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Episode 183: Stinky Fish Tuesday

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I'm sure you guys all know the fabulous website is the L train left right and if you go on that right now they spell it out is the L train you know not French Connection UK but a new person in the engineering Booth today Liz Wright

yes hello how you doing how you enjoying the engineering step will Jax away before we have two special guests with us today with my aunt she is third person might be coming we got Donley The Fabulous Donley of what's a new bar called but you don't drop the shot glasses into the you don't actually Drop The Boilermaker shot glass into the into the Pint glass drop the volume in the Pint glass to do a do you have to take a poop in your face to do in British style for it have to be exactly on the freaking line not an exact line but you know it should be to the top British people and your obsession over your

four lines in your beers is a little bananas because the price and by the way Paul Adams the head honcho of Popular Science has a present sexually with your title head honcho senior editor is that the same thing I prefer honcho which we going to get to in a minute it's it's it's it's stinky fish Tuesday on cooking soup as you might know we are actually going to get to my backlog of question for me to record a special ketchup show and maybe I can even do a tasting for that for the study of the Starship who for years and said that brand of ketchup that you use doesn't matter until until recently she went away and someone gave her some off-brand it matter because I just been this whole time

and some crap your Supermarket catch a McDonald's french fries feels really don't know Jeffrey is like for me one of most influential food writers ever book named with Disney air before with Oliver Sacks has book name so it's like the man who who ate his wife with everything or something mistook his wife for something to eat and was just saying I think it's one of the it's like it's style like the Seminole book amazing amazing but anyways what style of french fries so it's like right in between like a shoestring fry by me and I can kind of appreciate this crap

but the fries that taste good for 13.5 seconds when they come out of the fryer and then turn to like a hollow piece of cardboard which is kind of like how McDonald's french fries work they suck or I hate them so what would be your a medium for testing if I had to catch up though what do you think I can get to 4 Slaughter Road Trip there. They get cold so fast because you're driving and you can't just like pound them you have to sit there in like person in the passenger seat is holding Fries over and you're missing your dipping I don't you have to take them straight and then takes them on the

I'm going to go see Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac

can you make more creepy noises you pass the mic please because it's tomorrow and I have any dry ice there's a low line now it's a mess in the band in like tunnel area in the Lower East Side and they are having a fundraiser tomorrow and where one of the drink makers for it so I'm going to do our version Don has his own version of the Harvey Wallbanger we're going to do our Frozen version to be Italiano Italiano name tip of the hat to Piper that was one of his that final Punk's first before he moved on to I know we have a little time call are you still there

yes hey how you doing I'm doing good how are you what is your question

okay so I actually have to try that try to rearrange your head in relation to the phone in and start again I couldn't hear that last sentence

I've actually already asked that Chris and Bridget of America's Test Kitchen about this question and they actually weren't able to answer it so I'm hoping you could help me out ahead in the engineering room so maybe we got it we got your answer here

all right so about two years ago I was in a lab for biology and I want to experiment is where we take salivary amylase and tested its effect on a dish of agar jelly and Day ideas at the enzyme can actually breakdown of starch into sugars and I was wondering if you can have that same effect with like an egg yolk on fruit because I guess I'm wondering can you buy like a really crappy do some supermarket free list on right and put the egg yolk on it and have it like magic leap I've been officially my understanding of it is that while there are some enzymes in egg yolk and I guess those are the ones that make custards turn to crap if you don't cook them through enough right it's my memories been a long time yes that's me the relatively low in activity compared to Camaro compared to commercial preparations for for instance saliva

stop spitting on your spitting on it so I can pack it have sugar so rightness is ofttimes a an increase in sugar but concomitant with lots of other changes France and sometimes a reduction in acid sometimes acid is stable depends like apple the acid in apples will slowly decreasing over time as it ripens there you know the the new creation of volatile especially kind of like higher flowering history notes things like this are created during the ripening process with not all starch to sugar conversion however liquor companies make a very good business out of taking things like potatoes and converting the starch in them into sugar without having to go through any to Sydney or time-consuming step like fermentation so they just dumped amylase is into its remember

amylase is not a single type of enzyme there's places near mint to operate at various different points but if you have like a ray of unripe product I would recommend at any produce won the sugar that was saved like potato some right now and I would add a pectin to send it out so that your other enzymes can work more effectively and then I usually they do a two-step process two different enzymes into doing conversions for thing for more like shotgun in time for us as I call you when they're doing things like fermentation for potatoes I forget the names of the enzymes be used by Novo signs makes a bunch of customers that place I don't think any I've tried using just straight amylase from a brew shop and Mary underwhelmed by it also remember that your amylase it to work properly they have to have access to the starch

