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Episode 194: Back for 2015

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happy New Year. As usual Jack Jack

well Happy New Year to everyone and it's the first time we've been together I've been seeing you in astacio since I saw you briefly with you would you would you do for the food wise for the for all the various holidays food-wise and grill with my girlfriend and had some really delicious Ramen with a high chair in the place by Toto really good Toto the toilet manufacturer how to find toilets different people Toto the world's finest toilet seats in my estimation these toilets are by far and away the greatest toilets I've ever used in my life light years ahead of of are American toilets and toilet

often in our cooking Endeavors don't pay enough attention to the toilet aspect of it and what is out of surgery and I am right but I'm personally ashamed as an American that we don't have native toilet seat technology that anywhere approaches that they have in Japan it's just it's just an embarrassment I got a bottle of the yamazaki scotch yeah I love the yamazaki I love which one did you get 12 the hibiki also but all the guys bought Jim Beam does not weird weird weird weird weird holiday food stuff and the family so they don't care about food. Nothing

I don't know

is that under no steak and lobster I forgot I went and bought wasters and rainbow trout for my dad's Christmas Eve and it was really good nice how do you do the rainbow trout broiled fish Jack was it dry it wasn't wasn't bad dry Taste of smoke trap always too dry even with oil that's in whatever we're at

what's up I don't know I can't remember what it was was a dry dishes that I enjoyed the Jack what's my least favorite freshwater fish like it's the worse as we all know you know I look forward to my New Year's resolution is to stop other people from eating tilapia

there's got to be some other like crap fish if they can grow in its own filth for almost nothing to taste better right to be something


I bought an extremely large standing rib roast and I did my normal like I took it off the phone load tempted killed it and then did a roast off and that was good but then there's to meet like everyone in my family was sick like on both sides everyone sick so I cut it in half because it wasn't many people eating it before I did the reason I'm on it and then the second half I staked off until like I don't know how big is this does that like an inch and a half inch and a half somewhere around there inch and a half between Mission 1/2 and 2 inches I stayed off the second half of the of the rib roast they got the full you know read right and I actually know what I have to say no matter what I like it better when it's taped off and seared steak seared individually and then slice the other way I just think it's a lot better than eating the big slices of prime rib as much as I loved the seventies and eighties going to those crappy

steakhouses in getting the Big Slice of prime rib it's always a little too cold in the center of a time you get to it there's too much of that stuff in it what it what are your thoughts on the steak or steak to offer or the whole prime rib steak steak except for 4 sandwiches for sandwiches served cold you want State you want like a whole thing and then slice very very thinly but you really do that with a standing rib roast that's freaking waste on saying for a roast beef sandwich waste I don't know actually French twist to you like rock wet so I did I did I cheat cheating and it's good Sears all that but actually I did a cheating Rock wet but so you know how it Rock let you got like the Michelle right and then you got the The Boiled taters and whatever else you got and then you melt the cheese on a broiler in a scrape the crap off and then you put it on the stuff right but do you really want a potato to be boiled

are you waiting for that roasted yeah right so I took that I didn't get ahold of I got a hold of UConn's you know them out then roasted those suckers in the oven trade-off LAX to oil because Rockledge got it down and then instead then so I put those out in the dish greater the rocket and don't get angry but I graded the rest of that right shredded rather and then here's the thing instead of the initial rate for crayford cocktail onions no. Cheese on top of that some gun searzall Bueno Bueno

maybe we could have done at the oven if you can have a searzall but she was all this took the cheese in the ass in the ass by God you guys out all the meat in a pig's foot than you stuff it with the same sausage makes you would have put the keno in and then I did that with lentils that was nice and then I knew years proper right in the fine. Fine Fare what's my local kind of like no other markings name is like no other Mark like maybe 15 years ago when the Fairway first move it into West Harlem over there by the cats are my art studio used to be when I was in school and more than 15 years ago almost 18 19 anyway so I'm there and there's this guy wandering around literally wandering around

