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Episode 182: Preserving Tomatoes

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Musashi to hammer Lopez about first in engineering as usual and the past few weeks for the first time with a list of unanswered questions than that groundbreaking sweet house Daniel gritzer formerly of the the Fantastic magazine food and wine now that serious eats what you would give a title over there or just like you know they're calling me culinary director wow that's like I had that's a title I didn't I didn't I didn't actually driving if I'm just careful I said I got you

hi title there any bombs the right he was here when I came on board I think they finally decided to make things a little bit more official so he's now managing director so he know if you have a managing editor I didn't manage and her hand like the integration of a decided to edit straddle those lines a little bit here it just means

do you know he's he manages the culinary portion of the for the recipe portion the cooking portion of the website if San Francisco is Botswana right it's a good place to visit the redwoods in the world that's true wildfires and stuff it really cool like that. Is it cool in here so at Heritage Radio and Roberta's on Friday we're having Alice Waters and Carlo petrini here to celebrate 25 years of slow food pretty cool right

what do you think slow Foods meant for food over 25 years old what year was it 25 years ago where is where is where jackets and 89 90 90 stretch 1989 right okay let's all look back to what food was like in 1989

I mean let's look at like where the high-end where we're like people who cared about ingredients of where where we were as a culture in 1989 vs. where we are now I think what's a thing about it is is even in the early 90s like the concept of a kind of caring about where food came from with much more advanced and Italy were slow food's was born much much much more mean that it was here in the US at that time but if you look at the influence of groups like slow Foods America's give a shout out to Patrick to this email Mark as one of the founders of that you know it's hard to say you know they were their kind of at the beginning so I think of me a big player what do you think they know yeah absolutely I mean

there there so many people who can be given credit for so much that's happened in the food world in the past 25 or 30 years from Alice Waters who will be here but the slow food movement I think if you look at if you look at the state of the the food world today and the things that people talk about and even though the transit some people not get annoyed with in terms of them being marketing lines me some give me some annoying everything's Farm to Table and then people that everything is farm-to-table cuz every everything comes from that kind of thing that's going to be the new Backpage national glass fits in with like the Great American like Americans thinking about diet and like the problems with American diet and food like one of the early people who is interested in that was represent

2 gram likes you know it would not have actually enjoyed graham crackers but was very interested in stopping us from masturbating and Having excess a sex and having us eat only kind of hold a whole grain breads like liquid out like external leavening kind of really what we would consider like poorly made products and so inflamed our passions get rid of like the national problem at the time which was dyspepsia so he can masturbation thing as actually kind of morally reprehensible remember that dieting in general and and detoxing and femoral isn't about

and so you know that he was very much interested in pooping and so I like the Early times it was Farm to toilet so I think over the past year 25 years in this market a really been ignoring the toilet Park it's yeah it is definitely the one part of the process it's generally ignored in the food, it was good but in the morning all toilet movement and how it feels and what the food it like to hang out with his friend spection is that what it's for a Dundas who's now dead who did a study

fecal expressions and and fascination with toiletries in in German in German folklore and in Indian culture as fascinating book and it's called life is like a chicken coop ladder but yeah if you ever had like that's out of toilet you're like who designed this freaking thing it's it's like a skin machine it's like a skin Master 5000 who designed this thing and it's because some people like to inspect the business after you're done it she was terrible idea Americans to go away there's actually another famous book what's it called oh my goodness it came out if I think out of Cornell I forgot the author's name REM koolhaas the famous architect along with The Graduate School of Design recently participated in the architecture biennale for the one of the things they did is they had a bunch of small book seats on a room of the house

one of my wife bought me of course was the bathroom because I have an intense fear of public restrooms I detest them especially hate anyone out there who owns a restaurant or any sort of public place put a trash can near the door and make sure there are towels they're not just those hand dryers because I'm going to use a towel to open the door knob in your door and I wish to throw that towel in a trash can because I have a mental problem that I can't touch the doorknob in a public restroom until somebody else comes in if there's not a source of paper towels nearby or if I don't have a receipt in my pocket too much information in a trash can by the door for anyone who wants to use a paper towel to open the door

right when you prefer that you were Americans they're focusing westerners in general like we do everything well backasswards so we poop into water and wipe with dry things instead of pooping into a dry hole and wiping with wetness and there's a fantastic book from the 70s that was redone I think or maybe it's late sixties and redone in the 70s called at know the bathroom and it's complete ergonomic study of like how different cultures like with angles diagrams pictures and loves it better for your position even when you're on

wasn't it like hard plumbed into their salad full lace water because I have the Japanese toilet seat which are I think the highest squat toilet that's interesting information and how do we get an Elf on the toilet okay so the tangential radio hour has ever chimed in

