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Episode 195: Chia Seed Face

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where in Bushwick

enjoyed as usual with this has been busy these days working on marketing stuff for this year's how's it going hopefully no promises because I can't promise anything because I'm not building the stuff myself likes don't have the steak decorators people for those of you that we owe State decorators to so I'm very excited about that anyways we also are joined with our Master Blaster of engineering Jack Hensley own I see when you're actually running at you can put the river by whenever you want I do NJ

is my voice on here did you know that

oh man it's not temporal she would just speed the track up by like one or two you know right right right

oh my God you can go to Yonkers Raceway craziness that we're going to we're going to start at the

no cut the hair shaft review do like like up and down like oh my God we can do all sorts of parliament Arrangements will God we have to come up with our own kind of P-Funk style mythology like you know like vegan face devoid of Funk

devoid of funk request for people because over the next couple of months before the spring I'm going to be finally finally after like 20 years I'm finally going to be building an outdoor kitchen right so I need some I need the first of all you're going to be out there be the only gas fire thing I have out there I'm going to maybe put a gas assist on the fire pit but check out what I'm going to do I'm going to have a fire pit right into this big thing a Tandoor Lucas long time listener lukisan Museum supporter and maybe

quad style fire pit Tandoor and here's the last one this is the unusual and that's what I particularly in that son-of-a-gun so particular is the Ronin kind of cooking platform so that way it's weird it's outdoors it looks like a fireplace right so it's like looks like a like a man to like a flat thing and underneath it is it is an art shape thing that looks like a fireplace right right so it's like it's like imagine like a little mini Arc de Triomphe or like a flat table top on the right here is that weird Ramen thing is that they don't build a fire in the arch and cook an art they store wood in the arch and they build the fire directly on top of the table surface and they cook on this table surface and years ago Johnny iuzzini and I did a like a video shoot where we were imitating Roman cooking and we built one like

particular we were cooking on top of it I actually really liked it it's kind of fun because instead of reaching into a fire pit in like all the way around it and you can like shift stuff around and kind of a cool way so I kind of liked it so I'm going to do that because you know what cuz I can cuz I freaking 10 and another thing I'm doing we talked about before I get to the questions should you have questions you can always call them into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

I like espresso what do you drink when you're going to have an espresso beverage do you like straight espresso I don't really like for like super drip or like you know pour-overs or forever sounds that come over to me I know it's like super popular now took forever to for freaking ever but I'm fine with that you don't enjoy all this stuff and I enjoyed but really my heart's in espresso but I haven't had a chance to update my espresso game in many many years because I dropped on me and I already had a fairly decent setup so now I'm also and you guys will I'll Regale you with the stories when it happens I'm updating my my espresso right now the Triple Espresso

mistake that people make right espresso and a billion times it's all about control and repeatability of a fairly small range of variables but it turns out I control them all at very well I updated my my roasting set up

it don't ever burn out extension burnout superseded that they know almost act like mini drum machines at awesome but I can't afford them Whirley Pop is like 15 bucks right to know what I hate about the Whirley Pop the Whirley Pop you have to crank it all the time so like let's say all of a sudden your nose starts to run can you go get Kleenex now because you have to turn it all the time but if you don't turn it all the time it's going to burn if something else happens if the phone rings can you answer the phone no no you can't because if you do it'll burn can you make a cup of coffee while you're doing it no lie can you take the last stuff you had while you're roasting a new stuff and make no right which sucks it's a terrible or 12 minutes

when you can sit there and do nothing else and then another couple of minutes cooling it down afterwards I put in the beans back and forth a few roasting I took a prototype Hazmat reservation didn't really use it for work in this application but I printed out a little housing a chopped off the end of the world lipop thing left a little little bit of the handle that you crank on it chopped off, so I can get a straight piece you can handle stand if you can picture in your head chopped it off and then I put a little like 12 volt DC motor I got on Amazon for like six bucks and put it on there printed out like a cases fit it onto the handle so it wouldn't spin now that sucker's electric oh yeah I like for like 8 bucks or something I have an electric Whirley Pop and now I wish never roast never roast coffee on a stove and leave it unattended I'm not saying you do it but I can now blow my nose make a cup of coffee move around like get a drink of water while I'm doing it this is so much more civilized

