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Episode 178: Gross Pizza Crust

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does cheese cheese cooking issues

so they could have been a blue Toe song Maybe we are champion juicer would do for making not nastassia and I have a lot of experience using the champion juicer for exactly that task so the first thing you did you own one already

do you already own a champion juicer know I'm thinking about getting heated up so if you're one of these Believers everything has to say hyper cold as you're doing it that ain't going to happen cuz a lot of friction generator in the inside of the champion but but how many like how many zillion pounds of nuts are we put through Champion juicers before and I was making nut Butters and spinning and making nut oils remember that and we're just making like we would have to make like like a gallon of of a of a of like the cashew milk boil that we would go there we would go through all those tins of pecans from those nuts

eat like you might need to grind it a couple of times we used to do is we used to be used to put it through the champion for the first pass and then we would put it into a into a stone grinder to get it down like hyper find my commercial peanut butter fine but it also Grimes cocoa nibs quite well for the for the initial grind you're going to need to put it into Like a Stone Mill to get it down to actual chocolate price. The one thing that you got to watch out for is after you grind the second five times in a row without stopping the Heats up rather severely champion juicer will heated self up to the point where it melts the it melts the safety interlocks and that the motor is hot enough to boil water so I mean yeah you should give at least the ones that I've used so you should give it a rest before and asked for it cuz it's not going to ask for a rest is just going to keep on going until until I don't know until fire start

remember that time that we put all the towels in the water and put on the back it was like a sauna boiling the water off in the towel another thing is is that every professional chef who buys a champion juicer and their many instantly loses the blind plate so the bottom of the champion juicer either has a mesh screen that use her juices or a blind play that you're supposed to use for things like frozen banana if you're a believer in that sort of thing or nuts and so you don't want to you don't want to lose that but. Yeah it works

I think my last I heard he got it had a flat tire today flat tire on the way in Breaux Bridge which I love going up with you it was kind of a miracle like that my bike wanted me to be late but didn't want me to be too late cuz I no longer carry with me to stop to fix flat tire so small but I do have a pump on me

I'm going up to Williamsburg right but still too late to turn back cuz you know you can't get a taxi in my neighborhood like anywhere near as noon so I hear


so I looked down turn off my front tires go in and but some miracle it stopped deflating before I was down on the rim so I was like so I just Pump It Up The Light TV to 34 and I'd slowly leaked all the way here I made it all the way here with a slow leak even passed some dingleberry on a free game like Minnie Mouse head thing size want to beat those either living in New York City like there's he's dudes riding around these it's almost always do right which I'm clumsy and they're on these damned electric bikes and insect design they took a normal bike that crappy normal bike and they both ate a battery pack in like a little motor to it

so yeah they like their they're designed to be that way but every deliver you seen is Jack right what are your thoughts on the way over there that's been the host to who brought us that song I think it was a friend of hers cheese I do have a collar Whenever Wherever

hey how's it going and Jack love you guys music always have a ban on raw milk cheese has even older than 60 days

yeah I was going to go to the pipeline like my girlfriend works at Whole Foods for the specialty department and they are saying that they want to ban all raw milk cheese even over 60 days I saw some blips and beliefs about that a couple of months ago on one of the cheese blocks that goes like push to my Twitter account somebody was like how to make these and I haven't heard anything by chance have you guys talked about this at all in any of these programs we have I will I will shoot them aligned and ask I mean absolutely Preposterous demerits is ridiculous at 2:30

I mean it won't do you know what the proposed reason for it is they want to ban any cheeses that are raw milk cheese is so your gruyeres brother Florida

Parmigiano-Reggiano is it not it is right. I did hear some Rumblings about it but I don't know me if someone proposing it it's an absolute absurdity of me my feeling was from the get-go and I spoke years ago to some food safety people about him remember the way food safety at a food safety concern I mean I don't know when the last time somebody got poison from Parmigiano-Reggiano is I'll wait I know when it was it was never because it never happened but the the issue is is that food safety people write laws because friend since you're allowed to have sushi even those two procedures you're allowed to have steak tartare rare steak because the assumption is that when you order that you know the risks that you're taking on and went the wrong milk stuff with cheese is because they they they they figure that the average consumer wants

