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Episode 180: Green Meat & Cyanide Cherries

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Iron & Harry's radio network service radio on Thursday nights sweet have a cut in the cooking issues on the second half today because we moved out and I moved out when I was at 3 and Nastassja had to stay in Covina long enough to see the filming of Good Burger before she came out to the sweet sweet East Coast

good burger was filmed in 96 right classic Sinbad Sinbad is a teacher whose little bit crazy who gets hit by it like hit by the car by Dexter's car and he's got his

who is she to lapels and a sweet sweet throw in that movie my kids and I are now supposed to put these in the in the institution that you're like holy crap that's the actual Yet the movie has I like lots of like a little kind of classic nuggets in it yeah yeah yeah classic classic good good good burger Style movie that buy and promise I can't get my kids to stop imitating there's a good burger like in Union Square something right but not related but the question is it can you start a restaurant called good burger and like not worried about infringing on Good Burger the movie

special secret sauce in your burger then I assume you are ripping off some of the IP of the movie and you know you shouldn't be punished for that someone checked into this for us and tell us whether good burger the restaurant I mean I don't know that I want to be associated with a restaurant where you know one of the employees takes a bath in the running strawberry milkshake machine and I also don't really get the wisdom of having strawberry be your only flavor of milkshake for years in our Wendy had the had the Frosty and only one flavor chocolate and I'm always a vanilla shake, but it doesn't work never never never I can suck strong enough

completely collapsed and straws under the force in vacuum for when I'm sucking on them I can just like take a perfectly round straw and suck that sucker flat in a frosty with this means to me is that the frosty she just be served in an open cup with a spoon I don't know what that's all about like to have extra space in a Wendy's restaurant now or they said that does have an extra flavor of Frosty I don't know I don't know but if you guys are not as your personal favor because like you have to sell to customers almost took a burger out of business because they didn't think about the fact that the guys have a pagoda by the way I would go to any restaurant

but even good the time people in Covina talk like that

he's ninety-three I love it I love it I don't know what you're sick amazing and by the way that's where they filmed Return of the Jedi Ewok forest never been to the don't worry the forest Moon of Endor Ewoks anyone Return of the Jedi were there flying through on the speakers and smashing into the trees and crap like that's where they filmed it these trees my wife took all the good pictures cuz she's got the iPhone 5 and I'm on my calf is like a flat 4 with like it like a crack at camera but I'll put some pictures up at holy crap there's some impressive Sons of Guns they're building and these trees are

almost twice as tall as my Building the tallest tree I saw was like stop like 375 for the Redwoods and it makes like he's awesome Douglas Firs they're only like three hundred feet look like puking tins you know what I mean any tree here would look like a shrub compared to the ones you have it or else I'm going to do the Sequoias in Yosemite Yosemite amazing obviously but what I didn't know it's kind of how awesome the kind of Ciara Sorry what else help me with the Lassen Volcanic Park which is a national park in California that nobody knows about nobody was there and nobody saw one car two cars in the hour and a half drive we were driving to get where we're going and Lawson State Park I want to told the person that last in my friend told me I should come and check us out at you but you didn't know about Lassen National Park National Park East of California

the the the lady at the at the visitor center was like nope he's like the Forgotten State Park was pretty cool for those you there in that area and I was just really you know surprise animes that the variation in Beauty in California special you are kind of forest 4S Sears I made pizza Little Caesars on 2001 camper for 2 days so I did a 24-hour rise on it on the dough and then flashlight off of this year's all I had with me some some Smart Systems smoked scamorza and you instead of mozzarella and Parmesan with tomato paste and anchovies in oil crush it all up in the next days.

risotto Alle Alle Alle super expensive but super lightweight and parmesan cheese need to be refrigerated I bought the Italian brodo cubes cubes that I normally won't use with a camping or great and it's busted that crap out kitchen like it cuz I really like mushroom risotto but the hell with that. I mean I made them like leftover grilled cheese sandwiches by the way was on that did a picnic with a searzall only did grilled cheese sandwiches on the banks of the Smith River with a searzall