in the in granules so unless you like let's say you take an under ripe Apple so we taste under ripe apple one of the characteristic nose under ripe Apple the starchy flavor and you can see almost feel it when you cut it with a knife and Starkey

the only starts really if you lick that Apple instead of eating it you can actually get that kind of starchy taste from it and the that starts can be is available to be converted by an amylase however the starch in tax dark is typically not so you need to function Liza start AKA cook it and what they do when they're doing when they're matching out or something like this usually you'll feel you'll bring the board up so you can hydrate the starch and then then it's more available due to back me up on this way of increasing the sugar content of starchy products although it's people find it gross or if she wouldn't spit it out and then ferment

play prices if you just keep it in your mouth keeps chewing on it with a clicking of 30 seconds to minute become sweeter got kicked out of a michelin-starred restaurant in in Spain because the guys couldn't come to the table fast have to explain what the hell they were doing it was already gone and like the actual the shift came out and was angry with me and my folks don't talk so goddamn much don't talk so much and family show and let me have my food and eat it right or or serve everyone else and then wait or like put a clothes over mine or something you know something cuz I eat very quick

so I've got two hands and the Finish has been totally ruined on them from like you should abuse and scratching them on accident stuff like that and I feel like the metal underneath is fine so I actually have access to a lot of likes painless working equipment and polishing and stuff right there anyway to function like a pan into a standard stainless non-regular sticking pan by the undersurface of it is stainless right below the Teflon you might just be a resistant as it is no match for a very quickly spinning water brush attached to a

four and a half inch angle grinder going to have to polish and buff out and want to make sure you get all the Teflon particles off because it's going to be more apt to think straight down which ones are more and more worried about like berndl Teflon particles every every 5 minutes I see my hear more people upset about that but PSO was a pfoa perfluorinated something for others

what is the dealio on the fear they'll how can I get one are you going to offer them control Amazon we are there's not that many left in fact I'm glad you asked if this will be the update for this year's all for right now in the international ones are like tomorrow or tomorrow it should be tomorrow and all we're doing is waiting on the the handoff from our importer in to Amazon and then dealership outside literally to Amazon you need to have an appointment believe it or not and so they're making that appointment but we hope it happens this week as soon as I get confirmation that everyone from shop starter and Kickstarter has been had their product sent to them I will then mail the residual searzall to which there are going to be how many stuff like 300-350 on Amazon and we'll just go up on Amazon Prime ready ready to go

awesome awesome good deal okay if I'm probably going to still like hack my errand or something out of a Boston Shaker whatever but yeah I can't I can't recommend our patent or doing things that are unsafe but you know but it is a fun project

thanks so much

alright done that to you for second with The Boilermaker the price is arbitrary so why does the poor have to be exact same at the Germans the wine glass with the line that you ever seen those you took that it was trying to protect me the customer the government would say that you have to have this line so people know that this is what it is in England they take the easy way to measure is very very seriously so you can jiggers if you're producing a 25 50 ml bigger you can't persuade you can't make a 30 60 has to be 2550 cuz that's what is it recognized by the way to measures and then it has to be certified by them so they are obsessive about making sure that everything is right for the for the folks and then after that it's really just perception at this point people have an expectation of what it's going to be today

even if certainly large of East End glass and they give you a martini to the top like no one wants a drink that all the way to the bottom it was be warm by the time at the bottom if you give them the right amount of drinking but there is a small glass but the fact we got to eat some guys who fix call you're on the air

I really enjoy the show and also I'm really looking forward to your book coming out give me a call please I've heard you talk about making onion ice cream should I get weekly never caramelize them first you could Travel Medicine first I guess or afterwards but we we pressure cook them in May and then blend for like 20 minutes and then blend and then used strain and then use that as the milk base with the with the cream

so and if that works if you want more of a frankly I would actually just if you wanted to get more of a brown note I would just add brown sugar rather than care Monica's met the only issue you might have is that you might develop some stable

you're doing a pressure cooker pressure cook uncooked onions and I don't know whether you will develop some more stable cell free stuff if you pre sauteing kind of set the flavor of the onion before you pressure cook it and usually I slice it into rings very quickly throw it in milk and pressure cook it right away so I don't let it sit around all the time and develop that kind of stale onion flavor or any any of that kind of any of that kind of jazz but he had 2 Legit 2 Legit ice cream on the Savory side but it's legitimately and ice cream going to you guys if you guys are right do you like it wow you know that it has to be a sky while I keep him around

