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Episode 163: Pet Peeves, Hot Sauce & Booker!

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every Tuesday from roughly 12:45 and as usual with nastasha to hammer Lopez and Jack in the engineering boost special guest today my son Booker Booker how you doing how do you do doing all right here at the show today I took him out of school because we had to go look at another school is one of those parenting thing to you enjoy the new school you were looking at anything else to say to the radio folk out there

they were very nice to me are you looking forward to the pizza ever going to have after the radio show do you know in a couple years you can have your own radio show you seem so nice on that on the radio I hope so I took today is the first time in a very long time that Dave beat nastase to the studio so that it's actually difficult to park

what is ontrac so yeah they do they drive their parents cars with it with the dancing bears on the back when they when they drive in from Westchester to hang out with their history buddies that got that apartment in Bushwick have you met those people yes you have a scar

what kind of sweet ride is your grandma have a 95 Nissan Sentra heater and I'm having some technical difficulties so there's going to be at the only reason he's here is because I promised he could use my computer throughout the entirety of the episode so the party will be played today by my son Booker will be on the computer the entire time

icc's putting on his dick. Mostly Booker I'm asking to have you use the iPad instead of right to plug in plug into that I'm going to have to use my computer see all right

is Booker doing a radio show here

oh yeah rev I want you enjoying the day products here when I ran out of time more fun if you were live in the studio but he had to hang out in Providence Place that mustachios I supposed to be the same time and for some reason even though I didn't know how is preventing her from doing it was lording it over my head today I have a good amount there no I've never been to know that I'm surprised surprised and my heart's a little glider cooking Peas I meant kid kitchen peeves that I missed getting to on last week show hope they don't repeat any but a bunch came in while I was on the on the errands for some reason

the cast of live like we're no Lehrer locate or anything like that we can't quote cover a product that sucks different kinds of issue giant holes That's Amore on that punches a hole in the in the living then right there's the I'm reusing the deli container that they punctured with like a pain point so that the sucker doesn't blow up from the steam when you're trying to transport stuff how many times have we had four containers go crap on us and that's why even the stars who generally doesn't care about such things wraps the hell out of quart containers with plastic wrap afterwards if we're going to transport them for long distance and hands has saved many a bag because

crappie quart containers you ever like like how much worse can the bad for container B and the guy by the whole bunch of backward containers and they show up and the lids crack instantly in your life and then quart container after quart container cracks and Spills the stuff all over everything it's like the worst but it wasn't like we were being cheap and a good core container is is a joy and a pleasure and you can reuse it again and again as long as you clean the onion

they're awesome inanna and I don't need any less green than anything else because literally I'll use for containers for years right unless they crack on first use and then are the worst thing in the world I know by the way it turns out your laptop doesn't work and iPads here trying to scroll my scroll my laptop screen using the last of an item and then not adding it to a list of stuff to order. This is one that sucks at home and how do you how do you use the last rice

and not another way to piss me off major in like professional scenario is hey look we have a menu item write a menu item make it all the damn time in the menu item right you know that it requires this this product I'll make it up malic acid that you know it's two days away malic acid also last forever

is not expensive and doesn't take up that much space why would you ever run out why would you ever run out like you're down to one pound order to you're not going to take the stuff off and we're always going to be using the malic acid why would you ever run out

not without me getting up quite angry about it bag inside of a secondary bag because it's lazy sometimes I will put a bag in a bag in the bag stuff but I want to maintain the label on the other bag temporary that's more of a home kitchen thing that's not approaching approaching you definitely don't want bags inside of that and then you put the bag out of the outer bag it sprays all over the place because you can't get the stuff out of the bag on the inside without spilling stuff sucks right Val Kilmer sin are you about to win the front of house

and takes to his hatred is overtime more about the author and case from cell phones in the kitchen like some sort of non-lethal but like instant and memorable punishment improper rapping here's the thing

improper rapping so like at the French Culinary Institute their big Advocates of like the major heavy duty Hotel wrap over under sideways Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba and she's very good in situations where you know that 18 people are going to touch a product it's going into a shared refrigerator it's going to get Joselyn moved and what you needed to be completely bulletproof right but then you have the people who Hotel rap in any circumstance and so dumped 18 layers of plastic friends on something when you're about to do a demo and what you really want to do is be able to get into the product without looking like a fool and like and like unwrapping it like it's freaking Christmas present wrapping Donnelly Road in improper shoes showing up in slippers sandals or heels and if you do that I'm going to send you home

