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Episode 198: High

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what is that a like it though what is that

cheese cheese this how we do cutting the curd and every once a month to do a book review with Diane stemple and that's her theme song that her friend made for her

entry light. Like early 80s like you know it's never you know she's cheese cheese cheese Pizzeria in India in the radio in the radio studio today

what's it called what's that thing called it wasn't there you'll be hearing about a Peter Peter I think he's coming today we have our most popular trade is a dark chocolate-covered spider bites a candied jalapeno covered in dark chocolate with just a touch of Cecil we do the midden dark chocolate milk chocolate white chocolate and then we have a fire bark where we take jalapenos we grind them down and it's at the chocolate and we'll touch a sea salt so it's just that little consistency different and the heat hits you differently on that one I let's go dark. Seuss break up in the dark

I think the most popular it would eat the spiciest is actually the white chocolate which is sort of counterintuitive you think it's just sweet and the cocoa butter should have Coach your tongue it doesn't let the heat go right that doesn't the heat go secretly awesome Mother's second family or something second second family

don't remember you said something about 3 minutes ago I got song name

hey how you doing it's Antoine from Boca Raton Florida

it's actually better than what you guys have right now or we're both is actually night I want to make a water water or I was going to perhaps freeze it and then have the oil separates the top I just want to know if you had any recommendations for that one question what's the final application what's going on

I just want to make carbonated Citrus water essentially with essential oils for essential oil always Rises to the top 10 separate so what you need is gum arabic

you know a few days or so people typically use for this week when you're doing Citrus oils everyone used to use with called brominated vegetable oil and what it is is it's mixed with the with the with the Citrus oils and it averages the density out because the brominated oil is heavier than water in the Citrus oil is lighter than when they when you practically there

a it it it is decent emulsifier it also doesn't increase the viscosity very much and it also has quite well which means that it doesn't mess up carbonated beverages in Arabic and a brominated vegetable they have a they have a replacement now for brominated vegetable oil because I don't know whether it's actually bad for you or the receipt ready to be bad for you I don't know I don't know I just like the problem with the stuff that I use typically for emulsifying is it has a good body and agent like xanthan that's going to be a nightmare when you carbonate play nightmare Arabic

I just recently looked up what to use in place of brominated vegetable oil but I forget I forget what it what it was but you know Arabic by itself should be able to keep it for at least a little while and then you might have to might have to shake it back together but you might want to I want to give that a give that a shot like a regular bike like like 80 or 60 in a beverage application I don't know

I don't know that that's just initially what I was thinking I just wanted to multiply it and when I have any taste nice clean Arabic not like another one some rocks with the powdered stuff it's meant for someone else like a recipe using one of the polysorbate 60 or 80 in this kind of an application cuz I wouldn't jump at something like that right away for this that I would check out Arab Arabic is the classic like soda system it's like in terms of people that don't have bad feelings about it except for you know the possibility that if your sourcing and properly you're supporting Terror but you know as an actual product they don't have bad feelings about it and I think I think the whole I think the terror Arabic might be over like I think the gum Acacia it like you know Source from

might be a thing of like more like 10 years ago as opposed to it now although I'm saying that and I don't know but my feeling is that I haven't had anyone call me a supporter of murder recently for using Gum arabic but you know it probably merits more more research but look at that first and see what's happening and then I would look up on the Internet needed vegetable oil or bizios I would look up BVO Replacements and all the big folks like Pepsi and Coke and those guys are shifting away from using videos in classically they would be found in things like in Cloudy carbonated drinks so Sunkist or Mount do you know which is kind of you know when Moses came down one of the things that need to be brought was Mountain Dew and stuff you know

sorry late to the mic here when I was in junior high Maybe Junior High for a decade I'm pretty sure that I would not have made it to College without Diet Mountain Dew case after case Every Spring I used to drive from Connecticut to to Sarasota like and I wouldn't stop that's about 24 hours you know with 20 year old driving about 20 24 hours and it was just like a bunch of boxes of pretzels cases of diet do and easy cheese and that's what got you sitting with the sitting and all of the the pretzels and easy cheese you're so clogged up and even feel regular the prunes actually help them

a multi-system so that would be the same way we just load the back of the car up with the diet cases of diet go go to your second question but I got to hurry because I got a billion questions from last week that they're going to kill me if I don't get to the phone drops

