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what is that even mean what does live mean not streaming right opportunity for editing right right although there's always an opportunity yeah but yeah I mean I guess it's because we're not going to be all right now we're not here if you listen to this next Tuesday at the most of the time either

stop casting us you know yeah but live video quotes right

I don't know I don't know what do you think about this. I don't know we are though as usual Kentucky is Awesome Con panel called mastering the media podcast of the Wild West they seem to like that actual radio is like Eastern capitalists bankers and with his life right we're all in an episode of Hell on Wheels right now I definitely don't get to be coming behind and somebody else somebody else gets to be coming but him and not me

appreciate this I went to the flavor man they develop all the soda flavors a pretty big team working for him a good title and develop some they can disclose in somebody can't grind up your camera today tell you who I like the clients are all of the Polar brand soda really ticked me off Jack. Sodas and stars back me up on this

everyone drinks these people drink these like flavored seltzer water into your water by accident and it was like raspberry lash are ya Blackshear Yaya people drinking things that they like to drink but this small bottlers and now here's what really takes I think some of the larger brand names

hire independent bottlers right to do their their bottling and these people run seltzer

God's Seltzer on flavored seltzer water soda water or sparkling water for those of you that have never been

play run it through the machines that have had these rancid flavors in them and they poison so like it's always raspberry with us right you crack it open and then you get these like raspberry know. It's like first of all to make you think they're not clean their unclean people and then it also it's just no good thoughts on this you know what I've never had outside unless I have to because I know I actually have a god-blessed vintage shelter Corporation if you have to buy it at two bottles for a dollar right in any real Seltzer drinker

only buys one liter bottles because anything less of the ways cuz you're going to drink a whole liter of it because I don't want omigod shelter Drinker will tell you right the first of all you have to drink everything you buy with in about a week because you know what you want what you want to buy it at a place as high turnover so the place where there's dust on top of the ignore because plastic bottles don't hold CO2 that well and they don't last that long right so go to place it gets a good turnover vintage by buy a case of one I like how we're never going to catch up cuz we're not going to answer any question

we got the notice actually two of them shipped on Tuesday we are non ketchup show like we got a lot of flack on the kick start over over the how long it's taking us to get to that big of a deal I guess people think because you're not a lot of moving Parts there's not a lot that can go wrong when you're trying to make us something like that like this year's all on a Kickstarter they said what is a size put your pants on get out of your underwear your parents basement you know just go outside and you burn wear a hat outside

walk around you clearly have too much time to troll me and you know I wish everyone happy searing who ordered a searzall and I hope I really want is it for people to have a good product they can enjoy we don't want to get ruined right which is you know I hope that I hope that you know the tape does fall off in their hands hopefully with with hopefully at a plus box arrived mango but still would have Christine searzall inside to this person's house and

searing good in good health and endemic worst Kickstarter ever makes us worse than the people what makes us makes us worse than people who actually never delivered product on Twitter Bernie Madoff cooking equipment

Bernie Madoff crack me but more of a Ponzi scheme Bernie Madoff kind of situation first of all


you send me one scream and then I'm going to get two people to send you screens and we're just going to keep doing this forever right to Sears I'll scream that's how it work that's if I was the Bernie Madoff of Sears all night. Sweet pyramid scheme you know games like they never ceases to amaze me how much people continue to love a pyramid scheme to show I don't know whenever Catan it's called American Greed heard about this and then Stacy Keach is the is the what's it called the narrator for the actor I don't play detective you play like like my camera

sing on American Greed it's all about swindlers who rip people off buildings and now like they have to work at a gas station even though they're 85 and like you know incapacity to invest in what are clearly

like a pyramid schemes like this one lady comes on she's like hey I swear to God I swear to God know what they were talking about on the show was this guy you said listen I'm going to guarantee you 12% a year off my real estate Investments and was buying Jeff bunk like real estate and then taking all the new subscriptions and the dividend classic Madoff Styles was like guaranteed Returns on CNBC shame on you shame on you