Tweed and I on the first night when you go camping when you have your steak or whatever it takes what you do this last week

csb current update their in the air from China on the way to the good old at izumi's here

Nick mountain right in and thank you Nick for providing the name now in like that ml - i n that's he spells his name like Fallon but write it like a whatever hey Dave I'm writing on behalf of a chefsteps form question in a seemingly gone unanswered after 72 hours before I can never remember if 54 is like 129-130 or something like that somewhere in their vacuum sealed short ribs were green on the outside know Funk just a color was off I did not add any salt or oil to the bag pre-cooking

I simply had dried off the Shorties before bagging them then after I seal them I play some simmering water for a few seconds to renew surface bacteria that can cause some penis with long cooking times and that was it in the picture which I listen to do with my Sears all and enjoy them people in the form of suggested air leakage or pre salting affect but like I said I had a nothing to the bag and there was no leak so I would love to hear from you thanks PSA for heating wraps as much as I do eat a damn sandwich people this is an interesting question

and I will start by saying that I have some links 2.2 but I don't have a definite answer but I will say this in the many many years that I cooked a boat tons of short ribs sauce and Worcestershire sauce sous vide cuz it was one of the standard things that we would cook in the low-temperature class we cook short ribs in eight billion different ways and serum off because it's kind of paid when the classic low temperature things and I also know is they often do take a greenish tinge take on a greenish tinge on the very outside of the meat that goes away when you stare at the second time and it looks really really bad in fact you know one of the arguments that I always would say to people that used to be a big argument do you see her before

organic DC Raptor and the answer I always have us both but if you had to choose one your shoes here after because the surface of them not only doesn't look like it has a nice crust but often looks discolored of messed up and it gets fixed by like a quick sear because as you say it like that coloration is not necessarily come along with any sort of all flavor or funky player now when you when you cook something for a long time especially when you get as low as 54 in that rain you often have the problem of super funky blue cheese nasty meets tank which comes from lactic acid bacteria and their relatives that are growing and often cause blow off in the bag to get floaters but as you say I want to go more than a few seconds but a Dunkin simmering water does a lot to a kick-start the temperature right at the surface of the meat and a stop any bacteria that are at the surface from kind of pain penetrating in now when you describe green y'all that describe kind of what color of green you mean cuz there's also and I don't think is what you're talkin about

where's the phenomenon iridescents in cooked me specifically cured cook meat if I could be a non cured meats as well and this is a physical structural phenomenon that you get you often see him telling me she seems like that's not something to kind of worried about although some people don't like the look of it because I think it means it's spoiled but it's not it's just there's a lot of but that's not what you're talking about I'm assuming what you're talking about it's not it's more like an army blackish green questions what causes that short answer I don't know but I did some initial research there's most of the Greening in Meats is and I'll send you a couple of articles that are available in general meaning but look it up it's on use site they have a meat color PDF that is pretty good review

Army color and unlike the reviews that I've been using from like for 4 years ago a railroad the last time I seriously investigated meet color this one's available free online so if you go to and search for there a meat color PDF you can even take a look at that another good resource to look at is look up the meat industry Services Corporation meat industry Services they have a thing called color defects in meat and good PDF and you can you want to read about that cuz I think typically it looks like green and colors in meats are do usually to Sulphur and so self self myoglobin and either sulfur or hydrogen peroxide are the two kind of things both of which are usually present as the result of bacteria that are there are there

on on the meet now some of the bacteria or things like ysela viridescens which is you can look to it there's an article called I guess it's ysela maybe if I sell them anyway if is Germany in 2012 what kind of very vivid dreams in in Meats but a specific that has a high pH so I don't know if you had a particular piece of meat printed meats that are hot have a high pH I eat are not acidic enough and cooked in in their store in vacuum environment having no one situation where they can have a greening take place on the surface but can also happen in another environment if bacteria are there and apparently doesn't take very much sulfur presents they for my I guess they form hydrogen sulfide are they are they

