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Episode 191: Turkey Recap

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12:45 12:50 join as usual with the statute of Handler Lopez special guest star on Today Show

get to talk into the mic was just going to sit there and he's going to shake his head so Nick special mode of being cast as it's going to be the lean back and go you can't see it but imagine someone looking back at closing their eyes almost back and forth now now

anyways so Nick was recently met him at the French Culinary Institute he was one of the tech interns and go went went to work at some how long do I get sound for the first time

Nicholson MacGregor and then for some reason he said he would do something like this and then he went out to Encanto do you no longer no longer extant in contact Chris has a new restaurant and now for some reason that he says he's back at Soundbar right have no way of knowing if this guy is really in the studio

it had like imaginary imaginary pizza and then he will then become my imaginary friend is not that good also imaginary pie what the what varieties of imaginary part of they have here or pecan pecan or pecan Northerners I think if you're from the south isn't it pecan from the know or the other way around if he can if you're from the north of the country from the south and I'll have it till the day I die

group are nuts

Cooper nuts Jack blueprint question is how many varieties pecan pie is because you don't like pies because you only crossed because you don't like biscuits cuz you're bad

what about just a feeling do you like pie filling these nuts

Deez Nuts I have to get that there is a company first of all our bar manager there is a nut company a legitimate company out of Louisville Kentucky and I saw them on Twitter a couple weeks ago and they're their Twitter they're their things and they sell nuts

apostrophe s nuts so it's very similar except for the XIV course you know whole groups of people enjoy using a z instead of an S Jack back in the day but yeah for sure when you were downloading when you were downloading a program where they where's the restaurants to try to keep current on on stuff like 10 years past I'm very current to Stars actually had a question I don't know if I was supposed to say it's from her or not but this is the first time the stock has ever written a question in 201

and it's not told me maybe just ignored her

when your friend is over cooking a turkey at his house his house member can you tell him to take it out of the oven or give him any type of directions especially if he thinks a turkey needs another hour etiquette question

it's a it's a tough call I think a lot depends on how much gravy they're making how much gravy were they making

okay and where they giving you sharp knives mashed potatoes so you could conceivably take each piece of shoe leather

slice it into tiny little niblets surrounding and gravy and choke down one slice and you're out and you don't have to deal with the leftovers cuz they're not in your kitchen right so it's not your sandwiches that I think maybe you can be like I think you're allowed one of these shoulders go up a little bit

me and maybe is Mavis. I think you're laughing your loved one of those I think maybe you know I think maybe it's done and then like if you really good friend you're allowed to say let you know that little bit of the meat near the society worried about is not cooked it's really not that big a deal we can slice it off and just hand it later really don't want to overcook the whole breast in the side and the rest of the legs and stuff like that for the sake of that one little piece of meat down by the side then we all know worse comes to worse I just cut it off and throw in the microwave for about a minute and a half now those that little nugget of meat is done right no one ever get down to that part of the turkey anyway separate my house all day but my point is that you're allowed to say then I feel like I heard you got busted to ask you about this okay well the one good thing about a battle of a cooked turkey is usually the Skin's pretty good

right but I didn't get any skin do you know Johnny hunter from collective in Madison Wisconsin great folks he did not go to my house with me since we post on Twitter so go look on Johnny Hunters Twitter account for his bionic turkey or I retweeted it if you have my Twitter cooking issues I did not do the bionic turkey this year cuz I wanted to go super simple this year for me super simple so what I did was

I went to the Polo Vivo place of 117th Street between 81st and 2nd Avenue picked up my life turkey didn't have the wild turkey a reasonable size of time that you know that you have a style they only had two little ones and I was going to feed all those people if I got like a 15 lb turkey 12 lb turkey in real life that's like

it's like me so I got to live turkey let it rest today right cuz I suggest people do this is it easy to easy hike the easy complicated what is the easiest complicated turkey has ever done then phone Out Burger T bone out like you cut down the breast and your phone out so that you can roll it back up but they usually you don't cut the you don't cut down the back of the animal young Saint Nick by cutting down the back of the turkey ripped out the carcass ripped out the side bonds left in the legs are you believe in taking out the wishbone before your phone out of burger or not Jackie peeps that's exactly paying for all of you have UPS always takes the wishbone out of the bird before he does the which I think makes sense if you're going to carve the breast off of it because then you don't lose that little bit like where your knife goes around Mills never used to take the bone out I can't decide whether I taking the boat out or not now it's just a habit you take the phone or not