then she just wants to make like a beef when I'm kind of bored with it but what I want to do with that a frost to it so I can make it somewhere like a cappuccino if she has them in the morning so the only stipulation is that has to be East gelatin and and then I don't know what percentages of gelatin fat and liquid to put in there to make a sort of Frost the cappuccino cappuccino textured Frost would like an emulsified cloudy broth situation

yes so

well I'm sitting here so how would I do that

take a note I was thinking of her house making a broth independently and then getting an IFI and filling it with some percentage of fat gelatin and then maybe some of the stuff and then putting a cross on their definitely definitely work or you could do know you can make a fluid gel out of the stock like you know and then just you know add hot some like emulsified fats spray to spray the thing out and it'll stay forever you know basically I know if you do like a gallon fluid gel it'll just stay and stay and stay and stay or you kid

weather but I'm tryna remember like what I would do to me you could you don't have a like a homogenizer we can't make like a cream out of it I would just go I'm sure like I'm sure somebody's recipe for like some sort of like beef and you know you could just do you could make a really hyper if it has to be be sad that's one thing but like the easiest thing would just be to go with butter fat like use cream and then do reinforce a cream with a very very concentrated B stock scream and if you get the temperature that right, as if you heat any of those things are going to break them down so if you want I would definitely move to something more stabilized with something that's not going to melt out when it gets hot right so you're not going to do a hot phone with Green Bay

new hot song with a piece at base unless it's stabilized or something that's going to want to go to something like a fluid gel or because you want something like that light Airy like that light Airy kind of like less than the stuff right you want more of a hardcore

yeah well I got a frost pretty much like something that will sit on it for a while and then you know perhaps dissipate in a way that I can text you know eventually you can add a lot of gelatin as a bodying agent and then like take a hardcore like fluid gel and put it in a stabilizer Skittle flavor where you want it and you can probably add to melted be fat to it and whisk it together and probably stay and then. It'll probably last guest having not actually done that application myself because as you know I have stayed away from phone toppings in General within in my own practice just the other than when I teach hydrocolloid classes being that was years ago because she testing I stay I stay away from it because

yes I had so many dealings with it but but but that should work

okay cool in about what percentage would you use the gel in deep fried mayonnaise and that works but I mean you don't need a lot of we know you can get a really really fast if you want your fluid gel and how much you're going to add liquid back to it so if you're going to add a lot of liquid back to it so you need a relativistic fluid gel then you're going to go high and buy High I mean like half a percent which is really high you know if it's going to be the whole thing is going to be a fluid gel on its own and you could go down to like you know a quarter of a percent of something like this but I start like it at like a half a percent are we going to have a lot of liquid to it even higher like you know a 10% or something like that and then when you don't get back it'll be also agario work nicely if it's not going to be too hot and it's easier but a gar might have some weird reactions with gel agar and gelatin bet you could tell it was really concentrated a break down to have weird reaction for you get little like waiting list

do it which is unpleasant so then you know in that case you want to use the Joanne

excellent thank you very much for one more color that's been patiently waiting


$400 range there's a ton of them out there now I just can't justify doing like that $800 and I'll probably science just because of $800 but there's a number for under like 750 W so I don't think it's right is a beating right that's right

I think people it's like one of their other ones losing a thousand Watts like the known each other was a thousand so is the Anova all that stuff for like most of them were over a thousand remember there's there's two ratings you have to look at there's how many watts is the is the full unit wattage of the heating element cuz they're all basically the same heating style of elements are like you're not going to get one is drastically more efficient than another so you don't really have to worry about it you can pretty much Match watch with watch it's not like trying to compare an induction stove to a resistant element stove range rather where it's like you can't compare them so

start sucking wind when you start doing more products of the question you have to ask yourself is if you know right now that you're never going to cook more than 30 eggs at a time you know then you can go with the wattage if you know that you're never going to be no cook a full lexan worth of stuff and maybe you can go with a lower wattage I mean for me I know I like having this for the full thousand watts of act like you know I often ask I would wish for more power because I usually push things to the edge of their envelope now when it comes to

spending the money like the truth is is that you know my in a lot of ways my favorite is still the old metal one just because they're like so they're so tough and then my second favorite is probably the you know the $800 plastic one which has a lot of advantages like smaller in the bass bass I've used I've used two or three of the kind of at the newer style of Wands including polysciences I've used the nomiku of use of Sancerre and I've use the Innova which one you have Peter

