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Episode 171: Fiddleheads & Slave Shrimp

from simple to Gourmet nothing's fresher or Tasty Recipes than homegrown find ripened veggies and savory herb do you grow your own with Bonnie Plants at kitchen Garden at your back door or in containers can produce an amazing Harvest for cooking and for sharing find how to use plans and more at your recipes might not change the results are will fresh healthy bunny veggies and herbs

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every Tuesday from 12 to roughly 12:45 from Guess Who we have an engineering how you doing I'm doing great so it's it's okay I'm here to say I'm sorry by the reason why I was gone so now I'm tours over and Austria Czech Republic Belgium

yeah that's what that's one of the things they're known for that it wouldn't choose licorice Yes actually probably the best food also that I really surprised actually most of the countries we went they didn't really eat green things at all so so that was good to get some nice fresh vegetables and did you cover Bedlam in Belgium unfortunately I don't flick of the switch what's it on anyway it's not one of the better loved or better known ACDC songs but I love any like anything's ACDC is like crap on the cob in Belgium stopping me from playing a show there was a whole song

unfortunately not allowed to play that for you since we don't play copyrighted material anymore but no AC DC fans out there alright Bon Scott the original singer died and then you got your email your Brian Johnson Outdoors right but aside from that like with a glue all the music sound the same but then you know Angus who is there any one of the guys spend their whole time he's like well if it sounded different wouldn't be an AC DC song with it what do you need to do a Neil Young song Aura Neil Diamond songs that matter neither of those things to happen ACDC ACDC all the time and I think that's you know that's kind of good enough I agree

that's a lie detector Island cares if we go up in a puff of smoke or not but that in order for the insurance company to to us we had to put smoke detectors in our in our space right and unfortunately from your ceiling for like what like 12:30 top toddler fall and 3 foot ceiling and then upstairs we haven't talked with you and I put one in and like literally the very first thing we tried to cook right like I've turned on the see result was like 10 seconds into putting a Seer down on a steak

bbbbbbb feeling about two seconds back we did dish ish ish I tell you what what needs to happen is there needs to be set on the radio before but I think one of them in one of those things

to the don't know how that shop in a way that makes it effective are easy to cook right I guess maybe that's changing with the whole you know online delivery stuff for parties and I don't use a power window exactly where all the stuff is in all the markets at I buy I know like you know there's no ventilation really in most in most most Apartments here and even most houses ventilations bad and that leads to smoke and that leaves if I can smoke detectors go off and people freak out about the smoke detectors they freak out about it like that the smoke there's going to go off they flip there has to be some legal way that you can push like a duration button right like about the test for the next 2 hours I'm going to be awake and cooking so shut up you know what I mean and then it automatically goes back into

call or you're on the air like pickles and different things you want to keep Chris are you adding I mean just calcium chloride or they are other types as you know taste bad but it's the cheapest form of calcium and also the most available form of calcium so I think a lot depends on what you're what you're going to do so if you're going to do like a calcium like a calcium treatment you can do calcium chloride for soak it along with let's say an enzyme like Novo shape which is it the affected methyl estrace the strengthening enzyme

you could do is soak for you know like a day or two and then take it out of that right or just a small amount of chloride if you want to add more you can add that calcium lactate gluconate but you're going to run into solubility issues but has no taste taste penetrates quickly like so you can lease it back out which is what they do when they you know when they're when they're doing those things they they they set things in a very high solution calcium or they spank me to get a very high calcium chloride solution and then they take it down to a much lower calcium solution for maintenance on on things so you can add a small amount of calcium that way it came form of calcium chloride but it does taste terrible

you can also use pickling lime calcium in pickling lime is pickling is a calcium hydroxide so you what you want to do what they do with that one is they add up a small amount of it and while they actually had access because it's not very soluble salts self-limiting you soak cucumbers in it for a while and then you rinse it in in in in freshwater and then put in freshwater let it soak then put in fresh water again let it soak and then put it again probably in freshwater and let it soak to get rid of the excess calcium and calcium hydroxide because it turned his soak cucumbers in excess calcium hydroxide solution pickling lime solution for like a day or two they're just really gross just really nasty my face I believe you should taste everything even if it's bad just so you know how bad it is but starts I can play that game she's like no I don't care I don't care

pickles if you're going to use they had if you're going to cook something you can add like a chloride because then as you cook it up the the actual natural enzymes Dia de los Reyes enzymes that are natural in the in the fruit will activate along with chloride as it warms up so that's what they do and I don't believe they add extra enzymes to tomatoes I think they just peel them and then can them with a little bit of calcium chloride and that's why tomatoes are so they don't break down the way we talkin to stop someone who didn't like canned tomatoes cuz they break down

