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Episode 177: Cement & Caramel

Chase program has been brought to you by S Wallace Edwards & Sons 3rd Generation caremasters producing the country's best dry cured and aged hams bacon and sausage for more information visit SRI this is Michael Harlan turkell host of the food scene you're listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn he like this program. Org for thousands more

witness Joshua the hammer Lopez engineering boost I get into the bike and a half from here is a giant cement factory no stack

and I hate driving past it because whenever I drive past it but even though I'm breathing through my nose like you know I'm hailing concrete dusting always like I'm fine all the way here up and down the bridge I can get off and do the radio show 2 minutes no bike paths that concrete Factory and it's like all the sudden my mouth is like something else you know you know if it was you that our fans and Neil Diamond you know the Broken Road song we mentioned on the show before okay

but because we would because she took but then like it's like seriously it's like it's totally like a pothole and then there's giant Blossom Concrete in the middle of the bike right and then I have car parking anyway I know my time a Subaru is it says p s a partial pzev partial zero emissions vehicle Hey listen people every car is zero Mission when you had it turned off what the hell is a park

those are partial zero notice it's even though you want a car maybe two months ago now they totally repay the scratch of Bushwick that's near us it was like totally sweet new blacktop no potholes music man all right I'm going to stop making fun of Brooklyn Road and then like the next week the big turds like like coprolite dinosaur turn fossilized chunks of concrete trucks had extra some men in those freaking shoots the freaking shoots are pointed to the freaking right right right right into the freaking bike lane and that's why there's always blocks of concrete in the freaking cycling right or someone needs to

flying over their handlebars next to them they are over their handlebars

I have never do it anybody

it's never too late check the door so I was much younger and I have endured so it's like I guess I paid it Forward France enjoyed my stay in Paris for years you never asked for another Hammond achievement you like that especially right on dude and she loves fondue

if someone was going to ask the stars out on a date back in the day and they're like you know I know it's cheesy and everything but you don't get what you want what you want to go to a fondue West I should be like finally somebody's asking me to find U-joint

places that used to be in the 70s on find it was popular back unit we're ready with so that's another thing the Stars likes you can put down a list of four things that weigh upon you I went to pyramid and I think a couple of the cheese ones but I didn't get a chance to eat out at any fancy restaurants in manly set outside so that there's any screaming and wailing we could just kind of car sales with kids like they're not like always restaurants near me

that's the question imagine I want to add caramel flavor into a sweet recipe I can imagine I can imagine it either in the recipe cook it to a caramel let it cool and then follow the recipe instructions and provide structure 2 egg white meringue cookie become soggy in general would you recommend I cook all the sugar into a caramel or only part of it and how did the many compliments of caramel compared to table sugar sucrose a simple caramel flavored meringue I'll let you know if it works

okay so here's the thing right so it when you taking sugar sucrose glucose and one fructose molecule together and you cook it on its owner with a little bit of water until the water evaporates until it turns brown and starts breaking down to get a number of things that happened to it first as you're literally breaking the sugar apart and get to something else so that darker your caramel is the more sugar you have broken down and you know I don't really understand what all those break down compounds are but they're certainly not going to be a sweet so anytime that you caramelize sugar you are reducing its overall sweetness however the other thing that you're doing when you're when your business as you are also hydrolyzing some of the sugar into fructose and glucose you're breaking that you're breaking that that Bond you turning it into monosaccharides now

the differences between introvert you're basically adding invert sugar to your recipe so if you're taking what is amounts of pure sucrose which we know the properties of your converting a portion of it in to invert sugar fructose and glucose in your break for the breaking down those inverted sugar portions into non Sugar Sugar breakdown products K now to the extent that you have invert sugar in your in your sugar badge that stuff is much more. Just going to pull up pull up water more so it's going to have the same effect as adding corn syrup to something like a cookie or cake I it's going to increase its ability to pull water and so you probably won't have as much snap there or you'll need to use other things to control the water raped update now the other thing I have to say is that if you look online at people that have made caramel powder the typical wait at they do it just cook sugar and then they'll

