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Episode 174: The Voice of Phil Bravo

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hello and welcome to cooking issues as your guest radio announcer for Bravo here from rubber calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's right joined not only by the voice the voice of of what is a combination of humpback whale in Godzilla what is that company

tell it what kind is it

kind of thing still by the way teachers recorder two small children and works at the at the hall of garnet Red Keno Carnegie Carnegie Carnegie it's like a note we all like libraries and stuff and I don't know they say I don't know it's okay to eat like killed 10 people to give a Thursday night at 11 person to book whatever we call that Kearney Springfield voice I can do a hammer Lopez

your voice though bill for radio it's true and I feel like I'm just here to like dance for you Dave just feel being a friend of Che does not listen to but as you know when you're on the show it like you expected to chime in at various points no no silent even announcing bystanders but before we before we go any further can I please have sad Tony the Tiger

what do you what do you want like today in Joy Frosted Flakes

they're fine by the way for those of you are not going to make him do this cuz he only does this when he's way too drunk at the Christmas time for the late great thurl Ravenscroft who was one of the lead kind of like a novelty voices for Spike Jonze not the movie maker the original musicians by counts right and also the voice of Optimus misrepresented the Grinch Jim Carrey the voice of course Boris Karloff of the Grinch everyone thinks Boris saying the song nope nope to the boys in Monster Mash. I think he was the it happened in the lab late one night guy I've never done that song karaoke

the band is the Mellow man I will look that up it doesn't seem like it cuz he was a bunch of stuff of commercials are also Different Strokes me which is fine as far as it goes but I'm talkin like Sanford and Son that's musically great stuff

he's got your mission impossible that's in 5 isn't it I've got to put it in for four going to be in 4/4 with a bunch of your seat wondering whether these guys going to get the face blown off or ripped off the case might be in in Mission Impossible

questions to get to however you can call me questions 271-849-7128 radio voice of zuba Dave impression El bulli with translate roughly two of the bully I'm getting it done

set a timer for 1/2 wanted to be vegan face that's the only time you ever had that for once I wanted to be leaving face but you would like a beef broth meringue write in a Savory pres by going to save your presentation and like a little puff like at 15 no I mean I've had Nori Nori Ritenour I know you don't like sugar rooms I just don't like the texture like cherry pie

you don't like pie you don't like pie by Phil where they serve that what's that other one.

What is wrong with you on the list of things stuff in pasta

really tight When you mention key lime pie key lime pie with a either a meringue or whipped topping although I can eat it straight. I enjoy almost any form of key lime pie prefer not to have the fake green coloring in it she hates all people from Florida so we thought it might be awesome not to tell you shouldn't if you're from Florida she doesn't really hate Florida people you can still fire but if you are thinking of

hey lady is awesome I saw it on the street like maybe she's now that's on the street like two years ago, okay wait a minute we're back to the question here again what the hell do you not like pie or biscuits or puff pastry colors that's why I guess with a nickname like the hammer right you know how can you not be scared in the style of L bullies beat meringue I think most beet juice product tastes dirty to me like like Jasmine like dirt

I am using centrifuge strawberry juice first of all I would say when you're making a meringue what you really want is the ticket if you don't have finished isomalt and because you can't save everyone body was stripped the vitamin D and I was pooping all that no that's not how it works anyways having done these tests myself overnight with a good idea egg white powder needs to rehydrate for long-term lot of times people have trouble

I know you like it. Right now I pipe little kiss if you hate it even more kisses kisses kisses face on beehive dehydrator tray and dehydrate they are crisp with in 3 hours and are nice and area except as soon as I take them out they go soft quickly I realize this could be the guy goes diplomatic immunity and I say diplomatic humid today and then like I imagined myself getting shot by glover-wright I could realize this could be humidity issue I keep them in a deli container with a silica pack what can I do to keep me what else can I do to keep them treat us well you can just leave them in the dehydrator for

long as you want during service with soldering service what I would typically do is leave him in the dehydrator but you're going to want to turn your dehydrator way down way. Yeah I feel like I normally rocking somewhere between 135 Fahrenheit 225 Fahrenheit in that range up to me to 140 you're going to really blast them out if you let him go that long before you turn it down to like a hundred hundred and ten assuming your kitchen's not a hundred and ten you'll drive out you keep the stuff from sucking up too much humidity and you can just came for service in the D High barring that what I used to do is get mason jars and not the not the ones with the little crappy thin leaves the ones with the actual thick rubber seals and I would put them in output of the products in mason jars in a vacuum machine set the vacuum in the lid gets sucked down when the air comes back and just make sure that they are coming back into the puff the lid off the top which you'll see what I mean when you do it and they stay forever in those mason jars they don't require the silica packet

