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Episode 192: Watch Your Trees!

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as usual and Jack in the engineering verse yes who's running with the old school crew right now old school for 97212 8th and Jackson are Mike Stasi Lopez and network executive producer Jack Ensley all three of us in the same place at the same time in the studio and the special guest on episode of cooking issues the weekly radio show on the latest Innovative techniques equipment and ingredients in the food will presumably they now so it is cuz I'm truly sorry

I'm going to read this about myself it's on if you search Heritage Radio Network and as as you may have gathered you get a chance to sit in on the guest on the show we will take you to lunch here at lunch that they've always enjoys after his base alter a cell transport I like Seltzer better anyway she get to Lemonade I will now be getting a Seltzer we get a pizza and a salad that's what happens this is more tricked out right this is all the fireworks if you are lucky if you are lucky maybe maybe

maybe into Jesus would be an overturned surprise visit I don't know

oh my god I've been busy this way anyway and then you might have to sit and listen to a bar meeting for a while so you can attend yourselves for a couple of hours will I do real business and then you can join us at 5 for a couple of drinks when Booker and Dax opens up and I will hang out and Trey Anastasio make fun of me and you you get to see behind-the-scenes tausche daily attempts to drive me Bananarama is Waukegan estas to make fun of you also like she's not even not physical razor blade that won't happen

would it be fair to say that to a random person you would not be well we'll just leave it that speaking of I know that they supposed to be cooking relay still show I have to bring up the story of holiday cheer at at the beginning and I asked permission on this so I'm not out of school here but like she like

no you do it so the quick way that you did at the bar that was good people like from Canada or Minnesota right they pot leaf flatbed truck in a pilot full of trees from where the trees grow way up North and then they're basically like circus Carney's for Christmas trees anime drive down and for the holiday season they pretty much camp out in front of it like some sort of hurricane Phantom parking lot somewhere and they don't have all their trees leaning against the fence right because we can't just go to Home Depot or Lowe's or like standard Christmas tree operations here in New York like nursery rhymes goes to this guy in there in Hell's Kitchen which is he know where she lives and it's in a parking lot she walks up she goes to the parking lot and where the hell is the guy

Stream New York you set up to buy a Christmas tree you're not like I could buy it now or I can buy it later you like you're going to go out going to buy the freaking tree it's a huge hassle going to pay your freaking tree home on your shoulders and you're going to look at inside now as an elevator but she still has like those memories and I do as well of trucking those trees up the stairs and down the stairs on the shoulder with people looking and laughing this is what New York Christmas trees are like happy freaking holidays so you don't go out unless you're going to get the tree

so she's like where's the freaking guy in the parking lot and he's like looking at the trees probably giving it like that you know her irritated bored face you start shaking this random tree no guy looks over the parking lot attendant starts shaking the tree even harder like this anger Shake I don't know if you can feel like my voice to anger shake the tree nothing so then

where you at like Hammer the tree on the ground and kind of see how it shakes out you know what I mean nothing not a zip so she's okay with it I'm going to get gum out of this car nothing she's so like one block later two blocks later three months later you're being watched the other the camera surveillance on you call this number if you want to treat

that is not that is no yes or no to Dollars on 41st Street that she thinks that because she had the money in her pocket to pay that she didn't steal it was going there no you should do you should pin a 20 on one of them trying to walk away they can see that on the videotape somebody else grabs the money

cuz I have no problem by the way someone stealing a stolen tree that's fair the guy's an idiot you have very very strong evidence that the guy is either an idiot or he's unprepared be something here that thing right like either you have to have like a bladder of Steel to do this job for you have to have a helper the checks in on you once every two or three hours so you can go relieve yourself to board this is your job you wanted me to crossing guard have to stand in the street because of your needs and guarding the trees that's your job that's your livelihood and considering how bad this presumably fellow mostly people are are dudes brother there are only women free seller I had one at Lowe's she was quite good

cuz I got mine at Lowe's can carry my heavy heavy tree home on the subway like that Angus anyway I could have just in One Tree because I don't think this guy has such an accurate inventory if you just leave the stuff lying around 43rd Street right. Comp and let's get something you know what though she'll give you tips tips and pointers for next year on how to steal a very nice way various things are supposed to be symbols of giving and love and compassion for those 14 days on this so listeners get in there I'm going to do a couple of ranch reviews of things and not just my own book by the way other people

