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Episode 199: Jackie Molecules

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Bushwick as usual with no not yet if you skip last week is it 99 or 9899 episodes that are on next week right people by the way should you have any questions that a lot of people don't want to hear it

you might have to do a catch up before 200 with a married technically be 200 I would upload it and it would be 200 you know yes stash. Is going to show up I just confirmed oh listen to question are we actually do we have a preference

do we can get croup maybe for two hundred million stars can host the show we've been wanting to host for 200 episodes call issues talk about our issues and South shoes unrelated to cooking issues 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 now so I want you guys to maybe come up with some sweet sweet ideas for the 200 right ideas but keep them coming back on the is a test tube Waltz that is his or her actions noem her her test a test to waltz Road in because I wanted to ask about how to suspend Citrus oil

this question is back and so his her suggestion is used leverage ester of wood rosin is a new brominated vegetable oil there's a but maybe maybe cuz you got to be able to get the leverage ester of wood rosin try lecithin and also cyclodextrin might work to carry Citrus oil and it's clear they carrying capacity is lower however so there you go that's a follow-up for a friend who was it asked about that but I love it when people follow up on the Twitter I try to read it back and we had one someone tried to ask about mushrooms so he's going to make mushroom oil because they couldn't have the mushrooms necessarily I think was what it was and I forgot I'm sorry whoever treated the same to me I forgot to copy who it came from but I think it was that collects maybe did it take to dry mushrooms in a two-to-one ratio Glenn for about 8 minutes until until very fine cook at 80° C in 24 hour for 24 hours in a water bath

stranded what don't it's up to you strain adult I don't know where I don't know where they come from so that's how I assume they sound like in my head that's how everyone sounds like until I hear you pretty much right restaurant I feel like I need to answer Max Max questions about outdoor kitchens because like it's been like on a month and a half or so I'm definitely a BBQ smoker and maybe a rotisserie what why is it you know why the rotisserie is good because it's even well it's it it works in in okay so Maggie and I have this thing and it's like you know the kind of like the guy the rotisserie works good as a very high instantaneous heat input but a very low average heat input so you develop that nice

Christ with that are nice surface with the high instantaneous he didn't put but because your average he didn't put his low and acts almost like a low temperature kind of cooking situation so it's a very old way to achieve kind of modern results if you want to see you turn if I hit you where the power right has TV show Thing Once where I had to they had did they use an actual dog to power the spit because they used to have turnspit dog so I can run a little hamster wheels a tutor tutor era time machine Chief yes but also like salamander but I had to pull out the dripping grease trade otherwise the chickens wouldn't fit into it I was like you know I don't want to just do cornish hen so I got to do the chicken so I had to drop it down and get rid of the grease tray but the other best rotisserie I ever did you want

people rotisserie Motors suck and here's why the average rotisserie motor you can get is really just a POS and here's why they don't have zero backlash gears so it's happening is rotisserie needs to spin slowly let's say it does a 3/4 RPM to make that 4 p.m. write a set or whatever hopefully so that it doesn't accelerate even it doesn't like me I move around on your skewer on your spit too much right but here's what happened you never ever ever load it exactly right there's always some sort of imbalance so what happens is is the motor goes good a good like 78 degrees

I'm out of time is a rest which is stupid but also it puts like this means around it has a little bit of force attitude as it gets more and more I saw a really good job or you have the side to side chicks that really sit in there and really quite that's why I hate that I hate it and so you're the first rotisserie I ever built I used a zero backlash really expensive motor because I stole it we had like a pile of Motors at the Columbia University had and they didn't know what they know cuz like they were shutting this department Downs has a huge pile of Motors there so we use a sweet old boating motor with an awesome gear shaft of the long thing we cut a 55 gallon drum and 1/2 incinerated all of the carcinogenic paying off of it so it was dry cut a sheet of expanded metal in half or by a tree of expanded metal in half and we also

put it over the saying well its legs on it and put like a giant pig on this rotisserie it was awesome and you know what that motor had no backlash I would suggest is either hire nastassia to come and be the power for the rotisserie but that's a long time just asked me to come and you know she gets her energy from to spite and hate so you have to like it if you stand there then I'm sure she'll have enough energy zero backlash motor when you're making up a rotisserie and the other thing is if you're going to have a rotisserie there that's powered electricity kind of outdoor kitchens was do I have any good literature and or blogs on a subject that I can recommend answered no because I haven't done

