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Episode 196: A Sushi Party for Kids?

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hello Joe and as usual in the Statue the hammer Lopez we got Jack White I'm not going to let her know I thought because what if he's not doing well then I can hope for us and not have crap going on good stuff is never heard of it but never never heard of that you heard of Vice the actual you know likes in right of the baddest baddest network is based on that on that principle

and I'd have a show called the munchies and apparently they going to air the foie gras thing that I work now it's have a number of months ago but based on the California ban on what I want to talk about what I had to go do like last week at their offices in Brooklyn by the border Williams Point anyway rip the bottom half of my pants off is awesome I look like and I look like that guy I remember from the Grateful Dead concert he probably looks like somebody who works at Vice voice over booth and they had Snoop Dogg's reincarnation Voorhees now you Snoop Lion and he's like smokes a lot of pot in Jamaica anyways

yeah Snoop Dogg deep voice overs in this room I was there

I'll do some voice overs in this I told them I was at the only reason that we started Booker and Dax the bar was in hopes of getting Snoop Dogg to come in and have some Gin and Juice and went on successful so maybe they're going to need to work on that you think is awesome she's awesome she's have a show here called you look hungry so hungry at that time I didn't maybe she did

but now it's just who cares anymore why do you write the I called him into a 718-497-2128 that's +718-497-212-8718 what's the new Brooklyn exchange by the Dayton Mall right 6462 cell phone we know you had seven one eight with everybody else and then fell over the freaking math even Jack a Brooklyn resident can get a T12 on his cell phone the hell is that all about what a joke

telephone number now it's wasted so this morning by the way we know that's a thing it's like real Wasabi in the way the truffle oil is real truck when I so what it would have typically is is some form of neutral oil carrier with mustard oil in it the spicy stuff not done spicy stuff and then a couple of other flavorings are added to make an approximate Wasabi right and even though it's not real I love it I think it's good stuff but but it's that time I had that like half hour or hour long argument with Dave Chang about Wasabi mashed potatoes mashed potato with any flavoring of Wasabi in it and I disagree or that like you know maybe Applebee's have

whatever but I'm not saying not like ridiculously cross-cultural and some sort of way but there's nothing wrong like if you would have had if someone if you were having like mashed potatoes and somebody dropped a little Wasabi in from the sushi that they were eating and you tasted it and they were really creamy mashed potatoes you wouldn't be like food trucks but I couldn't get that is it true from now just tastes good for various applications so I have some in my house

Earth shattering lie to your nose in kids ready steady just turned ten totally they don't care where their body is a knock stuff over there used to it. Didn't you didn't arrange your life sex that you wouldn't happen to know what I mean like that's that's what I try to tell him all the time now it's like so anyways and grab something pulls out knots over the freaking bottle of Wasabi oil it does like a triple somersault opens and scores Wasabi oil all over our Roomba robotic vacuum system all over the floor all over. His hand on my

touch your face with his hands and he said

would running around like flushing and I literally in the pantry which is closed couldn't stay in there for longer than 5 Seconds at a time while we were cleaning up all this Wasabi oil he's like Daddy you should not have that stuff in the house and I'm like now you should not spill that stuff that I guess we can climb on top of chairs and whatever I mean I don't know I don't know anyway nightmare so I have a question about emergency circulators and and making stock last frost for Christmas ornaments going around with it and I was wondering if there's any

any any reason that you would want to cook in water to make a cook meat and make a broth extract liquid I don't know if you noticed but I like the idea of having the beat usable having a broth flavored Indiana would like to see if there's any way to make up with all them together but that's a long-term

damn right I can understand the issues right so when you're doing a low temp work with stock you never going to get the kind of gelatin extraction that you would get to the temperatures on Earth that's going to take forever and then what not but you are on to something

can I use his kind of technique a lot or used to for a number of reasons okay so what are they typically when you're when you're cooking a stock you need a relatively large quantity of whatever you're going to flavor the stock with two to make you need a relatively large quantity of water right and so this can be an end to Ima cast simply might not have enough of your product around so the classic one that we always did back if you see I was a squab you know you want to make a very strong tasting squab like roast bones Squad stock bones so what are you do so what we would do that is Art taken already made stock Pate not that much not that high amount of it in into a bag and circulated and then you can extract that flavor out of the relatively small quantity of meat and bones that you have and get a really Squaw be kind of a stock they will be difficult to do in a pot just because you don't