I'm going to get a little secret about what do you not like when you go out notice till now she just exercised the other subject doesn't care about religion or politics okay here's what I figure like I think we should get another reason we have Daniel here today is because as we've said many things I've said many times is that Tomatoes Refrigeration would you like grape tomatoes and whatnot which I don't really care about because I don't think it really do grapes that taste of the seed section so much but and there's very little pulp and one of those grape tomatoes and so like I've always stored in the fridge

I've always said storing tomatoes in the fridge enemy of quality and Daniel came out with a series of the articles on on Serious Eats basically telling me that not me personally but people like me to shut it and it's more nuanced than that so we're going to get into the smackdown next time we come back out of the grape tomatoes Smackdown Tuesday all your post on its way into little bit now and is it going to give you time during the 30 second commercial break to read all six thousand words whatever days of the Tomato technology if you have reported it like five thousand words

I don't even know anymore either just came out like waterfall I know how to say this as a spoiler after reading it I know like some of the stuff is very hard to dispute and I think people that could have call people out as wrong you need to learn this this is the greatest thing you can learn in life I think is the best thing in the world that you can ever do is to be proven wrong learn from it and grow the best things when I was wrong you know you try to be right you try to do is write as you can and then when you're proven wrong and means that you've grown so that's a win

but I think there's room for both of us at this tomato table because your people under thing I hate about people as they read something like a lot of words they come back with ones with one overarching statement that encapsulates everything that's not the case then we'll talk about what types of tomatoes how long what you're doing what your house is like blah blue blee blah blue blah me natural thing is there so many variables and really what I mean I started where you were I was a don't put the tomatoes in the refrigerator guy who you're not an enemy of quality I like quality I like the tomatoes and that's what I've always been taught and it seemed that that made sense to me and it sort of outfit with my anecdotal experience but I never tested it so you know we decided

let's put it to the test and see what actually happened so all summer long I was I was buying Tomatoes or different types in different quality levels and putting half in the fridge and half on the counter and just keeping track of an enticing them a blind and keeping track of what the results were in it started to emerge that this thing wasn't really holding up in my tests as much as the rule to never refrigerate tomatoes suggested it should have and I couldn't ignore that so yeah so then I wrote

wrote about it and I think there are a number of people simply didn't want to let go of the ruler consider the possibility that the room may not hold as much as they think it does people wake up if they're being rigorous about it so I had like so many people tweeted me about your articles and I've had people write in about it and so by the way we're going to get into an in-depth after the after the first break but calling your questions for Daniel regarding Tomatoes anything else to hear in the eighth cooking issues Studios now before we get into that so where do you live now I live in Queens in Jackson Heights Farmers Market where are you buying well a lot of them I bought at the check-in Jackson Heights Farmers Market

I got a flat of mixed heirlooms and I got a flat of their red they're like regular red tomatoes are the only ones that I ever made was I buy other than just crap Tomatoes I just have a small yellow ones by the Germans Stripes which are large kind of modeled yellow and red and the aunt Ruby's German green which are green relatively large and then get a pinkish red blush that goes around them and I've been buying you these exact to tomatoes from them

for Scott to be like 10 years or something like 19 years and like how long it's going to take them to get them where I want them to be till like for me it's like that's a lot of discussion later aren't very good to begin with

it's true yeah we'll talk about all this and then we'll also talk about the implications for the member growing up those like those rectangular plastic boxes oh yeah like mesh boxes long that's really kind of salad looking Tomatoes when they're over wrap with plastic and then they had like an image of like a nice tomato on the plastic wrap tomato or like at the diner tomato which is that the size of like yeah well I don't know you can't see my hands like a handball they like to have small crappie medium small there are a fine Supermarket tomato is good

questions though and Daniel please feel free to chime in as you know technical technical cooking questions I got to get to otherwise I'll I'll hear clamoring so just for laughs and vacuumed out of humor call Jeffers written in a couple times. Roosevelt problems. He's making building a rotovap set up for those allows you to do a distillation of flavors at very low temperatures and under vacuum cleaners no oxidation damage to the normal condensers piece of laboratory equipment if you buy a music be very careful clean them blah blah blah I use them at Booker and Dax the bar