like the full research I've been researching right now just what's the best way to pour the concrete for the slabs the refractory bricks and and and things like this I've been looking at individual thinks cuz remember in my outdoor various kinds of outdoor kitchen popular now so even like Quikrete the concrete people have a book that they put out that shows you you know how to lay it out and do no do the coursing and stuffed it to build it but most people fundamentally want just you know an outdoor kitchen i e they want their they want their fridge they want you know a bunch of electric and gas at it I'm going to have gas there is a gas assist for the fire pit but I'm primarily building an outdoor Wood-Fired kind of cooking station and not like we made me the traditional except for I am going to have gas to it to run the gas assist and to run the deep fryer was going to be covered to my D fires going to be outside it in Connecticut so I don't have anything right now except for like I said before I'm going to build a quart

which is the Roman style thing like a like a high heat surfaced a bread oven at Andor and a fire pit and everything into it and I will probably want a fridge right in a fryer fridge cuz why cuz you need fridge cuz why not and work surfaces so as I do it I will talk more about on the show but I don't have any specific references right now but obviously I love telling people where I get if ideas so as I do it I will come up with with information it's too cold here in Sweden for chrissakes how are you building an outdoor kitchen in Sweden right now. Or February and the people in Stockholm or so baller they cuz they just they're sitting outside in Stockholm in the winter time having drinks giant blankets and they're standing under heat lamps outside know like what what what

just for you also are the question from Sweden on Stephanie Robinson Stephanie wrote In from Sydney Australia Australia so far away so far from Sydney I love listen to your podcast I have a slow juicer that I use almost daily slow juicer sound like a dance

Trojan sure over the last year a white film has built up all over all over the internal Services even though I wash it properly every time I've been trying to look up what is this and how to get rid of it most articles on the internet tell me it is caused by the oils and the fruit and the vegetables and to clean it with a bicarbonate plus vinegar solution so I was just making foaming right back I tried this and it works on the lighter bits of white film to wait right white film but some of them having a Thomas English Muffins to know how you kill a slice that sucker in half with a knife so that you cut all the crimes you got a fork split them that's got to be before I should how many times you seen someone try to bust out a bunch of Thomas's English muffin and they cut it with a knife and they obliterated him

Achilles you need a fourth

SOA my blood boils people do that crazy OK crannies crap in the nooks and crannies are a lot more stubborn they wouldn't be up nastassia did it because he likes flat


okay it also takes a lot of bicarbonate going to get anywhere another website says extra virgin olive oil on it something about oil dissolving an oil bottle action but this only works superficially once a plastic pipes are clean and dry that's white film is still present I'm wondering if you have any idea what causes this and if you have any better way of getting rid of this stubborn juicer scum thanks regards Stephanie go so the truth of the matter is is that I kind of just put up with things like like film I thought you shouldn't write but I did some look into it and if they are in fact oil-based I don't know this is going to work and I couldn't find it when they specifically recommended it but one of the most stubborn things that I have to get off of anything is up like a really baked-in coffee oils that are really a pain in the butt on the internals of like espresso machines and things like this and her neck

sore like espresso machine a coffee machine detergent is pretty hardcore so assuming that your products are made of a plastic that can be boiled then you can just boil those suckers in in her natural never liked the local equivalent of espresso machine cleaning detergent is and that stuff is no joke that's like like I put my brass into it as a call I kind of crap on it from the inside of the espresso machine like you know they were the group head is and boom the Chrome stuff comes out shining plastic things I cook my I cook my my coffee brush brushes which are you know pretty tough I cook those in it and they come out sparkling so that's that's pretty good another thing is nutrifaster the juicer which is like kind of like one of the butt-kicking juicers of all juicing time it's like it's one that looks like a spaceship on top of the pillar they make a product for cleaning out at the metal parts of their juice

in case they get film to slide out its proprietary and it's called clean cut that you can buy it from nutrifaster and that stuff might work then as a last thing in case it is some sort of build up that is related to water maybe maybe I don't know hard water or something and even read some things that aren't having to do with this can be solved by using CLR which is the calcium lime and rust deposit remover and like maybe there's something in there that's attacked by that so give those three things to try and let me know what happens right one. Hello Anastasio Jack and Dave thanks for showing everything else for the past two years and I haven't heard you comment about pressure cookers that don't leak any steam at being better but I cannot recall ever hearing why I have some guesses but would rather hear your reason and if it's slow day and you have time for other question last week is supposed to call her about Ultra sperse versus