Sedona team news that little nugget of meat you can put the knife in the other side of Lost

that's a super happy cuz that's no slip grip up high in like yank hard trick and is snap it off and left book with a little stubble Wishbone and that's what I wish for crap and not going to get there more like you know I want like you know a candy bar or some crap they like I might actually get them something you're going to get for Christmas or something like you have something stupid that you're not going to get out of a few people need to like like I'm all for dreaming big but don't dream stupid you know what I mean the wishbone competition

for next time you mean or like a like a retroactive wish you one as U-Pull-It you want exactly

one credit the same ol wind Grant I like that sucker out dry salted stick in a ziplock bag not a turkey 52 fridge no problem no problem in a ziplock with no bones in the crisper drawer anyways Rose tomorrow for extra bones cuz that's how I am May the stock in the pressure cooker Hood Recon no venting let it come down then the next day when I made the injected the stock into the assault it took some of the stock quote down salt in it up injected the stock into the into the breast meat and the legs and stuff not waterstock then with a meat injector then made the stuffing plug right the giant stuff in club crackers shaped stuffing plugs circulated that act like a t cells to heat the whole stuff in plug up like sterilizing prefix Neo pasteurizer pretty quickly and and Heat

then use that as an inside heater drip the turkey around the stuffing plug like based in boat ton of butter on it and it threw in the oven so is cooking from both sides at once using the stuff and plugged my heat Reservoir turkey to have 2 hours done and the skin is wrapped around the side really you're cheating can you put in the skin that is underneath right on the bottom of the outside of the skin crisp

I supposed to start the turkey and Jack's turkey it wasn't the headache of meat frying or what over to Mindy's place for Thanksgiving dinner many women ran the intern program for a long time sheet regular roast I didn't have to tell her that it was older cousin cuz she knows better

nope turkey was good

granny I need the babysitter's boatloads of turkey gravy and talk about Thanksgiving down till next year I want to say you guys seen the movie The Jerk

for some reason like likes the claim that you've never seen any movie prior to like 1995 like that sold out like I seem like you know movies from the 20s 30s teams so I can't like especially any comedy movie in like the 70s or 80s she's like now what Stripes Bill Murray movies and like you said you found it cuz I feel like I'm in any way as fakes on imaginary sign in

she just gave him anyways I'll tell you why I feel this way in the famous section where Steve Martin and he's an idiot. He working in a gas station in the phone book, he's like

give me my name in the phone book and then like literally the next scene is I a Psycho sniper who opens the phone book in a random page and goes like Johnson typical bastard tries to kill Steve Martin at the gas station with a rifle right and I think he's getting somewhere but really it's stupid because he cares about weather in the phone book but that random thing does happen to shaft him in life and so that's what I'm doing right now and Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon is a large company and it must be you guys who are incompetent stupid

people that don't get how crazy that's also true but like to see results on Black Friday even though it's want to Stack a Bibles that they were in stock which they are there were at Amazon's warehouse. And I are up there midnight until Thanksgiving it like while she was out earlier some crap at 11 to Ohio so she's like she's there and like like and what groups in Winthrop they're asleep at their too much turkey they are up at like midnight try and we're sitting there like in the United States of America maybe they have like five guys in Washington where the United States of America right but they have a boot on the people who were customer service who have nothing to do with the United States of America get those guys on Thanksgiving

what the hell is that about no customer service on the Thanksgiving trying to get the stuff selling on top of a sudden Sears August flag that has Matt device meaning that it hazardous material because in the use of the word torch I guess or gas or something in the text so the computer cuz they have some sort of like dumb and I say algorithm like searching it for like Terror and Hazmat crap like this might be Hazmat so maybe we shouldn't sell this thing so and then it says could take maybe 42 at 48 hours worth of look at it maybe longer option he's like I was like they're all in your Warehouse is a yes we're going to do we're going to put it on sale on the Amazon website but really you're selling it. Us

