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Episode 164: MSG, Acidity, & Noodles

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that we do yeah they're good pickups nice as you may or may not know Joe is the front man in a van what's the name again I want anything band name is Big Ups And we can get something on the iTunes Store in the California for Anastasia Lopez to lose her New York egg and to turn back into a California person.

you guys can't see this are at at home but I brought this now for about two months I have only be described as a lady that looks like a labia wow that was more than I expected and I've ever seen in my entire life as it may be at the people ask us we can make it to that again it's getting a little before anyone interested in seeing Lululemon here we can we can definitely tweak that out

hey how's it going

what is your question okay sorry I have a little bit of a delay on my end

yeah question is that I have both my mother and sister claimed this a tolerance to MSG and I had dragged Nathan myhrvold book and how do I charge you speak on the topic I don't know what what experiment I should do to basically demonstrate that they don't have an intolerance to it okay so here's what you do depends on our are they game for a good test or no

are they are they are they like good sports or no

do you have it be open to it all these things right and for Amazon and buy empty gel caps or vegetarian joke as if they don't eat the meat and then get a predetermined amount of MSG to something reasonable you know what I mean something that you might add to a recipe then bulk it up to you know whatever it takes to fill the gel cap then fill the other gel cap right with the equivalent amount of sodium a half and then other the same in their filler that you do I have to do my math but I think MSG has a think roughly half of sodium by wait I got to look it up something like that that's all right so that way your accounting for any actual difference in sodium intake that they're getting from the MSG in the pill that's going to affect them

once you have the pills you want it you want to keep him separate obviously the ones that don't have MSG from the ones that do you want to take like like an air like a like a light mist of air or you know something like one of those a keyboard dusters and you don't want to blow any Excess power do you want to be sure to try to get any powder off of the outside the Castle's at 8 you can then blow it a little bit with one of those dusters to to get to get to look identical right and then what you do is you feed them to them in random order that only you can tell what's going on right you take better yet even as 2 is to put them in pouches that are numbered have a third-party handed to them so that there's a who doesn't know what's in each one so there's actually no way there could be any sort of visual cues that's what they're going if they swallow these pills without breaking them there is absolutely no way for them to taste the characteristic notes that are in MSG right then if they have a reaction to

if they had any have to run this trial many times writes like a coin flip is possible to flip a coin 4 5 6 times and get the right answer 5 times in a row so if you do this over the course and you can do it either with meals or empty whatever but you didn't want to do it the same way each time right and I and if you do this course of study over a long enough period of time you will notice that if there is a reaction it is random and not correlated to whether or not there's MSG in the gel cap and not almost all the studies that showed an actual effect with MSG showed effect when the MSG was added to things like a orange flavored beverages because whoever set up the experiments of the time thought that they would be able to mask the flavor of the MSG with a very you know High flavored I guess Tang equivalent like this you can't do that because member MSG is not just of flavor that likes all the attention so you can tell kind of like sub-threshold before

you can say there's MSG in their you can taste something different something is going on so you're going to let you know that you want to make sure if they can't taste it at all and then and I don't have it in my head but the study that was the the kind of gold standard study for this showing that you know that the reactivity data she was a load of nonsense that's how they did it they did it with gel caps and so you know that's that's definitely what I would recommend now just on the actual science of a passenger side from running an actual test all of this like there's there's a there's several different arguments against them as being one of them is that has to do with the toxicity so they're saying it's like it's like a neurotransmitter that can cause toxicity in the brain this is a load the load of crap because you didn't see that you're taking doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier at all in fact your brain synthesizes its own MSG and then not MSP glutamic acid then converts it to Blue to me that sport backpacks

brain barrier and entirely necessary to life without without you are holes in your brain won't work properly aside from the fact that you know it's in your protein General it without it you know your brain doesn't work right so just say that you know it is true that in certain situations in excess level of it in your brain is indicative of things going wrong but has nothing to do with the stuff that you're taking in the studies that show damage from actually consuming large amounts of frequent and the guy said we're done on neonatal monkeys that who blood-brain barrier hadn't been set up properly or on rodents who don't work the same way that we do regarding this now nothing is the largest eyes are people say that had reactions they're taking just straight MSG without a lot of food turns out that if you were to take a bunch of MSD and it