have that many of them around right so that's that's one kind of an application but the other thing is is that you you have the ability to do full wet cooking like you know like a roach but in a much smaller amount of liquid so if you start with a cooking liquid that is equal to or higher in flavor than the meat that you're using then you will not Leach you know future amount of flavor out of your meat you might transfer like they might equalizing flavor somehow but you're not going to lie to huge amount of flavor out if you add a bunch of water to the to the meeting and obviously you're going to be leaving some of the flavor out but a lot of times that's okay cuz we kind of like the flavor of a Kemal posting way it's kind of in a stock or if you're doing like a pot of food are some like this you're used to having the meat itself not be as flavorful because it's been leached out someone by the stock but you can

create a you're not using as much water you can have it more intensely flavored however you're not going to have that much reduction so you have to take into account the fact that there's no reduction decrease proportionate amount of liquid that you're going to put in the other thing is is that usually when you're in a bag at low temperature very high temperature you can boil in which case it's not able to lower temperature even though you're going to extract flavors out as you cook it in a bin or brought you never going to get that shredded consistency that you would get from the higher temperature to pick up that just doesn't happen in the bag at those low temperature now you could just put the bag in and boil it which is what we would do not boil at the same rate which is what we do for Squad stocks because really were trying to get maximum flavor extraction out not trying to keep the meat of that stock at a

add a kind of a nice eating texture right cuz it's hard to get a kind of both ways there the other caveat I would add is any Zedge that you're going to put in you got a precooked Because unless you're going to do very high temps like traditional temps in which case it'll all tastes traditional but you're not going to do traditional temps you're not going to cook the veggies at the same temperature and cooking meat at all or no no I think I think it's a matter of experimentation to cuz I can't I don't really have that much experience with the bag. Don't have a pressure cooker but I'm also thinking that that you get one the combine the methods to make a really intense. And then combined with Meats cooked and back and then sort of combined them at the end and maybe something could have a few more flavor

bring it down to you in there in terms of kind of how to think when you're running your experiments and once you start thinking in terms of what the bag does versus what your normal cooking does it's you know it's it's pretty recently got to break the bag down into two different compliments you either a use the bag the low because you want to cook low temperature right in which case now you're talkin about temperature control phenomenon right and that's what you're aiming to work at or to your using the bag because you don't want to have to use a lot of liquid and the bag is going to keep your liquid in contact with your product write those are the two kind of reasons you you would choose at the third is you're not going to lose bottles out of the bag the way that you would lose when you're cooking and that's good for certain kinds of flavors at 10 to change a lot because they volatilize at as you cook but you have to

add to that the fact that there is no reduction in the bag that's the primary that's a primary thing that people fail to wrap their heads around all other cooking techniques and aren't in the bed even some pressure pressure pressure cookers you notice that you get much less reduction in the price for email event in pressure cooker cooker is almost like a bag and that you get almost no reduction but that's very hard to kind of wrap your head around because when you're doing traditional cooking that's not sealed right you're used to at least getting even if it doesn't look like it's reducing that much remember as a meat Cooks it gives off juices and as it gives off juices is those dilute they juices that are in the in the bag or in the pressure cooker which is why okay about the bag is it you're not going to get enough jealous and extraction to make have a stock have a body and you're also just cooking it to load

flavor into the water at the duty removing it from the bag of the equation entirely sure if there's any at all like I used to do before I had to like zapopan had a book that came out in the 80s it was kind of his to volume set of how to cook the color one not the black and white one it was great and he had a recipe for chicken salad that are that was Danny K's original recipe you know that I composer an actor and conductor actually on Earth is composer of conductor in the act and his old recipe for cooking the chicken was to load it into a pot just barely covered with water bring it up to a simmer then cover it and let it ride the same way that you know a lot of people do with Zak way I do it with boiled eggs when you're doing a lot of hard boiled eggs you'll bring up to a simmer and let it ride cuz not going to overcook that much as it cools down but you're in that window of cooking temperature long and out of it

