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Episode 176: The Geoduck Mascot

today's program has been brought to you by S Wallace Edwards & Sons 3rd Generation cure Masters producing the country's best dry cured and aged hams bacon and sausage for more information visit SRI this is Mitchell Davis host of taste matters you're listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn do you like this program has more

call you questions live to 74 +972-718-497-2128 join as usual with this. I'm doing great we're going to plan we have a special guest call her after the break Nils noren winning at the casino since Restaurant Group and when I asked him how many restaurants is open this week because it's telling try but who seems like every time you call him he's like yeah I'm headed off to somewhere crazy to open like 13 restaurant I'll be back in like a month right

that he didn't you were guests together the first time you came on Heritage plus reminder that's the case but he's going to come on actually to talk to us about bone marrow to answer just as pressing questions on bone marrow transplant bone marrow in my life but it's always just been kind of home style in osso buco he know you finally something we like together she asked when I was a kid was cheap and expensive back in the day

I used to cook anyway I can take out the bone marrow and put it on my risotto but you know that's about the extent of never I've never cooked it restaurant so the man is cooked more bone marrow than I care to eat on the on the Twitter and he says beer at cooking issues reminding reminding you to talk about infusing clams oysters and they said suvvi suvvi Up lyrics I know Siri tricks that are no for 4

I believe the roaches have like a razor clam recipe for gooey duck for those who have never had to go. Before that looks like a geoduck for those either. And what's his name and stalking the blue-eyed scallop which is classical for judging by the way he and I just talking about asparagus stuck in a blue-eyed scalloped couple of looks like he talks about going to get it like at the super low low tide like running out on the on the Pacific coast and get I don't know whether it's true or false it is

let's just say it's suggestive as a as an animal my right

like I like a esteemers shells inflated them huge then spread them open and then and then went on the set of a porn movie with it and used it used it as a some sort of any way that it's it's horrific sight and even more so when you prepared because you have to peel the outer skin off of which is possibly the most suggestive thing I've ever done in a leg pants down you know taking the skin off of off of a geoduck outside is like banana Rams but it's a very tough that you know that siphon will call it is very tough and so you know one of the things you can do is just slice it really really thin on a bias in and saw sitting and eat it like that it's got kind of a nice crunch to it or but Nathan and Chris and you know I seen these guys in the modernist cuisine I don't really know who they put it in a sieve app and cook it very quickly very low and what's the most tender

I've ever had in my life that's delicious you had it for me like the rice is best to Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington I'm sorry that he says Speedy that's what she said anyway what college Evergreen State College and they could have chosen like something out of there like amazing temperate rainforest or they had to choose there's there's directions to sight and pointed

Jesus God what what kind of asexual Dean and or president of the university allow this to happen to that or what kind of games man this can't be real the fight song lyrics I don't even know if I can get it

family-oriented it's a college fight song Let It All Hang Out is real Washington State ohmygod

oh my God I'm sorry I think it's terrible you have defiled Washington what is it Washington what is it Washington State State College Evergreen State College with your innuendo I was going to say this up front this is news to nastasha and as well as myself cuz I just thought of it now

flavoring oysters using flavored sea water analogues was the very very first post on cooking issues. Com it was that I came up with that trick and then like we should have a Blog to write this stuff down so it's a very very first post on the cooking issues and you know what I realized I was just now and I'll talk about a second thing but it's like I'm never going to have the time again in my life to write cooking issue style posts I said I want to try and do it all those posts are like two and three thousand words right and more sometimes for 5000

and they're all like at me all we had to do extensive research and really I was only capable of doing that when my job was to come up with that kind of stuff the French Culinary Institute so you know nowadays I don't really have the time to devote to just writing that length of even if I were to come up with the idea writing that length of dialogue on stuff so I shouldn't pretend that we should just close cooking issues like archive it never pretend it's going to go live again it was what it was and we have the content it's their the content to stay up and then if ever you know I decide to have some sort of online presence other than the radio show and and Twitter then we'll do something some new Concepts new format because we won't be able to do things with that was just kind of leave it as a document

all right all right I P cooking issues blog they are a good friend who is the chief online with his title is popular and he's a really good guy. I think we should change the format you know something less play more spontaneous less and less like a random thoughts than anyone is working with his can put stuff up or something like this thing I don't need to devote I think we should just have it be what it was