Fairway going nuts a special special like like right on the border of homeless that border right between homeless and not homeless but that was kind of a game-changing Martin level does it take does it take for you to think of Market is special they have I can endure like walk-in meat and it wasn't like that they want to remember like we have some kind of

rough end or refrigerated meat markets here in New York like Big Apple down by you rough right Western Beef has that right anyway so that my Fine Fare I got the last bag of Black Eyed Peas in the whole place the last very last one to make what you know you Hoppin John pappajohn ham hocks or whatever pork neck bones whatever smoked the Red-Nosed Reindeer we have to buy all four so the four figurines are Santa Claus Rudolph

just not happy in my work I guess that's why you got to got to know the show anyway and her name is Yukon Cornelius and Santa Until the End right and then he's okay he's like Rudolph you know needs work I have to go with you by all four figures and then you send away and you get the Bumble which is the Abominable Snowman and stars had the entire entire Bumble is shipping and handling know when it's 1:25 29052 makes their breaking even slick slick anyways so Abidjan is a traditional

New Year's Day sayings and it's so you know. Anyway it's like ham hocks I use pork neck bones whatever and we are black eyed peas and yet you simmer that I used I used I use pepper that is red and green peppers in the December the heck out of that and then you eating onions obviously I had a little garlic or not you're supposed to idle time I don't know if you're supposed to do that until that's done mainly cornbread and collard greens delicious collard greens money Hoppin John I think also money or luck and then the cornbread gold the day before with his right you supposed to the classic accompaniment for that and it is for the Italian would be lentils

Michaels also gold coins money money money on patiently waiting

I have a question for you by the stairs all I've been loving mine so far I am peeing I use at my office burnout on the screen where do you where do you live for tomorrow

where do you live

Jacksonville Florida

and so I was wondering if it's possible to I mean I know it'll avoid need warrants or whatever but if I switch the metal screens out for like Melinda nimesh or something if that will mitigate the divulging and burnout on the rear screen

I don't know why the front screen it's a rear screen doesn't have a problem the front screens never going to have a problem okay we not. That's just like that's like the truth there's a forget why there is a reason that we don't use molybdenum I forget what it is why we don't use it

I researched a bunch of I guess this is good time to say as we're looking into the possibility of the metal you want to use in the plate first of all you don't want to make an entire screen out of one of the different metals because most of them don't have the strength to stand up the stuff and things the way that you know like a dollar or i-693 is going to but you know what you're really looking to do is plate with a metal typically and so what we're looking at is a Palladium Palladium is what you want to use it's it's hot but high temperature and

food safe cuz they used like that series of metals in and things like dental work so you like you want something like that and so we're looking into we're looking into the possibility of making Palladium coated rear screams that would be just a straight swap out in the searzall so you know if you happen to know a metal plate or they could play it your rear screen and Palladium for you if you can't wait for us to do it and if the rear screens coated in Palladium didn't nothing else is ever going to happen to it it won't cook any different obviously but that's kind of like long and short what we're looking for looking at doing is doing that and then you know we anticipate that you would never have to replace the

the rears and a front you only have to replace if you smash them into something or something like that now if you were played in one or two you know you might as well just play the front and rear cuz why the heck not it's going to cost I doubt they going to charge you any more for plating two screens and they do once I'm sure most of the cost of going to be that the set-up time but that's what I would that's what I would do the crucial thing with the rear screens are the front and the rear screens is getting the spacing somewhat correct so if you were to get a a rear screen out of you know some other mesh but you didn't have the same kind of percentage of open area before you didn't have that fundamental kind of relationship correct then it would it would cause problems I wouldn't worry about the warranty too much you know what I mean

