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Episode 179: Goldilocks Ice Cream

cooking issues Starts Now this program has been brought to buy white oak pastures I-5 generation georgia-based beef and Poultry Farm determined to conduct business in an honorable manner for more information visit White Oak pastures. Com I'm Greg plays host of cutting the curd you're listening the Heritage Radio network is broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this program visit Heritage Radio Network. Org for thousands more

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it is true that I leave my house late but because I'm hard at work on the questions that you guys have submitted but for some reason I always seem to think that I can make a little bit faster that I can today I didn't stop but my bike had the same problem I took my tire off and my tube no leaks

Schrader valve that's right by people I'm an American I use Schrader valve not these Euro pretentious press the sun gun that you guys bike enthusiasts favor your bike rider the way you do but that's the reason I like biking I like biking because you can if you want to go all out on the street like walking or running with like an angry look on your face like all your stuff on your back in your work clothes people would

they would think that you were didn't call the cops you think you're crazy if you own your work clothes and you're going a million miles an hour on a bicycle with all your stuff people might think that you're a weird but I can't do in your car either you can really hear Ray J out my wife was like I was complaining my wife she's like you know you're becoming a crotchety old jerk in your in your old age because you know how they have the bike weekends in in Manhattan where they like turn

rollerblading is absolute worst time to bike it's like families riding like for a breast at like two miles an hour and my brothers sisters I've got fantastically expensive tomatoes in my back I build a special support structure for my bag when I'm going to carry tomatoes and then I want the bag crushing on it right turn it into a hard box on my back that I was in line with with with tablecloths that are fluffed up Tomatoes carefully and I stand on my bike the entire way home of my legs and and unlike my normal which is kind of forward-leaning angry I'm really a wreck like at like some sort of a Dutch person and

hindered by these people like all of a sudden like making me likes like slam on the brakes but I'm treating my tomatoes home I'm not having fun it's not fun I'm not out here but you know what it's like no one drives anymore. I'm going to take a drive out in the mountains he's not been here you are writing fully erect you know you don't listen to face like any window on the show that means someone in 49728 or other questions here live on the Elijah Elijah from Lady does Mossad work as well

hey did you eat in one or two in the puffing guns right and you also did the right which ones I remember what it was it was good business and food food

that's how you like it as much as I listen to like all the old school rap stuff and how much I love it like the older I get. It's like freaking vile it's like the worst thing you can do is to be a pimp and you know how many years have I walked around using the word pimp like it's okay what do you think about this not easy because you said big business and then I said big big business spending cheese like I'm being a ladies up in NYC which I don't think that's his final song by the way 99 problems also questionable but like amazing song Amazing song

thanks Stars emoticon the Beyonce break up potential Beyonce break up

guys but buy food food food we're better than this better than better than Beyonce questions all right she's spelled c k I like to CK not like Mark with a c. Mark with a K you can afford both those when I make sausage / suits in a blender and there are onions in there I get a weird metallic / I'm using the / metallic taste when you chop onions in a food processor I forgot about it and then I tasted the same thing in a restaurant on the internet I found a tomato seeds might be the problem can you tell me why that why that happens and is there anything I want to do about it kind regards

well in typical mental tangent for initiative Show you people when I'm here talkin the tangent happened when I'm literally reading your question because reading it aloud I just realized I didn't see the Tomato Seed thing I only saw that first portion of your question and so that's all I can respond to because it is something that I know that chopping onions with vs carbon steel blades onions with carbon steel knives you get this kind of horrendous metallic taste in the reasons well-known fact well-known it's a well-known fact that onion have lots of things that react

with iron and other metallic they form complexes with iron and other metals which is why I think we talked about this remember they sell those deodorizers guns that does stainless steel handle stainless steel stainless steel because it's been passivated way that you don't have to but I think it's why I said it's been a couple years with the

with the carbon steel and by the way you know there are lots of things I don't know what it is related to the flavor but because aliens onions garlic extremely complex and the things that provides that kind of all color is a series of pigments called and they're also things that makes potatoes turn dark when you cut them the only kind of potato and and you don't soak in water because you're low quality person and you let it sit out there and it and it turns like pink and and then and then Brown and then that brown color doesn't go away when you cook at 7 that anyone ever looks at your potato that can be this person is a jerk they don't care about the food they're serving me I don't care about quality and they can't observe day-to-day things they don't learn from existence

