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Episode 181: Demolition Derby

we need to build a time machine and picked up

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kicked out of here because you know I got people coming in and I got to get ready for their program all this other stuff so we get Heidi Ho 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 as usual with the hammer Lopez how you doing you didn't see it you know how like when someone asks about to say something and your lips close in your mouth inflates like you're about to say something and then you like

a shape that has a note 5 Shake Shake It Off

Define that's what I owe the hands are delicious last time I saw you want to tell everybody before and that's how I couldn't do it so Sam Edwards Edwards & Sons if so sometimes sponsor of our program and of the radio show a radio network in general is a is a sponsor Patrick Martin the expanded version of it is something that I think he's done a couple of times and I did once in 2004 showcasing American country hams tasted side-by-side with their European counterparts

a lot of interesting people that other people did cuz that's just how I roll but the next day I was like I was like

that's my I need water. I was like that oh yeah oh yeah oh my God oh my juice and apple cider is there a write-up of this whole thing somewhere on the on the Heritage Radio archive Twitter think it's as you were there with you think it was good how old 8 9 10 years is American a ham producers using controlling the feed of the animals that we had some acorn-fed American American Hogs and some other interesting stuff so I had a very interesting tasting oh yeah

hey Dave what's going on give you a hard time you were talking about how when you start to feel reaction coming out of the time does it take some Benadryl and see what happens at least for me that's true yeah yeah cuz my wife has an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and tree nuts and I've been to the ER with her probably 15 times in the past 10 years and then I just last year there was a 13 year old girl at a camp

are Rice Krispies by the turnout are peanuts in a bottle at work next is it like one reaction can just get out of control and you don't even know and it's not even really yeah I guess that's true in my reactions to get worse and I guess I wouldn't know it I don't have never had luckily for me it's simply that my throat closes up it's not that it's not that I go into full body shut down you know or working excellent excellent advice and very sobering get any good news to give me Michael

good news I need some reason maybe the book tour will send me out that way knows we are sitting on your phone close Food Arts magazine which was kind of like you know it's actually my first Library this morning I heard they closed down like they had a huge because they were sent every Advanced cookbook you advance copies of cookbooks are reviews for the past probably at the past 30 years and I used to go into their their conference room was the library where all their stuff was and this morning I thought it was cuz Michael Berry

you know Ariana to founders of it they got me my first job is in food and they've been very helpful for me but many people like Patrick and I was thinking someone I wonder what's happened all those books I hope they're donating them to some you know library or culinary school or some like that cuz it's an amazing that's why was The Outfield little bit I just kind of just an evil person so she would that's how she would hope that I would do she like to think of me that way right said that's got a right though I guess I'm worried Northern where she just needs people anyway thanks for that word of caution cuz I definitely don't want to be responsible for someone not going into the hospital when they should

it is true that these things your severity can change at any time correct get out there doing a lot of really interesting work on where they sensitize you would absolutely microdose's over a long. Of time and they can at least get to the point where you don't I was going to work on that cuz he shellfish allergies and he's going to he's keeps on saying he's going to work on it I mean mine or so you know specific in my life that I don't think it's worth you know messing with but if I had something is pervasive in dangerous as a nut allergy maybe I'd give it a shot you know what I mean if he nuts with stone appear to be destroyed by the processing not at all that's good

it's just like the throat closing which is only not mild because you can't breathe anymore and you need the oxygen that's not the oxygen but other than that I'm fine let me hear you until just before it starts to fully close up so it's it's an amusing way to go bye bye sticker Jack you have a Reaver button over there sweet keep it on for a second and called we have some shout out so we have to do

do they have Sunday Sunday Sunday in California Sunday Sunday monster truck rallies probably a billion times I went to the wrong time like there's the one with the monster trucks that drive over things and Crush things and that's what everyone wants to see right and then there's ones where they just pull crap and that's when I went in there is also the demolition derbies were a bunch of beat up crappy cars just like crash into each other never seen one and I would love love love love to see a demolition derby