I poured into onto a sheet a specific date in a robo to until the powder and then use it right away or start sticking up comments on recipe like that cuz I really don't know I made it when you say when someone says caramel and since you're in France maybe you don't have this problem when you say caramel to someone they don't really think caramelized sugar unless they're talking about something on top of a creme brulee typically when the Americans

like crap Ranch animals do you like those Stars cuz they're delicious right jack fan of the caramels gets pronounce gas but it's spelled goertz g o e t z in a correctly so sharp pain that makes my all-time favorite so many of these things that she also likes them which is kind of odd for the both of us like the same thing it's like you know who I don't know it's called they're called caramel creams and what they are is it or like a caramel there caramel outside ring and a center like Bullseye of like this condensed milk sugar stuff

yeah they're so good so good so freaking good and they're like the size of a full race text my dad so we wanted to do it where we're going to replace the bullseye with coconut flavor to the thought that would be good and we we we suck at it if you're looking to mimic the flavor of caramel like a caramel and for some reason I believe it is wheat flour and caramel it's not caramelized sugar really like doing that to you what you're dealing with their is the brown milk proteins because there is butter and cream typically in at least in a homemade kind of soft caramel and if the temperature is that you're taking those

those things to are more of a affirm ball kind of a stage so kind of low on the candy thermometers supposed to be soft right and so the texture of them is coming a lot from the fat and from the milk protein and the milk protein kind of sugar into a thanks that's where a lot of people with a lot of people say caramel flavor their associate more with a browned milk butter and a small amount of sugar caramelization like you get into dulce de leche and so if you're looking to imitate something like that what you need to do is powderize caramel and to do that you probably need to use something that would absorb some of that butter fat so that you can Incorporated at South powder and for that you could do something like into orbit brand tapioca maltodextrin but you wouldn't want to let this stuff get totally solidified in until you're done

I think there's some people online who have whodunits hopefully with some success I would do it that way but I would experiment is you could probably

I mean he be difficult to get the milk today at 2 they make up their makeup Browns milk powder that are you trying to get the flavor of caramelized sugar or are you trying to get the flavor of caramel I got to call it here.

Boca Raton Florida always human I always aligned with you on how gross is on here but I want to know what the other things you believed as far as like Health claims as to whether to reduce its reducing complex carbohydrates or what things do you believe in as far as keeping a good balance

right I I don't I don't believe in any any really Health claims I mean to be honest I sometimes believe that specific things that have you no good studies in them actually cause harm you know like I do kind of believe that if you consume large amounts of coffee grounds that you'll pass about your cholesterol my Spike because I believe they've done studies on that your control kind of studies on it but most of the nutritional guidelines are problematic I think people are getting better at it over the years you know no better now than they were let's say 10:20 years ago if you were to go back and follow us strictly follow the kind of theoretical underpinnings of nutritional science from 15 years ago you would be almost completely at odds with what the with what people are saying now other than the strict adherence to variety

rayshun which hasn't changed right eating a reasonable amount of food in why variety has not changed you know ever really and and but like all of the specific things like it's it's fat fat is your enemy 20 years ago was that was your enemy right and then it's so cardio carbohydrates here are you writing me and you can eat as much fat and protein as you want and then it's just around the Pacific kind of carbohydrate or now it's a specific kind of Fats Waller may be true the trans fats and specifically are are bad most people now don't believe that

fats are bad now that the problem here to Unity of one of their sugar sugar cakes not the problem here is that it's very hard because if you just you can't just throw away everything of people tell you, nutrition standpoint because you're still falling back I think onto kind of a poisoned mindset for what you know proper proper nutrition is I think and you know I actually wrote something we didn't make it because someone thought it was too preachy but maybe will submit it to eat her where it's like you know I think that's the main point is that we have a poison relationship towards our food in general here in the US and I think it Alters it Alters our consumption patterns are our bar ideas towards food alter our consumption patterns so instead of instead of over the course of a year or two years kind of trying to reset like what we think is saving in good and delicious so you know we try to take him

attitudes towards our food like RVS food is good this food is bad this food is junk this food is healthy and healthy food we kind of crazy eat it for moral reasons but in general things that are cooked specifically to be healthy 10 to suck and not be exciting so we eat more of it and then we cheat we eat things that we think are junk because we praise him and this whole sort of poisoned attitude towards food along with a healthy healthy dose of kind of the Magic Bullet think we get from you know clap doctors like dr. Oz and tell you that this or that Raspberry Ketone or this or that you know XYZ micronutrient from somewhere in South America is going to save us all from the fact that we haven't controlled or had a good thoughts about our diet and email basically our whole life so this kind of thinking of how we're going to get around the problems we have I think he's a lot of the problem that we have so if you were to say okay