believe it took me years to do this but it's all because you know how you know how you don't do anything for a long time you stay in-state stasis right and then all of a sudden you get a kick in the butt and yes to everything all at once but like that with the coffee so because I'm getting this new place I need a new coffee grinder right now the coffee grinder I have is called the rancilio Rocky and it's like at the time it was I couldn't believe I was spending that kind of money on it on a grinder it was like three hundred bucks or three some 50 or something and it was a highest kind of level grinder there any home jockey was getting cuz it was like 12 years ago 10-12 years ago somebody this week 12 maybe she's gotten before book report I don't remember anyways it was kind of like it you know but now people are getting much what kind of higher-level Grinders but no one is well that's not true they're plenty of rich people out there but not very many people now are buying the highest level of Grinder like that the Titan series are called Grinders like a very large ones with the Veil

and it turns out they make just everyone who uses them says they make Superior espresso huge and they're expensive like thousands of dollars no not going to buy that when I crazy but everyone spends all their money on the espresso machine but not on the grinder which is a huge huge error because the world's greatest espresso machine with a crappy grinder you're very limited in what you're going to produce and turn the quad espresso it turns out that there is this lunatic company called orphan espresso out of Idaho right and it's a husband-wife team I think her husband wife and they just make these crazy Grinders that have really high quality burst sets in hand Grinders so they make unfortunately it's always out of stock cuz they don't really give a crap to call The Sparrows and I can't get one right now because they're out of stock and what happens is that they get the parts in for like

40 or 50 of them they put it on it and they sell out like like this and then when they're gone it's like you and I never tell you it's going to happen and people I understand that because you know what they probably hate doing customer service I'm with him you know I'm saying so I'm not blaming them it's just I wish I could get one you know so they have a grinder set first of all this grinder called it the Pharisee or compressor Faris is only $245 which means I know it's a lot but I can't buy just a burst I looked into DIY in one I can't buy the birds for less than like $150 know how they're building the whole grinder for $245 cuz they're building a grinder that has the same Bursa in it that's called county is the name of the grinder Mauser Coney and it's it's like I think it's like a $4,000 Grinders and like this and for 245 I can get that same brine quality it just put a little elbow grease into it I got their next down in line one because that one's always in stock, Toledo to and I have to say my espresso quality is jumped up and might have to get one for my home rig anyway

later I'll talk about cuz I'm finally going to pimp out the rancilio Silvia which is the kind of its kind of the 39 Mark of espresso machines and that everybody you know everyone kind of tricks out that the Sylvia because it's really easy to trick out so everyone's done PID which is more the temperature control do some people have done everything to it so I'm never going to be a new water in it but I'll go through the kind of modifications that I've done through Sylvia and I'll report back as it happened but I thought I could take a couple of months cuz I'm only going to be doing it in dribs and drabs here and there anyway that's my coffee report in my mother of course we get on some rest but she owns okay Steven happy he says last name pronounce Hopi if you care to know which I do I like that coffee but like it happens like with a capital E which Italy to also like like if it's h o p e e that the capital E mean to pronounce be like Eazy-E Wright

happy anyway from Chicago right in the back Center fuses hey Dave nastase Jack and anyone else only got the hard course par course I'm hoping to add I hope to use in a bar I'm in the process of developing and it looks to be a decent one for sale at a good price for those you didn't know it's a made by Fisher and it says that you those pictures really a catalog and I really make anything I think it's my impression of them but it's about a thousand bucks which for 3 liter centerpieces pretty good anyway so there are a couple of things this model that give me pause for one as you can see if you follow the link you can't cuz you're on the radio and I'm not going to give you guys awake because if I give you the link then maybe someone else could buy it out from underneath Steven and it only does 3,000 times at 4 to gravity and I know that you use a center fuse it gets to 4000 on top of that this model is not refrigerated I think the lower G-Force would just mean the product will take more

time to form a pup but I don't know how much longer and if this will be a problem if purchased this will be used in San Juan Puerto Rico never been there I'd like to go in Puerto Rico