you know what it's like I had a guy wants who you know he's one of his things and like he had to stop himself and do it constantly is literally pouring really hot sauce is on people when they were open toed shoes he's like he's like oh I'm sorry I thought you had real shoes on I'm sorry that your foot is called in burnt off but you really have no business like wearing open-toed anything in the kitchen true things that are slippery because you know if you bust your head like that sucks for everyone not just for you but you made a bad decision and War by cheers but now you slipped and broken your head you probably ruined some decent food probably you definitely are shutting down that that kitchen for a while they scrape you off the ground and I figure out what's going on there might be a lawsuit everybody feels bad enough that she was bad idea

make it was life easier Jay Schroeder Road and that guy who says hot behind every time he's moving around and I guess presumably even though the stuff not hot keep crying wolf buddy that's what I'm behind behind behind little bit like bath water temp behind people screaming behind I'm all for letting people know behind but there is a certain level of scrimmage and they look so like a song If you don't scream behind you know that you're behind we enjoy it when the when the weight Ron tells you that the plated extremely hot especially if you're a cook you like the place not freaking hot it's not freaking hot it's like or maybe when was the last

we had a plate really actually hurt your hands does

like I serve Korean stone Bowl Tulsa what's they come out of the table at 615 degrees fahrenheit hot your plate but I think that's why a lot of customers would burn their hands off all the time that would be Korean stone Bowl to toast oats in every Applebee's in America any other crap any other crap some sauce and egg on top delicious easiest like you could do an Applebee's it's just Tulsa Applebee's accept the fact that you be burning too many people and then you get in trouble couple more of the peeves knives on the line and punching holes through the crystal wrap rather than removing all of it

living crap out of something oversized I literally like anything over 10 you consider 10 too much I love the way they feel right and I can deal with the 1/8 I don't want anything smaller than 1/8 when I'm doing shopping do you mean like assholes like busting out like like a super long like I like a tuna knife what do you thinks too long for a knife at what point do you think it's more of a year of your nether regions fridges and your section properly first order comes and your back to the fridge to get something so I'm sure all rights Rights in total lack of comprehending anything about surface area resume

cooking work and to Burnt black smoking oil that tastes and smells like gasoline usually to me it like smells of like rotting fish and ranted nasty I hate that too I freaking hate Battle of that oil smell the oil went over Temp and now the combination of short ribs and over temp oil I can still just thinking about it makes makes me a little little nauseated little bit anyone else had that they have like specific things cuz I was also food poisoning what I did that class I was really sick member that it's why I had to come in and teach the class even though I couldn't even like a constipator see straight until like that assault of that smell on my system while I was already completely damaged has impregnated in my head and ruined

any more weird right

you. How your body works that way okay and again back with when server say it's so hot so hot back here after only 30 seconds near the line he's like you're making tips that's just week this week that you get so to pay the campus Jimmy saying if you can't stand the heat you might as well when I get out of the kitchen and filling quart containers are lexan to the brim or hit that because when you open the Cork and you can't help it and put the inside of a camera to open it till you catch the spillage and portioning out proteins before they're cool and turn nasty when people priests with the people slice for portions before they go out way the hell too early life is like going to send out like sliced meats are like a duck breast and you and you and then

Kristoff and they do a great job they put it out to rest and then they slice it like like 5 minutes 10 minutes we're going to go out to the customer and it looks all old nasty I don't think people do that more than a day to see that all the time in the final exam for the students but if you did that for more than a day at a restaurant you be like beaten senseless what you can't do at the SE as like workers so it's like weird thing that's the hardest things I've had to wrap her head around 2 I was like yeah you can not allowed to go ape pasta kehlani people stuff because they're also your customer she's like I don't get it I don't get it

I want to bet on the break room in the fridge. Mainly prostat I hate that I want you wrapped in aluminum foil and put it in my fridge you might as well throw in that sucker in the freaking garbage you wrapped it and you're only at my house for an hour and you wrap it and you put it or whatever 3 hours 4 hours eating you put in the fridge and then I don't know what it is he's putting kitchen equipment away when you don't know where it goes so that the guy who lives in the kitchen that works in the kitchen all the time can't find it and has to spend half-an-hour finding the peeler this is what I have for freaking identical Kuhn rikon

white pillars in my kitchen so that three separate people can shaft me and put the freaking peeler away in a place that I don't know where it is and I still have one left and yet still time and again I cage we will have to spend 15 minutes looking for a peeler I hate this not caring about people at all shouldn't care about are there made whatever using my knives without asking or anyone's nice I would never walk into somebody's kitchen and like you know pick up there likes yes and I can just start using it without asking whether that's a knife I should used and cutting on top of a star shopping on Tapas and they should be shopping on tablet