everything to be as safe as like a hyper pasteurize like American cheese product is right and that in that the customers don't know that they might be assuming risk of pathogens that they don't they're not aware of it they can to Morongo quesadilla that's their Siri anyway and so my feeling was like put a label on it I'm allowed to I'm allowed to smoke you know so like why can't I have a raw milk cheese as long as it says night like like it like raw milk may feel you the same way that like you know when you serve someone to write I got a restaurant you say this is a raw egg this might kill you and if that scares you please order something else you know I mean I always thought that was a better kind of me like I think people would buy more if I had a big parental advisory do not eat will kill you label on anything how much more than they sell you know

so I'll look into it because I remember to follow up with this parental advisory Food Lion cuz I think that'll I don't really work out a lot of that early stuff with a soul without the label because it was like so so over-the-top you know like in the NWA and stuff my stuff was so over-the-top that I really require a label for kids to keep recording me to come out and tell me that that stuff was kind of like a little bit over-the-top you know some of the stuff that my other stuff at the parental guidance which one of the most you search up and labels to do the same thing with cheese him like one and a half times hotter than

are you hot pepper reader in there anything that makes me hurt I love the most scorpion vicious evil-looking little pepper pepper as far as I can discern the ghost pepper has no good taste to it's not like a habanero think that's how it works best cuz I love Sri Lankan food and apparently they use ghost peppers counting shots shots away dude like it is August in their pocket please come here and burn your money in New York City and add to our tourism business we need it my right back

I send you a tweet last week that I have an issues with drinking coffee I love the taste of it but I didn't know what it was I isolated by having just being by myself yeah I told I told you to have the notos write any tried decaf coffee and decaf coffee does it to you as well right

I haven't tried these have coffee cuz I never saw the point coffee is decaffeinated coffee is fine and caffeinated coffee is not then it you know it could it has to be it's not that I think it's something else is washed away in the process and then you would have to test to see whether or not supercritical CO2 decaffeinated coffee works but the water decaffeinated coffee does he have to do some tests nasty cut my suspicion is it decaf coffee I'll do it to you the same way that caffeine in coffee has had the stomach ache right and this is just a regular coffee espresso right

I've done both so when you say stomach ache you mean you need to go to the bathroom really quickly like you get your motor running or do you mean just like a stomach ache go to the bathroom and find that the desired effect on the reasons why I drink the coffee in the morning yes but go ahead

security 4 hours out of the day there's a lot of stuff in coffee and maybe one of the maybe it's not the actual pH maybe it's one of the maybe one of the particular organic acids in the coffee like like upset you somehow put you know it could be something other than just because her stomach's acid enough as it is you know so it I don't know I'll look into

I'll look into Jack write this down and then send me like the day before I can look up a bunch of books on the subject on coffee about the things in it that might cause a stomach aches you know I'll look up Andrea Ali's book the espresso the chemistry of quality and look at the list and see what there's anything I can find him use the scientific literature but you've done the first step which is you tested NoDoz and I hate that stuff that you would do you use to take the 5-Hour Energy shots and kind of thing and it freaking like slam your system open by ucenter pound pound Pound Mountain Dew's that's what I would do. I do I was just pound Mountain place to pull all-nighter at least once a week

you know what I mean at least because I didn't do any work until it was too late you know for sure next week I'm not next week next month I'm going to try to go to wd-50 cuz I just saw something ends something new will begin although I don't think he's planning to get exactly what he's going to do but I mean I wouldn't expect that I wouldn't expect him to be down to one restaurant for too long. I mean

yeah for sure but I'm definitely going to try to head there I don't know how hard it is to get a reservation before it closes but I bet you say it ain't so easy yeah I'm going to try to do that pretty hard and then I'm definitely going to check out the newest coolest Graybar for Kern back that was

sure we'll figure it out quick commercial and come back and blasters arrest cooking issues sounds like a plan

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meditation music scene of the guy's name that made that song on the break Jerome LOL laughing out loud look at it in the middle of a blaster some questions have never got any questions. Going to unpack this what you didn't already do so I don't know what it is

oh cuz you have so much problem opening my packages normally

exercise opens letters much like my butt much like my son. If I just like flapping it open to see whether money falls out that's how she likes I had a question in this is hello I think they've missed my question because you got man and he's like he started you like you started like off on a tangent forgot my questions or not going to do any tangent so don't talk to me about this until I finish this anyway to buy cream and then dump water into it to make milk at home so if it's a long wait until I can answer no two reasons here are the two reasons why and also didn't answer the phone when did I answer the beer ice cream question a while ago