Brian is making a fast I forget why off the top of my head why I ruled out in the living room cuz I looked into all of those I forget why but yeah I mean the one to go for is a Playdium I don't know of any I don't know of anyone that makes Palladium wire I'm sure maybe somebody does but I don't know anyone that makes it but at the cost would be in town again not for one screen like if you can get someone to send you a sample let me find it like there's no way that I could like there's no way that I could ever afford to make like solid played with the Palladium screen that one screen would cost more probably as much or more than the rest of the Sears all combined

you know as is 693 is kind of spendy and then it was like six nine three cost a lot more than console does which is the which is the metal that the most of those screens are made out of into just two per pound cost on Palladium as it's bananas and then for the more you have to get it probably have to get custom wire made in a custom cloth woven out of it and then making the screens out of it

this is really where is like waiting now you're paying for the set-up cost and then for the thickness of Palladium it's coded on to your onto your screen because you know not that much

complaining is very very very corrosion-resistant and very high very high temperature in lated fairly easy doesn't you know I've done scratch tests on it and all this other stuff and it's it's it if it's pretty it's pretty good again it doesn't change the cooking of it all is just going to protect that rear screen from having too much defamation is the rear screen gets deformed too much that's when you start seeing problems with your front screen

okay I got you a cool alright that's perfect thank you thank you. I think you're going into questions you know what today is giving us feedback on stuff that that my life's like New Year feedback appreciate this in from James Nazareth

hey Dave Nastasia and while insert names here was just Jack today I just want to keep the bottom of a bus on fruit from getting soggy remember that he's doing the the beef tenderloin wrapped in the in the in the pastry and then cooking half his soggy bottoms she's like soggy bottoms get the name of George Clooney's group in that in that movie O Brother Where Art Thou Soggy Bottom

he's going to strike me as a Coen Brothers kind of Jackson strike me to convey more with my brothers character list of the things I wasn't. That's not my favorite actor is this just kind of a and there's no real plot Isis my people didn't like it when was it it was like four years ago way further back for me to know I've seen them all

okay leaked challenges posed with us there was a 6-hour drive ahead of us this is an interesting problem dealing with these people they give you problems problems ever and by worse I mean is 40 years old has hot spots all over the oven and only two burner seem to be able to draw any power if the oven is on that does suck at scrap

I suppose didn't have enough ventilation Peters throw logs into the freaking oven light him on fire that would be sweet anyway don't do that ever been gradually made from larger portions of tenderloin last year was two-thirds of the muscle on this year was the whole dang thing I had a deck Dan with me I'm happy, that's because I sent Racine wonder why

wonderful why I didn't want to go to the root of cheating that is so many recipes for Wellington suggest adding a layer of craves between the pastry and the other ingredients your suggestion didn't sound overly appealing either I want to keep the flavor simple and new the range I was to use with fight against me as much as possible I took your advice and later a large pieces of cookware to Brown on I found the tenderloin carefully under the broiler then brought it up to a hundred and thirty in the core in a 300-degree oven let it rest for 15 minutes and then chill it for 4 hours capricho right.

the mushrooms and shallots are pureed raw interesting and cooked long and slow in butter the rationale being that cook dry as possible meant little moisture could escape and exacerbate the song in this problem I cook green bean dry and crumbly my culinary school instructors would have a kitten over that your idea of an absorbent

we like food and the place

when it came time to wrap the pastry around the tenderloin I spread out the details and up a sweet and lightly sprinkled a porcini powder on top of the DuckTales layering extra on the part of the pastry that would be the bottom does using the using that is like the sponge support any powders that music thing I did until the quarters reheated up to 120 while the hot spots that led to some over Browning Browning on the top this I also believe cause the uneven leavening and or minor tearing at a pastry near the vent there's a white spot on no juice Escape beyond the mushrooms in the Patriots Chris all the way around only some minor bladder leakage was to be found butter leakages two words that end with succulent juicy in the duck salesman voice in finding any Escape induces that's leaving the pastry dry on the bottom Thanksgiving game

excellent work I think the key there is the pre cook on it you're getting rid of a lot of those juices that would be flowing out and getting into the pastry and it's not like it's only missile cook it when you're losing juices into a pastry anyway it's not like those juices are making the meat and e-juice here they're just making your pastry soggy or so I think that's a good way to go and then the next question in this equation., I think