I thought you said you had bad friends said no I don't care I don't know to every single one of these guys who come to your house and knees out all of your stuff when you only need a little bit for a recipe like I need some potatoes and so they peel and cut every potato you have in the house a tire five-pound sack there haven't

not sitting down when I tell you to sit down at the table for eating I hate that right and not having the table set when I told you half an hour in advance at the dinner going to be ready in a half an hour I hate that

he's done as far as bad as your friends messing with food in a pan for no freaking reason the stuff is sitting there is sauteing or its crisping up on the bottom or its rendering is fat is minding its own business don't work with the food I hate that do you not do not care about that one either is that when does it bother you need to tell her where it starts getting mad at me for worrying about your personal Comfort while you're cooking it too late you're cooking now the only thing that matters is the food if you cared about your personal Comfort the time to care about it was before you started cooking besides he said about me because I never take my personal Comfort into consideration any circumstance whatsoever going to go change are all I need to pee but not how you should have peed before hand like the clothes that you are now cooking with your now finishing it's not time to go worry about other craft your own Comfort or something that you forgot to do there

the day now comes a time in a day where we care about the food and the food is the only thing that matters and you care for it after the food comes out that's it it's like when you're there when you're cooking you are not a person with your own thoughts and desires what you are is a machine to make the best possible food that you can make that's it everything else is BS in my in my opinion so that's good for the keys Jeff right I think Jeff is not a piece just told me how to pronounce pareidolia pronounce a name correctly but it's as close as in America's going to be able to get Jeff and Jenn Wright Joe and hello Crystal. I'm sorry we missed Chris we talked about it a little bit because it's Chris's recipe but we mentioned it last week and I'll give you a shout out for Booker's well hey Dave contacted you about 18 in

non PVC plastic wrap on Twitter the other day typically home plastic wraps now are made of polyethylene which is generally considered food say it doesn't have plasticizers in a can still have solvents and if they haven't flashed off if it's done poorly but the it's generally considered fairly inert whereas the other other poor gas barrier the other one that's in common uses PVC however has the possible nasty effect of having a estrogenic or right and there's a lot of research out there in a lot of back-and-forth but I am General tend to avoid PVC for food contact a chicken roulade with meat glue a transport terminates which is a great technique you know I've been plastic wrapping your nails for showed me how to do nails Norton Show me how to do the plastic wrap to lose because back

activate you know years and years ago that he would shape every meat into a to we are used to joke with meals that like his world if Neil's were God all animals would just grow in the shape of a tube so they could be cook evenly and portions evenly and served out you might like you would have in his mind fish swim through the ocean that's perfect tubes and Shrimp Co flap around its perfect tube cows are perfect tubes small perfect tubes anyway and he's very good at making perfect plastic wrap making the 12in wrap that I use a challenge to tie off you suggested trying

Supermarket unfortunately Supermarket brand stop making white Arab which is a source of my problem I've looked at every restaurant supply store and food wholesale Market in Seattle and I search online and cannot find any 18 inch wrap without PVC that doesn't sound worthless I read Chris's plastic safety article at the modernist site and chefsteps and I made me rethink my using PVC and the possible after Jenna cafex for myself really care but I have a daughter that visit in the summer and we like to experiment I also regularly cook for people with children I was researching an article that interviewed Harold McGee animation cryovac bags she said that because the layer in contact with the food is polyethylene and lowered his concern about the PVC and outer layers real cryovac bags are multi-layered and yes usually have some sort of polyethylene or similar in earlier on the inner side looks like I'm stuck with PVC I was wondering if wrapping a layer of 12 and polyethylene around the meat and then using the PVC at The Forum and type the package would effectively prevent plasticizer from migrating to

it's tough to say depends on how porous they are and things in Plastics tend to migrate back and forth with each other and depending on how they're made and also especially these things are typically more lipophilic the answer to that question is I don't know if it don't have access to journals I was not able to find data on that either what do you think about this idea of the Dual use if you don't have a clue do you have any suggestions about where I can go next research should everyone that uses this technique a place to carry wider safe plastic wrap with their bags I want to thank all of you for everything that you do and Chris's side as a daily part of my life looking forward to the arrival of my Sears all thanks again just engine okay so listen

