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Episode 172: Hot Lobster Rolls & Roasted Marshmallows

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join again with jacket with fur fur it for your man for my DJ performance Collective we are called full-service so they were 16 of us just based on what you what you play here you don't like you no spend like wedding hits right that's not yours is not really are though I ask you a question is thing that people do now nowadays at parties where they play like 30 seconds of a song that I really loved and then they throw it into some other song that I may or may not like butt

it's only ever like 30 seconds at a time of the song with what what is that

well I mean I guess that's the you know if you're looking for a professional DJ right or summons making a career as a DJ get to do something at set yourself apart from somebody that might just have Spotify because anybody with Spotify could just play a song that everybody knows keep people's asses pump in the entire is it depends on where you are really want to hear 30 seconds of hypnotized or do I want Biggie Smalls to like you know bash me all the way through on that thing FairPoint old school DJs right they leave stuff in and out but they're really just kind of like you lay down a long long long long traffic you can just keep grooving to fundamentally all know you can layer tune in and out of that but it's not like they're literally playing the tune for 30 seconds and then just doing the Crossfade right which is why I feel people doing now or a lot of stuff

all right so it's not weak and Crossfade into some other side doesn't necessarily have the way you described

what's your answer if people are leaving the Dance Floor than you're failing Brown Eyed Girl seriously I don't really dance he wants and everyone's but to diary to write mystery much it good enough water on the sidelines people going to die unless you are freaking Fred Astaire you're not going to stand around in front of you know your friends of the family and God forbid someone that you're trying to get in bed with and snap your fingers time later on this. Do you have a crush on the phone

it's a Twitter asking about a recipe what does it sound like to you

on the phone yet

mommy he has to hear the question so I'm not going to talk about me a sandwich is like no partially cooked and the question. Chris and one at one of your chest dip recipes and I'm assuming it's yours because when someone asks a question you commented so I'm assuming that means it's probably your recipe it's for salmon and depression was from Chuck Snyder it was dear folks I love the flavor texture of this meeting your recipe but curious how it compares to go with raw or traditional cook product safety wise and the one that was the ones that are popular Eyes by like the Roca style cooking that was you know came into Vogue around 2001-2002 cooked

quotes about making air quotes around the microphone and then refrigerate it after we're done actually Catholic non not the way that you know that early low temp in like 30 second run down the recipe you got a bit of salt but in combination with the heating is more effective at providing a margin of safety than heat alone and for a for various reasons we actually tested this recipe with an independent food research laboratory where it was challenged tested for a two week. And we we actually showed that although that the heating temperature alone wouldn't ensure adequate margins of safety to combination of the salt and the heat together show that the recipe was actually quite safe against being the usual pathogens

pretty confident in recommending it 24 packs for many bacteria that's Chris know who Chris Young is but Chris Young is the founders of chefsteps and if you haven't gone to that website I would wait 35 minutes and then go you know what one of the authors of modernist cuisine the British cookbook achievement of all times and so

there's there's a bunch of things when you're when you're doing food safety quiz will time in a second and hit a lot of interesting interesting words about how the health departments across the country and nationally handle food safety in modernist cuisine if you haven't had a chance to read those sections yet I especially like the submarine thing like that it's not really food safety but that submarine thing changed my life they remind me to talk about the submarine thing is I haven't already is that everyone's favorite sexual position or not quiz

what's the black guy that the thing is you know how how how how how much are germs is calling on people really spread about you know his Doctorate of Mabel doctor on board a submarine gave her exams to the sailors and then said that he was testing their their their nether regions their behinds for something and instead put up a phosphorescent powder guides in their butts and then like a day later walked around the submarine with a UV lamp and the freaking sub lit up from the phosphorus and stuff and I was like I don't think it's mentioned who that story came from but the person they're the salary question you told us that story was the

Kotor of the human genome during his time in the Navy so he's actually the source of that

