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Episode 165: Where’s My Lime?

hello do-it-yourselfer ever thought about gardening if you can build that window box you can build a raised bed in your backyard funny veggie and Herb plant in raised beds make a fast weekend project with a big payback fresh Grom yourself tomatoes and peppers kale basil and Thyme and so much more funny plants are healthy and strong and help jump-start your garden so get growing plants and how to that you were listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this program visit Heritage Radio Network. Org for thousands more

12:45 showing as usual by nastasha my tires blew out my car while I wasn't here

like I wasn't able to keep control of the car repair shop that got replaced in a car called are you today my old school I don't think of this happening anymore with your car but battery dead battery dead the battery was completely Marco and so I don't have to have a high school jumpstart a car also joined in the studio today from the program director so I work with Peter who's the executive director of a fad and a whole slew of amazing volunteers

because I'm a little bit late because what we're doing this morning as some of you might know last summer we got a kick where did a Kickstarter and we paid for this a puffing puffing on is an explosive device that was used to make breakfast cereals one of them big I like to call it the big three of the initial breakfast cereals writes your initial big three were you're flaking rollers write 3 write Note 2 3 4 cereal rice cereal and by the way I remember started by religious zealots meant to kind of tastes bad and be dry and just kind of you know what are the original cereals names was a problem problem I've got a collar

color bubble get back to the pub and gotten a call or you're on the air Cena video that Jose Andres had done and he had made a clementine

yeah and I tried to do at home and I just modified it by doing it with blood orange right but since we didn't have any fresh blood oranges I used just regular like to wish it was already patchers I got from Whole Foods but it was blood orange juice and for some reason I just could have made will give it give me his whole techniques I haven't seen the video and then he didn't work at all

so he used the emerging are not the emergency side of the Clementine juice I can just mail it can air out of the Clementine juice also the granular stuff near the powder stuff powder stuff much better hopefully you have the powder stuff so you can add almost any kind of kind of a are no extra whipping age it right just the Justice or less than to attend for the effect of the stick blender technique in the past or do you need some pointers in the stick blender technique in general

but it's possible I'm not a huge fan I'm not I never I've never liked been like a soy less than guy but what you should do is practice on something that Foams naturally like I wasn't one of use this kind of technique in the past like carrot juice is a natural Fulmer you don't need to do anything to it at all just use carrot juice you would use keratin and do it but the trick with with any of those kind of foam up

with a stick blender is you want to a have not like you eat like a small quantity in the bottom of the container stick the stick blender in it and then you want to hear the key that I don't know where they tell you about in the video or not but you need to turn the entire thing at an angle such that a portion of the stick blenders blades come out of the liquid on every Revolution and then when you're holding it at that angle you turn it on high and as it flips up and out of the thing is going to be whippin are and creating a frog that will rise above the surface that's why when they're doing that technique you'll see him all the time and it's not just because they want to live John T they need to have that that container I usually do it in quartz or whatever usually pretty steep like 45 or better so that the blades can whip in and out you did that or no

no just let him do that and just tell it directly in their almost like a reverse blender as it usually is not so I definitely the soil less than to stabilize the bubbles a little bit you're praying that there's a kind of enough solids in the in the in the juice to kind of hold those bubbles once they're formed with that and then you just tilted at an angle you give her try carrot juice is a good one to do it with children and Angela and you hold it and it'll it'll make like a frost on the top and then you pull out the stick blender and I'm sure you saw this part of the thing is he didn't they take a spoon usually and they harvest his stuff off the top of the liquid and then you can do that a bunch because of extra stuff in there before it's really depleted of the surface active stuff needed to make a phone so don't sit there and I'll just reheat it almost to order and then Harvest each time they will settle down after a while and then you can just hit it again but if you look if you look at the video

I'm pretty sure you'll see him holding that thing at an angle

okay yeah that's kind of surprised that they didn't surprise didn't mention X kind of key aspect of the techniques the other things you might want to try is those kinds of phones are usually extremely Airy like extremely Airy right do you want something a little bit dancer Mathis ls50 it is really cool that makes more of like a shaving cream or a Guinness he kind of head and you going to want to use like 0.8% so I Kate grams per liter and then you you blend that in in like a in a blender to hydrate hydrate for long time sometimes it takes a while to hydrate and then you can whip that thing in a KitchenAid and it and it Foams up now you need to have no Solace to get it to work right so if you don't you can add some

maltodextrin not like a crazy when they can absorb it just seemed like a bulking agent or or a weeping it's like that you can get the like an orange juice to have to come up until like almost like a shaving cream but it'll be a little bit denser than air but much more persistent than the one that you were dealing with with their you know what like a good one for that would be actually do they make purees of that they do make periods of that you need a little bit of structure in in with the methocel to get it to work

I know you sweet tooth obviously and the one that I was trying to make was out of a coconut milk instead and everything comes out good when it gets really hard and I'm trying to see whatever commercial techniques because any regular ice cream put inside there will stay still area fluffy and I don't know if it's a combination of dumb says it's been that or what I mean it's just a substitute coconut milk right spot so by substituting for both the cream and the milk right right so a couple of things probably

but you know you obviously sorbets work right so the other thing is probably your sugar level might be a little bit low is it is it is it a lot less sweet than typical ice cream

Court I put about a cup of sweetener think of it in terms of C4 to cup a cup of flour weighs roughly 8 oz in so cord is for so4 sorry I'm through some stuff in my head right so you're so you're saying you putting in 8 oz of sugar into 32 oz of product that gives you a total weight of 40 and 8 gas at 6:16 so I should be sweet enough right right there at a sweet nothing right cuz usually like overly solid things are due in like textural problems like that are due to

lack of sugar or you know especially if it's good when it's off that means it's free it's in you said good when it's off right

you have a nose when you initially turn it before you before it turns hard that it it tastes fine when it's before it's been aged right overly hard on storage it's going to be just it's getting too solid and you control the solids by controlling the Meltdown rate and you control the Meltdown right by how much sugar is in it I mean I guess it's hard for me to do the numbers on the Fly I got that I have to go back and remember exactly what my target brakes for is for a sorbet I would even though it has the addition of that cuz it's easier to calculate and that's how I calculate I do my soul my soul base with coconut milk but I usually they're fairly sweet right so I tend to use coconut cream because it's got sugar in it and it's so easy for me like I can just buy like a package of puree and then like a package of coconut

having out the can of coconut cream I know this sounds like real like I'm not working but it ain't no but it's easy for me to do it at home for the kids and mix them together and it works fantastically well I think I just have to recalculate through the recalculation on the sugar and go look up so don't have it at the top of my head like the target bricks for like a sorbet ignore the fat content of the ignore the fat content of the coconut milk to start with because it's not going to hurt it's not going to hurt you and turns your calculations and figure out at Target bricks for it and then see whether or not you're going a little bit too low on the sugar because it tastes kind of less sweet than normal good but less sweet than normal

no I mean taste like everything was good. Just in the Asian it's too hot inside the fridge. I mean you could add some whipping agents to it to try and increase the increase the air commercial coconut milk already has some usually usually has some some product in it to stop it from breaking because regular coconut milk will break when you heat it and can stuff you should typically doesn't know if you're making it yourself or not but if you're using canned I typically will have some stuff in it but you could add

some sort of a thickener like a locust bean or or flavor free Gwar do it and see whether that helps you help you out a little bit but if the sucker tastes good when it's soft to probably not an overrun problem so like if it's overly dense when it gets hard and and but it doesn't temper out nicely either like it doesn't when you pull it out of the freezer for a little while cuz it's Coupe nicely eventually and get back to good texture or is it just turned like a rock and stay the rock until it's melted coconut milk and what

coconut milk that doesn't put the coconut cream into it with your son and I do use the can and every once in awhile softer but I wonder whether you need a high or solids content with her it's not it's just not turning enough you know what I'm saying like you might have sugar

no it mean like it if you had a too much sugar it would get to soft right and it wouldn't freeze properly wouldn't get too hard so if the stuff does come back to being a kind of in good temper again and sweet enough then it could be that you're just not getting enough overrun and so you need to add some things going to increase the the actual over run to the whipping ability of it which case that would be more solids probably and then maybe something they are a bit more you know if anyone's listening to has a good kind of a breakdown on this cuz usually when I'm doing coconut milk it's not straight coconut milk it's coconut milk and a fruit puree and the pectins that are in the fruit purees are helping me with with solid body and I think maybe that's what you know what's going on if you see whether or not you have the same problem when you do when you do like a flavor that has more solids I got done really good

coconut milk sorbet style stuff is with chocolate like chocolate coconut milk sorbets is fantastic so you take like coconut milk and or cream and yeah melt chocolate into it and I usually also add cocoa powder because I want really dense kind of chocolate flavor and that texture comes up pretty pretty nicely so you might want to see whether or not it's just a solid tissue whether you just don't have enough actual solids in it and I know what the hell he's talking about its walls in your biggest fan by far as I watched you have it.

I can't wait for the rocky talking to our suppliers right now we're looking for looking for hopefully going to be on time we might be a couple weeks late I hope I won't be talking out of my behind in the cocktail but that thing's been thoroughly vetted thoroughly vetted in fact like you know what that one of the weird things that we had recipe change on Amazon

with a Campari and soda like so we have on the bar now we have a recipe that's the booker and Dax take on Campari and soda and

the benefits you can carve make the whole thing so although no Musashi here likes any Campari and soda very end right no matter regardless as like how well or poorly is carbonated you know everything right and we're also kind of people with us because our drinks tend to be like everyone claims that our drinks are high in alcohol even though they're the same amount of the we do the Campari and soda and we use our champagne acid so champagne acid is a mixture of lactic acid and tarek and the reason is because although the grapes have a balance that are tarek and malic acid most Champagnes one of the notable exceptions is crude so happy thinking about champagne if you can't like words can't even come to her mouth but she proved has a kind of an apple a note on it when you kind of like a green fresh Apple e note on it and that's because the malic acid because

Krug did not go through malolactic fermentation whereas most champagne to do and when they go through malolactic fermentation the acids turn from Malik to lactic acid be used as a blend of lactic and tartar but the weird weird so we had that instead of a squeeze of lime we had that too and I we do this by the way before the lime craziness where the line prices are so high now but we do it be so that they Campari and soda a like drinks more like wine and less like a cocktail crazy thing is turns out that if you bought all the stuff add the acid carbonated and let it sit overnight that the bitterness the inherent bitterness of the Campari is Amplified but greatly so tastes delicious when you make it and then the next day it's kind of unpalatable e bitter and I'm probably better in that it's like so good it's like it's like the bitterness lingers lingers

and I test we did test but with adding it before you know who we ran a test and putting aperol in cuz after all is Lena left there an aperol also gets a bra aperol is like Campari slightly sweeter slightly less alcoholic cousin and we did it with apple appra also got better so it now and we don't know why I have no idea why but we tested it without the acid in it and it was fine it was stable so something about storing diluted Campari or aperol in the present and I don't know whether it's any a sick of it and test it with a lake or like a lime acid when we tested it just was taken and tartar at the champagne acid but something about it causes the liquor to change overnight it's very odd I want to have no idea why I just know it apparently to be the case so that's a recipe that was in the book that now I'm going to have to add a little footnote because once we had tested it

for stability in the bar we noticed this phenomenon that we completely didn't anticipate because the act itself unlike lime juice or lemon juice which is known to go bad over time Snappy acids that go bad it's not the privates actual juice it goes bad so I had not expected that in a in a Campari situation go back to cooking issues yes let's do it

hello do-it-yourselfer ever thought about gardening if you can build that window box you can build a raised bed in your backyard bunny veggie and Herb plant in raised beds make a fast weekend project with a big payback fresh Grom yourself tomatoes and peppers kale basil and Thyme and so much more Bonnie Plants are healthy and strong and help jump-start your so get growing plants and how to that

I have our way back even though we're sitting on our duffs hear you mentioned a shortage thing before it's crazy I love you if you don't care if you're going to be a quality you know then it won't it won't matter then you know it's fine you can do whatever you want you can substitute you know I don't know swill out of this matter but if you want the stuff that like lemons and limes don't taste any they don't taste the same they don't function the same way and strangely you can tell more once a drink is made that you like so some people make the mistake of tasting just lime juice and just lemon juice and thinking you know it's like because something is acidic like those the differences between the two are only going to come out more as when they're used in it in a drink

we ran a test so both lime juice and so much more than Jack was hoping for a test with lemon juice and lemon juice the the acid predominantly just forget the vitamin C can ascorbic acid doesn't really affect the flavor of it that much is citric that's the about the accident in a lemon and a lime it's instead of 6% citric it's more like and to give or take right it's like 4% citric and 2% Malik and it's that citric Malik blend the creates the natural acidity of the trick is we wanted to do we wanted a fake we want we try to do a fake thing we took lemon and then dope date with malic acid and water so it was still 6% but it had the correct blend and it wasn't quite right part of the thing when your shake most of the time

using Citrus like a lemon or lime you're shaking a cocktail when you're shaking a cocktail not just the acidity you need you actually need that that the the surface active properties of the of the juice itself though the pack and whatever else is in it that cause shaken cocktails to hold are better right and become better shaken Cocktails so I don't know whether it just tasted not as good or whether or not you know we could just tell because didn't have that kind of peel notice in lime juice course that I could have faked it by adding a little bit of saxenda Cassidy which is the secret ingredient in Lime acid and also Hard To Source but we weren't able to get a good thing even when we were specifically trying to do a sub out so during a shortage we have we have less lime juice shaken cocktails and more of our lemon juice shaken cocktails on the menu with luckily we are not a few no forced to use one or the other but ain't no good thing about it is Jack is that even though limes are ridiculously expensive now

a factor of 4 I think I forgot what the recent number pay by the case which is a certain case count but there is nothing so it's like you know where that time of year anyway where when you choose the line like to drop that use come out of the line and so they're expensive and useless so the actual price difference isn't even enough of a factor to factor in how bad they are but still relative too expensive liquor it's still you know and relative of the you straight you know you can kind of you can kind of a afford it all of the issue is just you know we don't want to order too much because we throw it away at the end of the night so expensive if you make a lot extra and then you have to throw it away if we don't we don't actually throw it away to give it to the kitchen cuz the kitchen can use it and cooking applications that you know we can't use it for and drinks anymore but yes pain in the butt hopefully I'm told that

all that nonsense will be over in May

tell me another crop coming in because this one what is shafted by a number of things so everyone says it's the cartels I have to say if the cartels but you know they had a spot of weather as we say that tells come on out like I wanted to be the cartels that's what we all want like avocado prices haven't spite as much as limes course you don't need armed guards for me like you eating for your lime trucks now require armed guards I think the last time I read an article ask again I'm talking out of my behind so I could be wrong but what I do know that article I read was in a tractor-trailer lines had like you know a value of a street value of over $100,000 now so it's well you know it's a lot of freaking lines but you got to remember like you know I'm used to lines being like you know 7/8 for a dollar you know it at the Essex Street Market where I buy limes and cheap avocados

and Anne's delicious but not inexpensive cheese I had to be a LVN Saxby Market they have like like like people who are selling the cheapest possible avocados in bulk and then like an saxelby is a strange Market set up right cool Market. Which one which one's the ladder there I mean there's like five or six six people that sell a very similar style to produce their and so they're beating their prices get beaten down pretty pretty hardcore anytime someone who's there who has something that isn't duplicated three and four times the price tends to rise a little bit but

I don't know that he used to work there every once in awhile right at the market great spot someday someone has me there you can buy what I won't get woke it won't get it won't talk if your New York Street Market and get a Heritage pork chop and some saxelby cheese bagel and you can eat I've never even the shop since he's in there I haven't but apparently the crazy guy for New Yorkers but there's a lunatic there are shops in 2 second location right not to eat for breakfast is on the wall to look at Acacia he has a book right he won't serve you if he doesn't like you right that's it that's why I don't want to have to be judged I just want to eat breakfast and then

go in peace. What about you said what you think you like being childish when you're having breakfast just want to eat breakfast I don't usually eat breakfast out I don't eat breakfast actually I bet she does Judge which we both judgment we eat like we're both pretty rough like we're both pretty me, I'm first one way rougher on men than women and my back me up on this you hung out with me before besides you any woman that he sees online like instant it let anything like a Twitter follower or like anything that you see on your computer that's a woman you're like

that is not true at all that it is a straight first of all I'm not only is that like I am actually offended that is a freaking lie that's pretty much what I show you is when people on Twitter follow me who aren't real who clearly are not real people who are out there trolling to get men to look at at them that I Stray some sort of pictures of the fake people that I point out I don't point out any real people people that I think are fake people you know I'm talking about Jack and I'm like that that's not real you know what I mean like they you know and then they're like you know you are you on the air

hey so since you're both had person is here I was going to ask you is there any update on me boom cereal if you guys going to be able to make that own the actual c r r a m i want you say what where I will rub to need a little bit of of care after the long rough winter that we had a New York but the gun isn't working order and we've been puffing a lot of rice and kind of trying to perfect the recipe on that front I think we may also be testing out some very sweet varieties we had stayed away from weeds and and gluten-containing Grains initially but I think there might be a possibility to try those that actually after all there's just too many I think we should be able to get those bags of Puffs to everyone probably

by the end of the summer I know it's a year later but there's just a lot of down time when we couldn't use the gun over the winter so

oh that's that's fine that's going to be very exciting about the merits of vitamixes and you mentioned something about blending a pound of bacon into pasta sauce or tomato sauce or something no it's just what happened with end luckily my wife does not listen to the show because she hates when I tell this story but the I hate it when people pick things out of food I hate it you know what I mean like unless you're actually allergic to it like I detest when things get picked out of things I don't like when sandwiches get picked apart like when someone gets a sandwich and they rip it open and they take all the guts out and my kids do it all the time it's like a constant source of irritation to me but it just gets me so I used to make sauces right and then

with bacon right and then at the end of the night there be a little pile of bacon in the in the bottom of the bowl because the bacon it been picked around or whatever and it's not because my wife is not one of these people by the way who is you know afraid of eating fat and I'm one of the reasons I knew that she was the woman for me was because we once went to a Popeye's fried chicken and she wasn't paying attention was going on she took a whole bucket down by herself me and this lady knows how to eat so it's not that there's just something about it instead of having the bacon maintained in this so is a visible thing I was like to hell with it after you know you normally I would cook out the bacon remove the bacon sweat out the whatever aliens I'm using in the Bacon Fat added as a tomato whatever else cook down blend add bacon back at the end for crunch and texture and and then you know one day I was like the hell with it

has blended into the sauce and it was so smooth so smooth and I saw there's no way of possibly to pull the bacon out anymore I was like when

I've noticed that I have that problem when I'm making like pasta sauces with bacon that I can't incorporate the bacon it it tends to stir it you know what I mean and in the bottom of the bowl

and the bottom of the bowl when you're tossing is what you're saying with separating out

how much we would lose in texture but doing it that way but I'm going to give it a try anyway for flavor and then maybe save some and then sprinkle over top like a service will be emulsified bacon that's the way to go tweet tweet on the tell me how it tastes so thanks a lot

go back to the gun for a minute and then I got a question on the thing I have to get before we go but okay so where we are at the gun today and it's going to be it's actually going to be at our benefit right do you want to go to benefit from New York City and we can drive up the Puffin gun unlike you some sort of alcohol in Manhattan where shots are people so that's why we were there today the benefit is going to be a huge huge Museum seemed course so for example I was recently emailing back and forth little bit with Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy vegetable-centric restaurant in the East Village

and her steam is Korea before the chili is pre-columbian Korean cuisine relied heavily on Chili's so I think she said she's making a few different kinds of kimchi that are chili free and you can still buy tickets if you got the cash. right individual tickets and then also if you got a group of buddies or colleagues you can buy a table so who has what NASA SWAT brought to Thanksgiving commercial because the idea of a first Thanksgiving is pretty contentious historically I think most food historians would say there probably was

no first Thanksgiving in the way that we have idealized it here in the US that being said there is a primary source one or two letters that mention that this one to know if MRSA swab brought five deer to a gathering with colonists in Plymouth so your taste good Denison and I think probably going to be something more along the lines of foraged food since its spring and would be in keeping with the Native American Cuisine theme wd-50 longtime supporter of mofad is tackling the four humors so the sort of extremely outdated notion that human physiology is based on these four substances with black bile yellow bile phlegm and blood I believe

not sure when it was different but it was quite a while ago so he's going to be kind of exploring the theme of food as medicine intersection between Food and Health through the steam what is incredibly influential view in medieval cookery and so is based around the idea was if you want to Center yourself not to not to plug Matic or moist and putting a cold not too hot not too dry and you're cold you're hot and you're dry and got to get as represented by the different actual bodily humors to biles and what not but as it is a very interesting and demented every food has its own sort of rating and every cooking method had its own sort of writing so roasting would be hot and dry there's all different until I kind of balancing all that interesting idea who else we got

Dominique Ansel Cronut fruit on the battlefield actually for a short time as a cook for the French military and he's got some hands-on experience and I think he's he's going to be I think the presentation will be will be very interesting there I don't want to give away that the secret entirely but food of Future Past right or conceptual short video tips on mofad since we're going to be along with Michael Anthony's TV dinner

that's everyone right.

Yeah that's it that's it and then I'm going to get this question real quick Pennsylvania Dutch food he actually Tales from Pennsylvania if you have a second on the way out to pick the round table to Moffat round table but we got a question in from

Alex in Santa Barbara hello Dave Natasha Jack and maybe he'll give you a maybe Jack and everyone else questions if it long so please feel free to edit for your show I believe we all do uneconomical things in or for the kitchen for example last summer I grew $25 tomatoes because I only managed to grow four of them that love to spend $100 total. For tomatoes 25 bucks before I was giving them away and figured I could repeat my success but didn't work out I would have been much better off by Farmers Market tomatoes for tomato the year before were very good and very plentiful because my friend was just getting into home brewing I immediately thought back to my tomatoes and figured he was about to spend a lot of money time and effort to produce a product Farm. What he could purchase easily understand the journey is part of the fun but sometimes it cost isn't worth it

I do not bring my own soy sauce roast my own coffee beans smoked my own bacon or keep a sourdough starter the time energy and costs are not worth it compared to what is readily available on the other hand I never ordered something at a restaurant that I can pull up almost as well if not far better at home a New York strip steak is a great example is that takes much more time and energy at home additionally I never purchased a half quart container of diced onion Peppers garlic is gross no fence people make it I cannot believe those products sell well enough for the store to stock them I refuse to believe I'm alone in thinking this way there's a part of the fun that said what do you think are the uneconomical afford to put forth and more importantly what are the products that should never be purchased because the cost quality effort or sex and making him at home is the repurchase because because it cost call the eye for such at making it home it is a bad idea I think I went ahead of my brain

peanut butter right he only buys it and he has friends and because commercial peanut butter is delicious and you don't have a male 9 I guarantee you don't have a middle that can produce peanut butter with the same texture as the stuff that you never had any natural like really good I like good old-fashioned has the most ified sweet u s peanut butter hell yeah hell yeah that's a good hot sauce I always buy it I think I'm going to answer in general and then I'm going to go over some of these things so first learning how to do everything like being a brewer for a while if not for your whole life if you like Brewing you should keep doing it because it's rewarding if you do it right it is a pain in the butt to do all grain grain Brewing but I think doing anything once or twice is worth while if you want to know how things work even if you're not going to make the kind of best part of the only thing I haven't done really in this list and have them

play sauce but whines because I keep you like you don't have really control over the raw ingredients to even get kind of usually a reasonable expectation of the highest quality on unwise when we've I haven't hit it yet cuz I don't have a lock on the really high quality Imports but like beer you can get extremely high-quality inputs and you can make good beer so do I brew beer anymore know after my second son was born I don't do anymore because it was a huge mess but I did it for a while roasting coffee I used to roast all my own coffee beans I think it's really good other people can do as good a job or better job than I can do but I enjoyed learning about it and I feel like I know much more about coffee for having done it did sourdough starters I hate you know I'd no longer maintain one but I maintain one for a long time and I think it was worthwhile to kind of feel what it's like to have something on a continuous basis you have to take care of in your kitchen that made delicious bread so I think that there is it soften worthwhile to go through the effort to do it but not necessarily

worth the effort to maintain if your whole life that make sense make sense in the local Japanese Market has to offer because I can't see myself going through all that effort here's another thing tofu is only hard the first four times you make it as soon as your kitchen is streamlined and you have all the stuff ready and you've gone through the procedure so you're not wondering what's going on it's actually not that difficult to make to make tofu remember to soak the stuff beforehand is the only is the only big things that are difficult are only difficult because we don't do them often cheese I always buy but I'm starting to think I should try my hand at my own ricotta at the very least with McGee's book and what about you and let you make your own cheese is paneer things of that sort and I'm never good at it when I think there's a huge hard to make my butt look real way with Hannah or like the whole milk

I don't know but that I buy the Frozen sheets I've made in the past and cannot tell a difference which might say more about my papers filled it does about the quality of the Frozen sheets I make my own Puffs bass but I like making it I enjoy enjoy the process of making sure I like lemonade to do is there on third time consuming but they don't actually take a lot of effort you just need to be able to take it out of the freezer you know over the course of the day but I enjoy making it even cookies cake mix this one's a tough call because the other box is so very easy but I like to think from scratch cakes are better I don't like cake mixes I never use cake mixes I think it's an insult because it's literally like the stuff they put in that box you can just by and measure out of pancake mix I don't get it I don't like that type of uniform text you if they provide I never I never use them ever

when is cake mixes and how they initially had made them so it was really almost just add water and then found it through kind of consumer research Housewives didn't really enjoy there's too little to do so they refer me with them so you had to add egg and a little bit of few Bisquick I don't use self rising flour because I know how baking powder works you know if it's a huge pain in the ass to make tortillas but I still think I'd rather have I used the store-bought ones like in a pants like for us for a normal weekday meal and heat them if I don't have time it's been awhile since I've done the phone next to Mo's Asian I think it's definitely a worthwhile road to go down but it's a pain but like if I if I'm really in a hurry my Seca is not that much slower so you

I'm a sick I to do that their tortillas dry pasta responsible to make fresh pasta well you need to meet efficiently have it not be a pain in the butt you need to have your kitchen set up to do it so I used to always have my pasta my rollers clamped onto my work surface and everything was there and by the time water was boiling I could almost have fresh pasta done because I didn't do what you're supposed to do I didn't give it the rest. You're supposed to give it and all this and still tasted good until I used to I used to make fresh pasta to three times a week my kitchen's not really set up for it right now and then finally mayonnaise oh my God that feels ranch dressing and then I will put forth the effort but my sandwiches in the like I go with the jar the lately I've been enjoying the Hamptons food I'll turn it in I think you get the idea I'm looking for the information on the things I could buy but shouldn't

come back next week with other ideas I'll think about this but I'll tell you this I I like mayonnaise in a jar I like Jarred mayonnaise I enjoyed commercial minutes I think that stuff is delicious mayonnaise and I make mayonnaise from time to time but I like mayonnaise in a jar Jack you actually I mean if it's on something I'll take it but I'm never like I don't know never reaching for the mail.

what do you like it from Charlie like fresh delicious Asian box QB in the whole thing I wish I know what the anyway I wish we were still allowed to use commercial music then we can leave on anyway you want it that's the way you know they had a journey song like that one or is that when they want you to come back with more things that you should or should not make it home next week in your shoes

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