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Episode 175: Dave Rides a Fast Bike

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class on carnation with Chivas at The Nomad hotel which is nice place ya and stars does what she does best in these situations which is sit in the background and shake her head disapprovingly the entire time she's like I've hurt him how big is T-Rex I seem to do this demo 8000 freaking times and everything is wrong is this a mannequin that you like what like your trials with Karma

if you have a specific thing to say that it was straight how not to carbonate can't believe you it is true like it's like

unfortunately no fence Nogales what is the only place in Mexico that I've ever been on trying to rectify that as soon as possible go to what I would consider real Mexico it's like I want to come to you last night like this is all they saw no fence Newark

I know I used to live in Jersey hold me on whatever but what if you landed in Newark Airport I would like okay I'm here just got the closest hotel to Newark Airport and that's where you stay the whole time sounds like fun trip tell Dave about weight female you got today in fact it may or may not be true about packing your bags at that is what we call bad cookie editing bad kind of data sifting to try and give you a trip on the L train huh big whopping $2.50

show me what that private browsing damn sure you are so so your whole family paranoid about being tracked the basically says that your browser is no longer going to store cookies and I didn't have Neato wind so I don't know if this is true I'd like to hear something from folks out there but if you go to look up an airplane flight to Acapulco and you go back like 5 days later look at it on your computer prices are higher absolute true

that's crazy and that's so used car salesman looking at the prices because they take the. Check your network is programming is free for you but not free for us to produced so we have a bid to win a day at the modernist cuisine cooking lab in Bellevue Washington with one of those Visionary food technology and Business Leaders of our time this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experiment in the kitchen yourself with Nathan myhrvold and his name of Chef commits physicist and machine is new cooking Innovations as all of your burning question

hope you're staying cool and I am not I am a big tile sweat. I made me late as usual record time for me I made it ready for this not door-to-door computer to radio computer radio in 15 minutes from my house at like I was like well I I I feel like I'm melting like the Wicked Witch of the West right now but I just I just like I make sure that I was putting just as much power to the UPS truck cuz I got straps on my on my bike as I did into my downstroke it was like I felt like people on the bridge were standing still because I was so anxious to the how late I was I've been cooking all morning I was cooking all morning and during the radio questions

know what I mean some of the cocktails from the book actually for this thing I have to do tonight and did you ever have the exact recipe with a little bit of water and lime juice pinch of salt right and you get the alcohol level right so that when you put it in like a slushie drink in your freezer without you having to do anything and then the other one that's that'll be the Ivory and Ebony is carpano a little bit of vodka and water picks up and get to the you serve them side-by-side in Perfect Harmony

what are the check when the greatest modern musicians like that ever right I mean I mean fever and plus are of his life but if anyone that I'd ever met had come up with anyone album when he was in his prime any one of those songs like Boogie on Reggae Woman do you want to take a collar first before jumping in there

hi babe Pizza picking my call this is Garrett San Diego to Lake goat cheese and I looked to see if they make a goat cottage cheese and I couldn't find anything have you ever heard of this or is it even possible and what are the differences between I get to goat milk and whatever they use in cottage cheese I guess cow maybe she's no but I'm not really an expert on a manufacturer of cheese you know my guess is that you could probably do a mixed milk one cuz there's a lot of mixed milk cheeses that have courage that work like

perfect work somewhat like cows milk but I mean just my experience with fresh goat cheese is that it's got a very different kind of paste and that you have to age it for a long time but I could be totally wrong you know what I mean but I would guess that if you fortified with cow milk if you go to work or something that you know what we should do honestly think we should get can can you post a question into cutting the curd

absolutely and then we'll we'll get their response and then we'll read it back up on the on the air next week would be awesome right the only fresh goat cheese that I know of has lived much more chalky texture Italy