some soft rock of sulfur-containing amino acids in in the Protein that's what I that's what is sulfur's coming from from the from protein breakdown this on the surface and I don't think it's been studied that much in a long long term low temperature cooking but some of these bacteria is The Greening bacteria that's it is what it is you know take a long time to kill even at relatively the temperature in actually can be strengthened by an initial heat shock so it could be something there I don't know but I know that Siri makes it go away check out those articles and anyone else who can get back to me and give me a better answer please a dude. A caller, you're on the air, and I enjoy last week when you're talking about raw onions I think the email are called about getting a metallic taste and I'm not sure if this is relevant to what they were doing but I know Rick Bayless

of Mexican Cuisine Fame talk about rinsing the onions after he talked to me cuz you know that the kind of harshness in onion like like you know like go ape ape crab on someone because they cut their onions before hand right because he go the longer and onion sets after it's cut like the more this kind of problem happened but the truth of the matter is a lot of us have to cut onions before hand for me either for whatever we're going to start at like and it's also it's going to be cut and serve fresh and not cooked again and

you know that like I think almost all of the stuff that's happening in an onion happened after the tissues of broken right and so it's a reaction between what's going on in the broken tissues and juices and in this case carbon knives a carbon steel knives or any sort of like non passivated kind of Steel surface or other metal ions that matter and so yeah because I think it probably gets rid of a lot of the free surface crap that's been kind of liberated probably even like a light so can be the problem is onions are so porous it if you soak them too long I'll just soak up the soak up you know water which I don't think is what you want but yeah I would bet that works that mean like the side note and I don't know I think it's been on the internet for a little while but the James Brown miso soup commercial

which one to use on your commercial breaks a long time ago I don't know which one is that kind of remix it and it's it's the Japanese commercial and it's it's bizarre but it's highly entertaining makes it sound like James Brown was a huge fan of idea

do you do it

oh man

how to make a wonder what

awesome yeah that's that's a Sex Machine by the way you know who's playing bass on that is Bootsy Collins very young guy on the tour bus when was a sex machine brand space is Ross and Birdman I have a special love in my heart for Boosie but that is a classic I would love this like figure out like by listening if I can figure out what clips of his voice they took to make him save you some soup and I like how it's not really doesn't sound like it was really mixed by a native English speaker because it's not exactly how I would have imagined James Brown screaming me so that's perfect. Like it makes it even better skin tell me

exactly where they chopped it up so thank you for throwing away several of mustaches Bowser head down

all right

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we are a couple questions from a normal I'm doing the class lecture which you know Maggie and I have done for the past like 3 years now four years three years. One like and this year we're not going to blow anything up right I'm not going to I'm not going to cause the entire Harvard Science Center to be evacuated undergrad State grads whatever they were in their lab jackets with like staring at the ground and then like in the dark and cold when we evacuated in front of building a good time not to do that which is the normal class are going to do I'm going to do some you know demo so I wouldn't think are too many problems

hopefully they're fine got a couple of really good for that kind of thing like I have a couple of demo that I really enjoy like when you do demos like a good like a bad thing about doing demos over and over again is that mustache and tells you that you say the same crap over and over again is not true of the pants like certain things like so like the deal is is that you know you know when you've been teaching a while you come up with demos and you see kind of what really demonstrates something until I get a lot of things that you think are going to demonstrate that they don't really work but then other ones that you don't know they do like the oil in water because such a good demo that live in water water and so you know like the good news is good teaching as you come up with these demos that you know you really like people really stick in people's head and if you do them for long enough or not times you really get to

get a feel for what it is and fixing people's heads about it so you can really kind of like you know gender of the pedagogy around that crap