and I used to do that all the time and I would always you know even if I was going to take out the breast a come up and pack them down as long as your water to meat ratio is relatively low the broth taste pretty dang good it does not going to have the gelatin extractions never going to have the body that are fully cook stock was but it tastes quite delicious ya doing it going back to the bag with a minimal amount of liquid you want the liquid what do you want to do is feed me before you want the liquid or beforehand and then is do it different with with a lot of liquid versus experimenting but just know that that when you put raw meat into a bag with a liquid the quantity of liquid is going to increase drastically when you cook

right and so in general

if I kind of have to over reduce doesn't necessarily mean over spice by just means kind of over reduce and in general like it's hard to say with a specific you're going to use in general when you're putting something into a bag vacuum sealing it in the bag rule of thumb is if the seasoning in question has an aroma right then you decrease at the amount that's going in and if you have something is no Romo which really what we're talking about here is salt right then you keep the level of the same because the bag tends to intensify flavors that are very high and aromatics think Rosemary think sage and also like those herbs can if they're interested contact with meat in a bag actually imprint themselves make a little kind of like green spot and kind of like a weird funky flavor right at the point of contact there's a hard vacuum sucked against dinner without any sort of liquid in

so it is a general rule of thumb I would salt everything as per normal if the meat has the right amount of salt on it and even your hyper reduce stock has the right right amount of salt in it as it's reduced and when they all come together they should be okay and other things you know you decrease in order like I don't decreased pepper on the outside of my steak when I'm going to put it in the bag but I do decrease things like Rosemary to meet there when there are going to be about 10 variables do when I'm doing work in in the bag is there certain things I know I'm not going to eat that are only for like a stock right and they're not going to be for the final service and so those things I'll pressure cook and make a pre pressure cook stock that's like done and then that

you're at your reduce an ad in as a base in your bag and then you can get that nice kind of like post flavor out with a much more intense flavor in the bag without overcooking the meat is that make sense yeah that makes perfect sense cuz that's what you some of these you know some of that turkey wings and Deals on stuff like that. Custer anyway as a meat pressure cooker pressure cook them remember when your pressure cooking

you have to the one up to one of two problems will happen you either need to add a lot more aliens like things like onion or garlic because the flavors of those things are very highly muted so you need to add a a bunch of it that the flip side of that is all of a sudden your stock becomes a lot sweeter you know what I mean I had it with a little bit of like sauteed whatever you like Snowden leaks shallots onions whatever you like you know what I mean but you can freshen it up after the pressure cook with that or may I've come to really like that kind of muted sweet flavor but I just like easily double or triple the amount of onion and I would add to a normal stock when I'm doing it but it does come out of it sweeter as 1 copy. I'll have to give you the rest of the pressure cooker

all right this is super helpful. You know I'm terrible. I don't know that it was a good one there I don't know something else

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okay Jack when did you change the background to that till I like porn ribbing music did he know that he was like it like that by sza. Be now you're going to have to answer later they came in and hopefully hopefully we get to update from Brice JD on his rump top remember we were talking about keeping fruits firm as they're soaking in liquor over many months so we have are several months later


I want to inform Dave of my results on dosing rum top with Novo shape Noble shape is the enzyme Mateo texting methyl Ester Ace enzyme that helps fruits stay firm State Farm I could use it with cucumbers and pickles but you know you could do things like Soca Soca new calcium with it but you can soak

like raspberries with it then boil the hell out of me and nothing happens to the fruit firmed up nicely I started my back in June and added the fruit and rum throughout the summer I was unable to use the fruit though as it took on a nasty brown color looking at stars and we all know how she feels about that I straightened out the solid and was left with a clear pinkish liquor the decor is quite nice floral fruity and not overly sweet I was wondering if they may know why the food turn brown it would have been nice to have the fruit for a shortbread or ice cream topping could have taken into something I could have went to that stuff up right and made some