I'm not going to limit what I'm going to eat and I'm going to go out and I'm going to eat whatever I want it because it tastes good the problem is is that when you first start doing that you're going to gravitate towards the stuff that you've been denying yourself and you're going to overeat binge on it and so yeah it's going to be unhealthy after a while so I don't know the question how do we how do we get ourselves back on track where we can say okay I'm going to cook to make stuff tastes good and then I was not going to eat so freaking much of it you know and I think that's really kind of the the the way to go to it I mean to me like the classic snack Wells problem is that sounds like well I'm buying you snack while I was in there healthy if I say no I I can't just eat one or two of them and you know because a I can't be one or two of them because I'm not sated and being somehow I think they're healthier for me so I can pound the hell out of them you don't I mean it's just a poison relationship and so rather than think about that particular health or nutrient face is especially the nutrient basis I think you know we're so we have so much over nutrition 9/10 of us in this country at 9:10 but like those of us with money has so much

fishing problem that you know that to worry about whether you're getting this much vitamin C or this much whatever me I'd really just doesn't come up I mean most of us aren't deficient in vitamin D because I avoid the Sun as though I was a vampire but you know I'm kind of odd that way so it's I don't know if his make any sense but really what I think you know we should can be difficult so for instance if you go to a supermarket and you and you happen to live in a supermarket that is it a live near Supermarket that's in kind of a shity area it tends to be hard to shop because all the stuff that you like when I let you know when you go to like a really good Super Market or farmers market like you see things that you know the average the average Health jackwad would say is healthy and delicious looking tomato that's his Licious looking X Y and Z that stuff just doesn't look so delicious or satisfying at a crappy supermarket in so you tend to gravitate towards the stuff that you know she'll stable and in

bad quality and so did you end up eating you know a lot of that I think that's gross things off so it's it's complicated problem and I guess my feelings on a rather complicated

I used to work at a raw juice bar and

break during that time that was working there I was listening to your whole segment on the raw foods and obviously I enjoy cooked food but you know I have to make a living and as I did that I started turn it down a little bit more frequently for whatever reason

well yeah I mean that makes it look I think that that is great point and I love is Jack we should put that on our whatever you put things on but the to call you know somewhere out there but I don't think I specifically said don't go eat Blended tail blueberries and spirulina don't drink that stuff because you think you drank too much last night like you drink it drink it if you like it right bye-bye stuff that you like and if you drink too much last night don't drink as much tomorrow get what I'm saying it's a solution I got to walk into a juice bar the other day with that way that your bartenders by the way they don't know if you know this bartenders love these Rogers box cuz they're perpetually thinking that there

that's a lot of these kind of rough lies you know I mean if you look at it you know rock stars are much rougher version me that they don't age well when from working as a bartender to the raw juice bar stuff in and that this is not really a proposed just a thought is so hilarious I walk in there and you know I'm not going to buy I'm not going to buy like a blended I like to eat fruit a lot I could eat as much fruit as it is in a smoothie in fruit for him because I'm a weird guy that way I can you see me eat likes like 3 quarts of blueberries in a row right size when solid form but I like blueberries a lot but anyways so I go in there and I'm like do you have any seltzer water and the guy says it cuz you know you know my bartender friend was to having some sort of liquid monstrosity and I said

shelter and he goes no I have you tried coconut water

is your coconut water carbonated and you have you have you tried getting you know I'd like some seltzer water he tried me punching you in the face is totally unrelated mean they both happened to be liquids but I know beyond liquid form I guess he thought I just wanted a non-flavored but I appreciate the feedback you gave me and I'm glad I pegged you as without knowing so as a former bartender turn to person turns Five Guys customer so I think I think you're approaching I think you're approaching some sort of balance I think you're like you know you're going through the balance you're going through hopefully the sinusoidal ways it look likes mellow out and then you know you get to a point where you just have like a steady steady diet of delicious stuff in moderation while called the sine wave diet

have to go down to order the flat value at the end you know I like and like and how do you play an instrument that doesn't harm a bug in the passions too much what kind of music do you play if you're a gene like have that done at the bug mask on