which one do you have in the museum just showed up with some uses information anyway they all pretty much hold the temperature so you know where are you where you lose in some of the things as a kind of like the fit and finish so for $200 it's very hard to make something it's going to be as robust as you don't I mean social s'more app to to break apart and some of the cheaper ones actually have a fairly nice interfaces but sometimes they're little more touchy or like parts of fall off of them while you're using them or they don't like pushing oil is supposed to water you know so but these are all special this kind of things and so I would think that you know I would you know I would look at the specs on the lower wattage ones I would get

a certain advantage to a lower wattage one if it's a smaller profile actually might not be as much of a disadvantage could it takes a lot less space in the container where your circulation a lot of people don't think about the fact that a larger circulator that takes up more space in the pot needs it a fundamentally larger vessel to cook in and so you need more power just hit because you're dealing with a larger bucket of water whereas if you can get away with a smaller bucket of water because it was small profile thing and maybe you don't need as much power these are all kind of things to to look at but in terms of the actual like PID algorithm there are slight differences between different peoples PID algorithms but they all freaking pretty much work you know I'm saying

let us know we're getting some fuzz on here but let us know which one you chose and whether you whether you like that like hearing feedback from people you know don't you guys right there supposed to be cool if I did I haven't seen the new nomiku that the Wi-Fi but like I know I'm considering returning my entire house to wife I said it when my router goes down I can no longer turn on the lights I'm actually not know about these like light systems for your house cuz I get his light systems like Hugh where you can like I could like look at my house right now I'll be like you know what I want my dog to be bathed in a soothing purple light and I could like make a soothing purple light like I'm looking at my phone and see what if my dog got my phone and see what happens when you win like you have a problem with your router

ramp. Got to go manual I guess then like people are going switchless but they're not even having so much goes on the wall anymore yet if it wasn't working on the phone you can just go turn it on so like some of the systems like are more just like augmented with phone and Wi-Fi and some of them are literally intended for you to turn your switch is on and off on a regular basis with your phone because let's face it like half the people you know are buried in their freaking phones all day anyway so they might as well control their bowel movements from their phones but you know like what happened to that goes down it's like you know that's like you know the story I can say that you know when they came the Cable Guy's came right before it was Hurricane Sandy when Sandy came through like a week beforehand they're like we're giving you an internet phone's going to be better than you realize that God why are phone

nope because it's not redundant anymore like you know whatever whatever I don't know I'm I'm considering buying lately systems but they just make me nervous because I'm an old geezer new collar Alright Alright you're on the air

I actually need to take the answer off the air because I'm

I was wondering if you're familiar with the modbar pour over module temperature

is it similar to it is similar to like date the heating system like on a clover but just in a pour-over situation the water goes Super specific temperature and then punch out I was looking for an alternate method how many cups do you need to make it once and how much time are you willing to wait for the cup to happen

my hotline problems with so temperature control is very similar no matter what style of coffee you're making it very similar problems I mean you don't have is of the problem of pressure regulation and you know the other the only problem that you do have that I wouldn't have it if you want some sort of agitation while you're working if you want that to be if you believe in like they know the super fancy swirl patterns and all this other stuff and how you had the liquids right but in terms of it in terms of control of the water itself right I'm not talking about the delivery but in terms of gas at the temperature of the water like that you know you could do for not very much you want to build one yourself

what do you want to build one yourself

yeah yeah I want to do a DIY kit and he actually also so I'll just I'll just talk for a minute as though you were still on the air so the like this kind of temperature control is is fairy fairly simple so I'll just talk about it from in terms of how you would go about controlling something where I can picture it in my head exactly which is you know that the classic yeah I know it's espresso take me to the same right is like the Sylvia rights of the Sylvia is the classic espresso machine everybody really Electronics so much it's like all like why aren't very easy to break into a mess around with that has lots of space on the inside so the first thing you do is you want it you want to take whatever source of large amount of water that you have a temperature control that right back so that is very easy you're just going to

