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hello you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network on Dave Arnold the host of cooking issues they show where you calling with all your cooking lady questions usually technical but not always right I'm here in the studio today with Ms. You're the hammer Lopez the person who keeps the wheels on the on the cooking issues train calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 will be here live the next 45 minutes or so and today's cooking issues is brought to buy Cabot cheese Cabot cheese Vermont dairy farm family owned since 1919 and proud to be voted your favorite for time favorite Champion cheddar whoever you happen to be look for the really great taste of cabot cheese in your favorite grocer Dairy case or in the way of at Cabot cheese. Apparently it's not carry a grocery stores that are not your favorite products

anyway so we having you on your questions let's go to some questions from the email Ryan Santos rights and I just recently became fascinated with Vietnamese egg soda but they confuse me in theory first of all everything I read on the internet says that the soda Cooks the egg is there any truth to that secondly how's the phone up so much I'd expect that from egg whites potatoes egg yolks thanks Ryan okay so for those of you that are familiar with Vietnamese egg so just which I assume is 99.9% of you I was not familiar with it before this morning when I saw this question what what happens is you put some sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of a glass you crack an egg yolk into it and you start around combined sweetened condensed milk in the egg yolk and then you top it with soda water and then you stir and it does indeed phone up and it gets white at the bottom and apparently it's delicious I didn't have sweetened condensed milk so I didn't taste it actually did crack an egg yolk into so towards more to take a look at it

I'm going to go ahead and make this statement the egg yolk is not in any way shape or form getting cooked in this procedure like do not think in any way that you are killing the bacteria in the egg yolk by adding it to sell sir that's just not not the case that's just not the case so I didn't see any scientific backup for the egg yolk being cooked again do not assume it is cooked if you're going to serve it to someone who is has an immune problem or is pregnant or did you have to use pasteurized egg to use this technique that said there's not that much contamination in egg yolks these days so it's probably not going to be a problem I think it's one in one and two thousand one in a thousand something like that eggs contaminated with salmonella so they are the odds aren't very high and you're not necessarily going to get salmonella even if you do even if it does have something else in it

cause a lot of farming similar to the way an egg white does because it contains a lot of emulsifier so egg whites phone because of the protein which helps stabilize air bubbles and egg yolks they also have protein which might help stabilize a bubble are bubbles alive emulsifiers in Anamosa fires or things that make it easier for oil and water to kind of live together next week Saturday lower the energy required to keep oil and water next to each other now they also lower the energy to keep air and water next to each other and so not only do they stabilize oil and water emotions they also stabilize are in water motion so they're at the Protein Plus emulsifiers like less than phospholipids things like this in the egg yolk or going to help produce a nice phone and if you know you know from cooking that you beat egg yolks you can make them really thick and creamy they hold their holds phone fairly well not as well as in a white but still there's a lot of fun we put into their specially insulin gassy like like CO2

should also I have to say Ryan that you cause my computer to crash in a huge way this morning because the first Vietnamese egg soda recipe I looked up happened to be on a porn site and then when I try to get off of the porn site to look up other things about Vietnamese egg soda it kept on like you know it was like a million windows will come up and say stop do you do you like Asian women do you like Asian women don't navigate away from our side if you like Asian women so thank you Brian for crashing my computer OK second question comes from Chris Anderson in New York City I was wondering if there are any differences in the way you would sous-vide a highly marbleize piece of beef like USDA prime or wag you as opposed to choice or select I read somewhere that the fat and Waggy Runners at a lower temp in standard fee for I'm not sure if this is true also some people suggest searing meat both pre-and post movie and we are some of those people actually yes over just doing it once right before serving okay these are actually questions I'm not done a lot of cooking with with with

