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you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network I am Dave Arnold your host of cooking issues where you phone in with all of your cooking related questions I'm here today with mustache and a hammer Lopez and we are back in the United States finally right we're we're done with we're done with the majority of our travels we're good now I think so good so call +849-721-282-8718 for 97212 8th and Today Show is brought to you by 360 cookware I wish I knew I guess I'm not familiar with that you can play with 360 cookware stainless steel cookware that is made in America in the greenest cookware manufacturing facility in the country they can be used to make all of your favorite recipes but it also gives the option to cook using Vapor technology was that mean I have to see how that surrounds the food with intense heat lacking in vitamins moisture and flavor without added oil fat or excess water visit our website at 360 for more information

that's what it sounds like sounds like it's steaming it when I hear Vapor technology and cooking and Jenna rice and I think Steve Steve Wright judge take us to call her and then hopefully someday we'll figure out what 360 Vapor Technologies on the air

what is near claims that the the home unit step the food compared to $10,000 restaurant systems at home you can get like a commercial grade one now for I think about fifteen hundred bucks if you really really really nice when it's small it's not as big as a commercial one so you don't have to go spend quite as much money but I think he's referring to is still for those of you out there that have a FoodSaver right which is kind of the normal one there's other manufacturers now but they kind of the ones been around the longest is a FoodSaver vacuum you have to use specialized vacuum bags that have little criss cross lines in them right

and that's just what you have your the FoodSaver and so the problem with those bags is that the way that it sucks vacuum is by using those little lines as straws and literally sucking the vacuum out of it out of the out of the bag the problem is is that basically air is constantly coming out and air pressure is pushing on the bag which force is liquid into those little straws so if you let it run it sucks that the liquid literally sucks the liquid out of the bag like it's a straw and that's probably what he's referring to I don't think he's referring to it drying something out right now that doesn't happen in commercial vacuum machine because in a commercial vacuum machine the bag is inside of a chamber and the whole chamber is evacuated so there's not extra pressure pushing on the outside of the bag while you're sucking the vacuum on the inside so the liquids tend to stay in the bag and sometimes you can boil them because you put a vacuum on something you lower the temperature which is Boyle's I can boil out but if you don't boil it the liquids are going to stay

in the bag because there's no air pressure on the bag while you're sucking the vacuum and that's kind of the key aside from the fact that the food savers vacuum pump isn't nearly as strong as a regular vacuum me a real commercial vacuum that's the fundamental difference and that's why a chamber machine is so useful as compared to a machine that just sucks a vacuum on the bag itself that make make sense is there a way that you can certify ball it and make sure you can use something like this here's a good news right so I haven't had a FoodSaver it broke but I almost always use it to seal potato chip bags or if you're going to serve say something for a long time in the freezer it's really good if you have to use a FoodSaver to bag sauce has a lot of people will freeze the sausage first and then put

it's frozen so they won't get sucked up at at to me that's kind of a pain in the pain in the rear I tend to do most of my work just using Ziploc bags with a lot of things like this that you're going to work with fish right did you get to work with fish you don't really want to suck hard vacuum Monica tends to hurt the texture of the fish right or or even chicken if you suck a hard vacuum on a chicken it tends to make it taste more like a canned chicken when it's cooked for some reason I don't really know the reason why it's just test after test we seen this we seen this happening so 90% of the time when I'm cooking at home actually the basic 100% less I'm doing eggs I put my stuff in a ziplock bag and it's extremely easy to learn the technique to pack very effectively in a ziplock there's there's pictures on on cooking issues. Com but briefly what you do is you you seal the entire bag you put some liquid in my usual oil or butter whatever or a sauce if you're doing something like that you seal the bag and you leave just you put your finger in the top where it's not sealed 1 sections and seal the rest of sealed and then you put the bag

underwater as you put the bag under water the water displaces the air and right before the bag sinks underneath the liquid entirely you snip the last little bit close you press the clothes and it works great I mean I wouldn't use it on very very very high temps because of the Ziploc bags aren't meant to get all the way to the boil but form 90% of what you're doing or more it's a really good technique and doesn't require any sort of equipment and and handle sauce is very very well so I moved quite a long time ago to that kind of a technique at home instead of using using a FoodSaver which makes an excellent potato chip sealer by the way I mean I don't know if that's another thing if you have that date that polyscience here's one little one will know what I'll give you a because if you're at home you might not have this problem but you know we've been using the new circulator at the at the school at the French culinary for quite a while and under the use of a bunch of people who aren't necessarily trained to use it one of the main problems we've had with the new unit is people have set the offset okay so if you noticed on the new circulator if you