and some of them out at the at the harbor going to be good it's going to be although you probably heard some of the same crap because this is stuff I rant about all the time so if you're in the if you're in the Cambridge area I think that was on Monday Monday Monday evening lecture and the subject of the public lecture is going to be what the hell's been going on the past kind of 20 years and what's really going on you know what I mean so it's going to talk about how you know that use of science is not just related to kind of these new technical of modern cooking things it's going to be kind of how you know we don't think that what everyone is doing the same kind of you know analyzing the difference between kind of like what Wiley does what Grant does at alinea or what what other hugs to think that I could wear this movement is gone and kind of what it means what people actually trying to do when they do it as well as talked about kind of what's different in food now in terms of who's going into it

is going into it before this kind of a discussion and I'm sure I'll make some days at my favorite targets and what not and I think we're going to find a going to replay that video I did it Portland of it remember the stuff that we that video we made with Piper on like the crappiest cocktail of all time using all like the week week week Molecular Gastronomy techniques so I did a lecture at Portland cocktail week was that two years ago and we did a video that was like all of the crappiest things you could think of like to do to a cocktail lights the worst worst cocktail and and so we went through this whole two minutes and then and then at the end like literally just flash up this sucks this sucks sucks this is terrible this is everything that's wrong with cooking and cocktail

this is the worst thing in the world and clearly after the demo someone asked me for the recipe for the worst worst worst moments of my life it's like it's like I always tell people and it should any of you out there who can hear my voice have to do a demonstration for a camera that where where someone has the ability to edit you afterwards never show them what not to do because you think you're helping so like when someone's showing me in person like I appreciate it when they specifically do something wrong and show me how to do it wrong that I know not to do it that way so I show someone how to do it right or what I think is right and then I show someone actually I F it up I'll make it wrong on purpose so that they can see it happening wrong and then hopefully let them taste and see how screwed up it is may do it wrong inevitably

editor's use the wrong thing and put it up without exclamation in video clips you see how many times you can assess a bunch of cherry pits deer shipping container occupants I score some delicious sour cherries this summer and have a couple of questions I'm putting them to use one I'm planning to make a sorbet with the cherries puree sweetener 28 break chill spin any thoughts on what sugar will ensure good texture I understand the mechanics of freezing point depression and I normally experiment but don't have enough fruit left I got dextrose fructose liquid glucose Etc I would just look I would just look up like

a recipe I don't have kind of the ratios in in my head I would just I forgot to look this aspect that it up but obviously you can make something more sweet and make it softer or use inverter and have it be softer because of increased freezing point depression I would look up somebody else's recipe and see kind of what they had I wouldn't add I wouldn't add too much I'm sorry I forgot to look up that the number is not because that stuff that I wouldn't want a quote out of my head I just don't do it enough but true here Wego here's what I actually look into for you I have a lot of Leftover Pets any tips on working with them to safely make a right or ice cream I'd like to extract the most flavor but I've no idea how to do sin 2 void cyanide toxicity and can't find any seemingly reliable information I seen some comments at roasting the picture eliminates the risk but not much in the way of justification

so what would worry about here is that any of the stone fruit and it's really the colonel but not the meat and not that crap in the roughly crap on the pit and this is like you know any stone fruit apple you know Pips all that stuff that what the problem is it is is that it contains amygdala nutmeg go in when you chew on it enzymes can convert the amygdala in into sweet sweet cyanide which is poisonous but also been Delhi which is the aroma we get from from like you know that all almond extract benzaldehyde you're just throwing a couple of the apricot kernels which is typically what you buy here in the in the States into a batch of almond cookies then you know it's not going to be a problem but when you're doing

time of apricot pits in fact the Sinai level or whatever you can get enough problematic crap to cause problems and there is not a lot of information out there so I will defer to you know chemistry drink Meister Darcy O'Neill so if you're not familiar with art of the drink blog Darcy is a chemist and kind of drink person he's a person who wrote fix the pumps which is kind of the game-changing book on bring you back the art of the soda jerk and