yeah you can spike your the levels of you-know-who tannic acid in your blood sure you know what I mean however those spikes do not happen when MSG is consumed even if fairly decent with food so you know pretty much all of the things that are are in a possibly could be wrong with it or just a load of malarkey and you know it turns out that if you look at their very good paper and I don't have it at the tip of my tongue but it's fairly easy to search for there is a good I think was put out in the 80s or 90s history of the entire MSG kind of phenomenon and how it started as a lark about what's going wrong with these people who are eating a Chinese restaurants in you know in a long time ago and then and then trying to hone in on what the compliment is at no MSG where is for me my assumption is and people have done studies on because of the one of the things that you know people like me who is always said that energy is fine you said no it's really like anyone that has a reaction if it's probably the sodium the same way that if you eat

boatload of you know cheese and and red wine the next day you have a headache or you can tell you because you've consumed like eight eight tons of salt and alcohol so you're dehydrated and so you know that what I always say is it a lot of people they order a bunch of incredibly you know spice and salty kind of Chinese food on trays and it don't need any rice which would be the equivalent of walking into a McDonald's and just pound in a bottle of ketchup and not in the hamburger you know what I'm saying and so it's not really a valid comparison plus a lot of people that they think me I'm actually reading a bunch of interesting books now on the effect of the mind not only on how you feel how you feel from a kind of mental emotional physical state but actually like how your body responds and so what what people think about MSG can have radically important effects on how their body reacts to things that contain it especially if they can taste it which is why I go back to the the gel cap so if

I want to look at kind of differential always a body absorb nutrients are reacts or metabolism slows upper speeds down you can look at the work of madis and metis yes out of Purdue and then he linked to a bunch of the old like the classic studies of like Swedish women vs Thai women and how their bodies differentially absorb food at they like or don't like so I work like that out there but it all adds up to don't worry about the MSG

enjoy your lunch and let me know if you were able to convince them because I like to hear I like to hear both sides that I like to hear whether or not they were convinced or whether they would remain Duncanville

yesterday from the festival and set it all out. I don't think so cuz I will get to worry about how do you accidentally make a pair of see-through pants because it seemed like you could do that by accident on accident as opposed to their standard by accident all right now. I got a question for you

we got a we got a response in remember someone asked about what to do when they're in Europe and we got this amazing an answer in from Saint Stan be but it's like so long that I don't know that I can read it can we put it up on the bike with the podcast on if I give you the text of the response and I can just read clips from it this is like in fact I'm going to going to be in Paris for a couple days I'm going to get him some of this stuff too so I'll read some of it because I think Stan knew that that I might have time to read the whole thing so he said at the end if you do not read the whole thing on the show right there we're going to say you know do that but here's what I don't want to hear I want to hear complaints by my French pronunciation right cuz it's known that

suck and it's also known that one of the reasons why I was sucked at French in high school is because of the pronunciation and how having to bed a few pointers for Paris in France regardless of cost 21st century classic French cuisine go there after you I want understand what French food is supposed to be about that long has won the most extraordinary Wine Cellars in France clear a Heisler Atlas Air got elected in 2012 Joe take out the roast chicken at The Bistro fare of the compadre going to have that number it

we did it together when we did that yeah but I would like to have somebody like that squishing of the bones and make the stuff coming out of a glass wine and he actually wants me to get out based Japanese influence the passage 53 hiramatsu Stella Maria few others and then to the huge long list of awesome sweets recommendations to apparently Stan's real hard here is in the sweets and I'll add the one thing you want me say I was Shameless

Nation for a personal favourite do book a pastry class at Nicholas Bernard days are the best value-for-money pastry to think I could find they told me they speak English easy to have foreign students doing internships and they all managed by speaking English not sure how it would work for a class so they're super nice so just ask classes at the expense of not as good humor but have the brand name and English can be guaranteed for shopping there a bookstore in Paris called which I don't know about that sucks so hard. Almost all the ingredients you can think of and Israel next to pair of town hall food products are recommended recommended bartolome The Cheese Shop he recommends Marie cutrone which I've actually been to it's amazing place and then separate cetera so we're going to put that in