I don't know who's in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico products heating up too much I got you if it's going to take much longer for punt formation in a hot humid environment does this seem like too large of kavya to make the purchase thanks for the help in Forever thing else you do listen to cooking issues has inspired and it bolted me to give up Cabinetry and take on bar management Cabot I think haven't raised a great profession when I'm not saying you should go back to it but a lot of Honor in doing good work and I like it would work cheers Steven from Chicago although I guess in the future shortly you know we'll be in San Juan so you're in my thoughts so for those of you out there that don't have the link this is a spinning bucket centerpiece remember centrifuges separating products based on density and spins around really quickly and the dancer stuff goes to the outside of the spa

rotor and the lighter stuff gets pushed out to the inner side of the spinning Road where the forces of gravity of the centripetal force is less right now the spinning from the rotor does generate a significant amount of heat so if you're going to be spending things get pretty warm now that said I know plenty of people like Wylie Dufresne his Center fuse not refrigerated he's had good luck with it but you do need to do a couple of things you need to show your buckets down beforehand so sometimes I would put ice water in them when I used to not refrigerated centrifuge and just get everything cold before hand you can store a little don't don't ever put anything into the into the cabinet while it's pending because it can get kicked up and just nightmare don't ever do that but you can put you can put ice into the like bags of ice into the centrifuge cabinet while it's not spinning to get it nice and cold beforehand that can help a little bit so if You Buck

cold and your product starts cold and your Center fuse starts cold to hot but for like 15 or 20 minutes without a refrigerator and start to everything starts out at room temperature you can get you know up above slightly above Body temp you know up until like yeast proofing temperature when you spend so that did the temperature rises appreciable in the longer it stays in obviously the higher the temperature is going to go so that's you know what you're dealing with if you if you were talking about talking about not having a refrigerator it's not insurmountable it's not something you know I would if I could choose Refrigeration what I have it yeah you know what I'm not by a set of used because it didn't have a free no in Vonage not having a centrifuge with three cheeses are a lot heavier they cost more and they're a lot bigger to take up a lot more space and it take more powers

Christina three things that aren't necessary and they throw more heat off into your kitchen because remember and if you're a real DIY modern to another idea what these corporate weasels all the time I got to have to think like a corporate weasel sometimes which depressing stars is like who who are you I don't even know you anymore I can't believe you moderated son if you were going to say based on corporate weasel think you know we all get worse as we get older I think you know we're not like fine wine does it happen so the other question is about the the G forces involved

okay here's the thing on a spinning bucket centrifuge I find that you need a higher G-Force than you do in a fixed angle road to fix angle rotor is one where you have tubes or vials or whatever and they're kept at a fixed angle and what happens to particles that are there getting spun out of the solution there's not you're not a solution but getting a d suspended let's say and turn it to a puck they hit that side wall to fix angle rotor and then they scour themselves down that angle and compact into a nice palette right so fixed angle rotors can form an ice pellet at fairly low G-Force where the spinning butt and there's typically less distance that that the particles have to travel before they hit that wall so it spins out faster spinning bucket rotors

can separate fairly quickly but they don't compact as hard when they're hitting cuz they're basically just settling onto a flat thing and then they have to push there's no kind of scouring action down into it so when a spinning bucket rotor slows down which is when the problems happen they tend to kick butt stuff back up into the product and they tend to Cloud so back when we know when my Center fuses are running closer to 3000 G's like when the bearings are getting shot things tend to be a little cloudier it is still going to work yes to can you still carbonate with it yes does it make me super happy do I wake up with a big smile on my face thinking about a centrifuge can only run a 3000GT know you know what I mean but that said you know it's definitely going to be worthwhile