press the button you can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius there's a but the next thing after that is something called the offset and I've had a bunch of chefs turn the offset like two and three degrees because they thought they were setting the temperature and then the circulator is off by two or three degrees and it's not that there's anything wrong with the circulator it's just a people have it's too easy for them to to mess with the offset so if anyone plays around with your circulator make sure they put the offset back to zero the best thing to do is to is to put your new circulator into it ice water bath with lots of ice and water letter like set it to -10 Celsius or something like that just so that it doesn't want to heat the bath let it run for like 10 minutes and then you can see exactly how far off of zero is there within a half a degree always but you can set the offset bend down or up to exactly calibrated to zero and then we'll be dead dead perfect forever as long as no one messes with the offset this is helpful at all or no

listen to take thanks for calling and you know call back any anytime if you want more advice on on on bagging we love we love backing riding session so we have another question in and it's from Michael Griffiths was actually at the Harold McGee lecture series last week and I was horribly or two weeks ago I was horribly horribly horribly sick like I don't know I've never kind of been chills like a horrible like that it turns out that if you expel everything out of your body for like days and days without being able to take anything in that you lose some of your you lose the enzymes you lose the weight of the enzymes that allow you to eat to digest lactose right so you know I now know

play very temporarily I know what it's like to be lactose intolerant of sucks that really sucks I'll never make fun of someone for it again because it really sucks you know any who was very sick I wasn't at my best are in the class in fact I had to leave a couple hours early just because you know that they shaking shaking and chills and you know it's a little much with it this data space heater fire directly underneath me and have me wrapped in like three three sets of code so that my body doesn't regulate temperature is just a nightmare but unfortunately I didn't get to set up the rotary evaporator and Michael really want to see the rotary evaporator and it didn't get set up because I wasn't there and there was a seal missing and so was never able to get work properly I apologize Michael if you're ever in the in the neighborhood I owe you a rotovap demo and not your fault mean like I wasn't there I wasn't available but will show you how to fire up the road of that it's it's one of those things where if you if you're not familiar with every single part of the rotary evaporator for those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about rotary evaporator is

laboratory equipment that the vacuum store where I should demoing 1 tomorrow on the Martha Stewart show yes we'll talk more about that later but you need to know what every single part does and if it if you're just kind of remembering instead of like knowing intimately every part it's an almost impossible to set up properly but I'll do it for you if you're ever in the neighborhood and I happen to be in the neighborhood and fire it to go to bed the same time but he has an actual question to actually one is about parsnips so he juices Champion parsnips in the champion juicer to Champion juicer for those of you that don't know it's a it's a great little juicer it doesn't do situation doesn't do wheatgrass but it's basically got these little teeth that spin and it just matches the juice all the heck smashes fruit or whatever vegetables all the heck and then presses the juice through a screen and then that the pulp which is fairly dry you can run it again if it's not comes out the front I love the champion we juice apple is all day long and not saying with juice carrots and that thing Ginger horseradish Beetlejuice most anyting

so is he choosing parsnips in it and he's taking the juice needs heating it and then it's all the sudden thickening up and I'm guaranteeing I'm not guarantee my guess is it the reason it's taking up is at Parsons actually contain starch in them and so if you're taking the juice and heating it you're probably functionalize in the starch is my guess and it's sticking up just like just like a starch would that mean that's just my my guess is why you are some contain a lot of starch and approve it like if you store in for a long time they get sweeter because it starts with being converted to Sugar so if you have a part that was not very sweet it's going to have a proportionately higher amount of starch in it and I guess depending on how your juicing it or how much this thing is being broken up by the two so you're going to get more or less of that starch in the juice I don't know if you're adding the pulp back to it either to to add that but there's definitely going to be some free starch in there that it is you're not functional eyes until it's been here in boiled then it's going to take a nap this is my guess another question I will take this before we go off in into brake and he has a question about

using agar and marshmallows so a lot of people actually interested and by the way is for those of you that don't know what is my favorite hydrocolloid my favorite kind of gelling agent I love an Agora because it's easily available at Sino completely natural venues for like a bazillion years and it's extremely versatile I love it I Quit teaching a class where I'm going to do a whole bunch of a cartrix this Thursday and Friday we're doing a hydrocolloid is it that the S so anyway so the Holy Grail about for a lot of people are vegetarian marshmallows and and so typically that marshmallow we made with gelatin or mixture gelatin egg whites provide the following the gelatin said stand that provides the structure for the marshmallow and so is question is is substituting agar in instead of gelatin and I would not do that I would not use agar agar agar is very porous and tends to have a lot of syneresis a lot of a lot of weeping in it typically people use mixtures of carrageenan which of the symbol

gelling agent and locust bean gum which provide so when you it take carrageenan Kappa carrageenan is much different kind when you take Kappa carrageenan which is very brittle right but also you know is under construction and then you mix it with locust bean gum another classic all-natural it's going to seed and you mix that the locust bean gum softens the carrageenan and makes it somewhat gelatin-like and so there's very specific mixtures of Kappa carrageenan and possibly other types of carrageenan and locust bean gum that are manufactured specifically to make marshmallows and they're made by the CP Kelco Corporation ascp k e l c o and a one that they make specifically for marshmallows is genuine teen g e n u t i n e Jan euten x9303 and I believe it's available through the sanctuaries website or Los Angeles website out in California and if not

you can contact CP Kelco directly and find a source for it but that is a special carrageenan mix it's made the function just like gelatin in a marshmallow and it should whip up without any problems we go to the hydrocolloid primer section of the of our blog cooking issues there's a little discussion of people done on vegetarian marshmallows it might also be a cop anyway questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

you were listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network calling all of your cooking related questions technical or not to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 going to be here for another second or so so you still have time to call okay so here's a question a couple of weeks ago I waxed rhapsodic parody about the wonders of fresh tofu and Derek has made it himself but encountered two big problems when he's eating the ground soy beans to make soy milk makes your phone's up an absurd amount and contain the mess with problematic yeah I to have this problem at home absurd message but for many many reasons not just for making tofu cooking in small batches made it more manageable but also more time consuming any tricks for controlling the phone

I think I said message before the book to get on tofu is the book of tofu by William shurtleff and Akiko I I I can't pronounce your name by probably be such a moron anyway I happen to have it in front of me cuz I was re-reading it and trying to figure out all your problems I think I found out your problem when you're making here's the process of tofu for those of you that don't that don't know making tofu you need to go first of all go make your own tofu if you want a highly highly technical tofu Source actually Nathan myhrvold book when it's coming out Nathan myhrvold and Chris Young Bae Uber checkbook it's coming out very soon like that the textbook to End All Tech books has a huge section on tofu and also on tofu like curds and other things like from peanuts I believe from edamame In from from a new thing so that did it dads get like when that comes out of the Revolutionary tofu tofu Curtis to end all tofu curd like book

I think but in the meantime I will I will tell you this so what you do is you take soy beans right you know hopefully relatively good quality soybeans in R22 old you want to soak them for 8 to 10 hours you break them open you look at the inside to verify that they soak through but had over so bright and it usually is about a cup and a half which is what you know the short life book recommends then you're going to blend those with with very hot water in a blender right then you're going to add that to more water and heat it right until it just gets to the boil you're not going to boil it with all the pulp in it then you're going to pour out that you're going to get a sack like Claude then you going to pour the that entire mix it's got that it's got the you know the pulp and the land is soy milk into a sack and press it out and you going to remoisten that you know the stuff is left over which is called Oak RI that's like the holes in the salads right remix that with some more hot water bring her up to a boil and then and then pour

part back out again to get the the the soy milk out and then then you boil the milk to kill you no kill all the enzymes had to prevent you from from using all the all the protein if you try and boil it with it with the actual car in it with the pulp in it I think you're going to have a horrible boiling mess problems are probably going to get a car you know boiled and stuck on the bottom of your pots going to be at King Hill Nest so what I typically do with little bit different from what they do in the it cuz in the book they're very concerned about energy consumption with your smart because this guy is very very concerned about all this kind of stuff but in general I have about 7 and 1/2 cups of water that you bring your you keep it hot as basically almost at the boil and then you have another pot with another like 8 cups of water by boiling in it and it just going to sit there and boil and so we could do is you'll take you'll take like a half of the soybeans that you're going to have so we can start with a cup and a half of increased by the episodes and you blend that with two cups of water out of the out of the boiler

water pot blend the hell out of it hopefully Nevada Prep then poured into the pot with 7 and 1/2 cups then blend another batch of soybeans with 2 cups water pour it in take a half a cup of that boiling water rinse out your blender pour it in right bring that whole thing to a boil then drain it off press out the O Cara mix another three cups of the boiling water they have left over with your car out to get the rest out squeeze it again and then you have about a cup left over to use with your solidifier now and he also had problems using the Garena gauri is the traditional Japanese solidifier that uses basically a derivative of seawater it's not the sodium chloride to take the sodium chloride off of the sea water and then all the other calcium and magnesium salts that are left over and it will you make the den nagari out of and you can buy nagari a bunch of different ways you can buy does a liquid you can buy it as a solid I have to say this I have not had that good luck with nagari myself I would say you probably I don't know what you're using but in our in the batch size that I do is start with a cup and a half of soybeans end up with about 15

15 cups of water added to it when they recommend using like 2 and 1/2 to 4 teaspoons of vinegar to paint with using solid or or the liquid but I use epsom salts which I really like even though apparently I'm a Philistine jerk like more on for liking epsom salt do you can just go into Duane Reade or CVS Whatever by Epsom salts don't use too much of a cooked a laxative I use a 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate awesome stuff you can also use calcium chloride which all of you hydrocolloid fans probably have sitting around even though it tastes horrible it's not going to be that noticeable in there in the final batch I would use also about two teaspoons of that or two teaspoons of magnesium chloride which is going to take nearly as bad as a calcium chloride and you can use any one of those things I really had no luck using acid to make it the other people other people have and you didn't want to put it in in several stages Hiester some in and then you pour some of the top let it sit and it takes minutes for the Coeur de form moving going to want to do is when you're getting the

courage you going to want to press down on them and get the way out don't try to add you take too much you're going to break the courage up into tiny things and it's going to be a nightmare and all hell's going to break loose so I hope that my mom buys tofu my dad won't eat it cuz he's like a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy so with the best recipe you have with Sophia I tend to just want to eat it because you put a lot of work into it and it's delicious I hate I hate the idea of taking tofu and making it into some fake other crap in the problem with most hopeful that you buy unless you're going to a like a like a high-quality tofu shop where they're making their tofu everyday is it the tofu has been soaked in so much water is saying they're in water that all of the actual flavor of the soybean has been leached out of it and it's basically worthless you know when you're making your own tofu you have nothing to offend anyone. It's worthless you want me to just is not for me like I never use it I never buy it like I like making tofu and using it but I never buy when you make it yourself

you can you can use in a you can keep it like a cloud tofu it's not pressed at all which is amazing and soups like Korean soups then I weigh at the delicious you know what I mean you can make a very soft tofu you can make a firmer tofu you can make stuff into the tofu and set it but for me the main key is that you haven't completely gotten rid of all the the original way that's in there and there's no extra added flavorless water that leaves out what flavor has does tofu has a really delicate amazing flavor when it's used when it's when it's made fresh in its use just isn't I literally like I can't I never have enough to use in recipes cuz I'm always just knew cutting it and then eating it with Micah an amazing dipping sauce but you know if you're going to buy tofutti on Friday hell out of it and it's going to help you know a man that's going to help you know I don't know what the cat she can make it yeah making tofu is amazing it and it shows you it shows you the kind of what you can do and that's really it I just don't

I had it don't much like the tofu that you buy in the store like I just can't I mean I can eat it when it's you know chopped up and put into things but I'm never like store bought tofu that's amazing if we can't wait to have another thing of store-bought tofu after enough media horror stories I've started grinding my own meat essentially all the time for any recipe that calls for ground beef you have a you have great you know stick-to-itiveness inpatient think that's kind of a pain in the butt hole at your meat grinder every time you going to make me I have one problem on a relatively frequent basis I get small bone chips even after very thorough trimming is there any systematic way to avoid this okay

first of all notes on notes on me when you're grinding your own meat obviously you want to make sure that the Cutters are sharpened don't know whether using hand grinder or the KitchenAid attachment right but you want to make sure the cutter stay sharp otherwise you're going to be passing out and and hurting you know bass bass be pacing out the fat and overheating when it's going in another thing is you're going to want to cut any kind of send you anything you don't want to eat out in general because it's not going to be pleasant and sometimes it gets stuck in the grinder as it goes through sets that's also bad 3rd when you're grinding meat you're going to want to and I haven't answered the question got to realize that third when you're grinding meat you're going to want it almost parfrey's it right so that so that the texture stays good when it freezes who you want to like not frozen solid but basically we're just starts to feel stiff and almost got a little bit of a crunch on the outside starts to freeze freeze it harder than that you feel you're going to have much better results straight off the bat right now some people pass it through twice really depends on that technique are using what kind of tech