mute okay if I saw that someone has to be like wow so you never cook a potato before it's one thing to have bad knife skills this is entirely acceptable it's another thing to

not notice of potatoes turn into crap when you let them sit out when they're cut whatever that's obvious thing I can think of offhand and search

increase acidity is causing more reaction with the with the blades because my feeling is that a lot of those blades are made out of like three or four which is slightly rest of all I think we made a really high-quality you think of some sort of like Wizards deal but they're not I think we got a follow-up question emm Road in a while back on making sugar free ice cream and what I said was why do you want we should do you want to taste sugar free or do you merely wanted to be sugar free and for what reason do you want to be sugar-free because I can't remember and emm is completely genderless right unless it's Emma, all capitals

thanks for getting my question on the are the reason I asked it once or twice a week I get requests for sugar-free desserts mostly from diabetics size can you do a Wilford Brimley invitation anyone Jack Wilford Brimley nope I'm Wilford Brimley and I got diabetes he's a guy who he's like the spokesperson care of your diabetes but he doesn't pronounce it diabetes you pronounce 2 diabetes guy with the mustache do I put contacts in West wanted to go get its penis because like it was someone I know Leo robitschek from Nomad we were hanging around at the at the Madden DMV in Eno fantastic Barman

that is diabetic I'm not sure about having a we offer catering gallon sizes I'd like to see someone talking to a gallon size container of gelato that's rough Man 4 pints that's for free can quartz that's 8 pint containers of ice cream folks as a boat ton of ice cream or something people with diabetes ordering this catering size gallon of ice cream you do not have the ability as an individual human being to consume

I'm saying it's a lot ice cream gallon for home use in normal situation because you want to store ice cream in your freezer as little as possible most home freezers like they open and close a lot and they go through defrost cycles and all these kinds of things so that they're not good for the long-term storage of ice cream people put things in our Frozen and was dropped the temperature of the freezer and then you get recrystallization problems and so I mean you can always get incredibly highly stabilize you guys noticed recently that Breyers Ice Cream like five years has started putting stabilizers in their ice cream cuz everyone realize that Breyers is good if you live right near Philadelphia and you can get the Briars like right when it was made and then like a week later it sucked and it went to open it in your fridge it turned into like Breyers ice crystals instead of Breyers ice cream and soap advertisements like little kids with lists

Purity in America on Americana but they're like this kids reading off like nothing wrong with this guy has to be always has to be another ice cream you like karakai don't know exactly what is carrageenan guar all scrap okay I'm not sure about and red on the American Diabetes Association website what kind of say / not say one day with an artificially sweetened vanilla flavor not using our Madagascar vanilla extract at sugars ingredient chocolate some information lb CO2 never use that one of you's a smaller they'll be 100 batch freezer Prix JailBase and stabilizers whole milk sugar and corn syrup plus as many local fruits as we can get our hands on throughout the seasons thanks again cheers

okay look at it

first of all

I think a lot depends on a lot depends on who you're dealing with so like actual like person who is Vatican knows about you know what's going on it's not going to if you eat fruit PSE reading sugar. Right and fruits have all the same sugars in them that we normally associate with sugary things so they have fructose they have glucose or sucrose the question of how much so like someone who has liked it the trick with with diabetes and I don't really know that much because I know I don't have anyone in my family is diabetic and I'm not diabetic but as far as I can tell the trick isn't eliminating also where the trick is managing which is why people focus on

the glycemic index of certain food including carbohydrates what can spike your blood sugar levels of glucose quickly or what caused it at the spike because that's what's going to cause problems for diabetics show friends since you could up the French toast which is sweeter than sucrose right and also had a sweeter than glucose sucrose rather also has a lower glycemic index so you can radically lower the glycemic index II but the point is that you can do that now that the flip side of that is is that you can't no one writes like no one writes on on a

on a label Rite Aid has a glycemic index of 23 but no one writes that on it but instead they just write sugar free or whatever and so and then like someone who actually cares about this stuff has to base their their information whether something is sugar free so you can have an ice cream that would be fine for someone who has diabetes have that is flavored with fructose sugar free on it right that's kind of weaselly right so then what people do other than when they don't do that is so add a texturising agent and then I'll add some sort of fake sugar like Splenda