I don't know someone forget who was there someone who got all bent bent all been so now we're talkin or no fluoride if you're going to put you like an enzyme you know additive like a like an oval shape or something like that or you could use pickling lime calcium hydroxide which you would soak it for a while I think it's there's a bunch of procedures on the web for it and then you soak it for a little while napping then you soak it for a couple of fresh changes of water that Leach out the excess calcium hydroxide added to excess calcium the good thing about calcium hydroxide is that it's not very soluble and so it releases calcium into the solution as it being used by the

add is being used by the dead pickles so it's kind of like self regulates that way and then use rinse out the rinse off the excess went when you're done so that's why I think being a pickling lime is fairly easy to work with but if you're going to switch to you know a list crappy tasting calcium like lactate lactate gluconate you obviously you have to use more of it I've got some Lord in the fall and this this year was kind of screwy and I and I've got some leaf lard that's in the freezer and it it's not bad you feel so I'm kind of wondering whether it might be rented or not but I didn't know if the lard rendering process would would denature would just remove the rancidity or was it is just done I mean it's just over now it's better if it's rancid it's over unless it's only going to go rancid where it's in contact with oxygen right so like I don't know how you packed it down how do you pack

well I just put it in a Ziploc bags and I just tried to squeeze as much are out as possible and as I say it's been there since probably middle of December so it's been there for a Solid 5 months so yeah in the freezer so probably in the in the leaf lard they're probably very little moisture so and then you got rid of most of the oxygen so there's a good chance that you know that's not rent obviously you'll know when you open the package and it comes up to 10 whether or not it's it's rancid and if you're lucky it's only going to be a half we know what they want to travel you know a long distance to make what I would do is just trim out if you see that some of the transitory smell that kind of Reno cuz everyone know if you cook with a large Ranch Largemouth like if you if you if you had like a some of it I think you were going to probably be able to trim a way it was in a big frozen block and they are probably didn't get into it you know you were switched it down the air is not going to get everywhere you'll be able to trim

the places where the air got to it and as long as it was fairly low moisture to begin with and you know like there's not a lot of like you know trim and stuff on it reckons leave it's not like you know it's not trimmings right so right of meat free right so I just put in the freezer so it is chopped up so it made it the whole thing's going to go rancid you know but in a solid like that you have a good chance that you have a good chance that the it didn't you know travel all the way through it so that you can probably do some localized trimming but you'll definitely know you know he's had a cardboard that that cardboard and Rancid

you know I don't know that I've ever smelled rancid pork fat or you know you know how I okay so you know how I like it when you like cooked bacon fat right and then your opinion before the Bacon Fat off and then just keep saying it but you did it you don't use it fast and it sits and it takes on that smell that's not just an overheated smell is that extra added smell that like on a off kind of cardboard and kind of smell like that's the rancidity in it you know what I mean and so if you if you get that sword for like you know how

you know if you are a real good one to tell rancidity on you know how when you get like corn oil and you and you use it once and then report back in the bottle and then it sits there and it's only half you know. Months later you smell is got that that smell that Dusty cardboard I kind of think but that's the rancidity on that and so you know that you're not going to get you know even if there were a bunch of meat stuck in there was frozen is not going to go bad on he's not going to go if you know it's not going to be it's not going to get that display funky trying to get that funky smell that you get off at like age fat either it's going to be it's just going to be you know what either going to be fresher it's going to have that kind of rancid me no kind of Aroma and and taste and you know what you can do also it's just take up could be a lot easier to tell on a little bit of rancidity is good on like a cured meat you know what I mean like we're used to it so I would I would let you know trim off anything that obviously looks kind of

color messed up and then cut off a small piece render it out and then the best way I can tell for measuring oil is a get a piece of not flavorful like white bread and soak up the oil with the white bread liquid in a little bit warm and taste it if it tastes fresh you could to go to Shaw's Market Mark Leonard just came out with his kick starter Kickstarter how you doing so far for 35 what is it really want though 85 people don't know about the kickstarter is like weight when people so we do a Kickstarter not for nothing we're getting close to getting the stuff shipped and it's going to be working very close to getting the searzall

on the water when I get a big updates on the Sears off when they actually are on the water which should be very very soon but that's not what I'll tell you that we're doing a Kickstarter like those the worst thing to happen is that you don't reach it so you have to set your goals low enough so that you know you can reach it right and it's also like somehow like in terms of the the mentality of it people really like people really like it when you go way over so you actually like in a weird kind of choose a number that we thought we could beat rather handily you know what I mean but then it's like this weird thing where you don't want to choose a number so that's who I got AIDS they got all right I don't need to go on it's like a really weird Psychology was kick-started 4th does he want to come on and do it talk about it. Com Basta Pasta flyer

