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Episode 188: Late from Brooklyn

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questions to someone to stuff you can have some of the nice if we can't be nice today

hey Dave it's Michael Jackson how you doing

I hear running late today yes yes I am I'm sure you know that well enough to call in late and only have to wait a couple of minutes no problem just want to let you know I just got this cocktail book I don't know if I have heard of that are there are as I think you point out a couple of the people there are a couple of typos in it they were going to fix for the next printing because so many type of data points in it listening like one of the Manhattan recipe that has that along with a couple other people like a one just got drop so excited fat 3/4 of vermouth instead of 1 3/4 right

for that that when they did the layout on one of the charts like a bunch of the acid percentage is got switched into this weird numbers to get it all fixed up forget little because I'm at Grant I can see this was going to have my game considerably appreciate it and you know what are the things in the book that address him in the face in the future is that currently are lime clarification technique that I use you wouldn't use it at home you wouldn't use it if you can have a centrifuge work if you had a really good Center for you is like when it's a good I mean you know upwards of forty thousand years or something like this you know you could

if I lime juice without any of the clarification AIDs that I use but I think one of the things for research maybe you can look into it is this a fungal Titus and the cuz they're the one thing that we use it's not a vegetarian is is kind of sandwiches are consuming but it is a processing a that we're using this of animal origin and I'd like to be able to get rid of its that's like one of the casino cuz I think I might mention somewhere and I can't remember because it's a long book but on the air many times is that I think it's entirely fair for you know a vegetarian to assume that they can not worry about the cocktail menu unless you know unless it obviously stayed something van Borg and you know

real though it's not the case with someone finding agency what they're using so you know what kind of sand is used as a binding agent right on writing mean you pay taxes to people that that eat meat all the time and we know we pay tax I'm sure like many other people that you know we hire in the government already know not just meat eaters but like actual bad people like you know tortured people like all kinds of horrible stuff and it's always good to push as far as you can until you know in a direction you always learn more you push the more you learn

that makes me so do you have any ideas of things that can be used instead of kind of sensible I'm well there is a the EU there is a fungal e derived kind of sand and we got a sample of it at the bar but it's one of those things where I didn't have time to run the test myself and it it fell through the cracks like no one was able to come up with a good protocol for it comes in powdered form and you know everyone was used to using the solution to cut his hand solution so you know I don't know that you know fully available here in in the US but there's no reason why I kind of sand can't be fungal produced and I think that you're with the increasing number of people that want you know full disclosure of the processing units are used in things that you'll see more of a a switchboard extending this in general regardless of regardless of anything else you know what I mean

right well and have nots latest are lucky Peach Point out the shrimp industry is Royal masculina stay away from that would be that first came to my attention I don't know it's a couple of months ago and I was like I can't believe it I can't I can't I just can't believe it you know where you investigate the worst things are in general right

what about in a cryogenic 300 I've never tried like like actually like completely immobilized like Subutex freezing freezer here why don't you try it and tell me

okay yeah I'll do it when we got there we got a big bad centrifuge in an ice freezer so yeah is possible so you don't have so you don't have the increase concentration affects as it's freezing down right if we put stuff in the bag with leftover klaroline cuz we have a lot of it is by sugar in heat it with a little lime peel and turn to turn it into a cordial and then it's delicious cordial that like is already clarified and so you can use it in you know stirred drinks for a course of Labor and heat it and you know once you take old lime juice with sugar and then it goes from being that awful old Lyme's used to being something different you know

next time you're out there I'm just go stop by and see us

hey David. From Silver Spring Maryland

but first I want to let you know that the last caller Focus fantastic pretty quickly how well your voice I wish I know from the from the radio show came through just amazingly through the book like I was I found myself bursting out laughing and disinfection wasn't like the section we were laughing at how poorly the recipe was going but I'm not going to tell you how to do it

well I mean look I mean the issue with the I mean I can tell anyone how to make it you know I can I could I don't have it at my fingertips right now but I'm never going to sell them so I have no problem telling people how they're made except for it's no inherently stop with a credit card off McMaster-Carr you can buy everything everything that you need for it you can buy on McMaster Cars website other than what those instructions in the book as well and I mean it is so like if I was going to go into it like a full detail there be you know I have to tell you like you know what to look out for when you're welding like you know what wattage issues I have with different kind of cartridge heaters

because it supposed to be the high temperature cartridge heater and I've tried you know many dozens of different wattages and and lengths and and diameters and I come up with the one that you know can run you know without blowing itself out in the open air because every every anytime you use a heater is powerful enough to burn itself out and try to control it the control invariably fails with all the thermal cycling and when the control fails it always over it always fails no direction of getting too hot and then nothing burns out sometimes spectacularly it right grind it down I mean it's not none of it's rocket science you know like I know back and Piper

wanted you know what is next week's only few can you put the question in or whatever I can I can give you the part numbers and in fact I'm going to be I'm going to be making a bad to sit in the front store as soon as we get a welder back in in in the shop I'm going to have to make a batch for this year's red hot pokers maybe I'll take some pictures of the process I was going to ask about the Curtis and I do keep kosher so what I was just thinking right now is that I would reach out to maybe some kosher wine makers and see what they use for 120 agents I bought a home carbonation Gin and Juice weekend how long I know you mentioned with the line just doesn't like you very well as you find the same thing as well

certified clarified grapefruit juice keeps fairly well so you know I think you know a couple of days if not going to be a problem

okay Ru do agar fresa

agar agar agar or free stuff I hate doing the quickwrite she hates it said one of the things that she refuses to ever do it again you know if your practice with quick the good thing about quick as it's quick I typically reserved quick clarification things like lime and lemon that can't sit around or if I only need a small amount like if you only need like you know half a liter then you know quick is fine and you cuz if you lose 250ml is not a big deal if you're trying to make like two gallons of it you know what I mean then quick agar Becomes of a bit of a little bit of a pain in the butt and then I would move to Freestyle with freeze-thaw you're going to have probably a higher yield left over all work time even though it takes longer to do and there was no no yes and a quick one will eventually will the next day will throw a cloud

so usually if you're going to do quick do it today or going to use it you know what I mean you can you can reset allowed the cloud but you know that there will be some agar that's left in the in the in the liquid that all day kind of stick together overnight to form kind of cloudiness so you know I would say that it would but remember the freestyle takes a couple of days so you have to start you know soon because I'm doing for dinner on Sunday so actually not a sound like a freestyle to buy method about eutectic freezing and try as I might understand the principle behind actually asked my brother is a chemical engineer and brother-in-law so and I know if you can take a minute to kind of expound on that shirt so the

there's a concentration for you know all salts in in water where they kind of saws like a like a unitary substance like water right and so it's the point at which the point at which that happens in the temperature was that happened so typically when you're using a eutectic freezing plate choose the temperature of the plate based on the the salts that they put into it right and then it freezes and thaws at that concentration so if you if you have if you have less salt let's say of whatever salt you're going to choose in your liquid what will happen is you'll start crystallizing pure water out right you'll then kind of reach the eutectic solution and then it'll start freezing as a as a solid there I think that's how to work and then it'll thaw out whereas if you start with the percentage you know what that kind of like you know magic percentage of

assaulting it it will stay liquid and then freeze at its at whatever its temper eutectic freezing temperature is and then freeze solid and then as a thought it would do the same the same temperature so there won't be any temperature drift during the during the freezing and thawing cycle total as it's freezing into into one thing you don't want to have happen if you don't want to you don't want so normally if you just use salt and ice right eventually as the song as it as it starts diluting down the temperature going to start Rising lights work on our sleeves sometimes you know if the brine concentration increases because more salt dissolve into it your temperature can drop like there's like that it can it can go either way so if I using this kind of like you know what these magic ratios you can have it act like a pure substance typically the

the specific heat of fusion is not as great I think I have to look fat it's not as great as it would be in a pier water solution but you still have that kind of constant temperature and this is used commercially all the time for things like trucks where they'll throw like large plates into a huge in a walk-in freezer for several days then throw the plates into a truck or into like a you know an ice cream cooler case and then they'll go around and they can keep it that you know how to perfect dipping temperature storage temperature ever they want

I got you I got you that makes a lot more sense

alright alright alright thank you hey Jack I know we only had five nights ago and now you want you want to do with it that you wanted to whoever paid for this episode you want them to put it up real quick like that we've been Queen Dupont I was supposed to talk about Siri techniques with a searzall on the radio show so I think they are in reading the reviews of people that are using I think the prime thing if you think that it's too slow right you want to get this year's all much closer to the surface of what you're doing the exception to think things that are dry like breads go from like kind of you know totally blind and they can start burning very quickly cuz there's not a lot of liquids to moderate it