CNBC with your money

reporting questions finally people's questions oh my goodness I just punched up the wrong thing when I get sued because we're not paying our BMI ASCAP said okay but soon iPhone speaker through microphone cooking issues up but instead it picked up stereolab Blitz drips as long as I get the actual questions up here when I'm when I try to iPhone this thing even with my new tablet tablet

pH tablet fabulous Ambrose just gross Brendan Byrne Arena Brandenburg very close I would love for him to go to a concert at the arena where did you see Fleetwood Mac's Tusk by Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac at City Place before freaking hours 3 for 12 hours they weren't they were their own opening band and and by the way as well known disliker of a Stevie Nicks before but now you must have a lot of respect for her

wow was harsh she kick some serious behind she's tore up the stage by when I was at that store It Up Chicago Amber Dave and Jack whoever's working the boot This Time by the way I fired up a Sears all last week and Elizabeth Turn All the Lights Out is Sharknado rated yes a few questions for you I recently use my pressure cooker to render some ground beef at inside mason jars

play Old Town too much like like Spore molarity to the touch what is up with that okay so answer that first so I assume you're doing the pressure cooking in in the jars. Meyers Cuisine has a section on rendering outlawed in the pressure cooker because the good news about the pressure cooker is that okay let's not large enough to get the temperature above the temperature of boiling because not all the fast can a reindeer out of a hundred anyway so you and you need to you need to keep it shut up not just nothing up at the break it Loose from its the connective tissue where it is and render it out and get the cracklings and you get the what depends with pork you get the Kraken to get to whatever else

the good news about a pressure cooker is that you can't you're not going to boil off all of the water that's in it so you're going to get basically a constant 210 height constant like 250 something degrees Fahrenheit until you actually steamed all of the water out so it's a good way to regulate the temperature of the stuff that your rendering so that it's not going to get in the burns. Right by the water in it though so you have to then separate the water out if I showed up to to the fat when it's supposed makes it lighter in color by reducing the amount of free fatty acids I don't really know but it's like baking soda to it and do exactly that so here is what I think is happening

baking soda starts to degrade at temperatures you take baking soda and you add an acid to it and then you get a reaction where you're you you are forming a carbon dioxide write 11 in words however baking soda even not in the presence of an acid will start to decompose in form carbon dioxide and it'll do that at temperatures inside of a pressure cooker so my guess about what's happening and I ask Christian about it to my guess is that when your heating up the stuff in the jar right you're decomposing some of the you're decomposing some of the baking soda that's forming carbon dioxide to carbon dioxide isn't going into solution in the water might also be an oil I don't know about the solubility of CO2 into oil

but I remember doing is is your putting a large amount of a CO2 into the liquid at a relatively high pressure and I'm presuming that when it cools off at the pressure decreases the CO2 is bubbling out or maybe it's still producing CO2 I don't know what to me it's got to be a CO2 effect I can't think of anything else reason why after it's cool to the touch of a continue to Bubble unless it's continue production of CO2 that's all I can think about and then a suppressor reduce has more stuff about the other hand as it cools it becomes more soluble so he is a fan of these flavors

the Seltzer flavors with fresh Citrus juice flavored carbonated beverages from Brands like

yeah I like that is like our like her flavored Seltzer noise like Americans pronounce s c the Crocs averages like that or produce is it simply a matter of dosing carbonated water with essential oils or is there something else involved okay first of all essential oils have to be suspended in the motion is typically not clear when you add them to do the classic one of this is Citrus beverage is like sunkiss which aren't clear there a little bit cloudy and because they have the most fiber Wheels in them those emulsify oil need to be stabilized and so for short stabilization. You can act if you want to do this you can do this you can get essential oils and you can emulsify them with gum arabic

are a very strong into kind of a water or alcohol / oil Emulsion with gum arabic water empty water and then they asked a black off you need to make a sensual oil that emulsifies to be cloudy looking like white cloudy with chalky water that you can then add to soda and you can drink it like that is fine and because the emotion size is very very small so you're not going to get a lot of excess bubbling it's not like adding like lemon juice to or some like that you're not going to get a huge amount of bubbling out you're going to be okay because the particles are too really small to cause while nucleation for them you do it right right so you should be okay there in the business though the gum arabic isn't stable enough to have it suspend for a long long time so what they do but they used to do is a word used ruminated vegetable oil makes the oil

oil droplets heavier because I part of it is the essential oil and part of it is loyal and that has a relatively neutral buoyancy and they don't want to float out and by adding brominated vegetable oils you can get a citrus beverage that's going to be stable through the next ice age roughly until we have a nuclear war what are some health risks and show people of moved away from it and now like one of The Replacements if they're using is a something called sucrose acetate isobutyrate or saib for not as crazy which apparently is not talked about and really know relatively little about it because I don't do that I don't really do that kind of stuff living right that's going to do that but the way they make the clear beverages