you probably going to get a in it now I'm assuming you don't want anything fancy you're not going to go to microprocessor control if you're going to move to microprocessor control it's a whole different thing I might use a different set of systems to do it because depending on what microprocessor you use you have to buy a lot of stuff if you want to let's say in a great thermocouples into it because they they have to go through a thermocouple amplifier before they go into your microprocessor right as opposed to some other systems worth with a lot easier you can buy sensors fundamentally they just plug directly into many microprocessor system so that you don't have to do a lot of like interfacing or or programming on his butt and there's billions of people online with done copy systems are my process babe I'm going to assume you're not microprocessor right now so you just going to get a very simple PID controller from you know but depends on how much you want to spend in Ohio kind of like you a nicer fancy they are but you can get them for like thirty bucks now thermocouple very cheap

you're not dealing with high pressure so it's not not a problem and you just want to control the temperature of the vessel where the water stored insulate the hell out of it I have the heater at the bottom it'll form a convective sigmet crap so that you are not going to have a problem with having too much of a temperature gradation throughout the thing so long as you're not radiating too much heat out of the top now you're me and you don't really need to get rid of a lot of heat to regulate your temperature because you're going to be pumping cold water into it when you're taking the stuff out and here's the deal the larger the volume of water that you keep warm the longer it will take the longer it will take to get it warm at the beginning but the less temperature fluctuation you have when you put water into it you have two ways you can do this you can take the hot water out then pump water in right and if you do it that way then you have to wait either kind you're going to make the coffee for the temperature to get back to where it was but you're not going to have a temperature drop during the

about the other solution is to take and put a to wrap a heater around a pipe or to get an internal like you can get what's call the cartridge heater that is a like the screws in like a pipe Styles you can do with a compression thing and actually put it in in line with the liquid so you have you have tea we'd like to tease the water will go through the T pass over the cartridge heater in in then you put a thermocouple on that and you do is bang bang meaning on off so it happened as you said it two or whatever the temperature slightly above the temperature of what you want it to be is and then it would just be you have a hysteresis in it like a regular thermostat the idea here is he was want to get the water within about one or two degrees of what you're going to want to use and so if you wanted to do that and get a zero temperature dropped in a espresso you're looking at pulling you need roughly 600 watts of power to because we're pulling like a couple of ounces in 30 seconds let's say and so like it's around 600 watts of power is what you need on the bay

Bank side of it to make sure that the water is not going to drop too much then the other thing as you might have to warm up your delivery mechanism but usually these are done with very very low-wattage heaters so in Nespresso U E B heating the group with a with a very low wattage heater black on an order less than a hundred Watts you know at and that would also probably do PID in your system but you might have some sort of mechanism that you need to heat and you're not going to want to design some complicated thermosiphon so that the boiler keeps it at exactly the temperature that you when he's not going to do that so you need to sell an item

do I need to take a break check today's Break song is by Mike show hey what's up guys it's me Jack as in Jack from cooking issues as in the guy that's probably been talking on the show so here on the brake to tell you about molecular which is not only an awesome website and store and resource but also they support us which makes them even that much cooler so I know Dave gives you plenty and plenty of information on the show but should you need further resource should you want to get some of the things he's talking about molecular has recipes techniques ingredients tools all in the world of this modernist thing we love so much on the Shelf so you know explore the world of phones and spheres and invisible Foods in my blowing cocktails all that awesome stuff there's a community of over 400,000 Chef scientist and food lovers sharing their favorite recipes tips and tricks cool photos tools gadgets again this is everything you'd be into all in one place molecular recipes

calm and just for being a listener of the show you'll get 10% off any of their popular kids just by using the promo code Heritage at checkout that's promo code Heritage so he can check them out Biloxi the tons of really awesome stuff they're definitely right up your alley there's another but you can answer another question before her if you want to call in I think you get presents now I think so too I think that's I called I called you earlier

how you doing

so I'm calling because I'm on a low FODMAP diet which basically limits a lot of different sugars that humans don't they just that well some evidence that all these people are going crazy for gluten-free who think they do well on a gluten-free diet wondering is there a way to get gluten like pure gluten proteins that I can add to bread something so I have no problem with protein I just have vital wheat gluten five minute so I got used to buy that all the time so back you know I like what what I would do is I would buy whatever kind of flowers I wanted you know in terms of taste and then I would just dope in gluten into it to up the protein content to the point where I would get the the elasticity and texture that I want it so I used to do that

he knows all the time but it's been a long time but yeah I mean I think most supermarkets my still carry it

if I delete what I used to get it in a box but yeah you get the vital wheat gluten and yeah gluten your stuff either but yeah yeah and it works it works well as a used it I used it many many times

right so yeah you would increase the texture you won't get the yellowness from the gluten because the yellowness comes from colorless compound in the flower itself that are there events that when they go alkalyn then they develop their characteristic yellow colors so some people