am vs. Ultra sperse are they pre agglomerated precooked starches that dissolve in he's as opposed to the ones that are just precook but then when you put them in they can come up very quickly because they they know they form they form balls because they think they caught that's why you get a free climber dies and tapioca respectively how are they different than one drop which is the flower that you can buy which what I've got and what am I missing out by not using them things again Alex okay first to the pressure cooker I don't know why I really don't like it was one of those things that I never anticipated I never anticipated what we did years and years ago I was doing a test on pressure cook stocks and I had assumed that pressure cook stocks would beat traditional stocks like very easily because I had made pressure cook stocks for years at home with my pressure cooker

Recon and I at at school they had these kind of these Fagor pressure cookers in the Fagor pressure cookers they way they were the regular pressure is a vent a constant amount of steam to keep the internal to the thing at 15 psi and what you do is you just throttle it down to it only leaking a little bit of steam and then you know that it is running a pressure that's how they regulate the pressure Recon has a spring in it and what happens if you can look at it and you can adjust the height of the spring which says how much pressure there so you keep you just use your your heat regulation to adjust how high the spring pressure is but it doesn't until I get sold in the seal start getting weak it doesn't leak any steam as it's cooking a pressure cooker stock in the Fagor and I do the side by side and it comes out looking like I expected pressure cooker stocks come out Browner than regular stocks so everything's as expected we go do our blind taste test

Trish. Everyone liked it better because he and then and Trish. Twin again and remember I already started writing a blog post if I'm already like a thousand words into the blog post I don't want it to be for nothing I have to publish make this negative result so I bring my pressure cooker from home and I make stock and it wins easily over the traditional stock and then we did all three side-by-side another couple of times and so we just did it in. Lee it just turned out that these pressure cookers at preventing a lot as they were cooking we're not producing the same taste results as the ones that didn't answer and I don't know why to this day I've never had someone run GC mass spec on it to see where they were losing a particular volatile I have no I have no speculation that makes me sad I just know it from empirically and tell someone come back and shows me you know that why or what I was doing wrong I just stick with the

McHenry, it doesn't vent or I you can seal stock in jars are cans inside of a venting pressure cooker and get those same results with those Ultra sperse products are pure starches that are another very highly kind of refined starches that have very specific characteristics that are nice but there are starches pre-cooked an agglomerated so that they dissolve properly Wondra on the other hand is flower that is pre-cooked and a glawmorous so it's not we should we eat starch it's a flower that that is kind of instant eyes in the way that these other things are instantized so in a situation where you would want to bring I think it's low protein flour if you want to bring all the characteristics of a low-protein flour including the protein into it then you would use Wondra so I like One for a lot of people use it a lot of people use pre you know. Louder pregelatinized starch has in

batters for instance I think because they can absorb and capture water very quickly I don't know why but there's a bunch of studies on it but I don't really remember the mechanisms of it is one where you would want to Pure starch and use the other where you would want all the characteristics of a flower just in an instant format what's up buddy you got called out right in time perfect

yeah I'll talk him with his mouth like a regular Christian or some sort of like Nuvo croissant

you're like a regular clothes on because you know what this says he hates buttery flaky delicious things did you know this is a new thing that's out and we all know about Dominique Ansel Cronut right business there some sort of like new like with Santeria going on with some sort of one of the bigger some sort of like less on a vacation or something it's like turning a towel into a question or something like this I don't know like very finely layered buttery flaky cow crispy and someone else. You know I'm up in butter and Clary Clary butter that sometimes I think the problem is you have to get it like just right otherwise the layers will fuse together so when you're when you're making puff snacks if you toss them in like a tiny bit of salt water right before

you up up them starches are very become moldable glue themselves together that's like the principle of making those are kind of rice cakes

and plus he without salt water that was then that's how you can do it to microwave you can make like rice cakes in a microwave that way please I don't don't do it because don't do it but you can you know there's an issue with it but like Puffin guns will it still molten if they're touching the sheets when they melt and expand don't Blues us together you won't get all the layers like a black and it would you call the place where the fish we figure it out so nice temperature right and I took your advice for several weeks ago regarding steaming lobsters for lobster rolls given that you can't really get a thermapen into the meat carapace any way into the meat how do you judge done this I got three and a half pound lobsters and guest at steaming time as a charge all stop at 3 lb