is the Joker can you do a new version called a hater and you're the star Suite

if you don't mind I was also trying to make your first a cocktail at home will that work with and clarify with agar but I found it drinks are traditionally meant to be kind of remember you have to add water when you're doing an agar base thing anyway and so it just it never becomes kind of awesome here's what I recommend you do because first date last forever but you should do you should get the dates you should get whatever Spirit you're going to make the first date into cuz made with various different want Blended High Speed with SPL and then just put it in the cabinet for like a month and and then racket off and you might not get like 100% but you're going to get a lot of settling and you're going to get a significant amount of clear stuff on the top of it

but takes a while but it's fine because first date doesn't go bad. Thank you very much for these are probably not enough to do much in your hand

probably an astronaut's interview by a long time listener job is right where they from what river do you know because I could not talking to you earlier listening to a podcast but so is salmon right there's a bunch of different variables with a salmon we're not talking about the ladder variables like harvesting other nonsense but aside from your standard kind of farmed or wild right you have which run there from and then which species are from

what species it is and the water to come from they're going to check things like fat content based on how cold water when they ventured out to my corner of the globe most of it was dried and they came to hate it but Meriwether Lewis later wrote that the fresh king 78 here with a finest if she ever tasted I wouldn't argue with that although some people think coho salmon is just as good as I'm sending you some of both so you can compare for yourself but I'm not sending them as fresh fish i've smoked them instead but they're not the hard drive chunks that commercial you smoke salmon tend to be there dry cured in Cherrywood smoked but both the curing and smoking are a lot lighter than you typically find so these fillets are still perishable but they're a lot less they look at them about fish but I'm not going to say I'm anti Coho but turn around in a Coho helicopter Chinook helicopter

hey sis before we get to our our crazy craziness which ones which

I think salmon delicious products do you like 7

are we have some Icelandic schnapps here it's like Aqua B from Iceland Paul was kind enough to hook us up with the u.s. import who contacted me on Twitter when he heard we were going to be eating fermented shark today took pictures of the actual fish they came from and took both delay pieces from the same section of fish and labeled them with marks which is a really delicious fish called the king for a reason people delicious but it's a different product to expect

delicious kind of expect like fatty being positive where is now a lot of people like the leaner Sammons because I still haven't gotten over this stupid hatred of fat that's okay so what what's the how do you say skull in in do they have a special pronunciation of skull their Icelandic the most conservative Norse language and therefore people in Iceland can actually read the sagas that is the closest language to Old Norse and so respecting that I will not clean glasses we will just look at each other in school properly

not good

Caraway flavor terribly forward which I appreciate

what are glass level the bartender and a man of experimental MTG prowess are the ones who have impounded they're so strongly in your luggage are you not supposed to eat at Bolton can if you buy a can of fruit it's a it's a it's a bulging can of a fish that's gone bad and then it was quite horrendous Paul joined us for a pacing that I figured you know I met another Scandinavian play something that's supposed to be terrible if you guys should share the terrible with you

Mickey enjoying it so it was for those you that I don't know and just were born today and don't know Harold McGee Harold McGee had possibly the greatest quote of all time as we were eating the surstromming what they do is his date they don't have enough salt to it so it ferments in the can and for some reason it always from its in a way that doesn't produce any sort of botulism but it does make some for some stinky stuff when you open it on a day when you see nothing instantly everything's covered in flies everything's covered in flies like your face who had it maybe two or three times prior was like this one is missing the vomit note I miss the vomit note and I was like Careless Whisper on strength

taste over this like you no small amount of time but remember this surstromming because we couldn't finish the can and I was in a cab with where the windows wouldn't open it seems so much worse he doesn't mention surstromming in the cab and it totally legal to bring back a frozen there were no warnings in the airport like in Sweden with said specifically not to put this in your in your luggage if they have a boatload of these Greenland sharks off the coast of their Waters right but the level of trimethylamine I believe

there's also a lot of squids that are high in iodine offended by the smell and they can get some sort of like TMA Narcosis from eating too much of this kind of Awesome on a few things that's kind of like that you know where we're going to try for so resourceful or dumb or both a combination of resorts down a shark for however long it freezes and thaws because you know cuz it does they they pull it out of the ground and someone's like

this stinks but differently than before I eat this thing all this kind of crap cuz you're starving and it's either eat your eat your dead brother for eat this rotting shark and you go for the riding shark first in the brothers kind of like a second call using hottest thing works so I can apply find a place and there you know you know it's kind of lost it like when you travel to other places and you see culture is it still have a complete Continuum from fresh to fermented in everything they need including grains and and you know main starches and stuff we very rarely eat you know any way whatever hung up to dry

what's the dry hanging from Ellie's what book tells me so the guy didn't use his his brother to smoke the face instead of eating the brother use it as a as a smoking fuel many trees in Iceland so apparently the year the primarily the user sheepdog so there is in fact that you can get her visit Donley as a very very speed be very special guest but if you visit him at the cocktail Kingdom he will serve you or horse pizzle horse pixel booths at that was a courtesy of a 1000 who brought back from Vietnam for me was amazing 24-hour hotline if you have any questions you know you know

stuffing called it's a it's a classic thing I have fluid out of my head right now where you think you become something by eating something of like that like James saying looks like a dude with a thing so you're going to become a dude with a thing if you eat a door like what type of that has come back

yeah I lost track of which Diamond was which I think might have been with the top or the bottom of the belly side was a little bit fatter than the top

Daniel you're just in time I'd rather pull up this weird white chair you don't get a cushy seat because you're late how about that okay Daniel gritzer from Serious Eats so we have the brains here Popular Science serious eats and then like the two jokers from cooking issues here to tell the other five heads are clearly better than none for a tasting this us if you want to do this stuff before we crack open the hot girl smoking process and take from the same piece take the same piece as you go down belly vs. Deli so you have to test vs. Peace

I still like meme

that's all I'm eating on the Go drum roll open the hot girl

it's already past the hot girl only a hundred grams of net


send people out there Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay I'm calling you out you are a sissy is this what he visits what he ate freaking sissy surstromming is the smell your smelling your own Decay and rot your smelling like liquid clears out the subway like this this stuff is kind of Dripping like from him like that is what you again from surstromming with an additional note is this

this just smells like you spilled a little ammonia on your on your face and it passes around to get on Price is also supposed to have plenty of urea

I'm telling you that anyone who's at the setup on two people said this is the worst thing they've ever read and write

did his sister try it maybe I should try it Anthony Bourdain or or what is it called Tony Anthony Bourdain Twitter I'm not saying that's right everyone

and then we're going to Sears all like to see what that does to the ammonia cuz ammonia is volatile and then we also have some lemon here to see whether we can cut some the stuff

I think your stuff in this on a regular basis

what's a good kind of talk to you very chewy

rolly rolly Rolly Polly was it like

texture pack real issues here on cooking issues

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wait we have Andrew w k on Hazard one of our people saying stuff oh my God that's awesome. You know I'm right by like teams are like usually a parent versus like it's easy like jocks versus cheerleaders or parents versus Suns whatever parents versus kids and they Craftsman they re combined it and do challenges with the recombined stuff but like everyone hated it because of it and what's it's called a searzall and a hero

there's a technical difficulty so it's not nice

shark is not a fatty fish

no not at all so what do you think better worse name

maybe better

Ben Willmore Textron water is quite volatile so I should be able to drive off at least allow the ammonia to tell my Surface just by twisting up a little bit

Starmie trying to be such a rhino noticeable among on the outside has the smell of cooked fish

and you have yeah you don't have that also after that cured

it's not quite a rockfish texture but it's somewhere between raw and cooked when you don't when it wasn't searzall in here it's got a full-on text her and by the way the living up to its name and initial

stop what do you think of the first case you happy you like it or no, I didn't like it did you hate it or just not like it's been like that and I saw you try

I really hope it works

how tall is Julianne Hough that you can't take a bite off a piece I want to take out Helen Hunt

what time is the rapper that has to wrap it up

r one more piece for the one for me to want to see what else we eating here or cut that cut a lemon 7-Eleven doesn't quality what do simultaneous testing cuz they're cutting us off and to catch up with us next week so fans are listen this has been a stinky fish we hear a report from sneaky fish land that it's not that it's not that. It's not anyone there is from Iceland if anyone can hear our voices and you're from Iceland I'm calling you out like this stuff is is completely tolerable I don't know what the heck you guys are

complaining about her thinking that you have some sort of like you know over the hill and I'll eat that anyway because I've already spent the money and I said something to say about that it what country is it is it is it in Greenland or Iceland that has they seal stuff with puffins I did eat I think 12 animals in one day while driving around Iceland I like that how was delicious I wish they sold a pup in turkey that be great. Jerky was at the head that kind of the gaminess the duck has not quite like a like a white me to a chicken but it was it was delicious and no taste like popping it doesn't taste fishy

read the bad the bad Puffin was just wasn't smoking long enough so it was just kind of squishy in the center or didn't have that that smoke clear all the way through we just look like a bad smoking what's the Puffin that was bad it was the cook I blame the chef as usual thanks to John right before they delicious Chinook and coho salmon is delicious we will eat more of that at the lunchtime here thanks to Don for bringing this to us and showing that it's not a difficult to consume as people make it out to be although if you're from Iceland and you and you think that the active brand is somehow less hardcore then some brand that you had and you know buried in your in your backyard somewhere then fine we'll try your backyard very hot girl if you can get to it and I'm sure we'll get the same crew back to taste it thanks Paul coming in thanks to

Daniel gritzer and Elizabeth

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