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Episode 193: The Holiday Show

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are we having a sale on Christmas show you do a hammerless show are you an architect hyper hyper busy I don't think she's going to be able to leave until Bob Cratchit okay Christmas

get a Christmas show right now maybe maybe not talk about it. If we're going to do it I know one person who will not be here I don't know I really don't I don't remember when I'm leaving to stay out here all right all right why it's here

can I just jump right before the show starts its I hate to keep doing this but it's the end of the year this week we have a generous donor was going to match donations so it's like double box donations me when your affair with a man that Hell's Kitchen I don't make it to the Upper West Side might as well be in Venus right if I had a question for you before I do that if you want we're doing our twelve days of Siri why are you sending your videos of you and and your searzall hearing something and we may post it online and Enterprises if you friends Matic ts8000 for 10 people in

Grand Prize winner gets one of those with a sign stairs all that you are is all. Net. Nobody likes that take these questions in this is from bjd Storage of vacuum bag sous vide Meats

how to come up with the first kind of kind of widespread application of sous-vide at the sncf which is the railway in France anyway so that's kind of how he got into like a low temperature sous-vide on the high end Cuisine side of it all. Westport Mass Market application Highland Cuisine with Joel Robuchon but he's going to the granddaddy of low temperature flu shot each year who did they eat they fly rod for the Triborough Brothers back in France so it's like in a date they compete their boats like I don't really know probably what met him once or twice as well and so I can no heat I think they kind of maybe

did they give each other a good-natured ribbing but I think they actually are they might actually dislike each other I don't know what you think I don't know they're both bikes like you know hardcore like French cuisine Solutions which they work here in the US process of the food Itself by circulator I shipped and I'm particularly worried about the safety of my toddler and pregnant wife and then have you finish the low Temp and believe me but I will answer any questions regarding I should just do a cuz I'm not going to ever have the time to write this stuff could do some day people actually wanted it is I could do like a low temp primer podcast where I literally just talk you through all of the aspects

temperature cooking that there would be in a primer if I had time to write it and then we could you know updated and books on tape of the what they call those things now that they're not anymore audio books and I'll be like you know going on tangents constantly but I could do a hit would you record a check YouTube I got a caller on the line whenever you're ready

play David David from California french fries flavor

okay what flavor I've done the exact opposite recently by the way I finally made french fry liquor and it was delicious

it went stale the same way it's like after it was stored for a while in the refrigerator when it came out it it like you know that you know that cold store potatoes smell when you get the first the first affects you want to take the french fries home and you're like I don't really want to but I don't really want to have them have to distinguish between the leftovers the rest of leftovers are played in the french fries are on a place they stick it all in that styro and you're tired when you get home cuz whatever so you throw it in the fridge and the next day you smell the french fries if we all know where I'm talking about her that happened to the liquor some work on trying to get rid of that but I refused some sort of liquid flavor into a french fry right yeah well I I make a baked potato stock that I use with mashed potatoes and I wanted to get something like that to know French fry give it that real roast potatoes do you own a vacuum machine

no just a FoodSaver vacuum machine would have been the easy cuz I've done that you know a lot with different flavors like most notably vinegar which also doesn't have to change the texture of the fry because the it it delays the softening of the potatoes so they eat their little harder but

and so if you had a vacuum machine you would just cut the potatoes off and throw them directly into the stock not into water cuz they'll absorb a lot of water there and that's like stealing like some of your flavor right so the one downside of course it is he might want it

okay let's think about this cuz you don't want the Stars you want to do the washing to starts what I would do probably is cut them do a quick rinse in water and then like salad spend them dry to get them as dry as possible that way you wash that initial layer of starch off the outside and then and then I would stick them are directly into the stock and let him and let him kind of soap now that way you're not going to have the oxidation you going to be okay now what I would do is then suck a vacuum on these things like a pretty hard vacuum and that kind of allow me to instantly Infuse the fuse the flavor into the french fries now I would say that you could do but think of how many is a cartridge you have to go through to infuse a reasonable number of french fries too many so what I would do is probably

on a roll you can make your own length I would make a really long one and stick the potatoes in the bottom and now that the thing is is he going to have to figure out you're going to need some sort of anti Crush thing in there so that it doesn't think it's reach to vacuum before it has cuz that's what typically happens in one of these and one of these situations is that you're very hard to get a good vacuum on liquids in one of these bags but trying to think of what you could stick into it that would prevent it from kind of instantly self-sealing as soon as the first little bit of liquid starch sucking up individual straws