cooking she lives on his radio show Jack did you know that was very first post on cooking issues with this I read somewhere that oysters don't that I was reading about the physiology of oysters because that's the kind of crap I do and you know it won't feed in a refrigerator just too cold that you need to be in a can of a mid-range temperature for it to feed but you also don't want to feed over and figure out the number is I'm going to make it up but somewhere in the 60s 50s 60s because any start having a problem some grilling. Talks and writes his middle line think I can maintain that temperature with it with either circular standing bath and turns out you need to circulate if we can maintain it right and I said well what are they feed on if you don't see water so I can get a query

at the time I had a saltwater aquarium and I had a bunch of aquarium salt and you can just mix up you can take whatever you want and then the thing we settled on was carrots and cardamom like carrot juice and cardamom we have to put it through a very fine filter because if you clog if you clog in oysters gills with particles and it's a small particle size and I forget exactly what it is but it's somewhere in the range of 10 microns 1015 Mike Ronson like this and if I depressed not going to get anything below about 20 microns in that range I don't know what a champion saves juicer plate is at but anyway we I have a rotor stator homogenizer so I use that to get the particle size down really low you could probably just do it a decent filter on it and get it through then added aquarium salt to get it up to the Bay salinity that I wanted and then you place you a certain it and you let him feed

for a couple of hours and then the icing down again you don't want to keep them in the bath for a too long because even if possible and I spoke to moisture physiologist about this is possible for the oyster to grow bacteria that are not harmful to it so that way she will still appear healthy but could be harmful to you friend since you know vibrio but that's not going to grow so so we chose that we did it also with clams we did Scooby-Doo start bacon onion or some like that would you like bacon onion Clans and went to practice you practice a bunch you can get to the point where like 75% of your oysters are eating the stuff I didn't want to spread them out in the lair and you don't want to disturb him cuz if you disturb him they shut up like a clam or oyster does yeah that's right on ice and then when you shut them they're bright orange on the inside which is awesome and a couple of people have tried to tell if anyone's ever done it for service in a restaurant but it was like kind of like first

trick knife so you can go look at it on the cooking issues which is now

dining good happening this week's as we did some event I know we did some event I can't remember though we got some I don't want to say this but I feel like I have two people going to start getting pretzeled he was all about that all Sears all all the time last week I got back from Tales right I got back on this Sunday for the Saturday and then last week we always have like it's not a water we can't have any way my point is is that we got word from our Factory that they will complete the production

now I'm not guaranteeing this is what they say complete production on of August and we're shipping by air so it's going to get here super fast so yes I was true my book by the way I seen the colors and I should have advanced color copies in in like a month it arrives in October and then sells in November should be fun right now I'm not really nothing fun that's exciting exciting I'll give you excited guilty as croissant it like what it says. What are your thoughts on

I like chocolate filled croissants that's it you don't like a regular question what what do you have against flaky it's actually the first person I've ever met that doesn't like regular croissant PS PS your car sounds like a biscuit


you know how do you work with me if you don't like white flaky questions in from Sam's questions we ask answer some of the last week can you run through any tips for excellent sauteed vegetables with what kind of sauteed vegetables do you like most about to say first tip don't try to saute zucchini can I cook it at all that's that's my favorite cooking technique you saute that are you roasted that sounds good I'll write another way you can do it is if you like like dehydrate that thing so that the waters out of it like cut its in park

dehydrate that sucker

but then if you soak if you saw taking too much oil suck it's going to absorb oil like a spaz 9th and then it's going to suck you know what I mean so you have to like you know what I'll talk to go crazy on saute vegetables sauteed vegetables more talking and knows about the about the bone marrow cuz that'll be fun to engage him on some sauteed vegetable stuff also like sauteing mushrooms right everyone like the old sort of thing you know I forgot it was whatever is robu Chenal or one of those guys can you are one of those dudes one of those fancy famous French Dude Looks Like The Ultimate bee to suck a single mushroom at the time right because everyone's like everyone's liking a look if you sauteed the mushrooms are going to sweat you're not going to get a nice crust bull crap that's crap what you want to do is you want to swamp those mushrooms when you're cooking them so that they get rid of their water in their boiling the water out getting rid of the water and not absorbing oil if you saute much