it's gone now it's over now it's gone now it would be nice to have had the fruit for a short bread and ice cream topping also was the liquor clear because the novo shape allow the fruit to maintain its structure and not transfer solid into the liquor affect Lee sent from my iPhone rice KD like I said probably a good point I hadn't thought about that before but that's probably true it didn't break down right that makes sense but answer the Browning what you're dealing with here is a

hey it's kind of a long long term Browning affect you need to add some antioxidants that sucker right so when you're doing it you're going to either have to add some quarterback acid to it right all the member that's going to lose its antioxidant potential overtime but I prefer it you know like I don't like the sodium metabisulfite and all those things but you need to add some form of anti-oxidant to it and that should inhibit the Browning most likely what you're looking at there is some form of oxidative Browning to take scores over a long. Of time even in under the influence of heavy alcohol whether it's enzymatic in nature even though that those enzymes are like mostly denature or destroyed by the

buy the booze or whether you're dealing with the fact that you know the enzyme is just catalyzing some Cadillacs and it would take place over a long. Of time anyway so you just need to prevent the oxidation from happening anyway you know how hibu's one way and antioxidant another way and so I would definitely had some antitoxin to a next time and see whether that helped me when I had experience with that I encouraged them to write in Fresno

Joshua Wright saying about equipment greetings from Switzerland has had her happy face on me and she likes she likes the country Switzerland and she appreciates their fondue and their cheese I say it's fun to think she loves fondue I wanted you all to the boiling oil old school so you know that was a knock back in that in that this year was Sushi expensive party to throw the sushi party said about the super fancy rice to Everything full on Amanda's kids don't know how to roll it's pretty hard though and then I want me to cut it right away so I can I'm having to wipe my knife in between each cut because the grains are sticking to it and so the kids start eating it like it's a freaking to like

it's like you said it's a burrito and I told that sounds like that

who the hell taught you to make a burrito like this like if you made a burrito in this fashion I would be I mean I said that I would I would become looks like a taquito Cheetos fried is so like I was so pretzel water and then touching

you don't even like to want to spend all the money on the darkest Sushi party for kids but if any of you ever meet Dax don't mention that I'm talking about the Wasabi world because he's embarrassed by it but Jen my wife Jan and I used to laugh at Fine Fare is our local supermarket and we're already I probably shouldn't get in trouble thanks guys but I have to tell people what it is that's ridiculous and Loan the whole one day she wasn't thinking she buys the freaking fine for sushi

and how I had to go pick her up at the Billet ated by the by the sweet sweet sweet Fine Fare Sushi don't do that Jack you do that my wife is like a very not just educated talented but educated food-wise she knows it was crazy so I don't want to hear anyone telling me that I don't want to hear this story getting back at you brought this up by the air because it's not even on her proudest moment it's right up there with me licking Lie by mistake I don't get on that Switzerland

if I do is a good product the kids would enjoy that that's not really make your own in the same way that pizza and Sushi is though maybe it is whatever okay my question this is Joshua my question relates to kitchen equipment I'm a proud owner of an immersion circulator and even prouder owner of a polyscience 300 chamber vacuum sealer which currently doesn't work but that's another story I'd like to know what else I should get to an experiment in my kitchen I would like something that is versatile I can't believe you actually wrote Because it's a lot of little boxes and squares and doodles like know how that happens sometimes it is versatile in which I can use to experiment with various foodstuffs my first thought was a centrifuge that you have like

Swiss you have a pressure cooker right German though and I'm sure they're going to give you a quick Recon pressure cooker the same way that when you're born in Sweden to give you a copy of the ABBA album so they can still be like a huge we selling album right anyway Center fuse would you agree on that I would you look into something else and if you agree in a centrifuge what do you think about the Beckman Coulter Allegra series thanks for the help she was Joshua all kinds of how much cash you have the Allegra cost if you're going to spend six six thousand bucks or six thousand Euros on the next piece of kitchen equipment and in your not blinking when you do that then I think of centrifuges great thing to buy right because it's asking me personal you can do a lot of different things with it I look briefly at the Beckman Coulter Allegra ones they're spinning bucket rotors look like they