books other people's restaurant to read the first

Bama first going to read at a review of dancing companies book because like we all can get review the same time they came out and it turned out there book about cocktails by Craig was not smart enough to have his own last name on Amazon and he wrote this review of I think is out of this is Craig voice now he's considering purchasing this book to understand the author's completely omitted vodka from the book recipes with vodka book on fashion and omitting the color black never said write the authors never said I'm going to give you the definitive all-time book on cocktails know it's a book on death and codes cocktails

hotels and guess what buddy They don't serve the Vodka to think now if you would like you know like mr. Boston's guide to like how to make every cocktail in the world and it wasn't like shellac with the recipes you have a point but as is no freaking Point what you think about this irritating right that's crazy and you don't have a way to erase it but this idiot is sitting there knocking on on their on their totals by thank God cuz knock it a lot but whatever irritating 1-star reviews you know I don't like it I mean I don't like it

I swear to God this is what does what it said a little too first of all first of all into a little too deep one of them whatever A Little Too Deep not many home mixologist will be buying Liquid Nitro for their guests no apostrophe drinks now here's my point first of all forgot the grammar don't care about that because all I know even though his name sounded English speaking as the day is long the guys need to native language to be something like Olivia completely different language I don't know you know what I mean is is that I gave them too much freaking information in the book I bend over backwards in the book telling everyone how they can do all of these techniques and ideas without the fan

if they want to and I'm getting hammered on it leave it to me I was telling Stars before its equivalent of saying you know what you know what this Encyclopedia Britannica kind of sucks Water Country I'm never going to read it could have gotten rid of all those pages and this weekend is a computer would not take it so much room on my shelf jerk anyway whatever that's my rant let me to pick some bad reviews and like every once in a while because I have probably never done a damn thing that they put out there for other people to enjoy this is why I have problems with a lot of critic but the prime I probably criticism in general whether it's like whatever is that most of the people who are making Chris have any valid or not it's just that they don't they wouldn't do it if what they did for a living with try to put something out there for some

miles to enjoy you know what I mean and then all of a sudden gets smacked back on stuff like you wouldn't take it so lightly if you actually wrote books or had a bar or anything like that you made clothes whatever you would not write flip reviews of other people's work he would take it seriously

speaking of beautiful day here in New York huh oh yeah yeah you know what it's raining it's raining it's freaking wind but guess what we're not going to have any foot traffic anyway awesome awesome now that we've done the up to the luminary we're having people send in their cool Sears alteryx techniques practices application videos send it to Sears all at Booker and Dax., we're going to choose ten the ten will all get a Bernzomatic ts8000 and then the winner will get a searzall Sign by date box side by David everyone wins going to get a ts8000 and then one of them is going to get an additional searzall on top of the 8000 you sounded really excited

Siteman times I'm so excited for Jupiter and 16 are all the time my house I use it for different things so we're looking for a new things that we haven't thought of or tips and tricks that we can put videos up and we're looking to steal your good ideas and in return we will give you a sweet New Bern dematic TSA some questions in bjd Road in a while ago and I didn't get this called what little intimate technical sense kitchen where she was like you know she had this like tiny tiny

when she was cooking she was like you know try to you know have like meals for like 10 or 20 people or something out of the correct first while searching the cookies you side for an email address I stumbled across five foot kitchen and it appears now to be a porn site not judging but in case it's a mistake I thought I'd let you know oh oh wow wow so it's not five foot kitchen. Hanover I guess it in porn site but it's not really an appropriate title all right well it must have gotten temporarily taken over but I like that idea has proof affect the flavor extraction while fat washing I believe PDF

he uses Four Roses yellow label if I use bonded bourbon ice on the fireproof in the Four Roses yellow will I pull out more bacon flavor only affects the flavor you get with fat washing now remember PDT is using Benton's Bacon fat and Fenton's is the smokiest bacon in in that I've ever had you know there are not smoke here it is by far the Smokies bacon if ever had so they don't necessarily need to get the maximum amount of extraction out so they're just picking a whiskey that they like you know what I mean and so I think in certain situation like at the bar for some reason why they they wanted to make a Booker and Dax Smirnoff I said to get ice some bartender at some of that and some other city right they want to do it for contact out they said to me hey date