I don't mean whole milk like in a in-store I mean like you get your milk out of a cow right what you have is if you have a a water phase with a fat droplets in it right when you said the fat droplets rice the top and you have your your quick cream and Rich stuff at the top and you have your milk at the bottom however the water phase is relatively similar throughout right you wouldn't hear water phase relatively similar throughout its not paying attention the cream and then you water down with water your watering it down with water and you're not watering it down with milk proteins and all that other good stuff whey protein all this other great nonsense right and everything else it's in in the water phase in the middle if you like it you could water a cream down with skim milk but then that that that that missed the point because you haven't gotten me and then you have to still carry the the

get milk home with you if you're not saying anything you could water down with powdered skim milk and that would save you some weight but you're going to have that like a flavor that comes from powdered skim milk powder skin believe it or not taste even taste even worse I thought you were the one that feels like a like English muffins but not so much to drink herbal or like you know if before parmalat came out and you have in your cupboard for 8,000 years or whatever reason why you shouldn't do it 99.9% of the cream that you purchased in the supermarket has been ultra high temperature pasteurization the reason for this is its cream doesn't sell nearly as quickly as milk cells and cream doesn't get used nearly as quick

quickly as milk does even want to get home and so they assumed they mean the dairy weasels assume that the cream is going to be on the shelf for a long long time and so it has a much longer a window shut off shelf life it required for it and so they pasteurize it to a much higher temperature for for a high of time so that they can assure they kill enough of the stuff in there such that it last a lot longer but that makes more of a cooked tasting if you can never go find yourself some raw forget it but if you never go find yourself some regular pasteurized even cream as opposed to do a side by side of that with ultra-high pasteurized cream like it is a world a freaking difference like almost as much difference as there is between let's a regular milk and parmalat all they know that you hang out with a boxer they like it over there right some people actually enjoy that crap

you made an illegal because you like and then they got in an argument with people His Radio Show this guy called in his like your why do you hate the ferret lovers either her this like like do a search for their the radio episode where Giuliani literally berates a a constituent by the way a New York City resident says you know what do you have against ferrets cousin Giuliani towards the end of his career he like really kind of like arresting homeless people do not push through like ferrets are illegal in Psych sir you raise weasels there weasels in space are screaming this guy that has ferrets and weasels but like why does Giuliani care whether some other dude has a weasel or ferret

weird anyway cheese weasel Dairy weasels so that was my answer on that now and the beer ice cream cuz Jack I didn't talk about the beer ice cream right

sorry now somebody a couple weeks ago ask about making beer ice cream in a drafty thoughts on it yeah I like beer and Jerry things here's the deal e Dil beer doesn't have a lot of alcohol in it anyway so you're probably going to be okay on the alcohol level but beer has a lot of water and it's so if you want to get rid of some of the alcohol and you want to get rid cuz you know alcohol will soften your rear recipe you know versus what it normally was so if you want to Lusaka to Miguel, if you don't but what you need to do is get rid of some of that water so it what you want I would boil boil the beer off a little bit I would also make sure that you choose a fairly non hoppy beer in this is the same thing like when we do when I do cocktails like that with b r a most off and I'm choosing very low hop beers so that they don't interfere too much with the flavors I would choose like a low hop hop like beer play don't go get like Dogfish head's like you know 120 minute IPA to do the stuff you know we do like a like a bees and then stays on

like some of the water and then add enough milk powder to it that milk powder at enough milk powder to it or boil some milk and add it to its such that your level of milk stays the same in the recipe so typically I would add leichliter cream or 500 screen 570 grams of sugar and 10 egg yolks and salt ride plus wavering so you know if you wanted to take that entire path leader and had a beer at a lot of beer but you know I would I would I boil some of the water out of the beer take it down then milk powder it up to the same level as it would be if you used a half a liter of milk starting to your cream pasteurized and go Dorothy from Health Glen. Com

we got some raspberry tarragon shrub and what else

smoked Cherry from Stars you'll have to drink this one is not poison for normal people but as you know I'm allergic to cherries but but if it's cooked it should be all right then we got some ginger lime cordial what's the jelly in green tea marmalade marmalade see what you think what people say never watched movies and Jack ever watched movies remember the date that Spell endeavor

I know you would think of people still watch your teeth very smart guy you had Sean sent to jail for no apparent reason because someone used his name to sell drug paraphernalia that he had to go to jail for it ridiculous what's wrong with this country