Sunny actually Sunny Jane from Red baraat cuz they call themselves party music in an onion on a moral basis I don't think you could party but will look it up I'm not an expert on Jainism by any stretch but thank you so much for your son pills recently billion pictures at like my wife is sent to me on the beach in long pants long shirt hat sunglasses

the following program is brought to you by S Wallace Edwards & Sons surryano hams are aged to Perfection for no less than 400 Days and hickory-smoked to achieve a deep mahogany color the Edwards name is well-known for its world-class aged and cured meats are exclusive curing aging recipe produces a unique flavor profile that enhances the quality characteristics of Brookshire Port Optimum amounts of pure white fat marbling contribute to a flavor that to delicate perfect balance between sweet and salty for more information visit Edwards VA I think we're all looking is not a bar nearby that music going over

write my jack is not what you said it's the it's the prefix de if the country music for 11 to chain ourselves down so that we don't all run in the back by the shed not real sure it's Brooklyn said there's a there's a hipster does Roberto's and then and then we saw another Dove there pigeons in mysteriously disappeared right around the same time Indy Jesus coincidence

second question Italian meringue as a macaron recipe I have calls forwarded rather not move around this year been super hot and you whip it into the KitchenAid or whatever you happen to have one this year. I'd rather not move around a syrup when it's very hot close to a hundred and twenty on the Celsius reasonable 60 or 70 CE before reporting to the egg white understand this is he repelled cook the whites French meringues and met with all the ingredients at room temperature and swiss meringue are heated to 50 or 60 C many Thanksgiving to go to work stand be well you know I don't know I don't know so there is a cooking but obviously I don't know what the finished temperature is when it all down to know because when I've done these recipes before I've only ever just follow the recipes but one thing it is true is if you're pouring sugar syrup that's at 120 C into egg whites York

lose a lot more going to lose a lot more moisture from like sudden evaporation into a steam into the kitchen and away from your meringues then you would if you if you didn't so my guess is that my guess is that if you let it cool you'll have a higher liquid content in your finished meringue then you would aside from any cooking let's erase any cooking issues from it because this morning anyway but my guess is that you've been messing with the water balance I don't know what the high temperature there is doing to the proteins more or less than it would at a lower temperature let's say ATC is like this well above the temperature that would shut the egg whites so I don't know but it could be the water appreciate anyone sending in a tweet or a comment who has more experience

you know maybe our favorite you know macaron blog blogger you know who you are the right in and tell us what she thinks about it anyway first and be questioning from Jean-Pierre that I'm going to have to ask for some clarification for next time my question is that we wrote A Blog about tortillas and I want to know why when I cook my white corn tortillas they come out brown instead of white or yellow what am I doing wrong I'm using field corn it's not burnt just a brown natural color that's great I don't know why would show up because we got to make sure that you're I need to see it like I need to know exactly what your procedures are and what you're adding Jean-Pierre because I can't imagine why they would turn brown brown I mean maybe you know some coloration on the but I'm not familiar with any

corn corn flake free pretty colors are color color precursors they're going to go Brown under the treatment under nixtamalization but I could be wrong and I've seen and I've done white corn it comes out pretty white me and maybe a little bit but not brown so you're doing so just tell me like send me an email with you know for the question and I answered next week with kind of exactly like step-by-step what you're doing in the recipe so that I can help troubleshoot like the more steps the better because you know you'll maybe include the step where it's where I can figure out what's going on and it's Tasha and the gentleman or the gentle man in the booth hello hello I'm wondering if you have any advice on diluting 35% cream with water to make something close to 3.25% milk that's blender