as you go if you're going to use a bun for service but if you need him to keep going during service you can use a silica packs or the best way is to just have a dehydrator that you keep out there for service yeah yeah

set of you stay up here using the egg white powder to add to protein that you intend a structure that you took out all the structure when you clarified the juice now it's just sugar with some flavor and she riding the egg white powder soda has the actual like structure there an egg white foam would have because and the sugar to add the body aching and the ranks if you just you if you just keep it on if you don't clarify the strawberries you have all that pectin in there and that pectin can help provide structure for the meringue itself and then you could just use something like that 50 and you wouldn't have to add any extra sugar if you wanted to keep them like less suited to do whatever you want I'm just saying it's alternate ways to do is only way to do everything and then it's

but not natural because Metro selling natural baby doesn't come in in the real life in the nature okay call her

call Davis Johnny from Office how you doing

was I have a question about circulators will it damage the circulator to buy fill it up and let it rise up to 90 with the first we want to keep the item in water not in a bag and just have the actual thing circulating like kind of Commando style in the in the bath transition after the Cure and get you started running water over for a couple hours

yeah just bring it up to 90° change the water out fill it up with cold water get maybe two or three time

write what's your what brand of circularity have

I just like the first one that came out middle

no problem here's what you do you're going to want to wrap the cage in cheesecloth so that things like you know whatever you have in their mustard seed or whatever doesn't get sucked in today Bank of that can be a pain in the butt I've done it before we have circulated wood chips are circulated lobster shells and butter I circulated everything that the only thing you don't want to do is suck particulate matter in through the bottom of the Bell because it clogs up quick and you'll know when it gets clogged I've even done it with you know the new plastic guys are just a little bit harder to you know clean out but yeah I would I would go ahead to eat the issue like I say is don't let stuff get into that Bell because once you want to stuff get him to the Bell then you need to disassemble the Bell if it stops if you actually put enough particulate into the Bell to stop that impeller from running then we got to open up the belt not the end of the world but you know you don't necessarily want it to happen so I was just eating a make sure that you know that you normally coming to circulate spices in a batch

like this I stick the item in a cloth you can just take the key and cheese Club tired and you still get good circulation through and you'll rent you won't rinse off solid but you'll rinse out Charlie Williams you know what I mean but the alternative is to wrap the actual circulator itself so that nothing gets stuck in that you don't want to wrap it so that you don't get good flow anymore that's there that's that the flip side of it but alright thank you also remember if you wanted me to rinse evenly make sure to keep all of the pieces to meet slightly separate so that water can get in between them as long as water can get you in a little bit in between all of your stuff you can't everything's going to even out pretty well but as soon as two blocks and make it stuck next to each other that parts that are stuck together might as well be the thickness of the both things put together there's no there's no action having on your thing

yeah what okay we got this is from Brian Garrett you know where is a do you know where I could find a 3 to set up a size not from this is from our boy Beaman Casey where does he live

do you stew in a long time, do you know where we could find a 3-2 7-Day vacation cooking school to learn modernist techniques

well I mean I used to teach those kind of classes of the FBI or the ICC now the International Center might still teach those classes do they still teach does anyone know whether they still teach this guy

do you know who Dorothy was on I don't have kind of fallen out of that kind of thing of the cooking school world but I'm sure she has yet probably does something I don't know whether they do they do life classes do we know they probably do some sort of Life classes or if they don't they probably would would set them up at the ICC I'm sure still runs the low-temperature cooking class that you know we used to teach they may run still hydrocolloid class of a used to know they don't do that on the D class at that we used to teach because then he would call me and said he was doing that classes of course and see what they got on to chefsteps okay and 3 what would be appropriate streamlined scientific approach to figure out the best in quote sous-vide technique for bull peanuts from Florida do you like morphine I love a boiled peanut

no I bought ball paint it but yeah it's not boiled peanuts salt first time by the way that you had it with a boiled peanut you're if you're from the north at like I am your like this is gross

so but like the first time you have it that you think it's gross and it's part of the classic American American is kind of worldwide problem of people have expectations and something doesn't exactly meet their expectations you know what I mean because we're supposed to be crunchy peanut legume and can be cooked at such boiled peanut paste not like peanut so don't walk in if they just called him boiled sack of goodness you be like those are really good, still sold by a guy out of a pickup truck on the side of the road. I think it still has the same issue I mean other words like your two choices down there are those sausages that are soaked in that red group with a red groups going to look like half the way through it and the boiled peanuts edible peanuts the safer route

going to go with you it's not in some of that would like a bunch of weird floaties that who the hell knows what if you like I think that floaties and onion peace I'm not sure he's like Jake it out for legend with the sausage that feel like not God knows I hope the best scientific approach for a sous-vide boiled peanuts have to decide exactly what I get like a good raw peanut variety I mean obviously I'm partial to the best for boiled peanuts but the Virginia peanuts are huge and so they're probably right there first thing a good set of a good a good supply of the peanuts or first thing I'm sure like when