Dave hammer and Jack's. Michelle learned so much I'm almost friends at in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria this woman made a preserve the kept the shape that the slice of pumpkin have but we're soft and giving when you bite into them they were preserved in sugar syrup when I asked her how she did this she said she cured them in line picking them up at the time I had no idea what you meant by this but I'm listening to your show I've gathered that use pickling lime or some variation of that product on Amazon and the flavor was good but the texture of mine was too crunchy I soak the pumpkin overnight in a fairly concentrated solution of line two questions one if I shorten the soap time and dilute the solution do you

will get me closer to the desired texture and to how long will this last even though I'm storing in the fridge I'm worried about being hazardous because of the low PH I'm assuming you mean they that high-pitched single for over a month without problems but am I playing with fire would adding citric acid to a change the flavor to a couple of things here on the line what you want to do first of all those either don't know or pickling lime calcium hydroxide really use a lower lower concentration of because pickling lime calcium hydroxide is not very soluble in water at all in fact when you buy line pays the Thai style you buy this like lime Paces added to water you shake it and you let all the stuff set allowed and what you're left with is a saturated line solution which is typically what you used now when you are doing pickles she hears what's happening

when you're doing nixtamalization with this stuff you're not only use it using the calcium you're using the fact that it's basic right that's alkaline has a high pH and that's helping to mess with the you know they'd be outside of the Corn in allowing it to grind easier and a lot of other awesome effects just no go on the Block is still there and look up when you're using it for firming things you're not really using the basicity so much you are and in one sense because if you're going to cook something like if you're going to cook the pumpkin the the basic the alkaline I will it will help it to stay

erase the last just ignore the last couple of times they said but what you're looking for when you're cooking for firming things is the is you're looking for the calcium right so we need the calcium in the calcium hydroxide will help Crosslink the pectins and create a farmer things that's how you know that's how like a lot of this she has to do these kind of what they say ossified vegetables or you know we used to do all the time of the French culinary banana is it were soaked in in pickling lime and calcium hydroxide and they stay firm until you can do bananas and you can sit there and you can cook them and they didn't that they don't break you could like for you to brutalize and they don't break supposed to normal bananas when you when you're making the Foster or something they fall apart and here's the issue this is pickling lime your class B using Western press for pickles and things like cucumbers because it firms up the cucumbers and you know you should still also by the way when you're doing shut off the Blossom and Ben Casey

any of the enzymes in their can cause off anyway so pickling lime causes the Lake Elsinore causes the firm up now you can use other things like how you can use you can use calcium chloride and stuff like that what you want to do though is soak it in water any time you do a pickle and you firm the pickle with line you first so get in the Lyme solution and I think you need to soak as long as you're soaking it frankly you have to soak it in water because you want to remove all the excess calcium hydroxide from that thing you don't want to stay in there for a number of reasons one going to keep getting harder the texture going to change going to get weird I've had that have a nice soak cucumbers in it overnight once cut cucumbers in overnight they would roast I also because it's alkaline you're going to be shifting if you're making up a pic with vinegar you can possibly shift the pH into it a region that's unsafe and you know because it's it's it's new to

effect of acidity so what day do typically is they'll soak they pickles in pure with a rinse them then they'll soak them in pure water for a couple of hours and then we'll do that soap like once twice three times sometimes to make sure that they've reached out all the excess calcium and then you can go by go do your normal pickle recipe and you will have you will have kept that you will accept it you know people do is they do sometimes a light he process on it to kill bacteria and denature enzymes that might cause softening and the pickle people like you know that they recommend something in the range of 180 Fahrenheit I don't know if that's for cucumbers I don't know that they're probably got like like 30 minutes link I don't know what that's going to do on pumpkin with a pumpkin can withstand those kind of temperature because I was very close to the temperatures where the pectin starts breaking down of 1185 some like that

maybe the lime in combination with that will work for you now that as to the other side what's going to grow in it you know I need to see the recipe you know I would be slightly nervous about about keeping the stuff in their it without it having a like some acidity to keep it low enough for for botulism to to not grow because there are two things you got to worry about right is like is is botulism going to grow in the actual liquid of the pickling thing now for instance like if you have a very high sugar content of the water activities going to be extremely levels in water activities to give me lovin nobody was in control is not a problem if somehow that the pumpkin has enough the syrup suffused into it says that its water activity is low enough then nobody was ever there are many situations where the pickling liquid itself does not support the growth of pathogens like botulism but the inside of the product does so there is a case where someone

made egg pickled eggs in 1997 I think I looked it up on the CDC website and they did pickled eggs and then the solution itself didn't support the growth of botulism but I don't think it did but the inside of the egg yolk was not at a point where it was too many bottles and broke and they have done the classic me where you prick it with a toothpick to get the stuff to go in but they hadn't gotten the penetration of the vinegar apparently we're wasn't strong enough to typical beet pickled egg and there was a boatload of botulism toxin on the inside of the egg yolk and I've been killed a guy though so if you want send us the actual recipe and I can try to see whether it's safer I can pass it off to a food safety expert and see whether they know where the actual recipe that you have

it's electric flavor I said that I associate a minor with lactic flavor on a natural fermentation like a lactic acid bacteria or with a vinegar I haven't had that are done solely with preserved lemons I guess you can kind of think either the fermentation is done in a salt solution with citric acid is the preventative

hey Bushwick crew I have a cocktail issue that I was hoping you could help me with this is from Brandon Johnson and Charlotte North Carolina what is the general shelf life of clarified lime juice and find a free batch gin and tonics for my wedding in Corny Kegs and I'm wondering how long in advance I can make it without compromising the quality will ascorbic acid help me I was also considering rapping infusing the gym with Lyme's after a place to clarify Jews but that doesn't seem ideal any other tips are warnings on priebatsch kegging gin and tonic would be much appreciated Brandon Johnson Charlotte North Carolina all right listen

listen to lime juice to lime juice it does not last last night at all like one day on the wedding and as a married man myself let me say this your spouse-to-be is not going to be overly site if your clarifying A bunch of lime juice the day before your wedding right so you could probably use yesterday's Clary Lyme today right but they're not going to be happy I know this because the day before my wedding I was welding the cake stand that we use the day before the wedding and like I was all covered in filth and this is not this is not ideal you know what I mean like butt

another way to go and I would start testing now I don't know how long you have is it you know lime juice goes through kind of instead of doing a straight old school gin and tonic with fresh lime flavor you might want to consider doing kind of a cordial yarrow I just booked has his line for the recipe and so if you want it then it's going to be like a much better version of like a Rose's lime juice but that stuff has already gone through an agency procedure and so it is what it is it's not the taste of freshline but it is a good taste of line right and you might find that you liked it and is also in tonic recipes out there most notably the

the kind of you know morganthaler style Portland style at Onyx that have a kind of cordially flavor in them if you if you follow their syrup recipe can you go that way I would not recommend however using unless you have like a good centrifuge thing using the bark because that is going to foam when I made when I made quinine syrup using actual Cantona bar the there's a lot more bubble holding capacity in the simple syrup than there was when I use quinine sulfate USP as the base for the tonic right and if you're going to keg these sayings and pump them out you're going to have some serious serious foaming problems right I think I said it before it's like you know what I like most times and people are kegging beer kegging cocktails and putting them out they lose a boat a bunch of carbonation for a variety of reasons before I get on that has finish off on the oven on that is set before you do that let's get back on the on the line for second so it seems to me hear your choices

use something that if you have someone else clarify the lime juice for you the day of like a buddy right then you have the cocktail on a keg and it has everything but the lime juice and then someone just pours a little bit of clarified lime juice in at at the very end this is how we do it at the bar by the way we don't do it kegs obviously we doing bottles but that's how the bar handles it so the gin and tonic without the lime last Almost indefinitely right if it's kept properly carbonated and nothing and it breaks down to sugar is fine that you know quinine spine the Janus find the water's fine and just rides and you said we will Clary at the end if you have someone is going to make it for you like the day of and you know that's good it doesn't take that much line specially if you're on the dryer side right but then you have to trust your catering people teleporting properly set your second one way to go another way to go is to do the cords of thing like I said don't like constructive tonic recipe that has more of

lime cordial flavor Savor fresh lime flavor and then just put a wedge of lime with the actual drink such that people can squeeze fresh line into The Cordial flavor and get that brightness you get from fresh wine that's a very good Solution by the way the line things you know how like Limes like you know how I like limes are ridiculously expensive now hopefully your wedding is after May I'm being told that the line markets going to attend to untighten a little bit after May when the next kind of crop comes in a tractor-trailer Lyons is now over a hundred thousand dollars like in Mexico worth over $100,000 in Mexico is so that's why I like lime trucks or even people have armed escort with their lime truck now freaky and the line is so crappy so crappy so crappy where weather so hopefully you're getting married after the line punch is over so then those are the first two choices the last choice and now I know you're not going to like this probably but hear me out is to make

lime acid right and lime acid to lime juice is roughly this gives you just act like you know rough gay lime juice is roughly 6% acidity of that 6% acidity it is roughly 4% so 4 out of every hundred of it are citric acid and 2 grams of malic acid right citric Malik like that's it now that makes kind of a lime soda acidity it's nice and you and some people don't add that Malik but they're kind of do flies because they think about malic acid aside from the fact that tastes different citric acid and if you don't have them I like it doesn't taste like lime is it malic acid has a different attack and Decay profile from citric acid so they said it was his present very quickly and Enphase fairly quickly little bit later and lingers longer so you

two parts a trick to one part Malik 6% solution pour just like lime juice in that range porch similar lines that actually having any Limonite you need to buy and it's not expensive but you know a lifetime supply doesn't cost that much cuz you only need a tiny tiny bit is 6 cynic acid s u c c i can't spell a lot loud sick sinek acid and citric acid taste on its own tastes like you like bit into your tongue bloody nasty bitter metallic horrible but a couple of drinks tiny bit like just my new to my new amount of acetic acid into this acid blend I've done these taste test time and time again minut amount of that added to it will increase the authenticity of a straight acid blend in terms of its lime flavor like inordinately and again those acids which except for the success of guys who would you have to source of the chemical supply house like Spectrum make sure you get USP which is

you know that gray that is in the pharmaceutical grade stuff that you can get the rest of stuff at home brew shop and then that again can be supplemented with a lime wedge and it'll last forever ascorbic acid is not going to help I think you asked for this a good after remember back it's not going to help keep the lime juice from lasting for longer so either say have a bunny make you go fresh go cordial with a lime wedge as a garnish or do the acids and let it ride when you're going to keg however here is the key with kegging

cocktails foam a lot more than beer and a lot more than soda y first of all alcohol alcoholic products phone a lot more than non alcoholic products do because alcohol lowers the surface tension and increases the viscosity of a liquid which causes boatloads of foaming what you want to do so that that's a problem and gin and tonics are typically higher in alcohol and have more carbonation in them then something like a beer so a beer rice I like a setup that will cause you know I'm a minor amount of foaming on a beer will cause a huge amount of phone on a cocktail because the cocktail has more CO2 in it and a cocktail has more alcohol in it so you were shafted two times right there so foaming is really going to be an issue you're going to need to get your cocktail as cold as is humanly possible

right you going to want to make sure that it's completely and utterly clear there's nothing and if it's going to cause any sort of foaming at all which is why I don't recommend using likes actual Cantona bark in this situation because I think it's going to cause a lot of foaming on you when you are a dispensing out of the corny keg I'm assuming you have a cold plate in ice you're going to want to go through two separate circuits of the Coldplay. You don't know I'm talking about cold plate is a length of stainless steel tube that is cast into a block of aluminum that's kept in ice and that's how things are chill down at bar Hugo from like a room temperature like just stick to The Keg in ice water is not going to be good enough but you stick The Keg in passing through this aluminum tube it's a nice and you can get it down the problem is cold plate circuits aren't long enough to get the product as cold they don't have as big as a Delta at Sea temperature drop if you want so you what you want to do double duty rather you went through two circuits that also gives you more room because remember cocktails are going to be at

higher pressure than beer is because they have more CO2 in them right and so because of that they need a longer space with more drag to slow down if they come out so that you're not spraying out of the end of your gun so two circuits can I give you a longer line can he be colder and it's also going to give you a kind of less foaming on the outside you also need to get something better than a picnic tap you need to get a premix valve which is ideal for the witch call the beer going to go up and see him Becker that's as close to squeeze valve those are obtainable not as good as an actual premix though but those two things together will help and you if you salt your ice you want to measure the temperature don't get it so cold that you freeze out the stuff but you can get it like Below Zero by salt in your eyes and measuring the temperature at the Coldplay and getting it right or but make sure you get a buddy to do that because do not be measuring the temperature of your cold plate on your wedding if we could break sure to take a commercial break

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and a welcome back so we have a question in the scroll down to it just got back from Tokyo and had some grapefruit my want to go back to tell you you are you sure

I guess the only one I've been to these dark you now we went to London we went to Italy for lunch

so I guess I just wanted to tell you so you know a little place New Orleans win on Thursday talking to the cooking and science classes are in the area we will be there talking doing stuff cooking stuff doing things cooking issues Matt I hate that I hate to do this to you but Mexican veggies awesome dinner was having a good time with you like crazy fish amazing markets amazing

amazing I am unable to get the stuff you have any suggestions good ramen cookbook sandor website when I search the website I found a bunch of books about uses for instant Ramen but I'm looking for the real deal I have changed book and while this broth is great it's noodles leave something to be desired no disrespect to the man I would also like to explore more Styles and broth Tokyo to Hokkaido any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Matt okay first of all I didn't do this I went on the internet I didn't go get my my book to see what noodle recipes in the book but they've done a lot of work since the book on Consuela Wright road trip with with those kind of ramen noodles which you know the good ones are a subset of alkaline noodles iskcon sway, sway is you know that the alkalyn

the alkaline salt makes that you can get where you can use other alkalyn things as well to get the same kind of effect so you don't McGee Road in article in the New York Times back when you still do you know couple years back on taking baking soda which is not strong enough that's sodium bicarbonate which is not strong enough to really make a kind of good alkaline kind of console thing and so some of the recipes on on the lines use the baking soda which is kind of you know not useful they make a bakes the bicarbonate in an oven he has specs for in Africa. They are there by turning it into sodium carbonate which is relatively much more basic and can be used to make a I can't wait to use make an apple a noodle now what happens when you're adding the base to the Noodle the alkaline substance to the to the flower

turn yellow and the turning yellow isn't kind of what you care about although if you know for people that yellow alkaline noodles then that's what they're called why and y'all are pho noodles there's a bunch of papers on the internet about it are installing larger the yellow is an indication of quality but the yellow isn't really what's the most important thing the most important thing about it is the textural changes because switching the pH of the dough radically affects the way the gluten Works in it right so by Shifting the pH into the more alkaline range you're making the gluten much more elastic and that's really what you're looking for in in the ramen right you need to keep that gluten nice and elastic and bouncy because you're going to be serving a noodle in a hot broth and so they can get overcooked almost instantly right that's what everyone says he have to slurp up those noodles as fast as you can because otherwise noodles going to go mushy on you

he wanted bounties bring you some of the contrast going to be the things I don't know if that's the problem you were having is the lack of the khans way things like a aren't going to help you out with that as much as I think you have to use the ALCO noodle any good like a Chinese grocery will have Consuela it's labeled a bunch of everything for you can see it it's you it's got them he comes as a water already made and you know I think Angie alt Lopez post a did he know he doesn't post arrest me because he says that all of his Ramen attempted sucked making ramen noodles if you goes a lot into the brats and stuff but he says that the noodles he's made he doesn't like them I don't have any good information cuz I've never made of the rhombus taiwan's myself on the actual technique of making the noodles so it's not like other noodles style that I worked on like you know they pulled noodles that you that you know or these silver cutting which I have worked on I can talk more about I don't really know much about the physical production of the noodles but in

My Kind of Wrong opinion at the me I think that the rest of the recipe is going to be much more in Port looks like Francis I'm sober right like good cutting is amazing but the actual hard part isn't cutting is hard to get it right and to make it night but really the important part of getting so the right is getting the moisture getting the dough texture ride by manipulating the dough at the moisture and the texture come together at the same time to create that kind of perfect so but so then even if you're a complete dill weed and your knife skills suck and your noodles are ugly and they don't aren't the right shape they will still be delicious because you've gotten the dough right so the actual fabrication of it isn't necessarily as important as getting the texture of the doe rabbits and I haven't made a lot around myself I can't really help you there just other than to say that you're going to want to go into consolation to Yellow alkaline noodles and you can look that up and I'm sure you'll be able to find

lots of recipes that tell you how to use it I will say this other think everyone hates on the fried noodles but I like I'm not saying they're the same and not offended whatever but I actually happen to like noodles that are like deep-fried rated wherever they call it do you like those things sounds another noodles like infinite if you like them or not please everyone hates on them all the time all the time I'm going to work on time right now but when I get a minute's time I'm going to work on some high-end like Friday hydrated noodles like not like DS3 Friday hydrated noodles that you get in the ramen packets but I'm going to I'm going to work and then I guarantee you there's a really good application for it I don't know if I'll be back on that some point

Stiles and brought Tokyo Hokkaido any suggestion to be gracious greatly appreciated Kenji alt Lopez On The Serious Eats has like 18 or 19 posts on different Ramen Styles and like a very lengthy kind of pork you know one from the south listening and also some links to some other websites that are specifically about Rama different styles to rather than kind of lists that stuff out now I would just go to the serious eats and look up Kenzie's post on Ramen doing on that on the thing is that he likes and what he doesn't like and so you know you can kind of tell whether you know whether or not you agree or disagree which is always a good thing to do in recipes and people let you know ahead of time kind of what your predilections are like I tell you

what I think a good french fries and you know which one of my instructions are good or bad based on what I'm aiming at right cuz there's no there's no perfect Ramen there's no perfect anything there is what I am shooting for or what you want to have and then how good are you at achieving that goal right that's really all there is hopefully that helps a couple weeks ago I asked for people to write in their worst kind of Yelp Yelp situation and I got a lot of people who were hating on there on the on the Yelp but here's my here's how it how it happened I was looking up restaurant that you know some friends of mine had and this is the this is the thing that pissed me off a particular thing that pisses me off by the way I think Yelp is extremely useful I think like

useful for certain things and helpful and you know but here's the kind of thing that that that I wish that there was some sort of like something for people that own restaurants where they go and and fish out specific Yelp users listen to this Yelp review from February of this year of a restaurant the burger was phenomenal right but the ambience and the staff are just too hipster for my flavor get this stopped was friendly and was willing to go above and beyond to accommodate my friend kosher dietary limitation I will give this place another try for the bar scene and will definitely come back for the burger and possibly try some of the other dishes so Burger phenomenal

staff is friendly willing to go above and beyond to accommodate the friends died two invitations but to hips hurt so I forget his either to like two or three stars that's ridiculous this is what is wrong with the world look some more on can go and admit that this restaurant had with like bending over backwards to help them out and then they knock them on something like that

a lot of people like like I said straight up hating hating on on the Yelp in fact there's someone sent me a website that was like what was it it's called spelled out f u yelper. I don't think they update that anymore but a bunch of people at sent me in really really crappy really really crappy Yelp reviews but I think you know people who are in the business like we need to get over that complete hatred of the Yelp because it's important for the customers to have some sort of venue to go do this thing is going to be some better way for us to not let it lie cuz you know you real bad Yelp about your place and it kind of rip your heart out I think people don't really understand the yelper these yelpers or kind of sitting around in your chonies and typing thing I don't really think that they'd understand that they are flight kind of hurting real people first of all if they're actually like hurting business

so I'm going to think more on this and see what I can come up with an actual decent thesis on the Yelp that that makes any sense. I'm more kind of feedback on the Twitter on Yelp and we'll talk more about it next week

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