Xbox right so at the extracts are only stuff that are soluble in water and alcohol usually do it that usually they'll compound those flavors such that they don't Cloud up when they're deluded and they work so the flavors aren't going to be the same that's why I'm using don't really taste like real like you're losing whole parts of the compound that are you know are going to be soluble in water and stay clear and their specific people that make that for you you going to buy he's going to buy the extra active it's right for that and by the way the flavors natural flavor man doesn't mean that it's the flavor that you are buying that we talked about this so usually if you say something

lemon flavor right and you don't want to say on it stay on it natural lemon flavor with other added weirdness right what you do is you say the lemon flavor it has to have some compound it from a lemon in it right and then one which wonf with other natural flavors means is they make purified chemical flavors from natural sources and then go put back in Fantage really like natural flavor vs. artificial flavor like unless someone literally is doping something with a poisonous flavor really means nothing to me I don't really care like I care does it taste the way I wanted to taste you know what I mean that's all nothing that's label Cherrywood ever have cherry in it's all benzaldehyde

I think I didn't from a natural source and its natural flavor you know I'm saying and then if there's like one molecule from a cherry somewhere in there then you're good but like no we focus on it because as soon as you have something with a label and then there's a rule that label then companies will figure out how to work around that label to make the product in a way that's good for the company to make that product that fits the letter of the of the law to the label that's it you know but anyway I have no problem with the flavors as long as they taste good do you like Apple Jacks does

the cereal tastes like where are these the kids would like these don't taste like apples and then stars is on the commercial point is of all this is that people like Apple Jacks because they taste like Applejack not because it tastes like apples and like whether the flavor is real or not or no artificial or natural you know you in a dark and then real or natural is not the label you should be looking for that whatever but.

right anyways

fruity Rings the flavors of gummy bears at you like versus the flavors you don't like or which ones I can deal with the red and the green with the rest can go which of the ones you specifically don't like people are not a fan of the yellow and it why the yellow you get too much of a Lemon Pledge flavor pens

when you got a bunch of yellow and orange is of anything and there was always a majority I used to buy them like they would make smoothies still do you know about I used to love the yellow orange pack like orange flavored candies do you like orange Sherbert or sorbet do you like creamsicles cuz good fight right here I would have lost but we would have had

Addison increase but like I don't have like a high enough level of anger right now you know it's like I have a simian crease in a palm reader here so clearly not coming over from you I don't I got one line that goes straight across or the Simian crease

we pop feel for deeply because he had his Kickstarter a delay is with nomiku from Thailand Thailand that means that you are going to murder someone by accident that man has it and that man has it and then they were all murdered but she's busy couple weeks back you answer the question about storing flowers and other in the freezer from someone who had an allergy concern

Play Store high-end flowers in the freezer that you haven't noticed any appreciable decline in quality I'm wondering why that's so considering that you advised against doing big starch products like best first of all freezing bread is okay freezing it the problem is that refrigeration storage is in bread and the general rule of thumb in the in the early industrial literature my what's a scientific is more industrial literature on bread baking and bread storage is that a single freeze-thaw cycle that you go through and by the way you want to freeze it quickly and you want a thought quickly but that's single freeze-thaw cycle is worth about a day's worth of storage in terms of stealing at room temperature which is why I think so if you're going to freeze bread right and you're freezing it today right then it's like when you saw it to eat it right away it's like you're eating it tomorrow night but if you

wait till tomorrow night to freeze it it's like you you're losing another day after that to make some stuff so it's it's as it goes in and out of freezing the real problem is is Refrigeration temperatures okay the other thing is if the flowers don't fit those rules at all because starch retrogradation only applies to starches that have been cooked right and and you're hydrated with water and then over time those are the starches like recrystallize right and so then the water becomes a man that goes stale so starch retrogradation is only a problem and starches that have been cooked already and where you don't want to have them recrystallize