only get up to about there's not even serious you have to look at what you get there swinging bucket ones look like they can do three leaders but they look like they only get to roughly Thirty 700g somewhere in there which is like on the verge of what I think it's kind of good for that price range most of the people that I know who get new centrifuges for the restaurant or bar get head itch which is also available and I think it's and it's also available in Europe why would a friend uses a headache and Tony Conigliaro in London uses a headache should I think you also might have one in Paris as Barbara not sure so I would look at the head itches they have pretty good numbers and they work well but I looked at the Allegria it should work if you can get one they don't swing bucket that'll do 4000 G's then you know all the better question like if you're going to spend a grand is a lot of stuff you can buy for a cran write like a couple extra circulators which I would definitely be hot or what else me Tupac OG

I would love to have a taco Jack would you buy first. What do you think I would get first pocket Guitar Center few probably for me too but I do a lot of bar work good coffee setup is nothing but not a silly versatile not a name

Derek Wright San regarding ice hi Dave I found the procedure for making clear ice in the freezer from liquid intelligence that's the book by pouring hot water into a cooler I left it outside his approximately outside outside 35 Fahrenheit to you live in the Northeast and where North somewhere for a few hours to cool down then put it in the freezer the next morning I opened it to add some stuff to an existing stash and they were ice crystals all over the lid and walls of the freezer if I were to fasten a piece of plastic wrap over the cool of the next time would that prevent Crystal formation in my freezer or or wood and or mess up the ice block formation thanks Derek what I would say is put the plastic wrap over at that will definitely stop some of the you know steaming crap from coming up and then just remove it right as ice is starting to form I wouldn't don't leave it on your not want to get rid of any insulating layer

are between the ice formation and the ice formation front and the freezer as it's freezing but I don't think it's going to hurt the ice block formation to have plastic wrap over it in the initial couple of hours as it's pulling down and that should greatly reduce the amount of crystallization you get all over the inside of your freezer I typically do it is I throw up I throw up I use hot water put it right in front ice cubes in and get it down to basically below room temperature and as the ice cubes are melting out a nice don't stir it and I put it in which is another thing but you have to have clear smaller Ice Cube's sitting around for seeds which is what what I what I did not received don't think we have seats and not see it take back that take back to work I said cease what who's here

really nice

we are joining the studio now unexpectedly I Johnny hunter from the from the underground food collective in the Brooklyn yeah we we did two days at fitzcarraldo so how was it it was great I have to say we've done pop ups in Manhattan and the kitchen size is a little bit better in Brooklyn we found out yeah yeah I was traded that truth I had to come out here anyway so we we always try to like line it up between doing events and also other things we have to come out for her so she wouldn't lie to you when you make anything it was mostly the exploration of like fermented turnips

winter is like Wisconsin so much of our food so I think it's are we really try to go big-time with like fresh flavors with winter vegetables that was the whole thing that we had a bunch of beef that was recalled beef so we achieved out for about six months and then we just heard that raw what is Scooby-Doo

but I have Frozen up is madtown right now is it's actually really nice if you if you can be active your life is much better there

I think the first two weeks of January generally have these days that are just like people just don't know how to deal with it it's like you know you get in and it's like really cold and dark things are really need to be recognizing of like you know layering and just like having hats and gloves and and making sure that you're not you know you don't have your kids out in like the just the harsh elements but the thing is is that people are just really industrious about it and like it just a reality and we're like you know when you guys I'm glad you're here because I have a coffee and I would like to talk about your story if possible so we got a question in last week from Steve and a happy from Chicago and he said that contact and he want to know whether or not he should buy this