yeah yes. Cheese's can have like textures that are in between any of those you know and I've had very aged goat cheeses that have only go to have a fairly solid Tech I've never had a fresh goat cheese that has a cottage TV like texture and so I don't know where that's possible what we'll do is I'll do a little bit of research while Jackson and get a response this week he's going to email it to me and then once I get that I'll do a little separate research on the other technical literature that I still access to and then we'll reconvene next week with the answer sound good if you have a second I have one more non-food related question what you got

in New York City you know we have to have those giant Kryptonite chain locks or your bike is still so the lock weighs roughly what my bike Woodway right plus I have to carry that the keys and then you have to sit there and get the string the the the chain through all of that stuff so I made a decision a long time ago that I was not going to lock my bike ever and so so the answer is there for is that you need to get a folding bike so I bought a folding bike all that down too but you really treat because she bad so I bought this down to it got fairly good ratings and I proceeded because I would throw it in my closet when I got home to completely destroy the derailleur every day so I was throwing my chain like you know three times a day and I got so irritated that you know like crap on this I'm ripping all of that they gears out and

make it into a single speed because it's crazy and I made it fixed don't look into the physics of it and a New York City ride if you're doing a lot of stop and starts the twenties are as fast or faster than unless you're going to buy really high-end full size got any who so because why not cuz I can I can do it now I kind of addicted to the fixery but I leave the brakes on so not one of those guys right the brakes and the steering is so high up on a pain reliever that because your fix you start really really really hard and so I snapped on going down in Williamsburg I snapped the steering off and then had to negotiate going down the Williamsburg Bridge with it with a snapped up down there and then I saw as I got I got another one of that because it was under warranty snapped it again so that crap on this and now I run

xootr Swift which has a guaranteed for life frame I used to ride really thin 12 is on the regular light with a Swami Swami Big Apple shift because I used to ride sand and I was a little bit faster but you know I've seen too many people wipe out on those thin guys I've been on the road I was like the hell with especially with the twenties it's really easy to wipe out so as crap when I got wider they but I still have that weird but friendly seat that's what I thought it still expects modified

cool thanks very much I I got thinking you had a pretty interesting bike with my bike I'm sure but if any of you guys leave the bikes not but anyway I think Brian and Shay Berry's and I also their tongue around New York is it when I see it but it's hard to describe want you to identify it you're going to identify it forever so they're purple go Reddit dark purple when they're ripe berries they're on a tree that bears alternate leaves of course meal 9:10 to freeze other than you know Maples ashes and getting those couple of theirs dogwoods are alternate so yeah that's not much of

it's finally serrated kind of elliptical he's also not very much help you look at that buries they look a little bit like a blueberry and they have that I guess it's a calyx and coming off of it but if you just look up in a couple of books you can see the variance of it and once you see it you like what you see it once you like you get it and that's it and there's a patch of them on Eldridge Street near the the short like housing buildings there in the in the Lower East Side if you want to see him but the berries are all gone those anyway and they have an astringent kind of acidic taste that I like because if you mash them and let them sit on the skins of before you spend them off they pull up a little bit more tanning then like a blueberry little bit more musky but not probably a satanic is Cassis any good technique for picking them are so fragile

what do you think about a witch

be like what the hell is that guy doing right now I need to take him to what's the best way I don't have a fruit picker any way to make my network technician question probably for things like peaches you could you know get like a like they they make fruit picking basket things but then you have to fix it to the end of an extendable pole that I wouldn't mind looking like to go to is in the park that's off of 158th Street and Riverside Drive you go over to the river on the west side and you walk up and there's a bunch of they have a lot of very shy bear is there a bunch of mulberry trees up in that area and there's a bunch just scattered around the city there's some in the parks that are at the Allen Street is that Christy Christy Wright