top brother in the future my suggestion the hellbender Hellbenders are monstrous amphibians the largest salamander native to North America they look scary and have a name I know you like salamander puns I really used to like some better sounds much better than Sally handr sorry pipes Sally Matic I looking forward to getting my all seeing eye sometime soon cheers Brandenburg okay Michael rights in hello Dave and Ava

someone make that band I just do something brought with a color called GarageBand on your new iPhones and Daniel gritzer who is here on Tuesday came up with a sweet name what was it he said those little hipster is awesome and I'd only one he's not at work don't come back and say that he just looks like an elf a boy it's like hipster El papel reason why people how much salt do you add to food when cooking not brining is it possible to calculate is it based at all on water content in food also just perception of salt really change when it's a different day

cooking also can one calculate how much of a spice or herb to add when cooking and ratios are once by some other overall are there Universal constant no I don't think so I mean I always there certain recipes that you know what's going to happen and sell you a definite percentages so breads you typically add percentage in every Baker knows what percentage they are going to add and you typically then your salting on flower base it's not on flour and water basis because after it's all said and done when you beg you really care about the quantity salt in the final product not in the in the in the dough and usually your hydration level out when you bake right mean to be honest it's like something really really dry and so typically forgiving recipe style like a cookie or Brad you use a particular percentage and I used to use

navigate told me about this writer bread writer in San Francisco who's currently well-known used to work at make an Acme and he forget his name and you know he wrote that in the old days we would use like a percent of a percent to a percent and a half of salt which is what I typically would have used in bread back in the day bread and pizza dough things like this are pushing up like over 2% on Salt Lick It seems high but you know it's alt levels I guess I've been rising up in a lot of these Artisan breads over the past couple of decades but yes you can do the same thing with other things with other things that are kind of uniforms until you can calculate I haven't done it but you can calculate percentage that you're going to add a salt to Rice before you cook it what I would do if I would take the rice that you make I would take a batch make a batch

wet and then you know exactly what the wait is of a particular rice after you cook it and then do a percentage basis on that like a percent or so probably be sent sent to whatever but when you're dealing with things other things especially things that have some their own inherent salt in them you never know how much salt you going to need to add because you don't know what the flavor of the original thing was and certain things require more salt than others based on the levels in your nasty Tuscan person and we all know Tuscan bread is terrible I just tastes awful because they don't put salt in so you have to clearly and with bread at it before it can also make a difference for instance in bread when you add it because it also changes how fast the yeast works when you're soaking beans in salted water the salt and change the rate of the absorption of

water into the meeting so I can certain cases it makes a functional difference when you add the salt but another cases I think it almost always make sense to add salt as you're cooking meat do you add salt to meat before you cook it if you had a long time before you cook it then I can change the texture than me right so that's why I'm doing the long cook up something like a steak and I wanted to taste like a fresh like I like a broiled steak I won't add the salt cook it for a long time because I don't want to text her the me to taste more like a cured textured meat which it will the saucer for a long time while especially when it's cooking for a long time other than that to make a stock you don't have the salt now because you don't know and you know that the ingredients that you're preparing it into its final State like right since I'm making a sauce and the sauce is going to go on something else right I want the sauce to paste the right level so I'll tell salt sauce y

make it I also want the meat that I'm putting the sauce on to have the right level so when you combine them they'll still taste good I'm not such a fan of saying I'm going to make one Bland piece of crap and then I'm going to put something really salty on top of it because then the two things are unbalanced on their own and what if someone takes or what if you have a piece of potato that you didn't salt the water because for some reason you don't like saltwater I know what's wrong with you I don't know why you didn't saw your potato water but if you did that right and some potatoes not going to write a small piece of potato

does an Earth because the relative pungency or power are they giving the spice or herb widely depending on how old it is when people ask for recipes me to give him a recipe and like you know it's got I got no time in it I don't know how much time you need to add why don't you just chop up the time and then when it tastes right you're done you're not allowed to write a recipe that says add the amount that makes it taste good and for always just saying make it taste right supper right okay I just had a question from Andre in Germany that it has gone unanswered for a while

just be sure you didn't answer that one because I have that one here right here like it's the next one on the thing but we sure we didn't we didn't get to that one you sent me a few emails here this week so I'm driving question for Dave on cooking issues without a champion off all Bundt Cakes but I'm looking for a sponge chiffon cake and that can be used for layering cakes with whipped cream as for Swiss Swiss Rolls kind of like an angel food cake with the yolks also being used I tried various egg replacers but they don't work well either do you have any idea and a good rest