I think so nice I like that

here's some true statements the the any food safety organization in the world their job isn't to figure out the minimum possible thing that safe from a bacteria or whatever standpoint for particular recipe their job is to provide bulletproof guideline such a mess things up and no one's going to get food poisoning such all the rules are always Overkill 100% of the time now the there's a little magical thing to magic word cuz I was going to get in an argument with Chris about like you know the level of actually usually incubate whatever you're going to cook with a pathogen of choice and then you do your procedure to it and then they test it with a certain number of iterations

prove it that the bacteria of Interest doesn't grow and if your procedure does that then

that's exactly the approach we we took we were working with a food retailer who was interested in this recipe and and so they they funded there and actually put put to the test in and certainly heating alone is a control would fail and and if your if your salmon was unsafe you would increase the risk slightly although in my opinion or what we found him that it's probably not any safer even if you skip the selfie steps and eating and eating most sushi in combination with heating and you shouldn't have a horrible nasty product fresh salmon in a combination of the salt and the low heating followed by the Chilean Refrigeration with adequate us to provide an appropriate Market if they avoid delays

well in general it's always the left processing your ingredients of had generally speaking the safer there they're going to be because there's less opportunity for surface contamination it depends on if you know what I eat salmon sushi in Seattle and there was a study that said that one out of four pieces of salmon sushi have viable and a sack of worms so you know we we all do that pretty regularly most of the time you don't we take some risk and it doesn't hurt us please I want some people want to know what some of the concerns botulism and listeria right so

I know we didn't do that because we were going to have adequate refrigeration and you were not going to have some with botulism you have to undergo undergo Spore Out gross and and our process does not allow nearly enough time to basically triggers for us for germination and outgrow so you're saying that the cook isn't enough to cause any germination

no sew you say you're only in the danger zone about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your pieces of the famine maybe an hour and 15 minutes including the cool-down time long time for 4 for bacterial growth obviously if you load it up with with with with with viable botulinum bacteria rather than the stores or if you look it up. But those are fairly fairly rare and they shouldn't have grown too large numbers begin with so we are going to be concerned with salmonella and you generally want to look at it if it's salmonella because it's a chilling the salmonella it's a very very good that that you're killing the other other potential Li illness causing bacteria

salmonella doesn't grow so well enough to seem to me to salmonella doesn't grow so well in the fridge but like your your hope is that you're not going to get all the stereo growth your hope is that you get it rid of enough listeria or inhibit its growth with the salt combo enough that it doesn't grow in the fridge that's the only one that knew right where we're looking at Refrigeration temperature degrees Celsius and respect that and you provided you only have a two-week shelf life for a minor to even refrigerator temperatures listeria would start to become a concern so you always you have to keep in mind what time scale are you talkin about 2 if you're going to basically cook it and stuff down and serve it within 1 to 2 days

you have a larger margin of safety during refrigerated storage I mean people at home do weird things with their or their fridge for for starters you know just realize it repair Point Dave farpoint seasonally based on how warm or cold it is outside

I have no idea how I like my brain melted a little bit when when when when I when I read that finding pearls in a large appliance manufacturer and so you know for sure if that meant for enthusiastic home Cooks you are going to be knowledgeable about food safety and be reasonable until as long as you know relatively short amount of time and then as long as you chill it down and keep it in a cold refrigerator as long as you consume it within a week this is a very very people don't look at the recipe right away your Brian percent was 10% just us not to be growing in that Brian during the Briny procedure in the brownies are done cold correct once you take it out don't let it sit on the counter in the books that can we chill it you know it look any split so that you stay in the in the evil window as short a time as possible correct

and label the bag and keep it in the coldest part of your fridge or you know if you can maybe even on like an ice pack in the fridge good point or not to point B done and proven safe or proven proven does not decrease the safety level of the fish that you started with appreciating bear in mind that safety levels are done for different things so there's like what we're talking about here is something it doesn't appreciably add to risks as opposed to completely eliminating risks are already so don't dip your salmon in poop into this recipe

that's right you need a different recipe if you going to take your salmon in poop beforehand