I know you guys like a focus on what makes food delicious with my questions more the opposite end of the spectrum it's this why are the pizza crust from all the major pizza delivery changed so relentlessly disgusting I know that sounds harsh but if you know how to make pizza dough and haven't even basic oven it's actually kind of hard to make a pizza disgusting and in my opinion the big change managed to make a pizza that's mostly pretty inedible certainly to anyone that knows what pizza should taste like do the big change face some special challenges and making our cooking pizza that are not obvious thanks for your advice on this sign from Cambridge well I worked at Domino's when I was in college and everyone knows that Domino's Pizza is as you say relentlessly disgusting it's like like no offense to the Papa Johns Corporation kids think that loved act as a Booker things did Papa John's like the pies Quality Pizza in the world fact he likes it better than any other Pizza that you can get I don't know why I don't know why

to make me angry to make me like very very angry but I can tell you why Domino's Pizza was bad Domino's Pizza was bad for reading for crappie in the Big Slice up in a factory like 18 years before they were four other people besides the crust away the cross was made in this damn sure it's the same in all these chain situations is the dough is not made in-house it's made somewhere else and then retarded and then put on pallets and left a proof and so even had they use a good Joe they know like trying to get it when it was at the optimum level of proof like you just never you never would and then I'm pretty sure they weren't using very good flower right and and also I just think they're cheap I just think they're cheap they don't want to let go through the time you would think that they could go through the time to do like an actual long leavening process like it when I make pizza dough it's like a 24-hour kind of us of a thing right you know at least one

4 hours before I start now let it go a long time make it and then a lot of the people I know who make good pizza this is where they do the crust butt and you would think that Domino's nose 24 hours in advance like how long can it take for them to know how many pieces are going to make tomorrow and so that they could they could do a long ride so if they wanted to I don't know but the other thing is is there ovens really do suck Domino's Domino's use of the conveyor oven and their conveyor ovens don't run at an extremely don't run into temperature conducive to making good pizza and the way that the heat delivery in the space provided is not conducive to make any good pizza and so consequently they do not make a good pizza and I think the average thing in the most changed is it isn't they like kind of a bread eater style and I think it's also difficult to be misread your question this morning I thought you said why is frozen pizzas so crappy so I was going to get into that but maybe if someone else cares about frozen pizza be back when you get in that cuz I got to get some more question for Ricky kicked off of the air in the right stuff

we hear anything from here we go we got a question or not a question so much as a as a statement based on last week I asked for vegetarian uses for the circulator Veggie Chef. Co. Uk is a his website but he wrote In

Bubba Bubba any separating from the UK enjoy the show and her. I know you probably be excellent Michael natkin to write in which will be great I'm a big fan of his blog and chest at the course as another vegetarian Chef myself working a lot with sous vide I thought I might be able to add some helpful suggestions as well firstly the operation to poach eggs and ice cream excetra out of course well documented fantastic vegetarian uses of sous-vide and for making lemon lime hurt or any other flavor Purdue fancy it's also very handy Fancy Fancy Fancy Fancy fruits and vegetables sous-vide for flavor and texture as well as the benefit to making Dashi in the water Bass the way you think about is vegetable oil instead of vegetable

then I'll see you soon be for number of other applications cover below low temp halloumi they actually literally that was their advertisement they're like it's better than Cheez-Its made without acidifying the curb so it's a directly run it run it quite elated and apparently having the relatively neutral pH of an eye on acid acidify cheese that prevents it from melting substantially I know it does so use it and then also they cook they they make like a ricotta style thing out of the way when they're done by acidifying it and then they cook the the cheese curd press cheese curds in the way which would if I was me in the morning to get your halloumi cheese or frying cheese if you can slice and Grill

it's not this week anyways I like halloumi I like I like it so far. I like all that stuff anyway so fresh mint and lemon zest is delicious and benefit from a few slavers was having a lovely soft texture I haven't been able to achieve by any other cooking method can also be easier to get the Lovely Brown flavors and he also wrote for Transit a mini fuse for the vegetables are you suvee for some vegetarian application to transport companies including a press mushroom technique which Michael and chest that took inspiration from as well for their own technique for at least like mushroom burgers and or like kind of mushroom blocks instead of meat and so I'll just tell you what it what they do they heat Eddie's slicers dehydrated vegetable which makes a slurry of soy protein isolate and flavor and then mixes in transcript amination precedent flattening a block and then and then Cooks it off later