are cooked osuntokun don't cook a lobster all the way through and show par cooked those things until they did a couple of minutes then crack them open breaking apart and then cook the different pieces of meat separately to be like in butter or in the I actually do it in their own juices I saved the Jews as when I break it in a bag and put them in their own juices I like to cook them in high temperature because I kind of like that farmer I don't like soft mushy Lobster do I stop my Chihuahua from just like firm that much but when you like it when you had it so and then it's much easier to judge done this because you can just sit there and squeeze it with your fingers pull the bag out easier than trying to timeout because we're cooking a lobster that large like you know and I've done like six seven pound normally and then like you know 25-30 lb when you're doing something like that it's not

the bigger the lobster the more impossible it is to cook the inside without absolutely hammering me outside so you want to break a meeting this March something then you can you can calculate it with an ICD - running has other things that's how I do it makes your life a lot freaking easier it just because you pull the lobsters out you can do the nails Norton Nails Norton ties a string around their tail and then yeah lobsters have that they have that kind of pointy like like bowsprit thing that comes out of their face right in front of their eyes and like sticks out like a pointy so what you do is it. It doesn't hurt him so I don't want any letters please. Like tie string around their tail like right where the flare is at the smallest point where it like it's lyrics and then you go over there back and then around the pointy doodle and you tie it back to itself so first I'll give you a little handle which is nice to pick up the lobster so you don't burn yourself

yeah we know how to kill him it's freaking cruel by their nose to their and then their tail stays straight so it's no ternative to the to the just shove skewer through its tail while it's alive or they kill an inch Skillet and tips to keep her tail straight par cook them thrown in ice water to stop the cooking then you break them and then you can take the meat separately and cookies piece to its to its own Perfection yes yes but you got to make sure to cook it enough on the park up depending on the thickness like a minute and have 2 minutes otherwise they Claus gooey mess and you can't get it out during mass you don't talk about you know what my next baby to have a meeting with my publisher tomorrow to talk about my Nextbook I'll tell you what people it will not be about

okay Kook break

hey what's up guys it's me Jack as in Jack from cooking issues as in the guy that's probably been talking on the show so here on the break to tell you about molecular which is not only not some website and store and resource but also they support us which makes them even that much cooler so I know Dave gives you plenty and plenty of information on the show but should you need further resource should you want to get some of the things he's talking about molecular has recipes techniques ingredients tools all in the world of this modernist thing we love so much on the show so you know explore the world of phone you can severe is an invisible Foods in mind blowing cocktails all that awesome stuff there's a community of over 400,000 Chef scientist and food lovers sharing their favorite recipes tips and tricks cool photos tools gadgets again this is everything you'd be into all in one place molecular and just for being a listener of the show

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so Jack is is that your Dad's here that's your molecular music

I don't like it you don't like anymore why do you know I was supposed to be stuff on it and say the name because we all know it in the direction of big bang bang that's like Jack Jack molecular sent to you by Jack Jack Jackie molecules back into the questions I went to the pre-opening of Nick Nick Bennett our longest employed barbar captain at Booker and Dax left us to go help start porch light

Danny Marr group went last night looks awesome and super congratulations out to Nick vannett so I check it out and saying that there's like an old Warehouse building on 28th and 11th actually got hit with with Sandy got flooded out and they rebuilt the inside that the concept of it is that it's kind of like when you go there and I might hang out in the porch so you have drinks on the porch and they used all reclaimed wood from the obliterated basement on the inside at school to check it out and congratulations to everyone involved with porch light porch light NYC little self plug here so my son Booker goes to a school called the quad Preparatory School in Manhattan for check out this twice exceptional twice exceptional why well like it's like you know giveth and taketh away it's like smart kids who like are on the autistic Spectrum so it's like twice

are you going to the school and I really like it a lot to school and they're having a that's not why I'm telling you about it there is a silent auction and one of the things that were auctioning off and I'm going to make you to come with me so sorry I didn't tell you if you do all the time I'm going to help you move your freaking house in a freaking Zipcar if I'm dead I win forever for that truck by the way and was like oh we're moving a couple things and she's moving from like a fifth-floor walk-up to another 5th floor walk-up got a freaking Zipcar that was too small such that we had to like the bungee cord ourselves to the freaking bed of it along with her fake fireplace whatever I don't want to hear about it anyways so it's a it's a

they don't have to go to the gullet a bit to bid on it anyone that likes to techniques to try and help kids who are very smart but can't be kind of adult within the normal school setting to get trying to spend this off into other you know and not just in it with the small school but anyways so and we make cocktails for you for three hours if you want snacks you have to get the snatch we're going to show up when I make some nice cocktails you're going to handle ingredients and we're just going to show up New York City though New York City New York City

