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Episode 173: Mark Ladner & Pasta Flyer

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Heritage Radio Network restaurant in the studio today to push his Kickstarter however since we haven't wrapped here that someone that's the wrong way down the street just to avoid that one street with the cement always happens when I bite here is I bite down for the name of it and I inhaled cement dust on the way here every day I come and that's why I like

I'm doing well babe show up before we get into the general cooking issues related questions why don't you

well yeah so we have I think this is three days left on our Kickstarter campaign we're trying to raise some money to do a pop up for a quick service gluten free pasta bowl concept and we're hoping to visit some

Northeastern college campuses in the fall hopefully most of the month of October and we're looking for some donations to get this truck so we can make some visits and get some people excited about gluten free pasta

let's forget the gluten-free for 1 minute possible and why it's a necessary thing to have Italian style pasta done for lack of a better word Ramen style in my extensive experience traveling the u.s. in a lot of Italy I've never really found a precedent for quick-service Italian style pasta and I found that to be frustrating and disappointing when for example you and I Dave went to Tokyo and

the Hammers will Pamela said to we we had a lot of examples of really great fast food that was Ramen that was a nervous young meal as well as a quick snack and there's no precedent for that in America obviously you've seen there has been quite a bit of momentum in the ramen space as of late for example but there is no sort of precedent for for pasta done that way and I don't really understand why, but it's mental is purely mental I don't think there's any technical problems at all fresh pasta straight dried tomatoes from fresh but it's dry

Harley Quinn

this is the gluten-free aspect started for two reasons one because we found obviously dealing with that are restriction and preference in the restaurant that it was becoming an increasing Trend we currently have probably around 30% of our guests prefer gluten-free the gluten-free lifestyle today weather will remain that way is obviously question but we realized with so many people demanding gluten free pasta that we would need to have to inventories a gluten in an envelope gluten if you're mixing it to you then you can't have a certified Cena really doing much with service to the gluten-free people just making the absolute best gluten free pasta which I feel is as good as

regular glue cost at this point I know you're a big side-by-side tasting fellow as an eye and you've done many side by sides at that your restaurant delco's and what it what are the results of its hard to say I mean it's non-gluten so it has a lot to do with the saucing you know if you have a delicious flavorful sauce it's hard to taste the difference I'm so I'm going primarily for texture simulate a texture which is very unusual and gluten free pasta cuz there's no glue using the Backup backup currently using volume it's reasonable by the way for those of you that don't think that maybe people don't know maybe they've never been to Del posto maybe they don't realize kind of what like a Bonkers lunatic you are for pasta

unlike nastasha who will eat like a pasta freaking sludge soup that's handed to her cooked by students she's still eat like a I paste a pureed a ribollita aposta you might say that's just her style I don't know but like Mark or is it done properly

if you were to cook pasta to the point that I was going to dehydrated and puppet she would still eat it as a cooked pasta if I threw some crappy marinara on it but I love it about her because it shows that she has some inherent like weird crap you couldn't predict because she does appreciate like nicely cook pasta ahead Mark the test poorly cooked pasta I do the test for the cook pasta I can guarantee if you were to stop by this this this Quick Serve pasta concept is that you will appreciate the texture that Mark is able to get and here's another day who's this who's this chick

do you like her style pizza that they now sell in New York or not a grandmother make that kind of pizza anyway it's important to mention that I would probably consider myself to be a better pasta cooker than a pasta maker and I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of the cooking aspect of pasta that's how sure is achieved are you are you a believer in the undercook even more and then hot sauce put it together let it soak isn't everyone who knows I don't believe in that you make the sauce a little thinner right or what are you supposed to water cuz I over-salted my water

you can't once you reduce salty water becomes an edible so and then if you combining it with other really salty things like rendered cured pork product or sheep's milk cheeses that are aged and things like that it comes to the point where you can you know the the commercial pasta cookers that are like redone Friars with the Stars skimmer on a top use the same status how do you keep the salt level, it's really frustrating they've been decreasing the quality of Steel a little bit every year of the past 15 years to the point where if you get one to last 3 months to Miracle is it go with the weld joints and where does it go into the water or what

go actually tell you that they prefer that you don't use salt as a lot of time anytime there is one of the problems with stainless steel 304 and 316 which I think they may only make you think that 304 and 316 is that if there is any non stainless stuff in it it will migrate and shaft the stainless so if they use any non staying with stuff in it at all on stainless screws in stainless fabrication and there is no other environment as corrosive as salted water you know so I don't know whether it's maybe like even just Cooks using non-standard a day

yeah we fed you know $5,000 machines that have pitted out in in in 3 days what do they use the real stuff it should last longer than that saying it's ruining everything like maybe there maybe they're say because I'm having a problem in factoring you trying to now maybe maybe they're saving a nickel and costing you five grand you know what I mean five thousand bucks I'll give you this time it's going to last for a month and a half for $5,002 it'll last for 3 years

you know I'm saying so one last thing before we get started and what do I get to get everything from we've been working to Avon and instant possible because this pasta that we've created can actually be cooked in 1 minute so as I know you are a huge fan of microwave cooking I also am a proponent of a of the magic of the microwave in the one that you're going to the instant one both and you're going to end up going to send you some of this stuff is that people can someone go buy a case of this crap and give you a hundred bucks instead

it was a different flavor you could do it

we're also selling a kilo bag of those things that can seal the top of a bowl or a cup with a little thing you have that reason to get to Oregon Broadway I don't know how much it cost I don't like the actual Asian versions but the the really crappy hearty chicken noodle one cuz that many vegetables that's why they love that that fake that fakes soup stuff they're good stuff secondary skin Lids so you can leave Drano to the cooking water which is pretty cool having Marco cook at your house I think I will go cook in your house for

okay and how many people

the cost of going to Del posto for you to go out have dinner at Del posto instead Mark latter will come to your house which is sure to impress your buddies are going to make any will you make any of your like famous like feeling in layer lasagna today it's good on stick to Dave which I figured you'd appreciate you could probably get it on your bike and then we will stick together enough wanted to refund

I thought it was something and then fry it will figure that out

I recently bought some carbon steel pans to factory without and I prefer not to use anything like that electrolysis the way to tell if you have too much oil when you're seasoning it is you'll have a you'll have drip marks on the inside like little bumps and you'll have kind of a stickiness in the in the bottom of the pan right bar

how hot does your oven get to self clean a self clean cycle in your oven

professional settings

if you have someone with access to a self cleaning oven just remove any any any plastic handles and throw the pans in on self clean and it'll incinerate all of the stuff that's on it and then you're starting from scratch if you can do it you can do it on your own like a commercial range top the problem is is it's really going to smoke out the kitchen and you have a real like really careful with it you're going to work the bottom of your pant neither of which is things you want you want you can much prefer the even heat of an oven but a standard commercial oven in one away is only going to get up to about 5:50 and you need to get me to get over six 6 I would say 6:56 and change to burn that stuff off if you have access to like a Wood-Fired oven you can do that or if you have access to like a real Pizza Oven that'll probably get hot enough to burn the supper off

the hell out of it likes far the ever-loving hell out of it then brush your stuff to the side throw the pan in and just nio stand bag Let the Smoke a Little Smoke up my ticket while you you can tell because it'll look like steel again and never look fresh it's going to look kind of black but it won't have that coating on it and then just I would like I would like just giving a scotch Brady and then and then re season but you know obviously be careful by not drinking too much oil in the next time I put a little in the bottom I run it around and then I quickly just take a like a prom a paper towels at using but is a control in into it and leave little lint brushes and things like this if you like The Crepe making people have like wailing pads that don't throw lint off but then I just wipe it around the pan like let it drip wipe it off to get the excess out and then throw it in the oven I do that like five-six time

and then it goes up enough of a code so that you can build from there you know white balls I like balls at the Japanese sport tablet is at with paper towels and paper towels they would hate you I hate you though whatever thing is if you throw it away you can play in the front of house for having lost it right

I'm kidding don't do that to your friend's house okay Alex in Toronto Road in I will take this question then we'll go to the break a few weeks ago I sent in a question about find you like this you like find in the bottom of the pan when you're making the meat and I was wondering if you're chosen not to answer the last few weeks but everything should we get forgotten hear the question I sent before Alex we do not ignore questions if we missed it it means we missed it so please anyone if they send a question and we don't get to it it means it got lost in the shuffle like maybe God put on my iPad Mini like I didn't see it cuz I didn't bold-faced or whatever but no we don't we don't ever purposely

just like my grandma that starts his most famous I think saying back at the SEI about our intern Build-A-Bear let's take the second one first last week you started talking about an upcoming trip to Toronto and a huge fan of it is possible for a regular slug like myself to get tickets to best Alex

you're going to look it up like I remember you supposed to let him know that you know anyone in the restaurant that night I can order the cocktails that I will theoretically be making and then the other thing is and I'm going to be discussing the relative merits or demerits up did I mention it's on your already so they want me to do a searzall demonstration in a movie theater they want me to do a searzall demonstration

involving torches and fire in a movie theater now I like fire more than the next guy yesterday my wife Jane was like Dave you're freaking pyro like the theme that runs through your whole life is that you're freaking pyro the time you're a kid anymore Rockets with the G scale motor and flaking of huge like crazy last time I met one we had a problem with the ejection charge nothing burrowed like a foot into the ground would have gone through any car they have crazy pyro imprinting the fire on the children whatever so I'm just saying I like fire I think most Crooks like fire if you didn't like fire and you were a cook it's kind of like a doctor is a footprint of blood you know what I mean I mean

raw food preparation list if you if you don't like the fire anywho

I think it's unwise to do a fire demo in a movie theater it's like the class if you don't yell fire in a crowded theater you with a corollary to that is mad people make a fire in a crowded movie theater you know

fire I'm going to make the turn on just kidding different Canada are you allowed to light fires in movie theaters in Canada where I come from movie theaters are made like a Fabric and Crafts in like you know like it's easy to have people get jammed in the doors in the movie theaters here in this country

and that your demo is based off smoothing cream supposed to cook people's did you see that there's a thing with it was a different story was the one that supposed to get like that television personality quiz meant to kind of simulate Milt as the guy said and Milt for those of you that are up on your fish fish bodily product terminology I won't say the other I won't say that even an algae on the air but so I guess that would be made from Proto people but this Soylent is how far can respect that but this person is engineering person to don't you hate how you spent all that time wondering what you going to eat and whether or not you're going to enjoy it wanted to take all the enjoyment out here is all of the nutrients you need that they currently know about mixed into a pig

you can squeeze in your mouth and drink takes 2 minutes you can prepare a week's worth of meals do you enjoy your life

more time for kickboxing and other crap that makes you not live any longer I love kickboxing I love kickboxing I think it's really awesome because it was like video for it like this person who is like overly healthy people like I think like crazy kung fu people that can do amazing stuff are freaking amazing I love it Davis but like the idea that we all need to be like hypercut hyperfit like somehow that's part of what it means to be an active active healthy person in today's environment I think it's just it's just gross it's it's it's it's like instead of like your car it's like it's it's the current version of having a really sweet car and I think in a way it's just as gross as like I think like being fit and healthy is awesome I think like the hyperfit healthy polish

it's just it says it's another like modern crazy is now especially if it means that you're not if you're on the right side of the wrong side of if you're buying Soylent you're on the wrong side you know I'm saying like that's it that's the mark of right there if you if you are purchasing Soylent because you spend too much of your time enjoying your life and not enough time with more kickboxing

problems did you want to know your place and now I don't know what I mean eventually but not right now. This is Matt from Milwaukee have a question about making an alcoholic slushies

we purchased at a restaurant operate four nights a week and then on Fridays and Saturday starting at 11:30 we kind of switches to underground Ramen Shop I just flying around and beers and stuff we thought it'd be awesome to buy a slushie machine and make boozy slushies and formulation that we're going to have to do to make certain cocktails and discussion mode I know Parson's chicken and fish in Chicago does Negroni selecting and that was when we learned are like a light bulb Despicable Me reference I appreciate that first of all as we all know negronis are delicious and service-sector for the past