here's the here's a secret you don't need to have the length of plastic wrap okay so I want you all the picture what's going on in your head here you're taking a a work surface I like going directly on the stainless don't do it on a cutting board the reason why is the cutting board will slip around as you work even if you have your the wet paper towel under the under the thing used directly or work service get a damp towel and put a line of moisture right on they on your work surface and then spread out a piece of plastic wrap the moisture to the top and then you can pull a little bit on the plastic wrap to get an iced hot flat sheet of plastic wrap on your work surface now

people with as you're looking at the with right which is what was what just talking about here it needs to be wide enough such that your entire roulade or two whatever you're going to make into a to the entire thing fits with you have enough place to hold on the end and rap back and forth like a rolling pin Pull It in the form the two forms of too much like a sausage to write may be wide enough for that to happen but here's what I think that you're missing Jeff is this going to help you out is that you can use Chi what you're using is you're using the width of the plastic wrap right as though as the width of the roulade and then cutting the plastic wrap such that they eat your you're doing the link front-to-back know know know know know when you do very large realize or even normal-sized ones if you only have small plastic wrap what you do is is you have the width of the plastic wrap line up front to back and you just tear off larger pieces right and so you're doing it 92

used to the way that you're doing it now you can make that they are a lot as long as you want and it turns out that if you layer the plastic wrap right one and then you you leave an inch and a half an inch and a half or 2in of overlap between the first piece and the next piece that you layer over it right that you're not going to get leakage especially because you're going to be pulled you rolling it into a tube and you're going to put multiple layers on anyway so what I would recommend is doing it that way cutting going the wide way making is why does he want putting one layer start always as far away from you as possible naked tot put the next one on overlap like two maybe even three in and pull it down and then you should be able to do your realized that way it'll roll up it'll roll up nicely and when you put the second layer on because I always recommend doing two layers when you pull up wrap it tight wants full day pigtails under and then wrap again you will not get leakage through that through that's

that's how I recommend and you can take any size plastic wrap you have within reason and do any size of rely within within reason I mean we used to do very big ones for demonstrations at the FCI and that's how we do it so hopefully that helps lift a car first before he says nothing else I would buy a shirt that says enemy of quality with Dave space on it FYI

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and thereby a jack you want to talk hot sauce participating in a hot sauce Expo with our pal Jimmy Carbone and Sheila Smith kind of wondering what your thoughts on the extreme hot sauce people you know the do you like really really hot hot sauce is that ridiculous to you and let's just before we going to the sauces let's talk Peppers right

Habanero's are delicious for instance and you know when I was a twenty-year-old the habanero was the hottest pepper that you can get there still relatively difficult to Source in regular supermarkets time you had to go to a specialty place and they were hot but everybody realize that Habaneros had a reason for existence right they they tasted really good they had this kind of amazing with floral fruity Aroma that you know other most other peppers didn't have and kind of a real nice character to spice anise and so there were some extreme hot sauces that had habanero as the base and they tasted really good because they tasted like habanero but you had to use them sparingly because they were very hot now let's let's wrap up to current hot peppers hot hot peppers and Naga Jolokia the ghost pepper if you know what that thing taste like nothing it doesn't taste interesting it's not interesting

it's just damaging Lee hot and so you know prior to that back when I was on the show before when I was when I got out of college I didn't really have a decent job I was up waiting to start at work as a paralegal of my my wife had a really good job working for Cesar pelli is as if you know that very famous Architects peshek time in New Haven and so I sat around with a Fry Daddy train myself to eat hot peppers by by frying deep frying habanero chile relleno sin just eating the one after the other until I was completely in your to catch station right so I said to myself I can take this and so what's the next step at the time the next step after this week before super like in St Dave's Insanity Sauce and stuff was at least before I knew about it and

oh there was it at the time like they the whole hot and saw something was taking off kind of Great Guns is it in 90 92 93 around that that time and you know I kind of realize there was a market for just you know who who can you know what's a polite way of saying it's like you know just kind of like proving your manhood by by eating hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter things right and then subsequently proving that you know women can eat a tide of a thing as it is a d-bag I can eat and things just got hotter and hotter and hotter and I and I was caught up in that I guess what I was young and so I sourced a bunch of the oleoresin which is the stuff that you used to just add pure heat the stuff that comes with like legit warning labels of bad things happen to you if you eat it all sorts of from Industrial Supply your way back in the day and I realized this stuff just doesn't have any good taste and so then a lot of the hyper hot sauces that have come out to meet Ace of that oleoresin which