and we found a good one near what restaurant we always have to go to where we found them we're used to eat with Maria there was a really nice when they're too stupid to do this but you got to have a Long View on this so pick a couple of berries this year and then Mark the tree like take a picture in geo-tagging or whatever like this is a good one and then you can go back and get it the next year because I mention this last week when I started talking about your question mulberry trees are extremely variable in Fruit Quality Ice Cream question Jenny Bauer from Jeni's Splendid ice creams uses and milk filtration technique and then hisses at paraphrasing of it when I start with raw grass-fed milk from the cows right at the dairy milk comes in and we separated into a center in a centrifuge into heavy cream and skim milk at 3 usual the cream goes into a tank when I go to the dairy that's the first place I go I take a little and see

if only he likes Lighting McQueen look at this thing goes through a filtration system by which is this is a quoting I think Jenny Bauer in food and wine food and wine did an article message from jeni Britton Bauer in this is the poison that this is really cool filtration system runs across a membrane multiple times to remove about 60% of the water water is not there an ice cream cuz I'm icy removing water also concentrated protein to get more body and texture we're working with two proteins to casein and Whey proteins which gives Grace to move this so then we take the milk lactose and make it back to the cream to give it to base in about 15% butterfat ice cream is still raw and not been cooked so then we had sugar and batch pasteurizer 275° ultra pasteurized milk glass induction into a tiny paper strips allowed the flavor out and cook specialty flavor and bonds the water to the proteins butter fat and sugar I don't know if I believe that

then we should go through homogenizer while still hot so the butterfat is melted and lose her we homogenizer to make a butter fat molecules that he seems like he knows my cell the same size as all the other ones and if we didn't all those big butter fat is a fight each other make butter through blah blah blah blah yackity smackity and thousands a week and she says there are machines for packing but they require a much thinner ice cream so never freezes up the same way that are to come out back to the question part of our home we should boil the milk for ice cream base for 4 minutes the boiling is key it evaporates excess water like our Nana filtration system like pasteurization it bonds us sugar and fat to the water and denatured whey proteins to make them smooth and then you add cream cheese to mimic the thickening of homogenisation to book of the body and then they food and wine did an article where they tested it isn't just easier to add and then your question is

what's in cream cheese other than stabilizers of powdered milk Cosmetics other than stabilizer there's a boat stabilizers and cream cheese that's why it's so smooth if you ever had non-stabilized cream cheese it's really kind of the best cream cheese that I've ever purchased is what it Russ and Daughters and it's completely non-stabilized cream cheese so it only lasts a couple of days and kind of grainy but has it been an amazing picking up no offense to Phil. Booker says you appreciate this Booker hates the high-quality cream cheese and he's like I prefer Philadelphia brand cream cheese and then so he makes me by the most expensive Salmons like in the world fundamentally as Russ and Daughters and and and wants it that you know that the the mass-market cream cheese

is it easier to add powdered milk in space you have any thoughts on the science behind what's going on here where he'll I mean you know what I typically do is add to add more cream to the middle to get the butterfat content up and then yes I add powdered milk to the base of a lot of powdered milk doesn't taste very good so I can see boiling down your milk to remove some of the water and then but you're still adding less I would spend more time worrying about the quality of the cream that you use nine-tenths of the cream that you buy in the supermarket is ultra pasteurized because they sitting around for a long time and they wanted the last forever so like if your sourcing like a super nice cream that hasn't been completely whacked out of whack by the you know by the by the imagination but she's into the wrong thing and other thing and low temperature pasteurization put in your boiling out your your your milk to get what Lisa skin portion of it to get me

and I don't know about this and the cream cheese is going to add some acidity to which I don't know that you're sincerely want doing it I would add her also she's doing philly-style so she's not adding any eggs to it I almost always make egg style when I make Philly style I add stabilizer to it like I used to use flavor for you are y'all see is locust bean gum gel and makes a super duper awesome stabilizer cuz like hyper creamy Inns in small amounts like a fluid gel ridiculous Donut Bar Angela and because any good stretchy like slept on Derma the proteins more I add powder but it is true that sometimes it don't taste good right all of the little doodads in the Yelp for I think she's so high or something are like awesome best awesome best

maybe another caller caller you are on the air for the fish shop that work for looking to make a basically a sausage with the texture in the snap of a hot dog butt emulsified our first time we just said she saw 550 60% white Fashion on the red sea scallop and shrimp