I don't know you got to play around with it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it and suck it and keep on trying to get the flavor and even though you know how to set up a million times at the FoodSaver is not really ideal for vacuum infusion it's really kind of the only it's kind of the only thing you got here you know what I mean then the cheapest weight if you want to do in fusions if you want to do a bunch of these things is to get a refrigeration vacuum machine vacuum pump like the equivalent of like a Robinair one of those kind of larger ones or you know there's a bunch of different companies that make them and then you can just put a hose you know Crush proof hose onto a piece of lexan or bar or even feel like really could not give me doing alcohol in this situation and then seal it over around bain-marie with like a sheet of rubber suck a hard vacuum on it and that thing is as good as it works as well as a as a pro

packing machine made the vacuum pumps not as robust and it's not as fast but it will suck a serious vacuum and you can do it on like a three or four or five gallon bain marie all the same time it's pretty awesome and then you're only looking at like you know you can get one of those on eBay for like a hundred fifty bucks brand new

so that the short answer is that vacuum infusion is the way to go is with french fries boil at in the stock not in water when you're going to do your initial olive oil and then as you dry the moisture will evaporate out and they'll leave all that excess flavor in and so yeah you should get it a good result completely desiccate the stock out and then make a spice powder out of but that's a real pain in the butt

yeah that was the other strategy I thought might work but I didn't I didn't know if you've played around with that sort of stuff left the trick is remember to boil it in the flavor that you wanted to taste like and also and that might actually frankly want you before you go off and get all crazy since you're going to be cooking these potatoes and tell their kind of falling apart anyway right cuz when you making french fries you do your initial your do your initial blanch you're really looking to you know cook them until they're dead you know adjust your wanted to shatter apart because you want them to stay home but you don't want them Al Dente you know what I mean that's not how you going to get the best picture out of it and if you make a really rich stock and boil the potatoes in a very rich stock maybe you had a french fries maybe that's enough maybe you don't need to infuse it also what I would do is take a little bit of your stock and just cook a couple of french fries in it you know and see whether or not you get a good enough result if you do there then you're done

I have to spend any money at all

the potatoes are pretty dang Taurus that's why when you boil them in salty salty water they get salty salty salty

but of course salt salt is a tiny molecules maybe the stock stuff doesn't make it through I don't know run a test

okay that's enough for me to run with low temperature cooking as opposed to proleukin of granddaddy is sous vide so blue so is working on the stuff now learn many years ago probably way too many many many years ago like the first time that he did a presentation at the wd15 this is Vegas before I was working at the French culinary I don't know who so presentation where he basically said hey look at when you're cooking a protein most most likely probably says he specifically you like you know weird cuz he doesn't discuss Pennywise in fact says won't help doesn't matter but we are cooking it you bring it up at 8 you ramp up the temperature and then

where he explains the chef is more like this kind of holistic a business where he's like anyone or ramp it down at the same temperature as though that as hell that makes a difference to me as though I care about that cost him about it is that the slower the ramp rate of chilling when you're working the more liquids are reabsorbed by them as it cool so there's an opinion or a good shows research he seen that there is it optimal temperature of the meat for reabsorbing any liquids have been expelled during the cooking process and that Optimum temperature

is lower than the cook temperature but higher than a chill temperature so if you rapidly rapidly chill a piece of meat then you're not giving that meet the opportunity to reabsorb some the liquid today expelled and you'll have a lechuza piece of me that's seguso Theory and so what do so wants to do is have a more gradual cool down but still getting of safety is not going to make a difference for things like eggs for things like foie gras Franklin for those things you can just chill and you know whatever you want but we used to run tests where we would enter his with gusto says you're so says just pull your product out of the bath and leave it on the table turning on the sickness let's say it's like you know an inch-and-a-half you know Redemption quarter rib steak Salinas leave it on the counter for you you choose it's like depends on the thickness 10 minutes 15 minutes I think up to I think he said you can go up to 25 ever do 20 but like that's what you can go up to leave it on the counter