thanks for your help Andrea okay well

Miracle right and so like they have various different functions and they in different cakes they they do various things obviously they had a structure in the form of protein and they add add actual phone right so you whip him into the phone and and and you beat it in so there's usually not a single egg and also their suppliers we can also a note I improve the texture of cakes I don't think you're going to find any one single egg replacer that's going to replace all of the all of the different functions at eggs can perform even within a cake that said there are people working on this problem right now notably Bill Gates has a big investor in a company that's doing this to attic mean fake Aid companies

developing California of course and one of them is already come out with a non egg mayonnaise mayonnaise and there's another company that's working on eggs that can literally be scrambled and eaten as though they were and eggs they're looking to get the color right to texture and I guess also somewhat the flavor an egg product that can be scrambled that's right okay the pimped-out for one of the one of the products where like they cooked it at his place and served it to someone else and that someone else who is by no means and egg expert was like taste like a victim Easter things like when you're when you're like it doesn't look like the classic vegetarian argument against me is that you can just make a meat replacer and that most people can't tell the difference

most people can't tell the difference between a piece of meat that's been cooked to death and you know a meat replacer that's been cooked to death because once it turns into a piece of shoe leather who the hell cares whether came from an animal or from a vegetable there is no one on God's green earth that can take and make something yet that I'm like that tastes exactly like a medium rare rib steak delicious delicious but when I make an overly spiced chili that would have had overcooked particle has crappy hamburger meat in it you can barely tell that you don't have the crappy hamburger meat last judge whether or not you're making a good meat replacement

they're good Patty product I would eat it on a bun and facts have many times by the way how's this for a word with the vague the Meg 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement of egg with two e's a cheese rather beg I don't know I think that's the one I need a bag veg

Zagg anyway the point is is that I'm sure that you can make something that approximates a really poorly cooked over cooked scrambled eggs especially if you're going to dump a bunch of Tabasco sauce on to it and eat it with hashbrowns then you probably could replacing an actual place you need to 11 somewhat so you're going to need some way to aerate it you can typically you could do that with a commercial leaveners but in order to get that you might want to at you going to need to add some sort of protein to it that's Aetna producer had something that stabilizes the bubbles and it was for me because you're not going to have the egg structure to hold it together while it's baking so what typically what you'll do in an egg replacer is you add some form of thickener

like some hydrocolloid taking her and xanthan gum and xanthan gum will hold the structure while you are while you're baking but there are some Alternatives that that you can try I'll give you some so Johnny iuzzini and I years ago and I think he actually publishes recipe so you can go look for it somewhere I think he published it and how many egg whites in it in the reason is we didn't want to have that kind of protein feeling from the egg whites that you get from egg whites and so is i r e c whipped cream whippers to produce the the phone texture and we use cellulose so methylcellulose brand of sometimes but they have the interest in property that they gel when you heat them right so we added I believe it was methigel the SG I think was SG

a72 your batter but you charge it with a bunch of your phone into the pan and you throw it in the oven the bubbles are formed already from the from the foaming in the in the very quickly in into a gel the jail holds the shape of the Angel the angel food cake like thing while it bakes and then when it cools off the starch hold it together so you don't need the eggs anymore so that was one way to do it another way you could probably do it is by making a fluid gel what time I talk about it later for a different question that comes in you can make a fluid gel with you cuz I got a break in the oven at those temperatures but you slowly spell Joanne which is a hydrocolloid you can make a pretty pretty pretty thick food you'll actually and use that for the water base of the cake you could even do it milk-based if you wanted I use out of the water base of the cake and that will provide

some structure such that after it Air Raids the bubbles won't pop but you might need to pre are eight or you could probably maybe get away with just the aeration from creaming I don't know what kind of like when it needs to be aerated bye-bye what they might if you're going to do so you could use versawhip to whip together a liquid base and then set that with Santander some for fluid gel so it doesn't break there's a bunch of different things you could go through or you can just try a commercial egg replacer since I began look Johnny iuzzini might have published a recipe we did was a years and years ago like 6 years ago or something that Jody come back that one week though sometimes