wide open in a pan they get rid of the water sure but then they're still relatively poorest from the water expelling when they start drying out and they soak up a lot more oil that most people don't like a greasy greasy mushroom spawns do you want to grease a mushroom spawns so what you do that you know there is you saute them in a cute in a huge amount they boil off all the water and then after they start getting down to the bottom then they can really color up without getting rid of any water at all without observing that much oil because they've already identified which is another trick vegetables that are porous that you don't want to absorb too much oil rights if you want to get them fairly free densified before you do your saute on him because otherwise they're going to absorb oil as you as you Americans in your second question though is interesting because it's about something that stopped and then something that both stars and I hate and I hope all of you hate as well

Puppia of the vegetable world how what am I doing wrong or what's a good cooking method for four beats and Status what are your thoughts on the beach III do not really like that's the only time I haven't seen you in tire it doesn't matter if I did have a reserved though it was like 15 minutes and then like and then like quarters Lego a large

large plastic baseball in quarter wiffle balls and

it was not good I was like well here's the weird thing is Beats for me or like beats for me that I can deal with a crunchy beet and an owl Den TV but like soft on the outside a heart of the inside with a dirt floor so the problem with beets have several problems but the main problem is that that dirt dirt Earth labor and I like a fully roasted beet and I like like apple so could be juice nose red old Steakhouse apples

Jack and I'm talking about the old gas good right anyways I like all that stuff at the beach or whatever however they produce either true or false they say that it's not as good for candy making could be a horse crap probably has other than the fact that it stains your hands after using the red ones it's horrible stain your hands right not as bad as turmeric I made that last week at the house and I stained my game is like my wife was like you weren't kidding you stay and are you staying The Cutting Board I like yes I did I was like whatever and I did it at talked about that already I did it to my drink in the Monteleone at the tales of the cocktail because all that room

the chemical in beets is a Jasmine it's the same chemical which is a place at that grows in tilapia are the presidential operated makes it takes money and some catfish however in when it comes in fish it's the product of bacteria that the it's a it's a bacterial byproduct that they that they produced by bacteria beats it was not known until very recently whether or not beets produce their own Jasmine or whether or not it on their own or whether there is bacteria that grow around is causing it to have that flavor but that it is produced and Dodges endogenous lie meaning that the beat actually produce their own Jasmine and here is the first clue for you on how to make beads not sucks so dang hard viggiano's me

concentration is 6 times higher in the peel than in the pulp so when you get rid of the Skins whether you like a rose mean probably do it afterwards right but when you're getting rid of this game get rid of the sky don't just like take a little bit of layer off the outside get rid of enough skin to get rid of most of the reason why or in a city pickles or things like that. Think about that stuff the reason is because Jasmine breaks down in the presence of acidity which is why you added to to tilapia while I was just add some flavor that money piece of crap crash but but anyway so if it's heated and acidity will break down so it said he's going to help if you want to do like supposed finish with like a suck hey kind of environment that should help and also do Saturday probably Hills cover up the smell of that stanky everything but the best beat I've ever had

was made by a friend of mine Mike Sharon who is a chef out in Chicago and I don't know whether it was originally his idea and ideas in food idea or whatever but he party hydrated the Beats then sauce them and then roasted them and it had a kind of a chewy meaty texture and I was the best damn Beauty I've ever had in my life that's the first time I life like beats fine you know when they not like for wiffle balls you know like flash black of quarter with a ball but like this is the first time we're someone serve me like a beet salad and I was like holy crap I could eat

as much of this beats out as they have in the house still waiting for that moment for me. You know I've been known to eat like I don't know like 20 grapefruit eating it and I felt that way about this beef salad and he has nowhere to go to the ER

all right this is Steve from Indiana and Indianapolis and I had a few quick questions for you about technology being the vacmaster vp112 do you think it's worthwhile to to purchase out of him not to be doing retexture ization some things I just want something that I can vacuum liquids with the me's or whatever in and sous-vide cook at it was 509 survey that I you know who I used to work with the French Culinary Institute they sent the FCI one or the ICC whatever they're called now and they sent him one and he seems to like it I've never used it I mean by all accounts it's better than the FoodSaver but it's just in that for me in that uncomfortable in between price and you know what I'm saying