I want to make a Smirnoff Ice style thing what are we going to do now they're keeping with a Smirnoff Ice right is he going to get Citrus oils and buy it do all that stuff so what I told to do was take super high proof we used to call the industry standard technical Reserve which is 95 5 soak a bunch of citrus peels in it that's the oil then you're going to make a water base that you're going to put some gum arabic into then you're going to add the two together it's going to lose out and then when it loses out you're going to get a Smirnoff Ice color which is what they did and it works now here's the thing right so for that I needed very high proof why because I really wanted it to lose so it's sucking a lot of stuff out right now let's say you weren't or you didn't want to lose you had a different set of criteria then you know that I proved to be a detriment because it would cause whooshing when you deluded your drink down so yeah you'll probably

more the more isn't even the right way probably different different ratios of a flavors will come out and just different overall thing so I don't think there's a better or worse I think there's just kind of what you like waiting okay to call her juice cleanses for the holidays house or garage or whatever you did it nice

my question is what I'm actually going to be opening up a restaurant that's a very small Cafe 1500 running in a because I want to I want to put something on everything without having the whole small place like that I don't know if you had any other recommendations outside of well I mean look the steering the Sears all is not intended to be the primary heating device for a you know in a commercial application just goes like it just going to take a long time to do a bun covers if you're doing like I did want to do

I just put a video up to show people you're talking so when I do the four steaks on the second finish around you're looking at like 5 minutes but to me that's not 5 minutes that you get to like do other stuff that's five minutes of you just searing steaks so I mean I think I'll be a little tough to do something like that I mean like you're one way to get around this also is like you know you could kind I go like induction portable and then do something is not even recognized but not like you need to have a hood if you have certain kind of cooking stuff right use need to from a code standpoint however if you just have a non Hood ventilation in a window with a fan that's not technically at your ventilation for what you're doing but then if you had a small induction unit that you can move around on you so hard

can wisdom spot work on a Sears all Sears I'll still going to smoke though you know what I mean but you know you could do something like that but I wouldn't want to rely on doing I mean look if you were in a catering situation like a one-off thing or if you have like just a couple of things that you wanted a hit but you're going to be talking that if you're just pranking covers out with that thing you're going to have someone on it you know all the time now you know eventually I'd like to make one that's kind of hold it self they're almost like a boiler it's bigger in which case would be gold in for that but you know in this application multiple story building

is it a multiple story building or single-story building

cable you should put the who did

I want them to quickly as possible and then also as well do like a you know but a hood down there but there's that outfit out of Georgia that that sells really cheap hoods in like in a Uno up glassblowers I just I don't know what it would cost to install down there but you know you're in good shape to a shame because you have only one story can you fake around not having a hood sure but then you know you're going to be limiting your menu quite a bit based on what you can do I don't like seeing anyone kind of go into a situation where you know what they're saying themselves up for what I see right now to see what options I can go down a lot of tests like how open is the space

the actual cooking it is very closed off but it's probably going to be in around 500 square feet more time you going to need the AC that thing otherwise like you know me you know that you're in Florida if you can't mess around with that you know what I'm saying so it's not like you're going to be able to you know but you have like you have what you have like four or five months of decent weather in front of you before you get totally hoes on the heat you know and maybe they'll install a hood by then but you can you get around stuff sure you know you work around having minimal amount of c r u on things you can spot do things with a searzall or you know you can get there these like cast iron griddle that you can heat up on add that your Kenji alt Lopez has one on external available yet either heat on induction until it's ripping and then do stuff like this with our ways around is kind of a thing you know you're going to have to like you can have to add texture in other ways

like other crunchy stuff you can add to it you know and then you could do a minimal amount of seer down on stuff or things like fish that are primarily on the on the more you know Ross I were you just hitting it with something for a little bit till I get it out shifter menu towards that kind of stuff until you can go serious on on the on the hot side but you're not going to want to choke yourself out and put yourself in a situation where you can't print that stuff out in a reasonable amount of time you know what I mean

yeah I totally it's just it's okay you're going to have a searzall or two you're going to have like some induction burners I don't know maybe you going to have an electric oven whatever look at what you have right at what you're going to be able to get and then just like forget forget whatever it is that you think you want to make right beforehand just forget it because maybe it. Maybe that's not what this kitchen wants to make but you have a certain battery of Yoda Cuisine there and you have a certain refrigerator and freezer storage space and you have a certain amount of ventilation so now just like Bill build use it as an exercise in menu design and just build the menu around your your your battery and that's it

eagleheart seared XYZ because you know you know something that's like hot but not smokey like on a stove and adduction a Potter ain't no antenna in a warmer inside two-bit build what you do around what you have and I think you're going to be a lot happier than trying to crush something you want into a space that you can't produce it mean when you going to open up I mean unfortunately you know as I as we all know if it's going to be manly cocktails what I what I want to eat is fried food but that you definitely look for

let me see type of soil is fires but I don't know if that was possible or not because I'm in Penn Station by the time you get my feeling is that if you're going to invest in a hoodless fryer system then you know for me cuz you don't have a particularly difficult install job on a hood so those are typically I think so because our fryer and then like a $500 hood and like you know $1,000 blower install a thousand dollars $1,000 hoodless fryer and still have and still not have a hood

I don't know if you could fry outside but what's it called when they cover something illegal or not but it's me I could do that I mean my next Friday are probably going to be you know outside semi covered so I don't have to worry about ventilating it

take a picture of your menu and send it over to the cooking she's not ready and you want us to take my first break to do it

today's program slate Tyson Parsons graduate student Christian Deka Upstate New York in the spring of 2009, Brooklyn and began Gibson pieces to friends the response was so overwhelmingly positive that the two struck out to produce products to learn more you can also get your own Brooklyn slate care package by becoming a superfan member of Heritage Radio Network visit us and donate for more

and we are back good people they donated slates to our very first fundraiser Del posto years ago early supporters of Moffat slave like more like like shingles like slate roofs and stuff like that will totally ruin it as a kind of thing where you can just get a bunch of Knuckleheads like by the used pool table take the sucker up what kind of like a deep-seated simmering rage that I can pretty much lift anything I mean even though I myself am physically

I like throw it in something and drive around apparently just picking one up a totally hoes it like the Slate like slaves in like three pieces and it'll break and it'll never be the same again so with a pool tables moved it's completely disassembled and then reassembled including the felled and everything Brooklyn slate pieces are easy to move unless you're moving a couple hundred of them around to a motet is heavy anyway a maraschino liqueur ice balls that gently melted what song am I thinking of gently melted gently

silently silently sleep that's like a Garfunkel and Simon me to call Trina drink and adding to My overall enjoyment of the cocktail as it dried out how this might have been done in any way to replicate without liquid nitrogen pretty sure that they don't use liquid nitrogen for this pic the way that you used to get kind of hollow spheres of stuff is you take water and you would put it you would be partially and then you put water in it then you throw that balloon and whatever you spend the water. Maybe they just do it. Maybe they don't have air in it which case it won't rain tomorrow

you spin spin spin it and then what you do is you take the pop a balloon off of it and now you have a sphere of ice in the inside still liquid then what you do is you take an ice pick or whatever and then you Google that was my the water out of the inside While My Guitar Gently there are some side so storage is an issue I would do it in a relatively quickly they then refreeze a plug over the whole of doing pretty sure they don't carry they do it with a polyscience circulating Chiller that chills liquid down. I didn't see I didn't notice what temperature they were running their circulator at but that's what they do what you could do at home

is crush ice very fine and then add a not a little bit of salt a lot of salt like on the order of a quarter of the weight of the ice and salt salt but you should be kind of liquid right you don't want to be chunky salad that's why you want crush ice water and water right away because it's going to get preposterously cold and then you could probably do the balloon with water spin it will freeze going to take you a little bit longer but you'll be able to do it if you immerse a balloon and spin it around so it stays nice and evenly whatever and you should be able to do it that way

every year and make several batches of Allegiance punch for my holiday party I was thinking of adding a spear fication technique and attempt to add a festive flavor I don't know I wouldn't ask verification festive play regular straight but I'm still going to answer this question I was thinking of something like slightly diluted angostura what technique would you suggest a mineral minimize flavor thievery and maximized ability first of all regions punch so by the way I'm giving you David wanted his recipe for Regions punch off of an Esquire article he wrote didn't cut the Rind of four lemons 1 pint T12 to superfine Sugar 6 oz is lemon juice and 1/2 cups of orange juice 1 cup pineapple juice one pint Brandy 1/2 pint dark rum two bottles of champagne

pineapple I put lemon rind in to the tee with a ladder is still hot allowing him to stick together at the sugar set aside to cool and cool. The fruit juices and the liquor liqueur or liquor actually place in a punch bowl with one or two large chunks of ice out in the champagne immediately before serving garnish with orange and pineapple slices on the official recipe if you lose the rum and pineapple juice and pitch in a bottle of Madeira your fellow-creatures would not turn up their snout I think it's probably a good addition now what you want to do here you're trying to throw angostura balls into this tell if you want the angostura bitter punch first one to punch mention this punch that means if you're going to do a traditional it's going to sit around

kiss it right so now you have a couple of choices if you do standard spherification the angostura balls are going to go solid and that's going to suck there's going to be a little balls and I kind of a flavor a few thousand and go forward even if you were that you could do like gel and very light. I would stop some flavor I go a little bit larger you could drop them but again what are the percentage they're going to melt their flavor out relatively quickly before hand you going to want to store them in the mango syrup themselves so they don't leave flavor out but you're going to be looking at at that kind of a problem it's going to be solid if you wanted to stay liquid right then you're going to have to do some form of reverse algiknit and to do reverse algiknit you're going to need to add I would presumably you need to add

calcium to the angostura thicken it quite a bit with sugar or whatever else and then drop it into a relatively thin out in the pathless it long enough pull it out and then put it through a calcium water bathroom rinse off either rinse off in / set the house on the outside you don't have to add calcium in the first battle in water and then in calcium but if the ball stick together than your Sol last forever if you store them in angostura with a little bit of calcium in it you can keep these things forever and they will stay liquid on the inside for everybody here is your problem I have been depending on the density you choose for it either going to sink to the bottom of your bowl or they're going to float to the top of your ball no matter which is necessarily what you want right so how you going to remedy this you can't unless you want to make a gel and fluid gel out of the punch and now you've gone beyond where I am going to even cosign even temporarily on this on this site because

whole thing's going to shake like a bowl full of jelly like Santa's belly from that night before Christmas so used to going to stash at the time I didn't know where the stash was stuck in my head I would say it every year I think I'm too lazy to look it up and acts take what is this mean I like to look it up he's like no PSI St Louis to New York and visited Booker and Dax on my recommendation they loved it I don't usually recommend places I've myself not visited but I felt confident you would deliver thank you bjd thank you it's right nice I appreciate that how much time do I have

hello Jack, by pressure cookers that don't leak any steam is being better but I cannot recall ever hearing why I have some guesses but I would rather hear your reason

we spoke Ultra sperse what am I missing out by not using it will get into that one next time if I jack you can have someone remind me to get to get that question next week I'll get that one next week but as a result the pressure cooker the interesting answer is

I have no idea I have no freaking idea why it makes a difference whether the pressure cooker is admitting steam or not and you know I don't know really well for the bottles are coming out with the Steam and that's what's ruining it right that's what you would think you would think if you actually cared about it interesting ly at the pressure cookers that let off steam fared worse in side-by-side stock test this is just stop by the way and by the way I think I didn't feel and chicken they fared worse than like an open standard stock pot now you know that thing is open and the vowels are leaving all of the time so if it's the fact that it's volatile is leaving then why should an open pot be better than a pressure cooker pot unless it's a different kind of better that we know like a ghost losses so many bottles it comes back

that was my impression so what happened was is that for years I've been making stock in a band in my pressure cooker which is a better way of making stock and then I went to go write the blog post about how the years ago I went to go right on my blog post about how awesome pressure cookers are and how they're so much better for stocks because the stocks are brown and faster and they just taste inherently better because there's more extraction and Meaty flavor more more better Baba Baba and I use the SEI Scrappy pressure cookers their crappy $60 pressure cookers that were blowing steam off the entire time they were doing it and this better blah blah blah and I made the pressure cooker stock and at a stand side-by-side I like what what what

the traditional ones better liked by a good margin the pressure cooker one with darker but the traditional one had like a much better flavor everyone agreed and it wasn't just because onion is really softened the persons in a pressure cooker or sweetness of carrots magnified it just wasn't as good as I kind of like throwing upside down for a couple of days so I did it again and again the traditional one and then I was like you know what you know what I'm bringing my pressure cooker in my pressure cooker into work and then I did three I did traditional I did my pressure cooker that doesn't vent and I did their crappy pressure cooker that vented not going to say it was a fake or what it was and then no offense but it's teams whatever anyway so like I did the test and then my pressure cooker easily be easily be

traditional and way way way way be the the venting pressure cooker and we always got the same kind of Saran in a different kind of sealing pressure cooker the American canner which also sealed because it's basically like whatever you know it's just something that you know I discovered empirically and I haven't ever really made a good reason for it because

I don't really know the answer but you know that's the good thing about not having to know the why necessarily in the kitchen just knowing the what but you can't know the what is you do the kind of careful observation of of what you're doing so I have no I still have no clue I'd like to hear someone tell me why tell me why but I think for other things it doesn't make so much of a difference like you know I haven't noticed a difference in eggs pressure cook eggs for instance between Eventing in it and a non venting so no texting question I'd love to hear other people's ideas but I never like to give explanations that I just don't have any idea in a sense we have a couple of time

that milk powder and I don't have a good answer for you because I haven't had the chance to try to cook with the milk powder yet I'm going to try to do a test with the milk powder to see kind of what happened to the question that he had was roasting them off Nathan they can start and your real was not able to get because the reason being that you get a kind of my reaction because me a milk has both proteins and I'm in the Browning and milk is really like a my are like like in believe it is I can do things like this and getting those extra kind of flavors by adding the water to tea to the chicken wings have a kind of good but I I don't know the answer

I like how to get it to use it for syrinx at me for Browning on unsung and Cooks I haven't tried so hopefully someone can write whatever and give me some advice and hopefully I found myself I was wondering if you had any experience or device using a coffee siphon Brewers were talking about a vacuum pot and paddle people I appreciate I can't show them on the air but I appreciate it and I saw the picture you know in fact instead of reading it I am looking at the medical picture he's eating drew a japanese-style when was really kind of expensive Japanese ones that you get with the little ball underneath in the thingamajig

I'm doing something with Jen see attached sketch hot cocktails to pair this way at the Aviary here in Chicago I didn't know what considerations need to be made with ratios excetera I'd also heard the method brings down the ABV is it's considerably is this true and anything that can be done to counter that well but wait what was the recipe couple questions here one do you have to adjust ratios so lutely do you lose ABV absolutely 3 what does the siphon do to it and the answer that is I have no idea I've never used this I've never used a siphon for Infusion for cocktails

Thai coffee with it but I've never used it for kind of infusion because a bunch of people got it already done it and hand and so I got you know I kind of tableside infusions personal spiritual if I do have a lot of experience bouncing hot drinks and getting rid of alcohol and the truth of the matter is is that losing alcohol is not a bad thing when you were hot Drake you need to have a much much lower alcohol content in that drink then you would in any other kind of cocktail you also need to serve in a wide not like in a bowl because you need to put your face over at like you're a dog looking out of a bowl and you'll get overwhelmed by the fused but if you have a smaller glass and normal cocktail glass when you bring your head up to your nostrils you'll get a focused hit of hot alcohol and it'll even if you drink is balanced so what we use is kind of tea tea / coffee cups and we're doing

extremely important when you're doing a hot alcoholic drink like this also bear in mind when you're serving hot drinks to people it's nice to give them a cup with a handle on it there's a reason coffee cups have handles on them and tea cups have handles on them now so getting rid of some of the alcohol is not bad in fact about a week or so and Dax because we have a new water coming in when you when I do hot drinks I literally burn excess alcohol off because when you're if I want to include I like a lot of a flavor of the bay Spirit right I need to include enough liquor for you to really taste the liquor that amount of liquor if you didn't get rid of some of the alcohol would be too strong and alcohol in a finish drink so getting rid of a BV is actually your friend in the situation not your friend but it's definitely your friend and as regards mixing if you're going to add

was there any is there any acid in that I know that I heard there's orange was there any acid at all in that you want to really scale the acid back to very low and then you know you've tasted hot because the your perception of the sugar is going to change radically in your perception the alcohol is going to change radically so what I would do is I would make the drink and then just add in hot water until you get the kind of dilution you want in terms of the alcohol nose and the flavor of the spirit you'll get that then backs back substitute in your other base flavors by that I mean your sweetness and any acid that you can then then worry about your Botanicals infusion because those things are going to be able to mail pretty easily because they work just like T and T something you're used to the parameters that you're going to have to work with that you're not used to working with Farhat alcohol hot acid and Hot Sugar in terms of how they were late and balancing a cocktail drinks and liquid intelligence that you can probably do

Amazon search inside without even buying a book and just check out and see kind of what the parameters are there cuz I write down my alcohol levels theoretical and what not talk about this kind of Greater detailed and we're out of here cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or Is podcast in the iTunes Store by 13 Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org XIII non-profit to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening