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Episode 187: Pizza Party

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next song on the playlist oh you know what that is all

Cheese Sauce Cheese all you all cheese all day with the cheese you know I met the guy who George Clinton's new autobiography will not be sweet if we could I what would what would it take to get George Clinton to show up at the Heritage Radio Network I don't know if I should say I mean I don't know I mean pretty much do anything but you would hate it because I would just sit there in like 3 got those over there in the engineering and

Collective at that University Madison we have been on the air since that right I don't remember to the Judd Sisters right like Wynonna and something like this Mendota and Monona really pretty up there nice place to be nice to Milwaukee and Peter from The Museum of food and drink we were all up there doing I know I'm busy between green thing so stop fighting Milwaukee only God knows we drove from Chicago to University of Madison because you know I've missed demos before where I have like 8 billion connector flights and like the one that we could take like there was like I don't know some some ping-pong the flights that we needed to take you know via Omaha are some crafts to make it to Madison and I was like I'm going to miss it, so now so we drove me flew to Chicago and then we drove up sounds like I'm not driving through

Milwaukee without having some bratwurst I'm not doing it is that you pretty much just like that so we found this crazy place was it called The Old German Beer Hall models on the Hofbrauhaus in in Munich and Usinger Sausage whatever it is that played that start you like to ski as much as it's called Hammer the nail or something hit the nail color for 50 Cent first of all you go in there and you waitress was very nice didn't understand why I didn't understand this concept but if you were to buy a bratwurst with one side right that's six bucks $6 right if you order a beer for $5 the bratwurst comes free with a side and so I said to the lady I was like is it the same

inside or like some soda Factory seconds or some sort of miniature bratwurst that comes with the with the with the beer or soda they'll give me any root beer that I gave to you or Peter and then also sells it for free she's like no it's the same exact it's a it's a cheaper than freeze negative money it's negative money

anime no damn sense to me but she she thought that I was crazy for not understanding it but anyways back to this hit the nail thing so they have a giant stump what do you think's does like three feet across three and a half feet maybe across Giants dump at like you know kind of like chest tight little bit lower your shape cut nails and then they have a steel Hammer like like no Source tile Hammer chained to this freaking Stomp and then you have to go around each taking a turn whacking at the nail and whoever thinks it last you know

they buy the next round well or so so we told Peter I don't know he doesn't believe in the story I'm not saying I'm not saying that he lost to us I'm not saying he did but the interesting thing about it is is that like in your imagination New York like how many times do we hit the nail wrong and went flying across the room as people that apparently like you know those folks with their giant most beers this time clubs where you can buy the Stein have Estates in the club there sweet anyway those guys can probably get that sucker in one wac Milwaukee just wanted to maybe hear your thoughts on you know the car talk passed away this week I didn't know that was Saturday whatever it whenever it's on the NPR I mean I mean I really respect your my stepfather was who can't like you can't you know

barely work a mechanical pencil he used to like listening to it I mean like I definitely enjoyed Dewey cheatem & Howe right which is like they're there I guess fictional but maybe now real Law Firm Dewey cheatem & Howe cuz you never had a job before I said how you never listen to cooking issues like the car talk for food I wish I wish now we need to get like snappier like you know things at the end there's only ask one question on the

what what is the car talk guys they talk to they talked to like one person for like eight years New Year's thing is is like the thing about them is that they can do really well or completely make fun of The Listener that we don't do that we don't make fun of the way they did but they're basically call everyone incompetent who called in right knee pretty much that's what they did you big fan Jack absolutely happy we do make fun of maybe like Roberta staff members not right that's okay question in today jack on a maybe we can get it during the break on Roberta's pizza dough and we need to find whoever like the current like not what I mean current life all time but like the actual this second like resident expert on the pizza. Answer this question properly I think I have the answer but you know it is since I'm in Roberta's freaking Pizzeria and the guy

speculate right payday how you doing

hey I have a question about making a homemade soda and actually bottling it in glass bottles with one of those Wing style campers preferably with no benzoate or any additives or anything not that I'm against using that I just want to tell my stick I wanted to just be water flavorings and CR2 how do you recommend going about doing that is even practical without some crazy equipment well you're pretty much hosed

how many do you need to make

I would like to make a bunch like for the holidays so probably upwards of bottles and how much you need to kill yeast on the inside of that thing right and then there are some I think there's nothing dangerous it will grow but you know there are certain there are certain yeast it will grow in it and will form at the sugar out or that will there I think there's also a forgets been a long time since I've had to research self stability sodas before I think there's some bacteria that stuff is going to ruin the flavor of the soda and also make it not clear anymore assuming it's clear sailing all of these things are going to cause you problems right

there's a couple ways around this I don't remember what the percentage is but you could probably hit it or not so does any more me to be here with alcohol help to stabilize it but you need a relatively large amount of alcohol like so it's nowhere near so many more you know what I mean to try and stabilize it or you can attempt to pasteurize it now I don't know what the increase to friends dance if you were to heat to pasteurize on the inside of a bottle you're going to get extremely high internal pressures on the inside of that bottle like very high pressures on the inside of that bottle so so so one of the limitations when you're going to pasteurize a soda if you'll notice that a lot of that you'll notice if you go to the like let's say you go to a supermarket like Whole Foods and only sell sodas that don't contain preservatives right one of these places and you buy a soda there you probably noticed that most of those natural sodas are relatively

carbonated compared to let's say Coke or 7Up right and one of the reasons is because it's more difficult for them to pasteurize the higher the level of CO2 that's in the bottle the more difficult the pasteurization becomes so you know you could you could try me I don't know what temperature do you need to reach but you could put the suckers inside of a pressure cooker and like see if they blow you know what I mean are you doing bottle-conditioned or not bottle-conditioned

what's that are you bottle conditioning it or are you force carbonating it

it would be coming out of like a liquid bread set up a funnel into a cold bottle to be alive or anything like that okay

there are some other natural has been against pain like over a year since I've had to research I don't remember but there are other like natural / preservatives that kind of dissipate inside the body over time I know what I was looking at actually recently but I haven't is it but it affects the flavor of it is Rowan berries which are mountain ash are used in the Coors and are astringent and red they contain naturally sorbic acid and sorbic acid is a preservative observative with antimicrobial and I believe anti-yeast activity that you could just say that you made Rowan Berry flavor and then if you know and then I don't know whether there's enough levels and standard decoction of the stuff to actually

prevent yeast growth but I mean it's at least it's from a fruit but it contains the actual stuff that's you who used as a preservative just in natural form so that you can just say I use rolanberry I don't know if that's helpful and then immediately presumably there's really no oxygen the bottle I mean is that correct

no yes is one way to do it is to you basically you would fill the bottles hot so that they used to be dead heat the you keep the

and I see you keep the the product right pasteurize it beforehand and then carbonated once it's been pasteurized so that you don't have to worry about pressure problems and you could do that in a soda bottle now presumably everything that's inside of the bottle is pasteurized but you know no matter how hard you work there probably be some use. It will last a lot longer yeah probably knows it'll probably make the answer is it is probably going to be a lot more stable if you do it that way if you if you put the stuff into the plastic bottles are going to carbonate with liquid bread you like totally you know you know sterilize to be no a sanitized Jesus out of the glass bottle store them upside down and then no with a cap over the murder of brighten up with a cap over on pasteurize the stuff in the plastic bottle chill it then carbonated without opening it to the atmosphere and decant it in I mean that's probably your best bet but it's not a guarantee you know I'm saying

yeah okay alright but you only use a small amount

alright thanks so much and I thank you good luck with it thanks bye and speaking of the last time Kim remember it's been so long I do have to do that yeah I was done hey thanks for thanks for talking to us in the sky to scroll down in my questions and find the Roberta's related question Kevin is using your recipe from the book here and here's here's what Kevin said I had a question on sourdough starter in Pizza I currently use Roberta sourdough starter pizza dough recipe from the book presumably with at kettlepizza wood charcoal burning pizza oven for those who don't know it's like a like a ring that convert Weber style Grill into like a into a pizza oven that you can load in and out of without lifting the top and I don't get the same oven spring with that as the cross as a as I do

play regular yeast dough recipe so he's saying that what he's getting is a fairly flat dents crust and he says that he's feeding a sourdough starter only weekly with 45 grams of AP in 35 grams of water and both recipes are 2-day cold ferment and he brings him up before baking them bubble but my feeling is it is that it's too acid right it's like he's allowing a starter to get to acid so it's going slack because it's too much to ask his mom is that you think that's it I mean if you're going to do anything to let me know if you want it to be awake to like actually you know do the heavy lifting and it's not doing

is he's going to need to feed it a couple days twice a day a couple days before he makes the pizza and you'll know it's ready to go if it will be like bubbly and frothy and light you know if it looks like just soupy wet flower then you know it's it's somewhere dormant inside that it mixture is is does the Yeet the combination of the yeast of the bacteria that he needs to 211 Isbell

unless it's actually you know there's a the percentage of those yeast and bacteria that are awake and ready to fucking rock and roll are like it is going to be really low and so he needs to bring that percentage up by feeding them you know if you didn't say but I assume and and like I'm super glad I'm talking to because I didn't even think that the sucker wasn't rising at all like it was like not active enough I thought it was probably inactive cuz they were dying and his dough is too acidic for the gluten was was was not as expensive as losing some sourdough goes to sour it like you know it can flatten out in the Press would also be to Libby to Whitewright it wouldn't look right if he was actually going to be a sitting on it

yeah I mean it would just be a lot of things would be off but to me if it's it when you said dance and and lack of spring I mean you know I'm assuming that you keep cutting it open and there's no crumb you know what he says is dense but it's like something like this is not going to not be a pro baking doing it feeding at once a week and keeping a relatively small amount what are your thoughts on keeping it at a higher hydration level so they're kind of wakes up faster and then yeah his his refrigerator are mixing and resting and mixing and then were retarding the Dell for for a long fermentation overnight but if it's

cool things you can only see retarded

you know he's got he's got to get awake so he's got to bring it out the room temperature and it's really a visual thing you know any indications are going to be there before you put your sourdough and it should be like literally like you know foaming like bubbling up and like to see all the little holes in the top when you shake it it's like a light and and then like the consistency of thought was actually a phone that it is what it is you know are gaps in it so it is and so you know if it's like a flurry of just flour and water it's just not the weather in there it's just not awaken my my friend's daughter to start if I wanted to use it after having it in the refrigerator for a week I would give myself today that would bring it out like you know I'm 3 days before

in the morning and you know I would beat it and then in at night and leave it in the warm place like you know preferably 75° 75 to 80 degrees and then and then that night I would see it again in the next day I would see it again and then that that last feeding that night before I would expect to see a lot of like a booty smell coming out of it by the end of the night back to life out of the fridge

yeah you know I like so when I use commercially I'm crossing my fingers you know every time it's like you don't you know when you're trying to convince them to do something for you and your microbiological scale so you know it

add sourdough is very tricky and just commercial years before you start playing without has been one start playing with our does everyone's is going to be different so you really got to get to know yours

right though yeah I mean that's that would be that would be my guess I mean if he has you know if any of this is wrong if I'm just speculated way too much then email me at Anthony at Roberta's pizza. Calm and I would love to continue in and get them done in the right name for you or both

it was it was a invention of mine from the early days in the Pizza Kitchen and it's in El Mirage to with my Sicilian great-grandmother used to make pizza from scratch and cheese to make it similar to that you know but not around you know kind of Mia

Adam nice to that nice listen we really appreciate you coming on in that straighten this out for Kevin hopefully he can get his stuff in order maybe you can come up with a schedule so that if he's going to do it every week you could bring it out a couple days before feed it up use it put it in the fridge you know not that much harder

no absolutely not I mean he just needs to bring it out that's just based on the information I have is bring it out a little early and just get it get it woken up a little retarded get it a little do you know little more Ray the rock also if you don't want to listen every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Roberta's radio they have their own show Roberta's radio you can hear a lot more from Falco and with that being said we'll be right back

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my name is Sam, I just moved to New York and you're listening to Heritage Radio Network. Org you recognize my voice

peace sorry Sam was listening now I know what it's like to be stars in shopping Cheese House look at the next session alright pay less shocking how mean I am too but let me to say in my defense

you got to know her

I'm just saying that like you know the people are only only hearing what they hear on the radio like you know like she might be sitting there with like a needle is poking me the entire time you know what I mean not a literal needle is that nasty ass giving me that the head wag back and forth

Okay Kevin Scott writes in about freeze dryers hey have you guys played around with the Harvest Right freeze dryer or heard from anyone who has it looks like a reasonable alternative to go to tell how well the thing is built and how consistent it will be over time Thanksgiving Scott Now Kevin so I met someone asked me once before on the on Twitter I think I actually was a big Twitter like you know back and forth about it I have not used it I did look at their website this was supposed to go down like a year ago I looked at their website and the layout of the machine is fundamentally fairly similar to the old virtus freeze dryers with with the door that opens up you know and the things that I was researching at the time were you in any freeze dryer like important things have to look for are the

how many liters of the cold trap is right because in order to freeze dry you need to be able to remove the water from the product and if you if you can't fall out your cold trap in the middle of your freeze-drying Ron it's just you can't do it so you know that you're limited the quantity of product that you can freeze dry is not just limited by the size of the chamber that you're freeze drying in Tulsa limited by the size of your cold trap so that's one thing to look at and another thing and turn the quality is the quality product is the temperature of the cold trap and no from everything I've read colder is better now the ideas in food guys out a Nike gave us a food freeze dryer before they moved cuz there's a problem with the vacuum gauge so I needed to get get that working so I don't have a lot of practical experience with it but from what I can look from a purely specification level

Harvest Right seems like a good deal for a grand or something compared to like 24 a regular one so if anyone has experience with that I appreciate a tweet in or a call in you know to let her know what the what's going on rent for one of the older shows that were trying to catch up to us if we've already had a bumper crop this year so I made a batch of pear cider wanted some sparkle in the bottle so I added a little sugar to each capped it and left it alone 1 month later I open the first bottle and it sprayed everywhere but an hour cleaning the kitchen that's a lot of spray that would have sucked right maybe you did add cherries to the parents break I don't know. Probably not too much sugar and now they're all too carbonated anyway to get the rest of these bottles

open without an explosion or are all 20 bottles lost there is clearly he said at the bottom of each bottle that creates many nucleation sites for carbonation to explode try discordant first freezing Nat King Cole saltwater excetera any advice greatly appreciated and for what it's worth what little was left did taste good peaceful thoughts jam and Durham North Carolina now to question I've never done disgorgement before but I mean if you can do it with the salt and ice bottle upside down do you have to wrap it you have to rack the settlement you have to keep the bottles pointed you know at the angle and you can look at pictures of the way they do it in Champaign for a reference and then just keep rotating them over the course of I don't know however long it takes to get to the bottom of the bottle and then do your fries off cap and blasted assuming that you have

long enough neck in it to hold all the settlement you should sediment you should be able to do it is you going to wait for another way to do it is to literally open these things inside of inside of a giant plastic bag inside of a bucket and then bad so that you're not Lisa that you would CO2 is going to come off in a form of CO2 layer and let it settle over the course of a couple days in a plastic bucket or a Carboy right and then wrap the stuff off the top and then Force carbonate instead of bottle instead of like instead of conditioning a bottle conditioning at Force carbonate a back to level as well and if you're lucky you know you're not going to have too much oxidation overlapped. But that should also work if you don't want to go through the discouragement and that's probably what I would do because I would be so angry and I would want to do it right away that this

drive me nuts I would probably just take him inside of a plastic bag and go spray make sure your plastic bag doesn't smell bad a lot of plastic bags have weird kind of every smells like a plastic bag would like for you to tell me not to put my face inside of a plastic bag right

microwave convection how's that not good I put a pumpkin in the ceramic cracked ceramic of the week is it yours or is it the landlord's are you even allowed to New York it doesn't have like cooking appliances I feel with some other stuff dishwasher which is crazy why do you need to wash dishes if you don't ever cook cook a lot smaller smaller trees and stuff

but yet they pay for a doorman yeah. All right I'm just going to ignore because my brain is fried so a couple of weeks ago we had a couple people give advice on why they are putting the fat in in a jar and then I run Ringgit in the pressure cooker with little baking soda right remember that I have is speculation and Chris Young said yeah he didn't know why then I had a couple other people right in front of the Queen ever figured it out yet Eric know his last name is a lot of interesting ideas and some links to some articles about you specifically focusing on need the how to change in temperature can change the solubility of gases

pee in a jar that have bubbles for hours even after you take it out so what is the stuff actually cold and still bubbling or not but other than that end in this something is it that it's sealed inside of the jar and it's bubbling inside of a sealed jar listen to assumption Erickson Tire response but I can't because because Stars give me the finger wag do you Market your finger wag you know anyway

Andrea pirolli rights in regarding a suvee cooking and select on Derma I just got my very first I like to say it's my favorite phrase for can you please thank you very much for the work and I'll just share on the radio I wish learning stuff could always be as fond of listening to cooking issues last very nice but I doubt that face