Chuy's possible yellow not so if it's not then it's not butter chewy chewy is definitely possible now I've never tried to get I mean I'm sure that it's not I like a hundred percent like one for one cuz like all systems are complicated so I don't know that I don't know that if you were to let say take cornstarch and gluten the hell out of it whether it's going to have the right texture not I just don't know because there's there's other things going on like that like they have the structure that starts but but but but but if you wanted to go yellow in fact I had someone treat me this the other day like a people add vitamin B12 be too much riboflavin cuz I guess cuz it's yellow but I don't know how much to add or or whether or not that's a that's a good idea but in reality the yellow is more of a consumer Mark marker it's not an actual

I mean it's not an actual quality indicator other than flour you know one thing to note is that yellow alkaline noodles there's two color components that are there and that is the yellowness and also what's called brightness and brightness has to do there's Browning the takes place are you know what kind of darkening that takes place and typically takes place in high protein flowers so and yellow alkaline noodles have some bite to them but they're not necessarily done with super high-gluten flour the best color yellow alkaline noodles that don't have the darkening are typically done with kind of a medium strength of flour so I wouldn't go I wouldn't go you know Magilla Gorilla on the on the gluten I was just get it to where it would be kind of like a a n n a p range of proteins not like on the heavy bread side and but not down on the pastry or takes out either

okay cool I will definitely give it a try the sugars are all water soluble but not fat soluble so wondering what is the best way to infuse oil with mushrooms garlic and onions that I can't have any of them and I love them oh well I mean I would just do like you know centerfuse I was just I was just cut him really fine and just do like an old-school you like you like heated aliens are real aliens

I like both but I cheated a time so if you like it heated I would just heat it with and then stranded you get a lot a lot of that that's what I told me to do it right on Me on the show likes latte flavor profile you want the chemistry of aliens is extremely complex right so let's say you were to crush our grind the garlic first right and then put it is like a like a paper towel or something you can probably get most of it out again but truck crushing garlic or crushing onions and letting it sit for a minute before they get cooked out it's going to give you a different flavor profile then if you slice them and do it or you know anything else mushrooms

mushrooms never made a mushroom oil

cuz all I can buy is truffle oil and that's like a mushroom soak it and then throw the water away and have the mushroom does it does it stuff go away or is it two intact in there like can you put it out but you can't delete it out of the mushroom and then he's a Muslim maybe it would rupture are you a little bit of disruption in any way you do the soaking and you take the broth which is what I use all the time maybe the mushrooms I went afterwards when they're done maybe they've reached enough of their stuff out that they're okay for you I don't know I would ask if there's a way to test it

anaphylactic or something somebody else can have the mushroom Dashi with it or you can make a risotto delicious

yeah yeah sounds great thank you very much for the ideas and if anyone knows about making your own mushroom

so we have like an 8 7 minute warning here so okay we got two questions all about both on the same things I'm going to do them both at once at least I get to questions done ready this is David from Pittsburgh Road in and also with a similar question I 80 from the UK so I was supposed to be in both men answer both right okay yeah interest interest bass out there probably true that's why most TVs bad. Not just cooking TV most most things are bad in the world most things in the world are low quality

okay okay I am from a Southwest Pennsylvania and as you probably know I was wondering if you could talk about the back and also if you could talk about the process of making different flavor. She's I've been hearing a lot about bacon Apple potato. She's the name a few thanks so much for Pittsburgh and then maybe from the UK Road question just caught up with episode 194 time I got involved and also hagist and play screen to be available all right I 80 series all should be in stock when

next Monday next Monday hopefully in stock next Monday and by the way the stick decorators they're shipping them in March were looking for a March ship date now because the manufacturer I forced him to get certification of food-grade for everything that they were doing in the in the steak decorator and it took me awhile to get their food grade certification in so I apologize but they check later shipping in mid-march rice does okay now let's and then I'll answer the non scrapple / haggis way to question the David had if you can talk with the process of making different flavor. She's so typically when someone says X Y or Z like. She is not really really. She right way we think about it here you take your combo which is this the kill to see vichai killed and you heat it I prefer to heat it not at Boiling like a lot of people will it bring it up to the same are then let it go let simmer while pull it out I prefer to keep it