my assumption is that even if the fat does render to lower temperature which would indicate a less saturated fat Princess Peach pork the pork that's a lot less saturated then be fat and even ports that doesn't really render out that much when you're cooking sous-vide especially at the temperature going to be using to cook a piece of wag you what you're going to be in the range of 54 to no higher even for skirt or something like that 57° MSU doing a short River swimming Celsius so in that range you really not going to get a lot of fat melt out in in your in your meat even if it's been a fairly even if it's fairly unsaturated from a beef standpoint that it's not as to whether or not the texture is going to be different I don't know I just don't have enough experience but my guess is that it's going to handle pretty much in the same way it's just going to have more marbling in in the center a lot of people try to use the question I get asked a lot for soup

by the way for those you don't know what the hell I'm talking about sous vide is any kind of cooking that goes on in a vacuum bag and it allows you to cook in a very accurate temperature in conjunction with low temperature cooking which is really what I like to talk about most the time instead of just sous-vide very very accurately controlled the temperature so there's no possibility of over cooking your meat and because of that you 10 meets I don't have a lot of internal marbling things like you know lower blower great cuts of meat they don't dry out just cuz you never overcooked them right to higher grade cut of meat with a lot of internal Marvel he's going to take Juicy and Delicious cuz it got all that damn for that and it right which is great because it doesn't have that protection while that fat while it is true that that lower grades can be cooked to good effect using sous-vide I've never been the kind of person so I can take a crappy cut of meat now and pretend it's a good cut of meat and servants doing right this second question about Siri both before and after yes you should see both before and after

just sit here and wait if you come by the way the best way to know not to toot our own horn too too too but the best way to learn how to get to do this if you don't have time in your restaurant with almost no one does even if you've been doing sous-vide low temp for a while we teach a course called sous-vide and low temperature cooking at the school and what we do for instance is give you a bunch of side-by-side taste test of what it taste like if you just stared before or if you see her just after or if you see her before and after or if you don't sear it and really the best way to do it is it in you can just taste it if you can do it side-by-side really one of the main values of the class that we teach is that we do all these comparisons for you that you would never have time to to do in your restaurant or at work that said you notes if you just see her after can you get a good result yet but something on the order of 75 to 80% of the any given person in the in a room and we've done this many many many many dozens of times 75.

send the people giving a side-by-side test will prefer the one that's here both before and after and he rents also safer here the reasons you see her beforehand you kill the bacteria on the outside of the meat which is where most of the bacteria are anyway unless you stabbed me by accident like that right to safety issue secondly you're going to start coloring to meet and you can start building the maiar flavors in it which means it's going to taste meteor in the bag and it's also the second time when you sear it it's going to build a crush a lot lot lot faster which means you going to get a darker crust a better across a more flavorful crust on your second Seer if you prime that Seer at the beginning by seeing it before you put it in the back near the one time that you have to chill the meat after you see her before you put in the bag but you always have to see her afterward because coming right out of the bag there is no crust it's kind of like you know kind of weak weak weak weak weak the meat is weak you are weak I sell you have to see her before and after thanks for your question Chris Michael

just try the cream whipper infusion with cocoa nibs and by the way we have a new technique using the isi whipped cream makers and you can read about it on cooking issues. Calm and basically what we're doing is he using nitrous oxide which is laughing gas and stuff that you know High School people they buy whipped cream and they just spray the gas into their mouth to get high instead of which is the part I liked anyway cuz I hate being high on nitrous it's terrible and awful it would make you feel really stupid right along with a liquid uses liquor into a container you hit it with nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide Under Pressure becomes dissolves into the Lakewood and also forces the liquid into the pores of whatever you're doing is cocoa nibs star anise whatever and then you let it pressurize in and sit for a minute 2 minutes 3 minutes and pens on the product and then you vent to getting really quickly when you vent their container the the gas all of a sudden. The pressure is low

start bubbling gushing out almost like if you took a can of Seltzer and opened it and spray it on your body right and that gushing out and add foaming basically sucks the flavor back out of your product very quickly you can make very quick into that's in a nutshell. Sia Sia Sia Sia infusion you add nitrogen to why people make skating just cuz a lot of people there's a lot of back-and-forth on the blog and a lot of people compared with a technique in a laboratory called nitrogen cavitation in nitrogen cavitation you're basically giving someone the bends on purpose you're putting very high pressure nitrogen into something and then immediately releasing the pressure would cause a small nitrogen bubbles to form and rupture things apart nitrogen cavitation this is not relive this technique I don't really think it's the exact same as nitrogen cavitation in the laboratory you want to use something that's fairly unreactive like nitrogen and has fairly low solubility said it when you're done with the procedure most of it's gone right up so this technique works at a much lower pressure than nitrogen cavitation. Because it's using a relatively soluble gas