a certain things are going to clarify 3002 no problem with banana hostina which is a clarification monster but other things are on the verge of not clarifying that they had very fine sediment and tends to pick up you might have some problems and spending longer might solve them or it might not but it seems like it's fairly Smalls Center Fusion might be worth the money if you can get it for $1,000 in ones that I used to get for really cheap just wants don't seem to be as available as they as they used to be but here's the other thing I'm going to recommend if you're going to buy a you centrifuge for a bar program don't count on it to survive you must get a backup unit okay you must get a backup unit for you must train your bar staff to be able to do alternate techniques like agar clarification clarifications not going to work if you doing things like to steno so you know a new centrifuge is it going to break probably not it's 8 Grand right that's just that just facts but a you centrifuge

don't think you can get away with the $1,000 one you sent a fuse because that sucker will break I'm telling you from experience it will break and the odds that someone at the bar if you're not there it is able to fix it themselves is low for two reasons not that many people are trained and fixing centrifuges or have the kind of kind of mechanical I'm just going to freaking do this thing and fix it and even if they did what are the odds of someone who's working for you feels comfortable ripping apart your centrifuge because what if they mess it up so it's very hard to get someone at the bar to be able to do something like fix a centrifuge for you so if you're not willing to fix it or you're not able to get their insta me to fix it if it goes down or if you don't have some sort of way that you don't need those menu items on a regular basis then get it back up

replace it again but I was able to get it to run no problem it's like I said that we weren't going to be in duct tape and bubble gum into things underneath it still like that on a sheet tray this one it's like I mean look if you guys knew that kind of like real dumb way that we have to do things 9 * a * the funniest thing ever have I forget who it was somebody once said accuse us of like having all this like awesome equipment in like like cookie everything and well that thing came in I think I was literally lifting the Center for Youth by myself like

auto place over my head so I can go underneath it and work on the Moto remember that day anyway again like yeah yeah but whatever it's like it's like God like Jack you know how we had this conversation a billion times but it's always worth having again you know how my tab and you keep on saying that someday someone else is going to move your car before you ever happened that you have on your equipment now sometimes and some gigs you know is it going to get to the point in my life where someone's going to carry my bass rig around know you won't know you won't Brian Haggerty rights in from Minneapolis and by the way he says at the end that. We were wondering about it once that the abbreviation for Minneapolis mpls do you know that

it doesn't make sense I don't I don't get Minneapolis in NYC you get New York City but Manny and yes no mpls in Ham Lake Minnesota or Minneapolis to pee like political science like latrine ass like sandwich nipples but like the thing is is like like I don't know like

am I pee at MEPS nipples there's no end to me and Minneapolis is about the ends right Minneapolis many nipples are mnps Minneapolis Mendes I don't know how much is Minneapolis I'm looking at the word Minneapolis next of nipples and I'm not

I'm not feeling you feeling it now

no no right now at first I thought it was like some sort of contraction of like Minneapolis-Saint Paul and look a kind of Twin City thing does not literally just Minneapolis crap on the Saint Paul people even in their nipples now I kind of like it now I have in my in my head you know I got to be getting a lot of rap songs that you don't even like at Lake Public Enemy you said do that they wouldn't say nipples they be like

what's that song If it's alright I'll look it up anyway

90180 discovered you show and loving it I'm wondering if you had any thank you if you had any thoughts about the usefulness of chia seeds my going to have to do it I want to do it or not to do it ahead awesome kids mohawk is perfect because it's got the ridges in it to hold the chia seeds do you do chia pets when you were at kitchen

Shawty Like a classic Chia Pet or do you like some weird Chia Pet seeds in disgusting stuff now like in juices for Basil seeds