like-for-like a decent like in a long time but you can get one I think with a decent pump for a closer to Fifteen bucks five hundred bucks or 1,500 bucks like those are your choices but maybe it's closer to I don't have to look at that you know they depend on what kind of deal you can get and Philip Preston has a new one out new as last year but I still haven't tested it yet that is not the Mini pack that he also sells I have a mini pack and I liked it the small mini pack but you know Philip Preston

he released a I think a $1,000 unit or when it's right around a thousand bucks but the question is why do you want it if it's just for cooking right most things can be done in Zips if it's for preservation than sure fine. You know they're going to be fine like what was why is it you specifically wanted vacuum

okay I got a one of the fancy emergent circulator that I used to work at a stop kitchen gadgets medical school so I really want something that I can have in the fridge just ready to go and drop into a bath additional need my brother and my dad had some of the food that I cooked like I did for you. 4834 short ribs but whatever to my dad's house I got him one stands there looking like he's faking like a cup and a half of oil like I want to get him something that I can just give him the meat and have him drop it in and not waste like I think he went through a 1/2 liter of oil that day

people tend to overestimate how much oil you need in a zippy by like a girl like you need to watch a show them water submersion technique can you still there but whatever it is works fine I've never had any personal experience with it but I do know as I kind of a mid-range vacuum I hear it's a lot better than the FoodSaver put that way okay but I don't act like I can't I won't recommend anything I haven't used personally they don't have saying I might as well just go all the way you can get this one and then give it to your dad

and then give it to your dad when you know I mean I don't know I don't know what your butt your budgets are but you know what I find in life is that if I really want a piece of equipment and then I buy the Lesser version of that piece of equipment I'm never happy and I end up always I always always end up getting the good one in the end and then the question is will you be kicking yourself for having also purchase the Lesser one that's what you have to put it though if you're anything like me that that's what will happen to you

that makes sense yeah that's fine but sourcing natural liquid nitrogen and not another is another situation so I can I or am I going to run into a problem with the moisture content you can change them is that you know it's not very good at contact you can't just submerge something in dry ice you know what I'm saying so you can get the stuff cold by putting it in a box but then you have the additional problem of you you tend to get a lot of condensation in less than

why ice is unless unless you storing something in a box of desiccant and then throwing a chunk of dry ice in and then letting a chill all the way down and then and then Milling it you tend to get a lot of condensation from the air on anything it's freezing that hard it's not submerged you don't have saying which is one of the reasons why I don't really like using dry ice even for like distillation run cuz I tend to condense a lot of stuff out of the air where is liquid nitrogen ends up being pretty clean for me that way cuz you can do total submersion for the my my real question is is where are you trying to plug why is it hard to Source where you are because that's something of general interest to me is either lack of these and sourcing liquid nitrogen you tried the welding shops won't won't help you out

I actually don't know I guess I don't know where to start looking for for food grade dry ice cuz I see at work when we when I use dry ice in my cold finger my rotovap there's just a bunch of stuff left behind so you definitely need a ice is kind of an exception liquid nitrogen I think is pretty pure regardless from the welding shop but I I just I need to I need to go and get a little further I think the shop welding shop in by the way so classic dry ice bath for hives I don't particularly like them because especially the kind of work that I'm doing there's a lot of water phase in the in in the stuff that I'm distilling

the dry ice is so cold and less I suck a partial vacuum before I chill down the cold finger I get massive amount of condensation in cuz the way that the bukey cold fingers designed the vacuum take off line is right next to the condenser finger and so it unless you have if you chill it before you suck a vacuum I can I get a lot of crystallization in the tin to take off for my back line and then I include my vacuum and then once that happened all hell breaks loose loose with your distillation it's very hard to get back on track without losing flavor if you're doing it for food not for lab work. I mean liquid nitrogen because it is actually somewhat less powerful even though it's a lot colder than dry ice I find to be easier and if I make a mistake I can Rectify it quickly and she's not as messy I've never I've never liked working with dry ice in my rotor that very much so I would go to a welding shop

the secret is that you know at least around here at the welding shops also sell to a medical places so they have you know theoretically friend since they have different grades of nitrous so I can let my local welding shop sells nitrous two doctors and a lot of it isn't really the purity of the supply gas it's the care with which they Purge the tanks and make sure that the lines they use for transfer on contaminated with things like oils or or or other nasty I wouldn't worry overly much in every single chat in in New York City gets from one of two welding shops McKinney or TW Smith one of those two that I know of her

excellent. I'll check into it and if I hear anything about where you can get good liquid nitrogen in Indianapolis all I'll read it to you or something so that so it's to let people other people listen to in Indianapolis can know and the last thing as you said that you were home Brewer on point a long time ago yeah

did you have any water adjustments

what do you mean

feel like you would start with r o water and then you would want to adjust based on how is a kind of Drew a base level of what I was going to act like deal with and so I fire my assumption was New York City tap water and then I was working mainly on on Mash temperatures times and and you know that that the grain bill that went into it and you know messing with OG in the East because I never I never got to the point where I was messing with the with like the salt in the chemistry of the of the water I was just using filtered near the obviously dechlorinator filter New York City tab button I never I never deionized add or remove Woods ferry our water is very very soft here so you maybe maybe it was my idea I don't know but then you know that would have been something I probably would have eventually have

I need to buy it you know but when my second son tax was born it was just like a nose is too much to obliterate the house because I was doing all grain stuff and it really wipes an apartment out I'm going to very small apartment that I'm really makes a mess in the apartment or garage that I have for brewing equipment and it feels like the entire have you ever heard of anybody using modern assault in it like the calcium lactate and calcium lactate gluconate instead of the calcium chloride before using let's talk about it even though it's a little outside of my depth

sounds great thanks already text him

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it doesn't hurt in hey though I don't know I didn't want to get that you know I mean I'm sure there are different qualities of probably but it's it's the proverbial roll in the hay that's where you're hiding away from the the farmer took my dad but presumably and you're back in the day for talking stereotypes how you doing cousin Restaurant Group what is it like what's your official title over there

I don't let this week this month free for real

how many different countries

are you on your way



oh man I'm going to read this question and then we're going to talk about and then here's a question from Justin bone marrow specifically regarding preparation for service I've just taken charge of the kitchen following the resignation of our executive chef resignation huh yeah yeah whatever I want to include a roasted marrow-bones but don't have a ton of experience with him and I don't know why that's why we're calling note your big prep used to used to serve a lot where you would like a slow braised them out and then use the fat and things right that was your favorite thing to do

I forget what you used to mix it in with when you are done

hell yeah used to it was what was it wasn't the celery root was it what do you use to add it

sunchoke in bone marrow this is hilarious nastasha and Piper backpack with working with they did a a slow cook on sunchokes and ate all of the sunchoke slow cook quickly cooked they only cook it for like 15 minutes and they ate like half a pound each how hilarious is there gastrointestinal distress render out the marrow now I remember he would submerge the central to turn the stuff in England so it's not whatever I don't know if I told you this but she men did the same thing on purpose and served it to a friend and his girlfriend at a picnic and she and Piper did not eat and just watch them eat all the Sun rotate around and they did a beef and Central like cold picnic salad and did it to them and didn't warn them I think that's kind of not cool what do you think

so did I guess you're not friends anymore so I follow the general rule of soaking the bone marrow and the bones in cold salt water with multiple water changes but most recipes I found

that's gross that's why ya like how long do you have to do it to get him like really creamy

to get them to roast a day to get all the blood out like how long do you usually live for 20 minutes at 450 in the fahrenheit which is what is that that's like 2:20 or some like that I can safely par cook with good results or do you know any techniques for a faster pick up I'm planning on using 3 inch bone split lengthwise and I would like to be able to send them out in under 10 minutes I do have a circulator and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival my searzall thanks for all you do keep a time that mean I would probably pop them separate them used it we are you a believer in like phones for plating versus the bones they come in or would you leave them in the bones where were you pop them out and then cook them separately and then lay them in the bones for service

you can't believe a cup of that kind of a bone Downs are so porous you know what I mean or would you just keep me in like a sieve at what would you what would you do for park with me on that thing

what do dead rooster it which I haven't seen that I would keep them next to my fried chicken in to see them up and then and then I think they're going to be perfect for you or your turn Torch for if you do in a diffuser in surrender and surrender keep keep the Maryland rendered Maryland just reuse it a bunch

yeah I mean keep this phone right

yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so yeah so it's not going to think it's going to break the structure down at those temperatures I think you have to get it harder to break the structure now don't you