do you want what do you need to pass it through once or twice but those are the basics of it I think the main problem people have I know you say you're doing a thorough trimming is not trimming the meat properly if you're putting just big chunks of meat in and you're in the sinews going in and cartilage is going and you're not going to have a good product so I think trimming it before you grind it is the most important thing you can do trimming into the pieces then put those pieces on a sheet tray put them in the freezer parfrey's and then grind them that's the way to get good results also remember please make sure to thoroughly clean your hand sanitizer meat grinder so nothing gets in there because the otherwise you're introducing the same problem that you could get in commercially ground meat now ask for bones best if you're buying meat that was cut on a bandsaw write like you're buying like just chunks of beef that were put on a bandsaw and then trimming there's always the possibility cuz I don't know what kind of meat you using right but it's always a possibility that you'll get a little piece of like trying bone or something in

it's very hard to see now you could when you trim trim the pieces before you grind them in before you freeze them down to get to grind them if you trim all the pieces down and feel all over them you know just rub your fingers all around them you'll be able to feel if there's any sort of any sort of chips but one way to do it is to buy if you're buying whole muscle Cuts right leg whole pieces to to grind in trimming them into the into the Peace of yourself before you grind them that's the way to avoid a lot of phones because you can see if someone's cut through friend seems like the spine or something like that or they see it like a lot of buildings you can see the entire structure of the phone and it's going to be a lot easier to cut all of those pieces out and trim down there it's going to be if someone just takes meat and puts it in a band saw and it's hard to tell with the bone structure in the muscle structure is right chest the first thing to do and it also gives you like a real sense for the quality of the meat that you're using because you're going to be chopping it into strips yourself cuz that's when I grind

what I'm doing and I don't have problems with phone chip so I'm assuming items assuming that you're buying pre-cut me so I like stew meat that's been like put through a band saw and that's always there's always a slight chance if someone's going to get a bone chip and what do you think this Tasha for 97218. To 128 cooking issues

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welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network calling all of your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you live from Roberta's pizza Bushwick Brooklyn that tomorrow is a big day we're going to be on Martha about someone's going to be on talking to her right yeah baby we need somebody to run it seems physically needs to run the machine while I'm there people out there who are thinking of getting rid of that it does not run itself Oaks machine does not run itself and we're doing a live segment tomorrow which is going to include we're going to carbonate we're going to be doing a gin and tonic where we were actually pretty cool that we're going to take up some of those that you out there that have access to liquid nitrogen kudos to you if not get yourself access to liquid nitrogen is in a maze

amazing material so we're going to take we're going to take blood oranges cousins. Just fascinated with blood oranges and we're going to use an enzyme pectinex SPL our favorite Miracle enzyme and we're going to chemically Supreme the the the blood oranges in the reason to do that is because you surprised me by the way for those of you that are hip hip to the fact right side with the supreming is basically where you you cut the peel off and then you and then you slice that you don't you only have the little little vesicles little pitchy don't have any of the any of the what's it called the membrane that's the problem with supreming a blood oranges if you have a blood orange taking a leak everywhere we don't want any leakage cuz we don't want the we want the drink to stay perfectly clear we don't want any blood orange juice leaking out of the things we're not going to surprise them normally I'm going to use pectin xspl our favorite pectin hemicellulose breaking down enzyme we got the same one we used to make french fries in the same one we use more clear

buying any any damn fruit juice right we just we we go through SPL like 10 of the world's coming and you can buy from cooking you should. Com yes or no is the miracle enzyme the guys at novozymes to make it they admitted it's a miracle enzyme that connects SPL and chemically Supreme it so that we don't have to if we can get rid of all the membranes without actually touching you with a knife the the blood orange and then we're going to put that in liquid nitrogen and freeze it solid what what happens there is is that when you freeze a citrus in liquid nitrogen and then really hard and then you hit it with a rolling pin are all the little juice vesicles littlepip break apart and they stay home and they're not broken and then you can use them as a garnish which is what we're going to do so we're basically going to pour a gin and tonic over a bunch of these are frozen bloodworms days and we try to yesterday it's pretty it's pretty darn cool pretty pretty good lookin at

good and Donley bartender friend of ours Donley suggested we call it Jin sack sack after the Korean Sac Sac puppy drink 6 anyway so going to do that we're going to run the rotary evaporator live which I believe for a live show pre-recorded we ran it like it was like but it was pre-recorded so anyway so I will get to have the fun of running a rotary evaporator I think we're going to do we normally just got some peanuts were going to do Bourbon and peanuts cuz they're good Folks at makers marks I just hold on we're going to do some set Iasi infusion with cocoa nibs at least that's what I think about it we'll see what is a parish down but anyway that's what that's what we going to work on speaking of Paris I know I spoke about this before I don't want to get too into it because I know I spoke to me before I don't want to bore the hell out of you guys but this I haven't I need help on this obviously the two pairs that mustache and I tasted that were like

the right one was nurrenbern n a r u n b a r u n right it's in the list of stuff at the brodale which is the miracle fruit collection in Canton assassin I visited a couple weeks ago run is the pair that it eats like a pear it's juicy like a pear it's has no astringency whatsoever and has the aroma and taste of a quince it's a miracle pair sucker is Miracle however it is nowhere else to be found I could not find any other collections it had it I couldn't find any references to it if anyone out there we've gotten in touch with the the Agricultural Extension that Dove the germplasm library for pears in the US which is in Corvallis Oregon we haven't heard back from them yet but if any of you have any knowledge of this pair or any other pair that tastes like and smells like a quince but has no astringency please get in touch with us because I'm Desperately Seeking this it's a miracle pair how do you spell it n a r n a r u n new word

a-are you end the run for run I think it's derived from Turkish meeting like like awesome sent to me like that I think it live in Turkey in Turkish I think it means like awesome sent or graceful sent or something like that the other pair that we can't seem to find it was delicious was Nimrod and I know it sounds like you like like a moron like nimrood but it was right there on the thing and it will put pictures on cuz I got to put the parapost up soon. Willing tasted like candy the pear tasted like candy so we want anyone to find used to help us also we were working on a new project when we've actually working on before they were extremely extremely excited about and it's not technically a technical writer at all and they can we try to make it technically really but we couldn't is a dragon's beard candy so for those you out there who don't know anything about dragon's beard candy

what you what you're basically doing is it hand-pulled cotton candy and so what you do is you cook a mixture of sugar technically they would use maltose that Chinese recipe that seeing you is maltose but you can just use a little bit of corn syrup sell like 4 I think we did like a kilo of sugar and like a hundred two hundred grams of corn syrup like a teaspoon of vinegar which helps convert to sugar even more so that you're not going to get too much crystallization problem water you cook the whole thing up to about a hundred and thirty-three Celsius right to pull it off at like a hundred thirty-two it's going to rise up and then you let it cool down you said it into kind of hockey puck shapes right then after it sets into a hockey puck shape hard U new kit for like 10 seconds to make it pliable again and then you forming into a donut and then ask it after you form into a donut U-Pull-It

in your hands keeping it very even and you keep dredging it in we use cornstarch you can use rice flour use cornstarch you keep dredging and in this and then flipping it as a figure 8 and and basically every time you flip it figure out and put it back into a circle again and keep pulling it you're doubling the number of strands so we do this like like 13 14 * which is like you know to to the Thirteen thousandths of a strat threads by the time you're done hence dragonspear because it looks like a little like threads of canned stuff is amazing stuff is awesome. No Fantastico textured totally different from from cotton candy trick is ever going to put it up on the Block a trick is pulling it the right way and so you can look on Fitness videos on the web a guy named. Peter Pan am not making it up Peter pan pan G has a and it's his recipe that we use basically he has a thing where you can see it there's a bunch of things that you look up dragon's beard on the internet that you can see

people doing this but they don't really tell you the key here is the key to it to do it to do it right is basically the front hand and you have to look on the on the website to put the front and hold still the back hand holds the candy and then you were you reverse grip it again and put that's the that's the trick if you really whenever it's just any chef by the way it's not just with dragon's beard I almost always ignore everything that a chef is saying because a lot of times it's wrong and I spent all of my time focusing on their hands like how it how are their hands connected to the food how is their hand connected to the knife like for instance like learning soba I was going to show the class was so busy no buckwheat noodle and I was at a show of a class once and everyone was looking at the chefs face while the chef was sitting there cutting the the noodles by hand cuz he was with him with a special night useless why you can look at the guy's face the guy's face doesn't cut noodles you want to meet the guys hand-cut noodles so you want to sit there and like watch watch the dude's hand and that's how you learn anything it's the same thing with the dragon spear the only way

we were able to get some more proficient is not by the instructions are on the web cuz they're basically useless it's it's watching their hand and see what's happening and then practicing. That's the good news. The bad news is that we let you know I kind of like my job is a tech guy right there she is I fear we going to take it up it sounds like a pan before I start some cheating so and I don't tell anyone and sorbitan by the way will you answer tapioca maltodextrin and you want to make a powder out of an oil don't know how many times I said it to people do not say just tapioca maltodextrin safe and tapioca maltodextrin from the national start Corporation because no other tapioca maltodextrin will make a powder out of an oil that said I said a million times yes

oil with tapioca maltodextrin and then cut it with cornstarch and the texture wasn't good right and then we tried I had such high hopes for this week which is delicious in Chinatown it had it had almond and a little bit of bitter almond in it so it tasted like an Amaretto cookie the flower did great stuff by itself with them bought like some really expensive freeze dried raspberries and Blended them with the almond flour to make a powder put it through a sieve so it's nice and fine and then we dragged the the dragon's beard as we were making instead of through cornstarch to that stuff and it looked amazing taste amazing texture sucked texture was terrible it was not nearly as good right kind of unfortunate so if any of you guys out there have a some sort of tech needed to do this and to take it out then I can start demoing it like up down left and right because that stuff is super super delicious

sight of what post was supposed to be working on the Block this Thursday and Friday but it's already totally full cuz it's maxed out at 7:12, it's maxed out at 17 she got to sign up sign up for the next one so here are the post I'm going to pretend that I'm doing very soon but we need to get it done by the way we've done a lot of tests recently on kombu kombu is delicious someone's got to keep me honest we've done a lot a lot of interesting work with, you are a good friend u g a haraguchi at the true World foods are Japanese Mega supplier sent us some amazing combo with tasted from the top from the bottom from the center a different concentration so it's really building on our old post on, but you can check out I love myself and that obviously do the pair of post someday I have to get back and finish those low temperature cooking things right for the most recent country ham I love

can country ham one of us sponsors actually varsho is s Wallace Edwards who makes one of the finest country hams here in the United States we had from the manufacturer in Kentucky that was actually just bought recently a couple years ago by someone but who's kept all the old techniques at the Robertsons use and Robertson's are still there during country hands but I encourage everyone to buy more American country ham and just please please do not buy you can cook it if you have to don't over cook a country ham and better yet don't cook it at all slicing on a meat slicer and serve it like prosciutto so who your country ham tryout s Wallace Edwards tryout finchville Farms tryout Colonel Newsome's out of Kentucky trial in Benton out of out of Tennessee Tri Burgers Smokehouse which makes a bunch of commodity hands also makes a really delicious

what is ether have a fresh ham is a fresh is a fresh ham like God wants him to be cured he especially wants him to be cured into country hams and are dry cured hams like this is like like if your pig is going to die right you're going to kill a pig right pigs are smart and they're friendly they are amazing creatures you're going to kill this pig because it's so delicious like you owe it to the pig to make the the ham into a dry cured country ham seriously like it's like the height of what can happen to a pig and a height of what can happen to me that's my feeling about it thank you this is been cooking issues and will see you again next week

even listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network and today at 3 p.m. there will be a live episode of the food scene on Heritage Radio Network. Com Ian hour spent nearly a decade cooking and gourmets text Test Kitchen catered For in the garden and the Barefoot Contessa herself and now is writing a cookbook for Houghton Mifflin based on being a big-city Country Boy again tune into the food scene on Heritage Radio Network. Com every Tuesday 3 p.m. and right now we're running a promotion where you The Listener and win 5 Porterhouse pork chops all you need to do is send me an email at info at Heritage Radio Network. Com or follow us on Twitter at HR and update send me a message the first person to contact me with the code word vivid salad will win 5 Porterhouse pork chops from Heritage Foods USA again you've been listening to the Heritage Radio Network thanks for tuning in

now in muffin tin