so sweet so sweet and you didn't leave the building over there called the science center which is kind of cool because they have all the Sciences are in there and they have a demonstration Services thing and Daniel's the guy there you know and so we're we go there all the time and he has control over all the sweet sweet sweet demos at all of the science classes have at Harvard Harvard that don't use a science building and I'm sure they feel incredibly weak and stupid because they don't have Daniel doing their sweet sweet demos because he can set up because I have anything you're like hey I want to throw some through sodium in water in Lexington have exploded got you covered member that when he did that for us a so sweet so awesome little mad at his last year when we didn't give him the information for the demo we were going to do and then set off the fire alarm

he's he's he's he's not angry with this anymore about that right cuz he's working with the with the IGG Nobel Nobel prizes it's like no but they know the words to kind of non consequential but cool science kind of things are so what you want to do is go see this year's foods he isn't food named stuff so he's doing some like crazy dumb some more stuff on the on this app promo video what you should watch and and you should watch the live webcast if they're going to have because this is September 18th there's a live webcast it is the 24th First International

go look at it on improbable. Com check out his 32nd promo for the ignoble prize ceremony and check it out one of the things they have you might find interesting things called 24/7 lectures where they get very eminent scientist they come in and they're the things they have to explain in technical terms explained give a full technical explanation of their field and 24 seconds and then a 7 word summary of what they do that is understandable by any lay person completely understand why you lay person actually boils down to is people start trying to explain what's going on in 27 seconds they get to blow a very loud like coach whistle in the ear of extremely eminent scientist and never Sometimes they come up with like really amazing definitions like I forget what her name was but some well-known biologist came up with like the most awesome definition of biology ever and it goes like this if it gets infected it's biology

East 72nd Road in how about a shout-out we are doing an event in Lyon in January with a chef Jorge Castaneda and it's called the catering cup International catering up another ICC another freaking ICC International culinary Center International Chef conference and it said the first year at every two years I think and this is the first year that the Americans are competing in fact so new that the weasels up at International catering didn't put the American team on their page yet their America we're going so you should check it out and support it catering English and that the stick is this each team are the same dishes

this year 20% duck Pate en croute a whole stuffed a whole trout stuff with Cod and scallops for the code of motion sauce specific the other one hey I want you I want to freaking I want to Trout stuff with Cod and scallops and then I ain't a streak support French dessert using dark chocolate tartlets Victoria pineapple coconut English and if you happen to be smashing / Ian and if you happen to be American

vote for us and I can't believe it's like one of those things where they where they test you on like a like a first of all taste and Technical presentation I don't know which ones first hopefully it stays and then like yo cleanliness and blah blah blah blah blah I don't know why they judge you on your Spiel or not that's way cocktail competition doors are they just judge you when she feels she feels just got back from the from Chicago like I said was doing on Mad Max with Rick Bayless set up the sink called Mad Max with a get modern Mexican where they get some Mexicans some people Americans doing Mexican stuff and then just have Knuckleheads like me going over there and working with Mexican ingredients and kind of talking about how these ingredients and techniques have place in modern modern kitchens interesting kind of like what we do but just kind of like contemporary had some really interesting stuff over there was at Frontera at the blue Lambo and had delicious banana leaf ice cream to get it's like almost like it was delicious anyway

talk about going to Aviary a lot of cocktail please like number one piece of advice when you go to a cocktail vanity said never ever finish a cocktail even let me to say the man knows how to squirrel away some liquor and see themselves so freaking culinary twins here in what is his brother gustas so he's at least at least only one half of the twins are in culinary stuff here but there's like so many culinary Twins and then when you see like the one and you don't know what's the other hear it I can think of like four or five sets of twins here in in the New York area freaks me out meaning whatever is not his fault

call Peyton Road in says can I get more information on the bottle style carbonation set up you have for home sale sir Rudy Tooty for me but if you want to do bottle Stout carbonation which in the end is much more muscle more economical and using a SodaStream write me it's a little more of a pain in the butt but it's much more economical what you need is you need a CO2 tank now depends on how you are counters are some people can fit a full 20 lb CO2 tank under their counter if you can't write like I can't because mine goes underneath where my sink is and so it just doesn't clear most of you can if you have a full cabinet depth that you can fit in remember to strap it down you don't want to have it fall over at don't keep a lot of CO2 tank because if one breaks you don't want it to 68 You by opening the stuff up yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you can get a 5 lb which is