if it's the promises that old slag soda jerk slang for a check out the stack lady at the bar fix the pump I think that's what it is August 31st 2011 put a big post up on Cherry specifically I think cherries but any sort of stone fruit and cyanide in liquor specifically and go to the different steps you can do to the second post on how to get rid of it his take on it that he did some calculations based on the number of milligrams per milliliter cyanide in in standard pits he was able to get off the internet and like the amount that a yes it is possible to have a dangerous level and that he wouldn't necessarily keep it around recommend consuming it even though people done it for a long time here is what he said so in the second part where he says how to mitigate the problems one if you leave the stuff a long time so here's what he says I'll just I'll just read his cook could you talk about how to get rid of it by distillation which is possible he also by the way

buy oil of almonds we always benzaldehyde and it just had it done with but because he's thinking if someone is trying to make that flavor not if someone has a product they want to get the best use of the reason that you're not going and buying crap to make that flavors because you have this product has other flavors in it besides the benzaldehyde and you want to use a sink so you know whatever you can't just go by the flavor and have done with it but here's what it hears what it goes

since distillation method isn't practical for the average person here's another though much slower method think months hydrogen cyanide can be hydrolyzed to formic acid and ammonia yes formic acid the same stuff in fire ants used to piss you off hydros ation is done in the presence of water so if you just infused apricot kernels in vodka some of the hydrogen cyanide will decompose but the process is very slow he will help it should also be noted the formic acid as a fruity mustard Aromas RSO Beijing it for a long time okay and this is still Darcy okay I understand your impatience degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes drive off the hydrogen cyanide this could work but you have to make sure all the kernels are free from the shell and ground coarsely I recommend adding enough water to make a wet mass and set aside for an hour or more to ensure that the amygdalin and beta D glucan today's which is the enzymes that make the sweet smell can react after word spread the mixture on a baking sheet and heat until dry there is no guarantee this method remove all the Sinai but it should remove some

dry roasting is not affected him to Magdalena stable at that temperature also the boiling point of benzaldehyde which is here only you want is 178 degrees Celsius to degrees higher than the cooking temperature so you will most likely drive off some of the flavor component you are trying to capture so so there you have it you know what he says about it I'll also add that you could probably hit it the problem is it is interesting thing I if I was doing it I was just a jet for like a year do it an agent for a year and stand kind of see what happens if your Darcy you're lucky enough to have the equipment you could actually test whether or not you've gotten rid of it or not you guys can't I hope that answered some of your questions

alright see where we are here still be right we talked about his caramel corn recipe with caramel IU the same amount of cooked to a brownish sugar I tried to also make meringues with it and the result is interesting going to go to the recipe I make a dry caramel to my table sugar imported well hot on a hundred grams of egg whites being whipped almost savings time running after shaping the morning I took them for 2 hours at a hundred and twenty see quite a bit of liquid egg whites who got a bit scary movie scary with caramel bits making strong cleaner to clean sound from the electric whip it be a better technique would be at a bit of water into the caramel turn into syrup closer to an actual time reading that should lower the amount of recrystallization before the caramel gets mixed into the egg whites or other prep The Taste was good not great but good in clothes expectations but soon after baking what's golden rings had a very brittle texture with a bit of crunch before turning to powder however

after five or six hours of ranks turn very soft almost marshmallow like as you would mention on the show The inverted sugar the inverted sugar is in Caramel do sucking boy sure I would buy to serve quickly or keeping your dehydrator update on whether or not what we say makes any sense patio ideas in food blog posts from 2008 on that and see how it goes and then it gives us an article on a scientific article on pizza cheese mr. bubbles on your piece of cheese is important he is very important if you look up here is the recipe for perfectly browned pizza cheese as established by science if they're interested in why certain cheeses you know bubble of boiled and I'll give you the short answer it has to have some fat but not that much and fairly high moisture is welting Alaskan cohesive AKA

mozzarella could you use like a modernist cuisine style emulsifying salt technique to make a cheese acted like that they had a different flavor and I think quite certainly the answer is yes just have to get the fat content right and in fact they hinted this in the article get the fat content right increase the scratchiness of it by with proper multiplying soft and not enough to make it like mold out totally and then and then to make sure you have enough water must I do should work yes yes so we have one caller that we can squeeze in before the show ends

