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Episode 190: Turkey Time

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in studios usual Nastassja Hammer Lopez NYU huh what style food stays what style of food are you studying University in Seattle then focusing on nutrition here and why you or

between people food nearby are meant for that connection or against it. We should probably start first tell me where you're going for the for the Thanksgiving the first time

first time ever first time ever first time ever I was like you guys come to our place in fact it's the last I don't know how many years do I cook the bird by the way to Harrisburg now sadly I don't have one either cuz I didn't ask him time to get one I'm sure now it's too late 20s you had a couple to believe so you know they're saying the various different ideas

never Brian yeah and I know you said that you know why they're serious is the liquid that you're adding really helpful for the flavor and also I do but I tend to do kind of us to actually do more of what Kenny says he's just going to rub salt into the parts that I want to get salty and then kind of wait for me to brine a bird's since usually every call the bones out of it anyway and so it looks like a sack of skin like a like a Men In Black you know Edgar suit / you know sort of like kind of sack of turkey and then I reconstruct it when I'm going to cook it so it looks like a whole bird again

I mean is Hobart I don't cut the skin I just rip all the bones out of some sort of alien creature so it'll be easy cuz I won't have to transport it a hundred miles like I usually do but your advice for the regular home took was not Depot in Whitby de bruyne I would go for the injection brining frankly which is what I'm going to be doing this year I don't think I'm going to do the full exoskeleton cuz I just I'm so swamped with with the work you know you know it takes you have to have the exoskeleton be part of your work or haven't I don't know what that I don't have time to do the exoskeleton this year but I prefer turkey the next day

Inez green stuff I'm not a cranberry on my on my on my turkey thing I mayonnaise mayonnaise tomato lettuce salt pepper maybe some mustard pretty much that's it accurate your turkey sandwiches

Fiesta Mart to what about the buy clothes over there

yes I'm the only one who doesn't love cranberry I have my cranberry next to it also like it's the stuffing is the big thing I mean really the turkey is there so you have a large cavity to shut for stuffing stuffing and I preheat that I pre pasteurize the stuffing in immersion circulator before I stuff it in at a temperature lower that takes us at the egg whites and then stick it in for the pain I want to hear anything about how I'm going to poison people because I'm not alright chatting on here anything's got it when should you have a Thanksgiving of a station with a college roommate with some frozen packages Mark simply Barre realist

Toby you can suggest some ideas for how to prepare the meat many of my fellow cooking issues fans probably remember your previous experiments with bear raccoon Beaver but I was wondering what you would suggest I do with the meat in light of your experience I have access to a circulator and a pressure cooker please advise also another question or two. It is a many of the other kind of food fears as well as dietary concerns like MSG in salt sodium I also appreciate it I worry about food and food production

days and three nights I probably shouldn't even has plenty to worry about

maybe I should be the subject my Nextbook my Nextbook not going to be cocktails stars is waiting for me to actually choose a subject for my Nextbook so she won't have to hear me wonder aloud the book is due in October but if I actually handed in the book Night over with you. Would you jump off of a bridge or something without David Copperfield raccoon raccoon was the worst the worst because I'm going to tell you

I've spoken to many Hunters on this issue and they swear on stacks of whatever book you choose holy that that young bear is delicious delicious delicious stuff I've never had it so I don't know I will say this that different animal is like Rosemary's Baby every pregnancy is different every animal that is kind of wild animal is going to cook how old it is Stephanie going to affect the flavor of the meat in the fat in it you know what condition the animal is in went when it died a how long he's been around in what kind of cut of meat you have so certain cuts of meat you know it's going to happen because he's cooked in a lot like you know a certain cuts of deer and whatnot elk all this kind of stuff but with something like a bear now do you say he says Frozen right

I think it's been awhile I got what's the first thing you have to do is when you're going to cook them choose when you going to cook and then kind of let it defrost and check your drip Los that's always what you want to do when you have a frozen piece of something and you don't really know how good the freezer was it was in her how is Frozen let the sucker thaw out and see what kind of a dripless you get out of it you get like if you sack of like you know like pinkish liquid then it's it's been subjected to some some mechanical damage in the freezer from freeze thaw cycles and then it's going to do in terms of what I was going to make a delicious whole muscle kind of me or not

take a piece of the meat off of the outside assuming it's not a small and then cook in a frying pan and then see where it is right after you do that look at the peace all over right and then if you think they could be a tender then slice off a small piece of it throw it in the bag and determined kind of where you want it do you want it to be like pork and I remember bear while they're can have trichinosis so you don't want to eat it raw Sienna see whether you want to take it like on the stakes I like 57 or what he wanted a little bit like I'm more like on the pork side like 60 61 62 Celsius Can you feel it that toughness is from connective tissue then let it ride for a day and then taste it if it's getting better let it ride a second

you're not going to get a lot with flavor because of the small piece of meat you're not going to a test but then you'll be able to see what kind of going on and you should be able to accomplish this before the piece that you've thought that you want to cook in its entirety goes bad and it's really if you have an unknown quantity of you haven't cooked a lot of the animal before that's really how I would proceed make sense online $6 you're on the air

how you doing

that's good I just real quick question for you I recently got some Ultra 1st Ave and I'm familiar with I'll just bring tree that's what I've always been using but I have a supplier in town here who could get me time for super cheap if I can get way more of it is there any major differences are setbacks as far as I understand I haven't used him a lot side by side right is that both of them are Spurs agglomerated easy to mix into won't Clump up when you try to mix it in what kind of family

I think one of them is potato and I think one of them is tapioca based right and one of them is tapioca it's one of those things when you're looking at tapioca starch vs. functionality I think you're mainly going to notice because one might have more or less thickening power than any other and I can never remember which one thickens more corn or or tapioca right but this is easy to look up so the fundamental difference between is fundamentally going to be the difference between corn starch and tapioca starch guess that the tapioca one in higher concentrations is probably going to be more elastic if you're going to do a lot of cook after you put this person if you going to do a lot of extra cooking some starches and again I haven't looked at the table so I can't remember which is which but some starts with Will thin out faster if you cook them a long time especially in the presence of acid

setting a big difference is going to notice as one might take a little more thicken it one more take a little more time than the other could be substantial I don't know I have to look at the curb and process stable then another but other than that I think you know if you're all right side by side with the tapioca the corn you think that the corn one would have

read more than tapioca

I don't know I mean like if you're having wheeping with I've never I've never use tapioca In Stocking in my house like cookie like tapioca starch for cooking so I don't really have a lot of experience and where you get less in a Reese's with the tapioca then with not you know what I would look up and see if you want to know about like weeping I would look up which one they recommend for pie fillings cuz if you like one of the good things for these things that you can you can mix it in with you know what's your fruit you won't get any clumping and then when you cook it up it'll take it out on you but you don't need to worry about functional eyes and you're cooking it out I don't know my mother died last week and I can try to look it up if you don't want me a while ago the difference but I got to look up the courage and see what whether or not one has less than a reason to me either but I think like a simple syrup search on like Ultra sperse you know M&M syneresis or weeping and I'll tell you which ones best kind of holding it back

okay I'll do that for sure

all right Missy go back to my phone's back in that most I swear it wants to turn off every 10 seconds okay on lemon sorbet with an e on it

Italian which likes clean the only problem is that I told too many bartender friends about it and they all together they gave him a copy as a present this Christmas I'm going to be bankrupt please Bank of yourself I buy my book I'm just getting my questions about juicing lemons and lemon sorbet yeah City water and 50 various sugars and stabilizers who clothed Buster's a complicated simple syrup this is not actually simple syrup will you call simple syrup is sucrose glucose syrup powdered dextrose maltodextrin in the Toots in your lands what's in sweet tea

weather for 24 hours then filter as freshly squeezed and filtered lemon juice plus water and turn in a batch freezer I like that they eat what makes sense is not for a Snapper Snapper cocktail dress for survey flavor and slight there after taste the meat to reduce oxidation it certainly well until a few days ago when I noticed that my lemons were noticeably funky like that's it I just read George Clinton's Memoir so noticeably funky to me sounds like a compliment because I just you know when a 250 pages of like the funkiest man ever stuck it's like super famous you know I like Funkadelic Funkadelic and Parliament it's kind of awesome to kind of see what was going on where they're just like what we want to see if we could like doing that in album we were high on acid or your

the weird by back and forth between the bands and how are trying to keep everything together and how you started with doo-wop and ended up with kind of function and he's very very Frank about kind of the commercialism of it and trying to like hit like what people wanted the same time it's kind of plow your way is really something and then you know also entry when he gets into stuff where I kind of lost track like that you know Adam post Atomic Dog stuff in the last night against the music basically the way that music industry is like full of crooks and thieves and stuff like that and and you don't answer the all the people in P Funk the P-Funk family that have died you know you know you're getting old and plus they lived hard now you got a house in my fantasies going through my head so I can play with my

funky hair not a good thing then squeeze the fresh ones that we see my nephew's I need this time the juice from the naked lemons are you the one that are peeled was terrible terrible terrible depending on how hard I was off waivers ranging from over steep chamomile tea do you like chamomile chamomile strawberry which would be good to rotten eggs which is not good the dependence on pressure seems to indicate that they were rotting or oxidizing from the outside-in I ended up throwing it all away and you some fresh ones my question is are we in the first place order the 24 hours in the fridge with no peel on them somehow ruin them I have peeled and grated lemons in the fridge all the time and I like to think that I would have noticed that it happened before but I can't be sure can I

infectious bad idea is there a way to invest in the juice and the same day should I for some fuses are with nitrous be able to finish the sorbet the same day if I do two lemons and backpack the juice with oxidized in 24 hours you can I freeze my plan on using a survey and where I would refreeze it without hitting any other thoughts and suggestions thanks and keep rocking w

if you're going to serve a sorbet right away then you know by all means use like super fresh lemon juice write a couple of days anyway then I think you might want to actually do the technique where you take the lemons from fresh through evil back to a different but good again what I mean by that is like the same way you do with lime juice where you do like a cordial where you actually take the juice and cook it with the sugar in the zest so I know this sounds weird you cook it right and then when you cook it it goes through being the evil detergent into something still has detergent notes what is good again because it's more of a cordial and cordials we like even though they're not fresh lemon but it's not going to have the fresh lemon flavor if you want fresh lemon you kind of have to do it the day of I don't know they don't have that much luck you can do with a nitrous but I think what you're going to want to do is just keep doing it to what you're doing with this Proviso

lemons are so it like a lot of times will get lemons and like I know what a batch 11 smells like when one or two that was about to go bad if not stored in the in the walk-in right so or in the fridge so you might have had some lemons that we're about to go off anyway so if we wish you were resisting him and you notice that they were noticeably soft then I was not I would dispute like juice that lemon right away or throw it away also like they're really kind of perishable once there once there's a state right because they're not super poorest so if they're totally dry like if you'll ever dry out a little bit before you put them in the fridge then they should be okay overnight but if they're wet and tacky and then there in a big box and a kind of packed together and takes a long time for them to kind of cool down or if you're not calling them at all like I have seen ones getting noticeably after up and funky and Susie from the outside say what you do is you smell your lemons before you do it I don't think that the inside of the lemon is riding out so I think you just got like a Confluence of bad events and got them look at what you think that

she's like she just stepped out and about it stopped on the back okay a comment from something we talked about before about ramen noodles this is from Michael mother masters of sound Ramen question Michael mother's masters of sound like that hello shipping container the resulting rehydrating instant ramen noodles then pan frying in oil with the contents of the seasoning pack optionally a beating a can you pour it in if you let the noodle set again into a disk rather than moving them around keep on moving on Michael mother Master the sound like why hate on the instant ramen noodles no no I didn't mean that like I almost I almost lost the family show okay

Joe calls in hey Dave

hey dummy yeah go online and tell you I can hear that go to I guess that's normal then so is my first time calling in question is I've got some really cool gauge stainless steel drums 55 gallon I'm looking to make a smoker out of them with some kind of stone that might help with the capacity anything I need to know about looking at what kind of stones to use also Pride down the road at some point I'll need to make a pizza oven out in the backyard so what do I need to know about Stones is there a preference sheet capacity cookware the funeral can I use concrete pavers should I get clay

and in the next couple of months for the Springs I'm going to be building a bread on them in the spring can finally going to get a piece of dirt outside the city where I can do whatever the hell I want which is good but the last time I researched this in Earnest while this is the second part of question was unfortunately like 7:15 or so years ago and the book was by the two authors were last name Wing last name Scott and it was called the bread Builders something right and in that book is and I'm sure it's outdated but how outdated can a bread oven be right up Stone bread oven that book and I maybe Jack and look up with exact title of it while I'm here is fantastic and it takes you kind of Soup To Nuts on like what to buy and how to build a stone bread oven or pizza oven and it was like I said I'm sure there's a newer references out there if it was kind of an awesome book a opener for me in general and it also is fun because

highlights a bunch of people that have built them or they're using them commercially and so I think it's a good read again in a long time and I'm sure it's outdated but that was like the book back dance I would definitely take a look at its not too expensive bread Builders Hearth Hearth loaves & Masonry ovens when it comes to lining a 55 gallon drum that's something that I've done more recent 55-gallon drum more recently here's what you got to look out for I would burn the hell out of it beforehand to get rid of any pain or anything. David naked stainless steel pharmaceutical food grade and it's cleaner to clean before I took it so it's good if you don't want permanent you going to want to always get a kind of bricks that are meant to be heated refractory style brakes right and so for that you're going to want a fire breaks cuz they're super easy

you can score on and break him with a chisel when you want to put them in and they're super cheap right and so you can do a layup with those things and then packing between them with refractory cement and then you know your kind of good to go you can put a hole in the bottom of it for an air vent and put it in and you know your set whereas the last time I did it I didn't have time to do anything we were Nastasia and and some of that was a cliff and Piper and I we all we build a Tandoor in at the SDI and we did it with with a like a big flower pot and a problem with using something like that they're going to shatter even if they can take the heat they're going to shatter then Chalisa the fire bricks are going to give you a little bit of that we like a layer of refractory cement is going to give you a little bit more leeway other ways you could go if you could build like a like poor Tabata past the bottom drill a hole right and make sure it's always refractory like refractory cement poured in your really care if that cracks very much and then you can build a form work

even put some in so that you can put some wire mesh on the inside to hold it and then pour almost like you're pouring for more concrete with a 2-minute I've done that as well but I think you might want to just do something simple like fire breaks to start to make sure they're cooking the way you want because that you can break down and reorganize if you didn't like it you know I'm saying I mean you can cast a lid if you want you can just cast like a lit out of or you could buy us when you can buy a hero around a round pizza stone if you want and you know masonry drill through it took to make like a Lyft for something like this and you can have a lid for it that way


alright thanks a lot for you to go and get that book another quick note for you guys just real quick I heard and your last ketchup episode I've listened to all of your episodes and I've listened to this is my second one light self-defense that don't talk to Lionel Messi about a week or two behind too much usually shorter now I'm glad you I'm glad you're listening mix on the if you're going to use fireworks or any sort of installation and he's going to want to test to see how long it takes for the outside of the barrel to get too hot for you to be comfortable with Anna just like the thickness that you're going to want to go to fire brick

you know I transmit Heat at a certain kind of rate and you might want to do like a you know sometimes you like want to see there's always a very very light light installation all the way around it so that it doesn't transmit heat nearly as in the dance or something is typically for a given amount of heat conduction study material has typically the denser it is the stronger will be but the faster it'll transmit the heat through want to make sure that you that you didn't know that you're it's not transmitting so much each of the outside that ends up being a problem I got to figure out whether it's you or talk about one layer or maybe a lighter refractory layer around the inside before you put the the fire breakdown

okay great thanks for the info quite a bit with your delicious I like pretzels quite a bit they are like you know they're kind of like you can't be in our God I don't like pretzels anymore I was like that's a lot you're lying to me because you look like me like we have the same DNA you like pretzels I like pretzels my dad like pretzels my grandpa like pretzels my great uncle Luke work in a pretzel factory during the Depression they come from Pennsylvania we eat pretzels if we do your Arnold DB pretzels

I'm quite a bit but I find that the pretzel salt will absorb into the bread over the course of the day leaving the bread with that leaving the bread without that Pleasant salt Crunch and considerably less attractive Asian massage prices here by the way I love New York City right I love it we are kind of known for having are pretzels on the street they universally suck they are universally wretched you and I mean like the standard pretzel

mustard mustard yes but they're like they're that they're the gin and tonic of street food because a street dog whether it's filthy or not is delicious it just is the guy whether he wiped his hands or wash himself before you serve for the hot dog hot dog tastes good pretzels one of two things happens to those little boxes sometime in the morning and they have no way to properly store a pretzel the way that they do a hot dog they store the hot dog hot dog water and a hot dog water keeps the hot dog at Optimum temperature Optimum moisture and Optum hot dog flavor basically from now until next Ice Age they're good

the buns are hot and so Define pretzels they keep them hot but they're either completely desiccated in which case like they're this awful in between say you're not a crunchy pretzel and they're not a soft pretzel there's some sort of make me sad so sad that some places from Madison Square Garden for the Madison Square Garden yesterday and he's pissed couple was like you know taking all these like Taurus photos I like you're standing for the ugliest building in all of Manhattan you could have picked any building in Manhattan other than this one to do your tourist like Antics why the hell station

