwin show I have a question to came and Who coming from Caleb Caleb Caleb who's looking up but you know Doug Baldwin has a online a suvee primer and he just came out with a book on suvi cooking and he's a he's a mathematician I believe he lives out in Colorado somewhere near Denver and he has a bunch of tables in their other allow you to calculate exactly when Foods temperature when food is come up to temperature when you're cooking it sous-vide or low temperature in a in a circulating that in freaking over

so you not not hip to the fact you know a huge way of cooking now is that you put something in a bag and then put it in water and it very gently and very evenly she keeps food but a lot of people when they're starting out they were worried a lot lot lot about whether or not the inside of their food has come up to temperature and so it'll do things like stick thermometers into it which is I think really kind of fraught with problems because you have to get the thermometer in the right place or the why she don't get the right answer and you a lot of times you won't get in the right place and then you undercook something you know what that thermometer can puncture the bag and you can get leaks in this causes problems I did most often I think thermometers cause more problems then then they help so Douglas Paul would be a mathematician along with Nathan myhrvold who's coming out with the the Superbook in December I think I'd November December on on cooking Nathan myhrvold is Microsoft guy who has a huge passion for cooking and has probably one of the greatest kitchens in the world is working

with our Chris Young formerly the fat duck and 15 other Cooks on on making the world's kind of greatest technology cookbook you know coming to Amazon soon I believe last week if you've got the I got the money for it and anyway so it Nathan myhrvold on a website called a number of years ago the number of years ago at this point published a bunch of tables on how to figure out how long it would take food to get up to a certain temperature in a water bath based on certain dimensions and those tables were going to probably easier to work out then a formula I don't know the formula because they haven't been able to find it yet but I will definitely look up on Eagle at Nathan myhrvold tables which are going to be much easier to use in a formula unless you're trying to create your own Excel document without having the formula in front of me it's hard for me to tell exactly what he's doing because he could either be calculating the food based on the fact that it's treating it as a Big Slab and trying to keep through the slab or he could be talking about cylinders or heating through but I'll tell you this

all formulas that his formula I'm pretty sure it's right I've seen it once and it it since good he's a mathematician he's good at that sort of thing but any formula tells u x number of inches / X number of minutes per pound or X number minutes per inch RR egregiously false because as things get bigger it's not linear how much longer it takes to cook it I tend not to use these formulas I tend to cook a couple of things and then store in my mind how big those things are and how long they took to cook and then just do it that way and I'm almost never do no wrong so I know that an egg takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get all the way up the temperature a rolled chicken like a toy show on think that takes like an hour I know that 36 inch striped bass the size of normally get takes 3 hours you know so you should you kind of build up this knowledge but I'll try and post some information on that and in the forum for you sometime this week sorry I couldn't be more accurate on the on the answers

she got a break right now please call in to claim your pork you can ask anything you know the price of eggs although I don't know what right now anything like that at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues


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this is Dave Arnold at cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network call in your questions at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 caller gets free delicious pork chops okay so we're having trouble at Le bernadin and so I'm just going to look at the question from Kitchen girl Kitchen Grove without the gee by the way he looks as a Blog if you're looking for a Blog is Kitchen GRL kitchen girl that's her that's her blog and she send us some delicious actually before I go into a question some Mana candy so we talked about the last time 78 came on I mean like Manna From Heaven like like in the Bible and you know for you my whole life is something I've read about known about that never knew was a

actually a real a real thing a real product until this guy named here's mine I'm like what the hell you talkin about Maya and then I basically I did a lot of research it turns out that Mona isn't one thing Mana is a huge variety of different products and here's what they all have in common want the sweet okay to date appear as if from nowhere they know they're not they're not cultivated are there wild things are providential there you know that they're kind of there their bonuses and up and took me of those basically the two main main criteria most of them are actually dried sap from trees that you're probably hang out a lot of it hasn't been researched actually stayed late but little bugs will chew on the underside of leaves us Apple come out then dry up and that dried sap is Mana mixed mixed along with you know

Obits play leaves and other nonsense like that another way mine is made is it is actually it's it's honeydew which means that a bug bites into the leaf and this is honeydews you know what a finch make you know here in the states and and collected so what what are you doing this is a bug will bite a juicy leaf or stem of a plant and the pressure of the sap is so strong compared to the bug that it literally shoots it shoots app through the buggin out his behind and then that's how they do it mean it's gross to say it that way but it's basically like forced pumped bug poop that then dries up on the outside into a delicious sweet substance so they go out into the desert most of these Manos happened in the Middle East new kind of because it's drying up there for these Mountains to form and people will go out in the morning with twigs and beat on bushes and catch this Mana that comes down in a from here from the bushes and and use it and there's dozens and dozens of different type

candy that's been made I guess and you know the entire that tire area Iraq Iran and called guys in Iran it's called in any rocks by the kitchen girl sent us some of this Mana candy which is basically is Mauna and with a little bit you know more sugar and and and nuts in it I forgot I have the ingredients list on the on the Block but it's delicious and it's got a really unique texture that you know that it's weird kind of chewy and put it breaks its Barry Manilow or you can get the straight Mana which is delicious you know mixed in in Bourbon which week which is incredibly delicious you can get that from saffron King he has a website to saffron cake and this stuff is crazy because it's not so much the amount of candy that didn't change as you if you've been in all the time that was more of a textual saying the candy butt