wants to be soluble in a little liquid nitrous right which is why I think I think I don't know a lot of people say that these infusions taste better after they've been sitting 5 10 15 minutes I think it's because the night the night wrist keeps off-gassing out of the product I think that's what's going on but I can't but I can't prove it so he tasted like a donkey's behind and his coconut gun shooting that he's done and he said the lives were raw he got them at a health food store presumably aimed at Raw foodist is that where I went wrong short answer yes should I be using toasted Nev short answer yes and have you tried it with chopped-up are chocolate instead of natives know so let me go into this at the longer-form this answer piece-by-piece won the quality of the nibs makes a huge difference in the quality of the infusion you're going to get huge huge huge and if you taste the natives and 8

accurate or if they taste kind of sour or if they have any sort of off flavor at all that's going to end up in your infusion and infusions going to taste like a donkey's behind expensive expensive companies that will sell you their second grade nibs they tend to taste they taste bad right also and I have nothing I myself have friends who are rough I'm not saying anything against the raw food is but I have not yet had a raw chocolate bar that I thought they tasted like chocolate right I mean anyone in the studio by by Nick Nick Wong just want to talk but he's here so the presence of Nick is in the room and I would have you ever tasted raw chocolate by the Android

no now listen here to challenge a challenge to anyone out there right I want I want to eat a raw chocolate bar that I think is the best chocolate bar I've ever had an issue a challenge if someone can send me if someone can send me a raw chocolate bar that I think it and I'm not a liar by the way if I think it's delicious I'll say it's delicious everyone here agree about that like I'm not a liar about that right about that. I think it's truly delicious I will only eat raw food for a week and I will say how much I love it on the blog and on their chocolate bar that's raw and I'll learn how to cook it now I'm going to do I'll do all that stuff if someone can truly send me something that is a chocolate bar that's raw and by the way I think a lot of raw food people get snowed by the idea of raw chocolate because there's a permutation procedure the temperature get quite High I don't know it has to be there's bacteria in cocoa nibs as we pasteurize I don't know how you would actually Patcher

cocoa nibs and actually actually actually keep them raw what they might need is pasteurized put on roasted I don't know I don't really understand in even in Siri how that that would happen but so there's a challenge for The Rock The Rock Chalk Park I hope so too cuz that would be a good learning experience for me because it's just not very porous are not a lot of the air in the chocolate to get a good infusion cross it if you mean if you're going to use bar chocolate I would do something similar similar to Fat washing where you would melt the chocolate into the into the weather looking for like liquor and then and then put it in the freezer and then separate the truck at off the top but you're going to get some of the bitterness out that you're not going to get in the very foot fast and fusion that we do with with our techniques if you want to try with cocoa nibs Iraq we recommend and you know they're not paying us for anything but we've had the best results with the valrhona cocoa nibs among coconut sugar

supposed to triple chocolate it shouldn't kids are very porous and you lot are holes in them so we can get very good you know what the liquor and get the liquor out so I hope that helps with your with your coconut infusion problem we're going to go to our first commercial break calling all your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 cooking issues

video of Dave Arnold here cooking issues calling all of your cooking related questions technical or not to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 coming to you live from a little box outside of a Roberto's Pizzeria in and Bushwick and Bushwick Brooklyn actually you could people from Roberta's did an event with us was just last weekend right what was that thing called that was called like taste Like Teen Spirit

