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Episode 19: Thanksgiving Episode

welcome to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network on Dave Arnold multiplications were here with Miss Tosha the Lopez Hammer alive every Tuesday from noon to 12:45 this is the Thanksgiving version of the show called with all of your cooking related questions technical or not to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and not a break with tradition the stash is going to read our sponsors copy go ahead cuz she says I'm a jerk that's why I'm having her do it so you write Cabot cheese for your favorite party recipes that the Great Taste of cabot cheese make them even more special award-winning Cabot cheese 100% of our profits go to New England and New York Farm families

on the way back Cabot cheese. Com nice while we're waiting for our first caller I will start with some of our email questions here's one from inside for a novice candy maker this is Steve from Miami he's trying to make a pumpkin Maple caramel from from and he wants to add bourbon to it but he's worried that that is going to affect the texture of the caramel using the weather the weather enough of the Bourbons going to evaporate out by the time the caramel reaches 240 Fahrenheit on the thermometer okay he's also curious can you smoke the caramel as it's cooling down with a polyscience Smoking Gun Etc cedra cedra okay so here's my here's the good news on this if I read that I read the recipe and the recipe is fairly standard for a caramel except for a Cooks it to a slightly lower temperature but it has a lot of pumpkin puree

Phoenix I'm thinking at the pumpkin puree is maybe the reason why it's cooked to a slightly lower temperature than normal paranormal caramels will be cooked a little bit over 240 Fahrenheit somewhere I can't remember I've been a long time since I cook the caramel the probably in the morning range like 248 Fahrenheit something like that but the good news is is that if you cook it to the same temperature you're going to have the same water content so when you're cooking a candy out right all you're basically doing is ensuring that you have the the exact amount of water removed from the system that you want so once you assuming that all the psychology of the same right to pumpkin puree excetera excetera assuming all the solids are the same and that you know 99% of the alcohol evaporate it out once you reach those high high temperatures the good news is that you will have the same water content in your candy until your texture will be the same so my feeling is that is that if you cook to the same temperatures the addition of the Bourbons not going to make that much difference that's why

amount of water added to a candy cook at the beginning is really not that important you know plus or minus a little bit because you're good that it's the temperature that guarantees that your that your candies going to have the right the right texture and that's the great thing about cooking candies right and Sasha and actually we can go to our block video blog post on making dragon's beard candy which is a hand-pulled cotton candy made will talk about that a little later little later on in the program to the second part about whether or not you can smoke it with a Smoking Gun I'm sure I'm sure that you can I have never done it this The Smoking Gun made by polyscience is kind of a beefed-up version of a so you're the history of that so basically they used to sell a little vacuum cleaners for like vacuuming out your keyboard's I had one because I was a huge geek used or bride so

little things that clean out the keyboard yeah so anyway I didn't know you were that much of a cake I love that so good to know about to start Point some enterprising a pothead was like Hey if I put the battery in upside down and put pot in the top of it and light it on fire I don't even have to suck on the pipe to get the smoke out right so so it has was born this new thing basically this kind of automatic pot pipe right so then at some point in the late 90s some chefs in Europe I think you know the first person I saw was when Roca that demonstrated Madrid fusion and I think oh oh I don't know 5 or something like that or 4 and basically chest and started using it to inject smoke into things and you don't want the fame some of the famous presentations were one Roca took a close you know the little the glass like like pheasant under glass old-school kind of clothes

and then necklace made bail and then and then injected smoked into it I like to play the dish on their on their plate part of the clothes and then injected smoked into the Bell part and then brought it over to the diner the lifted the top and then the smoke billow out it would perfume the area blah blah blah blah blah they have another famous dish where they had like a basically slipper shaped glass bowl that they then like a shield a piece of plastic over the top made a pinprick hole in it and then injected smoked into it and then every time your spoon they played it on top of the plastic every time your spoon hit it would throw a smoke ring up there some of the famous dishes that are made with Philip rest in our good buddy from polyscience who makes the circulator on the circulator we use immersion circulator you know what you should know what it is kind of a beefed-up version of a pot pipe gone foods that use to inject smoking I have one I don't really use it that often so I'm not I'm not I'm not that much of a wealth of knowledge on on that but it should

this is a very long way of saying it should work however you might be better off if you want a traditional smoke flavor not just a little hint of smoke actually smoking it in a cold smoke or so a lot of people have and you can look it up modified smokers to be able to produce a cold smoke mainly by removing the smoke Source from from away from this chamber and then running the smoke through a pipe that they packed ice or cold water on a run water over but yes that should work and II there's one about the caramels and then any good sous vide sweet potato ideas yes can we have some we've done some work with CVV and sweet potatoes those of you that I don't know brand new listeners don't know what the hell I'm talking about any sort of cooking in a vacuum bag and a particular sous vide is useful useful way to do low temperature cooking low temperature is where we control the temperature where we could very very accurately and it lets us do some interesting special effects and one of them happens to be with sweet potato

okay so sweet potatoes contain an an enzyme beta amylase are a lot of things contain that use the same beta-amyloid similar did Emily switch use Brewer's to convert starch to sugar and so what happens if you keep sweet potatoes at a very accurate temperature let's say 6062 65 Celsius to 60 Celsius probably better now now 5055 what he thinks. I have to go look at 8:55 I don't want to kill the enzyme and I don't want to you know I have the you-know-what strike what I just said this is like not necessarily safe but cut a sweet potato into pieces back in on high to get rid of the air put it in the in a bag maybe wait a little while or not

is it not safe 40 do it at 40 Celsius right 4245 set up only for like two two and a half hours and then rampa temperature to kill anything that you've grown during that time cuz you're still within the safety limit right so what that'll do is that will

cause of beta amylase to start breaking the starch down on the inside of that sweet potato and make it even sweeter okay then there's it's interesting I haven't really run the studies we've done it to try and make a sweet potato sweet or before but they're certain enzymes that you actually need to activate at a at a higher temperature that will eventually destroy the enzyme but in order to actually Liberate the enzyme in a way that it can touch the cellular tissue to need to get to a high enough temperature to have that happen the one I'm thinking of a suspected meth last racist a potato strengthening and there any cell wall strengthen the enzyme typically you need to circulate in the area of 6265 Celsius to get that to work but we've had good results with with sweet potatoes in the 40 to 45 range then you wrap a temperature up to almost simmering to cook the potatoes through in the sweet potatoes through any advantages of cooking in a bag is it you can get yours no flavor loss and there's no flavor Edition in or out so you have like a nice-looking potatoes they're not the kind of roasted but they have that in common with a roasted potato the fact that it has

water down by cooking it in a cooking it in a liquid and also it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't look shriveled or anything so it's very good sweet potatoes are actually in the bag we do it all the time and you can wrap up the sweetness by by doing a pre-treatment in the bag and then by the way when you're at 40 Highway and then slowly ramp at it like 45 Celsius I would slowly ramp the temperature up to today you know the simmering point to get to cook but you're going to take a long time to cook in the bag a lot longer than it would normally take to cook in a pot more like it would take one if you were going to roast it because it takes a long time to break to actually break down that this structure is a sweet potato in the absence of a lot of excess water right so it's going to take more more like the time it would take to roast and the time it would take to in time to take to boil and I would definitely going to cut them into smaller pieces this making any banks NC Thanksgiving Thanksgiving episode of cooking issues

just leave I hope I answered that question okay now I have a question from Teddy devico and teen Chef Teddy. and he says that I recently had an awesome meal wd-50 wd-50 is my brother-in-law's restaurant in in downtown New York actually two blocks from my house and you know I love I love Wiley I love his cooking and Teddy says widely uses transglutaminase a lot in his food shrimp noodles cold Fried Chicken excetra is it possible to glue skins to skin to proteins for example you take the skin off the back of a chicken and then wrap it around the breast of the chicken skin will be wrapped around the whole breast oh yes oh yes Teddy that's more than possible that that is like what we do basically every day every day but whenever we took with me we're off and doing stuff like that so for those of you that don't know transglutaminase is an enzyme that glues are different proteins together any protein together it's fantastic

I love it anyway you can sprinkle it on like it's powdered sugar you put the two pieces to meet together that you want to do together you let sit for hours dun dun beautiful any Serious Eats fantastic stuff but we don't just glue a chicken skins to chickens with blue chicken skin steaks right so we make up the chicken fried steak you like that Rice does the movie that like to take a skirt steak and reglue chicken skin to it let sit for hours and we can fry it and it has the skin of a chicken which is like one of God's Great Creations chicken skin right skin solution and but you know the inside of skirt steak which is also delicious so yes you can use it for a lot of stuff you can actually buy it it's not cheap if it's like $80 for a kilo but if you store it in the freezer it's either they say six months but really I've had used it longer than a year and is that a blue a lot a lot of me together when you buy your transport Ammunition by the way they company is ajinomoto

tell that sells it and the brand name is a Activa you're going to want to get Activa RM from ajinomoto you can buy it directly from ajinomoto at IGA Foods USA or I think I think the sanctuary might sell it I think Terrace by Smite salad as well online and you get it store in your freezer and then make sure they're always goes back to the freezer that's that's how you you know they're going to keep it okay you want to do all your glowing in 20 minutes and if you need to test it put it on a piece of raw meat and then it should smell a little bit like a wet dog or wet wool sweater and that smell go away I've never been able to detect that when I'm when I'm eating it it's just showing you the reactions happening it's a good way to test test out your Miku for more information on transport a mayonnaise please go to my blog cooking issues. Com quick on the primers Link at the top and go to which it cost I just called translate Japanese Army clue

my exhausted and whatnot so go go check that take a break Toyota first commercial break calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

all right

weather back to cooking issues coming to your life calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 we got an interesting email in from Steve who's basically just sent you some information not really a question but I thought it would be interesting if I'm interested microwaves a microwave does not really I really I am interested in almost everything but you know back when I was a kid I use the microwave mainly to melt butter and to blow up light bulbs to things like blow up Globe light bulbs melt chocolate melt butter but thanks for the internet there's a whole bunch of people out there doing very very interesting things in microwaves and Steve points out that if you if you search up neon lamp neon lamp microwave there's these guys in Holland who have any college that a series of videos on how to visualize the patterns of energy in a

I basically using a piece of phone call yet they stuck a bunch of tiny neon lamps in and then you put it in the in the oven and it's like a grid and you can see the pattern of life that's form and the pattern of light they tested the light is basically showing you the intensity of the of the wave in that particular magnetic of the electromagnetic waves and microwaves in that in that area and then they have a couple videos where they show like they put some water in and you can see how the how the placing a load the water is basic a load of dirt in the microwave affect how they the radiations be distributed in the rest of the Inn of the microwave it's really quite interesting they show some in the in that you know that they have the thing in the top having the bottom they have in the middle to have a spinning and it's in a better than any other technique I've seen including the put in the flour and then burning it and things like that really shows real-time what the what the pattern of energy is the big downfalls in the microwave is the unevenness of the energy absorption

and the fact that if you put something in it changes the change of the cooking characteristics of the entire oven cavity that's basically the big drawback of microwave you know that and friendships like you have some weird phenomena as if something starts a jar in the microwave or if there's things on it that are charged already they preferentially preferentially absorb microwave energy that the Bigfoot decarbonize areas do and then get even hotter and then catch on fire things like that men are some fun things about microwave a very interesting experiment and it's made me for the next time we do the Harold McGee class it's made me think that you know. I'm going to do this but I I want to go crazy with it I want to add it don't do this don't like don't don't ever do this but the reason the reason that hole size at there's a there's a mesh right in front of your microwave and that you can kind of see through right in the reason it's not bigger than that is is that that measures designed such that the microwave which has a wavelength much

larger than that whole can't propagate at all through that mess right really knew they can make it a little bit bigger but they wanted to be 100% safe even said so you put your eyeball against the door of the microwave would she know my mom always told me not to do it's not going to fry at fry out your eye but if you stayed back on it a little bit you can have a bigger hole like pencil size right so don't ever do this but I got to thinking like you could put like a slightly bigger hole and I can put an Armature in that I could actually manipulate the load on the inside have like a series of lamps on the inside and then manipulate a load so you can really see by moving the load around in real-time what was happening what he thinks. She's shaking her head I don't want anyone else to do it but I'm not going to cry myself I mean seriously don't but like I will recommend you do it before the next time we do the McGee class I mean I've all the sudden like seeing this seeing this these posts by the way only have

13 views it's crazy yeah you should go look at them they're really cool it's like some of the best visualization of microwaves I've seen and ran it no no we haven't posted once I got a little more on my credit so Steve it a really interesting thing when he was an undergrad in physics undergrad his Professor asked him the whole class I guess could you measure any fundamental constants physical constants in in your kitchen and so he came up with a fun way to measure the speed of light so microwaves have a known frequency write your microwave oven operates at a known frequency it said forget what it is or something like 2.4 gigahertz or something like that in that area 2.4 gigahertz memory what he did was

he stuck a bar of chocolate a big bug a slab of sheet for the bar of chocolate into the microwave and then turn it on on high right so you think is on high because you need to establish a standing wave has to be a standing wave pattern and then looked to see exactly when the surface started to melt a little bit on the on the bar pulled it out and measure the distance between the the two points of melting in the greater good what is melted and then using that to calculate the high-power regions right let you type our Region's going to be half of a wavelength multiplied by 2 and then you have the you can calculate if you know how many cycles per second it is and you know how long the wavelength is right then you can calculate the speed of light and so he was able to calculate the speed of light and he got within 3% of the correct answer using a regular household ruler a microwave in a bar of chocolate that's very cool microwave

that's good too cool tricks Steve I like that that's good thinking and plus I'm sure you made some sort of delicious brownie with chocolate when you are done at least that's what I would do that's what I seriously that's all I used to use the microwave for besides blowing up light bulbs and eggs was melting chocolate for brownies but have I talked about my dangerous sent a few friends and you say you do it alone but it's like hey I'm going to run the centrifuge open stand behind me in film it and if it's not open but listen to EpiPen CR just admitted to me that I don't want to give people the wrong impression I'm Pro safety here like seriously Pro safety but sometimes I will do things that some people might consider unsafe but I feel like I have a handle on so centrifuges right

are you not supposed to run them open ever because it's not too bad idea like you know a lot of force involved if the if there's a lot of these parts are made of aluminum aluminum testing fatigue at any minute if something goes wrong a bucket could blow out if a few something separate things based on density the one I have that will be a couple of the ones I had have swinging bucket rotors which means it's basically like holding a paint pail on the end of a stick and spending it at 4000 RPM generator 4000 * the force of gravity right so it seems kind of speeds every gram is equal to about 4 kg so they use aluminum because it's lightweight and so you can spend it a lot faster otherwise a massive be too high and you wouldn't be able to spend it problem is aluminum fatigues and it can be unpredictable and basically just give out on you at any moment as any of you may have known like in with you never had an incident with aluminum bicycle most Luna bicycles a great my bicycle is made out of aluminum the point is is that the thing like

they can go away first. Now that the one I'm using is safe as long as it's not like you're not sorting it a safety mechanisms unfortunately I know how to afford all the safety mechanism so I can run it with the lid open what you should never do so nastasha saying it's unsafe but I want to take a video of the thing while it's running by the way there is a centrifuge it's made by labconco call the Central app that is made with a clear top that we can a Nana comes with a stroboscope so you can see it running while it's going but it only does very small samples but maybe we can borrow one or use it anyway I bought a half inch thick piece of a really tough me it's not quite bulletproof at only a half inch but like half inch thick lexan and then I used you know like 4000 pound rated ratchet, long stick to ratcheted down to the stop the centrifuge after I defeated the safety so I can run with the lid open and we took some videos of the centrifuse running and I used a stroboscope you know what like a strobe that with a variable speed on its own

like kind of Frieza buckets were looking at him so maybe sometime we will do a video what do you think so I wasn't going up on the web navigate off my butt and do some more do some more work for the body such a pain in the behind so so there you have it that's a centrifuge and safety but I don't want like I said I don't want any of you guys having the impression out there that I do things that are there unsafe I wouldn't that's not that's not the case right now and we're going to take a break in a couple of minutes but we're going to start our turkey Thanksgiving turkey Extravaganza set up note so we have a nice note in from

can burnt from Scituate Mass Diagnostic in Brooklyn and his question is why is he still alive after eating his mom's turkey all right so his mom just read it right so basically he loved by the way his mom's Thanksgiving turkey right so his mom slathered a turkey with garlic this is his quote mom slider the turkey with garlic a couple days before Thanksgiving cover it with aluminum foil and kept it on the enclosed back porch this is New York City in the 50s and 60s some here's some years we had snow that many of those years how to play Touch football in the street wearing a t-shirt garlic may have had some minor antimicrobial properties which it does but could not overcome sitting in a climate at 50 degrees for 2 days 8 impractical that cannot be absolutely sure but I don't think that Mom started with a frozen bird the fact that none of us ever got sick from The Turk the fact is none of us ever got sick from the turkey as a matter of fact mom's turkey dinner was renowned in the fan

eagerly anticipated each year before the event and then finally recalled afterward by as many as 25 people at a sitting with all that I still ask why am I still alive it's an excellent question can I'm glad that you are still alive but I did a little bit of a little bit of research on this but the first thing that pops into my head is I wonder whether your mom also put some salt on the outside of the bird that's well as garlic brightness of the garlic is antimicrobial and salt on the outside of the bird would be would also help which she probably did even if she didn't start with afros and the only thing I'm curious about is the aluminum foil because I think it would stop kind of the rotting would be kind of good airflow in a cool environment right so it's actually going to take quite a while for something to spoil at 50 degrees is 50° it would take a while for something to spoil out in those kind of temperatures especially because if the cavity right which is contaminated and

if the outside of the burger just contaminate is exposed to air flow relatively dry air flow to the one thing is is that it in and we're New York this part of time of year in New York even if it's not very cold it's also not very humid so there's not a lot of moisture so I would assume that you would get basically a pellicle sort of dry coating that would form on the outside of the bird on the inside cavity and that to a to a good extant would help prevent somebody spoilage bacteria from growing right on its own and they add the garlic would also help prevent some spoilage bacteria the inside of the muscle is swimming at the butchering is done properly is relatively sterile right and so is not going to have a lot of bacteria growing so as long as it's not really warm and really moist I'm not surprised frankly that it didn't didn't spoil now that the food safety people are going to go crazy on me hear but listen listen if you look back in the day right when you hunted Birds what are you do you hung them up right so in the NBA

days when you go hunting and in a lot of the hunting season for these kind of bird would starting to fall right and then continue the winner but in the fall you would and relatively cool weather like this you would hang bar stage and it would happen during this hanging. Right whether you drew it or not in oatmeal got it or not is the meat would become more tender especially on something like you're a wild bird is going to be tough and stringy they hanging is going to be higher temperatures like 50 years or so is going to encourage the enzymes in a meat to break down to meet a little bit and stop it from being so tough and so it's also probably improve the flavor so this is a time-honored technique I was reading actually like Texas Hunters Magazine from like 2004 or something they they they were saying why don't we go back to aging and hanging meets but I was not able to find anyone who's done I didn't look too much I mean I'd like to look more but I was not able to find any scientific studies

find the microbiology of hanging hanging game you know what I mean so I know that you know they recommend that if you shoot something that you know if it's been hit really hard with shot and shot penetrates the intestines right then you can't really hang for too long because you contaminated the meet with stuff that's that's nasty but a relatively well killed animal write a poetry especially we know would be would be home for a while and in fact most people don't die and just to go even further me it's not necessarily that it's a it's a it's a specious argument right to say the dead just because I haven't died doing something friends but sad cross the street every day and don't look right just cuz I'm not dead doesn't make it a safe practice but on the other hand techniques like this to go back you know since time immemorial hanging hanging birds out and not at this is exactly the same because it's a you know it's a it's a bird that you got from the supermarket

Thor from wherever you know sometimes he's old practices they have validity and they just haven't been validated yet but through scientific research we are baby has been I haven't done enough research but a lot of people especially with food safety tend to argue on the extreme side of hundred percent safety so there's many things that are forbidden by food coach blue regulations that would be safe they just haven't been adequately studying so we know one way to get things into so I'll give you some more examples like you to go to Chinatown and you see all the meat hanging in the window right and that's that's in the danger zone for a long time right so why is that safe well that the meats already been cooked so presumably the bacteria on the inside with the exception of spores has been knocked out by the cooking process then it's hanging right in relatively warm environment but it's painted with a shellac of stuff that has a very low water activity write each other all glazed all that meat in the window is glaze or has a dry fry

the service on the outside and because there's no there's not a lot of water on the outside which is where bacteria would be infiltrating right from the outside fan not going to come from the inside you killed all those because of that there's not a really good place for bacteria start growing and so you don't die and that's why you can go to Chinatown get one of those Ducks has been hanging in the window all day and eat it without dying right anyway so you know the only thing that confuses me a little bit is aluminum foil because I would think that you might be able to like Harbor some bacteria where the aluminum foil is touching the bird because because they are you wouldn't be dry enough you might have I can waste environmentally caused some problems but also most spoilage bacteria you be able to smell so if a turkey started to go south on you you probably know it you know what I mean anyway actually question and you know my family would never eat it if I tried that technique but apparently it made for a delicious Thanksgiving turkey and we're going to go to a break with more on Thanksgiving turkeys when we come back all your questions to seven

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you're listening to cooking issues on a Heritage Radio Network calling all your questions going to be another 15 minutes or so to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 so we we're at the flashlight when talking about turkey safety and particularly you know early fifties and sixties Brooklyn garlic sitting on the porch turkey strange the question but now I'm going to turn into the kind of perennial question that people say is what about stuffing the turkey right to all the food safety sources they tell you not to stuff your turkey before hand and the reason is because they're worried that you're not going to get the inside of the stuffing up to temperature in time right or the 8th or you're not going to cook the stuffing at all to the proper temperature and that you is going to have possibly and unsafe situation the other thing that could theoretically happen is that stuff could grow in the stuffing during the time while it's heating up because it takes a long time to heat up right to get to the center and show your app to increase your chances for

having a serious foodborne illness coming out of your turkey hear my feelings on that if you stuff a bird write your grass typically increase in the amount of time it's going to take to cook the bird because all of a sudden like you know it's become a lot a lot bigger things so he can get into the cavity if it's open it's going to roast a lot quicker because you have a lot fewer inches of me to go through a double the number of inches that something has to go through to get up to temperature radically radically radically increases the amount of time it takes to cook it right so first of all from but just for a time management standpoint it takes a long long time to cook a turkey with stuffing in it so your your app to not hit a high enough internal temperature to have that stuff and be safe so they recommend that you don't you don't do it right and it's true you know I don't like to put my bird in like you know some people who shall remain nameless nastasha put the bird in it like the beginning of the day

unlike take up like a like a burnt Cinder out at dinner time and you know try to crack it with a hammer and servant to people like that's not how I meant to do in turkey's anyway but there's a way to really do this right is too kind of precook your stuff in a little bit and then shoving it into your burden this is a good alternative but it's kind of unsatisfying because you're going to be cooking the stuffing before you put it in the bird that's no good if you have a circulator here's my Thanksgiving stuffing stuffing tip for you by my listeners who have immersion circulators make your stuffing before hand write put it in a ziplock bag you don't be too mean to it but like you put in a ziplock bag and let you know make it fairly compressed right and circulated at 57 Celsius for like an hour right before you're going to put it into the turkey now when I say 57 I am assuming that you're keeping your packs of stuff look like thinner than about an inch right your Ziploc bags are bad only about an inch thick or less 25074 like

our an hour and 20 minutes right later that should kill almost anything in that stuffing right plus bus now that stuffing is it 57° C is good and I'll tell you why there's nothing in most stuffing mixtures unless you're doing an oyster stuffing or you're doing a like a like a like a roast beef stuffing there's nothing in there there's going to get damaged by 57 degrees Celsius right to the binder and most stuffing mix is going to be eggs right eggs are basically raw uncooked 257 put it like the time that were that were talking about Rob pasteurized bread is going to be relatively unaffected by these temperatures cook sausage unaffected by these temperatures things like celery like onions that you sweat sweat it out all the textures and taste of that stuff I'm going to be pretty much not affected by 57 Celsius so and that's like 135 degrees Fahrenheit somewhere in that range right

a medium-rare for steak so you circulated for like an hour hour-and-a-half up to two hours or so in a ziplock bag right and now you have Hot Stuff ain't right now it's time to cook the bird so you have the bird cavity salt out the Insignia put salt over the inside with sauce going to help kill some of the bacteria on the inside of a butt make it taste good and then take like a clean pair of dishwashing gloves nice thick gloves that you can hold something is 57 for a while without burning and stuff the bird with the hot stuffing like directly out of the ziplock put a circulator stuff to burn at the hot stuffing now stuffing is safe right and you know you're going to be cooking it like up to the thing and it's also going to give the bird a jump start on cooking right what it was so funny what if Josh is having some sort of lewd thought about stuffing hot stuff but I did see stuff it up with this stuff and then you're giving a jump Starts Now the turkey is going to cook faster it's going to cook like

insides it's going to get a jump-start so it's going to be I think it's going to be a better Byrd all around I haven't had time to test it but I think that the technique in general is a good one is going to give you a better and more even cooked turkey so anyway that's my Thanksgiving tip for for you folks out there now on to my Thanksgiving so I might know if you read last year we developed a technique for cooking turkeys been involved boning glove boning where you basically turn the turkey inside out and you turn a turkey inside a trip out all the bones and you don't cut it so it's like basic it's called love Bonnie but you've basically like reaching into a turkey and ripping its bones out and leaving it whole and so you have this basically this turkey Sac right now so take out the bones of the of the legs and the reason I do this but because I want to speed up the rate at which it Cooks right because if it turns out if you cook a turkey for a long time at low temperature in an immersion circulator

the meat can get kind of fiber even if it's not overcooked I want to keep the cook time down to about two hours so I remove the bones because that's extra mass right then I take out the bones in the legs cuz the legs want to come to a higher temperature than the brat right right right right legs are going to want to come to about 66 Celsius in that range and the in the breast and I want to come to about 6465 Celsius also at the legs take too long to cook especially the low temperatures or you're not going to overcook the hell out of them the redness by the where the bones are never goes away so you got to cook fast so what we do is if you take aluminum I make an aluminum skeleton and I pump hot oil through the aluminum skeleton the cookie from the inside out for like an hour or something before I drop it into the rest of the hot fat and then cook the whole thing at the at the slightly lower temperature so I give the legs of jumpstart I cook them through a 65 cuz they can also cook a lot longer than the breast without turning kind of fibrates then I dropped the whole burden you think it took the whole thing through and butter pick it up cool it down and then when it comes Thanksgiving time we just like spray hot

fat over it no but Crispin up with a fryer serve out of bird delicious awesome also it has no bones so you can just slice it oh I forgot used to be put aluminum foil into the cavity to keep it popped up during the cooking otherwise it's also I used to circulator so that I can cook the inside and the outside at once you know whatever I'm so this year and the other thing about it so I can cook a giant turkey like this for the first time I did I do like a 30 pound turkey and this time this year I'm cooking a smaller turkey cooking a Heritage breed turkey and actually cooking one from Heritage Foods DIY you know they update the patrons of this Vine radio network and I'm cooking one of their Narragansett berceau Narragansett is an old breed that is derived from a cross between an old commercial Place Norfolk something I think and wild are you indigenous turkeys

my stepfather let me see him all the time my stepfather show divorced from the idea of food coming from anything other than the supermarket that we saw a like a like a gaggle of the wild turkeys running across the lawn when Daddy looks look fresh turkeys I'm like fresh they're alive what do you mean anyway that turkey is a Heritage breed this one the one I have is about 16 pounds or so and so it's already been found inside and out and as soon as we get back to me they're sold out this year anyway so you can't get it's too late is too late this is for next year that you should be getting a Heritage turkey there you know some people they want to know why so much but these these turkeys are raised by kind of small farmers and they're they're processed nicely and then the ship to you they're harder to grow and they're done in smaller numbers and yeah you're only do it once a year so you spend the extra money on your feet don't you don't you love your family

cooking is Narragansett this bird and I'll report back a hopefully next week because I'm assuming it's going to be incredibly delicious of the meat that they did choose his breeds not just because their Heritage but because the meat quality the Rays not just because they grow faster have a high with it was called feed conversion ratio where they could basically turn you know what they can produce X number of pounds of turkey for X number of pounds of grain these breeds are chosen presumably because the meat taste better so you know I am I'm going to put the soon as I get back to work today I'm shoving you human skeleton into this one you can read about the Old Post online we're going to cook it up I'm going to take it up to Westchester and we will report back next week right okay so and with a couple of a couple of things here's one so I did an article for cooking issues. Com about eating weird Meats Popular Science then approached me and said we wanted

Yoki write a modified version of that for for our block right I like Popular Science has been very kind of me in the past the Food Network star wrote something there about me very nice and you know we like popular side but whoever edited the piece kind of sex it up a little bit and made me sound kind of like a bloodthirsty animal hating monster a little bit right right and I didn't even know it so all the sudden I start getting all these negative comments on the Block which I've never had before and then to stasha goes and looks at at at the actual Popular Science website and there is literally someone there who threatened to kidnap me fatten me up not necessary by the way is Siri and then you know so they can save me some time right they thought they have to spend an extra week to fatten me up totally unnecessary and

kill me and then serve me to his dog right for me to his dog and and here's my question right your dog's a mediator why aren't you mad at your dog right anyway I mean that's crazy right thing I have so many people I am not a cruel heartless bastard but not about that not about the atom has no I get all these people riding in about these weird animals at reading saying that you know we are terrible people their second like specially like there's a picture of a whole cooked raccoon on the on the on our block right and they're like that whole raccoon is revolting. Something your child doesn't look like a cook raccoon Stasi you know what I'm saying my point is this right they would prefer that meat eaters have no idea that they were eating an animal they would prefer that everything be package

so you can kill animals in discriminately and never know that there was an animal involved at all right so when a meat eater actually is honest as like here is a whole animal we have took a beating like that's revolting crazy right not logical people are illogical and plus I will end on this one but I will end on Happy Thanksgiving but it will it will end on this one right like how is the life of a raccoon more a gust more worthwhile than the life of a pig which is clearly a smarter animal just more delicious the pigs only fit the picture though the picture I'm not a believer that stuff that you do should be hidden behind closed doors I just don't believe that anyway Happy Thanksgiving to you and you and your family you and your own from cooking issues in the Heritage Radio network will talk to you next week

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