I mean not Tri-State so we're having a cocktail party they're auctioning it off you can put on if you like and a website is HTTP colon forward for is a lot of stuff forward slash breakthroughs breakthroughs plural not through multiple flight do you have twice exceptional cocktails whatever that means a lot of time the carbonated we do 3 hours we show up you get to have seen us. His vegan face I'll bring some vegan stuff to have her eat it you can see the face

set timer to bring or not hurt her you know hurt her a game depending on how she feels and any particular situation but you know what is someone from the radio show biz on it mean it's a real honest-to-god food person and so we're going to have a good time it's not just someone who happens to have a lot of money but doesn't care a lot of money that's fine too yeah but we've done events before where they just bought it because they got strong-armed into buying it and we show up and it might as well just be someone pouring beer and you know and handing out white wine mean I like beer and white wine like the next guy but you know I don't know I don't need to you don't need an assassin I'd come pour that David wrote in about coffee

hey Dave Musashi Jack how are you I'm just listen to latest cast want a couple things about days half mocking suggestion cast of cast yes we are the cash short for podcast cast podcast by the way we're going back to remember when we were talking about coffee and saves this is how far behind we are that's what this is in reference to Johnny from the underground Cuisine collective in Wisconsin was here and we were talking about using saves in fractions of coffee to get specific because we talked about Grinders and how you know the particle size distribution in a grinder is very important in the taste of coffee that's what we're talking about Richard stack two or three last day of Sam's together to get a uniform profile for the ground coffee in the average or even fancy coffee shop

actually do one better last year I was at the world Brewers cup and I know that during their exhibition one competitor describe how they use for they just are the top middle and bottom piles and only keep the ones between the first and the second and third and fourth fractions are there concessions pick the beans one by one before grinding them or created their own water by dissolving various minerals in to deionize water out of Kevin now I'm thinking of Reggie Watts it seems that but you can't say on the radio was it by having to control range of particle sizes in a single extraction they were able to better control flavor profile acid extraction and so on also Johnny was right when he said that to uniform a particle size range makes for a comparatively less complex cup in the same way as Brewing methods to keep relatively uniform Brew temperature and or concentration to EG reverse Aeropress French pressed or relatives a great not just good cop is about carpal

control over and under extraction oh by the way I have also put caustic soda on the tip of my tongue nomen Omen it seems cheers. I don't care from a mr. Guevara regarding to see that we can do this yet right about cvap see that is by the way was the oven invented by mr. Winston to help the Colonel Sanders was a real human being I figure out how to keep Kentucky Fried Chicken in good condition over the course of you know a long time while sitting after tried assuming assuming they're not crushed in business and they have their frying like as fast as they can serve it which is how you want

do you like I haven't been there in a long time for your thoughts

BookIt what's up diplomat

move to Washington get to get your Diplomat Diplomat on there's a heater in the air and then there's a water a bain-marie water system and that by adjusting the temperature that the bay Marie is being held at versus the air temperature you can very accurately adjust the humidity inside the cavity and the temperature and that the main problem and holding Foods is that the humidity inside there's not right so you adjust the difference in temperature between these two things and if you do it properly you can hold almost anything I've had actually talked hot tortilla chips held in it that stay crunchy So and I've had you no meat in it that's hell for a long time I've had chicken that's holding it long time technology does infect work that's what I see that is that's how it works but Winston the guy that he's not like 90 I think he's finally stepping aside he's like 95 or 96 in like this it cantankerous dude cantankerous dude

it looks like this question it looks like Winston Industries sadly changed their minds on producing a home

what you want to do it all the time change so I'm passing the oven and turn off great results the really makes me Pine for a real see that or it's a DIY see that though not that it's actually not that hard all you have to do is put an accurate control on your oven which is a lot easier in electric oven and a I put a water bath in the bottom and control the difference between a thermocouple that's held in the oven and when it's held in the water back I've done it as a test you can do it it takes him walking around and working with the maybe someone out there all you guys out there you know one of you just build it I just told you how to build it and then just put the protocol of the internet