right and that's going to slowly let the temperature go down right because the air is a very bad conductor of heat and I actually put it on racks so that it's getting are all around it right that's the first section then this next step that you do is you put the meat in the bags into tap water so tap water isn't refrigerator temperature is usually somewhere close to room temperature in the in the in 20 somewhere like 20 or like 65 you know if you're in Fahrenheit land and you want to put them in the tap water and you can let it run slowly so it stays at that and that's going to rapidly bring them down to room temperature and that's the second part of the curb and then the third part of the curve is to throw them directly into ice water and ice water ice water is going to rapidly rapidly drop the suckers down to down to know safe fridge storage temperature

it guarantees that the inside core is going to get cold in a fast enough but it does the initial ramp down in a way that allows it to chill so typically you do like 15 15 15 215 on the counter 15 + tap water in 15 and ice water now you know could you do like 20 on the counter and then ice water probably be any time you ran that he's going to say you're going to increase the you're going to increase the amount of moisture in. I used to laugh at it but then we ran tests and it turns out like you know side-by-side most people pick folder so that's why he called it full of yourself

another way to do things as if you just throw it in the fridge it's going to ramp down slowly because in a fridge you have very low you know heat transfer because of the it's just air but there's a bunch of problems there a your shopping everything else in your face could you put a hot load in your fridge and be there's no guarantee really that the stuff's going to get down to refrigerator temperature in a reasonable amount of time do you know this does not especially for stacking bags on top of bags if you really worried about safety I wouldn't worry about doing the full do so in terms of like whether it's going to get safe and time I think that's going to be a lot safer that it is just throw in the bag in the fridge and and having done with it he also he also writes thanks for answering my questions last week I did not put any angostura a turd balls in my punch bowl number so he did not do any Turbo FAST on my Aviary and Maraschino I remember there was a mass Keno the cooler ice question that we had

I think they thought I met the drink that comes in a Halo ice balloon I did think that they'll cool presentation wasn't what I was after the Martinez I had came with Pebble ice which seemed to be made from their skin of the core when is ice melted drives a drink out as it makes it taste dryer I guess from there so you know what Dave happen to know how they freeze it look who her and is that in fact what they're doing but you can look you can freeze you can freeze any damn thing it's just it's not going to

it's going to melt on like normal ice and he'll be really cold I haven't seen this presentation so I don't know what they do but you know obviously the more you water down liquor or liqueur the more you are you know the less you have to overcome that you know that the fact that it doesn't want to freeze so you know you can use any combination of cryogens to chill liquor down to the point where it's frozen you know at when is possible to do with dry ice but real pain in the butt so you could you do it yeah you could do it

I don't know I have to add the sea so I don't have to email me a picture of the of the presentation have to see how it looks if I saw how it looked I can determine how they did it because I can see how kind of how the Melt melting down work but I don't I don't know specifically next question we have in from Chris at the UNC school of medicine can I use dry ice to cradle cryo model if I don't have access to liquid nitrogen well if you are at the school of medicine I would say go steel yourself with liquid nitrogen instead of trying to Sandra

right when you say here's my time with dry ice first of all I love having dry ice and I love putting dry ice into stainless steel containers because it makes this horrible death squeal that dry Nastasia completely Bonkers squeal feces stick to dry ice into the container

like it's sticking up like sticking a thousand pigs it's like that squeal of that horrible but with metallic is crazy it's like you know it's not like I would sign up to have someone play that at a concert you know what I mean like the high register stuff doesn't make me cringe anymore it's too damn you're too much with the with the with the loud music but anyways so there's that there's that awful noise and then there's the fact is very difficult very difficult to freeze things with dry ice because dry ice is not a liquid so you don't get complete surrounding of your of your leaves of your of your lead with pride to write so here's how you can do it if you really I'm not necessarily I'm not recommending it's what I'm saying if you were going to do it here is how I would do it if you actually had to do it I would

take dry ice because it breaks easier I supposed to block switcher really hard I would shove a nugget into the bottom of your of your 10 smash the hell out of it to a powder with a with a muddler then you're going to add Spirit to that and has to be pretty high-proof Spirits it doesn't the fact that you have to get like 95% it's like I need something it's not going to to solidify with the dry ice so you need like almost technically beer liquor there then once that sat super cold freezing temp then you could use the liquid alcohol as the cryogen then you can stick the herbs in and then assumed you didn't have too much liquid in there they probably right at which point you could I wish you could go you can go ahead another way you might be able to try it