I don't want to see that recipe out there are done with that with the fact of mine that you might be horribly contaminated with snow will quite literally with poop for a rare piece of chicken is still slightly pink but the instant we all eat salad with ingredients in and you know that's not just jerk there's other things mixed in there to one of the one of the things that you really have to you know look at arrest being single. Level of risk in my really taken from that where we think what is often not the riskiest thing we do

yeah I got a few minutes so go ahead have another question in this is from John riper in Seattle he's actually I know you got a lot of work with cheese and he had a question about his cheese curds he said the sources I've seen four cheese cheese curds and cheese all use calcium chloride when they want to fortify the calcium levels of milk for Farmer character pasteurizing and storage process of milk that you buy in the store you know some of the calcium has rendered no longer available you need a calcium there for The Binding of the unit a it's a it's a divalent cation you need it there to buy India currency get there if it's not there you won't get it from her and some people add sometimes calcium if they're going to use store-bought milk to increase the furnace of their currents next question is why aren't they using calcium lactate for calcium gluconate

almost certainly just pricing that you're adding very small concentrations of the you don't tend to notice the slight bitterness like a hundredth of a percent you know something tiny so no one's going to taste that

now you know any level of bitterness that you know even supertaster are really picking up any substantial while bitterness from that and then not calcium chloride and it's also less readily available

right yeah. That is most order of magnitude below the taste threshold

I I would suspect that pretty near or below I haven't actually seen her any studies on what the threshold is a liter of water right and you're doing 10 times less than that I'm guessing that it's not going to be that apparent you're doing 10 times less than that you're doing a gram into 10 liters of a first of all not water of milk and a lot of the way which is going to have a lot of that stuff is going to be expelled as well so you're not going too many calcium can be bound up in the free calcium chloride a lot of it will be expelled non tastable where you might have no some pieces left over that didn't get the salt because you didn't add jatate enough and you got straightened out or some sort of nightmare situation like that so I would just pick up the calcium chloride easier to

easier to purchase cheaper and definitely not going to taste it at that at that level right

maybe not calling down in DC

that sounds like a dog

vacation caramelized onions and baking soda to help it along because of the basicity of it but also because it breaks down the pecking right enhance Browning but also keep the text confirm we're not going to bring hydroxide is not so soluble so you don't want to use it as your yeah you don't want to use it for that application know also

be there at the dissolving of the cell wall that really doesn't matter what salt do you use to raise the ph weather use can I use baking soda or calcium hydroxide calcium in calcium hydroxide and have them test on this but not with brown and because they were kind of aqueous is it that works but it won't work for your application because calcium hydroxide you can what you need to do is a pre-soak in a calcium bath get the calcium into the vegetables then lower the pH for the Browning you said I'm saying some calcium salts to keep the keep the pickles crunchy or after after reporting you can do the calcium

awesome hydroxide in a boil with a little bit to do take to prevent to prevent the Browning of broccoli let's say and still keep it crunchy

used it to a lot of other beneficial application seem like a place where kind of stuff that you would get out of like the squash that you added to the pressure cooker was it down. I don't know if they even Crosslink packet I mean look look at look at the canned tomatoes they keep their structure and they've been canned so it is possible to use calcium to cross-link the pack me to keep it somewhat intact at reborn retort test but

I don't think it's going to take much

I think I'll just get the flavor profile so hard water similarly different types of stuff for you and have you seen that with effect of calcium and other stuff NZ viscosity I've never seen any I've never seen any any Ion interactivity with war have you Chris makes not knowing

do they have locust bean gum but no I've not I'm but I'm just trying to think this is when I don't I wouldn't expect my energy research and what I was looking at just water water impacts of hydraulic fracturing and of course he used for using the water is that an effective all these geological salts like calcium chloride and everything is underground cause ring stuck in their fluids to cross-link and get sicker and get all messed up boron

blonde is well but you know it seems like bad but that's not present in a large amount in the geological formations where is a calcium there's tons of it so that all actually end up in the salinity just as calcium salts in some cases know that much about fracking Gwar is used because you can rapidly shifting viscosity of it that's the gimmick that's big but I don't know how that happens but I know that whenever you use guar guar as a thickener and we ignore calcium and I use guar in Derry and not one of my old recipes was Gwar Joanne Louise hotel and make sand

Synergy between Lewisville jail and a Gwar that doesn't exist with locust bean gum