I see that thing out there and if you're not going to make one for home then you're not going to get too mad if you build one and the original patent for that thing I've been gone a long time ago because they've been around for a Brazilian year so I'll go ahead and do what you're not doing anything wrong anyway and by the way he sends the he sends along a note from Winston Industries saying that we're not going to make one

Ellie rights in about fat and about ice Dave I understand that Sue it is beef fat from around the kidney area of the beef that is very tough to get a hold of here to get ahold of here is there any reason regular beef at cannot be used in place especially if it's rendered also thanks for the Clear Eyes technique in liquid intelligence that alone and how my old Fashions look using it are worth the price of the book alone and how my old Fashions look at the price of the book is there any sort of shelf life or freezer life I guess on the clear ice that I made a best sew in your freezer right bad things can happen if things stick out like a Roma's can stick to the service of the ice and also during like repeated freeze-thaw Cycles you can get some crap on the outside of your

the good news is the core of your eyes is okay so if you pull the ice cubes out let him temper up and then rinse them off a little bit then they're good they're going to Japan the assumption is that the ice that they get because they're getting big block Ice cut is filthy and so like what I watched them rinse their ice cubes before they use them and I was like why are they doing this and then I asked someone who speaks English and pee is very familiar with Japanese bar technique he's like oh because the presumption is that the ice is dirty and so they they rented off so I don't know how much you give me a quick rinse you can probably do one test

and if it has a flavor that oh my God sent his little sister is here and he's dressed in green tights and a green beard Christmas is over buddy never is never over he keeps in his heart which I appreciate the gross face you're going to be like when I cook I shouldn't say this but so when you're cooking with extremely hot pepper so we where we take like Habaneros and blend large quantities of Habaneros like a kilo of Habaneros in a fight a prep and then we run it through a rotovap and everything we've done with Naga Jolokia is even more poisonously hot right and so you have people rent the stuff off and like clean it because I'm the stuff can't go through the dishwasher because you can't put it through the dishwasher

and so they're like it's clean and I'm like oh really oh really and then you know what I do because he remember people this sounds gross however people drink with things all the time and put it to their mouth eat things with Forex put them in their mouth and then you clean them and wash them right so my test to see whether or not you properly clean when I do something ridiculously hot I lick it I see whether it's still hot if it's still hot I know you didn't do a good job and you got to rewash it if it's not still hot I just made a gross now you have to rewash it make it clean because the fact that licked it but at least I know the next time you washed it's going to come out being good it's not going to affect the next product so you always have at least two washes but at least it's what you know so the difference between the fat different fats from different parts of the thief have different a fatty acid profile so that internal non muscular fat it's on the in

sat around is extremely hard and it's extremely high in the in the fatty acids like that are longer chain and are just hard as hell and so they they actual characteristics of the of beef suet real suet IE that you can grade it into things that has a very high melting point that it makes a certain kind of porosity in the puddings that that that's being used in can't really be imitated by using other types of beef fat but if dependent mean if you're just using if you're using it and you know you going to render it anyway or do you know do something else anyway that there should matter but you need to particular textural characteristics of suet and you have to get the real thing sorry

I don't know I don't know what to say about that other stuff just softer but I'll be on this week's questions and I got recently got a big green egg I miss them from Twitter from last week which I got to find out who I recently got a big green egg which I can use as a smoker I'm hoping to be used in combination with my circular to get the best from both techniques if you were to do something like this for let's say say bibs or pork shoulder I would you start in the smoker or in the circulator at what temperature and time would you recommend going to stay whether it goes in the bag or not I asked what your best workflow is mean I would probably serve the stuff out