Stars was really good cuz it was a thing you know like an actual product and this is its what's a quick served like that you like almost truck style right but are they going to be like in kids that is of high quality kids from UCLA that we insulted I hope not if that's the grandma

Pi kids that you insulted bolted

set creative Grandma my grandma

but Rob is Rodan about fiddleheads are finally getting to it from Portland not Portland over in a beard Land Portland Maine not that you can't grow a beard in Portland Maine by the different kind probably more Lumberjack e Wright Portland Maine and Portland you know in in Oregon both kind of lumber Jackie O speaking out before I get into this question I'm getting you a question a minute butt pork and I think of Portland Oregon I think you're Andy Ricker Pok Pok who you know was before he became also New York guy Portland guy I was just thinking of him because I was thinking of Thailand and

it came to my attention last week if you go to the guardian in UK Guardian. UK they did some research came to my attention that the largest farm trim producer in Thailand do ships all over the world including to us at like Walmart and Costco's and you know all of the big box joint at that and like I think in the UK and Tesco all the big places in the day unbelievably use slave labor Littrell slave labor directly hire them so that but here's how it works completely shocked you can go watch an 18 minute video online and I I didn't know you think about a lot of stuff when you buy food you think about sustainability you like some people think about you know whether it's local or not you know I remember being a Patrick came on saying don't think about local locals not important that's what Patrick Martin was saying the other day I hear you know people think about that

we think about that house we think about economics we tend not to think that our food is made by slaves so what happens is is like human Smugglers traffickers they go to Burma and they convince people that they're going to get a job in Thailand because the unemployment in Thailand very low right so and you know in Vermont and also they take you over to Thailand where you going to get a good job right and they smuggle into Thailand and when they get a Thailand instead of actually giving them a good job they sell these people to ship captain boat captains fishing boat captain and they said in the guardian was like 400 lb of 450 Neo British pounds

thousands of people are literally being purchased for like four hundred pounds sterling right and in there on these boats and the theoretically have to work until it's paid back but since they're not paid anything on the boat they can't ever get a VIN never gets paid back and so they sit there and they are they are treated like slaves and if they are beaten and if they try to escape they are beaten and sometimes shot beat the Death work you know every day 7 days like you know sometimes up to you know 20 hours a day if it in horrible conditions are underfed because they were coming until basically until they escaped or they die and they they catch trash fish on these boats and the fish is then taking a shower and soul and converted to fish meal and that fish meal is what sold to the shrimp farms and fed the shrimp so you know the entire industry the shrimp farm

industry is supported on the catch of these trash fish and a lot of the boats that supply that are slave labor end up in the big the big folks you know the big producer there I think CPI think I forget it is doesn't really care one way or the other where the fish meal comes from so if it comes from you know the sweat of slaves and then so be it so I encourage all of you to go online the guardian. UK and look at their expose on that and I did some research it's not anything completely new another word it's not it's not horse crap it's real like a couple of people reported on the same thing and I just kind of shocked you know kind of shocked that that kind of stuff still goes on okay

I'm so Asian I have a 90 square foot apartment kitchen it separated from the rest department now and there's a window in it but obviously there is still a problem solution and take their wet operational system

lot more complicated than you have been just getting an exhaust fan experience with this because in my new in my old kitchen I actually installed an illegal Restaurant Hood right and piped directly out of my window and that work great because the men in my Curry kitchen I have I have an extremely powerful window fan extremely powerful blower that I have to attach with the register right at my window so that looks like a big block and quiet because when buying a fan for ventilation the mistake people make is they get little fans and little fans spent half the spin very very quickly to get the exhaust flow out and the fast

then a fan spins the more irritating and Loud typically the the motor is right so you want if you can to figure out a way to get a larger like a larger fan with a slower-moving blades and also like a decent fan is rated on the decibel level so like they can do a lot of stuff with the geometry of the blades to get fans that have a lot lower noise rating and believe me it's worth spending twice as much on a fan with a lower noise rating hours and trying to hold normal conversations in the kitchen and you know like a bad fan is irritating even like way outside of the kitchen then beyond that you can insulate fans to try and get them but that's a whole separate thing so here's the issue where is your stove in relation to the window

tell me about 6670 from the window to is is that you have a smoke tends to go up right and then because the suction is directly over that hood attempt to gather suck and shoot it out the window so you're actually are only evacuating a fairly small amount of space right so when you're trying to do you're trying to do a whole room even if it's contained now have to contend with the fact that the you have to evacuate that entire room so that the capacity the airflow that you need to get is all the sudden a lot bigger so here's how you can help it right you can get a fan directly in a window right that's going to create some movement away but the issue is it that the smoke is going to go up and then only going to evacuate at the rate that I can evacuate and then it's going to roll over into the other areas of the house just because the fan in the window is not sufficient to create

natural movement of air across out of your window the other houses have the apartments have a natural to them so you need to check to see whether it like like up an apartment can either naturally you know be kind of be sucking air out of the hallway or pushing air into the hallway depending on how the airflow in the building were also you know if you have cross ventilation depending on others lay out of your apartment you could have cross ventilation and naturally wants to go one way or naturally wants to go the other way so you kind of need to figure out what wants to happen in your apartment naturally once you decide to install a window fan

mini me to get are moving out of that window you need to figure out how to get the best Breeze that's floating from the one side of your kitchen towards the window and out so one way you can do that is install a secondary fan like a ceiling fan pointed towards your vent fan and that's going to help create movement such that the entire mass of air wants to move out of your window or you know you might be lucky and have a natural draw out of your window kitchen window any way in which case you go into it into a different room and open a bunch of Windows and making out and that's going to assisted out but it's easy to tell just make some smoke open that window make some smoke and see where it goes right and then try to figure out a way to get it just moving out the window and efficient fashion because it's harder when you're just putting something in the window versus installing a fake Hood now you can install a fake Hood and the reason why it's illegal though it is because I feel First Wok

tanning in the butt to do it but it's a legal because you get a lot of Grease going into the hood and you can have a fire and they're worried about you injecting a fire through event. Out into the into Amino in bed going to catch fire go up and catch the apartment above you on fire with a window fan that's not an issue because if there's not a ducting system that they have to worry about net so there's no rules when you have a window fan vs. the hood really well output thinking of getting an induction heater one induction burner at least but that's enough that you could play bit closer to the window if not next to the window and have a shorter path for the exhaust

220 in your apartment puts out enough power to be better than most right one thing you could do is and you could even make it you know me. Non-permanent if you want is just you know put like a you know above your window she don't want to get rid of light for getting it for god sakes but you can have like at like almost like a little Hood thing over the window that's going to help suck up and out the window it yes cookie writer the window is going to be helpful and then if you have that fan going there like having like like a bonnet over-the-top that captures it that the smoke is it goes up and helps funnel they are out the window might also be helpful otherwise

can enroll in both directions and then you know down new going to lose some you don't I mean fairly easy and you're still going to run into problems when you're using the oven as opposed to the the the range of the best place to look for something like this for me know you don't want to take up too much of the window because then you taking up a lot of the window but if you have to do a lot of never going to use it right so what I would say is that you know that the best benefit ratio benefit to losing window ratio might be by your window is

something like two fans in just want to get the quietest 8in fans that you can and sometimes they even make ones that are like double fan you'll see them in a lot of restaurants will get them and they kind of fake using his ventilation you know like especially it down in my neighborhood like in Chinatown they make a fairly small ones they're not quiet but they're kind of industrial turn on shock mounts so that they're not vibrating like lunatics and they're just big enough that they're don't have that irritating jet jet engine noise that like the little Hood fans do you don't like they have like they look like almost like what are the things called that you have on your desks like that size fan but they're the two of them are mounted on like a like a steel like a steel plate and you mount that steel plate in the top of your window and you kick those suckers on and they move some air

Logan actually a huge problem so I feel like it you know the whole time and just creating smoke in early in like late spring early summer like when you just need to get some air flow in the house you like open the depends on your apartment but you open the bathroom window and they open this guy turn this on. Then you can get a good Breeze through the house you can build up an air flow if it's getting stagnant I use my hood for that sometimes too

yeah and education. There's a smoke detector outside the kitchen on the other side of the wall but it is working well if that's the case then yeah I mean I would just for sound like for a given number of cfm's the smaller the blades that you use to get that level of cfm's the ladder it's going to be so it's but the bigger the blade that you use them or window space you take up and so that's that's kind of the bargain you're going to have to drive it yourself mean yeah well this is it this was super helpful Let It Snow

getting back to your question so fiddleheads from Portland Maine shrimp

Play the song about slave ships inside of slave ships slave shrimp

you never listen to me

I do but that's all I'm going to say maybe later we can get into it

elbow record it was awesome I was always under the impression that fiddleheads for 10 minutes there is no way this little violin with cook for more than 2 minutes before being shot appeared to be an ostrich Fern was definitely not a Bracken is it safe to eat ostrich fiddleheads lightly blanched does pickling or pH play a role I would love to be able to eat ostrich fiddleheads Blanche or is Chris refrigerator pickles with a fresh flavor and texture predominates it seems the bracken fern gave the whole lot of fiddleheads some bad press without thinking over confirmed across the board but there's little information that I can find on the internet PS4 guards Robert Cray PA's who by the way always very good at providing the pronunciation for his name which I would I would not be able to pronounce otherwise

Daniel H I appreciate everyone knows that I cannot pronounce pronunciate when they are fronds first it come out of the ground in the springtime they are curled up and they look like feel that too late for all that stuff in the you in the US maybe I don't know around the world have no idea is a bracken fern right Bracken ferns haven't eaten for tents forever like Native American beaded eating a lot in Asia right the Bracken ferns contain poison and there's several of them is called to call the side right and then there's a huge question of you know and it in different brackenfern populations and maybe even plant a plant within a given population

how many different amounts of the poison they are somewhat water-soluble so they'll each out they can actually leach into groundwater it's well-known that animals that feed on Bracken ferns can have problems you know Britney a pretty bad problems you know a blood anemia problem seems like this I believe it's also carcinogenic although I'm not sure so but now the lot of people eat it all the time so there's a lot of question is whether or not that's a problem now Ostrich Ferns are different from Bracken so the way you can tell an ostrich Fern is a fiddlehead is it there's a huge of the deep u-shaped Groove in an ostrich run so if you think about fiddlehead Stars when you buy in the store like it's in your head the inside a curve of it has like a deep you channel in it right so you gotta see tell when you get an ostrich run fits like that also ostrich Fern fiddlehead aren't Harry and if you're picking them there's like a little scaly thingamajigger over the curly doodle part of the of the fiddlehead

so it's pretty easy to tell whether you have an ostrich Fern or a Bracken when you're when you're getting it now for many many years no one had problems with Ostrich Ferns or at least not that anyone knew of and then there was a case in for of an actual poisoning incident that happened food poisoning incident that happened with ostrich Fern so this is from the from the I believe it's his CDC yeah this is a CDC talking about this original 1994 which was the first time I was able to find any records and everyone points back 1994 as the first time there's any problem with fiddleheads and it goes like this little heads closures of the ostrich Fern are seasonal delicacy we know this already harvested commercially in the Northeast United States and Coastal provinces in Canada although some common ferns may be poisonous or carcinogenic of this species has been considered to be non-toxic

however it May 1994 outbreaks of food poisoning or associated with eating raw or lightly cook fiddlehead ferns in New York in western Canada this report summarizes the investigation so what happened is in 1994 a restaurant in Steuben County New York had an illness among 20 people who had eaten at the restaurant and they determined that it was the people who would eat in these lightly cook fiddleheads they were 16 for a couple of minutes or sauteed in the end then sent out the vast majority of people that hate these fiddleheads got sick and no one who had me at the restaurant. Got sick at all so it's pretty clear that it was this and it wasn't a bacterial problem right and it was very it's like a good news the onset of the illness was not fast very fast I think within a day and also it only lasted for a day and and nobody died right then the same thing happened in Quebec

in 1999 and in Anchorage Alaska in 2010 right so what it appears what everyone seems to say in the literature is there is some sort of there is some sort of toxin it's being produced by some some fiddleheads some Ostrich Ferns right not all but they don't know what it is yet they know that if you cook the hell out of the ostrich Fern that you're not going to have a problem to cook for 10 minutes and no you're not going to have a problem they have no other since they don't know what it is in the ostrich Fern that causes this thing they don't know how to get rid of it right other than by cooking they don't know how to test for it there are no any this all they know is that most of the time a raw ostrich Fern is not going to hurt you and then occasionally you'll get a batch of Ostrich Ferns that if you eat them undercooked leave to a short-lived but nasty case of gastroenteritis but not you know

answer or you know some sort of like you know actual poisoning where you where you know you die or anything like that so it looks like

you know you're kind of on your own there today if you want to eat them raw or lightly cooked or pickled you probably won't have a problem I you didn't when you had it in Portland Maine but you just never know when you're when you're going to get a batch that might cause this kind of an outbreak and like I say it's not as far as they know it's not bacterial in nature so you can't like you know you some other technique to get rid of bacteria so it's an interesting problem and if any of you and still nobody seems to know what the hell's going on with it so

so there you have it so they're going to kick us off pretty soon so I had a question from really getting to get this up we had a question in from a long time Alyssa Nasser right and saying hello Dave and crew I was hoping you might be able to save me some bucks I'll be at the end ice Pokemon a Twitter logo about this on here I'll be eternally grateful to you and cooking issues crew my polyscience immersion circulator the creative series which ones remember that the original one stop heating the water it's only about a year-and-a-half old it only has one year warranty of course and probably science want a tea of course it sucks when your mom would say of course the power's out the pump works perfectly and the icon for heating with look like when it shows up as if it should be in the water but the heater is definitely not actually coming on and he's in the water that any ideas what I can look for to make it work maybe a

do something or should I go ahead and ship it and eat the cost was it he did that what I said to him was an open it look at it and see what was that there is the wire that connects to the heater element was kind of fried and gross-looking and so what I said to him which is true is that a lot of circulators I haven't seen this problem on a modern circulator like a modern like me no less than like 8 9 years old by by the old circulaires have a lot of mechanical Connections in them between wires and things like heaters write a wire is crimped around the heat here's what happens in a high moist environment so if you store your circulator and I'm very moist human environment or if you if your kitchen is extremely humid or you run your circulators in closet even though they are fan to try to keep moisture and are outside of the inside of the circulator when it's running you can get a high moisture environment on the inside of the circular what happens then is that the metal contacts

between what's a the heater and the and the in the heater wire in fuse connector because when they become a resistor and what resistors do when electricity passes up and so will you can get is very very very hot locally hot spot and thick to be hot enough some places to melt fuses at iron burn through wires eventually melt melts Dino the insulation around it and so what you need to do in a situation like that has first of all like take stock of what happened and try to figure out what like why how. To human on the inside of circulator but you have to cut off a section of the wire where it is is is oxidized cuz that part's ruined you don't want to it's hard to solder to it is completely ruined like that cut that part off strip a new section take the old end of the heater where it was all burnt mangle taken nail file and

cover everything else up cuz the last thing you want to do is get a metal filing dust in the inside of your circulatory need to completely cover everything so that violence cannot get into your circulator and you want to take it like a nail file and file for sandpaper the end of the heater so it's bright and clean then you can get a soldering iron and solder cuz that at that part of the heater doesn't get that hot and you can solder onto the Spade terminal it's not the end of the heater you can solder the wire on to it and then wrap some electrical tape or a little heat shrink around it and put it down and once you solder it it will not corrode because I've now made an actual connection error cannot get into no matter what happens and you're good to go so that is how I would solve that problem and on the way out we had a question from a class on the Twitter and it was we find your class cooking issues have you try pulling up vodka vacuum on a Vitamix what is blending is it worth it interesting

using oxidation oxidation and cavitation and also good because a lot of things that you blend like hydrocolloid so this is why I originally did it years ago is it when your blending a hydrocolloid you whip air into it and then you get a vacuum on it or do a lot of stuff to get rid of the air that you blend it in right so yes I've tried to suck a vacuum on a vital prep and here's why it doesn't work less the bearings in a vital prep are not completely airtight Under Pressure there are tight under normal circumstances but when you suck a vacuum on it which is roughly fifteen PSI you suck air and also like whatever nasty crap is in your bearing up through the bottom of the bearing and into the unit so it's not possible to suck a good vacuum on the vital prep if you wanted to you'd have to install a special sealed bearing on a vital prep bottom or buy wood called a vacuum with for vacuum mix I forget vacuole because a dental tool that used to mix and whip plaster for dental moles without introducing any air into it but unfortunately they're small now but

maybe something we can work on something I've always wanted and that's it for this week

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