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Episode 197: Pringles, Caviar & Champagne

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now it is Nastassja has perhaps the greatest Christmas hat of all times what times is wearing a knit Christmas tree on her head it's pretty sick you know nothing you could possibly be hipster because you know then be like matter-antimatter coming together and you know you would have burst of energy and life isn't quite a tall hat gotten sick Pom-Pom on top it's like you've executed some sort of the small fluffy animal and just directly put it on top of your hat you know the thing about the Pom-Pom is it doesn't actually have any warrants your hat

I wonder what the history of it is here stars coming down the street I can tell by the pom poms we have a why do me a favor figure out who was it written about the Thai Basil cuz they're awesome idea internet Declan Declan from I'm from Brooklyn New York. Semester of our senior year we do an internship instead of like regular classes so I'm doing this high school you know your daddy stayed in school seniors were allowed to leave the car even though I did come from the land where you know everyone had Audi's with dancing

turn on the back you know I was not one of those I wish I was one of those kids but anyways how do you get into the Roberto's so she kind of got me the gig here early in life is crap take whatever help you can get from whoever you can get your Forever you can get it every almost everyone that you've heard stories of later in life myself without help do they have some freaking help you know so don't worry about the get the position of animal are you going to be at Walton Towers at what you're looking for in life I don't know about that

Dole out the nepotism to someone who is under where they have anything you have no responsibility not to accept the generosity of others just saying what you think's does Stanford grad do you think I agree and I also just want to add that I'm doing a little research here it seems like pom poms are pretty much In some cultures and religions they did not like the rank you know by color and listening to the city is mine is mine what's it all black everything has been erased anyways

half of my daughter she's doing her fifth grade science fair projects can you recommend some cool Food Basics pyramid she can do with bases I thought about pretzels or alkaline noodles but didn't think either would be interactive enough also she can't really cook anything on site. Chicago PS she's a big fan of the show which of my kids were big fans of the show actually show that burning eyes I'll have her whole class in one Tuesday lol under 866-708-4708

we'll find out with liquid nitrogen SS fun like Illinois maybe we'll have something that makes that means means means we're doing a demonstration with Mario Batali at his son's High School affect where we demoed among other things liquid nitrogen and dragonspear to kind of fun and he didn't ask me what am I see was comfortable so she takes and scoops

Scoops all of the men's into her Pockets like Atomic Fireballs in men she like look the shit like her pockets are like a chipmunk. With this dude's men's just because and the sad thing is Jack is it a dude did ask her how her she was he totally did it whatever you are in luck my friend or I should say your daughter is in luck because if you want to stick this entire thing with eggs a really fantastic bass demo is doing lye soap eggs I hope you have a couple of days to do this I believe that if cooking issues hasn't been entirely turn into one giant Cialis add Buy now by the freaking hackers right I believe I put the recipe up there because of something we used to do with Harold McGee where we would take eggs and interesting things about it is that it works differently on quail eggs chicken eggs and duck eggs I've never tried a you know a Rhea egg or an emu egg or an ostrich egg

available eggs at that I can get and I forget the exact percentages but it's high it somewhere in the in the to get some food grade dry don't lick it and don't let anyone near he does know what's going on in be careful when you're following the rules on on lie because that is very exothermic and so you just have to follow the rules for mixing lye but it's something High I seen a couple of percent with a Y and salt lot of salt make 5% salt and you soak the eggs in it for I forget it's like a week or something like this and what happens is is then when you cook them jump the base has denatured the proteins to the extent that and you can just with regular boiling water even you can bring a pot of hot water and it doesn't take a lot of the proteins to the extent that they will still set but they are completely translucent you can like look through them and there's pictures on the on the blog of this and you can eat them

they're funky they taste a bit like lutefisk it you know I was another good basic thing that's a shame he can't cook on side because I think pretzels is actually a fantastic demo just doing the pretzels cuz you can do the boil and regular water and then the boil in basic water and you can see that huge difference in Browning between them and when you taste one and then the other get a very very clear sense of what the basicity does to to the taste right me if you taste that a pretzel that's been boiled and regular water it's just like like a like a bagel in a pretzel shape and if you do it the other way it's pretzel so I think it's interesting but look into that egg sinks used to people like that you can see through the egg and you're already doing a lot of work with eggs here so maybe it's you know why you think you can't cook so most of them are things are going to be out like my artist name that sings with base that you have Are alkaline noodles you can show the stuff turning yellow and if you get there