I don't know but I was only doing that in a milk base system and I never tried it in a non-dairy system so maybe there is some sort of weak calcium reactivity that just I've never been aware of I can look it up a handbook of hydrocolloid the Savage classic unless there's some newer book I need to look at but I'll check it out

rainbow great thanks for thanks for killing a bunch of stuff and I thank you for this program has been brought to you by Whole Foods Market about healthy eating Whole Foods Market added at 7 to promote an hour stores we give you the tools you need for choosing the most nutritious foods and healthy recipes as well as offering classes with a nutritionist and cooking coaches to help inspired good health and well-being stop by your low

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what would you think of the phone the phone in phone to phone owners at the same time she didn't even have her headphones on but that's how important her text session that she didn't even have her headphones on roasting marshmallows marshmallows lightly toasted puffed golden brown marshmallow lovers right and then there is the crust gooey inside like charcoal kind of lovers which one are you

I don't know I'd say probably the first are you ignoring the street do you like which one do you prefer I don't know that a lot of times when you're doing it that way you don't get like a gooey enough inside now some people might want the inside to be totally raw to have that kind of chew to it but I think that often when people do that they're going to undertake they're going to under do the inside to the

do that one really write it takes more patience and most of us can muster because you have to hold it fairly high above the flame you have to rotate it constantly and make sure that you don't have any one section to you know to Burnt I guess who has that kind of patience especially if you're using a forage stick it's a pain to turn around you don't even I was cheating I put a stick in the ground over the weekend and just kind of kept it sorta close to the fire and kept there for 15 minutes so it really slowly cooked marshmallow I want that sucker like now enter the sea was all because you give me the marshmallows it's dried if not a lot a lot of water there so once it starts going brown it can then go black and then ignite fairly quickly so you have to let you know you have to be

the weather so it's like it's either either you risk the burn or you take your time this gives it a two choices I like them charcoal to be honest I want every now and again but I know I love that outside kind of charcoal overcooked action to question the next couple of minutes call them to someone at +497-212-884-9721 to Elliot on the phone cuz I can't see when the other one's going to talk exactly jacksepticeye John's separate a second question what are your thoughts on equipment to create a cheese aging environment at home wine cooling unit seem to have good temperature control but they don't control humidity or a.m. for a lower relative humidity then or they aim for a lower relative humidity than Cheese's need is DIY the only way to go or is there a v i s a meaning spending money from your credit card

John Wright brunch Seattle okay you would have been a lot of questions on recently is this it's like a Kickstarter thing is available right now where it says it's kind of like a wine cooler but it's been tweaked out for dry aging steak so it's got humidity and temperature control for driving face and like they know light bulbs you can see what's on you can pour the salt slab in there if that's your Gammy anyway so that's got temperature humidity control and however if it's going to be putting it at a lower relative humidity than you want so that's not going to work for you here's what you going to want to do you're going to want to go the only one I get that I know of offhand I've never used it so I don't I don't really know how awesome it is but the only kind of semi off the shelf so that it's not a hundred percent DIY but it's not a hundred percent you know like plug-and-play Auber instruments who you know is a leader in incredibly cheap temperature control stuff

Leslie th210 temperature and humidity controller for curing fridge and high relative humidity right so that's the key that I can do high relative humidity and that's a hundred 919 bucks from Auburn instruments and you just set your fridge on coldest plug the fridge into the temperature plug on this thing and then whatever you're going to use to control the humidity so mean I wouldn't necessarily recommend like a pan with a small heater to increase the humidity in the in the fridge before you could get a small humidifier that sits in the fridge presuming that the fridge maintains a realtor lower relative humidity than you need and then you just plug the two things in set it and you can walk away and it should work so you buy a fridge or in a working fridge one of these units for 119 bucks and some form of humidifier that you like and and plug it in and go now we had a question in that we missed before Tom Fisher rice where is he where is he living with you don't remember shooting

Dave Anastasia and Jack I have a problem I fall in love with hot lobster roll roll sounds like that's the role then it sounds like some sort of like I don't know I don't know I like him or delicious but tell me sounds like hot hot and roll hot and roll together I think the problem is the lobster meat it seemed it seemed way too expensive in both time and dollars to buy live lobster just a steaming to get the meat frozen lobster meat would work but the affordable so source is only half way into town packages I need single serving size is a 48 oz and I don't want to resort to canned Lobster any ideas

I mean look they in a lobster roll it probably doesn't make much difference the only frozen lobster experience I've ever had was with Whole Foods one day I had to do at a low temperature demonstration and I went to Whole Foods to buy Lobster not knowing that they somehow think that it's inhumane for you to kill a lobster at home but it is Humane to have some dude in a factory in Canada kill the crap out of the lobster and then freeze it for you are Canadians inherently less cruel as people toward lobsters than Americans and Americans even Steven Wright yeah yeah and I would bet that in a commercial environment like the end that's even rougher at home you know people are alike all sorry buddy you know when they throw it in the pot

it is true that commercially they use high-pressure when they're doing a steam so it probably maybe kills a little bit faster I don't know but I've already done plenty of work on Lobster Killington I can't talk about it now but here's what I would say if if you can buy a 2 L block of lobster meat that you like by the way also if you train yourself and ripping a lobster apart there's almost no time and breaking a lobster down like I remember I was Bobby flame open this place called the opening party and I had this is so crowded and that your friend was grown up on a grump around a caper on the east coast in like a lobster I mean we know how to break laws or down fast you know what I'm saying it's true of a lobster you got to rip it open like break open the bodies get this get the meat out in a small out that's not such a big thing anyway

I said they didn't have enough chords nervous because they had more people than they thought right so they had that you had like when they're opening a restaurant that have like the Raw Bar out that no one's really eating off of it just there for display so they had this like big old Lobster like a 3 lb or something they're already on a two-and-a-half 3 pound or some medium size for a furry no for people who get rid of Big Lots of being served on a plate and I say to the guy you know one of those Iko

can I eat that you can get the meat out I was like literally right as soon as he said if you can get the meat out within within maybe 10 seconds I had to tell me completely out of the meeting and the guy had that look on his face because anyone that's grown up eating lobster knows how to get the tail out of a lobster with no equipment and like almost instantly you know when you go to Rhode Island enough anyways my point being that you can get the the majority of the lobster meat out in well under a minute now it's it's it's two minutes if you want to get the rest is if you want to make like a like I'd want to use the bodies and the insides to make some sort of a super stock you can and then freeze that out but if you want to stop by the frozen meat which I can't vouch for the texture of it but in a lobster roll it'll probably be okay the texture of the stuff I got a Whole Foods maybe if I had done a high temp traditional cook it would've been okay but low tab it just fell apart on me I couldn't

I would go and purchase a a meat for brand either brand new stainless steel hacksaw or a meat penis off and have it around anyway it's going to be useful for hands and what not and then you can just saw the get really cold everything really cold and saw the two L block of meat into portions and then either Ziploc and get rid of the air or better yet vacuum packed the individual portions in the fridge and then when it comes time to to cook them just throw the individual servings of meat into into it in a water inside the bag the fill out fairly quickly and then you can cook as a desired and making a lobster what we think

does like sounds good I eat don't care I don't care I had to get my iPad now. I had to change the password because my kids singing it up video hate that I don't hate you and I'm talking about like the kids say they break into your into your iPad all the time and play stupid games about their mind eccentric cetera anyway okay why it burns from Brooklyn New York Brooklyn Rite Aid in my apartment with the liter soda bottle techniques 25 or 10 lb CO2 tank and a carbonator cap we go through it pretty quickly in the summer so I'd like to upgrade to a carbonator system I listen to the episode where you explain your home system and I would like to implement something similar but I have a few questions okay so we're talking about people's is instead of having a system where you have to constantly make Seltzer like a chump so that would be either the bottle system or SodaStream or

similar which is like well well above the Superchunk which is going to the store and buying Seltzer which is if you live in New York City and have our awesome tap water by case after case

you said you haven't McCann carbonator but which model would be appropriate for our light non-industrial used with a big bat Big Mac be fine or Overkill also how loud are these things and do they run constantly are only one cell service being dispensed professional carbonator people what would you have if you have a little rotary vane pump it's the same pump that similar Pump Company procon that's used in commercial espresso machines right and they went what happened to his is carburetor is a tank tournament Aaliyah tank and the tank is hooked up to high pressure CO2 number your carbonated water in a carbonator at like a hundred PSI than the reason is is it you're doing it at Route with room-temperature water and so you need a much higher pressure than you would use if you were going to carbonate in a bottle at said right okay so so here you have a high pressure tank and your water even if you have a very high pressure water system which some people in the city dude

hang on kind of How High their building is where they are in the building you're still not going to really top out much higher than like 60 PSI so what you need is you need a motor that can pump rather that can Force Under Pressure the water through and into that tank and it sprays the water into the CO2 tanks with a carbonates instantly then you have a hose that comes off and you dispense you need a good dispenser for it really good offense to that people always chance on the dispenser and that's where they ruin their cells are the chunks is also a very there's a special way to to hook up a carbonator for the first time to get it to work and if you know of anyone buys one and they want me to come on tell him how to hook it up I'll tell him how to hook it up on the air it's not difficult but it'll take a couple minutes longer than I have right now okay so that the choice if you had the motors are all the same and you already have the tank so the difference in carbonated is the size of the reservoir that the seller is in and I would get the Big Mac because it's going to turn on Les and near that that's what I used I used to have a smaller one and I just turned on a lot more often so I would just get the Big Mac because if you could

have a dinner party until he's going to pull a picture of Seltzer out of it then you're going to wish you had the Big Mac just saying go for the Big Mac okay

also how loud are they and do they run constantly they don't run constantly they would there's a little afloat like in a toilet but not with toilet water there's a float that judges when the water is below a certain level and when that happens it kicks on it fills it up you know to its final fill level and then turns off so I'd say that you know it Cycles on every gallon or so of Seltzer that you pull something like three-quarters or a gallon somewhere in that in that range and how loud are they how loud they are Depends entirely on the rate of water flow into the car or so you need to filter the water that goes into the carburetor even New York City tap water which is famously you know clean tasting and good A lot of times some are there could be chlorine in if they if they have an upstream problem with something of those chlorine into the water and that makes Seltzer taste like poison so you got to get rid of that also your pipes sometimes like throw sediment and other things into

water that can affect his even minor tasty facts in in in tap water get incredibly magnified by by cells to the cells are making process so you need a filter the problem is that most filters when you when people when they hook them up they hook them up with a really crappy water supply lines that they use some sort of 3/8 Flex cable into the filter instead of like a half an inch you know full water copper water supply line and what happens there is it wouldn't excelsior's trying to pump in it chokes up and when he chokes up you get a very small flow of water through your filter she actually want the course is filter you can that has that you know that they that it provides the taste that you want so you don't want like a super heavy duty like remove cyst remove lead you just want an odor and taste and chlorine removing filter it starts cavitating when a cab at 8 to get really really really loud and then when it comes to you'll know when it's time to change your filter because all of a sudden your car Mater will get really

really loud when you have a fresh filter it's fairly quiet as you keep it under the counter and keep the door closed in the cabinet but it's in another caveat when you install a new system there's flux and crap in the in the in your copper lines from the soldering and residue and stuff you want to put that stuff through a filter you don't want that getting in your car matter because then it cut watermelon tastes like poison for a while and also your first filter is going to clog with in like a week or less and don't worry about it just the second filter you have in there is going to last a lot longer if I really don't want to use a traditional ice chest of the Coldplay sheet tell me man I did that for 10 years I had a ice bucket with my cold plate in and I had to fill it everyday with ice but at the hassle it's it's a hassle but I did it for 10 years are there any other techniques for chilling a water line that don't require ice I'm considering modding a cheap mini freezer to directly kill a water bath the Coldplay The submerged in but maybe I'm overthinking this that won't work so well

you need ice because what's happening is is it's the actual melting of the ice that is it's a melting of the ice that is providing the quick-hit to make it cold and so you really need a melting ice you could theoretically you know used only carbonate cold water and keep the carbonator in in a in a mini fridge and a water in a mini fridge and then as long as your draw wasn't too low you could do it but it's kind of a pain I'd really I would recommend you have the money I can I currently have an under-counter Manitowoc ice machine that is freaking amazing the cold plate fits right in the bottom of the ice maker and now I have fresh ice for drinks for cocktails whatever else and it just it automatically drains that that many men did A Walk under counter ice machine is the boardroom out of its really home friendly I would look at it otherwise I'll have to take more

pressure of the water lines already cold going to the carburetor correct not really because you're it's not it's not a system where a car makes the water now that you're not drinking that water for a long time so if you were if you were to keep the Terminator in the fridge then yeah you can have a cold plate and you can and you could use a lower pressure and push it through the Coldplay first to chill it down carbonated and put it in but 99% of the most people can't store the carburetor in the fridge cuz it's rather large so what they do is they carbonate room temperature water which is why you need to be a hundred PSI and then they chill it through the cold plate and then dispense anyway if you have anymore questions I Wyatt give it back to me and he said love the show and show Houston gun wash Jack's house the gun was the first time I miss you too I get to today do I have a couple minutes Jack or no not really but 3 minutes

Raiders I'm not have time to explain everything will work out later is vacuum still aren't auction included with the base system and the condenser and listen to Boiling flask in receiving class and all that look at River evaporator in the cookies just want to know where I live in Sweden it's not that, to be able to get a cheap take me to get cheap laboratory equipment on auctions at least not what I had experienced mower over bukey is a pretty expensive brand and a nice witch that's why I'm a complete system instead they suck rotovap is bad flavor right there payment to my questions related to Kitty with system to have it operational the same time one of those rare lab options are now taking place in my neighborhood with closed its store in a week on Wednesday June 25th that I could you I had to get to it so it would be great if you can answer my question before that my first choice in regards to vacuum pumps what would I would like to have a diaphragm one together with a vacuum controller but the officers do not have those instead they have a couple of rotary vane

now the ones that you mentioned are Edwards rant Edwards are extremely extremely high-quality vacuum pumps however they are way over kill for the rotary evaporator application that you need if you can get them cheaply get them they're awesome but it's again way over kill or any especially they like the E1 M 18 + 28 because they handle Vapor very well and they have a ballast in them so then your question is are any of those rotary vane pumps a good choice in regards meaning my main concerns is the paper and contamination should I buy rotary vane pump and add some kind of Inlet condenser a cold trap you can but that's a hassle it's a real hassle be easier for you to find a diaphragm pump is going to do what you want but I used to make a refrigerator pump which is a couple hundred dollars refrigerator vacuum pump it's not ideal either do I need a gas ballast valve open to close the gas shut off valve leaking really super low temperature stuff another important to the vacuum pump is how important is a vacuum controller they're pretty expensive and they did not I have them at the auction if you're not using vacuum controller how do you control the vacuum you put a bleeder valve on the line so you can control like a very like a like a like a mole

turn needle valve to bleed air out auntie in the van in line with the vacuum line that's how you do it but the hassle because you have to control it you have to sit there and console you control it and it's constantly pumping which is also not ideal because you're because you're constantly pumping you're sucking flavor out of your system so I don't let me I've done it that's how I used to do it but I don't highly wrecked highly recommended you also mentioned recirculating cooler that you use for your children. Here's the thing that will work but if I looked at the specs on it and at -10 C which is what you're going to want to run at least it only does 120 watts and cooling the main mistake people make with condensers if they do not have enough power to condense all the stuff that they can put that they can boil because of the heater is it like a thousand watts and your condenser now is only providing 120 watch a cooling what that means is your condenser is going to warm up significantly till he gets up to about 20 seat so I can give you more input on that next week cuz auctions Rover that's my feedback on the auction items that you have and what you can get that pump cheap I would get one of those pumps cheap

but he's not the same thing I can also work more in a vacuum controller but the circulator it's convenient to have around but don't expect it to do high volumes only 120 watts at -10 C so don't expect to do hive on the road operator working on it and just where I get to the rest of your questions next week after the auction is over this have been cooking issues

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