I wish I had my first one two days ago and I thought I was discussing the text or have you had it

in a beverage people like it is a different gross gross gross thoughts

it's still pretty my friends still seeing your friends you couldn't convince anyone to drink that

how like how Santa and looking as it was wondering if you had any thoughts about the usefulness of chia seeds back into people know because obviously I went off on a tangent cuz I cannot help myself as I'm sure you know they absorb a ton of water and form a weird gel you say that's accurate says we are gel she's got her face her trying to keep it down in her mind face on various vegan folks suggest I like that various vegan folks got a good ring to it you have a good alliterative Pros Bryant of ground seeds ground chia seeds and water 1 tablespoon of ground seeds to 3 tablespoons of water in place of an egg

I have use chia seeds in turkey meatloaf to good effect America's Test Kitchen has a turkey burger recipe that calls for gelatin to offset the dryness of the turkey or you can just not overcook a free turkey America's Test Kitchen isn't like turkey burger sucks so hard there always are over freaking cook why do people do this it's like salmon burgers in overcooked the piss out of it because if they like theoretically is salmon burgers a good idea overcooked do a drive Puck and they do the same thing with the turkey burgers and when they order the turkey burger out of my

any ways you can make a good turkey burger without using chia seeds or gelatin

you just take care whatever I'm not going to get into that we're not talking about that right now okay I have used back to the question I have use chia seeds and turkey meatloaf to good effect America's Test Kitchen has a turkey burger recipe that calls for gelatin to offset the dryness of the turkey so I figured I'd use chia slurry I like that word she is slurry instead of gelatin I also mixed in the theory that has the meat cooked and released its juices juices those juices might be captured by the chia seeds in this be retained in the loaf I don't know if this mechanism this mechanism function but I do know the finished product was Juicy and Delicious awesome awesome that's good I use chia seeds in crepe batter in place of eggs too weird affect the seeds thickens about her like crazy so I had a ton of water plus some oil to thin it down and it cooked up strangely with lots of holes that developed as the water evaporate The Taste was not bad but it wasn't much like a crate yes

I don't want a lot of like a big like in jira style bubbles in a crepe and this kind of sand Fanny effect is going to have a different water hold something you should think of chia like a xanthine because it forms a mucilaginous slime and literally like technically they're like the mucilaginous Slime so you're going to get even more when use the phones and phone soredemo Styles you get those big holes in them because of the way it holds I don't know if it technically forms I don't know if the jail because what I was reading has what's called a yield point which I'll get you in a minute but so things like Santa and have a yield point so they actually act like a solid gel up to a particular amount of force being applied and then they sure thing rap that I know that she had from the research is doing is rapidly Shear thinning but I don't know kind of how much with you point it has any way you boys really good for things like eggs I'm imagining it does have a yield point because

why Santana so good at replacing eggs because it's not a protein but it has a yield point so it can hold things up pretty well anyways

does case was not bad it wasn't much like a crepe anyway anyway modernist cuisine about his cooking uses all kinds of weird gelling agent but I haven't seen very much about Chia gel in the modernist cooking related stuff I've read so far for instance a science fair which is like Naveen and Kevin and those guys Harvard or hexarmor guys if he's not on the list I'm interested in your thoughts Brian Haggerty okay so the interesting thing is oh by the way before I get started just take a look at this document it's open source so you can get it on the internet the international Journal of Food Science volume 2014 article to 41053 it's called chemical and functional properties of chia seed Salvia hispanica gum by Myra Ruby Segura Campos at all available online it's a good reads an interesting ly

what what they said that if I found interesting is that it was used and their argument I haven't researched the history of literally because it had religious significance they win the Conquistadors came in and wiped out all traces of religious ceremony that Chia was kind of expunged and that's why it wasn't you very much and that kind of stuff for it for a long time even though it remains a traditional food stuff but the chia seeds was an incredibly important food stuff like less than corn less important than corn but more important than amaranth interesting so hydrocolloid almost all lights are natural things that are extracted either from