Marion I think that's why I said roughly I know there's a lot of issues anyway I contact the seller and he said they don't have a rotor for the unit. Don't ever buy used in a fuse without a rotor unless you have another one sitting next to it with a realtor rather than parts for you

you know because we have the universe is going to be and so it's been this thing where you know I've learned a lot about how to take apart and use them and stuff it cuz it's just like it's like if something is not working as like I'll just grab it out of that why do we we we haven't even plug them in yet so you know it's hard when I see people looking at eBay and asking a lie questions it's like well I got to go and inspect them and look at him and stuff and so you do and I should say I do like getting new rotors because we had that experience with a rotor broke freaking failure like a real freaking rotor failure you want to describe this yeah so we have a brand now it's

they had to square buckets that I can't remember but it would it's not the day or what they had a glass off which is awesome and we went through and you know visually inspected everything but we didn't they were there there's a there's a centrifuge company in town that will you know pressure test this stuff like that one that broke because it had a hairline fracture that we didn't know about and it threw the bucket into the Hall of the centrifuge which then move the centrifuge three feet like ship the building which is just like a concrete floor and everyone was just like someone was standing

you know near and it wouldn't it wouldn't have hurt anyone bad but week that we had it and so like the centrifuge was definitely scared thing around the kitchen so we've taken more precautions down every other day anyway so and I've been worried for a long time because it's the same class interviews that you know a lot of us have which is a 3 liter benchtop huge

and they all broccoli do about leaders and they've really do about 4,000 Gees and I've never seen one fail so it always been my impression that no one with the name of Johnny was like Hey it happens I was like

classic classic coffee grinder espresso do you know them personally but anyway so they know who has a really good grinder running this, which I thought was interesting

I'm a coffee espresso coffee / espresso support / / espresso enthusiasm just wanted to comment on the hand Grinders measurement 43 with 98 mm Birds 1 3/4 horsepower motor motor and photos attachment for grinder super popular for the past couple of years it was not designed a Ser to be a coffee grinder but since I think about like 20-30 Northland has been like a Cadre of people that have been using it for coffee and the interesting thing about it is

if you don't suppose you don't know or think about Grinders right so every grinder big grinder has its own kind of crime profile right and so like the people who really care about this what they do is they take the grinds out of a coffee grinder there any kind of grinder and then they plot particle size the frequency the distribution of particle sizes and foremost is good espresso Grinders you get with called a bimodal spot where you get some in a large Peak that senator in the kind of General rain for you want your coffee particles to be and then you get another peek lower in which all the fines and you get these kind of fine particles and there's a lot of debate as what kind of ultimate crime profile is but the truth also is is that any grinder the more you turn it down to be finer right the more bimodal apply to come because you get more finds out of something you can

turn it down so then then then you just go on the internet and look up particle distribution for different coffee and you can see it but the miss the ek43 is renowned for making of like a good kind of grind ratio that can work in a lot of different kind of coffee or even isn't it that's what they say think about what a fine is doing so if the fines are doing two separate things right a fine is a going to extract faster because it's fine right and be in things like espresso find migrate to the bottom of the park and like cause higher hydraulic pressures so that you know you need a you need a course or overall thing to make up the factory of these fine because the fine for packing and cleaning products for in a filter that can clog up filters right and so they can stay can change your flow rate as well as Infuse differently so mean that there

again multimodal with what's going on with that's just a little little preamble to Joel's, here at the office in about k43 very small birds that's the little little witch by the way I have it but I hate it takes so damn I sit there and like you know how you get angry when you're turning that knob and you push it too hard in the beans fly out of the house and it works

the particle size distribution is incredibly even and the first cut by ground and it has actually no signs of a sudden increase in fines production which I seem to not only create muddy flavors in the Cub but somehow simultaneously masks the wonderful volatiles that I paid hard-earned money for in single-origin coffee is at the local Indy shop it's not a huge issue for single cup pour overs that we are burying 2 2/4 cups is 6 oz each the pesky finds impede the flow of water and slow the extraction rate make sense right side by sides actually back-to-back sings I Can Only prepare one cup at a time of the Haribo unsaved versus a 500 Micron sieve until he's sitting there just got confused in there and put it through a sieve to get rid of the fines

professionally well he works at Shops and stuff in her like Civ the coffee unsaved vs passed through the 500 microns to get the same quality that he gets out of 98 mm flat Birds on the amount he says it's an equal cup quality for like a hundred hundred bucks are in the cinemas be like 15 bucks to create as he doesn't waste Defiance he simply adds up and said actually he said it's as good as them out Tony was before I knew before it is started creating the five