hey the David's Brian at here in New York how are you in part because I'm I recently got an allergic reaction and had to go through battery of all kinds of allergy test hoodie of something called you look it up pancake syndrome which is dust mite dust mites getting into flowery flowery powdery substances if if if it's got a heat or humidity so you know those people who get out put pancake mix in the back of their covered and never eat piano

allergic reaction in which states digested dust mites unknowingly and therefore come down with the reaction to my flowers and now the recommendation from the doctor is keep it all in the fridge or the freezer until what I'm wondering is the powdery stuff is there any consequence to keeping these items in the in the cold equations first the test that they did where they where they where they bioassays earthing skin prick test I am liking a pasty white like northern European but right and so at like for those aren't pasty white like you know pasty white people have very sensitive skin

and so it looks like I was allergic to everything thing on the skin test just because that little like that little freaking thing that they scrape into your arm like that gives me a freaking reaction you know what I mean I hate that test I think is completely inaccurate and crappy what do you think

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I'm not a species you about that I definitely got some bumps and stuff from my bio essay

truth and blood so I believe I believe he didn't really have all that crap yet so like literally they were like oh you're allergic to Lobster you're allergic to what I'm allergic to the freaking arm lady you know I mean okay and I love the story about that the pancake things pancake Syndrome look it up pancakes before I answer your question is isn't that the that you were directly allergic to the mites or is it the mites trigger a reaction that you can have even without them myself so that you're directly allergic to the mice possible using it and then you know I might be

might be in on your bed or something like that around your house but if they getting into something that you eat and then you're eating them then it's higher concentration and that's the problem with the so here's my other here's my my other question which just came into my head what about cheese mites or like the mites on meat like on I can't hand lights and stuff like that are those didn't do those crossovers only flour mites I have no idea I didn't even I didn't say what they told me dust mite different variables how bad the reaction

is it hospital right now so like what I would do is like the next time you go in to talk to the allergist I would stop by you know a tea shop like Murray's or something and get it or whatever and get like a like a like a really Mighty cheese that has no some rind on a don't eat it on your own like when you're in a situation with your doctor unless they know like you do a search of literature and they say no cheese mites on a problem but you know get get some of that you know just so that you can know for a fact whether that's going to be a problem. I'm just curious you know this is probably a known thing but I just wonder how kind of how specificity it to its specific kind of Might and also you know if you've ever store hams you know dryer and next week the they also can have mites in the sea like a dusting powder Enos it's underneath the hands if you've been hanging him depending on if you want to make sure that you're not alone

make it to that kind of stuff too if you like you know long cured meat products or if you like like cheeses just say I really like sync to tell you that it or they might not know it but either way I would check before you have to stab yourself in the nephew pain and go to the hospital just reading something you know what I mean I know it sucks expire every whatever it is you have to get a new one and you know what the thing is I don't know how bad off you are but a lot of times I've had kind of a mild reaction start and I always carry with me Benadryl and so they still make it but the last time I bought it they they used to make like Benadryl in like Listerine strips it gets in your system extremely quickly unfortunately you can't do it if you have to drive home or whatever because if not even makes you super drowsy and knocks you out and I also feel very strongly the Benadryl destroys my sense of taste for hours so you know you don't want to have to take it

but it's a lot in a week and once you stab yourself at the EpiPen you have to go to the hospital that's basically it but if you know what you just for a little while longer someone there with you you know I don't feel the need to you know go to the ER cuz you can start so I don't know what you have with me and my throat closes up until you can kind of feel when the reaction is happening now to answer your question because you don't that you don't want to store it in the fridge is there's a boatload of condensation that can happen especially if it is not her freezer yes so that's why I can still throw it in the fridge store in the freezer so I buy quite off in a couple of brands of chapati flour and other kind of like the whole grain soft Indian flowers cuz I like them in pancakes actually and in biscuits because the flavor that they have but the brands that I buy almost always have larvae in them

that hatch and So eventually they'll get bugging if you seem like a flower that has that kind of stuff it gets kind of little ropey threads in it and then if you look closely you can see kind of stuff it's there and then you have to sit there and it sucks and so for years like I don't do it with a brand or anything like the actually but you know of but I store all of those kind of specialty flowers in the freezer always and and they're fine they're fine you know what I do is I wrap them I put them in Zips and I get rid of all of the air in the zip so that there's not a lot of you know why

does getting afraid it doesn't condensing High School form on the flower I've never had a problem with the clumping I've never had any degradation of the quality you know it's it's been it's been fine if he's worth not like mason jars that are that are fully filled sack and then put the sack and a zippy roll the sending compress it down and then get rid of it cuz you actually can get more air out of it that way you don't I'm saying off the one caveat to remember is that it like I don't know what you're making with it but it's going to throw off all of your temperatures so you know if you're used to things hydrating and specific amount of time or if you're doing a mixing of breads or anything like this just be aware that your it's not that it has that much thermal energy compared to the water that you're adding or milk or whatever but

do you have a recipe that's the way the temperature of the batter or whatever or is it a yeast on a bread is is his critical that you might just need to adjust a little bit or let them. They're going to use come up to temperature but I haven't had any problems and a bunch of stuff I mainly use for biscuits and pancakes so

so I hope that helps

great yeah yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm I think I might need to get another freezer because I don't have enough room for everything they want to speak in there and then I got to put my my mom and now I got to put my I got to put all my my my baking flours I got to put all the different different stuff in their thing is if you're going to pick up right away. How long you going to stay right here is another thing that is true once you get and I know this for a fact with with a ham right once you get like a mite

they're mean like for most of us it's totally harmless and it's like they're just there it's not because it's not like a hygiene that whatever I'm saying is if they're there but once they're they're like I know it's ham like you can not have a hand for like it seems like 8 billion years then all the sudden you get another ham and all the sudden they're back so I don't know whether you're going to have a problem where you need to kind of decontaminate your pantry somehow I don't really know how to do that today to kill them all by me and might be a situation where you only have to store your long-held stuff I don't know you know what I mean you also might be able to if it's freezer space is an option mostly sings probably can't grow in a hardcore vacuum atmosphere so then if you want to go to a FoodSaver situation you might be able to vacuum pack your flowers in a bag for you to do but like in a heart container like a vacuum pack might be able to reduce

ability to reproduce I don't know the saying this is a possibility I'm thinking about the top my head and it might be easier for you to do dry storage of vacuum containers you have to make sure that the vacuum is being content maintained over over a long. Of time or you could just take small samples and vacuum down hard and bags and then just deal with the sifting because I've done before an uncertain thing could be careful when you're vacuuming powders if you use a strong vacuum to vacuum powders you can come in if you're having a problem if there's already some of my present you don't want to be aspirating a lot of this stuff when you're baking or cooking that's another point I want to make is that your allergist might not be a cook and so they might not think about the difference between cooking with something and and consuming it so you might want to be extra special careful when you're working with flowers not to Not to cause

a lot of aspirated particles I get you like we've all done it where we fire up the KitchenAid a little bit too fast and it goes where you at this point than it would have been like a year ago and so you might want to also take care of when you're doing that just to minimize your graveyard yeah you know that I got to get that out of the freezer cuz then I got my I got to put the hydrocolloid is in there and I'm not sure you know what can I grow in in in what organelle paprika and you know you know ground spices from trash but

I don't know did he grow in that step while again you're going to have to expand if it's like when I get back to us and let us know let us know what happened but I'm interested to hear what happened especially already the cheese and stuff like that already yeah sounds good already approved I want to know like how high I have to pour liquid nitrogen above your head to to have it evaporate before it kills you may go get to that next time I have a question about fennel from Mike wants to know and also requested we get one of the MoMA fuku I want to go

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