fermentation like xanthan or Joann so you know a bacteria or a fungus is making a slime and that slime is then you know purified and turn into a gum or things like seeds tell guar seed locust bean seed that's how we come up with a lot of seeds out there that have hydrocolloid properties in them that I've just never been really research from industrial standpoint sometimes it's because there is not enough reduction out there and sometimes it just an oversight and so this article is saying that they believe that chia seeds do have the ability to have some commercialization in terms of their used because they can be grown in places where other things aren't necessarily going very well and I have to make certain property so what are those properties

chia seed forms a slimy gel at very low concentrations as Mustachio knows from her raspberry drink but also what's interesting about chia seeds and chia seeds were an important dietary item because they're very high and oil so it's a very like you're 39% very high oil percentage and if you soak the Chia seed this mucilaginous sludge is mainly formed by a polysaccharide as all hydrocolloid or but it also has a large protein compound and a very high oil company in it and that combination that kind of triple threat of oil and you know oil and polysaccharide and protein means that it not only can hold and absorb water but it can hold and absorb oil and they think because of the protein also can emulsify so you can use it as an emulsifier

experiment with this is all just retarded but I'm pretty interesting and interested in unfortunately to get the pure hydrocolloid and the yield of this is fairly high on the order of ten 11% by weight of the Chia seed right so like a good bit of it is functional then the rest we got to deal with his deceit and all that other stuff they think that most of these properties are concentrated in the outer coat near the edge of unfortunately to produce at the way they produce it in the article you have to soak the seed blend them then then you have to like he did at 50c and then have to spin it at ten thousand times the force of gravity for like 3 or 4 hours to get it to separate the seeds out from the gum and then you can drive and have the gun so you know interesting but I'm very interested maybe they suggest maybe making mayonnaise with it or anything that needs a multiplying or oil holding but you don't want to use

things like a quick questions in Jared Rice and about I side with respect to flavor extraction into alcohol and oil how to chamber vacuums and EC whippers iuc whippers differ and if you can start with only one which is preferred or is there a better option than either of them especially for long-term shelf life of the flavor does alcohol percentage or oil type matter what else should be considered thanks very much okay I'm not I'm not going to push my book except for I go into like you she ate in detail in the book on this kind of stuff so I'm like alcohol percentage matters

higher or lower alcohol is necessary better or worse but higher alcohol is going to extract things quicker right so it all depends on what kind of a flavor it's nothing else is no better there is no good guys there is no bad guys just you and me stars and we just disagree oil type I don't think it's going to matter as much except for I guess obviously something is a solid fat are looking fat so maybe it does matter I don't have as much experience with that I used to use neutrals or loyal who's flavor a particularly like something like olive oil which perspective vacuum machine vs. EC the fundamental the fundamental point is this the easy is had is a lot more flexible as a lot more power to do in fusions because the pressure differentials are a lot wider and you know you can do things like heated in the in the EC you can you know put a much higher pressure differential it's easier to deal with that said

if you can deal with the lower pressure differentials at you working on a vacuum machine which is only like 15 psi the advantage of the vacuum machine has his you can do a huge quantity at once like you know depends inside your vacuum machine but I've done like gallons at once that's a no for leaders in units of force metric types and it can do that kind of thing and to be able to do that with pressure you would move a wave from an easy and you would get a 5-gallon Cornelius keg and you hook it up to a nitrous tank or in a pinch of CO2 tank if you had time to let it then. And you could do it that way but if you could do it in an EC and you could afford the Chargers then I'd say it's a superior techniques using a vacuum butt and it's a lot easier to experiment with the ECE because of the unique qualities are much smaller so that's my feelings are but again in the book I wrote so many that I can't even

okay to think about it anymore because of all the words I wrote in that freaking book Stars won't even look at the book as you all know she uses it as kind of a mcdlt hot food separator like that's she can't keep shut so she never have to see anything on the inside of it and but she says it's just thick enough to make sure that you never get the hot side mixing with the cold side so it's few know at least it's pretty flat right doesn't been too much so you know I've done a good job right there that's that's all I can help for last hammerjack Indie Jesus Sanchez hipster and friends I've been inspired by Booker and Dax has Nick Bennett and haven't we all been inspired by Nick Bennett to make some aged eggnog for next year and years to come I've been it just may have like three year old egg nog I really had a one-year-old eggnog from hail hail in PDX it was delicious and I didn't die good news I'm glad you're not dead oven day what's your thoughts on the safety of the two recipes listed below