will rise and we also Brian fished presented to prevent protein bleed out typically for chicken or pork we do a 5% solution for 12 hours or so works fine no problems there and we like the results we believe we understand the process osmotic pressure higher or lower salt concentrations excetera but we seen a number of Brian's include non-water soluble flavoring garlic peppercorn Rosemary lemon onion chives parsley excetra the protein and fresh flesh even which are spices would it be more flavor more successful and what's the mechanism thanks for all the info on cooking issues put Shelton. Is water soluble but that most larger molecules salt is relatively small molecule and also the entire thing about salt is that salt as well as a side effect of a kind of help

teens in the muscles act and so they can have a very big effect and then the question is whether or not like they penetrate the surface area where they don't most spices are really on the surface salt that are some arguments on how much penetration you get on salt but I'm going to refer all of you rather than having discussion of it myself I'm going to refer you to a couple of years ago was not that widely read a Blog as far as I can tell the everyone should go take a look at it it's not genuine it's a guy think he's a he's some sort scientist whose last name is blonder genuine is done the best work on brining ever because he did a bunch of cooked a bunch of stuff and here's what school he cooked a bunch of stuff and then after he cooked and sliced it soak it in Salt revealing dies I can actually show the penetration of salt a natural cooking not marking penetration based on dye penetrant dye penetration but actual en salt penetration on the cut service

so I just rather than going into it I recommend you already that and then if we want to have some discussion about his section on brining you know then we can but it's it's excellent to go take a look at that night Maroon ricin on phone hey guys I made an awesome hot toddy using mulled apple cider angostura bitters dark rum butter and maple syrup I topped it with Le bernadin terrible a caramel for caramel song and then give me a link to the recipe for 2 cups sugar tablespoon to teaspoon and a half sheet of half half of 2 grams of gelatin so basically you're making a gelatin stabilized whipped cream and then I found out

okay that's how was God of that one person floating on The Cider he gave him to have to like complain about the unappealing mess in the servants typical right you know what it's like the like they were having problems with the store because I happen to be at the house working actually interesting me on searzall stuff I was working on stuff when they when they went on sale 3 a.m. my time not working on my speech guys didn't get their store up on some of the people make mistakes you know your friend should get people make mistakes you know I had to do so after I've had to go through it a much more forgiving of when things go wrong

the phone number to lease an unappealing mess floating on the side or is there anything I could do to slow that down like methylcellulose or something that already has gelatin in it three of the four of us drank it too quickly to be an issue but I thought there might be nice and slow down the melting a little if it were possible to three of the four of you were reasonable use drink that sucker right back to what I said before you're going to want to use some form of a fluid gel so reinforced creams to forget the jello did you really want to do is you're going to take the water and the milk and that might be enough actually you might need to take a portion of the cream as well and you're going to set it in a 1% as a 1% agar gel you're thinking to blend that Jay

nothing but you have to make like three hundred grams or more of this of this agar gel and then you going to do like 1% kind of hike to 1%. McQueen back to to get the picture what you want so you can make an agar gel with his stuff then blend the hell out of it then you're going to mix it with the cream and the egg yolks you can shake it right and then remember is the fluid gel okay so you're going to by the way when you blend it if it looks like little shards then it's not Blended enough it has to look creamy so then you put it in the whip cream container you flip the whipped cream and put your finger on the tip first time does matter 2nd 3rd time it does flick down right to make sure that the product is slammed against the head of it then to Spence and the agar fluid gel will prevent meltdown I do miss all that I do this all the time 2 minutes

I want to cooking issues this is Mildred SodaStream who just posted a big lost their stock with the floor hopefully they can pick himself back up devices can one use a CO2 cartridge is one of the types of ATC whipper soda and then turn an O2 into a cartridge for Infusion her phone if so are there any specific accessories I can get to make it work and what additional care and maintenance steps do I take to make sure I don't mess up with the Whipper thanks in advance and keep it tasty Mildred unfortunate you will need multiple things it's completely on you will spend if you make any reason to spend more trying to do Seltzer in the in the Whipper then you will just doing it the Sodastream Soda Springs much more convenient for making things like Seltzer and then keep the Ripper for whipped cream

infusion to stuff like that you won't regret having them there their they're different but you can't really get one to do the thing for the for the for the

we're done we're catch up on Tuesday on Kristoff and get all he knows is liquid smoke what else am I going to talk about custards oh my God

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