also you said you can't use the real vanilla because it's got sugar in it even though you're using probably a fairly small amount of that vanilla right and and it contained it's not I would guess it's not the main amount of sugar in it in your recipe is coming from the vanilla I bet you don't have to alter the sugar balance of a recipe that much based on the values and I could be wrong cuz I don't know the situation in order to do the right thing by a customer you have to do the wrong thing by a customer in order to try and help the customer by giving something that they can enjoy you have to actually ruin it by turning it into crap by using ingredients that are bad even though there could be some sort of Middle Bass thing that they could you know how instead cuz you're playing with The Taste which is that that that trigger right you're dealing with the glycemic index which is how much the product is going to spike blood sugar levels and then your and by the way you can add things that

are not sugars Princeton sugar alcohol have an effect on people could possibly have an effect on people's lives by making me the runs whatever and you're also working with a texture because sugars a lower the freezing point depression of a ice cream base and that's how they do things like that one of the reasons why ice cream has the right texture is if you increase your sugar then you decrease you increase the softness of an ice cream at a particular dipping temperature and if you decrease sugar you make consequently harder so that the ultimate website to go to on this is his his website on Dairy science specifically I would look at two articles one is called the science of golden quote it Goldilocks ice cream and that's I guess you know

you know what I mean and they had to go into how to calculate freezing point depression right so then you're going to need to go and look on any of theirs a number website glycemic index shoot for a specific freezing point depression and then shoot for a specific glycemic index and things you can use other than sugar too depressed after using Splenda and using maybe one of the sugar alcohols that. And you can read up its its specific freezing point depression ratio compared with sugar right so if you know that you want a sweetness relative to let's say 14 to 15% by weight in a batch of sugar that's the sweetness of your shooting for you're looking for a sweetness index similar to that right and then you're looking for and then you rate that also as a freezing point of 1 sugar right then you're looking to find other ingredients that add up to that and they these fractions in equations are all on University of Guelph websites you can add alcohol which lowers the freezing point in addition to some sugar alcohols and then an artificial sweetener like Splenda should you have to

that although highly recommend for this problem with fructose by the way people

aside from the fact that it is natural sugar in that you have to write on the label as such and that some people who are you know in advocacy for diabetics don't Advocate fructose because they believe it has other problems even though they all recognize it has a much lower glycemic index and therefore it's better from that standpoint there's a bunch of studies in the research isn't exactly clear yet alcohol alcohol can be used to balance out the whatever freezing point depression you don't get when you're adding fructose you can get with alcohol so it's a good one

Sun from Palo Alto at work and I was wondering if you had any pointers to like a very liquidy soup in the bottom your bowl

yeah, you haven't heated enough so one of the things with is Avignon is it and I've never made it in the in the EC I always do it on a stovetop like old-school you know like sugar the egg yolks white wine Whip and you think it's fluffy and you're incredibly worried that you're going to curl it and you going to make it taste bad because you're going to overheat the egg yolks and so you you get it what happens isn't it starts building texture based on the aeration that you're giving it with the Whisk not based on the fact that you cook the egg yolk enough and then as soon as it cools down it loses its structure and turn back into a liquid again you lost a texture they a problem is you haven't heeded enough so you can you can you can heat it chrome and glass tile and is an immersion circulators

East Palo Alto Stanford that place anymore just forget about you spell Alto anyway so people who live in in the Eastern section of Palo Alto is that they all have kind of immersion circulator but anyways The Stereotype I did it at 65 or liquids or salt you are radically increased the temperature at which it starts thickening so I don't have a particular temperature for

just for an FYI glaze now admittedly there's a lot of liquid just as an FYI is 500 ml 500 cream 10 extra large egg yolks 170 grams Sugar Plus flavoring with Noah and salt so that cooks for like 15 minutes and and by the way once you reach a temperature at which a gives going to start to thicken they said they tend to continue to thicken and custody and I'm lazy and ends at Lyon style basis they tend to continue to thicken overtime but beyond that won't break as long as they don't go higher than whatever the full setting temperature of the protein is at that delusion and that and that I am at work but they will take on Iggy notes as a cook longer so like a creme anglaise it's cooked for 10 to 15 minutes at 82 is great