I have to use a very much more complicated way of doing it because I can't distill alcohol so in order to keep the flavors intact I need to use liquid nitrogen and special kind of condenser so yada yada so they ain't cheap if you know they ain't cheap I first saw one the first time I when I first start working the French culinary jobs part time near you know we're researching all equipment I knew I wanted to do some some vacuum distillation so I built a really crappy one you know I'd like out of parts that I found around found around and it really kind of suck but it gave me like a taste for it then I saw the Roku is doing a demonstration at Madrid Fusion where they did the oyster things foursome ever seen that that distilled dirt going into a distilled water

no I'm already in the process of buying one is obvious when you lower that that pressure inside of the system you you decrease the temperature at which sink spoil just like going up to the top of a mountain you decrease the temperature to which things boil boil a lower temperature there for you can shift the distillation Point down to lower temperature principle of what's going on here if you need a vacuum pump that can one get to a low enough vacuum pressure that you can really reduce the cooking with it you need very good vacuums because if you're going to try to make things like syrups you don't want to get too hot to have a very high boiling point think of when you're boiling candy down you're going down at the temperature goes up enough you need a better vacuum to be able to maintain this low temperature right so you can tolerate some moisture because you're going to mess up and you're going to you're going to accidentally suck some waster up into your vacuum pumps

tolerance moisture and three you need it to be powerful enough that it can suck the vacuum Fasteners a lot of people make a mistake they try to get you know these little things called aspirators which one off of faucets and they they're kind of weak they don't have they don't they're not strong at the can't suck enough of the vacuum fast enough to really be useful for doing and other people go the other way to get a really vacuumed it sucks a lot but can't get to a low enough vacuum level so like a vacuum cleaner or a hood has a huge amount of so I guess we was looking at buying either The View tv 700 or v710 Pub which is their standard laboratory vacuum pump I have the v700 it's nice it can get down to around ten bar soaps atmospheric pressure at about sixteen sixteen hundred 1,000 1,000 65 millibar

get rid of app is leaking and it's kind of a pain that I brought about by the way that we can go to that he caused a flavor loss in a distillation leaky Road of that because you are is sucking in through the leak and stripping flavor up and out through your pump in real life when you're using a vacuum pump in a rotary backwards evaporator distillation your pump should run down to its pressure and then never turn on again that's the best of all possible worlds and then you're losing no flavor think about it you're evacuating it down to a to a certain level you're supposed to boil everything off and then we can dance it in the condenser you're not supposed to have to suck up to the pump always have to run a little bit but it shouldn't ever run that much but the more expensive pump the pump I have is the one that you know he's saying the 700 the cheaper one

and you know how to make this a better way I'm running the show for the first time off of my new iPhone 6 Plus salad check that out my iPad make a sink not automatically turn off because I keep looking down and then I have to use my finger to sign in and I was like my lock screen is no fun 710 is a much bigger pump if you could afford it I would go for it if you could afford the dino footprint I would go for it because it's better for things like cigarettes cuz I can get down to a much lower vacuum pressure has another level of a pump on it and also the problem when you're doing a vacuum is is that you suck how long is going to stay on now forever so there's a thing where if you get moisture inside of your vacuum system

right and not pumping a lot you can't get down to a low-level so they have a thing called a gas ballast that after your vacuum system with a little bit of air into the sucker can your your your moisture get it okay I think so so when you're running a gas ballast to get the moisture out of your vacuum pump the bigger vacuum pump and still reach your lower back in pressure right sounds good yeah he wants to know whether he should get the v850 which is when we have which is basically just a standard vacuum controller hit the set point stops or the V8 v v v automatic distillation listen I have no idea I was always wanted to have the 855 and if you know someone a few key me to tell you if the same freaking unit all they got to do is like flipping switches in like do a firmware update and they can convert they won't they won't do it but shut the software for the same piece of hardware

yeah right GIF is crippling product y ya y still still no USB on this damn thing I'm saying call or one-night what's up the rock salt yes yes I want to love that whatever call the White Mountain which is the kind of that white man that's the name of it right I can't remember it's really good at expensive right but it's like right it's it's only timing and the scrapers that uses our wouldn't okay now I had a thrift