cream and water and it didn't really taste like milk and I think the fat did not emulsify do you have any advice I want to do this because I'd rather carry a leader to Micheal from a Toronto PSN for hanging out at Daiso I would hang out at daisho after fluid Green Tomatoes people there someone in the audience who is there who claim to not know that that's soothing cream is made of people before hand that's really great. Did you watch the movie Jackie Chan vs. Green I haven't seen the movie but I'm familiar with you story it's not a bad movie and it's it's every Robinson's last movie and you know Lance got to Charlton Heston it and regardless of what you think about prying guns out of his cold dead fingers he was a good after you know what I'm saying apparently he was kind of a sweet dude you're not if not I'm not a jerk

some people are complete jerks and you still like their stuff right like Michael Stipe jerk music good deal you like you never hit me like a lot of things are before your time you still like it like that pretends to like the Beatles even though she hates over half of their cattle I would have guessed you hate the Beatles but she hates all the songs you like she's like if there's some sort of song that you like or the anyone listen to a regular basis at the Beatles of them and they have so many great songs of the radio cheese has the same ones over and over so I don't feel like listening to those ones anymore

teeth when I you know as I got older like I have more tolerance for the songs that were over played on the radio is as a kid oh yeah by like the kids in in the in the smoking section listen to Led Zeppelin because it's next to me kids will listen to sound like because it's great stuff you know what I'm saying the not crediting the source material they they took a lot of those songs from older Blues musicians in the records but I mean voice okay

what do bears do you like do you like what's his name Steve Miller because he does credit people ya know Steve Miller is it is it Abracadabra Steve Miller really 7/8 like 10 or 12 Mega hits seagull look up how many he did not write big old jet airliner

but ended up in an era when people didn't give it a lot of money back even though I think the person who wrote it didn't really have access to his own publishing rights and like this ended up giving that guy a lot of money in the reason that guy didn't die in poverty was because of Steve Miller's version of big old jet airliner please don't carry me too far away and rest in peace Casey Kasem Casey Kasem dead early 90s wear introduction to someone's dog that died in the dog's name was afraid it was something like fluffy or snuck snuggles snuggles and to commemorate the fact that that this dog snuggles had died and he was doing is typical thing and then he kind of

before the thing and he was like a starts cursing and screaming at at the engineer for having him like go do this down or like they have to talk about you to he's like these guys are English and who gives it and he's like going off on it and then so they have like I forget what it was like Unforgettable Fire in flatland thing where they had somehow it stolen those outtakes and just have Casey Kasem cursing and screaming about you two being English which is hilarious and it and yeah anyway back in the day thanks so much for the suggestions and forgetting my last name right I haven't had a chance to try and get suggestions yet but mushroom catch up with something I'd already want to try do to my interesting historical food

any guess that you may have here like most most ketchup recipes there is a reduced to 1/2 or 2/3 of more of the original volume step could I change that to 1/3 or 1/4 to keep the consistency more liquid and soy sauce for the marinade were trying to recreate the two things are happening when you reduce

once you getting rid of liquids right and so you're going to have a more concentrated flavor if you reduce one second you are boiling off some volatile so for instance if there are volatile oils in there that tastes better after they've been boiled a while they won't taste the same after they've been reduced secondly if you reduce enough until things start getting paste light or start losing a lot of their liquid nature then you can start getting effects due to higher temperatures when you're working and so you can get more kind of roasty toasty flavors got to make sure you don't score too and those cases you actually be better off reducing it to its original volume like they said and then watering it back a little bit with water or was something else that has flavor in it to try and get that liquid back in but yet they run tests on your particular recipe to see what tastes better than it easy to take a small amount of it and then when you're at that you know when you're at the point where you know you reduce it how much you want to for the textured

recipe pull out a little bit then continue to reduce the rest to to you know what the original recipe says to write then take a portion of that dilute it back to the same texture as the one you pulled out earlier taste it and see which one you like better write me Nest that's what I would do and you can get a feel for whether or not the reduction is actually doing anything beneficial might do something not going to pick up my actual harm the flavor who knows or something else and should I do this before the reduction phase what stores that resources do you recommend mind you I mean I get a chance to do this step the soy sauce or allergic best friend won't let her husband or I make him to you in the house so I'm not sure if this will be allowed either garages like if you have a house like I don't really have any place that I can carry out crazy experiment

because I would hear about it and my dog would probably eat it but I don't know how how you know bad it would smell if you have a vacuum machine fermentation in vacuum bags is always is always an option you have to make sure that your salt levels are high enough such that everything is a safe I wouldn't add yeast and you're not really going to probably be doing yeast fermentation petition going to be doing mostly lactic acid fermentation mostly anaerobic stuff so has first pick up a copy of sandor Katz his book on fermentation because it's extremely accessible and that dude has fermented almost any damn thing that you can think of and if he hasn't fermented that thing that you can think of he is found some crazy person somewhere in the world who has tormented said thing

and he has really awesome guidelines and so he might have guidelines all ready for this Saturday get a chance to look at the book before I before I did but I would definitely go there and if you have access to a vacuum bag to try doing it under vacuum so that doesn't smell another thing you can do by the way it is if you don't have a vacuum machine but you have a sealer you can put it in a ziplock bag get rid of most of the air in a ziplock bag and get your following similar instructions to what I say and cooking issues for doing a steak in a ziplock bag and then put that inside of another bag that you seal or alternatively put it inside of a large Ziploc bag the reason for that second thing and then inside of the containers should you have an explosion due to gas because there will be gas most likely there will be gas produced by the fermentation when that happens if a bag blows man right but if it blows inside of another bag that sealed still contained in that outer bag right that's the last time we did

at the lab I didn't think I opened it until we getting close to me it would do we have any good things on Twitter today on food and cooking I'm also one of those annoying a whole vegetarian now, so I can a hoe I love it that stuff like if you don't milk and eggs I still like you but I find it harder to cook for you looking to improve my cooking techniques as you can imagine I'm having a lot of fun with pressure cooking

a lot of those things work great honor the vegetables my question now is whether there is any value in wasting money on a temperature-controlled water bath thanks in advance Martin okay listen first of all

Michael machen if you're out there I listen to some really good applications for circulators and and vegetables from you know from the perspective an actual honest-to-god vegetarian I'll save from my standpoint it is true that most of the time that I'm cooking veg even if I'm using vacuum techniques which I think are very good for vegetables I tend to do them adjusting simmering water rather than you know ways to circulator bath on it because most vegetables when you're trying to cook them you're cooking them above 85 Celsius anyway because what you're trying to do is break down the structure indicated vegetable Ubisoft you have to get above 85 and are not a lot of advantage to going much higher than 85 and once you cook something in a bag

supposed to be in boiling water you don't really get mushy vegetables I could do when you're boiling in water and you over boil sapiosexual but not a huge advantage to temperature control now that aside there are some kind of special things that are done with vegetables that are very useful to have temperature control on sell things like keep setting like transport and a stuff on soy products that's one having making combo. She like she like the taste of Tomodachi is very dependent on the temperatures that are used when you're making said that she and so when I make humba. She I use temperature control bath because I'm trying to hit around 70 degrees when I'm using the combo I think higher than that of the taste of not as good and lower than that stations not as good that's a good application for circulator with vegetables another is

another is certain things like carrots can have like a like a taste of it but you can get sweetness intensification and it carried by bagging it and cooking it below its softening temperature so like 70 CE like overnight you can get some interesting facts on vegetables like carrots that way and I've also believe that the effects of vacuum in impregnation of flavors is gross flavors into vegetables is accelerated under temperature and things like that and the useful thing to have a water bath as you can without cooking them you can cook address below the softening temperature of of the vegetable so you can cook it at like you know like I say like 70 something like this another thing you can do with fruits and vegetables or if you have control water bath if you can do enzyme related things so you can do

Stein Gardens famous mashed potatoes that were then taken up by Joel Robuchon by wire train all these where he does an intermediate step an intermediate cook step where he strengthens the granules by I believe it's affecting methyl Ester based in causing that you know that the starch I believe that's what he's doing I believe he that he's setting the structure of it more I don't remember the exact and smack step assess the starch granules in places they don't break when you doing it and that's his name is kind of potato and you can also do that in French fries I don't like in french fries but you can do it in for that he used to do it on the stovetop just trying to get very accurate temperature but it's a lot easier if you have a circulator to do things like that so special techniques

they're special techniques like that that you know are good for vag or for soy and obviously if you eat eggs eggs alone or a reason enough to buy circulators if you don't eat eggs if that's the whole a whole separate ball of wax but just for egg cookery alone I think a circulator is worth it so but hopefully Michael will write in New York tweet and tell us some other great applications that maybe or more widely applicable to the vegetarian community in the five minutes to go over some some sweet tweets that we got inside and get a chance to go over last week's at tweets where we got to go over this make are at a liquid by adding lecithin powder I don't know it's like I always tend to add kind of like under under a percentage

then is that usually want to heat a little bit when I get to powdered lecithin and that the real trick with it I don't ever do it I haven't done it since I taught it until I forget the exact ratios are used widely findable in like to go to textures I think most thing and look up any one of the number of the lecithin phone thinks you're doing it isn't the percentage the real trick is how you hold your stick blender so you take your quart container you stick your stick blender in it and the bellhousing of the stick blender has to go above the level of the liquid so you have to kill to quart container or till whatever cover you have it in and then like at a 45 degree angle or even a little more and stick the blender and such at the blender in the blades are going out and going back into the liquid and once you do that your frosting and whipping the air into it and then you can blend it and pull back on it to get the Phone Scoop that stuff off and go and you can keep doing that over the course of the evening as you're doing survey

that's the real trick to less Advanced not the actual ratios that's not the important thing for Sears Auburn dematic not sell sold here unhappy face the unhappy face that's likes every Stars face is not happy face so she's making your face for you but we don't know for sure I hope to go to England maybe when the book comes out in November we think that rothenberger makes a torch I forgot the name of it we think that rothenberger makes a torch that's a good substitute here's what you need a torch to have it be good for a searzall a and used to have a high heat output you know no higher than the BernzOmatic ts8000 but no lower than a ts4000 so that's about somewhere between anything between about 7 at 3 with the four thousand for somewhere between like seven thousand BTUs per hour and like

BTUs per hour in that made it needs to have it in the tip where the tip is it needs to be the right diameter which I don't have in my head but it's not you know it's somewhere near 5/8 of an inch and they important thing is that that that tip has to have a little fins of metal on the inside that they create a twisting motion that mixes the air so it's pre-mixed and I think those are called Vortec firing order something like this everyone has their own different thing they call that turbo whatever needs to have that it also very key needs to have a news feed not pointed any further than a few minutes 30 or 45 degrees of burns Matic is because otherwise you're going to be off center when you have the torch on it and it becomes an issue of falling over and becomes a a safety hazard in terms of its stability if the torch had a point too far down next and used to have a trigger start on it so that when you press the trigger not only doesn't ignite the Piezo so she didn't like the flame blade also when you release a trigger the tour

how to turn off and that's one of the key reasons why we never bother developing the itani to its final stage because you had to turn the gas on with one knob and then press the trigger to ignite it but when you release the trigger that torch date on and we thought that was not a good for a searzall that's just not safe for sujal and last but not least the Piezo element should be located relatively far down the Gas delivery tube so that it doesn't overheat that's not a problem that you would Tommy had is that the pizzo's with burnout after a while because the way they're designed there is some cherry red around the tip of the of the torch tip even in normal circumstances and just a little bit hotter that it got when I when I was on a searzall was enough to ruin the pizzo's after a couple of hours of firing and so anyway so those are the main thing from the way we look at it on the interwebs the rothenberger I think it's called Surefire to or something I forget seems to be a seems to look like it would function with us

but I can't recommend it until I actually use one but the next time I am in the EU I'm going to buy one and see what it works for down right where you can find all about archive programs on a website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage on the school radio you can eat with questions anytime that info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a 501 c 3 non-profit to donate and become a member website today thanks for listening