fundamentally pure spice and the dregs of what may be at one time was a decent chilly but is now just just about spice and so you're very little flavor in those things and you know I'm not trained anymore so like I don't like things as superhot although I can still take it better than most people can so my my my point is if it helps the flavor then I'm all for it you know and if it's just on as a stunt I think it's kind of a crappy idea I think it's especially a bad idea to put intensely hot things all over like otherwise nuanced foods to use going to ride over the top I don't care how good you are at the height of my training with with eating hot stuff I would have to have admitted that you know it's going to be very difficult to tell you know me to tell textures fine but like the actual kind of you know bass note flavors and stuff is just so much going on in your mouth that it just it's hard to tell

what the hell's going on it's you know what there's a fine line to it but there's definitely a place where I think even the biggest Spice of file will realize that the lines been crossed and that's why you know at the bar we had a bunch of spicy drinks and you're my point is yeah I can take it and I like this by Stephen but are we still balanced are we still in the business of doing something that balance or not this is making sense Jack or no sorry I was distracted a fan you know I'm fine with the super hot sauces I like I used to like the ones that have a lot of flavor in fact the most interesting one we had was called it wasn't spicy dolls a pepper sauce made by due north in New Zealand sent To Us by a listener Dan was a completely non spicy pepper sauce that had such a rich pepper Flavour I love that you know what I mean I love it

I luckily they sent me two bottles and so are we lost one because I think we lost it Roberta's we brought to the table and reading it and then it got busted where's my lost it but you know I was able to get to keep the other one that's so someday they will ship it to the US but now that I got to call Brandon Lee Road and said a few talk about vacuum marination of meat in a assignment well queso look so you don't know what you're talking about in vacuum marination what you're doing is pulling a vacuum on a piece of meat and thereby we have talked about it for the past couple of weeks trying to accelerate the rate at which cure Brian others in this actually dovetails with something that was written in by Harriet we're going to deal with in a in a minute he he says hey Dave have you seen

Greg blonder blonde our website which is www. Genuine have you seen his website where he plays around with cooking you might be interested in this investigation he did about die so if you go to you look up dye Greg blonder and like food dye I've seen some of his research but this article is really awesome talks about rate of diffusion of different molecules into different Meats at different rates and how they work so it'd be interesting to combine that with vacuum stuff they don't think you do that yet but it's fantastic I recommend everyone who hears this goes to check out that that page cuz this is really really good work but

tell me when you're doing vacuum a nation that that's one thing in the ice I bottle in a siphon you're doing the opposite you're trying to use pressure to force the Force Under Pressure liquid into Meats in fact I thought of the reason I thought of Rapid infusion at all was a guy named mr. Fizz was using his carbonation system to pressure inject marinade into meat so it definitely works I would recommend doing a double a double pressure so I don't know whether I did publish it actually or I should say Paul published it on cooking issues you can do infusion ananias I just like you can in a vacuum where you pressurize and stuff in Under Pressure the question if you want to release it slowly here's why when you pressurize when you pressurize a product into a piece of meat let's say you're also injecting in are your compressing any are that's in there are compressing it down very so

when you release the pressure that are already expand again it will tend it leave and also tended generate pores with in it that allow further penetration on the next go-around but you definitely want to put two different pressure Cycles on it but it definitely works and if you look at mr. fizzes old stuff back in the day you can see him really gross actually cuz doing a plastic bottle and you can see chicken getting injected with Brian Under Pressure but I definitely recommend to pressure pushes not one and you can also do it if you if you happen to have a if you happen to have like a corny keg and and I like a larger system you can you can do it in a corny keg as well I have not done I'm not done with CO2 which is what you would probably use in a larger corny keg because you probably don't have a nitrous tank like I do but I have had people try and tell me that when they cook the meat afterward presuming that you cook it properly will I say properly I mean you know all the way through to a warm temperature

will be no more residual CO2 tape but I cannot vouch for this because I have not tried it but you should be able to do like you know a whole suckling pig that way and I'm going to see it through the live the corny keg but as long as you put in a pressure pot if you don't want a corny keg that they use for spray painting and that you could fit like a whole turkey into you can get him at like what's that what's that tool store Harbor Harbor Freight in a plastic bag and I smell like petroleum for forever I wasn't with his mom. I wasn't using it for food so please I want to hear it