Alchemy of taste and smell can you taste and smell from the San Francisco Bay area and if you ever get out his restaurant Quality Inn in San Francisco you should definitely go it's one of my favorite restaurants he's kind of hilarious cuz when you meet him he seems like a laid-back California but he's really like not at all laid-back riding a bike apparently laid-back but not true he wrote a cookbook whose name I can't remember because I'm an idiot I didn't look it up before I came on the air and that he it was basically with a perfumer natural perfume named Mandy aftel and it was about using essential oils and and different Essences in in cooking and so Mandy and Daniel teamed up to come over to New York and have this event about basically taste and smell his name we parently can't remember even though we worked for two days last weekend

and so are there was a bunch of interesting folks involved Harold McGee came in Wylie Dufresne you know my my brother-in-law my bro Wiley plus two plus we have their Talbot from my ideas in food Jorge Mendez from Aldi like a bunch of bunch of friends missing someone is like going to be like all pissed because the one person who listens is going to go tell them about anyway set a bunch of very good good people so who did basically all the cocktails for the events really actually very good cocktails Audrey Saunders from from Peggy play I don't know why the hell I start talking about that maybe because flavor smells

Marriott oh yeah she's really interested she's like she's so she is she coming she gave us some like super high grade whole movie of Frankincense like from Oman some sort of crazy good frankincense for my mind and I had a standstill in the cognac was pretty good what you think that's what we were doing this weekend and I had a reason to talk about it but I can't remember what it is so I'll go on a semi color you are on the air

Frenchtown Township Washington DC

so I got two things one is I

I've been working with and is that it's going to take a couple minutes to really warm up and kick in when but it's looking to stay in the air because I might have to ask you a question but first of all very interesting as a first person who's ever had a like a crazy cell connection where it sounds like he's on an auto tuner right

play T-Pain calling into the studio it's like I love auditing everyone now of course that's auto-tuning but anyway so it like a kudos to the auto-tuning cell phone reception cuz that's awesome. So in case you couldn't understand because I might connection Folly better than yours over the radio for listeners the question what is using Szechuan peppercorns he's not so interested interested but not for this application in the flavor of the Szechuan peppercorn more in the affect the mouth that numbing tingling effect of the Szechuan peppercorn and so any questions how can you concentrate you know get get these kind of flavors concentrated think someone just asked me last week or so whether I can distill the the the tingling effect of Szechuan peppercorn and is one way to concentrate for instance in the answer is I don't know because I don't know what chemical it is I don't know how volatile is weather can be distilled but I'm pretty sure that you can make a tincture Szechuan peppercorn in the hype with alcohol and get and get that get that out the other alternative you have I mean besides tinctures and possibly distillation depending on the weights of Prisons

station the heat from Red Pepper doesn't distill because it's too heavy but the pungency of horseradish does the Stihl my feeling if I had to guess is that Szechuan peppercorn the tingling sensation would not to still because you can't smell it the same way you can smell that that means not the second peppercorn but not that kind of pungency the same way you could look like a horseradish Princeton Sorelle Wasabi both of which could still so my feeling is that you probably won't be able to steal you have to use a you have to use a an infusion or a try the isi infusion actually frankly right where you just put the Szechuan peppercorn and isi container and and then hit it with liquor high-proof liquor and hit it with two Chargers swirl it let it stand swirl it for like a minute let it sit for another minute and vent it out let it stand for 5 minutes straight and see what you get a good result I actually probably work that you think the stuff that I think it would work

now you're probably familiar with the product called Szechuan buttons which is a little flower but it's I don't really like me I have friends who make them and sell them so I don't want to say anything to negative the bathroom but I have a problem with them because they're so strong that it's taste and internet as subtle as Szechuan peppercorn in that Szechuan peppercorn give you like a little bit of that funky Ennis and like a mouth going thing this tastes like you just stuck your tongue on a car battery to me like it's too it's too aggressive and so I can't really I can't I can't imagine using it just because it's so so aggressive in the effects are so long lasting that you know what like I'd have a problem serving it that's me though a lot of people love them another thing that you might want to look into is on the Japanese side instead of going for a Chinese Szechuan peppercorn go for like a sancho pepper witchi little green ones and apparently they're the best ones have like two and I was like it like that look like little green balls and then but some of them have like two green balls which look at hate to say this I never like testicles kind of they say it looks like a bell

really they mean testicle anyway and those are the ones that are most prized guess why anyway so they so those Peppers essential things I think it's those are kind of intermediate between the Szechuan peppercorn with your dryer maybe have some of their pungency gone away and and the Bandit II buttons which I think are just kind of like hitting you over the head with a baseball bat so you might want to try that is hitting yourself or you still there

now he's gone anyway so thank you, Colin Colin the auto-tuning call him and I hope that answers some of you are some of your question so mean when I get back to some more of our other questions which nastasha thought it would be fun to start looking up the directions to someplace while we were in the middle of the radio shows that I can't see my questions anymore Jesse I like the I like to measure a little bit well over here at the school one of our favorites good man and now working a soundbar Soundbar friend a change one of the restaurant they're working on Elderberry vinegar so he brought in some for us to taste this true or false true if you get closer to Mike phone when you say true true anyway so he brought it to us in a Sazerac Rye bottle which of course we like a Sazerac Rye. My impression is initially they were going to try and make Elderberry wine but they didn't like the taste of it so much are they going to make it in in vinegar and I like anyone is trying to make a vinegar

taste test

I think I should make a good soda if it was sweet and the acidity level of it is not quite up to a normal high proof vinegar yet but I think if you were to add a little bit of sugar this and then carbonated be great so that we've actually done vinegar sodas before one of my favorite things that I've ever worked on was we did a vinegar soda that we poured over a big ice cream that was that was some delicious business right there are some good stuff I have a question here

I may be out today after the commercial break Matthew hatch rights in and says it's Matt from Uptown who took the class RCV intensive class and he got a great deal on a polyscience Model 71 immersion circulator on eBay and it works great but has a few questions now I'm I didn't have time to look up which one was the Model 71 but I think I have an idea from what you asked me two questions on which one it is so what we'll do with that fills you out there we don't know the immersion circulator is very very accurately controls water or liquid temperatures and it's kind of V piece of equipment that you need to do low temperature cooking low temperature cooking is a kind of kind of the Revolutionary new cooking technique we're cooking a steak to eat in a 400-degree oven even though you only want to cook it to 130 degrees you just cook at 230 degrees and then sear it before and after okay that's what we're talking about any of that used to be like 2000

dollars they then went down to about a thousand and now you can buy them in Williams-Sonoma for about eight hundred so I believe the Model 71 is an old-school analog one that doesn't have a digital readout have talked to a fellow Preston the manufacturer of polyscience circulators for a for a long time about these older ones and they work great write the problem is is that you need to calibrate them because there's no digital readout that you know tells you what temperature is that you have to put a thermocouple into your bath and then just turn the dial and then you just wait to see where it's stabilizing to see the light therapy light flashing off and on it's going to get stable and it will stay stable it's not going to go all over the place they are nice and stable but you do need an external digital thermometer to determine exactly what temperature you're at Naturally the disadvantage of an analog analog circulator on the back and he wants to know what it's for

is that usually over Temp thermostat so it's like a knucklehead cook in your in your place pulls at the circulator out of water and and runs it out of water there's a there's a little safety override such that doesn't melt the whole machine down and catch your building on fire and that little safety thermostat in the back of tournaments at what temperature it decides to click and turn off I would just turn it up to two hundred which is 2 or like a hundred fifty anything well above the boiling point of water just was not clicking off on you all the time because if it does quick off you have to press a little reset button to get to to to work again so that said as long as that thing keeps working it should keep working forever those old units when I forever but you keep working well and accurately does older units have a different style of bearing on them so you might start hearing bearing squeal after a nap after you know couple months or a year in which case you know you can WD 50 50 WD-40 as for a little while but eventually than your Motors going to go which point I don't know where that would make sense replace it but you know if

a good deal. They they work great by the way a note on the on the new circulators are coming out if you have one of the new circulators from Phillip with polyscience the ones that they haven't Williams-Sonoma which I owe you know I like that's what I use at home now is the new one in New York City the first thing you should do is pop a little plate off the front that says sous vide professional and yes and the word sous-vide off of it so that if you have it in your kitchen in New York City and the health inspector walks in there not like you're nearing sous-vide without a SIM plans that's the first even though I have it at home the first thing I did was Papa played offense and the word sous-vide off of it but the second thing is you should be very careful that none of your Cooks go into the calibration mode in it and and change the temperature so it if you use press a button and you and you can I change between Fahrenheit and Celsius which is awesome I love that but I can press that button again you're changing the offset which is basically a calibration feature but you're not careful right you can basically throw it out of caliber

by like three degrees so it's something you should be aware of is to just make sure your Cooks aren't changing the calibration without knowing it I had to cook do that and you know all the eggs were off by stead of being a perfect poached egg we had raw eggs mean because the difference between a 62 degrees Celsius egg which is perfect for eggs Benedict and a 59 degree egg which is almost raw is like you know huge huge so I'll be careful your cooks are changing also I think in future versions Phillips going to make it so that it's a lot harder to change the offset but that said we were going to go to our second commercial break calling all your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 a trucking issue

I need to get down.

welcome back to cooking issues a show where we answer all of your cooking issues early to try to call in your questions to +718-497-212-8718 so I got vinegar 718-497-2128 coming to you live for the next 15 minutes or so okay so we have a question from Max and I'm part of it I'm just going to read straight just because I can't I can't possibly paraphrase but he recently found a manufacturer of xanthan gum where he can purchase and I got food grade xanthan gum he calls it Blow which is hilarious if you would like he says that I recently found a manufacturer of xanthan gum near me to purchase Food and pharmacy grade blow now assuming you're referring to this and think I'm his blow and not as cocaine don't ever snort xanthan gum that's that's going to seriously slime up in your nasal passages and you're going to be in for a war

I hurt my right about this world of hurt I mean I have left I'm not going to say I have another joke pack Ida College in my nose before but I would not do that with Santana definitely would not do it to your a couple of kilos which is basically a lifetime supply cuz you order directly from the fermented that's pretty cool if you have it send me that send me the link I'd love to be able to buy a couple kilos is xanthan gum at a good price I think every shift with what do you think Nick yes go through yes and he's using it for baking and setting it out for a Garza thickener some sausage before I go any further I don't really think is a good straight substitute for agar so if you're using a Garza thickener what you're most likely doing is setting your sauce into a gel with agar and then blending it into a fluid gel and the problem with using xanthan to get that sick of texture is that it's going to get really snotty on you like I much prefer to use xanthan as either the stabilizer like you said it in a in a baked good or something like that or it just to get that last little bit of body out right so

sauces almost where it wants to be but we just need a little more body and that's when I basically I pull out the Santa and so I'm usually using it in like the one quarter of a percent up to the maybe like like third of a percent 4/10 of a percent range in that rain I think once you get much higher than that you really kind of notice the snot Enos of the sauce like unless it's going to stand still and no one's going to ever see a jiggle I tend it to watch out so like a lot of times I use xanthan in conjunction with another product just to help stabilize a little bit but very rarely use it as the only sticking her in it in the system and less like you you say it's just to stabilize air bubbles for like a baking presentation or something like that so you can we try to thicken smoke oil be used to grams per 100 gram of oil and shared life quote by the way she's not me saying that he could use it for now and he calls an immersion blender to stick blender because it I think I can say this on air he calls it a dildo stick

I think I'm going to start using from now on at which point the color became a cool fluorescent red do the extra air and powder but after that it's it it just settle to the bottom of the container and you tried it a bunch of different ways and he says can can you thicken the oil on its own with the contact cantankerous xanthan gum or is it a purely case of sugars like water not mixing with oil yes it's purely a case of the what's a complex sugar it's okay it's up in a long long chain polysaccharide xanthan gum but yes xanthan gum will not interact with oil you can't stick in oil with xanthan gum so here are your options for thickening oil a lot of people when they stick a second oil they use an emulsifier called Mono and diglycerides mono and diglycerides is sold unfortunately by some people as glycerin even though it's not glycerin it's mono and diglycerides it's the stuff that sold as Glee say by the Furon text Doris line it comes a little Flakes and you heat it into the oil and