I want to cook for 20 starts having a little bit of an 8-year rum especially when it's warm or something like somewhere like for 10 minutes 10 to 15 minute break in a bag make sure it's agitated so that they didn't start itself and then see whether that is enough or if it's too much even starts tasting curl when you start getting little like when you drop the temperature let me tell you one thing is this secret I learned from many years ago from one and one real kisses book sous vide in Spanish that was translated in English In Like Flint 2001 or whatever it is

when you pull the on glaze mix from the circulator it will look lumpy throw it onto a counter and smack it around with your hands so that it breaks it up and it will be smooth as silk no problem the other thing is is it you can as long if you have a vacuum machine is actually really good if you don't have a vacuum machine do it later you can blend it so you don't have to worry about the plaza as well cuz otherwise you would normally have to strain to get rid of any trace of your pulse in a Fighter 5 just like I do with an unglazed base long as you're over whip it you can break up the Palazzo you don't need to strain it to get rid of any other particles and I don't know how Palo Alto you are but that means you also invited prep to go to voicemail

shein a lot of excess air in the bag can lead to I think all flavors so fresh and so you know most things I say are as good in a ziplock as they are in a vacuum bag creme anglaise is not one of them is still good in a ziplock and if I had never had it in a vat is a side-by-side tasted like an unglazed on in a Ziploc vs. unglazed under vacuum bag I'd probably say that they're identical but if they're just not the one in the back and back a little bit better and I think it's because there's no are involved in it so if you if you you could then not use a you could put all the ingredients in a sippy exclude the air without using a blender hash mashup on the counter by hand make sure it's fully mixed in distributed maybe give the other jokes like a little bit of us working to break them all up before you add it and then you could strain it afterwards and that would probably be stranded and whippet you know afterwards to get the kind of texture that you want those things should work but I believe it's the temperature that was your problem

I could also probably so not cold after that work like in the Whipper then as long as they're not too thick you should be able to put it out through your through your whipper like depends on how how thick is gone but usually it stays into a light portable consistency and then the only trick is I usually when I'm doing things that are thick or if I'm doing fluid gels I just put my finger over the tip of the Whipper and snap it down towards the the head before I dispense it to make sure that I'm not out without getting product out

if you mix it if you mix the stuff beforehand right you should be able to pressurize it in the isi and just cook it in the circulator at the isi swirling and occasionally we do it on pressurizing and pressurize it after you chill it but it should work if you might be able to get around not having the bag by doing it to me is I just let us know how it works out

hey Dave Arnold this is Marcin from Peoria Illinois basting butter

what I wanted to see his is there a possible temperature that I could keep butter in a circulator with aromatics without the butter separating so therefore potentially in the kitchen have a different basting butter fries protein yeah yeah I want to you want to do like a compound butter using a circulator but never had it melt

do not in separate the milk solids to when I'm facing with it I can still keep the knowledge I can still bring the car blast flavors later but also to not have the trunk so just making a straight-up countdown butter in the pan

yeah that's an interesting problem

let me see it so I haven't gotten the chance to experiment at all yet but I am sure she finds can be done so

question is

question is can you re functionalize the milk proteins so like the interesting thing to do would be to tube to to clarify the butter right save the milk solids measure how much water you boiled off during the clarification process flavor the butter flavor the butter the butter fat strainer and then somehow

recreate the butter from that so I don't know if that's possible here's how he hears away there's possible if you made your own butter you could just save that and it's not going to have all of it because it's going to be I don't know whether that whether I'm sure it's possible

I turn melted butter back into cream before using an ultrasonic homogenizer so I know that I know it's possible to turn butter back to cream

has a little bit of an odd flavor but not a lot and I don't know why butter in a bag in a circulator another thing you can put like a circulator in a walk ice ducer the wasters you put a circulator in a walk-in you set it at sixty you know what I mean for 65 song is not quite hot enough to melt butter in the bag and maybe you'll get better penetration like maybe you keep enough enough solidity so that the butter holds its shape and doesn't break but that you get better penetration the flavors that's it that's another way to do it or like a wine cooler you know if you have a wine cooler or wine fridge is to vacuum baguette with the butter and a wine fridge when I say in a circulator underwater at a fixed temperature in a walk-in which works very well and it's kind of a waste but I work very well just keep it below that the temperature at which the butter is fully going to break and mailed out

soft temperature range like me being slick wedding 70s and then and then cold chill it to resolidify at Co totally and then peel off the aromatics or scrape them off of the outside and might be worth a shot and let's take a break and come right back with shoes

why do Pastors is the only harm in the United States that has its own usda-inspected read me topical or slaughterhouse and its own usda-inspected quality meat and poultry from Miami Florida all the way to Princeton New Jersey one-time level five generations other than 45 years a full circle return to the Humane Animal stockmanship for more information please visit our website White Oak pastures. Com