I forget the name of it like Revco or something like this a thrift store motorized I also I was stupid I thought my kids would want to get into ice cream with me and crank that thing yeah yeah I thought the hand crank one thinking that all we would sit around the table and crack ice cream so like if I could go back I would definitely get the motorized one because I have better things to do with my life then watch my kids watch me crank and ice cream machines in the white mountain is really good but the old crappy I think I remember one that I had had plastic like scraper Dashers on it that actually did I think a better job of getting the ice cream off the side of the freezing tin and so I think that

is you need to be able to effectively scrape the crystals off the side of the metal container for you get like weird like chunky Crystal problems in it and that's why those companies who make those things don't recommend that you salt the hell out of your ice they've they give you a like a salt recommendation and they give you a freezing window that's actually a lot longer than I like that with my all Rift go with the plastic scraper blades until that sucker died like I could turn out like easy like 12:15 minute batch times on that thing and still get good spray page on the sides where's my feeling is with the with a scraper Dasher things that they have on the White Mountains but if you were to push the times that fast by salting the hell out of it that it would lose its scraping efficiency so I've never been but again like you know I haven't played with the White Mountain as much because it your years ago I would make ice cream like like two times a week in my old repka one pipe and I think three bucks for that ice cream maker on the thrift shop and so sad nothing died and so

used to do it all the time I bought the really big white mountain so I don't know what I would have had better results if I use the smaller one because when I go I go big usually unless I'm buying something from a thrift shop it's just now it's in my nature I can't help it anyway so that's that's my thoughts

I think I fell for you by White Mountain what do you think about that now that you've had a chance to use it more to do much and how does it compare to you or anything that where you care about the solids it's very hard so most of the time when I work with salads in a centrifuged year actually be a little kind of stratification of layers and you're not go

you want all of those layers and so it's useful to have large buckets so you can scrape the different layers off so like let's say you're making like pecan grind up a time so you can get the oil layer then you can get the final layer and then you can get the like the Stipe they're skinny layer at the bottom with a machine like this is very hard with a machine like this to do any real separation so it's really only useful for things where you want the liquid on top and you have to spend it a lot I did do a who's Dina wants of a large group of people and I was back when Tristan was a bar manager Booker and Dax and we were in a basement in Bogota spinning for hours and hours and hours and hours but if you want to do something like lime juice where you only need like

we only need like a couple hours is and you're good oh my God that was a nightmare yes yes I've never I've never been so like visibly like just not in a good mood right like visibly just like making Halloween drinks in a good mood and I'm sure you know sooner or later they'll be a much better alternative it's not a horrible thing to play around with things like lime juice or small amounts of grapefruit juice and things like that

yeah okay great thanks thanks so much really appreciate the questions or am I just saying things no I don't know I can't tell you anyway automatic distillation I depends on how they run the Odyssey in just like when you're making candy at a the boiling point goes up as your as you're boiling stuff off as those less water in the Pod dress alcohol-dependent kind of distillation or do especially when you doing alcohol distillation which is what you're going to be doing with be honest is did the boiling point is constantly changing and because the boiling point is constantly changing you need to sit there and keep I just constantly the boiling point of the vacuum pressure that you're running the distillation at in order to keep a constant level of distillation that's how you have to do it. 2855 claims to have automatic

Malaysian algorithms that make it so you can walk away from it I've never used it I don't know if I trust it to make the best possible flavor maybe does it wouldn't which case it'll save you mean like I have to sit in front of every leader product I want I or someone who is trained has to sit in front of the road of that for an hour okay so it's like if you could just you know Ronco the Ron Popeil it said it forget it you know then maybe it would be worth almost untold amounts of money if you're going to do this kind of thing a lot one last thing you said you had in this is going to get into its really quickly Jack before we go to the break is you're using for your Chiller remember we are doing distillation what's the key with the key thing had to remember distillation Moonshiners anyone anyone cutting off the tails in terms of physics and everything that you boil you have to condense right you have to be in order to have to have as much chilling power as you have heating power or you'll saturate your condenser right sole Moonshiners do dishes they always

moonshine near a creek or a well and they just put it through a boat ton of water tonight in a lot of water but they're not doing a very low temperature in what are condensing usually at a lower temperature much lower than tap water chemist use tap water at 20° Celsius because they're doing their distillation Tire like 60° C through the condenser but they're not getting a very large temperature Delta between their distillation in their condensing which means they're not getting a lot of fine resolution flavors there's not doing it they're losing a lot of stuff through their through their vacuum stack okay so you need a low temperature but you need to have a low temperature and a lot of power so your piece of equipment that you only which is a djellaba ft500 recirculating cooler only has 120 watts of cooling power at -10 Celsius right you're going to want to sit at -20 - 23 start your distillation and then it's going to that temperature is going to creep up for your distillation run so you can have to do so

Bollard installation run so that your temperature doesn't get too high before you get too far into you're not going to be able to maintain your chilling you need if I was you if you don't spend money on something I would spend it on more chili powder all right

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welcome back time for tomatoes questions because I have like I have to go I have like a bunch of questions from Lucas at Sam's like all your other wise for bread I have cooking black bass I have salad nicoise I have salt and penetration Splat poop at Brian penetration a salt like salting of eggless cooking I have I have had to make a phone that doesn't break anything seen that they need it right away Liquid Smoke is Iverson SodaStream we're going to need to do

we're going to need to do a catch-up show Especial ketchup show special ketchup show how we going to sponsor does not care about what brand of ketchup. Patrick's bookie you know we have a firm believer in the high in the same better than all their ketchup that meant they didn't have to use benzoate sodium benzoate in there as a preservative in the in their stuff so they were trying to push through a benzo it Brandt a band early along with some governmental people so they could squash everybody else he still had to use benzoyl that's so sweet business they're like the stuff that we figure

but the band through as a child catch up at State of the State of serving of Veggie sure is 10 Tomatoes were a vegetable Jack when we going to have this ketchup show about two weeks from now I'm out next week so maybe the following week yeah we will have somebody here Liz will be there and Icelandic fermented shark

are no way one week I leave how do you not like at all Jack because they can't say on are we will find out next week when we show up we got 10 minutes next week if you do a double that what are answer is but we'll do a show where there's no new questions were just to catch up on this question that we've missed not catch up catch catch up catching up to our questions alright so people have not missed your questions I have them the right now we must talk tomatoes and that's actually one of the questions so why do you talk about your studies here real quick

okay so it started out but see over the summer I was actually down in Florida and I knew I wanted steak

so I didn't have to really good Farmers Market Tomatoes but I figured people buy a lot of tomatoes supposed to let me start this test with these so that was the first round game where they start at your standard red sandwich tomato plum tomatoes and then some smaller dad like cherry tomatoes basically and half-and-half on the counter I always brought the lunch in the fridge back up to room temperature before tasting just so that tasters couldn't easily identify which was which by temperature and

the first day after the first overnight the the countertop Tomatoes the room temperature tomatoes were clearly better than the refrigerated once and if that point I was still expecting their for dirty tomatoes to just be terrible across-the-board cuz I was operating under the same assumption that everyone else has been on the second day with the so let's meet us at 7 at the counter for 2 days at that point it had been in the fridge for 2 days at that point things flipped and suddenly the counter Tomatoes tasted kind of don't and where is the refrigerate tomatoes still maintained

vibrancy I would say they had before Suddenly Seymour I sent Daniel I love it that's right there right there yet so make this quick so that surprised me and I started to wonder why locate it looks like there's a point at which sitting out in warmer temperatures can actually be potentially more detrimental to the flavor of a tomato then refrigerated one but and I think about that a lot of questions because these were your beer really generic big AG Tomatoes shipped from state-to-state pick Green the whole thing.

best this summer I was doing tests where I was buying Tomatoes pretty much at the rate that I could consume them and refrigerating half of each kind and putting another half on the counter and it continued to Bear out in my blind tastings the finest my my apartment is hot in the summer cuz I don't have air conditioning mistake

yeah I know I Pat myself on the back for it for environmental reasons but it's actually really stupid men on this on this. Is that a lot of the studies that have been done the ones that I found I haven't done an exhaustive search of all of literature and tomato storage but what I did find across-the-board all the tomatoes that were tested were tested in cooler temperatures so room temperature is defined as being below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then compared to Refrigeration temperatures and

I was finding it in my room temperature which was well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit

I've done all sorts of crazy things to deal with so anyway it continue to it continue to look like at the very least in warm temperatures once you have a nice Ripe Tomato it actually seems to do better more often than not in the fridge then being left out to a kind of will in the heat a lot of people are still not happy with those results they wanted more quantitative data cuz this was mostly just qualitative you know I do blind tastings and say well I like this one because of X and that one because of why and see where the sea where everything

everything ended up so then for the third round I did I tried to quantify it by doing a pretty large blind tasting in my office I had people rate the tomatoes on a scale of 0 to 10 on criteria like overall preference texture flavor Aroma a different Tomatoes I averaged them all out to see to see where things I also did many rounds of triangle test because one of things that was funny was that in many cases it was hard to actually even distinguish between the counter tomatoes in the refrigerator Tomatoes it's a two things of the same one things different and you see if they can pick out the different one right and I didn't early run a triangle tests just sort of a test run with a colleague and he was about 50% correct in identifying the counter Tomatoes which is better than what you'd expect if he were guessing at random

but not not great not great success and differentiating and then I did a full a much bigger around with multiple Taster's trial test is 24 rounds I think and in that case they got 9 out of the 24 rounds correct which puts it just about in the zone of guessing at random correct for wearing a tomato they were tasting I tried to admit it like my tests were not

absolutely sound an end and you know scientifically perfect in there and how it designed them but I did try to select cross-sections that had similar representations of C quantity and the puppy part so I tried not to give someone a cross-section that was mostly pulp with one and mostly see with another flavor profile changes radically from the stem into the tip yes well that's I would say that you that's theirs I was seeing much more variation Within

the batches weather refrigerated or countertop than between refrigerated and countertops I'll take I'll take off the the end right by the Stan taste it if that one's flavorless I'll take off a few more slices until I get to the flavor I like and then I'll Reserve those for another used in and put the awesome like other side up for service exactly others tremendous variation even within one piece of fruit and in fact even in this when I had my the tasters blind tasting the tip of the big batch of tomatoes in scoring them I had scores for every single individual piece of fruit and I was seeing huge spread of scores which is partly there's a level are arbitrariness when somebody decides what's a v or what's a set you know people tend to be somewhat consistent within their own scoring numbers but some people just tend to score low and sometimes for high but even with that I could see variations were happening even within a piece of fruit didn't suggest exactly what you're saying which is he have tremendous variation within a piece of fruit let alone

yeah I mean I guess I would say something much more variation from fruit the fruit and within a fruit then between refrigerated and countertop and actually one thing I didn't mention is my latest my last round of testing it actually gotten cool in New York City at that point and so those Tomatoes were sitting out in an average temperatures of about 65 to 70° which I had my whole theory was okay well if it's really warm the refrigerator is arguably the better place to go wash once it hit their sweet spot they're just going downhill so just a race to the bottom what's amazing is that what I was Finding was the evenin around 70 degrees

it was not as drastic drastic the countertop was did better but it still I wasn't seeing this dramatic refrigerated tomatoes are absolutely horrible and made a starter room temperature are great spread that this rule would have to be let me see my thoughts on reading it and then you tell me what you think about my thoughts and then I'm going to kick us off the air

so can I make my initial hatred refrigerating Tomatoes comes from you know like Childhood Days of the people would buy tomato of crappy tomatoes under ripe anyway as you know very little flavor to begin with and then they would store it in the fridge for like a week and a half and then you know after a week and a half they would slice it and it just turned into a now it's not as long as tasteless it's also melee and disgusting so it's mainly that's it happens after long refrigerated storage which tissue damage that happens you know that incident that happened you know what I mean but so I think it be on reading and I'm like so over a couple of days you're not getting that kind of damage to a tomato by storing it in the fridge probably right exactly is the fridge is saying stop

stop ripening right so if you get it to your perfect face then

maybe the fridge is a good place to put it as long as you let it warm thoroughly the hell up afterwards I store them in the fridge for does matter mean they lose quality but they're not getting melee on me right at I hate you know what I mean Andy and I think some tomato varieties like are more susceptible to that are more prone to that and I hate that and the Quan the general quality level died I did see some kneeling as developing you know some of the tests like the big the big tasty made in my office I knew which was which so I was able to just do my own tastes and I could see that for the tomatoes that I perceived to be lower quality to begin with the meanest was more of a problem in the refrigerator

taster still had a harder time differentiating when it when they were blind so I knew that I was I knew what to look for and I could I could see it to some degree at the end of the day there's no argument refrigerator is a great place to put tomatoes on the only way to start tomato on your counter please don't start the other way especially when they expensive tomato so before I buy these two Tomatoes every year the German stripes and the aunt Ruby's I know by color and feel exactly how I want them to be so typically I'll buy them I'll buy some. Going to eat today right and I'll buy something to eat tomorrow and then I'm going to buy some. I'm going to eat the day after that and I leave them out on the counter and they come

perfect exactly what I want them to like an avocado does like yeah like you're buying sit just like avocados you bring some ready to eat some that are have a day left them in some that need a couple days cuz I need them to get to their perfect spot exactly but if you have something that says perfect spot

I guess I might have to concede that it degrades Less in the fridge wow that's what that's what I found I mean grades less it's less than and crapping in men than having it ripen past its perfect Point interesting interesting stuff York next week plus maybe a podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage on the school radio you can email us questions any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org