what is I guess you're selling it not us unlike what does that mean it's like what it means that you have to ship it I was like yeah but you have all of our see results and it goes like yeah I know so what then you'll have to do with you then have to make your own stuff order to ship out from our warehouse as your own self to these customers so we're like I was like what if you were going to if you're going to accept her

and then you're going to let me ship the order from your Warehouse why don't you just take the order and ship the order no no no and there is no they're not going to believe this there is no way on the computer to say hey Amazon this chunk of 300 orders that you got in right this chunk right really those are your orders can you to ship them out and track them know and when you when we use Amazon to ship I'm sorry this boring device have to get off my chest when you use Amazon to ship as like as well as seller they don't guarantee they're going to ship it out in a reasonable amount of time even when you pay Expediting which I did for all of the Sears I got to where I pay the extra Expediting I got totally hosed because I didn't want people to not have it Prime speed right

they don't guarantee that however the orders that they took in your name and gave to you they expect to get out and reasonable amount of time and you get them out

I hate them and then in the middle of this and this is where the jerk with a camera online the phone book they also ran out of stock on liquid intelligence for no reason even though I called my publisher and it's been sitting in the warehouse waiting for their pickup for like a week and a half their copies liquid intelligence like I got I got I got randomly selected in the phone book for like singling out by I'm I'm bezos's random Whipping Boy of the day after that

got some questions in other than the stash is turkey question so it's out in Reverse I'm not going to get last week's now because they're not on my phone now I'm going to do this week and then I'll do it so now you get to know what anastacio likes because she apparently likes this question from Jeff Moore in Jersey City Jersey City

Jack any left for Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City

what's the love I'm enjoying the liquid intelligence book but I was wondering how this is why evil person evilness Asia is people she just loves to break them like like she loves to break them if she had him she would break her own because she loved to break I'm so much I've been enjoying liquid intelligence book but I was wondering if there's a published author list so I can mark up my book with any corrections we have accumulated so far I haven't been able to find one at the public or at cooking issues. Comm Noor have my attempts at Google Foo found it Google food that she used to work at at the Soundbar and a PTT thanks and keep doing what you do Jeff Moore all right size evil person you only likes you remember that song I'm a group garbage I'm Only Happy When It Rains

the song yeah that is Nastassja that is that is a sad she's only happy when it's complicated you know yeah she feels so good feel so bad only happy when it rains

publish the rocket okay there is not I am thinking of printing up a sheet though to carry around with me I need to get to the publisher

so you know the basic there's nothing the only thing in there that I know of that actually would affect a recipe is in The Manhattans for to the vermouth is written down as a fat 3/4 of an ounce and I think it's a fat one and three quarters I think is that saying I have to look at exactly what the thing is but the milliliter number is right so if you follow the milliliter number there but go look at the Manhattans for 2 and that number is wrong the other main issue the issues that I found is that in the classics cocktail section at the end with it where you have the chart of all the things they what's up with somehow they the the acid numbers got messed up in the before but not in the after so it's not going to affect the recipes except for the vermouth listing in the can they double Manhattan experiments I haven't seen any like Arata that actually mess up the mess with the recipes I will say in the in the reprint I'm probably going to lower it

Frozen the frozen daiquiris I might come in a lower the lime juice a little bit little bit little bit in retrospect that might lower a little bits

I just gave it to him if you listening I just gave him the answer and then like in the next one it's like there's no printed sheet yet oh you know what I think you should call nastassia I'll give her your cell number over the next radio program you can call her for the Errata list how about that is that sound like sound like a good idea I'll give you a hint in California so it's like she still has like she still has his first cell phone she got when she was like steak 12 from Covina California still has the area code my first cell phone was in New York city so I still have like an honest-to-god New York City cell phone and a half since we don't book her actually wants a 3/4 whatever it is instead of he has nine one seven

I don't spend much time in Jersey I was once I had to go to Hoboken mozzarella is great there by the way we talk about naiah show the add mozzarella there is great and worth going to read anything that Josh ozersky wrote about mozzarella in and to find us suggestions are the only real time I spent there other than that was back when I used to work at the lawyer's office this is how little work that we did this before Powerball is in New York they literally put me on a train to go by the office of Powerball tickets in Hoboken keep in mind I was their computer consultant so I was like theoretically making a decent wage you no more much more decent than I have made sense and yet I like I was put on a on a train over to Hoboken to buy lottery tickets we didn't win which we didn't win I don't know where that's at okay