things you have to be a little more careful with and so typically breads I'll hold Raceway says his stuff was a two and a half inches 3 inches away and I'll move it around and you can actually hold things in like manipulate its steaks cuz I got to go to another another question here's what I usually do I get it down fairly close I do tiny little circles and I wait for it to start seeing Sizzle or bubble or or movement and then I'll move away from it and I'll start it in another Zone and by the time I started getting bubbling in a second Zone I can start moving it back and forth like a welder kind of creating a a puddle puddle bit like kind of creating a zone of searing just like a welder can when you're moving a MIG welder or an arc welder back and forth by you know melting the rod and informing a puddle and by doing that you can keep it relatively large area in

kind of fine searing fashion so and it's a lot more effective than like hitting and stopping and moving moving too quickly for instance so as a general rule of thumb is that for something the size of like a rib steak you going to want to do about a minute and a minute and a half per side cheese typically I'll go really close though starts bubbling I'll pull back a little bit and zip around and let's say I'm doing like Five Burgers I'll hit one really hard go hit the next one and then like start moving around until I'm moving around them constantly hitting each one for you know a couple of seconds until their own until they're all cooked you're going to get a better crust in terms of like tectectec crust on something by hitting it a couple times and letting it rest a little bit in between so if you're doing like three or four steaks it's a good idea to kind of knot do one all the way to the finish and then to the next one all the way to finish would keep them all little Nino Nino don't haven't stopped

entirely but hit and then come back to you know the same one at least twice I find that's the kind of going to get the best price yes and I can give you no more want to know who wrote in your book is finally coming out so stoked thank you I have a sticky question for you I'm trying to make an alcoholic ice cream for I want to retain the alcohol taste I've been using Cognac and tell vatos you like Calvados archivados how do you pronounce it sounds like a drink this stuff you think they'll make it need to leave Switzerland so I don't drink I don't drink it ratios are stabilizers I can use to have a nice consistency thank you what I would do is I would do what I always do when I want something to not obviously for those of you that like I don't know your

hang out becomes whatever the problem here is obviously you had too much liquor you affect the texture yeah yeah yeah so you don't want to like one solution which is the wrong solution and you can't do it in Pocket anyway so it doesn't matter if the freeze it much colder than you normally wouldn't a pocket if it's not going to work because when alcoholic stuff melts out it's typically melts out in a weird way so unlike took typical sorbet is a relatively nice melt profile over alcoholic sorbet is my last out on you know what I would do is cheat and same way that I always cheat and I would make a Joanne fluid gel with the alcohol's I would make a portion of the sorbet base kind of normal and then create a gel and fluid gel that and you want I would say total sorbet

total sorbet in the ratio of like no more than half a percent and that will never melt so you can spin it and it'll stay like the texture of May it'll stay like the texture of just melted sorbet on the surface of the survey but it'll hold its shape so whatever it is whatever you get tickets out to my recipe doesn't work on that but half a percent remember you have to boil that and then you can temper stuff into it let it chill in two and then blend into a fluid gel and then spend the package at and that should work and it'll be super creamy you might have to up your flavors little bit because half percent of cocoa Joelle SF which is Louis will gel and is quite a lot and I will match the flavor somewhat but it'll be smooth

read said you hate me but you don't like them people describe them

alright okay story in from Ross in Aruba and I wanted to be this on the air

and I might have to be to quickly because you know I'm late getting the to cook cooking cook cook up other meats cooked to desired level of doneness yes it is aware by the way without fail we've become so attached to suvi cooking that we took the Anova circulator on a budget vacation to Aruba bought a $5 plastic bucket at a local grocery store and we were cooking we took Zippy's with us because we weren't sure about their availability by the way where they available could you get the supplies and remember people don't buy the cheap Ziplocs because it blocks do not buy it by the freezer ones the freezer ones we were doing an event the other day and they were leaking and put your angry face on

states that have to complete that could compete with those available at Aruba's High and the restaurant before we went to the beach or barley pop the meat in the in the bags and I'll be ready when he got back to our apartment more importantly if we want to do some more snorkeling and have another drink we could we didn't have to rush back in 10 to the cooking to good point if your snorkeling by the way I don't know about the safety of snorkeling and drinking I'm sure you were drinking responsibly while you're snorkeling but yes definitely you know if your under the water in the we are looking around at all the awesome sea life and you lose track of time they could be ruined right now we have to rush back into the cooking the food State fine and didn't overcook in the circulator now I want to try this at home not on vacation Airline security folks May well have qualms about such a device to thank you for your help regards Roth nelliston broadcast I bring the scissors out with me all the time all the time on the airport and occasion people like what is this and I go

it is a cooking device I know but I unscrew it from the porch and I'll bring the torch separately and there they look at it a couple times look at also bring red hot pokers with me please bring those thank you can bring in checked luggage obviously but then they're going to search your luggage but I bring them in my carry-on because I never bring check luggage to demos because I've had them not show up and then you don't have a demo plan demo surrounding it will bring stuff in my carry-on so you can do it but good luck with the homies this year's I'll let us know how it works and then how many minutes we got Jack under five under 500k meet me hit this quick after consuming that's for that's for Thanksgiving and get that next week as well as lately Crawford's an explanation of why the way Rodan about Julia Child and went back and watch Roblox

shows which one of the reasons I'm a little bit Lakeside holy crap I hear you forget what a badass Julia Child I'm not sure stereo search this is such an intense badass have to go back and read

Daniel from San Jose Road about a rose petals I've been making candy rose petals the classic Way by Cody the rose petals in a thin layer of egg whites to be the most sugar and then leaving them out to dry my problems be able like to finely chop them up for you and play the desert with the egg white sugar always flakes apart from the dry rose petals in his shop is there anyway I can modify the prep so I can drop the candy rose petals without them flicking a part thanks to try it but if you don't want to keep and that's the issue you know Johnny is he used to do the thing where he would get them in simple syrup and lay them out on a paper towel to drive after he doesn't want sugar I think the key is maybe let them to the proteins are going to scrunch up on you but I think if you let him go Demi set as I said Hi and then trap them and then let them finish out after after that if you can stop them from the promise you they're going to come up so you have to sit there and individually chop each rose petal light into a

but I don't know I I tried to think of a Surefire by maybe try Johnny's way instead of at the egg white maybe it'll work I'm not going to get to in time let me see Ariel and your milk powder chocolate milk powder in my yard for Browning meat I'm going to get that later and also Alex's bear we didn't like our bear but I'm going to research more about their if you have a young bear then it's any better off but I'll look more into cooking bear the one time that we cook their didn't taste of stuff one is Young bear is a good also I David with your limits are big question I'll catch it next time because it is a it's not a problem I could do it and

I said too many questions and I miss Ken I miss Can it can we call it a diatribe

I think you would I think you would sorry that really quickly and then we can discuss it later if people have more questions on okay

Dave and a hammer by extension if not conspiracy been Champion the low temperature in sous vide cooking when you started this campaign on the radio this is still pretty exotic requiring either relatively expensive equipment or Internet hacks only a small Cadre of enthusiasts with employee that is not only because of the promotion of low temp in CD by us another Supreme with successful in the mainstream and the Carson immersion circulators come way down my back to know which works well soon is it Adventure band is Sancerre nenova a better rated and available for $200 by the way there's no I don't play favorites but don't tell anyone out yet

patient education provided by cooking issues in the lights are not as available as the products are take me as an example I'm not as difficult and understand the safety issues issues that are so widely very poorly for various reasons mostly in abundance of caution I've almost invariably prepared low temperature Meals by reaching pasteurization and I use the quick she'll method for storing but even I don't really understand how could it be a big danger I keep hearing about with conventional cooking you leave food in pots while you eat you leave it on the counter to cool and you put it in the fridge all the while in the danger zone if the content of the low temp pasteurized why isn't that close to canning that's not close to Kenny it's not because you're not killing Sports anyway why is that close to Cannon giving me a much wider rider a margin of safety in ordinary prepared food it is but you know I'm not going to discuss it but it is

safe to throw in the fridge without a quick trip ice bath are quite a while ago gave him my opinion did not catch the drift of the question is did not answer it just came to Heaven considering fish combination salting the danger zone in cooking for salmon it was declared safe and Christian theater challenge that's not what I figured I was safe cooking fish well below 130 degrees Fahrenheit even amusing hot water tap method I don't want to cook all fish the pasteurization all the time in fact I never do me personally date sites available equipment far outpacing consumer understanding capability if there's really a serious danger associated with low temperature in sous vide cooking is I've heard repeatedly then I would say there be a whole lot of illness arriving for this technique at home in the coming years best regards can't look this is complicated part of the factors that we're never going to come out and tell no one is going to come out

play with a relatively new thing something that you know might get someone sick even though we all know the people get sick from cooking all of the time so next time when I get back I'm going to say maybe if you want to she won't she just wanted to see what happened just have like a discussion maybe we can get someone on food safety stuff my opinion as a cook versus someone is the more you know in the food safety their opinion as a food safety hazard because we're coming from different points of view we have different acceptable levels of risk and acceptable level of risk typically in pasteurization levels is one of Supermarket morons walking home with a product in an abusive situation not at home so I think they're different standards of risk different standards of what we think the inputs into the cooking are and those are leaving to a lot of confusion but maybe we can get so we can hash it out

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