smaller but there's a little-known and little-used a 10lb unit what I recommend is going to Mark Powers who is there in Goodlettsville Alabama and they can sell you their the best price on at the regulator's the hoses and the fitting to an empty tank can you get it refilled at a welding supply shop in your area and you can usually just drive if you live in the suburbs you can Drive Your Truck Drivin and swap them out and relatively inexpensive he knows where you live but a 20lb CO2 tank can do like 400 gallons of cell surgery cost less than $20 okay to swap out so you get your empty tank you on a high pressure regulator one of them because they're lower pressure ones that are made for beer don't go quite high enough especially going to use things like cocktails you need to also buy you don't need it but I would highly recommend buying what's called a regulator cage and it's a metal thing that goes around your regulator so that the gauges don't get smashed you can buy very expensive gauges that they kind of dog is mad in general there are hundreds of dollars worth

the regulator I buy is more like $30 at the tap right and it's very cheap because it's made to me I'll be used by every person who has like a brew I know of a beer set up in there in the restaurant so they sell at 8 to Jillian of them and they're not quite as accurate maybe but you probably don't care what you do care is that they're not they're fairly fragile so I would get those cages that you just pulled onto the back I would also buy an extra plastic washer for the high pressure CO2 washer and the reason the tank washer on the reason is there's a little is usually a little rubber thingamajiggy on the regulator that seals the high pressure on the CO2 tank but sometimes it can be great and if you have one of the plastic white thing zip tied to your regulator at all times then no matter what happens you are able to seal your tank properly and you could get one of those and then I use a a bunch of flex hose I use 1/4 beverage hose which is really it's like braided reinforced polyethylene hosing that's up never break

all the stuff that people will sell this more flexible they consider better for carbonated because it's not a stiff I've seen break a bunch of times the unreinforced stuff like the red specifically tubing the people sell so I stay away from that and the hose barb fitting that goes on in one of their little Flair to flare fitting a flare CO2 washer and then I would take it directly to a barbed gas fitting which is the gray fitting from a beverage from the ball lock connector the old Stephanie gets off from work power and you want some plants that clamp down on you can use a little hand hose clamps that screw down but I hate them I hate them I don't use them I use I would work out for class which are little little things that crimped down have ears and they never come off and they don't cut my hands and I don't hate them like I hate the other ones but if you're only making one rig just use the ones that I hate that have a little screwed up man I hate him and after that that's everything you need except for the carbonator cap if you can get on it's called liquid bread is a corporation makes it a carbonator cap and some soda bottles what you can say make sure the day

where is extremely cold now you can't even throw a couple smash a couple small chunks of ice into the bottle when your carbon is carbon dating raising the temperature of the of the stuff slightly make so it's ice cold you can have some ice in the bottle I feel it 2/3 the three clouds with water or three-quarters of the way through fill squeeze all the air out screw the carbonator cap on carbonated like 35 depending a 40 PSI don't turn it upside down because there's no check valve in the system in water rolling in Shake It vent it once shake it again so in your fridge and still okay

today's episode of good Comfort Classics great Burgers to their located at 345 Smith Street and these are the people behind seersucker and Nightingale nine so again that's Wilma Jean Wilma Jean 345. Com

one more announcement we've got a great event the silver snail 25 years of slow food will be hosted by slow food USA Heritage Radio Network in Roberta's pizza in 25 years since the group has launched a peaceful Revolution to defend gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life has the strong connections between play Planet politics and culture join us for a dialogue between slow Foods founder Carlo petrini and look for activist Alice Waters as they reflect on the evolution of the food movement and all things slow that's Friday October 3rd from 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. at Roberto's all those peas and then you had to throw him culture get all those freaking peas again

planet people politics and culture only using piece you want to meet and then it's like I don't even like it I would have been just be like in poacher people planets plates politics pulcher I don't know maybe I'm wrong but I could be wrong, you're on the air