24/62 spot very quickly so we have more time here we go

it is so exciting to have this new medium important conversations with people in real life my show I kind of described it as it audio trade magazines I learned every week whether it's is restaurants bars of a host at Heritage all come from different perspectives everyone should be listening to this if you're interested in conservation and and practical approach to renewable food sources you know not this big industry whether its history laws social policies of food I think people now take food seriously and hopefully what's on their plate will become something very special and I feel that podcasting has a future giving people information in a format that can really use on-the-go your support to keep these conversations going to donate

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right yeah that was a 80 year old lady from like the outer boroughs and your impression it's like a normal Jack impression is using my normal voice I don't really have it you don't have like you sound normal to me so I don't have like a real impression for you what's giving Tuesday so if any cooking issues with snooze want to donate that would be awesome show you support if you like the show is tomorrow giving Wednesday No actually Nick decided what tomorrow is tomorrow

I can't say it say it on the radio SE Wednesday by the way I went on Sunday to the final the final meal and they had like a family meal party yesterday they already taken down the neon sign in a Panera and I know there's no better reason to have to enter restaurant then they going to knock the building down and they paid you enough money to get out a bunch of money to give up a 6S for business so they can knock the building down and feel like an ugly stupid high-rise it's about the best way to leave a restaurant you know and Bastille when you're there and then you were like oh my God it's a restaurant like all these people need to have fun

a lot of people in like you know a lot of the folks there have you no sound other good place to go but I hope they all have wished it with everyone from WD great restaurant end of an era they can have announcing like that over there do they I'm not going to do it to 80s name congratulations on the book as a disembodied voice in my head which worries this Englishman yeah right and where is Nick to Nick's got like a like a day voice face which is similar to that is vegan face on right now I need for a few

lighter Champion e - 34 today at 8:34 RPM and that little guy goes at like three thousand and change because it's one off of an induction motor and that that's just the speed that runs so you can't motor size does make a diploma finish a question how can I or where can I look up and work out what a 4000 RPM RPM and time that I need to know well Mastiff Mater Mater and the speed in RPM you look up look up on the Wikipedia RCF that's are like Richard C like CF like a standstill really is incredible force and basically you need to know the mean

rotor wherever they're going to take us to the rotor diameter radius spending it to look at it I usually millimeters and in the speed and RPMs are calculate the relative centrifugal force for you and if there's like JavaScript calculated all over everywhere because this is stuff that people have to do every day just need to know the radius of your rotor which is easily findable on any one of the websites and the thing but here's what I'm here to tell you

well for a given bucket for a given rotor the speed of the centrifuge is super important because it's the number of Jesus organ determine what the supreme power of the centrifuge is however it's not the only number that's important so on a spinning bucket rotor right you need a relative which is what we have with it with it with a swan with the big one that I use need a relatively High number of G's not to clarify right but do you need a realtor behind number of G's to come packed all of the crap into the bottom of the bucket and have it so that when the centrifuse stop it doesn't refloat up back into the stuff that's what you need all the extra cheese for over the first like you know about 2,000 write the extra 2,000 Gees that you need in that are really just it's smashed appellate top so that it doesn't resuspend when you spend down and that's also why you need to spend it for like 10-15 minutes and not for 5 minutes because the stuff is really clear inside of like 3 to 5 minutes

my shift not densely packed in the bottom now I like how well it packs it depended upon a couple of things one is the the scene of the speed of the centrifuge the number amount of G-Force is it has but also how far are the pellets needed for their particles need to travel through liquid Before They smash and first thing bucket rotor they need to travel a relatively long distance and they're getting forced directly into a big flat plate so they need a relatively large amount of force to smash them down into a pellet into a puck in a in a fixed angle Road or where they are the size of the rotor are at an angle and the liquid kits and then the pet of a is are particles hit the side and then slide down those things kind of grind the particles into a pellet faster and so they can work with lower Gees so a fixed mangle rotor is going to give you easier clarification at lower G's in a swinging bucket but swinging bucket typically going to have a higher capacity

I don't think I want to take a picture instead of helping you guys with your question it's wrong it's wrong

okay that that's it for now we're going to last week's questions I wish I'm going to call you want to say anything that's why I'm looking up last week's questions the answer better be a yes or I'm going to I'm going to do terrible things to your pizza just terrible things nothing you're a bad person you're never invited on the radio program again never never so

last question we asked what was the pretzel one right way to do meeting we talked about last week or two weeks ago and we can maybe we got me we got everything

no it's okay I know we missed a whole bunch o I know what happened they never made it onto Dropbox I had to send them into the into the into the email thing alright people I apologize and since Nick is such a low quality human being before we came on when I came in late because of my bike he thinks it's freaking hilarious but you sound all kind of stories back from the Ya-Ya all kind of stories about like you know me hitting him and lead pipes how much I can hit a wish I could hit him with a lead pipe

I guess we got to lemon sorbet question and we got the ramen we got the salt we got the Tempe we did not get to freezing right and we do we talked about freezing the gin and juice with the freezing anime great listening Wilson pottering about in the kitchen Pottery Pro

guttering guttering

maybe Potter in the UK English ton are you for the English ton to ends in an e

no of useful information for listening to you which inspires me to try new things in the kitchen I feel I've learned so much that I thought I'd better do the decent thing and help support the show so I signed up with a radio network member the other people the good work sweet and start off by making a gin and juice I wrote a blogpost about it I saw that actually say what you obviously thought he made a comment on it thank you to the a. Clarification process for the grapefruit he's very straightforward and works very well but takes about three days that's not really helpful if you suddenly have an urge for a spontaneous cocktail I was wondering if I can make up a larger back to clarify juice and freeze it smaller portions enough for a couple of drinks how well way to keep in the freezer will it lose anything over time it's already been frozen once they're in the process I figure it's worth trying I just wondered if you had an opinion thanks Dave W A grapefruit juice freezes quite well I'll clarify grapefruit juice we just quite well clarified apple juice freezes quite well clarify lime and lemon juice and no

and so much are they still taste like poison study of pre-mixed drinks that were frozen for a long time versus kept at room temperature and the room temperature once did taste more poisonous with the lemon and lime juice in them than the one in the freezer but the one in the freezer still chasing poisonous to me you want to say anything poisonous right I'm not actually poisoned by poisonous poisonous like real lemon like fake like crap hole like 70 Supermarket flavor maybe that you might know it from such things as like the skinny like Margarita that's getting like lady Margarita like her that tastes like poison to me you were having those things poisonous poisonous right into an event and they made you drink and they use like stuff like that I've had also I was a member we were at one of these shows of all the Fancy Food Show

Javits in this person's like I make keto Frozen lime juice concentrate like you like no try it I'm like okay and the best I could give him was it's not as terrible as the rest of the poisonous stuff that I'm used to tasting until it is poisonous I actually had a really good Monticello today and then using it till the cocktails at the bar do you like limoncello

depends if it's really good he doesn't most of it tastes like poison like the turgent like pledge makes you the same way will attack you when I tell a guy I like it when it's got both the Lemon Pledge flavor and the two sweet that's the best that's the death so don't do that the grapefruit juice all that stuff is fine what I would do is if you're going to freeze it there's a couple ways to freeze it zip lock bag freezer Ziploc bags if you put the cover much you want and then laying flat on your lamp like closing like you were going to bag a steak for a low temp put your finger in it and then like let the air out slowly on a flat counter pinche at the end of the new air bubbles in it and then put them on a sheet tray in your freezer until they freeze and a flat configuration that's the best way and then you can like stack a lot of them in the freezer you don't have to worry about it

Prevail to be quickly and because they're flat they unfreeze relatively quickly which is also good and if you're in a good Ziploc bag like that you can throw it into a pan of water and just run warm water on it and thought out without like overheating or anything super quickly if you freeze it in quart containers it takes forever for them to thaw out and see huge pain in the butt and plus also when you drop a quarter can we drop a frozen pork container it cracks and there's always like a weird what always happened you pull it out of the freezer you drop it a little bit or a cracks or someone throw something into the freezer and it cracks a quart container you pull the pork container out you don't know it's cracked until it starts dying and it starts leaking out of every here's the real problem with that not only that but the stuff that thaws out first is all the sugar and flavor it's all the sugar in flavored Leach out and you're left with a crappie Ice Cube and you're still going to try and use it for a drink because it's all you got and you feel bad because you wasted all this practice on the time on so what I'm telling you is don't use it for container another alternative