I'm milk powder and tapioca starch like different variations are very tapioca starch and I'm assuming anything else would be very pasty and starchy Thursday night or what you might use to give it a little bit more of that bite to it I hope your packing him in the lamb casings

but you're always going to get more snap in the Landscaping but you're not going to text her you want out of it you want more of the texture of a traditional emulsified sausage and you know most Seafood sausages have that very light kind of almost dumpling like texture to him stop by when I know if I mentioned this on are where this came up on are did it she hates Seafood sausage it can you believe it I believe this lady very simple thing for you now here's the deal you're going to be able to get anything in between where you are right now and surimi just by using meat glue I mean I wouldn't go all the way to saremi if I was you but you know you're going to be able to get anything in between now going to find the proteins together and I have myself made like bound sausages I think I've done with with seafood. Definitely done in before they're like ping pong ball so you can definitely go over so you're never ever going to want to go over 1% of meat glue don't but don't even start near that high

and also the how much the meat glue is going to make it into a ping pong ball is going to be depending on how much salt is present and then how much of you know how much food processing are grinding you get after you put the meat glue in and remember you have to pump the sausages out within a few add the meat glue within about 5 to 10 minutes because it's going to start setting up so I would start with somewhere like a quarter percent and I would wait I would take it to taste it to get address where you want and then I would at the last minute Blitz in a 1/4 of 1% of Activa RM and then would you can get it modern apparent and then and then pipe it right away or his role in plastic for your test and then you know if you want to do it you can you can post them off at 55 Celsius to do a Kwikset on them so you don't have to wait forever and a day and then you can

irregular cook-off wherever you are whatever you want or you can let it sit in the fridge for 4 hours to overnight to to set up and then you should remember though if you're going to hold these things overnight

70 to 80% of the texture will develop over that 4 hour. But then it's going to get a little spring in your overnight as it continues to bond if it's sitting in your fridge without getting touched so are our game plan is to pre poach I'm so we only sell you know that's been selected for a couple of days maybe and the place that we haven't sold and they're still perfectly edible but they all look as fresh as possible.

without worrying about the customer taking them out the next day I need update time after a day or two rather done for those enzymes going to get deactivated is not going to get any stiffer so if you're going to get you know you're going to put them off then I recommend I recommend like like doing an initial poach off like it's going to do lamb casing size initial poach off at like $55 for like for like 10 minutes and you know 10-15 minutes. Should set it and then you can put them in whatever temperature you want to cook them to cook on them you know whatever you're going to do to it to do the bacteria kill step and then take him out and ready to rock and roll and then the good thing about that is you can run through a couple of Cycles with the meat glue to figure out how much you want to add

Thatcher and I could probably also Timex there that I guess just the right amount of set on an igloo to text her that we want correct time to time out when we poach him but when we do that 55 Celsius water bath to detector that we want so where it's like 2 hours or 3 or 4 hours we can almost 5 minutes 15 minutes and set it at a 55 degree bath that's how I used to make a shrimp noodles or I guess they'll does make a schnoodle I mean you could go a little lower like 50 52 53 going to cook it right away you know you can even do 50 and I'll set it right away but I usually do 55 because it's a nice safe number you know you're not growing any bacteria in the bath itself so I used

55 but then you don't you don't have to wait at all so what you think you may come you stuff them you post them off and then you know you're at your good and then I would just say is the amount of glue based on that