Chinatown you get the raw peanuts they're still in Shell but they've been sitting there for like 8 billion zillion million years like just like you know growing that sweet sweet aflatoxin I'm sure that's not going to make the best wallpaper that's not locate a I got a good source of peanuts and then what is it about a regular boiled peanut boiled what is it about it that you didn't like me and my guess and you know I've done this a long time I guess not boil peanuts but I mean is that the temperature control on the peanut is not going to be that important show the advantages you're going to get out of going sous-vide aren't going to be from the temperature standpoint there going to be from a flavor concentration standpoint because you're going to be cooking them and substantially less water I don't think you're ever going to want to do an out of the shell boiled peanuts because God didn't want Philippine speeding that way God wanted you to Shell the weird kind of paper you wet cello

put them in that little bowl or throw them out the window of your car or just you eat the shell all right so anyways my point being figured out what it is you like about a boiled peanut and then I wouldn't worry about temperature control what I would do is figure on water-level first I would choose I would choose without any spices that all three different water to peanut ratios in a bag I would do it at three different vacuum levels 1 in a ziplock bag and then you know what no don't do plain water do sauce you can figure out some information on this get to test out at once to the same salt level on for your brine do three different Brian ratios on a peanut and then three different vacuum levels on a frying ratio start with Ziploc bags then a relatively full vacuum like 99% let's call it like 15 millibar and then one where you suck the living crap out of it and inject as much and almost like you were doing vacuum infusion cook those

those nine bags in simmering water at the same time for the same amount of time pull them out and see whether you can see any difference between them and turn the salt penetration and turn the peanut flavor and from there on out you're going to start honing in on which of the columns and rows you know vacuum level and Brian level that you like the most and you can start honing in on kind of where you wanted to be once you done that then if you want to add you can add them at that point to see how much kind of penetration you get through the show then now I can't get an answer as it takes a break

and no will be taking a break

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during the break so I can give it a 30-second shout out to your to boil peanuts then every day in those both the boiled peanut person who is also doubled as the shrimp guy and so you would have like shrimp just in the back of his pickup truck and so it was always the internal debate is it okay if they were just raw shrimp that you were buying Philly bring home like he was just like your friend longer so like is it okay to buy shrimp from the back of a truck on a random road outside of Lake Okeechobee I don't know but turns out on Facebook debate everyone everyone was on both sides of the fence the New York Meatpacking District up at like 125th Street near where the Fairway is now on the west side and so when you used to come off the West Side Highway there therapy dudes and white the talking like seventies eighties I think maybe as late as the 90s but I don't

when I was actually up there in the 90s for grad school so it's like 70s 80s kind of think dudes would literally just be on the street you pull off the West Side Highway and 125th Street and standing out there with me in their hands like me like a steak like a raw steak like on 125th Street and you're like

Angry by steak this is what Madonna was talking about what you said in New York in the 80s had more danger and Vine Street Steaks you know at that at that time I miss the street steak or whether it was so drunk I used to have a guy that that kind of happened like with parts for sculptures that I was building 7 go to this place and I won't they won't call out who it is I'll go to this place and he used to basically I be like I need like I need like some bearings and some sprock and I'll get all the stuff and be like

yeah come back in like a half hour meet me outside in fifteen over when cash bearings and stuff we were so much more like you know not like now and not to mention it's called you as well thanks for the great show so far I'm just your temperature in the most important like culinary advance in the past few know of hundred years blah blah blah blah

it seems the simplest way to get started I would be with a Ziploc freezer bags you are correct sir however I am not sure how I feel about going through that much plastic in the long run are there any decent reusable options out there I've heard of people using mason jars or smaller items but that hardly sounds practical for things like steak and less you want him to be jar Stakes I've noticed I didn't say Stars has they don't say two steak look on her face you did have to look underwear that you were thinking