I think it's going to hold anything be fine and then like a quick flash off on it with the hottest thing that you own and I think it's going to be good it won't have the look of a roasted bone on the outside though it just on the top where you see her. I think it's a problem or no

well I've gotten the bone beforehand so like you can do a worse job cleaning the ball if you're going to roast a hell out of it cuz no one Minds a little piece of like like Skinner is silverskin or meat stuck to a bone that's if it's roasted to hell but nobody wants like a blond looking piece of junk. To the outside their bill and you know what I mean

know the truth so you clean got to clean it you have like a deck Broiler or Sally I think it's a lie is good cuz you're not worried about over cooking it so much and so like even better than a searzall is Mike that I think is going to be I mean I don't think it's going to bleed out too much on a Sally if you have it it right in The Sweet Spot searzall work obviously but I don't think Sally is probably a bong I'm looking at my hands at the bone what I think it'll probably be ready to serve within like

40 minutes for 0 minutes

nothing's going to happen

yeah but I'm saying like minimum 40 minutes I would say you know what I mean because I remember it's only cooking through the one side because

it's not going to heat up that fast through the bone but I think once it's in there I can stay in there like probably all the service I've never done it but I think I could probably stay in there all service how many I be worried about is if you cool it and reheat it if I could fly coxa diet that wouldn't necessarily do that unless it's in a bag enclosed but

I think it would work I like parsley on my nose and yeah and I also like a little bit of lemon zest but that's me okay so then we have another question can you run through any tips for excellent sauteed vegetables in her first hit was don't sauteed zucchini

cuz it's horrible the only way you're going to do it

gorgeous that right

take some of the water out of a sauteed carrot or a sauteed or sauteed pieces of Keeney would you ever

choose a zucchini

no you wouldn't I mean it's like straight up you know I think I think buying large and we already talked about before you were on we talked about you know what we used to do with the with the mushrooms mushrooms are a special case because they're not they're not a vegetable there a fungus they break down differently so they maintain their structure even over a long cooking. Which is why you can cook them nicely in a sauteed without without them losing structure and you can get a nice crust on the outside and you can get the water balance right very difficult to do this with spongy vegetables in general right when you say Sonos eggplant

petsway Carriage works great I'm not a huge fan of sauteed eggplant you

no only way I like my ex and I hate a second what do your phone froze for a second

hey if you want to go for like we used to do in the vacuum or like people who microwave on but the issue is is than water, zucchini and eggplant both suffer from the problem like a two-part problem there spongy like right out of the gate there spongy so they're going to absorb oil and then most people when they're sauteing they're so worried about the temperature dropping too low that they overheat the oil in the oil takes on those fishy burnt aromaz which I hate right like unless you're doing Wok cooking and you like really do it right like the overcooked oil on a site a I think smells nasty what do you think knows

yeah I think you know what I think I think it's not sponge is water if you can't win you know what I mean like they have very little structure so I mean I think those things are much better all those things are much better roasted where you can sit there and let the like Vapor other not zucchini but eggplant better be no let let let let all the water get out of it or whatever but those are my tits choose the right vegetables do you have any like-for-like sauteing and I think like if your sauteing a carrot just don't do don't do a bad job you know I think it's like they're big tip I always cheat I always throw away a little bit of water in Ali's cheap throw the water in the pan let it live flash off par cook and then sought after the water evaporates but is that considered a like a jerk technique I mean a restaurant you wouldn't do that but I mean at home

no I mean you can or you just until you have the right color let me finish up them in the oven the more dense and more dense flavor sauteing for color and then finish them in and not to hot oven like 3:50 or something right to saute until you get the color you like through the pan in the oven and walk away just be aware that you might take a while for it to finish off in the oven

so I think you're going to kick us off their off the radio pretty soon I have a couple of questions by Eric Michael Morris Road in last week about sugar-free didn't answer that and then the rest of stuff we can get to Nick's anything anything good going on in the world come up with any new new flavors new ideas you want to talk about on the radio show

nothing that comes to mind yet I'm actually working on some stuff when you come back in person sometime hang out on the radio show you ever you ever free on the Tuesday around 12 season is I have no idea what to season is but we might be switching our times a little bit thanks for coming and answering all of our bone marrow questions will see y'all next time on cooking issues

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