I was one other guy had on it was that the protein out of protein percentage in such as a lot lower than it would adding protein powder lights are toys Protein Isolate would that help maybe give a former Texas lotto or and is that it's going to be a waste of time is Helper and if you if you had customers that don't want the casing you can get one without casing and fish remember how soluble like fish sticky fish gets sucker like that's what I like the fact that the protein comes out is why we do a brine step before you going to do low temp of the wise you get that white albumin Bloom on the outside with looks nasty so I don't think you're going to have a problem with only going to have a problem with the with the Miku

rather than another thing and then you know what the meat glue is in such small percentage and that you don't even know it mean technically I don't know what you're labeling but I don't know I think it's better than having to add like another another thing you know exactly a powder form unless you're having trouble logging into such a big batch that your word is not going to get in in which case remember when you're doing that you're adding water so as long as you're okay with that you could do it that way but also keeping everything quick

Edwards & Sons less than 400 Days and hickory-smoked to achieve a deep mahogany color the Edwards name is well-known for its world-class aged and cured meats their exclusive curing aging recipe produces so unique flavor profile that enhances the quality characteristics of Brookshire Port Optimum amounts of pure white fat marbling contribute to a flavor that to delicate perfect balance between sweet and salty good morning formation visit Edwards VA ham. Com

nice with that same road in about I wonder whether it's the same scent I have another quick question for Dave the old-school polyscience blue and white circulator has to pump speed slow and fast does heating the water up in the fast pump speed help the circulator heat up faster Sam know here's a deal

the old circulators had a low and a high pain speed for this reason in this reason only a lot of laboratory approve Sissy's take place very close to ambient temperature and on the high pump speed you add a lot of friction to the system and so you can heat the water just because the pump speed is higher does someone calling me back and say there's not enough listen I want to hear about it like this is like from the mouth of the designer the piece of equipment

and so the low pump speed is there just so that you're not dumping a lot of extra energy and in case you're doing ambien or sub ambient cooling like when an ice bath to make this right so in a cooking in a cooking scenario you should always use high always unless you have something extremely fragile that's getting knocked around my friends and so so you put eggs in the circulator and you didn't take the care to make sure that they're not rattling around like not going to name names but I saw a for like a three Michelin star Chef have in a demo I think it's a little bored with eggs and rattling around the freaking circulator that's why are you doing a demo if you hate eggs so in that case maybe you can put it on low but always keep it on I always keep it on high and I don't know because I'm saying on food storage can you ask Dave this question on the radio show do you know any book or resource dedicated to Optimal food storage for example of how best to store celery thinks am I don't

search for Harold I didn't have a chance to go prove my copy but Harold McGee's third while for it if you count the if you have the second edition of on food and cooking as a different book should be written so we'll call this fourth book

takisha cooking in that he has a lot of tips for optimum storage of thing so I like go to Kitchen reference on stuff like store so I need to go re-read it but I think that's got a lot of stuff like that and I would welcome anyone tweeting on in book they have on that on that subject you know cuz most technical crap on this phone this sort of thing Michael Morris from Little Rock Road in this question on sugar-free gelato and what I'm going to have to do is just to next week because I need some more information from you Eric sorry this has been addressed before I love the show and haven't listened to the mall if you have problems in southern Italian style pizza and salad place in Little Rock Arkansas

leaving Italian or swiss X Aradia first what the hell she likes the culture food landscape landscape but the people wipe them up she's just like people like I work with a ball of hate just a straight-up ball of hate and I want to do that Jack can you do like a ball of confusion cover like somehow referencing like ball of ball of hatred for status of the owner was trying to explain inverted sugar than crap to me that is over my head any advice on making out standard sugar-free gelato thanks Eric Michael Morris okay here's here's the questions I have for you are so

the question straight up off the bat is why do you want it to be sugar-free are you trying to make it Savory or is it for diabetic application or is it just that you want to have no added sugar but you're okay with the sugar in fruits right cuz sugar is a sugar is there as a as a texture agent right so you can and worship so sugar sucrose is a disaccharide its blank joined together and it tested crystallized and other things an invert sugar tends to make things it has a certain amount of freezing point depression to it right and if you were to break that same molecule of sucrose into its to constituent parts of glucose and fructose all the sudden it depresses the freezing point even more so adding a certain amount like that decreases the freezing point more eccentric cetera but that's not that that's not the point here the point is is that why do you want to do what you're doing if you wanted to taste the same as