so that's interesting you have acceleration of my art and you have you have also like increase in breakdowns right so you could do like a mushy test by adding base to something like being adding too much basis and I like beans and then shifting acidic and showing how they're cooking them side-by-side but you can't really do cooking in the other one is just a distraction or if you don't want to do Straight food you could do saponification you can make soap you know but again that also is going to take him cuz hopefully some of these things are a member when you're playing around with hard Corps bases especially lie you going to want to be dragged acid and sugar do they do that for you in science class but it happened so quickly that it formed a column

carbon coming out of the Ya-Ya and speaking of speaking of fathoms in response acacian Bryan from nipples that would be Minneapolis nipples rights in Minneapolis like take umbrage at like eight people calling it nipples and then I guess

pretty the no good deed goes unpunished have a second question for you you responded very softly to my question about chia seeds a few weeks ago. Give me your chia seed face anyway I want to solidify canola oil for disposal after using it for deep frying I'm a bad person I do it in a dutch oven on the stovetop not a commercial fryer like day by the way my commercial fryer at home right now is not fired up in my hood is currently not operating well enough to use my deep fryer so I have been reduced to Frying on the stove like a chump but what that means is that I'm trying I'm trying things that don't need that are not going to abuse the oil too much and it don't need very stable temperatures to work then it don't like some french fries you don't want the stuff to get to lower you get too much oil is right chicken obviously you want to do a good job of frying but like the easiest things in the world fried potato chips and tortilla chips because you want those suckers hate anyone

feel free to write into those suckers are saturated with with oil saturated soil as a liquids out of your stuff and tortilla chips and potato chips you can start from a cold potting soil if you want heated up till it's boiling let it boil until it suckers crisp and then just not brown it so it home when I'm using a crappy fryer for your crappy Dutch oven for that like I don't use a dutch oven I actually use a pasta pot with a colander in it so I can pull and drain and you know I just heated tocco's mellow turn it off in between batches and good to go I mean I ain't frying chicken like that though cuz I mean I'm not that much of a job anyway

the only product I can find it supposedly solidify sings like canola oil is a Japanese product called and I haven't had a chance to play with it yet by chance have been busy but hope you have a chance to play with it and see what's going on and there's a post you can look to on Chopsticks and pepper packets that's my man that you're in high school do some math 8950 do it right now. Do it do it do it twice Japan Goods finally got it yet 89 box 50 all right I report stated this powder is derived from seaweed he writes in by the way I answer my own question about the oil solidify hurt when I found some of the local Asian grocery store it's hydroxystearic acid almost certainly with some bulking agent not listening gradient list I've attached pictures on the front and back of the package

it looks like you heat the oil to ATC the events during this stuff and then it fricking to The Cools down to 40 C I used 118 Grand pack in about two quarts of oil and it got very thick but not quite solid I guess I need to use more I still have two questions about it is still Brian from nipples asking questions about solidifying oil any idea about the proper oil to acid ratio to get solidification know I can't read Japanese and if neither connect try to find a Japanese people that can read Japanese have it there and then when I meet you know one of my friends who speaks Japanese I'll look at them and say why do I need someone who speaks Japanese chemical Supply that sells smallest quantity in hydroxycitric acid TCI America with shells 25 grand for 18 bucks

was 188 bucks website website and while they do in fact cell 25 grand for 18th you. By the way you got that man US dollars they sell for $39 and seventy-eight yes I buy 500 grams off the same website for only $39 proving to you one thing that you should know in advance any chemical site that will sell to you is going to rip you

major time just for repackaging it they're selling an order of magnitude more in fact an order of magnitude of the product for a mere twice as much so I think I might add I did a little poking around and stuff which not going to attempt to say without looking at it hydroxystearic acid and the thickening power of it depends a lot on what salt it is right so remember it's a it's a it's a it's a it's an acid right and it's usually sold in a salt format and the lithium salt 7 Perry's lithium salts of it are what is used to make liquor he's a very thick lithium grease and so who knows whether or not like basically you're making this grease in your in your house with this witch cave maybe this stuff will be a good lubricant

don't know do I know I don't know but I can try to look more into it if I remember all those odds are I won't because I don't forget but maybe one of you out there and then you can tell me yeah I had a quick question what would be your death row meal if you could only have one meal hopefully for you to stop in Jack what was your last meal on Earth and how would you cook it a little bit first before I say like I don't know that I'd be hungry you know what I mean I'd be so freaking anxious that I don't know that I'd be that I agree that hungry and here's another things like if I was in prison on death row right I've heard that they don't really like put the energy into it that you would want to be like you know you'll be all right I mean like you be tempted to bust out all the stuff that you never got to eat what I would like is I would like I would like an ortolan side-by-side with you know a bubble

which is like the rice bird which is traditional it's illegal to take him now but like I want once added as it flies down and eats the newly planted rice crop and I would like a similar pastoring migratory bird from China Patty swallow that they have over there I would like them all at roughly it's similar. And so I can do it on my way out like that's what I would want

sure that would be a man unless you're specifically allowed to shoot them so they was protected and protective for a long time since 1919 but bushel there ground-nesting Birds lawn mower

what would be a comfort to be had you know you're going to have it you're going to have a good it will even if it's not you like to behave but with the last name you're going to have to I want to learn something at me or minus the bobalink in my cuz he know he's such a freaking Frank chauvinism it around that he was like he was just like what you have