You Know Jack that's like the end of the country going south all the way to Princeton Princeton hello in the freaking Arctic like he's like New York with my usda-inspected abattoir it's pretty good good give me some poetry

when you think you have I know it's like crap on those people and we had another question of using using the the sous vide and the circulator with the class and you would only pronounce it sous-vide for like 2 or 3 days straight and still like he hears a saying sous-vide like like 200 300 times a day I mean the difference between sous-vide low temperature sous vide

Civil Disobedience movie ticket to meet sous-vide up until the very end the class you say young Eddie Shepherd Michael machen does anyone else right in with the people that we know anyone in the UK one of the US and its me over there in the Seattle area on severe and vegetables and circulars vegetables

okay oh by the way he says sorry I missed the question a couple weeks ago about CV vegetables I got hooked on a 28 episode Yale lecture series about the Civil War all better now you show me Michael like I always says I'm going to like throw away all this food stuff and just go to do a civil war freaking David 1 Ridge made me read Shelby Foote you know 8 billion word like three volume thing on on the Civil War which took forever like so many visits to the hopper to read that Shelby Foote thing so much Hopper reading and referring to Professor Blythe's Civil War 28 like you're seriously had to look it up when I saw this and now I'm sure I'm going to go down to like a 28 lecture k-hole thanks to you and Stasi going to have to like look and torture me about Civil War for every know where we were going to buy a Grist Mill and Herndon Virginia that there was for sale it was like totally falling apart it was so cheap because like my my dream is to like it whenever

whenever anyone pisses me off it just

the water will not a name like someone calls me with some irritating thing and star gas leak on the Warriors too like open the open the Raceway and grind some stuff they sell the Gristmill and then someone selling a Grist Mill in Virginia

the case that's not the case. I said have you sold your Grist Mills yet and and they said yes and stars looked at me without missing bingos some other dude is living your life for you bring up acacian for CV was pretty amazing I agree 12th and by the way I need a calculator that does agree with you that in general precise temperature control is necessary with typical vegetables and a bag into retainer add flavor is the bigger Advantage although the kitchen team at chefsteps have done some work that shows that 85 Celsius give you better color

1095-c with things like asparagus so there's some upside in there and not having to manage a stovetop simmer to carefully that said I don't actually I'm more like I use a microwave many cases but besides all the ideas you mention some other vegetarian I enjoy is a right but beans in a bag don't know if I mentioned this is similar to like how do you say flask in Italian sauce have you forgotten your tongue already it's something like like Fiasco something like being at that I love it because it sounds like it's a fiasco that's where you put the beans and the oil and if your treasure 8 Fiasco and whatever and then the bottle you put it in the oven you cook a black good and you had to shake the beans out of bottle

okay and you got to get the you got to get the water level right in the water level for a bean depends a lot on how old is beans are and how dry they are Michael's got a recipe for a r i love kanji who doesn't love kanji do you like kanji size surprise for shiitake Congee and a challenge on aberration site and also where Michael wants to infuse a lot of flavor as in his Sichuan cauliflower also on 2013 6-1 spicy cauliflower recipe. HTML

now let's get some questions about like you hate fungus or Spore Pigman I like pigs anyway is there anyway I could possibly remove pigments from wine without substantially altering the taste / mouthfeel I don't know what time about the relevant chemistry but my preliminary research on the Wikipedia suggest a lot of a lot of the same thing as a color the wind also provide wine like flavors do you find a bride doesn't have to be particularly great

if I sent really get Two Buck Chuck that looks like water by what you see the Two Buck Chuck article there's an article I think it's on the Huffington Post about like how nasty I think it is. There's like mice if they just scrape up everything including like mice and like rodents and rats and whatever and bugs and spiders do you throw them all in the fermenting bad because that's how it's two bucks because they dislike him everything gets fermented as In N Out There like our fyebottom like yeah that's how that that's how that rolls that's $2 why it's $2 to dollars in the hell out of here and I'm a filter it there's no hair if I essentially get Two Buck Chuck that looks like water I can work with that you also bought on usable land because the quality of The Graces and high so you just like growing like super high yield land at this is like Mega yield

grapes last name of that ain't shot forget they just got like 8 billion Acres of this like incredibly high yield land of any grapes and also produces to get rats and mice and scrape some into a fermentation bucket and says go to miracle and it's all vertically integrated so you don't have to pay anyone you know what I mean