ice cream or gelato unless you're going to add artificial sweetener to it don't add Stevia I hate Steven stars come out with you hate Stevia with people who like it except for a what that means is that you like something that tastes bad it means possible that some people can't taste that awful poisonous metallic bitter taste at the end of stevia it's possible places ratchet anyways so the question is do you want to add an artificial sweetener in which case you need to bulk it up with a sweetener that is if you're looking for calories as non-caloric and has the same sort of freezing point depression and texturizing properties in which case I have to look up what I think the best kind of the other thing is when you move to hide bulk sugar is like that with isomalt then you increase the propensity of the ice cream because you're not digesting stuff everything you don't digest increases the potential of what you're working on which is why everyone who worries about isomalt even though you really don't need that much

if you're just looking to use a natural fruit juice then get yourself a refractometer and boil your you know boil your fruit trees down until it's basically sugar and then back to it and measure the measure you don't mess with a fraction of what your sugar level is the other ones exactly what you want this sucker to taste like versus what you're taking right now and I can get you a better answer as to what you're doing but sugar is doing three things to providing a taste which you may or may not want it's depressing the freezing point which you definitely want to buy the tar like a rock and even aside from that as a texturizing property to its three things and I'm sure many many others

okay so is anyone I promise I get to let me get back to the top of the morning to get the bone marrow next week I'm going to ask knows about that because he's already know the water circulator to temper a ginger addixions what you think about decoction is it was in a pot and it typically make my primary decoction by boiling Blended ginger for the last 8 minutes of a 15 minute for a recently I started supplementing cold pressed ginger juice and water my back is after the initial boil over raw apple price is way too astringent and aggressive experiment that found that even microwaving a ginger juice with low is 120 Fahrenheits off into the jagged edges of the raw ginger and makes a pop but I would like Precision control the ginger tekashi temperature for future recipes keeping his Ross last wrong as possible is a water circulator like you know of an acceptable president will the Heat to 2 to 4 cups of my Ginger to caption my primary concerns are cleaning the circulator adequately and Harmony Circle there somehow here's what you do put it in a ziplock bag and then put this

my bag in the water Bank Dunn Rite pool or you can leave the ziplock bag open and clip it to the sides of your circular I've done that a million times boom done hook you up in a second question can you describe the effects of heat on an aromatic such as Ginger I assume it's not denaturing the ginger since there's no protein there are proteins but there's no proteins that are on a retaining lien by love to get some kind of theoretical inside and the transformation from raw ginger to the warm Transcendent Milan to adjust but if he provides many things to keep it up Chris Mayo que soy ginger has a bunch of stuff going on there a volatile aromatics these things are dissipate on heating even low heating such that dried Ginger which is rarely heated above 40° off and loses a huge percentage of its bottles over time so what you're doing when you do that as you're losing your citrus notes and things like that then the non ball size 4, pungent side primarily in the raw ginger you have these things called ginger Oz and the ginger laws are changed even with mild heat over for a long time

or with higher heat for longer times and of these things called Showgirls and ginger owns and those are less pungent so they can add you change you change the flavor and the pungency and there are some kinetics you can look online I've just download a book called spice chemistry I'm going to read it a little bit more but even low temperatures like you're describing will one drive off and Bottles erratically change what's going on and be will will denature if you hold naughty nature but will will hydrolyze gingerol to its other components now if you're at like ATC like you know by the time you've gone for like 5 hours at ATC you've already in a hydrolyzed like half of the ginger all this present so that when was Takis I protected because the longer it grows underground the more fibers that get and kind of the the heart rate get

I will answer next week I had some questions on the Twitter about putting oysters Remember The Old Oyster Creek I used to do remind me to talk about that next week and we'll come back next week with the issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website for S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Ford Heritage Radio Network in the nonprofit organization and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening