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network from DC but live in New York City and take the Subways and don't have your MetroCard automatically renewed for you there's a happens when you go to the machine. I want to MetroCard right right and then it says okay you know what do you want to do you put the card in eventually act like 18 key prizes inside well what do you want to do this card I want to put money on a subway

and then like I never use a credit card in the first wife so stars and I are classic joke is is that the person program you should have put things that have you met your friend yet have you miss your train yet have I now now now you missed it the damn thing out and I see the other one specific Subway that will get me here on time and I saw I saw it on the backside how they close the front in the back of my fault but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see everyone no offense if the person who programs you if you'd or a lady I guess person who is Kylie Jenner neutral for me write a MetroCard into the machine

MetroCard in just accepted just accept it and then wait a minute this MetroCard is a metro card that has money on it and I'm not making a joke but yours near you have the only subway station that's upstairs. Ways like killing the snow both ways we go from here the radio station jack how you doing what happened to save that for after the break all right so I went in the past two times

in the entire five years or 3-4 years that we've been working to get it when you got it the first time you were genuinely happy and well this accounts for happy for someone else if I see her happy for other people and this one so this is entirely my fault go to Williams & Williams College before and interesting thing about that Jack everybody was College ever hang out there if we go at it is that the students who are there are the undergrad get to do a lot of stuff ratchet works at University of Munich care about you when you're in the class obviously but you know The Graduate students are more important than undergrad from this point of view

Fishers care about the undergrad C's undergrad got to do some pretty cool stuff anyways so I did a lecture there so here's a story that. I guess Prime Jack and that is I'm driving for like 3 hours and I don't know what the hell I know we were both so this is the New York New York food Book Festival or whatever it's called Festival of food books book and Food Fest book fair in Brooklyn at the Wythe hotel know what time it is yet since you're going to do know if it's a noontime and and the subject is genetically modified organisms and their place in food

Jack or no I don't know a little bit. Org can you purchase so hard for me so hard for me we did the last one on the soda ban in this one is on genetics like generally on genetically modified organisms in the food chain and I am so sorry that I cannot throw my two cents in the difficult thing a surprisingly is it was more difficult for us to get we thought it would be extremely easy for us to get kind of anti-gmo people on we have only really one kind of Hardcore anti-gmo person and then you know kind of like a couple to that are vehement Lee Pro and one that's just kind of more in the end but we're hoping to get that we have some questions in from you know outside folk that are you know that are very adequately the whole idea is we want to have a reason to be

low side not just at Neosho one side of the other around it because it's not so black-and-white are supporting or against necessarily specifically on a transgenic like editions of genes from different species or even different you know the whole categories thing into something for specific traits so friends dance ability to the ability to resist Roundup rights against Roundup Ready things right which is an herbicide for the ability to create its own pest resistance without the need for pesticides it seems to me to be

do whatever or increase yield or theoretical you could increase nutritional value things like the new golden rice that has a heart but it seems to me that there's a bunch of different Arguments for the harm of it and other than the moral arguments like the actual safety that there's also economic arguments right but if your argument is against the safety of it right there are things that we do to plants that are much more dangerous from the standpoint of creating possible allergens right in the food system Force mutation through the application of ionizing radiation right which is like you know of has been since the atomic age has been you know a method for inducing rapid change in things like corn for instance write the radiator has a boatload of seeds some of them have mutations some of them are useful or very few of them are useful the rest gets thrown away

and you can get new things this week much higher potential according to studies I've read for possible new allergens in weird crap happening with that sort of mutation then when you're taking a targeted Gene that you know what it does already and you didn't you understand anyway but like that requires no label it no one saying that we should go label those kinds of season on the table not even considered a genetically modified organism it just seems to me that like the frame all of GM OS kind of one thing under one tenth of sun for one reason with one set of goods and one set of arms is kind of silly know Jackie with me I know anyways I like how you like squeezing in all your opinions because you can't give them as your moderating the panel you like that I don't know why I forget my luggage is my luggage is is filled with crap for demos like Co

2 + clothing and I liked it so I'm willing to luggage and we can do It Old Skool Piper where we had an open can of propane at that was left on nearly burn his hair off member that is awesome he is my luggage because I always carry everything I always carry everything starts my right I carry every freaking thing so so like Peter for some reason thinks he's going to help me out so he starts really my luggage so I forgot I had it because my clothes aren't in it you know what I mean and I'm not carrying it so it doesn't exist right so I go to my room I've been driving for like 3 and 1/2 hours we're about to leave so I can I go and I forget to shut my door behind me it's giant room by the way we can set up some of these giant rooms and I forgot to shut the door behind me I have no clothes or something I go into the bathroom