I'll probably circuit out and pull it out of that bag let it dry off substantially before you smoke it and and then smoke it for for flavor instead of four for doneness and then you can pull it out kind of whenever it's done that's just kind of what what I would do to say what he wanted to do you say we want to do pork shoulder or ribs yeah yeah I mean it also depends on whether when you're smoking whether you care about getting you know if you're doing traditional techniques would you care about that ring or anything like that mostly reason why people don't like to precook things before they're going into barbecue or smoking I think are in general wrong wrongheaded because you don't need to add a lot of moisture you're not removing a lot of flavor I think it's I don't know I think it's kind of like a knucklehead way to do it so if you want to do a low temp if you want the texture of low temperature cooked product I would probably and you wanted smoked International thing I would probably cook it all the way out

you know like you would for low tops 04 for ribs you know it depends like for let's say you're doing a beef rib like a short rib you know for sure you would do low temp you do like 57 because you don't want to rare 57 for like I don't know a couple days a little longer cool it down pull it out on baguette let it dry thoroughly and then cuz you don't want to Boise because that's gross then throw it in and smoke it until until it's ready they'll probably do it that way that's probably how I do it or you could if you just want to smoke flavor but you don't want the texture something they're just been pulled out of the smoker on the outside and you can smoke beforehand not going to kill you not heard it anyway Quinn Road in is it good to shoot not going to get to the Kodi stuff that will do Quinn Quinn ride said I've got a food safety question

putting protein and bones and vegetables in for a few hours I don't even do that and feel like an hour if they never do as long as an hour to pressure 15 psi. Cool I'm not a restaurant with an ice machine so I can't really put the container on Ice to cool rapidly after a few hours at room temperature of the liquid is usually cool enough to stick in my fridge without messing anything up too badly I know this time I spent in the zone of danger zone is suboptimal but giving it to progress pressure cooker I feel like this is fine so my question is I forgot to put my stock in the fridge after a few hours in fact left overnight at room temp I'm not sure about using it as is but I'm wondering from a food safety perspective they will be safe to use if I put the stuff back in a few pressure cooker for a few hours and I'm heading through I figure the chicken that went into the pot in the first place is teeming with Daddy's which were limited by the pressure cooker so another trip to the pressure cooker should return to the prior to the safe product thanks for the show Quinn okay lip

huge controversy on this with Michael ruhlman who are on his blog and I think 2011 said that he basically leaves his stock on the stove for like a week and then just be boiled before he's going to use it right and McGee came in and wrote that hey this is unsafe because you know because things can grow in it and if you don't McGee actually wrote about it in the New York Times in 2011 so maybe rights guidelines guidelines I use leftover scraps and Bones to get the stuff start the stock simmer it while I cleaned up take it off the pot and heat it right before I go to bed at that point too much trouble to cool it so it will warm up and let you know everything else in the fridge that I cover the pot leave it at room temperature reheat it in the morning about eight hours later before strain and Cooling and refrigerating it in my sock hasn't made me and my family is either I know the questions why is room and survived so he has a food

avxry is enrollment dead and the food safety expert said because mr. Rubin boils to stop before you start it it dr. Schneider was the guy who killed by for a minute or two above 150 degrees and botulism toxin is inactivated by 10 minutes at the boil but just quickly reheating a contaminating stock won't destroy the active bacteria and toxins and you can make people sick and his point is you can actually grow anaerobic bacteria in the bottom of the Munsters. Thought they would have to kill the hell out of stuff but if you want want to do it here is the actual truth you're not doing it any this way you're cooking it in a pressure cooker pressure cooker if your pressure cooking it for like you know 40-50 minutes you're actually wiping out at that point the sports in essence Pandit here's what you need to do don't open the pressure cooker right so if you're going to go to bed or whatever just don't

open the pressure cooker and if new bacteria can't get in everything on the inside of that pressure cooker has been hammered it is dead so what you do is did you take that pressure cooker let it go let it cool down to zero pressure then you can put it in cold water in your sink if you want to drop it even further and to let it cool down like that for a little while then don't let it get too cold because anytime jelly up on you but down went closer to room temperature when you can put it right in the fridge right open it up now you it's contaminated because you let stuff into it now you strain it and then you can put it directly in the fridge without worrying that's the way to do it with a pressure cooker in general at home if you don't have a lot of ice and you want to get within the window you kind of like it's too and to hear because you're about to contaminate it more but at the same time you know you got a win in other ways what you want to do is get the biggest whitest thing that you have and pour your stock into a very thin layer in that thin layer is going to cool off a lot

thicker than a thought I'd pick you up a lot faster than something thicker is and so you can get stock cool very quickly if you poured out into into thin sheets and I and I and I do if you ever should need to cool something down really quickly and there's no alternative if it's you don't need to pressure cook it again for another hour just bring that sucker back up to a boil boil it for like 10-15 minutes then strain it cool it quickly and get it in the fridge I hope that helps will try to finish the next one's on that second on the 200 anniversary episode

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