970 South whole bunch of kombu test anastacio hated tape you hated those, who tests because we were just tasting, without you without any Bonito in it at all right so she hated it anyway that we did extensive testing on on this you can go look on the old cooking issues thing if it hasn't been entirely taken over by Cialis Cialis sales person from from the former Soviet Union but so you take a combo you do everything to do with it and then in that net pretty much is invariant everybody does it, then the question is what are you going to add to it so typically if you are making standard Dashi you take the Akasha ibushi which is the you know they had that the pieces of the Bonito that have been like kind of like cooked molded dried smoked it more the drive motor for a look like what they look like wood and then you shave them into these delicious like Bonito flakes which you know are Bonito Flakes and then you put them in and you still getting to get that awesome

kind of protein Eco it's like all of that it's amazing I saw like this. But if you don't eat that then you then you could use mushrooms or type of mushrooms before that adds a lot to your ex you're trying to add that different parts to get the Subaru mommy out of it right or Chang David Chang who started making a long time ago so what if we use kind of pork product what if and he actually made pork katsu ibushi things that are pure and very similar similar way or you can just use bacon because what you're really looking for is something meaty saver thing I was sometimes Smokey depending how you're feeling about it cured other end with apple in it like apple said I look for potato and I think he will probably just potato and I know I did see somebody actually fermented a potato

everything you want something else that has protein breakdown products in it right so thank things like buddy toe flexor like a mushroom or like I guess even know anything that people say or like a big Umami bomb probably even like a cheese rind parmesan cheese rind to be good things like that so it's just looking to get that say everything and it in a quick way so you know like a classic japanese Dashi stock all the work is done beforehand and then Dada she happen to like in a couple of minutes whereas in a western stock you know they do fundamentally no work beforehand and they spent hours on the stock right now to scrap scrap is for those of you that don't know is a corn meal and a buckwheat pillow people admit the buckwheat mush that is made by taking whatever crap you have when you butchered the animal so the pluck which is not a kind of the heart to the lungs the liver and then plus plus

bones and other odds and ends in like scraps and you boil that to make a very richly flavored stock that has like usually if you had a lot of bony stuff a lot of gelatin in it and what not you pull all the meat out after an average stop and render falling off the bone put all the meat you put it through a grinder and then I you at you add a mixture of cornmeal and buckwheat to the stock and you store it like you're making a plan to cook a throw the meat back into it right form it into blocks and then take those blocks you chill on you cut them into into slices and then you fry them right it's not depending on whether you are you know a city kid like me you either have it in the morning with maple syrup on it because I put maple syrup on every damn thing because that's who I am but I'm not like a lot of people are against the maple syrup right now I'm saying allow people to get to Maple Syrup I happen to like it and I can do what I like so the question is why don't people like this because people are stupid

so you have to move to a higher-end version of it take away with people don't like about that that scrapple and make a higher-end version years ago you can also make it taste more refined to hear the things people don't like liver in their scrapple as it turned out so what you want to do is like reduce the amount of liver that you have in it sometimes down to none and it might not be as official anymore but you're going to get a lot more people pounding a lot more of it if he doesn't have a heavy liver flavor in the month that's just one suggestion another thing is I'm going to get killed by people from Pennsylvania but if you go to a straight cornmeal and don't do the buckwheat it won't taste traditional but a lot more people who are used to loving Italian food or going to like it more rides going to taste or even like regular southern food that is not going to have another intrusive like kind of taste or Texture to to go to scrape cornmeal to work people into it to go higher also make a stop first right and then don't use that

meet to add the meat to the thing so at a flavorful meat almost like whatever sausage base you want ad that as your ground meat to the scrapple when it Cooks at the end so it hasn't been cooked for a billion years like that it's tender I make a stock in the pressure cooker beforehand with your scratching bone so that you're separating the problem of the stock preparation from the front of meat is going into it so that makes it kind of more refined you can adjust the flavors more can get a nice texture out of everything it's not like a big mess and you can cut it and then next time we'll talk about the Haggis cooking issues

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