you want to come in person to call you don't care


all right so I got a question someone sent someone who

I'd I know someone look someone who is challenged in the Arts of writing emails requesting things in English requested something from Booker and Dax the bar I'm going to read it what is a here and then like to hear that we're insulting what they rode but it was a craziest request for an email ever

nope you don't want like a side of one in it now

all right it's not like I'm going to be this way it's not like the one that I tweeted out with my snot spaghetti and potatoes like the one I got tweeted that my son was

how are starch and a meat starch me

no problem I can't tell you guys what we're talking about because I don't want to insult anyone but whatever crazy email crazy email

I finally got an immersion circulator I'm now in my messing around stage messing around sounds like a weird kind of relationship time been messing around stage I bought a sirloin tip and Dyson two fairly large one and a half to 2 inch cubes I cooked everything for about eight hours and then meet became a... Dance didn't come out tender I'm wondering since sirloin is comparatively lean cut whatever become as tender as a rib steak or filet filet is only 10 minute right sole if you cooked the way for a long time saying it's right now so everybody knows if you cook a filet for a long time low temp what happens is it turns to paste turns to like mush because it has no connective tissue to hold it together and it has nothing to render out and get and get gelatinous right

to me like you know that the one that came tenderize a little bit is like a rib steak you can tenderize by long cooking or anything else that has more connective tissue in it where the underlying meat itself is still tender skirt steak you can cook for 24 hours and it'll just get more and more and more tender right what is it what's up what I'm looking and I know you want to cook skirt steak for 24 hours like 8 hours stupid stupid stupid what I meant to say is a short rib and you cook it for like 24 hours and had to text her skirt skirt steak and you cook it for another twenty-four hours a steak so it's typically want to do any longer cooking on like I never pasteurize tenderloins because I don't like to cook them longer than about 45 minutes to an hour or some like that

sirloin beef stew vexing say something a dog even though that's my grandpa's name

it's not that's why I liked it because I didn't want something it was a shorter for something else and the only one I can think of is short for what language I guess it does sound like a jerk I am I more on Rexford Rexford or is not like a college what's Rexford is a person's name Kurosawa rexford's out there you don't sound doesn't sound like a dog to me I like the name anyways this is why you should never tell other people names that you're thinking of having for your kids get someone pregnant to email don't ask me what you think of the name their kid because they tell you you're going to ruin it your face

your face your face like I'll make a wisecrack I like literally ruin it once upon the face you make it sound like his name. You should die right but before you had the kid and put those seeds of doubt they're like I knew a guy named that once always hated that freaking guy right and like you know people that you hate I know some names that you will never choose should you have kids right so that we don't want anyone else give me that information either since I was basically messing around there are likely flaws in my method

here is what here's what was done to the sirloin okay I think first of all you're cooking for 8 hours a lot of the density is going to be due to the fact that you pre-salt at the cubes if you saw those too especially saying that small it's all going to get good penetration as you're cooking if you're solving those things out there going to become dance there's just no way around it right so that's your first thing you need to do is not solved those dang tooth before hand saw them afterwards then allowed to cool slightly before bagging with lightly cooked salted and sliced onions carrots and leeks okay now listen

we are putting cooked like mirepoix mirepoix or veg in in the in the thing with it you want to cook it all the way through until it's done because two reasons one you're going to leak water out of it when you cook if you cook it high up and secondly you're never going to get any more cooking texture wise on those vegetables until they hit about 80228 you know between 82 and 85 Celsius right so they're never act like I put carrots in a bag at a demo when I was teaching back needs to teach this stuff I put carrots in a bag and let him circulate for a week and act like you know me and in the in the high 50s or are low 60s Celsius and they're just they're still crunchy when you take them out of the bag so they're not going to cook anymore so you want to take your vag in a bin a meat and meat in bag situation would take him all the way to done before you put them in the bag

then do the Zippy zip lock 63 C63 for 5 hours that's another like thing right there I would not have gone for that high temp for 5 hours because what you're doing there is you're raising your base to be cooking all of the protein to 26263 there's no point then it cuz then for another 1 hour 56 and then 58 for 2 hours then pretend you write clearly messing around with him once you've cooked at 63 for 5 hours you're never going to undo what happened there at 63 so there's no point in going back low if you want to make it taste like a traditional you don't want it like rare you know 62