the shooting in front of Penn Station and there they are like and like the taxi guy and I was laughing like what the hell is wrong with these people anyway pretzels I'm sure they're $4 that I don't know is this thing that you described and it's also promised salt Bagels which is why I saw Bagel you can really only order the morning it's made take it home and eat it right away is that if the bread still has any moisture left it will you get that really ugly wrinkled like remember the old guy from Poltergeist that sort of look on the outside of your pretzel which is Nightmare some out to the question I'm using Jeffrey Hellmann's recipe with a course pretzel salt as applied to the bread immediately after the lied if wishes at a 4% memory do alkaline with pretzel so to get that Darkness otherwise it just tastes like Bagels which is a mistake on a pretzel bagel

4% concentration is there anything I can do to avoid a look at it or perhaps he'll be a way to apply the salt right before service I plan to make a batch early in the morning and serve for Thanksgiving dinner 8 to 12 hours later thanks Joe okay

I went to a place with Washington DC where they have like the worst art for their food trucks in they're all made by the same terrible person and not a bad human but that artists are pretzels saltless and then wipes it with some sort of a mixture and then

into the salt and was terrible but that's what I'd recommend doing anyway even though it's horrible here's what I would do and if you don't mind kind of messing with the outside a little bit I what I would do is I would take the pretzels

I do this when I do like come on back like Buffalo like the beef on weck that you wear it with it caraway seeds and salt what I'll do is take the pretzels and make sure that they stay nice and moist don't let them dry out right and then a little more than even normal don't let him kind of flash then I know this is cheating so I'm going to get mad at me I don't care really big wash like a like a like a like a 50/50 egg white water beat it up and then brush it on the pretzels to the last minute to put the salt back over top just have to let the top

throw it back in the oven fairly high heat for just a couple of minutes to flash off the the moisture from the egg and to get it all set the pretzel the salt will stick I know this because I've done it before it's going to work for you and I think that's the best way to keep everything together yeah Paul Peterson wrote in about Tempe Tempe Arizona I guess I said I said Tempe and Allison's here and says the same Tempe UV for producing states on for about an hour and water bra

a circulator work with it I don't see that the temperature control is going to be a big Advantage here however vacuum bagging could be a big Advantage because you can use smaller quantities of things to do boils and you can keep flavors more concentrated also you can lock bottles in without boiling them off so I can see a situation here where vacuum bagging would be a big advantage of someone who actually makes it a lot next to produce my own tempeh but all the recipes that can find require adding a temp a culture but never discuss how to reuse or one's own culture from scratch or from a small amount of starter culture weather are you a small amount to do it

are there food safety issues issues such that grow in my own culture can potentially be dangerous or is it just too much of a hassle as easier quicker to continually buy used Tampa culture thanks Paul. Okay so first thing you got to know is that you had a minute to take longer than a long minute what's happening with the mycelium growth that you're eating and the

the organism that responsible and I can never pronounce anything and all you all know this is rhizopus and I forget which rhizopus it is but it's always rise up its species of things that are the question is how do you get from a wild starter these things just growing and then the question is because there are rides a bit strained that can make a nasty nasty things right so what are you do well it turns out that if you look up the book the book that I would look up is from microbiology microbiology and Technology of fermented foods 2006 Robert Hopkins I guess if the editor of it and basically

asked whether or not wild fermentation is dangerous given the fact that there are various rise of a strange that are that do make enterotoxins things that are bad this is the direct quote as is the case with other mold fermented foods EG soy sauce and miso the wild or pure culture strained use for Tempe production do not produce mycotoxins and so just showing her that now they just don't seem to do it and there's also there are new world they take hibiscus flowers and specifically in Indonesia this in Indonesian hibiscus and the leaves of the Hibiscus have a preferential culture of these rise up acai trains so that they literally wrap the leaves around the other being Let It Grow that way and that's how they get the culture so if you have a hold of hibiscus leaves maybe you a trap

call US base hibiscus leaves will give you the same sorts of results you can try it and apparently it won't according to this book member not me saying and I don't know. According to this book when you're doing it according to the recipes typically ones that don't kill you are the things that grow so if you can get some looks like Tempe from rapping with a hibiscus leave and you can find online I would look up in that in that book how to do it you probably won't. Probably want that man to be a lot easier just to make it alright listen to going to kick me off here so Happy Thanksgiving Happy turkey Happy Thanksgiving

has Nastasia cheering what I don't know what I'm going to do I don't know what they're their own radio show us

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