and then I was like you know what though like people here are as the land somewhere in California somewhere in California but it's really crappy beer but they're horrified at the practices of the two bucket truck went over to book truck, that's why it seems like a long shot but I figured I'd ask PSU years ago I ran we walked into Booker and Dax looking for a quick cocktail with a friend I never heard of the bar before and no idea what I was getting into it was one of the best surprise I've ever had thanks so much for the great drinks I particularly loved the Thai Basil Daiquiri well thank you so here's what I have to say you're not going to be able to get an actual good flavor without stripping a lot of them a lot of you know a lot of the characteristics for the wine if you don't care that you were going to be ruining the wine you can look into activated carbon so now listen activated carbon

he's incredibly complicated subject right so for a primer like a fairly opinionated primer but just for a quick primer on how activated charcoal and carbons are made and what the difference is between IR go to www. Home. Stiller. Org and look for activated carbon for purification of the alcohol by gerd strand from Malmo Sweden who does not want you to reproduce his his his his her work and in any form it's all about it cuz there's various ways you can make the activated carbon you can use heat you can use like this chemical process or steam process they have different structures and then depending on what is substrate was coconut husks are everything make it out of the properties are very different all has to do with the surface area the theoretical surface area of the carbon how it's been ground and milled down and weather

mainly macropores mezzo Borgia micropores because you're filtering out has to have a smaller size us are the ports have to be the same size or larger as the one that not too much as the billions of different as many kinds of activated carbon for different things I suggest going to norit that's I don't have the website here but nor it is a brand of activated charcoal that someone sent a tweet to me on this and there's them actually decolorizing wine there's literally a photo on the Internet or video on the internet ignore it and o r i t brand one of the brands of activated carbon being stirred into wine and then filter to Coffee regular filter paper slab that you know that's the coffee filter carbon and went from red wine or white wine no problem is completely non-toxic he's going to strip a lot of Aroma is a problem but it will still probably tastes like wine so you see if you can get a sample a big companies will send out a sample or you could try

what other brands of activated carbon he's got to try to find whatever is similar to that so they hazardous experiment that color is removed from most white rum not right nephew but like most white ones are aged and then stripped of color using charcoal filtration techniques now if you want to go really balls baller on it not saying you do what you want to go really bother on it what I would do is put the wine and operator distill all the alcohol and Bottles off of it save it then decolorize the water base with an activated charcoal to the fan. The payment if you're willing to use Two Buck Chuck for this that I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to make a little leap and say that you don't need to go and use a router that to do this kind of thing what do you make stuff by using like if you if you shift the acidity of it cuz they're at the sign and pigments you can make it color this by adding a bunch of sodium hydroxide to have been an okay should you drink that

yeah it's that time Ruben Road in about cherry pick liquor and I'm glad I didn't because I didn't find a satisfactory answer yet lot of conflicting information about like how to figure out how much pounds are going to be in a stone fruit liqueur although there is a awesome web post every who did it called yes or no I owe for using stone fruit liqueurs awesome and then Brian Rodin about cultured butter and how to make a better a cultured butter and I mash it really did a lot of research on this and and it contains the word stock measurements Roy days and whenever anyone says the Toronto Stock size what song goes I think about

Cinema show Waylon Jennings and the Redwoods and I won't have cell service Cris Cris Collinsworth alter its color like holler right Road in about last time suchong where this smoke is carcinogenic maybe but I wouldn't worry about it I got

I had a blender question with blender stuff from Michael I'm going to get that next next time and tomatoes in the fridge from why hasn't Blumenthal can put peeled Tomatoes into ice water so they don't continue cooking after they've been blanched and doesn't ruin the texture whereas as we all know only enemies equality put tomatoes in the fridge and the reason is the meanest in tomatoes doesn't develop immediately just regarding being chilled the way that you can show something to destroy the picture immediately instead it is storage at low temperatures that causes tomatoes to turn me late so as long as they're in and out of the Ice Water relatively short amount of time your Tomatoes Montgomery and if you really want to get comfy pants because they're mostly seed and gel and a seed in jail portion does not turn melee only the fleshy part sew-in tomatoes that have very small amounts of fleshiness to them like cherry tomatoes

they can be stored fairly successfully in the fridge without them turning to crappy but don't let anyone know that I said that his program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find archived programs on a website in the iTunes Store Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage on the school right here you can email a question anytime I think so at Heritage Radio Network. Org the 501 c 3 nonprofit to donate and become a member