is 2 a pellet ice straight now you can probably use 40% you know like regular Like Liquor just turn it into a slushie you can use a blender for this right turn into a slushie with the dry ice rice now it's really really really really really cold then you can immerse there herbs and it wait a second for them to freeze and then blender model and it'll probably be closer by be better than than room temp blender modeling maybe not quite as good as actual modeling then you're going to have to add your other ingredients in warm it back to room temp to shake otherwise you're going to get your delusions all messed up but these are all things you can try but remember blind side by side and tell me what you think any reason I could not or should not attempt

a lot a lot a lot and I think you're going to want contact with the lowest milk solids right the kind of brown 19 look solid so Brown and then I'll put the entire thing together with it and then and then work at 3 can you talk more about milk washing tea vodka if it's possible to do in the home setting I hate that subtitle caring about later like we all know that I don't believe anything is perfect right until like even though like you know

that's a Cook's Illustrated write me like the one of the gripes I have a Cook's Illustrated although I would like back when he came out in 93 magazine obviously but like the one I always have always liked the best I mean is a really well research which I really appreciate I love that but I just don't like calling it the best you know what I mean

I'm saying caller you doing I'm doing great thanks cocktail holiday punch kind of thing I've got you booked have it ready yet I'm keeping it stored away high up in the closet still my girlfriend doesn't see it but give it to her for Christmas like I still want to make you the rest Bass

yeah exactly so I just have a good holiday party cocktail but you're looking to do you're looking to do like large-format willing to do something for equipment

no no liquid nitrogen that's like that pretty standard bark with it but do you have a circulator first of all like I don't really it in the book so you're not missing anything for this application in the book I don't have any really kind of large format drinks there like typically like when I do large format I'm doing more like a figuring out how to do like picture at a time stirred drinks which is like super easy right you just put your you put the the undiluted Max in in in soda bottles in like you know one liter soda bottles and you squeeze all the air

and then throw him in your in your freezer you know like the day before or two days before whatever and then they just chill down and please have to figure out the ratio of before and I'm pretty sure you can get it from the look inside on Amazon and then. Cuz it the recipe is there and then you just have like a big picture of ice water and then you pull out your you pull out your mixing picture at the last minute you're like Bland now you have like you know a liter and a half of Manhattan's it's basically you know you're not spending any time mixing drinks but your blessing stuff out that's a high-caliber like a Manhattan but I don't think that's what you're looking to get a bold anyone can serve themselves stuff so I don't really have a reason I make mainly because I had a bunch of friends who are doing it and so I didn't like I just didn't do it I should have done it so what I would do is read David wonder if his book on punch to figure out kind of what flavor

if I was you want to make and then I would worry about the problem of chilling which I could help you out with so one of the things that call. The wine zombie and they also had like other different kinds of zombies and Santa Claus holiday holiday if you answer key if you have a circulator ice what they would do what they would take a circulator never shut up pipe on to the outlet of the circulator and have it either coming out of zombies mouth which case would be puking some sort of red cocktail or they would stick it into having like a Santa head

I'm not recommending you do if your holiday party by the way this is a technique will use all the time to keep things cold without diluting so you take your circulator you drop it into the bucket with a couple chunks of dry ice and then you set the circulator at whatever temperature you want the cocktail to be and it will just keep it at that temperature it won't get too cold and it won't get too hot and you can just keep your punch at the accurate level that you wanted to happen if you really want to go through it you can have a bowl with a drain and you can have it coming like a lookout Hi-Tech on you to make this right that's a technique you can do

or another good thing is a circulator is great for their you take like it's great for parties you take you take your red wine I think we usually use like something is pretty dry like a cab and you import important something like a can you throw all your spices and if you wanted to taste Swedish make sure that it did make sure that along with the allspice and cinnamon and clove make sure and an orange peels and all that make sure you throw in a hefty dose of cardamom otherwise I see no the hell is wrong with you so you cook that you cook that stuff down and then it afterwards with you let sit overnight and then you refer to fight with aquavit or with you know vodka if you're so inclined and then you correct for salt and any kind of sugar balance is that you want and then that is great you know where the circulator just keeping it hot