how you doing good how are you I have a question about my shipping address cuz I'm moving okay where are you in the US are you went abroad UF Amazon already has all of the addresses we shipped all the addresses like to Amazon might be able still change it though is that true Amazon already has all the addresses and all of the all of the Sears always have been built there might still be time if you email the cooking issues email like or is this just more convenient

and if it goes to the old address in the next two weeks after that email today and will push through the change with the Amazon will will send confirmation I could have went to send a confirmation email on shipping along with the address right Amazon send Amazon going to send you an e-mail based but not everyone 6 and make sure we have the email with it so that we can add to email to the matter what gave us they're all of that all day shipping information to stash it from the most frustrated I'm second most frustrated and then maybe drew our partners third most frustrated but

let's see results have all been built and I can't imagine I'm supposed to not really but they're they're literally just waiting for a re-approved instruction sheet so anyways they are they're all built and rest assured they are in fact I personally have seen a thousand of them there's a thousand of them sitting in Booker and Dax lab right now anyway so that's the story and it's still possible and then after everyone gets their everyone gets their fulfillment off Kickstarter and Shop starter because obviously they come first then the remainder from the shipment going to go on Amazon

when is Starships like first week of November or like November 8th or November 9th then the book will be out but I don't know the last week of October busted or not they're allowed to do maybe they are I'll talk to the publishers

currently they're doing some work with my publisher but I don't know whether that I'll talk to them cuz I'll be fine right thanks a lot okay now had a question in from Andrea hi there I'm from Germany and regularly I have a question regarding baking without eggs I am not a vegan but I don't tolerate eggs and all my attempts at baking cakes have been awful bunt and sponge cakes turn out extremely moist and heavy and not light and fluffy at all this might be okay in a fudgie a fudgy brownie like cake but I'm looking for a sponge to find cake is usually just made with eggs flour sugar and baking powder and all that can be used for layering cases and all that can be used for Leo

case whipping cream or switch roles kind of our angel food cake but with the Oaks also being you is I've tried various egg replacers but they don't work well either do you have any idea and a good recipe for that thanks for your help Andrea I mean there's number of things that eggs do right so the yolks provide so if you're looking for like the the the tenderness by provision that you get out of things like yolks right then you can add I guess you can just supplement the fat for the fact that in the egg yolks and you can probably add some emulsifiers actually let this incident like this and probably get some of those effects but the other thing that the eggs have in them is protein provides a structure for things like angel food cakes and sponge cakes as they're setting so you are rates right because they can hold air and then it sits there holding its structure until it's baked at which point you form an actual interlock cooked starch and protein Network that holds the structure the cake you know until you read it right so

my question is how do you get around there so some people try to make if you look on the internet which I'm not going to endorse these recipes for the never made one but if you look on the internet some people use sweetened condensed milk in there a flourless I mean sorry for eggless sponge cakes. Presumably because the super thick structure that allows the battery to hold its leavening instructure better as baking soda what they're fundamentally doing I would guess it's just increasing the viscosity of their of their of their battered there might also be something because of the extra milk protein is in it I don't know also Jackin the sugar in it but whatever I guess I would do some sugar for the rest of the fastest prop presumably that's an increase of Scots see if I can maybe an effect on the protein in milk I don't know

if using an egg replacer egg replacers I think I have to look up specifically what kind of egg replacer you're using there by the way is there these folks in California who are working at your two separate companies one of which already has one at the prize and they can Whole Foods but they're working on Direct egg replacers that that satisfy kind of all of The Culinary functions of Exile again have never used by no Bill Gates's sponsoring one to the tune of millions of dollars to wait for that guy to come out but a lot of times what they're doing is a they're adding viscosity sometimes they going to add protein but probably not usually and then I'm going to add some sort of holding capacity for structure with something like that then something that forms kind of a Sony make informed kind of a little bit of a gel-like a week and it's not going to be like too crazy with the Avanti messing with water so you can have these kinds of things like heavy is Aunt and make a snotty for an egg replacer but as you say you haven't had a lot of luck with that I have used in the past

years ago developed like a sponge cake eggless actually like in Fuquay, but I end up being more like a sponge cake that used to be called methyl cell which is a I I think we're using there's two different varieties we were testing the SG which is a super gelling series and the a series I don't know if we publish a book online for like and he might have published it on his own later but it was Memphis cell-based an eggless angel food cake batter that we put to an IRS attorney see through a siphon to for aeration and the main the main thinks we are stick with that was is that method cell when you heat it sets of one of the few hydrocolloid sit as you heated it forms of jail because it actually loses its ability to be to do zits lose its solubility gels out as a cheated so we would spray it out of an atom DC Weber the battery would spread out into a pan it would be pretty are rated you throw it in the oven in the heat of the oven instead of expanding a popping you know the gel which it would normally happen in oven

actually sets the gel and so you would have these cakes that were set and then as they cooked the actual starch in there would be enough to hold this thing together and then it would and then it would be find the problem with it is is that metal show respond poorly to milk so you want to do non non milk-based recipe if you're going to know if you going to do that I think you might want to do and I've never tried it before but you take the whatever the water base of the eggs would be for whipping right and make a gel and fluid gel with it the reason he's jealous is it it doesn't break so much so you then use a gel and fluid gel you blend it so it's a I'll do it relatively fixed and then that structure if you whip it or you know you have some way to whip it or aerate it beforehand or even with that will hold its structure as it as it bakes and won't break haven't tried it again but that's something you might want to try another thing as you can add extra thickening power to it in the form of other viscosity building agents I don't I don't know exactly which one

I use what you have access to but you know that's in general people trying to do sorry I don't have any more specific meanings does poopoo poopoo poopoo he saw us at the lecture last week at the harbor any Road in but we talked about was that Maggie and I had Neils actually had died on a course where we were cooking octopus after octopus octopus we're trying to disprove the fact that a cork an octopus makes a difference but the fact that matter is is that if you use enough course we actually did repeatedly get a difference between pork and non-core cooked octopus we didn't know why and Phillip had some interesting things for kids said that he had read something and done some tests where change in temperature during cooking also affects a text her back but so it's going to look at but he had some questions

once what's the best thing you've ever put a putting into and gotten out of a rotovap at the best thing I've ever done

the best thing I've ever done isn't really a distillation is it really about like some fancy distillation but the best thing was we took Port nice Port Ruby and distilled it into a port Brandy and then threw away the water and then distilled it down to a port syrup has never been heated in Port Service never been heated is ridiculous ridiculous they're down to the down to about 66 bricks so I can maple syrup style all done you know kind of room-temperature we then did the same thing to a Madeira malmsey Madeira and that's terrible also stupid stupid good and then we did it to a bunch of any so you know the desert wine amazing singer of sand and Brandy's all and then took three small children Brandy's did not write in small tasting cups and then cheese courses so we did with the with the port

did Stilton Stilton syrup and I forget what we what I paired we we did a garnish as well but I forget what we did with the garnish on that one and then we did cheddar like a really nice at Montgomery was at the time Montgomery with the best Cherry can get our know if it's still there if I was Montgomery's cheddar with the moms e Madeira and then that went and the in the syrup and that one we did with Aflac pickled pickled onions like red I answer to make to cheddar onion and then we did the bum deveny wish remember all the garnishes what are the garnishes we did this might have been with the port was we did we did pressure cooked parsnips pressure cooked up barley with cough when was it that one and then with the bum de venise we did a really delicious pecorino Toscano and this year but I forgive with the garnishes

basket that's the best thing I've ever done to go to that other ones are just all kind of ram distillation said that I like a habanero like doing habanero in the road of apples always good because it got rid of the spice and it was kind of a unique things you couldn't really do any other way sounds like that that's good to have you ever used liquid nitrogen liquid nitrogen gel technique to put chard shards of gels into a foie gras torchon if not it's super cool especially different herb Jones pretty cool with chemo to so here's what we're talking about at the lecture I was talking about how I think Sam Mason is like an ice-cream genius because it's true and an odd fellows he kind of did this in Brooklyn he did this technique where he took things like jellies and other things Frozen with liquid nitrogen and then shatter them and folded them into his ice cream that they were being made so instead of having swirls of crap you would have liked the scree pockets of crap inside the ice cream cuz I'm as a tempers out right of course it turns to his normal jelly consistency which is pretty cool but apparently you can do it in other things

well and when are you opening a Booker and Dax Cambridge Outpost sadly I don't know if we're ever going to open another one's does you like over there where do you not have it I like a lot of places that was the first generation of searzall after the first one is there second one planned already going to keep making them as long as people keep buying on the problem is if you're in the UK what you says you are only going to sell them in the future on Amazon. USA you're going to have to figure out some way to get them till I drop ship it overseas because right

but yes dancer yes could you speak to my second book I don't even know what my second book is going to be a bad but you know what my editor Maria Guarnaschelli is anxious for his feelings, I think I'm going to happen pipeline answer yes but I don't want to talk about anything future until we get these Sears out the door I have nothing nothing probably is on my mind until I see results are out the door right now and finally could you give any warning for UK dates so I can plan a sick leave cuz I presume you're any dates are going to be are in London that you're in Lancashire UK yeah I mean I hope to come to London sometime for the for the book thing so we can write it off right and the last question how do I clean a rotovap

I think I answered someone else on this Earth are maybe you were writing in the lab distillation under vacuum so loud he would do very gentle distillation when you're cooking it allows you to do this relation to very low temperature in without oxygen which means that you can do very gentle awesome things however they're expensive and so people buy them use and if you buy them use the other problem that really really disgusting things I've gone through them so the short answer is I can never guarantee that you wrote of Apple be safe however you need to clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean and consume or boil it a couple of times the all the glassware I would put it on ultrasonic bath if you have it I would clean it with as many solvents as you can get starting with the least liked food grade and working towards like you know like pure ethanol if you can and then water I would then to some distillation runs through it but the whole thing all the grease everything off of a do some holes do some distillation runs with it to further get into every nook and cranny that you might somehow missed

and just clean clean clean you know it's like beyond the fat beyond the point when there's no smell anymore just have no idea what they put through it and you have no idea unless they tell you okay

we have Lucas Road in hey Dave and Sasha Jack and why he was late

my all-time favorite food is bouillabaisse Julia Child

has got that spicy sausage and stuff and I miss her with the garlic bread next boiling it just got me thinking a lobster stock which one done in pressure cooker is unpalatable to these two things be related and Shelly make my fish docks in a water bath well below hundred see okay my answer. I think it's two separate things the reason I don't think she wants to eat a boil to fish at because I shouldn't want to get like two clouded up with like weird like bull crap from the bones and less expensive Parts I think that's the thing against the boiling with the fish but if you do Lobster stock with the with the shells in a pressure cooker you just get too much of that calcium shell no doubt I think anytime woodlouse hurting a lot of people over cook their lobster stuff when they're using shell to get flavors that up because there's a certain point with your knife tracking flavor yes expecting that you got she'll note and I hate that so I think that's what what that is I don't know

never have I ever tested doing I don't think I've ever tested temperatures on fish stocks before in a circle and you always have been allowed touch with kombu but not with it there's probably a difference I don't know I don't know that give it a try let me know I don't know but I think that those two things are not necessarily related when I do with the boys anyways I always I always buy like usually whole fish lay them out and then use all this all the bone and crafts for the stock and then do any of that stuff traditionally what I'll do is I'll take for instance like oh my I'll take first I'll take all of my sweat the onions and I'll do the wine then I'll do all of my like hard like clams and what not asking them up and get the juices out pull the shells out and then shuck and Reserve because I don't really like throwing the shells and do you like don't you don't like them in Shelton right I reserved and then I and then I'll usually

I usually just like quickly to cook the fillets and steam light over that and then remove and then throw the bones and make the stock out of that Reserve in and out all the meat together at the last second after I cook the veg out but whatever that's a little different each time I used to go to book on back to my girlfriend I pointed at the door in the front of the bar and tell her we need to buy one at home because I cannot keep one of my Manhattan apartment tell her that we need to buy a home to have a liquid nitrogen until I can't I have my Manhattan apartments now I have a home in a couple of questions how large you do or should I get I imagine using it daily for the first two months and then probably wants or twice a week afterwards if I can get a large one how much will I lose to evaporation for the first of all I mean I know you so we are going to look up the safety stuff because he's like a cholo temperature visits his hair was saying before he's doing what he does and so I looked up on taylor-wharton which manufacturer 182 or loses about 1.25% a day which amounts to about 2.25% of total capacity of the

it would be like radioactive decay and would never go dry which is not the way it works 2.25% a day which is roughly to see that they last as we like to say a good long time and I looked up on the website and by the way don't believe any of these get those 180s in 160s your essence renting them for like $30 a month from the from the welding company that has them if you by and at least the good thing is is it when you get liquid nitrogen in that large quantity it's relatively inexpensive anytime you only do or and then have them refill it usually going to charge you more I know that's the case if they come out and do it now maybe if you're out and you have a house you can drive obviously putting in the trunk not having it in the car with you you can drive there you might be able to get a reasonable per liter price on a smaller to her like a 50 a 35 or something like this and if you can get roughly similar prices were only paying like a dollar leader when you're getting like $180 200 liter some like this so if you can get a rough week with

PriceRite only cost me like 50 bucks to fill a 50 liter Dewar they can also be relatively economic from a holding standpoint so they say I looked up has it with all the static hold time of 125 metres which is 4 liters a day I think it's in general Ally I think they radically underestimate how much you going to lose out especially losing out on pouring when you're pouring out and all this other stuff and everything I remember about to do or is that as soon as they age they start losing more and when they get damaged if it all they started if you lose the vacuum then because it'll like losing stuff in less than a day or is that a problem it's their problem and not your problem now so we'll try to get that remember that next week and then lastly a while back you do you think he is actually married he always talks about his wife but she's never there I think he's just making her up

the Iron Curtain I imagine because it's quite critical of American classified as we were allowed to watch it it was by far my father's favorite show usually followed with my parents arguing with a married or not look at this guy there is no way he is married by the way if you want to know if he comes here and maybe but so I like the fact that like a second is paranoid Iron Curtain Pleasant cellarius is that he is critical class Society but to me he's like quintessential America because he wins you know what I mean in the end but as to whether or not he is married please look up www. Free for a whole thing on mrs. Columbo indeed I think she does exist and although I love the idea that there's a conspiracy that she doesn't exist in this she's just some sort of prop that he uses to a kind of beat the criminals there a couple episode in particular the one where he's on a cruise ship where

mrs. Columbo is seen by other characters in the things that they would have to be part of a larger conspiracy I know there are many places around the world that think Americans capable of such kind of intense conspiracies but I think it's only because they overestimate the general confidence of people trying to put this number large number of people out there who are a competent to make a conspiracy happen and be can then keep it secret what is almost never the case cuz people are both talkative and incompetent in general the next time I'll write you keep track of it to keep track of it quiet but we're not what we're not taking or not anyway so we had a question on me giving my thing for

how to do sausages an immersion blender from the Hoshi food truck will get to it I don't think we got to Sam's Auto lice step we did last week 2 weeks ago I don't know we got to figure it out but most importantly Kristoff had a question on cooking bass not striped bass but black bass so we'll get to that next week Alex Roden and everyone want to hear about this so it's a shame Serious Eats our friend of Dan at Serious Eats Daniel gritzer about quality and tomatoes and Refrigeration which you know are I got about 30 tweets saying what's up about this and I have responses but don't have the time to get into it now maybe we can you have Daniel and Daniel's a good man and I agree with some of his points and disagree with others of them so we can we'll get him on and we'll talk about it and Sam Geiger ask me about my ideal salad nicoise and we'll get to the

next week if I didn't mention it it means that somehow we don't know what we didn't answer your questions or send it back in your network. Org you can find all about archive programs on a website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage under school you can email us questions anytime I think so at Heritage Radio Network. Org to donate thanks for listening