requires. Let her know the interesting thing is is he using extraordinary high-percentage transfer case in this 5% social style saying it's like 1%. The bond together to to No Satisfaction chefstep use his instead of soy protein and sodium caseinate and then uses 3 3/4 percent transmittance about in there they also use ground mushroom stem mushroom slices and make more of a burger but those look good feel good at home because that's how you're not supposed to boil the way that you put it into the keep it like that he gives at 90 C which is about right and it's a hundred ninety-five Fahrenheit is how much they cook it so he says it takes a lot less diligence the normal thing doesn't get scorching you also use it for putting white chocolate in a in a vacuum bag and cooking it at 9 BC for like 24 hours and it's gets like a dulce de leche brownies

goodbye cooking it for a long time no no I haven't seen it and plus I don't want to talk about it using the Sears Outlet in the UK through the eBay Custom $60 total which is more or less what it will cost to get a robin bird and I'd love to hear back from the Eddie is propane tanks in the UK fit or do you have to make a special adapter to get up north as well. The great food and Cocktails happening in the Manchester and if he's not visited before it's a great City I have not have you okay they're going to kick us off so I have like yeah he's the man, have a good man thank you for supporting, and he supported us with the modernist cuisine before I really enjoy

we took a CV glass edible sous-vide some like some funky stores anyways he's getting water oil on the inside of the vacuum bag with a healing element prices affect its healing ability thanks Dan from guys will yes and no a small amount of liquid is not going to hurt too much because the temperature is such that it'll boil it off and then seal fine however large amount of liquid can cause problems also if your liquid has any crap in it like spices or what not this can inhibit the sealed because it's physically a particle and prevent the back and touching anything go wrong on many things go wrong when you have stuff like Pepper or stuff get in spices and lots and lots of liquid there because I don't know why I guess we're as it's boiling out at Crystal channels and stuff but a small amount of liquids not going to be too much of a problem so don't worry about it and then finally although I think I missed one

I'll tell you how I miss can I get you next week and next week we're starting a section what's it called but the section of things you haven't answered time is next week's them on I'm not around the week after that knows that Moustache are we going to Tweet would you say was going to put on some questions on carbonation but I'll get that next time and we have another question on one on Bushwick Brooklyn hey Dave with a frozen carbonated beverage machine for cocktails and since these machines are under pressure I either don't have a hopper or you can pour and mix into I think the only way to get my greeting since I would be through the concentrate line I've never used it back in box system before this year at pumps

call the liquid outer there some sort of magic going on with the bag I could be ready to just cut off the b i b containers digging into a container of my drink ingredients what sort of ingredient ratios would be looking forward to a carb alcoholic slushie concentrate in your bag and box they're just how they usually a pump that pumps are manufactured typically by Shurflo here they run off of carbon dioxide and they pull the liquid from the bag you make sure you get rid of the air in the bags that can mess with the brakes and then they push it through an orifice is set for a certain pressure and that's how they need her out the syrup into a typical under bar bar gun and then you would just a little screw exactly what the brakes and so I'm assuming that there's a symbol for the mechanism going on in one of these machines although I never use it. Here's but here's a story here is what you need to look at when you're looking to make a car between you're looking to make an alcoholic slushie right the first thing you need to shoot for is the right alcohol level the right alcohol level is between about 14 and 14.4% alcohol by volume don't go any higher than that or you're not going to get it very slushy and if you go too much lower than that it's going to get pretty

card in the machine right you're going to look for roughly eight bricks so around 8% sugar so do your calculations are based on that now to go any other way you're going to have to catch up at 8 brakes means 8% Sugar by weight so you know if you weigh a liter weigh a kilogram of a product then you know roughly eight 80 grams of it should be sugar here's what I'll give you a typical typical soda like is a roughly a 5 to 1 ratio to five parts water 1 part syrup which is a total of six parts okay so 6 parts will say we're going to 6 oz is that a 30 minute cuz I use 30 ounces right that's 180 ml is about 30 ml + 1.23 grams per milliliter which is the density of a 50 Briggs 1 oz of that going to weigh

36.9 grams and then so remembered 50 break so half of that weight have that 36.9 grams of sugar is 18.545 grams so soda made with a V with a 50 Briggs syrup which is one to one simple syrup will have a Brix of Anna part 5 part started 1 part 1 part syrup Levee Breaks at 10.25 or slightly less sweet than the Coca-Cola and use those rough things to make your own breaks calculation they will get back next week with cooking issues you can find all about archive programs on a website or Is podcast from the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage under school right here you can email us questions any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a 501 c 3 non-profit to donate and become a member thanks for listening