6260 someone in their 6262 is good you know a lot of people like their kind of short ribs stuff somewhere between 57 and 60 sometimes 62 anything over that and really getting into that kind of like I use a dancer or kind of true year ranges so unlike sirloin I wouldn't go that high I would stay somewhere in the area like 57 highest I'd go is like 60 but on a sirloin me on a short ribs be kind of thing people sometimes like a little higher cuz it like to take a poop get to taste a little more traditional but also remember when you're doing low temp even if you were to cook it for a long long time it's not going to sweat out like a traditional Braves will it will stay intact with posterior in butter will it ever be a tender stew

well I think you're looking at a couple of the problems are looking at is a pre salt on it I would have meant the salt until until the end for that kind of cooking an egg 63 is a little bit too high and it's a meat would be tender as soon as it's cooked through if the sirloin you have means typical I haven't done a lot of cooking with that particular cut but if it's if it's going to be tender right from the get-go then just keep it keep it low like in there in the high 50s for a long time and then that will do any tenderization but won't cause it to be dance but it'll end up being more like it'll be good also thanks to your tips about carbonation I put together at 5 time when I get home now because of you and I can fulfill my daily Seltzer quota life-changing to follow up I added roasted turnips to mice do as I was afraid they might somehow overpower this do with their Cruiser Cruiser thoris cruciform vegetables

party smells sulfur smell in a bag with everything else is that even a possibility I don't know you'll never done in the bag bag

yeah I bet you know I bet in rutabagas and go party in a bag so you like these we should do like if we ever get a situation we have time together we can do normal cooking stuff like for a living I don't really get to cook so much for a living anymore it's like my cooking now is like that back to being a basically a private because you know I'm focusing on bar and the booker and Dax and stuff like that we should do like just like those I kind of weird presentation remember we did that haggis back the SE I get a haggis I did a high-end haggis good good and a high-end scrapple

so yesterday cuz I don't know is that even a possibility also are low temp mushrooms good I cook those separately as well as I said before mushrooms are not going to cook at those temperatures but mushrooms that are infused in a bag for a long. Of time with flavors and then sauteed afterwards delicious than that many many times take a break Jack

Dave and Jack and why but why didn't want to come today so I hate has no taste like you were chewing on a nail taste like iron supplement I hate iron supplement baby like I ate them to see what I was feeding him in the terrible two iron supplements

we had two pieces one with some ribs still attached to it in a fair bit of fat and one that was very lean possibly a tenderloin or whatever the Earth sign equivalent is after various lengths of the circulator a simplest turned out to be best for the tenderloin and since the other piece was much smaller I decided treated the same way I appreciate both pieces and pop them in a circular for about 4 to 5 hours than cool down a bit and gave him the final sear and slice them up I made it is you out of the scratch and Bones in fish sauce and thickened with 0.25% xanthan gum delicious the lean pieces medium tender very slightly gave me in a good way the other piece of the big chewy but still very tasty I'm hoping to get my hands on some more next year so I can experiment further so I can get some stewing me out of it I can live the dream and make beer braised bear or brown butter basted bear

goodnight the question is how old was the bear that's what I was told I was told that the bear that we ate was too old by a hunter who had experienced I guess young bear and old bear and said that that my problem was we had old are more about like you know what I think we got this from John by the way he drinks have a question that want to send in I build a CO2 tank setup for carbonating but I'm getting disappointing results sad animation