Howard Howard Road in we had a quick question we've been doing an aerated chocolate tempering chocolate I aside into a container and then placing a vacuum machine as a petit four things with small tapes I going to do crap curious if there's any way to dispense some of the chocolate into the Container then layer a denser thing perhaps a praline paste and then more of the chocolate with the idea that when a mixture goes into the vacuum the denser material will fill all the holes that are creating the aerated chocolate thanks Harry now listen I don't think so I'm going to go ahead and say I don't think so now I'm always wrong but my feeling is this when you're aerating chocolate your the what's happening is is that there are already remember I said before there's my new air air bubbles in Pockets inside of your product

right especially when you bias is it not really are there is some are about this nitrous oxide and small stuff can you bring the vacuum machine what's happening is you are inflating that you're inflating that and then setting it but there's not a migration of that are out it over that nitrous out if there was you would lose the structure because of chocolate can't hold its own structure that way until after it's sent into a solid and so my feeling is if you're going to have a closed cell foam and in a closed cell foam where there's no actual continuous path between the different pocket so different you know whatever you want to call them are sells nitrous so there's no way to infuse stuff into them now, what would be possible to do is to

is to make a some sort of like BT sauce and then like a like a multifire mix that in and then do it that way even maybe with a possible also secondary Iration so was a little less hard than otherwise be but I don't see any way to do it directly the way you're saying you can get it to layer but you wouldn't be able to get those those holes filled with something else but as I say I have been wrong many many many times so it might be a situation where you could aerate the block cut the Block open and then there might be some open passageways through it and then you could post Infuse a product into it once it's solid but you know then you're going to have other difficulties but I think it's going to be a very difficult very difficult proposition and I did not get any tweets on this and you know Stars didn't give me any good ideas of where you

go in Europe even though she does nothing but wishes she could go back to Switzerland but he wrote in last week big fan long time listener play my first trip to Europe with my brother in about a month now in less than a month airline ticket sites down the most important of food I was thinking of Western Europe for the strip and having a hard time deciding where to go I was hoping I can pick your brain and the brain is the folks at they heard radio network Friday is on cool it is to Epicurean experiences a must-try dishes are go to equipment shops keep up the amazing work Howard no one's writing in the here's how I go about this sort of thing

if I hadn't been to a place before Ryan I will sometimes ask people you know like where you know where we should go so for instance if you're going to London you need to go to Neal's yard Dairy and have the cheese right side of my friend Tony's bar you should go to mean if you have the time obviously you should go to the fact that you go to faversham to go to the farm to go to Paris you know you want to go to a good shop you know I can't even pronounce it but that there's an awesome old shop to call like the year old shop filled with a bunch of curmudgeon that you need to go to or life for ptolemais which is I think on the Rue de Grande we would you like me to my favorite cheese shop and you got to go to the Meadowlands I know that you got to go get macarons up in line on the other room Atlanta got to go to fish all you got to do all that stuff but

you know what you should do what I highly recommend any time I'm going someplace what I do first is I go and believe it or not Wikipedia and I just go ballistic on reading whatever the local crap is that they have it no one else has one right so and by the way every place that I've ever been in Europe has really interesting things to eat and interesting things to see from a food stamp appointment in any place you go you should always find out when and where the best markets are where hardcore people shop right and you need to go there early enough in the day so that you get an idea of what's going on and then you should ask them for only products that are from around that region or that are peculiar peculiar or typical to that region that's the first thing whenever I'm going to another place I make sure that whoever is hosting or whoever I'm going or whatever I'm doing I have time to visit local markets and see what's going on that's where I learned that the most I also like to go to a local supermarket to figure out what they like the average person to shopping

Supermarket figure that out although that's maybe not exactly what you're talking about and then I just do a lot of research searching and finding out what the local local fabulous dishes are or at least the ones that are only available there and not available anywhere else and that's really a nice do it like a boat ton of reading beforehand but I always make sure that I get I hit those I had to say at this point in my life I have so much catching crap that I rarely go to try really buy hardgoods anymore I'm mainly interested in foods that I can't bring home can't have otherwise if you got the money for it in the time you know I recommend like once in a vacation going to like a really like butt kicking like a like a three-star you know what I mean I would only do it like once or so I think otherwise you get kind of palate fatigue try to figure it out you know which one you want to go to but it's always a good experience to do Hefeweizen

it sounds like that then I'm going I'm going to Booker does not want to go to Paris he will not cut he will not pay Booker

do you want to why you not want to go to Paris with with me because I hate leaving the country because I really loved home

I'm worried that if we get caught in a foreign country we would get lost

just like in Japan once you got lost but in my back

when do I didn't get lost its in his mind he thinks I got lost and someday you're going to regret not going and what did you say I hate leaving USA and I will never leave my home taxes going to go to Paris with us and so I'm going to take him hopefully although it's not my favorite time of year for cheese in France like like the bus round and order that you get a part of him is one of my favorite things on Steve Harvey Show is very informative entertaining I would like to know how you make your pizza sauce and what Cheese's do you use on your pizza what can I do to my Blodgett 981 oven to make it reads very high temperatures like you did your home oven

remember my home was with a garlic my new one is a wolf which is the same thing as a Vulcan shrinking dough when I have to like that I put it back in the fridge for another day or two and then is very easy to work with also questioned if I brine my chicken wings will that make their uncooked shelf life longer if so how long would you hold it before cooking you probably as if that was from Pat and Old Forge way that's from pet since from Pat but then up top it says that it's from a Steve Crandall which one is it

secret life whenever you saw something out or at least you will slow the microbial growth but a lot depends on exactly what Brian strength you're talkin about and I never will I wouldn't use that as a as I got ahold safe technology you know I've had fermented chicken and spareribs that will help for a long time because I had to ferment and eat you know used to do those are delicious Andy Ricker does that fermented ferret thing which I think is really awesome question block 98107 those who don't know we're talking about is a deck oven a commercial deck oven the one that I saw online is gas-fired

and only goes up to 500 Degrees which is not very good at anything you do to this oven could potentially rendered I will see them. I'm just a question whatever. So I'm safe I could pretend will cause the outside of the oven to get much hotter than a normal commercial Evan normally gets because they don't have a good insulation you might cause other ancillary bad things to happen I'm just letting you know now they're two things what I did in my oven was my original oven was I use the existing gas delivery system we write and in the old Garland's when you crank the thermometer up all the thermostat all the way it actually goes into run away mode with meaning that is no longer thermostatically controlled and when is in run away mode and not thermostatically controlled anymore

temperature that oven can get to on its own is roughly 560 570 degrees Fahrenheit now so what can you do you can add more power so I put I put in two electrical heating elements to boost the power and that's what allowed me to get up to 850 or change degrees because I added extra electrical heating almost I have to be very careful you have to get what's called oven wire actually even heavier Duty wire the oven why are where the insulation can withstand those kind of temperatures you want to put them through ceramic grommets on the way through the oven so that when they go out and you want the next installation there so that you don't do your chores app yourself right now and you're going to be more difficult what I would do for you is I looked it up and it actually has just a plain thermostat in it so the two things you can do is increase of BTUs of that unit right by adjusting the actual burner elements that are in it and to replace the thermostat I looked up and in fact

just go buy a stock thermostat for that Blodgett the f d t h thermostat they will take it up to six hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and right where I can put in fact have already my new oven my wall / Vulcan where commercial again where I put the two heating element in the problem is is that that thermostats not in Runaway Sue another thing you can do is you can put that you can leave your old thermostat in not recommend you do this please don't do this and I recommend you do this it's physically possible to put a t and never bypass the safety valve the basil never bypass the basil safety valve but you can safely if you are trained in doing gas piping bypass the thermostat so that you can put the entire oven in the run away without replacing it then once the ovens and run away then you need a thermocouple to measure how hot it's getting in runaway if when you put the thing in while I run away this means full on gas if when the things in runaway it's getting hot enough for you then you're done if not then

you can think about augmenting the burner putting a secondary maybe electrical unit in the top to boost the power of it doesn't take much doesn't take much but those are things that I would look at those also a steam injection kit for that would be pretty cool I think it's a good I used to have a Blodgett electric convection oven and I had to get rid of it cuz I don't have the power anymore but I love that damn thing our next guest is fortunately I asked on the Twitter today for four people to send me bad Yelp reviews reviews of Yelp that were the crappy apparently I'm not have time to go into my rants musings on Yelp The Good the Bad and the Ugly and the stupidity of some people that that Yelp out at you so we'll have to do the next week cooking issues

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