Peter and Stiles come to bring my luggage we didn't need to bring me because I was going to take it to the demo anyway because I was stuck to the Demos in it and then I see them out there like de what's up I'm going to call me on my leave the luggage and shut the door and then there's a whole way right hand but here's a Peter heer's Closer Closer why would I say closer that's crazy so

so can you start snowing right I see a movie and closer with the guy leaving the door open maybe something's wrong with them maybe he's dead I don't know maybe he went back inside or whatever and then here leave their luggage close the door

anyways so and not that little just to give you an idea of nastasha that little or being on the toilet and having anyone hear him or see him I don't like I like I only like my restroom in my house which right now is buried in the very back corner of the house and my wife and I we have our own under the kids chair nothing it's like you know it's like my little castle area I don't want to be bothered irritated spoken to

I made one error and then completely compounded out of all reason

call Natasha 270-410-7128 that's 787-2128 at the at the book vessel and I recommend checking out because you know what I like me some books about food like with some food books. Do you like some food books do you like do you like gruppo pizza is super thin Cracker Crust Pizza on now I like I just love Chicago-style pizza when was so how have you been to Chicago flight been together this long I have no idea that you like this kind of pizza in Chicago

don't know they're like ashamed of it they're like the people I've spoken to their the locals there like a shame I guess because they think look like when I was a kid people used to say pizza in New York until about 10 years ago sucked suck hard it was bad in there was like four five places that made really really good versions of like old school American New York Pizza that I liked you know what I mean like I like me I like them all these I like Lombardi's like all that stuff you know I guess our chores are for getting a bunch of people I'm sure but like you know like us actually kicking any sort of but in the pizza world really is only the past 10 years you know but it I've never heard someone say that know they're like you know what I really like none of this crap I really am t o p in the deep dish that you know if I had to get like an Anon restaurant or artisanal pizza or whatever I probably go to Pizzeria Uno 2

never been to Pizzeria Uno is that similar to a Pizza Hut style like no offense to Pizza Hut no offense couple of episodes knows what I feel about Subway and their new flat piece of crap someone sent me that there's a new chain that's going to come out with a pizza cake yeah it's like eight layers of pizza deep-dish but it's like deep for me like the first of all people listen people people people deep dish pizza works for one reason only it's not like a crust if bread it's freaking bread right right and when you make a deep dish pizza and I know this because even though I'm not a consumer of deep dish pizza I did deliver Domino's Pizza for a whole summer summer

Andy plates on it says you know I was 60 miles an hour all the time this was back when they used to actually still guaranteed delivery times and like they would tell the drivers listen don't speak don't break any traffic regulations and get the freaking people there on time get it there on time and then give you like three pieces to do in one-run I was never late this is acting like this is why they anyways pre-baked o suckers and that's how you get them to work by pre-baking the deepest thing and then adding the stuff so you get a lair Vape red you don't have that nasty soggy nonsense in the where the topping meets the meatzza pizza sauce against wasn't so you like the grease spray that they put on the bottom of those pants to get the deep dish stuffed if they do that in Chicago they had like a layer of guns

so the point is that if you're doing it in a big cake format how to cook right unless you cook them all individually like flash cook them then layer them but even like an old-school like an Italian like a pastitsio like that by Cito rabbit pie with like the race is on and stuff I can do jellies old book like I don't think that has lots of puff pastry dough layers in the middle of it doesn't I don't think so but I'm willing to try out who wants to eat pizza with a fork except Bill de Blasio mix no yes moped is having its second blowout benefit on Wednesday the 7th which is a Thursday

yes May 7th and we have an incredible series of shows coming in and there are still tickets available to go to Lowes. Org you guys wish you would go through and stupidly only charge $250 for a value on that was crazy with the dumbest people

what the hell I got some time for one day you don't need a freaking awning is right now for the winter vestibule. They still have the right equipment of the get rid of the red is it everything is kind of like this would love to put together with kind of like with duct tape and I'll just get some Tinker Toys right so when you walk in to prevent the wind from like killing everyone at the front they have a ratty curtain which you know it was nice probably when it started

turn ready and they kept it and I was kind of the charm been so they kept the ready curtain and dad at the festival was up with it any thoughts Jack people waiting for Mike Booker and Dax like that what's a hippie to a second so we ever get the questions are on the show and I came across this this paper which I will just redo the abstract up because if you're like me you really out of a abstract of Articles and I like a section review articles but somehow this one captured my attention so I'm going to be two applications and function of food-grade phosphates by Lucci in Olympia