Lord knows I hate disappointing carbonation 2:48 PSI when I open this occurs even if I let it settle for some time I don't have a proper attachment like the liquid bread carbonator yet I'm using a Schrader valves Schrader valves are like the valves on my bicycle tires and car tires right and there's a famous old website where a guy Bill Carpenter cats out of Schrader valves it's like the first ever like carbonate in Bottle site is out there since way before any mistake about anything I can trigger the guy side right now but it's old and venerable as well as I do because it is my technique is basically gas in disconnect Shake about 20 seconds and repeat until water stops absorbing CO2 about 5 Cycles or so here is the mistake room right off the bat he was a mistake you're making you need to keep the pressure on that thing while you're shaking it five cycles of like hit and Shake is never going to be enough and you're not venting out the the the

clear gas before you get rid of it what you need I mean what you need to do is you need to get rid of all of the air in their first you need to do that by doing a full carbonation session opening it letting its prey or you can do it by squeezing out the bottle first right that is like first off you need to get rid of the air I don't see in your in your in your list here where you're not getting the where you're getting the air out of it because if you don't have it if you don't get rid of the air that's in there beforehand and carbonate with pure CO2 in the headspace you're always going to get massive amounts of foaming when you open it because they are going to have small amounts of gas that are inside of the inside of their and they're going to inflate form nucleation sites for for CO2 because it's basically I'm sorry boo thang you going to get me going to lose all your CO2 right from the get-go also

45 PSI 45 to 48 is quite high for water so you're going to get a lot of foam out if your water is actually at around 32 you're going to 40 is more than sufficient PSI you're also going to want to maybe throw an ice cube shape or two in so that you're not warming up as you're as you're shaking just a little bit even though it had nucleation sites at 10 to keep it because as you carbonate you're going to be increasing the temperature of the water because as CO2 dissolves in the water gets warm

so like I think that's your main that's your main thing with the Schrader you know I can't obviously I can't see your setup but if you picturing it that I have had situations where I had to Shake while I use my hands to hold vows down in place and it's possible that sucks but possible to do so what I would do is make sure you get all of the air out beforehand keep it cold weather. Your water is filtered shouldn't make that much of it if you can't see anything in the water it's probably good enough from a from a carbonation stand for in terms of clarity the one thing that is true as if it's very highly mineralized you won't it won't taste as carbonated okay anyways I squeeze the air out first first thing to do then if you can't squeeze the air out then do a full carbonation run and vent it let it fall my pain in carbonated again also when you're shaking Shake while you're applying gas because it takes a good bit of shaking while under gas pressure not just the pressure from the head space but the full

pressure of the tank onto it to get a good combination results and that should work also if you have time could you describe your sink pedal setup I know you use t&s brass but I remember hearing on an older show that you would make it to continue to use the sink normally did you install a latch for this or something that could bypass the pedals entirely know he was a problem so foot pedals everyone should I put pedals. And they're saying it's just the truth because why would I want to touch a faucet want to let you know or need a hand to cut the bus while you do that and you end up wasting less water if I do when you're washing veg if you just hit the pedal when you want to watch the best the great write the problem is is that they're very few things that are designed to use the regular top valve and and also a foot pedal now so what you need to do is buy a sink by a faucet set up where are the input to the spouse right that comes is an integrated with the two the two mixing valves you have up top there's plenty of setups like this and then what you do is you just install

T valve in between the gooseneck and the two like hot and cold water mixing valve right and then you also have your foot valve foot pedal valves and you why those things together and put them into the input the TV input into your into your main sink and make sure you put check valves on everything so you don't have any backflow the best way to do this is if you buy a faucet that has a setup for a sprayer write it depends on how it's on how it's laid out but the one that I have which is also from t&s brass I can undo where the sprayer is and interpose a t a plumbing teeth in between where the sprayer comes out and where the valve for that particular sprayer is he have to make sure that you don't have some of the ones like some of the sprayers if you press the sprayer it automatically turns off the the flow to the to the to the spout you can't use that

but if you have one where you can run both at the same time you interpose a t there which is where I've done it and then to put the input directly into that and you're good to go make sense how we doing all right next time we will talk about braces results using oval shape and is in his I Steep and supporting us during the fundraising Drive

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