the actual money itself every bite you take of it tastes a little bit different than the bite you had before and different people have different perceptions of it I want an article in the New York Times on it which you know you can you can search for a meat we did a block list on a better way it's a long way of saying kitchen girl since it's a question you know that she very kindly sent us the the Mana and then she can she has a question she's working on a recipe that's why I never had this potato for your pet feel terrible that and pastry chefs always laugh at me correct me as you all the french fries at the school but you know crap on them his recipe here and basically what you do is your cooking the fruit puree to 180 degrees Fahrenheit with sugar than you add pectin sugar and glucose syrup and then bring it up to a higher temperature 225 Fahrenheit and then poured into a Silpat trade to set and she's having problems with her sugar

sorry the fruit burning in the in the puree went when she's doing it and I don't disagree I'm sure she is having some problems she says that a hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit approved starting to Brown sometimes burn and that it only gets worse when she has more sugar and she's thinking it was happening is her Pan actually is getting too hot so she's actually getting scorching because her pan is too hot now I don't have a lot of experience with this so what I'm going to do is I'm going to make some random stabs at ways to try and fix this and then I'm actually going to try and get the actual answer and I'll post it in the forms at cooking issues. Com but I guarantee that Michael is probably using an induction burner was going to be much more accurate as temperature control and so much less likely to Scorch then if you're using an open flame burner and app and specially

you know I don't know how good the temperature in a conduction is there but anyway 225 you should actually be okay it shouldn't actually burn if it at 2:25 if you if you have good temperature control at the bottom of the pan and I know this because I've been trying to test out caramelization of of sugars and and fruits in pressure cookers at temperatures well in excess of that without burning it so you should be able to do it so I would I would use an induction pan that's got very accurate temperature control to prevent scorching and maybe go slow and you she asked if the end she has a circular immersion circulator can you do in a water bath now there's no way to get a water bath up to up to 20 to 25 unless you put it under pressure but then you're you're you're ruining the whole point of boiling it isn't the temperature actually it's it's at a certain temperature you've gotten rid of enough

when it cools down it will have enough solids so if you if you do something in a water bath you're not boiling the water off in any of these pectin and candy recipes with sugar or are basically requiring that you remove a certain amount of water and the way that you guarantee that you removed it is by reaching a certain temperature at atmospheric pressure now you could I never try this actually you could maybe do a very low temperature patch we in in question evaporate the water off of off of a mixture under vacuum I should be able to I never thought of this before crap is my work we could do a low temperature one of these because that the pet needs to make it to a certain temperature to to work right so needs to get up to at least regular boiling but I could take something to regular boiling then throw it in there in the rotor that I said the road about boiling right is all the packing in it

right and then and then evaporate off the water and I know exactly how much I know how much water because I can look up like what my finished total solids South continent is one of these is a hydrocolloid natural been using it for you know since there's been fruit we've been using pectin I don't want to hear that what chemicals are in crap like that is great but lately I personally need to be heated up to I think the boiling a roughly there close to their to it to work properly but also they require two things acidity and high soluble solids I need a word that means there's something like sugar that's going to bind all the water that's that that's left there so that the gel so it depends and shells and forms a good thing that's why if you try to make a jelly and if it doesn't work and why you like you know you always had not just the flavor to make a carpet to make it work and why do you cook your jelly long enough it's not going to sit right that's how pectin Works caramels on the other hand are basically just a little find Sugar by removing water

are you actually breaking breaking the sugar down at a much lower temperature using a standard pack in a rotor that making an uncooked thing with traditional pack tomato Triad course I know you can use you can use different kinds of pectin to get the same effect without having to go to such high soluble solid using a kind of packing called LMAO he ever dated pectin which you know that whatever the most people don't have access to that we should tell people that you're teaching a class on the 28th for High-Tech cocktails at the school they're interested no snore in the head of the whole megillah at the French Culinary Institute and I are cooking a teaching a high-tech cocktail class for the public

basically what you do is you come to the French Culinary Institute and will do you know like two or three cocktails that you know that you can't possibly do at home using like using a rotary evaporator and liquid nitrogen to buy UK me if you need to be able to get anything, but you know you can't do it and then we're going to actually teach you some technology that you can use like for instance how to clarify lime juice in in 20 minutes and just something we do it's actually know that techniques exactly when you're when you're old. French culinary. Calm and you can look up that class that's actually headed back there we got a lot of cocktail test to do back at the French culinary I'm slightly I have to say I am slightly disappointed and nobody called in to claim their pork I enjoyed all your email questions please send more email questions but if you can call in live it gives me the opportunity to speak to you which I enjoy

I like talking over the phone this is why I never answer emails but I do speak over the phone if you can meet me so next week we're going to be alive again with Harold McGee with Harold McGee Harold McGee will be our telephone gases I can we live in the studio and he's going to call in and he'll be here answering your questions as well so if you don't care what I have to say by the question perhaps you will care about what Harold McGee has to say about your questions and next week will be the same 718-497-2128 cooking issues today has been brought to you by the Hurst Ranch horse ranches the nation's largest single Source Supply or free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef I'm Dave Arnold and this is cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network don't know