General issue of amazing things about Negroni one of the reason you see it in so many different guises is that that sucker is bulletproof so it's it's good to cold it's not good it's not really good to warm but it's good to cold it's good over diluted is good carbonated very few drinks as malleable as erroneous which is why self to a lot of things so it's not a surprise that someone made a good tasting in a slushie format it's a little trickier when you're dealing with with other products we have to realize is that are slushies in general going to be more diluted then a regular cocktail so the first mistake people make with it with a split a slushie base

the slushy based drink is getting the alcohol level too high you need to pull the alcohol level lower also interesting the acidity from the vermouth there's not a lot of added a city unless you're adding juices and so you don't have to worry as much about the acid balanced water down as you do in a and chill something more than normal what you need to do is slightly reduce the acidity and slightly increase the the ratio sugar in general so so I'm not saying volume basis cuz you don't want to do that but I'm saying you're going to want to decrease the acid to sugar ratio slightly and you'll notice as you dilute drinks down drinks that

published drink that works in a slushie machine it's done using a freezer and then New York Times magazine a couple months ago called the Italian Stallion which is a take on a Harvey Wallbanger and that that recipe is tweet to work either in a fridge or in a slushie machine and if you follow those ratios of liquid to alcohol you should be in the right range and you know if I had it with me I don't have it with me I have a a bunch of recipes with those specs and actually I have the percentages in my cocktail book which is coming out in November liquid intelligence from WWE

yes it does thanks a lots in it so we're always going to have like a Wisconsin old fashioned and one of them with the Brandy and then the other one we want to have liked best around town and then cocktail guys from around town come by and do like whatever the hell they want for a week and just kind of have that is like a pencil Mark so one of the one of the things in my cocktail book that is kind of a relatively new for the cocktail books as far as I can tell is a calculus calculation what I've done is I've looked at the standard ingredients that we use in our backs and broken them down by percentage acidity and percent of sugar and then looked at like alcohol sugar and dilution numbers for something like I think like

it was like 50 or 60 kind of classic cocktails and then all the recipes that I've ever created and what I noticed stunningly is that the ranges for different styles of cocktail are fairly Limited in terms of their acid to Sugar ratios and then in terms of how those acid to sugar ratio is mixed with mixed with ethanol levels for various styles of drinks and so you can calculate all the stuff so if you look up the numbers that are in that Italian Italiano and you try to hit those numbers for sugar in a few if you email me in a question and I can get you the actual numbers you're looking for to getting all for sending sugar percentage acid I can talk about it next week but that's ostensibly one of the interesting things about my cocktail book is this kind of new system where you just looking at overall sugar acid and ethanol percentages for different styles of drinks have those numbers for blender drinks and what I do for carbonated drinks at the bar is literally I'm developing it I just have those numbers and I just move ingredients around till I hit the proper numbers and

how to go from there. That's exactly exactly what we're kind of looking for work in the machine that we can do that I have to go and buy my book deal you're going to have like eight guys at this I cannot believe the people listen to thank you so much I appreciate it

we still there

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bad business model

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work for free days hey how many times has Phil mooched like liquor and or food off of some event that we've been apart of

don't have enough fingers through genetic anomaly and you were born with you wouldn't have enough fingers and toes to make up the number of times Phyllis Mood Food and booze off of us and like you know I'm just saying all I wanted in return was a little bit of his sweet sweet thurl Ravenscroft S Voice doing is Tony the Tiger asked you not live until you've heard Phil Bravo do a sad Tony the Tiger saying they're great when really mopey voice is like a satin kerchief that recipe from Cooks Illustrated which rely on searing me to create a fine which is then used as a base for a sauce or a good review Meta Meta

I know that you're not from there but like you know you hang out in Rhode Island right I didn't hang out with italian-americans there I used to go to call cops nuns 31 Oleum floor and soap operas and it was like you had a key and you went in and it was just like the weird like the weird like salad bar and set the whole real deal and you know but you know what they say about people from Mark a better day better have a death in the family then a market down at the door you know I'm saying tax collectors