that's not a good one thought about meeting for math grade because then you know they'll stay actually pretty good The Manhattans will stay pretty good especially nice you want the service to be you can you can make large format Manhattan's out of your freezer like that and then pour them into Stanley thermoses and they'll stay pretty close to surface temperature of if you pre chill the Stanley that is you know what I mean like to stay pretty close to service temperature for a long time so if you have a couple of Stanley pictures there you can have like thermoses of Manhattan to stay at pretty much the correct Manhattan temperature for a good while

I need to mention that the book I should have another good one give you one last good one here is not a good one if you're going to do something like bottled drinks right so you can bottle a drink that's not necessarily a punch right and then like no cap it like you would a and is it also means you don't have to have as much glassware if you were willing to let people drink out of the bottle pens on you right and then you have an individual cap bottles and you do salt and ice right don't do too much for your freezer right so you have to be like in a kind of measure it out or do a test beforehand and then just throw all the bottles into the salt and ice like they were beer and then people pull the cocktails and then they're great you know what I mean that's cool little too much for me what I'm looking for by this Saturday but I like that idea a lot Google. Let us know what happened I just know how it worked out

yeah I kind of the boss not really heard of trade is having a holiday party has partially Booker and Dax partially Museum of food and drink and like one third of the party was like eating crap on you at the last tomorrow at a place called tender bar in Bushwick open to the public to see if anybody wants to come meet the hosts are there in fact two bars one for the other spouse dies immediately went to negative and was assuming that you were charged up people for Holiday Fun doesn't make a joke it's a fundraiser

yes Bushwick tandem bar will be there from 6 p.m. till the very bitter end of the night like to 100% hipsters like 10 p.m. so if you want to pre-schedule keepstar are you going to get your everyone who's listen to past couple episodes knows that there's a new there's always someone at Roberto's that we're doing the show basically we're in a shipping container that has been covered with wood to look like you're in a wood cabin on the inside of it Jack accurate or not accurate outside corrugated metal shipping container inside you know it looks like we could be at that usda-inspected abattoir because it's like

but there's a giant window that faces directly onto I'm looking at Roberto's eaters now like right now there's you know there's this date going on the guys chewing his thumbnail on the lady's got her chin on you know on her hands where I think it's going well no comments about the people that we see especially like note return people which are usually referred as staph right it was little else or whatever well that's kind of crazy what's wrong with you I'm brain damaged is you just don't get to hear what Dave says welfare

which I said he might look like he's like got some sort of like whatever whatever whatever appeared he doesn't a multicolored beard but he looks he looks like he's out of the Rudolph like the Red-Nosed Reindeer set kind of looks like her me a lot more to Tonic and like him cuz his beard is very very neat Sandoval hipster human being here is working whenever can you talk more about milk washing tea vodka and if it's possible to do it in the home setting cheers Chris the story easy to do at home so let's let's go super home right take your T put it into the Vodka let it steep for a long time so it's nice and dark then add it to the milk in the recipe in the milk

going to bind with some of the polyphenols in the teeth and remove some of the astringency right let it sit there for a minute then I add citric acid to 50% so I add about I think it's about 15 15 mL of that to a liter of vodka or to 7:50 or whatever I'm doing about about 15 so you can get away then with instead of 15 moles of that you could get away with an ounce right right out of a jigger of lemon juice and will be quite as much a pretty close make sure you sprain it beforehand so you stir the Vodka into the milk otherwise it'll Colonel if you do to the way around and then remember getting an ID add the lemon juice to it it should break you'll see it curl up and then just cover it and let it sit for like an hour

in the book I show you to like take the spoon and slowly move the music each step I think people don't do and it's not as important if you have a centrifuge but if you don't is a Super Key take a spoon after you've added after it started curdled and just kind of move don't Stir It Like a lunatic just move the Kurds around what's happening is it you're sweeping the car through the liquid and the Kurds are agglomerated together and getting bigger bigger in your kind of mopping up the casing that's kind of left and has an agglomerated into big particles yet so just kind of move it wait a couple of minutes move it around against a master moving in together slowly and it do that for every couple of minutes for a little on the lists it and you'll notice that you're going to start getting a lot of very clear liquid and you going to be getting curds if that point you can just ran it through a paper towel I wouldn't strain it through I wouldn't strain it through a coffee filter at the first go because it's just going to take for freaking ever I would say

through either very fine you know linen napkin or a regular paper towel cuz they're a lot coarser and then if you want to get it clear you can go through a coffee filter but you're not you're going to lose that much it works fine but not really actually did it the last time I did live just to show people that it wasn't that hard anyway

okay hey Anastasia Dave Jack and the rest how do you like that why the rest the rest

is it from Brandenburg Chicago this year I did an injection Brian on our Thanksgiving turkey and it turned out great I know that some folks out there a g j Kenji alt Lopez Lopez all because it just adds water but I was intrigued by Dave technique of injecting turkey stock rather than just salty water my question is whether or not they've use is a high gelatin pressure cook stock for a lighter more watery version I keep lots of gelatinous stock on hand but I'm curious if injecting a bird with the equivalent of a salty turkey Jello selfie to each other or if you want to sell it if you want to sell Teacher Key Jello call it a spec although if you want to sell it in France you can you sell it as a spec right because American no one wants something that has the word ass and Pitt together there going to be rain in aspic to clarify it be eating a turkey aspect

the day went by that isn't and on turkey in French I don't know any way to get yellow would negatively impact the texture or Brian absorption of the meat best Brandenburg Chicago well I don't know I did I use gelatinous hardcore pressure cook stock with like a boat ton of wings the entire carcass of the of the bird and I started with that start with chicken stock gelatinous in the world that sell set but I injected it injected it at room temp right side did it or even a little warm I did it right I do it right before

I did it very soon before I did to cook right so I salted the meat before hand and then I didn't super salty the that stock I just sawed it a little more than regular stock which is completely unsalted right and so I injected it and then cook it very very soon thereafter so I don't know if you did it like these before no one noticed any sort of gelatinous to the to the meet people that injected flavor better than they liked it when I did it all low temp you know with the with the what do we call that one turkey, turkey

are we having a break at Lee for Christmas dinner but I'm cooking rice in the oven I have a circulator a searzall and a normal residential oven in short how would you cook it thanks very much Jeremy

I would as toast story a bunch but one time I did a low temp on a rib roast and then just did a quick finish off on the outside and it was terrible because it's like huge huge interior of the meat is all the same doneness and turns out that you want you like and what's your favorite part

Jackie live rib roast what's your favorite part of it so like you know the rib there's the eye and then there's that layer of like fatty like layered like definitely stuff that goes around it a picture of Raven you're in your mind if there's a phone then there's the eye that's attached directly to the Bone and then there's that thing that wraps around it right that part when it's overcooked and all crunchy on the outside of the fats are crunchy that's my favorite part of my favorite part is it properly cooked know it's overcooked is my favorite part yeah so you don't want a rib roast be kind of need that but what you don't want is to lose the ends of the rib because they're overcooked and you don't want the main I to be overcooked fact you don't want that I will cook it all so here is what I would do this is the technique I would use I would in fact is what I do do I usually cut the

cut the roast off of the bone right then I low temp the entire rib roast and then I I cook the bones down then I kind of don't have to move the ball I do just because last time I did it I couldn't fit it all in then normally what I'll do is I'll take the low temp cooked rib roast and I'll tie it back to the Bone right after it's cooled down now you have the center of the rib totally nicely done and now I'm not talking a short blasts in the oven just you can turn the oven higher than you normally would and then you throw the rib roast in there and then you get as protection then you get the roasted flavor of the of the of the rib bones which write you a bone or bone are you know if it's good

really confused too much contrast flavor you're looking at just do it you said of cooking a 4 hours now or you're looking at like a 45 or in a minute or hour at a high temperature yeah you're overcooking the outside of the meat that's kind of what you want and that's what I would do and then I would pull it out and if you have any places that don't have a good-looking crust on it when it's all said and done just hit with a searzall just feel like crusty outside and you're done. That's how I would do it in fact I have done

poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo non venting pressure cookers versus the stockpot it said that you know I don't know why the venting pressure cooker cooker like country, it doesn't vent that it makes Superior stock to traditional stock in an open kennel and that if you use a venting pressure cooker I-81 that like the sprays out steam at it goes that in fact it makes a stop to taste inferior to even an open kettle and vastly inferior to the Recon Scout in the higher temperature in the increasing the validation of aromatic chemicals preferably over the rest is like more than getting rid of a nice Air Max more than the other one

listen to the flavor venting off to the room I'm also guessing if you can't wait to see him and condensed it out you find a rather larger set of flavor causing aromatics and you would get from the stock pot do to that effect anyway love the show hope you make it back out of Seattle sometime Mike I don't know I'll have to run the tests and tell me I got two questions in from the Twitter that I said I would answer here we go at said walking drunk wrote me and said do you have a time temperature recommendation for low temperature lamb heart I don't but I'll tell you you know I don't cook enough of mammal Hearts although I love Jack chicken hearts actually I might ride them in they really good like on a skewer right you got in my in my estimation you got the skins in the hearts are right up there

and then you got like to meet afterwards first a dark meat than the light meat like Meats like down down to get the chicken feed somewhere in there near those near the light meat anyway

I love chicken heart lamb heart security issue right

heart muscle is is chewy right and that's kind of what I like about chicken hearts because the size of them and the size of them is very nice so when you eat when you can get kind of a crusty thing on the outside and it's chewy and it's that chewiness that very chewing is that

question is like what are you trying to do trying to make it on chewy or not because it's going to be chewy if you low temp it so your only choice than is too low temp it for so long that you're actually getting protein breakdown in in the muscle so you're going to have to cook it for days to get it to taste chewy the temperature standpoint I think you could cook it at whatever you would normally cook you know that stuff at 2 like anywhere between 55 and 57 depending on how you want it to be probably probably go somewhere like 5556 for that but you're talkin now you're going to have to I would I do is I would take I would take three bags for back 5 bags and I will cook

at 1 for 24 hours I will cook one for 48 hours one for 72 hours and then one maybe even for whatever for days and hours and then pull them Chillum and then I deep fry matu Couture roast him cuz you still need a crust on the outside I'm saying Jack you want you wanted uncrusted heart but for testing I wouldn't do that for testing I would just read and tasted me to see what the texture cases like before you make them all taste Goodbye by crushing them up but I would test that and see kind of whether or not you get a good result if you do do that I would definitely tweet in and tell me what happened so that I can figure out whether or not it was whether or not it was good for it was bad.

Soggy Bottom soggy bottoms crossword right I also won't have a circular with me to avoid moisture loss from the meat and the duck sells the dead cells is known to mix kind of mushrooms are cooked mushrooms last in a shout or ever make sure to cook chopped up that you put with these things are with like you know where the beef wellington or with a nipple credit or something like this do a pre cook on the meat so that you're not getting as much drip Los like that's really the only thing that's going to save you here is preventing the drip Los out of the meat which is causing the bottom of the crust to be a circulator I would share the hell out of the outside of the meat I would then circulate it till it was done cool it down wrap it and puff

history and then stick that puff pastry in a really really hot oven just it or not really really hot but like like hot enough to cook the puff pastry Without Really cooking the meat that much and that way you're going to get an Icee cook puff pastry cuz even no matter what even if you don't get a lot of moisture loss you going to get a little bit of gumminess around and not a duck cells is there to provide a barrier so that you don't have that much problem right and a thermal barrier to like a lot of dry dock sales around is going to call is going to help you however they're not that absorbent so you're not you're still as of juices drip out of a raw piece of meat down into the into the bed of the puppy is going to get soggy and no amount of vendors going to have helped that

I presume you're saying sorry you said so I got the bottom soggy bottoms now this is not traditional and not even taste good but if you were in the bottom underneath it with dry you like the word Rusk like some sort of like dried biscuit or bread it could maybe act like a sponge and a thermal barrier right so you could get good cook off of your pastry so it's not soggy so it starts out life nicely and then also that could absorb some of the black blood e-juice as if they come in maybe it's actually good maybe it's actually bad that's only thing I can think of off the top of my head cuz I could have just came in and let us know whether you like these ideas or what's going on do the 12 days of searing join Heritage Radio Network if I don't talk to you happy the holidays cooking issues

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