the only other option I've come across so far is the and how do you pronounce that like you saying that look you whatever silicon bag reviewers weren't too thrilled about the seal and the size though any thoughts thanks. Yeah they're no good answers to your question that yet I mean if you're going to be there soon does no good answer to your question yet I think people are working on it I know people are working on it I've no one's come up with her yet I don't like the resealable silicone that's just gross that's just gross like having reused like Zippy's before which is what we call them to block you remember when you're buying a ziplock bag do not buy buy the freezer bags and storage bags are we can be Technical Center bear week and not just in the they are puny and don't do a good enough job I mean they are physically weaker than the freezer bags do not buy the ones that have the double layer of film they suck also do not buy the ones with the little Zippy doodle thing across the top

that little Zippy doodle that that that slot racing Zippy doodle across the top that's for people that want can't seal a bag like a human being and they don't hold a seal as well to stay away from all of those things and you know you can try those those resealable silicone job but they're also sticker so it's going to take a little bit longer to get your heat transfer through them yada yada the people at work to say people are working on it like in the next 6 years there will be here's my prediction my prediction is this and maybe I can get Phil to say it

in the next six years there will be a biodegradable sous-vide bag if I were you I would just stick with the with the polyethylene please and don't worry we will get around to saving the world in the next six years before you what sucks is when I miss the short ones because like I said around yapping for everyone and then you know whatever hello everyone this is from Mildred Katie in Albany New York from anything from

although she loves people who like gluten free products from Florida I love eggs I didn't answer this question alright day I love eggs and eat them near every morning Incredible Edible 637 inch nonstick pan that's starting to get a buildup of materials that don't seem to come off with dish soap and

this is at Michael's question you know why people because I'm stupid since Michael's question with soap and hot water do you know what I could use to get it nice and clean again and still retain its non-stick Properties or could you recommend a better non-stick pan

do you even like non stick pans Michael PS I saw the patty melt video that I did recently and all of the home Kitchen on how that catch any more stars like my new kitchen better and your zero compromise approach has definitely hates my zero compromise proves the coating on them and what you don't want to do is a scratch the coating cuz that's that's kind of what you don't want to do so quick and simple like go by Scotch-Brite pads let the pan soap for a little if you have deposit on it like certain things are going to stick to a nonstick pan show Friends dance like that the one thing that I have that is completely non-stick I have one regular non-stick pan it was a scanpan are beating the crap out of it and it's useless now I use it only to cook means that I don't care about like this is going to sound bad like bacon are really care how bacon cooked beef

I don't think so I don't feel happy at all I cook that using my garbage can like that's the best way to cook tilapia with the garbage can with the speaking of tilapia I am going to be at Toronto Toronto tomorrow doing the Toronto International Food and Film Fest what's on my list if not tifty the graphics format The Tipsy Toronto International Food and Company and so like this hilarious so the person who showed up they like it like you could have been asked you why you chose the movie on but I didn't trust you chose a movie for me that you remember but no anytime you do something you have to pretend that you chose the movie so the movie I'm doing is Soylent Green it's what I was going to say is it tilapia is like right this one of the Soylent you and others multiple Soylent as ice when it read so then you know so I learned whatever in Spanish green blue and green by the way I don't want to spoil the movie for free if you only one is made of people paralegal who knows who you don't ever figure out what the other toilet paper made of Tuesday's is Soylent Green Day by the way in the movie like you get the different soil in some different game

take a 6 minute warning right up there you need to have non-stick is your waffle iron so like I have a boatload of cast-iron sizzles that I used to like you know little single parents that I've used for you know well over a decade and right now it's like I use them exclusively for eggs but they've been you know she died season than well the first time around and I use them constantly and I keep them in good shape and so you know they're amazing for eggs but you know your waffle iron the amount of time it takes to get it properly season so that a waffle actually releases from them is longer than I have patience to do and so I've tried using cast iron waffle irons and aseptic have such a high fat content in nipple recipes if they were built for old school cast iron waffle irons until they need

loyal to release property modern waffle recipe doesn't need nearly as much oil in it just for organoleptic properties to get it to you to work until you can do that's one little known fact about waffle recipe but those like if you make the mistake of putting blueberries and not taste delicious apples blueberries in your waffles they will burn on to the non-stick of the sugar will stick and burn on to the non stick and not is a business page to get off of that thing so I feel you're coming from so we want to do is like so getting water a little bit v a specific Scotch-Brite pads that are made to be non-stick me sorry to be non scuffing they make specific non-scratch Scotch-Brite pad that are made from non-stick pan don't believe anything anyone says about it's okay to use metal utensils that particular one you have has steel particles mixed in with the non-stick coating and the idea being that when you're sick

being a spatula Crossett he won't get damaged his much because the steel on steel will resist and so that's why they do that they also have one that's one level above yours where instead of Steel particles that you slightly more expensive ceramic particles and everyone now is moving away from Teflon so that because it because apparently I can release pfoa or a pair of floral floral octanoic acid and people were this going to cause cancer people moving away voluntarily from using Teflon and their pants hopefully by 2015 it supposed to have that people supposed to volunteer leave taking it away but anyway they're going to answer semi going to answer my question I don't have you quickly I'm enjoying the show I'm working through the back episodes of cuz I've been enjoying it so much I'm running because I have a dilemma I'm currently living with my two best friend giving you later married to each other he's half Korean and Cooks like it and she's allergic to soy sauce and other forms of silloway make sure I thought I heard a soy and lentils soy lent not sure that you eat in Lent

he has a Korean BBQ sauce marinade marinade that's 3/4 soy sauce that we all miss him being able to make some looking for a soy sauce substitute that can be made in bulk she doesn't like fish sauce which is one of the more common Asian Umami sources sources after soy sauce she barely tolerates Worcestershire sauce because she can tell it has anchovies in it yes you can one thing you could do is get Worcestershire sauce spinach and Center is naturally drop to the bottom but give me a sentence for that we tried to Green condiment but it's so thick we had problems finding enough for the sauce because we lose you mommy tone you have any suggestions or did I already killed the other options thanks for your time to keep it up awesome Mildred Katie from Albany New York okay here's some quick money to spend coconut aminos which you can get in the whole foods are pretty good and there's like some sort of like fermented coconut product and they don't contain soy I believe Bragg's Liquid Aminos

do contain soy she have to stay away from those another thing is make some of the old school fermented mushroom sauce is so if you go look up any of the old like like catch catch up like recipes like from from like George Washington times they have like mushroom ketchup recipes that you can look up and those can be fermented and you can and you can get them to you cuz mushrooms already have a lot of her mommy so then when they when they're cooked and then allowed to Steep and do their own business you know you can get that much out of it you could you could you also use them as a fermentation source to make your own Wichita supposed to my tent of Worcestershire sauce is the modern equivalent of a fish sauce for British taste other one could call the gentlemen's relish paper rooms whatever it's like it's like Anchovies and butter and pepper mixed up in a little tin to take an umbrella for me please

try one of those things and you know anything that has some form of substrate with proteins that breaks down over long fermentation. You're going to be able to get those nice mommy think the pink mushrooms I think coconut aminos and you know work with it and those things are good about you know what you got it yet is it is it is it is it that it's a wife that doesn't like the that they can't have this wind doesn't like a fish right I will just do it like a little bit of fish sauce every day to whoop her up to that sucker because fish sauce is Yo delicious and you can also look for this Japanese fish sauce called you Siri the ones made not don't tell her exclusively of squid guts that stuff tastes like liquid meat broth like bullion Cubes but you know what they're really doing there's Jackin the MSG so it's like I'm just saying is add something like like that has a little bit of that protein

Amino action and then

but nastasha is one of the people that think she's allergic to MSG by the way you know I have a capsule capsule Packer or vegetarian or have you jailed for the event we did in a UCLA and that we were thinking of actually doing a double blind radio like male double blind placebo-controlled MSG study with our own pack gel caps we're like I would pack them with numbers on the package Stars would mail them out to people and they would get reports back on the radio I know it's not scientific I can't control whether you guys are liars or not but I feel that are radio listeners are good people and they won't cheat right and then we can have like a legal also because I'm not allowed to do research but if we're just having fun then we're just having fun if we have insurance for the shack

3 minutes no I don't have 3 minutes questions that I didn't answer and we'll have to answer next time the shows from Simon Simon I swear on several stacks of Bibles your question on your question on carbonation will be the very first time from the UK I might be there in November for the book I will be the very first question I'm going to answer next time this. Hopefully remember to tell me that and we had to a couple questions we didn't get to today one on Shad berries medication mulberries listen to mulberries is a really quick I'll do it more in indep next time when you looking for mulberries the problem all berries at the black Mulberry in the white mulberry hybridize very readily between each other so loud them older is you see on the street here are combinations of the two different Mulberry varieties cuz I so rarely hybrid

and The Taste is radically different from tree to tree and sometimes even within a tree itself you get tasteless mulberry tree mulberries I have a good acid balanced so what you need to do is wander around the city Stars might do this one year we want to see whenever you see a mulberry tree taste one if you like that mulberry tree go back there next you get everything you can and then go back next year but you cannot judge a mulberry tree by the first even five trees that you taste and that is Bill Bardo

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