I think I would do caviar with sour cream Pringles and champagne I thought you'd be like blinis night night vision goggles night vision Google internet search best best best bread and butter that's like saying I would like to have I don't know food like what kind of fried chicken leg what style so what style of fried chicken or would you like

Fried Chicken by the way that might not know cam isn't is a Korean name Peter can from the Museum of food and drink says he wants Korean Fried Chicken but since he's pulling the race card on me I'm going to make you say it it with the accent

Korean Fried Chicken in nice nice nice

yeah I'm just glad to hear like Natasha actually would like something and she is such a good answer with Pringles and caviar and low for you like I did not even know that she didn't know you were a fan of the Pringles because they're basically a potato paste like smile when they know they shouldn't do but they love it that's the look Stars has on her face when she talks about Pringles good stuff potato baked potatoes really potatoes baked potatoes were like baked potatoes

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that we sent you there but that you hate the name because you should never call cooking like Euler my right and you know we've had this conversation before so I'm not going to belabor the point or beat a horse it's already dead baby give me the discussion about beating a dead horse really interesting interesting trying to get more work out of the horse anyway

beating a dead horse still hated everyone knows I hate the word molecular I'm allowed to say I hate it even though their sponsor this like pulling them all out Eddie Carlo Cindy Jesus you're missing missing missing any really just keeps going crazy about the standard 15 psi of a pressure cooker and the my Arden caramelization reactions that occur there in I thought it would be interesting to see which compounds are created and if it would lead to a super flavorful product I remember your post on a Blog about my arm Piper potatoes expand on what you thought about this

do you think this process by the high pressure produce different compounds of the to do you think of the creation of these compounds unable to find anything good can you recommend some articles and their books on the subject of high pressure cooking love the show keep up the good work thanks Tyler from UC Davis class going to be I don't have any scholarly articles on it what I do know is that you know my heart in particular is extremely complicated and that you know this the end products of a the my reactions are like you know a shotgun spray of different different things and that the the flavor and Aroma of them is wildly depending on the temperature the pressure that can be held at the precursors that are there and probably also you know what the moisture level is basically everything that can

they can be a factor is and that some of the things are delicious like ready and brown and delicious and some of them are just awful crap I don't think that it's merely a concentration I think it's probably different compounds being produced under different conditions but I don't have any scholarly articles to back that up what I did was I took a pipe and I I put liquid and food and I did some with or without extra liquid just using their own moisture and I did potatoes I did a variety of meats I did some other veggie I think I might have done being or something like this and a Steeler man in a pipe and then I threw the pipe into into a deep fryer don't do this please don't do this. You know I especially am at from Chicago's daughter please don't do this and and so the deep fryer is a way for me to stably get the temperature up without overheating it right because if I if I was trying to

control the pressure some other there's a very strange relationship between the internal pressure and the temperature on the outside of Suman that it's sealed so by throwing in the deep fryer I can get a very constant temperature and pressure on the inside or thereabouts at like three hundred change degrees Fahrenheit and then pull it out in the potatoes were completely Brown all the way through and where the most cute red potatoes I've ever put in my mouth meat putrid putrid putrid and someone somewhere maybe it's the maybe you're getting some metals off the pipe so I'd I tried stainless I tried copper I tried aluminum all putrid I was never able to get any kind of good thing it didn't taste incredibly awful out of it I'm the only time I've done kind of ultra high pressure cooking talk to then another like another pressure thing I've cooked in regular pressure cookers up to about 30 PSI by modifying and don't do this please don't do this and then testing

you know that it's like stock and it turns out that 15 PS I tasted better than like 25 PS I did for stock so there's definitely a shift in the flavor of what's going on at the pressure increases or decreases in we noticed kind of a you know a spike in the hedonic curve at least stock around 15 psi or thereabouts and you know the worst below and and and not as good above either now that said I have cook some things at higher pressure you I did a thing called desk nachos for first we feast and I very on safely raise the pressure inside and then shoved a thermometer into it to test to make sure I wasn't getting it too hot and I did beans in there and I think I would probably pull in something close to 3540 PSI or higher in it

they take the beans taste good anyway so it's possible to do things at higher pressure but you know I didn't do that and I would never recommend somebody do what I did for those desk nachos and the guy next to me I think wanted to kill us because of like the danger involved but Alex rights in about 1

I actually this is how she wrote in about 1 in New York for the first time in my life at the end and everybody that they don't really get like food and drink and stuff like that so besides not getting not the greatest hits but one can good well-rounded like things I don't want to miss while I'm there or that just kind of you should get teacher and she get off where you from

tell Santa Barbara and is your mother-in-law coming with you today because Peter Kim as you might know how is the director so quit so she did was it program the president head of the Museum of food and drink Emperor Peter could make up and has made up a list of a really interesting trips into Princeton Queens to do some more like the kind of Hardcore ethnic enclaves that we have here that super interesting then you know he can run down in a list of that stuff but if you know or you can try and of higher higher and new york-centric kind of things for bagels I mean look if you if I were to tell you one bagel place then like all the other bagel people would shoot me in the face for picking that bagel place so that it is now

down in my neighborhood they just changed hands recently than their style I noticed change a little bit the last time I was there was a kosar's the kosar's is a lot and ours actually are like the pickle guys you can get the real kind of Lower East Side feeling but hands down like without like without any sort of to go to Russ and Daughters and their try to look like if you go out and you get smoked cured salmon right so no of a lots of its you know it's equivalent and you get it pretty packed and you never had someone hand slice like a super high-quality version of it then you haven't you haven't had it you know what I mean and it's expensive but by Far and Away Russ and Daughters has the best slice salmon I've ever had in my life and they they slice it for you in particular I would try there if they have the Baltic I would get the Baltic but it's very rare to have it there in the Norwegian King is delicious they're all the way

I still give you a little taste of each one and vera cream cheese they're playing cream cheese is an unstabilized cream cheese it's a little bit grainy but I thought it doesn't keep so you're not going to take it home with you but it's just I think in comparably delicious to any other cream cheese I've had and they also have the older Union style Bagels but the bagel am I going for like do you like a doe ear like SS tile that kind of puffier and doe Yer do you like like a harder or like a sinner like I like I used to live up near Columbia I know uptown and they had both Styles in kind of you know they had an absolute up there and they had Columbia bagels with what kind of styles because you know the guys up at Absolute where we're from Essa you know they are Prince doll it s up but you should have an S up who else has a good bagels now like Peter who else is known for bagels

have a bagel but yeah if you want like an old school Italian store with super high quality stuff and it's all time I go in the mid-afternoon when there's not a lot of people otherwise you're going to be there for like forever and a day you know then if you want to see me the problem is there's like so many like places and propped up and when I was a kid like I used to love going to Dean & deluca's cuz you couldn't just couldn't see it anywhere else but now you can get this kind of Market kind of more often in other places you know or like Uptown San Jose bars used to be a mecca for you know in the in the 80s people going by you haven't been in many years but what but they legally would be good on a QuikTrip right I can't stand the crowds make me want to stab myself

gated lie here like you can do it and I'll insult the rest but you know there's like so many famous bars all actually like you can even just stay in the neighborhood of Pokedex McSorley's that's Sonic's Orleans you can go to go to McSorley's before the Frat do she show up so I'm not too expensive right now we have kids listen to so I apologize to go there early and they have the greatest urinals ever like so I do test public restrooms I hate them with a passion but they're they're actually okay but you get there to get the cheese

play which is basically a sleeve of Saltines onions the world's spiciest matter don't overdo it I'm actually burnt my tongue on their mustard by over-consuming and it was a wrong is cheddar or their liverwurst sandwich well-known and liked to pints use me to pints like two bucks or 250 background in college would probably like 3:50 now and then finds other Shore Pines remember once I went in there in the in the early nineties Maley 1991-92 maybe and I said what kind of beer do you have any goes we have McSorley's and more McSorley's because that's all they have and they serve all through probation and no one else no one no one mess with them old school New York what else you got

pretty amazing what you can find on there you can promise get off anywhere and you can have you can find everything from you know Thailand you know that food from Thai food Nepali of ghetto mainland China I think the best Korean stuff is also in Flushing you can find incredible Colombian Peruvian Venezuelan it's all on this train and it's it's kind of amazing and you know if you look up you can reach out to me actually if you want it but also you know if you look online people who put together great but that's just one slice of it I mean I think that's one of the most incredible things about the city is that you can go and get off at a train somewhere and it just like you know you're in another country like you walk into markets that you don't recognize any of the products to going into English

pick one like a pick one of the super high-end to go to because they're there fun to do like going to no one so I don't know go to get depends on what style you want like you know you can go to Marks play co Del posto if you want the high-end Italian or you know JG is a great place to go and then you have like all the awesome I'll go to Contra which is a really interesting place at fat fabulous life and Jeremiah like I used to work with at their place or like you know stupak set & Beyond Christina Wiley has all their which you can't go W anymore but you can go there those are all in kind of a concentrated the neighborhood as well but there's there's a bajillion good places to go there's also a Olive Garden without limit

that's why you have to go to so much more Chevy in in Times Square is it impossible to get good food in those kind of locations because it's not possible it's not doesn't make economic sense for them to make good food in those in those locations I'll tell you something it's not so good and I'm embarrassed to say it is that the standard New York City street pretzel is useless just put this in there because this is probably for me one of my favorite ways to eat in New York is going to Coney Island if you're coming this summer and getting the Nathan's dog and sitting on the beach and eating it

crazy winter to because there's no one there but the dude who has no teeth and the one doing dragging his limbs you know what I mean cool Russian neighborhoods for real Korean cuisine with his Becky Cuisine and so there's a restaurant called at your mother-in-law's and it's and it's at Brighton Beach so near Coney Island in slang word that translates to your mother-in-law's pillow that's the chestnut sold in the case with the spikes it's up to you brother

hey David Sandy from Chicago how's it going what's up good place for lunch or brunch something like that what it what are your thoughts how hard is it to retrofit do I need to plan for a foot pedal ahead of time and temperature control on both pedals I've never gone with a full temperature control I'm just going with a dual pedal situation there are ones where you can set like a mixing valve and then use a single pedal to press that the mix out and that's probably what I would do in a bathroom if I was going to put which by the way I am going to put foot pedals in the next bathroom that I do I'll probably just have a central mix and not even

have Adalia turn it on with your hands cuz there's no reason to leave a bathroom faucet running but in a kitchen would typically what you're going to want to do I would stay away from Electronics just something they can fail and it's like you know you don't want it I hate that I hate it I mean I'm not talking like a sensor faucet with your forearm or risk contaminating friends on note I choose what you going to do what you want to do are you going to go deck mounted or wall mounted on the faucet

probably definitely okay if you don't mind stuff that looks a little bit commercial and I don't is Goma t&s brass make some nice stuff and I I used I used almost exclusively t&s brass when I buy just cuz I'm used to using it for a long time and you want a they sell some faucets and you can look around you can buy things are individual the key thing is that you need to have separate control over you need to have a a t that goes into the central the spout the main problem with with a retrofitting a foot pedal on to a faucet is that is it in general it goes directly from the two Hand valve right into the main spout but they're there are some that don't front there somewhere to sold separately right so you by the spout and then you buy the mixing valve separately and in no situation is very simple to put a t and then with check valves we don't want you back female flushing stuff you put the

pedals on super simple that's what I did in my last place I had a faucet and spout separately and I just Mountain the stuff all all separately the other alternative is is that some systems that have sprayers attached to them you can disassemble the sprayer before the little flap valve that can you the one I have it you can run the both the faucet and sprayer the same time so you don't have to worry about whether or not shuts off the stuff and for that one you just throw a t in between and put the put the input of the output of the of the foot pedals directly to it with Speedy Fuel with with steel Flex lines and and check valves and you're good to go and so it's a analytics till the case with katom which is somewhere in the South and they got a Florida you she has pretty good rates on t&s brass and they'll get even if they don't carry it they'll get it for you it's a pain cuz you got to call them and get the ride

numbers for it but I used to buy all my t&s brass off of eBay cuz people were doing renovations and then I'll check it all out all right thank you I got a lot of questions I didn't get to Jack me we are going to do another ketchup right like Maxim Sweeney wants to know about building is outdoor BBQ but there can be a lot more than that as I build my own in the coming season and then the one thing I will do on the way out because it's time-sensitive very quickly is where are you riding right saying hey I managed to score a sweet deal on a 10-kilogram leg of pork yesterday bone-in skin-on twenty bucks and then realized I have no idea what to do with it I'm assuming a brine of some sort of Nora followed by a trip to the oven or BBQ but getting no idea I'd appreciate any tips or advice you can throw my way listen

don't have anything complicated if you don't have a lot of time like I cook one of those in like sin like 13 freaking like 1:36 but you just take off to take off the skin chop it up like hack to meet up until you know relatively small pieces break the bone at the knuckle Puck throw it in pressure cook that sucker make pork chili pull it out you can pull out the Skins afterwards cuz they're all gelatinous chop them up real fine chocolate for me real fine and make pork Chile or chili for chili for chili

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