Louisiana Tigre college program LSU Ag Center Baton Rouge Louisiana great phosphates are used in the production of food to function as buffers sequestrants acidulant bases flavors precipitance and as free flow anti-caking or ionic estate agents the actions of phosphates affect the chemical leavening of cakes cookies pancakes muffins and doughnuts the even melt a processed cheese the structure of a Frankfurter Define in hydration of Delicatessen meets the fluidity of the light color of par fry potato strips hell yeah that is nautical I want to read about me some phosphate that's selling the phosphates my right jack hell yeah

images phosphates to make more acidic to make them more basic it's like all of those kind of like a review article like I like a review article go check out lucchino lamp Heelers application two functions of food-grade phosphates available at any major academic library near you review paper like that now but how to draw something in Translation so if I were to ask you what a chicken is stars in Jack's chicken is

overdone nor the remains of Adam now that's what I like that's what I thought they meant I spent chicken is a chicken has been laying eggs for like you know it's entire like laying lifetime however many months they allow it before it stops laying eggs effectively that's what I mean is a spent chicken so they're tougher right and like a really good for things like soups and stews but I guess you guys are trying to find other uses for it so here's this article with the title for it and tell you what they did it's by Anker Dash and dilip Rajan at all at all and it's studies on certain quality attributes of meat pickle prepared from spent chicken

wow you know what they do they pressure cook and then they pressure cook in vinegar and deep fry with spices chicken until it has so little moisture and and likes Ohio city they can just sit on a shelf for 90 days without anything happening to it but like the last time you heard for a spin chicken pickle and in the article they call them spent Jackie and start a band called spent chicken pickle to talk to Joe about that at the same time something funny and they're very quickly they are the bassist in that band the drummer rather was my my butt my orientation power at NYU and he was dating at the time a girl named Stephanie germanotta who is one of our class yeah exactly she went on to be her name is Stefani germanotta

musicians fried chicken I haven't tried since my processing spot on this is a question by the way that I was researching and found phosphate and all sorts of other things I did Fried Chicken Easter Rite Aid right I'm at the I'm at The Rite Aid like in February in like the head Easter crap out she's like you st. Valentine's Day Valentine like it's a time of day Valentine I did Fried Chicken for Easter so whenever I say user now I have to say fully stuff and attempted to deep fry some bread and butter pickle chips to snack on

bread and butter pickle chips the only sweet pickles do you like so what type of sweet pickle do you like the thin small crunchy what's your thoughts on the relish relish New England style fried seafood platter come get you don't like fried seafood platter if you go to like the average you know Clam Shack on the in the ocean like okay but if you go to them right with the exception of like real East Coast lobster roll which is decent right

if you're given a choice and they always have some crab called like the Admiral platter something like this I mean always get it fried the broiled mistake huge you don't like fried clams

I like a lobster roll I don't like lobster like lemon on it tartar sauce lemon you like mayonnaise on your French fries okay I use a flour buttermilk flour process which is similar to the one I use for it for chicken and found that the flower generally rubs off quite a bit from the pickles after the buttermilk dip leaving them partially unbreaded still delicious but I think you have a Surefire way to get good even reading adhesion for fried pickles thank you for your help and I can't wait for my searzall Jeff Mays Los Angeles California

here's the here's the deal so I cheat some old school with the problem you're having is the high moisture content is creating like a lack of adhesion of the batter to getting some sloth off probably right at the beginning I don't know whether you patted the pickle chips really really dry before you started before you dig your first free dust but I'll typically do that to it to that done a bunch of I used to do a lot of fried pickles you know and I would drive them off a little bit if that's not enough you might even want to try letting him sit on a rack for a little while just a flash off some of their extra moisture cuz what you're dealing with here is a moisture control problem tells me that you want the surface to be you know Packy and dry when you start now course you know here in the pot pies and thighs

Reign the flower but I've never I never tested everything I've learned to said that in high moisture situation and also problems when you're frying what's called blow off with chunks of the pop off during the cooking or sloth or not hear properly to the food so if if it's not a hearing before hand there are a couple things you can do you can add special I don't do this but you can add specialty starches to the mix so like a batter behind or there's another one that's that use that's actually not sold by Menards Pantry not made by national starch is made by the other Corporation name slips my mind right now but you can add that will and they're usually I think they use some form of oxidized starts because they're either pretended that oxidize starches are you see what they're using it in the battery Fusion one I don't really remember why I remember they're oxidized starches and those will increase adhesion dramatically and so you know

I was looking last night microscope and microscopy and also just cross-sectional things of different up read us containing either nothing control flour recipe. Containing a methyl cellulose and containing oxidized start start turn up where likes their awesome vacation so you can try adding a modified product like that to it or you can do the really old fashioned way if you don't mind having heavy batter coating on it a lot of times for difficult things like okra which tends to slip off a lot like okra even though it's got hair on it I tried Oakhurst as one of the few things I don't love but the chopped up in a gumball I'm talking fried whole okra pods you had it not fried okra pods

when you're when you're like okay you need to come over we need to make you some fried whole okra because they're not they're only slimy when the stuff on the inside kind of escapes when it stays on the inside of its own pod right when you're frying it and it still is what it is but it doesn't have the feeling of sliminess because it be outside is like super crunchy the fried the fried okra on the outside and you want to you want like a thick crunchy breading later on this the outside and the inside is like melting and soft but does not come off as slimy at all at the great that trick with it is is again do not cut them at all leave them whole and make sure when you're shopping for okra pods in the store assuming that you don't have your own okra plants you want a lot of times especially where I lived a prepackaged the okra in like little styro packs you want to feel the okra pods cuz they

and certain point the okra pod start getting Woody on the outside and you can feel them you can feel the ones that are tender in the ones that are less tender and to stay away from the ones that are left handed because you're not going to be cooking them a long time like gumbo a soup recipe frying them really quickly so you want me to cook really quickly to make sure you're starting with tender okra pods bread those things and fry them and that is some delicious stuff and I've never had even I've had people who hate okra I've never had someone come back and say you know what like crap on that that's not delicious cuz that's that's inherently delicious but back to what I was saying surprisingly you would think that Oprah would have good adhesion but it doesn't because it doesn't pick up read us well like the flower pre dust that you put in a typical everything depends on what kind of tree. And then in a liquid flour batter I don't do that I do pre dust into liquid then into a solid again it's typically what I do but if if you're the previous is not here at all to Okra so what

who is you do a pre. The marginal amounts text and you do your wet then you do your solid and it picks up some but still is encoded and then you do a quick re-wet and then a quick quick salad again at which point you have a nice thick thick batter coating if you don't mind having that thick of a coating the double Dew on it always makes it stick any damn thing you're never going to get it and that's what I do on special product to have a high rate of meltdowns like mozzarella sticks do you like fried mozzarella sticks and leaves no Cheese's Jack fried mozzarella sticks

not you. You just saved yourself at that one fry mozzarella sticks do you like do you like grilling cheese like a queso para freir halloumi grilled you had it I don't have an opinion only grilled cheese delicious hot and turn squeaky when it gets cold so I would use that I would do that if you don't want to do this is a partial shutdown of them beforehand and d'hide not your pet pat down and a partial dehydration not not not so that they lose their crunching is there a little bit a little bit pellicle form on the outside and then the next step up from that and technological difficulty is to add some modified starch to the pre disorder using modify starts at 3 and one of those things to help you out

does that make sense of frying do you know that I have to add to decommission my fryer that's how you that that showed up in the air that talk about this I have to get around I have to get her questions I don't have the questions from that hate that my daughter and freebasing experimentation my wife is found the most success using recipes for baking mixes from the gluten free on a shoestring blog HTTP gluten free on a shoestring. Com all purpose gluten free flour recipes at one of the keys for a palatable texture in baked goods is using these baked goods using these mixes is a super fine a brown rice flour and a super

find white rice flour buying a super funny version of the best we have found our from authentic but a regular flour results in the greatest yeah regular kind of sucks we have tried using both our crappy blender and a food processor to grind regular version is rice flour to find a Vitamix is already at the top of my kitchen wish list is that going to be the best tool to use with some kind of meal be better and it's Chip Smith was Chip Smith that's his name-o bills paid and then it is the only Farm in the United States that has its own usda-inspected red meat out of cloth or slaughterhouse

USDA inspected poultry slaughterhouse we partner with Whole Foods to deliver our high quality meat and poultry from Miami Florida all the way to Princeton New Jersey one family one from five generations other than 45 years a full circle return to sustainable land stewardship do you mean I will stockmanship move motion please visit our website White Oak pastures. Com

and we're back hey Jack had a question for you do you know that has its own usda-inspected a red meat abattoir so happen to have one of the best voice-over talents in the game work in there like the guy that owns that he owns it will Harris red meat welfare ratings that's awesome steak the Whole Foods made don't shop at Whole Foods if you go to the Whole Foods in their meat counters man in the in the cases on the side not on process cuz usually like salumi like working all the stuff that they carry which one we will talk about that but all of their kind of fresh meat Goods they put Animal Welfare

Amazon it the problem is this they start at 1 and then go to 5 plus with one being the lowest grade that Whole Foods accept but it's still you know from an animal welfare standpoint better than nothing. I'm saying so they they made him like the tactical error I think is that day and a lot of the stuff they have is Once A lot of it when I mean like majority is once and like don't you think they should have like made it from like a 1 to like 7 yet and then not and then not bought wanting to be like Whole Foods only buys 3 4 5 6 and 7 yo you know I'm saying

one has actually going to help you get to a five plus two different aspects of sustainable and or small farm right and one is that one is that you just don't like the way animals are treated in large farm weather taste better not regardless of you know whatever you're willing to pay more to have an animal that has been kind of treated well and yeah 5 + is the highest I believe that means that not only is it like Animal Center Pastor Center but it leaves its whole life on the one farm right and never taken off and that's why they're probably the only people can do it cuz they never have to ship their animals off site

I think he's like panel Carrie Moore somebody walked in a Vitamix bical tell you tell you why it's a huge mess and it's like throws particles up in the inside then we open the thing you're inhaling rice flour particles I'm done it food processors don't work as as you say I do not recommend I don't know if you asked at the only meal I've ever owned it like grinding mill is up the KitchenAid makes a Grain Mill that you can attach to a KitchenAid and it grinds things but I can't hide love the recommended and I really wanted to be awesome but it's not like it's just not it's not doesn't produce a very very fine flour it's extremely slow it tends to keep things up and I myself have never used a meal that I

like especially if you're going to be grinding large quantities of something I've also tried using coffee meals to do grinding with not too much success so far I tried using hueless hand crank grinding I tried to brine a bunch of bean flour in that now is a reading mess too so I'm sorry to say that there are ones out there and I'm but I hesitate to recommend any of them because I haven't used them to go look for a high-quality Grain Mill I would say don't get the KitchenAid Grain Mill for this application KitchenAid Grain Mill works great for me or you don't care because you're doing gluten-free stuff but like when I was doing all grain Brewing to break up to break up barley it's great for a courser things it's great but like if you're doing old special going to do a lot of grains other than rice anything has a high oil content the kitchen AIDS going to seize up on you so I'll try to look in more and get more

combinations for you for the next time around if anyone please want to send me some Grain Mill recommendations into at cooking issues on the Twitter I will gladly pass them on. Next week because next week I will be in I will be flying to France I'm going to visit the carthusian monks who make one of my favorite beverage has the show choose any friends but I'm not going to be usually when I'm when I'm in another country I can call in and sell something but I'll be on a plane and I think because unfortunately travel both times is on a Tuesday so if I can do it next week I will call in because I don't want to miss two weeks but I had one more thing on Graham fo4 inexpensive Supply a very fine grain rice flour go to Asian markets don't go to your standard you know Western Supermarket you can get really really inexpensive extremely fun

fine grained rice flowers at asian supermarket so if you live anywhere near one you can go get it and you can get and obviously they sell with glutinous rice flour it doesn't lie a minute rice flour and they sell various grades and types of rice flour along with many other gluten-free like strange flowers I can flowers and what not and they're on the level of price of a pea flower but I do think that you know you should look into getting a middle of your own I just don't happen to have a decent recipe so I will answer your next question the next time we are on lunch. They want you to think about this I'll read the question but then since we don't have time to answer it of pasta puttanesca I usually make more than what I will eat at one bill because I like having it the next day

and all about like American pasta salad even though you don't like how you guys feel about like cold sesame noodles those things are delicious the head presses far back in your neck as possible head rapidly shaking back in the next day when it is cold or room temperature I need to add salt what's the deal is the colder temperature changing how I perceive the flavors that much next well that is an interesting and I think more complicated than you would think

question so we'll get to it next time but the hints are that your perception of all flavor most laborers change with temperature how they relate to each other change with temperature but also the food itself might be changed due to absorption of salt absorption of salt into the pasta over the course of the night so we'll talk about these various effects the next

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