if you add enough of it you can thicken it and the problem is is that it's a you know if it's it really melts out when you get hot so it's really only useful to thicken like cold but the problem is also I think that end we need is to get really really sick like spreadable oil you need to like get it up in the rain to like 10% mono-diglycerides I would point I think you can taste in mono and diglycerides Johnny gets nasty like maybe if you had a higher-quality mono-diglycerides and I have it would work but I think it's nasty another thing you can do is use a little bit of Monica necklace ride and then emulsify in some water and that's going to thicken it just by having like the all that watery crowding it right that'll fit in it and of course the best way to thicken oil is to do at the opposite way and make mayonnaise mayonnaise with smoked it'll be delicious delicious man is here agree that man is a smok coils delicious products

it's coming again actually I just found a landline and I had a second question that I like the auto-tune effect that was nice. Beautiful voice so the fun begins to fuse with strings by Grace changing flavors in particular and there's some I know it's still pretty young but it has a very pungent kind of strangeness at the end the things that makes your tongue to sort of feel like they're supposed growing all over it right and so I heard recently from some friends who are three like wild forager typeset Persimmons American Persimmons are also the skins of them are extremely astringent until the first Frost or two and that seems to kill it and then make them a little sweeter those wondering if you know much about you know like

astringent flavor is in if I could maybe just put the stuff in the freezer and expect that they would drop out or break down an extremely interesting question and here's the here's the thing so the I've always wanted to try our native Persimmons and never have read about them for years I haven't had them but the fruits that are astringent right so Quince Persimmons if you freeze them and then saw them out you can lose some of the Australian say presumably because during the freezing which is a dehydration process the the kind of stringent whatever it is Tanika strange stuff basically bonds together with other stuff and loses its astringent properties that's got to be what it is because also if you take a persimmon and dry it as we all know it loses its astringency right and apples that are like overly tannic apples that are very stringent back in the day when you still want apple seeds like a lot of them come up tannic and astringent because they they're just apples don't come true to see so a lot of these seedlings

apple orchards which we use for cider production especially in Lake Pennsylvania Dutch company they dry out a lot of it and they'd make Schnitz which is the dried apple slices right and those losers pendency because they're dry and so now all the sudden you can make a pie or something out of the dried apples are maker making ocean it's and guinep whatever you call that ham and Jeanette's thing because the astringency has been modified by the dehydration process and you should always take a freezing as a as a dehydration process now in the liquor I don't know that it's going to work via stringency I assume from the Walnut is coming from the skins of the Walnut I'm assuming you could try for using it and if you get a good result I would love to get to know that whether or not that doesn't he think it's going to be hard to freeze unless it's a very low proof liquor it's going to be hard to freeze anyway but if you if it if it works out to be amazing to know but there's another alternative which is there are and I don't know the variety but Harold McGee wants you to go to hell Mickey's house and he just has a bowl of walnuts on the table so you like a

what is a community like Hades are just one that's right so you start eating like this is amazing what was what the hell and apparently there is like in California couple strands of Walnut that are extremely the Skins are extremely low in in town and I think they're there were there were the red ones right massage with a the red ones yeah they're amazing so you might be able to try one of these super fancy walnuts or if you eat another thing you can do is maybe crack the walnuts and try to do the liquor with is I and maybe you could get or like you know like smashed the Wasps do I assign maybe you could get enough of the Walnut flavor out without getting a lot of the pain and although I did it with the hands and I got a quite a bit of town and in my pecan infusion even in an isi which usually doesn't extract Bitters and tannins that that quickly but you can give that a shot at all so if it's a real pain to skin a walnut but you can try heating it rubbing it to at least get a portion of the skin off of it. You know what to try and see where that can weather that that helps I don't know