Illustrated which rely on Siri me to create a font which is then use as a base for sausage gravy I was wondering if you could give me some tips about how to do this more effectively and efficiently I sometimes have trouble getting it take a long time before succeed no use to them when you can't do it much longer than also it seems that the delicious Brown particles that are created and up suspended in the oil much of which must be discarded to avoid making the recipe greasy too much oil when they're trying to do something like this anyway me like it I think about this way

to it really you know what I mean how high the element is turned in probably element is turned see I'm thinking now that you have an electric range which I've never had a good result in electric range right have you marked me induction yes but like like a regular like electric element is turn makes me think they have one of those old-school electric ranges which of their like they're bad you can work with it he would like those things James Beard we are right also James Beard did not like fresh sardines like canned sardines which I also like but they're not the same product why would even compare them they're not the same anyway

what's the temperature in the dryness in the meat itself what are the optimal conditions for creating a delicious my artastic van and what is my best bet for doing so either quickly or efficiently in the home kitchen okay so here's a thing what do you think I think like a lot of people they put their gun put too much oil in the pan right do you want to contact but you don't want something about this way no fun develops on the inside of your deep fry pan and the reason is because the meeting is not sticking to the side of your deep fryer if the meat don't stick then you must acquit or whatever however the O'Jays a reference for it works with the meter stick is no fun. Which is why you can't create a good find in a non-stick pan agree with me here in Mark's stuff to stick to the pan stuff don't remember the OJ there's no fun usually when I'm doing it I'm doing a bunch of

play in the pan at an inn in the same pan and the first couple of pieces are Never As Good As like the 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th you know it when you're when you're doing multi-list are doing a Brazen you're the first couple of never going to be as a as good I'm not I mean it mean to be hot enough to create I need to be hot enough to actually create them I are trying to stick to the thing so in that sense if you overcrowd your pan and it never gets up with those temperatures then you're just going to be no steaming your meat and you're not going to get a good van but I mean I'm also not one of these people who like put like one little piece in and then because if if you under fill your pan then you're going to burn the font on the edges of the body been created so it took it so this is why I like you need to start out hot once it's actually in steering though you cook pork back on it a little bit and if you overcrowd your pan that you're not going to create a pond at all and if you under crowd your pants you're going to get burning of especially around the edges of the pan if your Flame

flicking upper on the side and burnt van is nasty finding the right first then then the onion product right things always do the same way yeah but like after the meet right the first and then you can increase the oil a little bit and do the onion dip what if you're doing a meat only if you don't have that much oil you're not going to get that problem with losing it all all the particles in the oil and the second thing is is that don't scrape your pan when you're doing this stuff because you're trying to get the stuff to stick to the pan so you shouldn't have too much stuff floating in the in the oil right or no is just so that the meat doesn't stick thought about I never thought about I always salt beforehand when I'm doing this cuz it's always in braces but do you think that affects it all the salting and I think would pull protein to that would pool protein to the surface and maybe

proteinaceous stuff onto the pan Which is going to make more fun but I don't know for sure maybe someone out there knows it cold I mean it's interesting I've never done a a side-by-side but I mean you and I both know that usually what happens is you get the stuff out you're doing your pre prep work and then you see her on it so it's never fridge cold by the time it gets into the pan come never that if I'm going to be searing it unless I'm doing low temp work with sometimes I am I'm doing low temp work that I'm very careful about keeping it cold while I'm doing my initial C R but if I'm doing a standard raised I mean that stuff warms up I don't even give a crap because I know I'm fat you know like I'm throwing them in and out of the same buckets runs like Siri the Siri versus I'm serious stuff cuz it Doesn't freaking matter to me what are you the same way or now you keep it totally separate

United praise the hell out of it like an actual Pro and someone who came at being a semi-pro from the back end I'm told that I have to get the hell off of the are some questions I have one about how to get a soy sauce flavor without soy trying to get to next week's temperature bags and also makes a non scratch version that you can use in your deadline to enter a nonstick pan and about Teflon in general next week

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