if you know you're only going to get really like couple couple of drinks at a time it's not as ideal from the storage standpoint but you freeze the stuff down and ice cube trays they're never going to get as firm as a real ice cube because of the sugar and what not but probably don't even need ice cube trays as a rookie move top Matty Ice Cube. Put them in a Ziploc container in the fridge and then you can pull them out to you by kubes just make sure you measure beforehand the volume of your ice cube trays so you know how much juice is is in each Cube and you'll find that if you're decent at it like your your tubes are going to be pretty accurate within like me away less than a quarter of an ounce for 2 and so you'll be able to accurately judge how much do she going to add book by throwing certain number of cubes and then you can do stuff like the juche from the book anyway

English and hardy hardy actually in fact that most people over the world don't have quart containers are like I even when I say most people all over the world like San Francisco doesn't Beyond green that's a lie Encanto that use them but how many restaurants did you go to the you like your friend he went to and you're like where's the core container near like what is that is it clean and made of bamboo right come on now for the bunch of Atlanta stars in San Francisco we can never get freaking for containers over there I think they're green because you use them over and over and over again I have at the same four containers for 4 years do you do find them to be bad for the environment

if you don't throw away so they don't do they have over there if 4 liter ziplock bag a 2 liter bag for tea bag or they have we don't even have it to leave your bag here

okay give me do the thing on clarification just recalled in about clarification I know you have a backlog already which I heard in the last episode has some questions in regards to book the time for 3 week and in three weeks and enjoy it for now at 5 weeks push you some more questions into the fifo list I understand there's some no typos or I would took care of this one not going to get that one again. Again not going to get into it not going to happen

you're so you're so evil. Won't read the book which I don't blame her by the way it cuz she has to work with me every day with her that she said I don't even consider it a book Sunday at the separator of separator of what

wow she can't even look at it as a book it's like an object it does contain words like it she like we'll admit that that like you there are words so

my name is in the phone book clarifying lime juice I follow the steps in the book but could not identify any notable differences between the steps that you're doing I guess a part for the last one after I ran the centerpiece my question by the way so might want clarification the way it works in a centrifuge is you reduce the lines you add enzyme and you add some to call kieselsol to it which is suspended syllabus all you wait 15 and what that's doing is that the the the enzyme is breaking on the packages called Technic Ultra sp-l but you can't use it by itself because the line just to sit at the same time you had kieselsol which is a charged silica saw their tracks that charged particles and it was a lot of the turbid particles are most of them are attracted to it Nick was trying to say that I am a turban particle which true tracks to it and then you add the then you wait 15 minutes for that reaction then you add the Kiesel saw that kind of sandwiches.

how to charge and blonde together again wait 15 minutes add the keys with all again read llama in Spanish that's where that's the second time in the fuge 15 minutes in the previous steps that question in the previous steps or can you go ahead and run a few to immediately as implicitly implied in the book you can pretty much run it immediately like you know I would wait a couple minutes but you can pretty much my right away by centipede has Cooley what temperature do you recommend when spinning running as cold as you can but not without freezing it like I run it run it like running it like you know zero or likes it for I can we keep ours like for when when the when the refrigerator working at Isley keep it at 4 should the final clarify juice apart from being transparent also be color list no no no no clarify strawberry juices bright red thank God maginus like your scrubs remember the Roca is right like one Roca Jordi Roca those guys in El calor de can Roca like they used to do clear desserts

they would actually rotovap things and make them colorless because they're doing distillation distillation is the only real way the other than like you know stripping color with charcoal to make something that's how they do it with somebody and they strip the color out with that charcoal doesn't usually like that's clear is different from colorless so like strawberry juice if you can read a newspaper through it it's clarified but the newsprint necessarily get him he's not in the city going to look white and I mean it's going to it's going to look like the color so mind you should be kind of like a

very light green very light green thanks for the program is from Sweden questions first but just so you know we're running out of time so we will get to the punch Regency punch question on the next time I have a whole bunch of Regency punch so whoever rode in on fat washing and Regency punch I think it's bjd will get you next time on cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or at the podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us with questions anytime at Heritage Radio Network. Org

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