I don't know whether or not we can modify the one that already has liquid nitrogen you can try freezing it that'll dehydrated and then let's talk slowly and maybe you can get somebody spends yeah but I don't know that it's the same chemical process I don't know that it would never work just it's the actual no going to a semi-solid that's going to be in in fruits but I don't know whether or not it's they're the same molecules are you asking so I don't know if it's going to rain. So it's not just a matter of temperature Daisy could not simply matter in the temperature varies so if you find some results if you could email and tell us what happened all right thanks very much and then we have another question in and I forget who wrote it because Chris Chris and ask whether he can use clarification on canned pineapple and and bottled or no curtains orange juice and and specifically want to know about agar clarification right

I haven't done so we can pineapple juice I think it will work but I know I've done orange juice or in fact the first application I ever did was quick agar clarification was with orange juice because it was 3 a.m. in the morning I don't have time to squeeze anything fresh so I used orange juice orange juice as long as it's not very acidic and also be clarified directly through enzymatic if you hit it with the pectinex mash XXL or pectinex SPL you can directly clarify without using agar but yes you can agar clarify I would assume you can do pineapple juice pineapple juice of course has proteolytic enzymes in it that would make it difficult to clarify using gelatin but cooked pineapple juice has been cooked so you can presumably you can clarify without any reason why you cannot clarify pineapple juice

okay back to Max with his question was xanthan gum and oil he also asked when am I going to finally admit that I am working for that here it is s s s s s s s s v the Stouffer's Stouffer's secret society of sous-vide he said we all know the TV just like the internet and cable TV or just fads and will be gone in a year the way Corey Feldman's music career was I agree this that's not going to last right here because it's going to be here forever but it's one of those funny things people always say oh well you know what all this new kind of Technology isn't there was no it's going to be a fat it's going to go away and I'm not a label use Molecular Gastronomy in there like that was so like 5 years ago so first of all we all hate the time like he was trying to me and secondly like this kind of cooking is really growing and growing and growing you might not hear about it may be as much as

used to in the newspapers and magazines because people already know about it so there's no hooks to write stories on you know what I mean but yeah thanks for running into max more questions like this we love them and I'm going to leave you with this one I'm trying to write a review of the greatest pomological reference ever have been produced by human beings called the fruits of New York it's like 8 volumes it's many many many many thousands of pages it's all public access young real soon on the Block as soon as I can which maybe is never forgiven my current track record because I've been posting so slowly but also call the vegetables in New York one of which is on a piece right so I had to read like I don't know 200 pages on on peas as part of this review process and here's what I learned also if you don't know me you won't know this but I'm fascinated with mummies I think you know mommy's right what you say is true mommy's mommy's mommy's so

there's a huge bad about anyting Egypt related around the time of 4 in the in the mid-to-late 1800s and also around the time of discovery of Tutankhamun's to early twenties by a car right so there's this huge thing about mummies all the time and they found a seeds in in these in these Crypts right in the tombs they would find seeds and so there were these disreputable producers who would say that they had germinated seeds from these ancient tombs and then they would sell them and so there is literally a variety of P called mummy right and by the way you could actually buy mummy powder that people used to grind up mommies and and as a medicine like they were just grind up mummies and it's based on an old is based on it and basically told mistranslation of some old Arabic medical writing but they would ya the grind up like they still refuse trade like they were just ship like you know tons of Mommy's over to Western Europe grind them up and you buy this dust is Mummy dust and

added two things and people would think that Mommy does salt all kinds of problems there's all these European eating mummy dust and there was a paint called mummy that was ground up you grind up mommies and apparently like it was the best brown paint you couldn't get anything that look quite like Mommy so they call these artists would have his mummy paint you can go to museums and see paintings ever painted with mummies as well as the mummies I'm so presumably if you're going to the museum but these guys always right if he is mummy and they're saying that you these were the actual Egyptian piece of these guys in New York's Geneva extension station up in New York when growing basil be like hey look these things are exactly like these other piece of basic needs a huge hose turned out peas can survive for thousands of years but you know an interesting look back to early twentieth-century hoaxes and The Mummy Pig has been cooking issues come back to visit us next week

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