I wish you guys like we need to let you know what can you guys capture some of these faces and then we can decide flash them onto the onto the internet so I think it's 62° for like a party or a 63 degrees Celsius is like the miracle of creamy egg that you can otherwise do and then steaks for parties I think is pretty pretty good one that it you know I would do like a thick rib steak at at like 55 Celsius cool it down to 50 and then will I will hit with a searzall thanks what size of a circle your favorite thing to do in the surf dad's light

I'm not with you brain-damaged new one and I just don't like it you know you wish you had gotten one of your old ones are those windows are like right up there then like reheating like we're keeping mashed potatoes warm is a fantastic application of it all depends on what you like to cook the first thing most people the first thing out of the box they do with it is proteins or eggs I would say write something something something like that and write PS just came back from a couple hundred grams of celeb the one to make dondurma not the less than 10% select hot drink with the green tea beverage in Saint Rose green tea beverage that is used to make stretchy Turkish

and then once I will be like to play with it sure I love playing with it the person who did the most work on select first heard of Select from Harold McGee when he was doing work with us at the French Culinary Institute on Alternate ice cream texture so select was won in the French pins and needles ice cream another one and so he first talked about and then kirschenbaum at the experimental Klink like it and why you did a lot of work on it back in the day so he's actually characterize a lot of the polymers and Renee he's a polymer chemist so you might want to look up he might have publish something on it I'm not sure but you know he's always happy to talk so lap so we've talked to him but I love it actually just like I like using it right now konjac which is I think it's kind of like they use which is no doubt of glucomannan but I love to play with some has given me that that that that

stop people don't wear watches anymore why is that still a valid thing to do you know what I mean I know but like what if you do that to a kid with his rights in haggai sorry this is a long one I tried my hand on doing a bird porchetta in the on chicken with great results in this year I am attempting to do a show-stopping turkey version for Thanksgiving inspired by Kenji Lopez is my version goes like this disassembled and I haven't seen a post on this but I have a lot of experience rolling Birds grind Army in Toulouse sausage roll the breast around the ground sausage and fashion to roll with cling wrap them in the freezer take it out wrap it up in the scan concealed in the bath at dark at the dark meat temp take out when done refrigerator because not using TG right not using highways use tigi in this I would use tttg better

opening was there a patch uses in a fry up to Christmas can it's amazing but my question to the east when I get to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving I cannot deep fry this thing in her bus and kitchen how much am I going to sacrifice his grade scan if I tested it and then gently reheat it with the with roasting at her house would have benefits me to drop the alkalinity in a cooking bag a little may be served chilled with aioli greens dead helped a reverse fault you can't serve at Thanksgiving turkey cold sorry you can't already pushing your luck by not serving it in Hulbert format right now I have tubes Thanksgiving with stuffing in them and they're good and by the way this is a good way to get actual stuffing in the inside of the bird if you should like that which I do it tastes delicious even if it's microbiologically unsafe because you can roll hot stuff

I think your main problem here if you're going to do a roast off is that you're going to overcook the breast meat this is why there's a fundamental inversion in this technique that you see also introductions and any situation like this dark meat to go on the outside so instead of sausage in it right I would the breast meat on the inside of it that way even if your brining it right if you're going to do a roast off step by the way by the way other than frying roasting is going to give you going to give you good good skin so but you're going to need a roasted for a lot longer and you're going to overcook the breast meat made pretty much that's it Apple are pork sausage around the outside and then the skin around if I would use tigi but I would swap it up and I would have the dark meat on the outside because it can withstand the roasting comparatively better than the breast meat can that makes

we already have to end what time do we have to leave Jack God in 5 minutes 5 minutes wondering about bogus health concerns rather I'm curious how to make the best use of if you have any general tips are guidelines when it comes to cooking with MSG is MSG a universal augmentative flavor are there particular types of others where should we left off how should I go about the same kind of feeling you get as when you add too much like seaweed or Dashi everything to me and I just want to show there's taking on kind of a dashiki kind of a note I've used it

cocktails before but really only and savory cocktails and I found it adds it adds a savoring is to certain cocktails that you like pie that's not good but we did I did a bitter melon cocktail to say remote in the MSG was good in it that's what we did that thing that somebody dubbed Doritos bitters at the most out of that like a year ago so and things like cocktails mean I think has relatively limited application for things are Savory in Foods I mean you just have to be careful that you don't want it to become a prevalent flavor becomes a prevalent flavor then you're overdoing I tend not to use it and the kitchen except for when I'm making things like snack food but because they really really need it they need to get punched up by by little MSG naturally you probably could reduce the salt level little rushing to add like like good label MSG substitute when they're making low salt thing but like I said I want to add an alfredo that was low sodium alfredo