my coffee there in the Final Phase extraction or a run through my God you are to me is the perceived and result in there that you wouldn't get in the bother me the bottom line is a $35 Mario plus in produce a cup comparable to a 2K + grinder

we we used to use the Hardy has to grind Pepper for salami company and we would take drills take the top off and just like

grind the pepper through it was great and it probably go to home Barista and I'll post it on something like that because I have like a you know what I'm about an STL file to like grinding Pepper when they're like yeah we we also use the drill for Cavatelli makers on the Hari oh by the way is that so there's a big there's a big thing of a do right and there's a big thing with whether or not you're

where should be suspended on both sides like anchored on both sides and one side mount only the guys of Orphan espresso Behr believer in firmly mounting the berbers I noticed that moves up and down but not left and right right to shelter 14 bucks a plate that you can bolt into the bottom of your heart ryeo that mount pins it on both sides that you going to dress and Tack it down for 14 bucks and he's what he says in the in the thing in his explanation of it is that well if you do this

it will no longer be good for espresso but it's good for coarse your coffee I want go back to the create a wider said to let the crimes go through that you want

and then I sent her one and so then their middle packet you get it you know completely consistent mean if your real nothing like nah tweet about it you could just have it like you could get small one and put it in one of those little little guy out and then you can make another extraction with no comparison I don't know the people say that that some differences and grind size is good for flavor and that it gets a little too flat at the same extraction I don't know if you had like Mega course and then like the fines and then like The Inbetweeners you could definitely like especially if you did different Brewing styles for each one of those three that I could be like

we should just do this as an attachment to the Sears at all I'm not interesting things like take the same exact being grind them at the same time produce three entirely different cups of coffee with them a modifier modifying my legal to which is your friend espresso small handgun under to be stationary but it's very easy to screw up your grind to unscrew it so that's what I'm doing

which one is got a a method to fake the Thai Basil Daiquiri if you don't have access to Thai Basil which is kind of cool but we'll have to get to that this is come up before I ever met before but but actually I want to mention he's too and I've two favorite Amazon reviews it just came on I got a three-star and a one-star right recently is a great Book for a chemist for the lame and mixologist is too much useless information but that's 1 * * is I giving you incorrect information this useless person could just open up to the 1 Flight 4 Page section what I just put like 50 classic cocktails in real life

how to make them in their specs and easy to look at Forum it rip it out and throw the rest of the book away and it's worth more than one freaking star but also why why is that a criticism you know if you want like this easy cocktails like you know that it's like this book is very specific audience you know if you wanted to do 50 classics

who cares yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's that that person they need they need to get crushed you know what I mean by this was a gift I think it was like but I can't read it since it was not for me it was a gift like as a woman what is that to do with that one star review should be that the the the author is like either grossly inaccurate or the book is horribly written or they suggest something abhorrent like chumming babies you know what I mean and like anything else you're just a jerk

your books that are butcher shop because people just buy stuff during the holidays just like hopefully there's a lot of people out there searching for their own home centrifuge systems now why not tell you how we do it why not tell you how to do it or not going to get to Alex and Toronto's question or we going to get to Frederick Mitchell hope I got your name right he said good luck with American style be like Louis Frederick Michonne and Dave Nastasia and Jack's favorite bands and Johnny's favorite bands and PS can we get day to do a Sir Mix-A-Lot style I like big birds and I cannot lie and I won't I won't

or you won't lie to text twin The Flaming Lips the dirtiest tennis shoes right now but I like the phenomena to people that wear only white and they get filthy a dressy White

Sonic Youth to hate list thing when I was working out yesterday I was listening to the Croce It's Magic is that true what do I like like the Croce so Trilogy that don't know if I have a couple of like internal running jokes that we do. We don't do on the air so Jim Croce was the same songs was Operator Operator and he's like it's like chewing this freaking operators to your office. Snyder joking about like

you can keep the dime of course she freaking can she calls at this lady and he's like I know it's kind of late I hope I didn't wake and we keep on freaking talkin and talkin bout my paper bags next time

perfect cooking issues

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