particularly are my final ABV calculations correct and should the mix be sterile and safe to drink after a year plus if it's sealed in mason jars not Candor cooked and stored and wrapped in foil at room temp I wouldn't keep him room to buy keep it in the fridge I keep in the fridge when you have stars why are there three Room Tent Balvin I don't know about room temp cuz all those studies I think we're in fridge how do I have to ask how he started I don't know why I didn't read that when I was being also Alvin your your ABCs didn't come in but Nick said he shook his a couple times a month to keep it in mind and I also plan on taking every so often even matters I will be using farm eggs unpasteurized I don't think it matters old point is if it's safe it's safe no matter what kind of an egg you used the guys at Rockefeller University who famously did the study I think in 2008 I think of 2008 of the eggnogs that they have been making for 65 year is based on a recipe that was handed down to them from someone who is born in like 1890 and she got it from her like Grandma or something like that

that recipe that recipe they tested by an oculate in the eggs in the whole batch with salmonella and seeing if it killed it so the whole point is is that if it's safe it's going to be safe no matter what kind of an egg you use using farm eggs and high quality dairy farms from a local Creamery I'm also at high risk I'm not at high risk for illness Seattle his and her pregnancy and a tourist music mixing are Michael rummans and George Washington's Eid George Washington Washington recipe a mixed number of eggs you so I calculate what room and see yolk ratio was inserted into Washington Foods Dairy makes all right I couldn't look at your calculations didn't come through on the email Alvin but what I would look up is dr. Rebecca lancefield eggnog recipe that's the one that was tested by Rockefeller University that recipe is a dozen eggs whole it's not yoked a quart of heavy cream with light cream 1 pint bourbon 1 Q rum nutmeg and a half pound of 3/4 of a pound of sugar so what you're looking at here sugar is going to reduce the water activity

little bit safer and the Edgewater activity is what it is but in terms of the things you're looking at a quart of heavy cream in a quart of light cream which has a lot of fat in it so there's actually like you know the deal not water in that too but you're looking at for that ratio of pint of bourbon and a quart of rum okay so a quart and a half of liquid for that level George Washington's recipe is 1 quart of cream 1 quart of milk but who the hell knows what that means because that's like 1701 doesn't tablespoon sugar which is like what is that doesn't tablespoons is like not quite a cup what is that

what's 8 tablespoons in a stick of butter and that's 1/2 cup right so not quite back up one pot here's where we get the important part 1 part 1 1/2 pint rye whiskey 1/2 pint Jamaica rum so now we're at pint half pint half pint for pint quart and 1/4 pint Sherry then you mix that and you separate the yolks in the white truck is interesting and you beat in the ultimate with the egg whites up and fold them in so you're looking at Washington's recipe is a little less alcoholic than the other one and he also only lets it sit for a couple of days tasting frequently so I mean I don't know whether washing has written is safe it's clearly a little less alcoholic than dr. Rebecca lancefield eggnog which is guaranteed safe because they ran a challenge test on it that much less alcoholic so you might might be safe I don't know and then Romans 12 egg yolks 2 cup granulated sugar as a leader of bourbon only 4 cups

in 1 cup heavy cream plus 3/4 a cup of Cognac and 1/2 cup of Myer's Dark Rum in a pinch of salt a that sucks Looper higher in alcohol content Romans recipe is a hundred percent guarantee obviously lansfield recipe is guaranteed because they tested that sucker and George Washington I can't vouch for it but probably if you let sit around long enough hit me I was going to be safe but I'm not going to guarantee it but good old George Washington he didn't die cooking eight why did but

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