I had other no MSG like things not sodium versions of it obviously to the condo do sodium and to me it's a cetacean it tasted like Don shade so I just be careful of it that way but I don't be afraid to use it I would add small amount of it cuz you don't want to become noticeable overwhelming noticeable MSG I think is more offensive than noticeable salt right where you think that I'm over it and thank God Jacob Farkas rights in about 6 on my name is Jacob Farkas I emailed you last year about a Molecular Gastronomy class I was teaching at the school I work for you know how I feel about the term that's fine when I get into it's dinner time I was hoping students a visit day but you mention that his lab is not a place for high school students definitely not right size station method also remember it doesn't use nitrogen it uses nitrous oxide and the shipping solubilities of nitrous oxide was really relatively soluble gas a relatively lower pressure so I really prefer if you people call it nitrous rather than

nitrogen cavitation which is a different kind of lab techniques rupturing sells anyways and kind of misunderstood cell rupture as a function of second-guessing infusion of Mike's not it's not the same I would like to make a half how long should I let it Infuse I haven't actually done that infusion before so I can't give you a specific but if you have a standard recipe that you like in general when you're doing rapid infusion what what's happening is is you are trying to pull less of the kind of bitter and detergent the nodes out of the out of Peel specifically in Citrus like less of those kind of notes out and so what you're going to do is add a lot more than you would normally and then use the rapid infusion to pull out of the top notes out so I would say that if you have a typical infusion it's going to lie

do you know a week or two weeks in a bottle I would 50% of 50 to a hundred percent more of the Citron and then I would do a rapid infusion with two or three Chargers and I would do it for like 4 or 5 minutes see how it is and if it needs to go if it's not strong enough yet then I would do another 45 minutes now is if it's too strong then you're going to want to do like 1 minute 2 minutes A lot of my recipes are one or two Minutes special on things are extremely bitter like coffee or chocolate but that you know the thing with that with Citrus if you wanted a ride that edge of where it takes on that ugly detergent you know now bear in mind I'm not a fan of such beverages as limoncello and also bear in mind that every commercially available Citron flavored vodka you have is flavored with Essences and not with straight peels right now so give it a shot

can scale up and down so you but you can of course add more so you could do a test batch with a small amount and then add more of that batch and we hit it again without without stuff but if you know what I typically will do is all i'll make a smaller test bad and then I'll schedule it at once and that will get me close enough to what I'm doing that I can make a recipe that I can make again and again and again okay. Have a sticky question for you I'm trying to make an alcoholic ice cream for a pocket jet I want to retain the raw alcohol taste I've been using Cognac and Calvados do you have any suggestions on ratios are stabilized I can use to have a nice consistency all right so you're going to have to make a fluid gel with something like a gel and to pop up the consistency of it because you're not going to get it frozen hard enough typically for ice creams at they have a good that don't melt down very much when they're going to have it inappropriate to you like I like to do a half percent 1/2 of 1% of 5 grams into a liter of something like ELCA jlf and that is going that will stabilize and remember don't hit it with your alcohol because you want the Rye alcohol taste

Shepherd fluid gel and it makes your alcohol and hopefully that's going to work for you John charity painted his it has a searzall and he said it looks great I'll because he painted his propane by the green on the series like this like the camping green color so he sent us to the pimped-out Gold Series All rights to ask Ali Nassar by the way who said do rhymes with Nascar ride wash know about carbonating Apple Vines alkaline is like the higher alcohol version of apple cider where you dope with sugar to get the alcohol content of that hire wants to know whether or not I have done it I haven't but what I would recommend instead he was going to do priming sugar right and bottle condition it only what I would do is just get the Liquid bread set up or use a SodaStream carbonator small amount of it on on your own right now I don't have any taste it and see whether you like it if you do then you could try the sugar stuff to it carbonated or you could just force carbonate and call it a call it a day

Ross Ross story about Aruba next time because it goes also with King in Beretta can story about about how there's not enough information for safety on suvi which an important thing I can't rush through it so we'll get it next time along with Daniel's questions from San Jose about rose petals and that was cooking issues

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