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Episode 162: Emulsifier Systems & Pressure Cookers

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late in Bushwick Brooklyn but still alive Network every Tuesday at noonish and there's a reason that we are never nominated for Beard awards I don't know if that's easier to hear on time Jack you're usually here on time every time there's a skews but I'm trying to get as much work on thinking about the questions and what not beforehand as I can get in before hand so I'm pushing it always to the last then if there's any problem with the train at all I'm super late like I am today but correct

rescheduling Court will you remember that my son Booker take took the baby and it is such a purpose quite well I think is right. How are you I'm doing well how are you this morning Dave armoring this morning I'm glad because I heard today is National smack a cook in the groin with a spoon day

definite definition holiday or just one you made up I did just make it up but I imagine that it could be like it official day to back of a spoon people not the front don't be animals about it Cooks walking around with cooking spoons that you're cooking with and you smack find it actually incredibly unpleasant back me up on this actually completely befuddled have you been hanging out in tires I told you I don't practice it I don't practice that and you know it's not it's not really a little salt

yeah and sexual harassment it's usually it's ya it's not I don't know as I said this is why I spent extra time armoring because I find it unpleasant I don't like hearing that in the groin I really want to see a video of a day in the life of of Dave Arnold I think that would be very popular life isn't so bad

at first I had a bunch of people in a tweet in their kitchen peeves this morning and I might have some more in during the break I don't know if we'll go over those maybe you might be especially a good at we are questioning from

Will Freeman and if you if you haven't researched this just tell me a treble cat underscore one I want to make a creamer for hot and cold beverages based on oil emulsified with egg and no Dairy how to prevent it breaking and I don't know what they mean by breaking like keeping it liquid and stopping it from breaking their or they mean Feathering you know what into into into coffees or what not I will say before I turn you loose on this quiz that we might not have anything to say that I don't know is that it seems to be from like just very preliminary research that the secret actually lies me something that I know you Chris work on quite a bit which is which is Salt Lake City Tradesman phosphatase which is typically the screamers are dope with casein because they have the casing in them

they need the emulsifying salt whatever you want to call the Melting salt whatever situations polyphosphate whatever to keep them from Feathering out when they go into literally no Dairy casein then we need to figure out some other kind of creamy looking fulking agent to put into it to give it that along with maybe some additional stabilize his other than less than and and the and the other phospholipid crabs that are in the egg yolk any thoughts what you really need here is a good emulsifier system cream and milk is a bunch of butter fat droplets coated in casein proteins which to a pretty nice job of keeping that emotion suspended so I'm guessing what he's talking about breaking it we're really talking about preventing phase separation

chasing you know my instinct would be to go to accommodate your going to need some emulsifiers you're going to need a homogenizer to the to do this and then what I would be looking for our by probably go to like sucrose Esters I think those to do a pretty in my experience those will do a pretty good job of codeine most plant oils and so the way I would do it if I disperse some sucrose Esters which I think the album we make that extra lines are probably readily available probably a blend of different ones I love him I love that I just seen if a dumb name especially in English it sounds like too many other things they don't tell you what exactly is it in them but you know

products or the people I just saw your oil whatever you going to use and I would emulsify would disperse some something like a sucrose faster in that and then I would under really high chair or if you have a homogenizer that would be great by to multiply that into your ear liquid to form an Emulsion and I wouldn't I don't think lecithin or twice or some of the other ones will work terribly well but when I've done I've done some constructed creams we go back to the to the work we did at modernist cuisine Suffolk didn't get published there was a lot of good work with super westers pre-constructed cream so I think that'd be a pretty productive direction to go if you can use casein I your life will be much easier because getting sodium caseinate is much easier than sort of tracking down sucrose esters

going just research patent literature on creamers you'll see that in fact they do have mono and diglycerides in them as one of the main things that however they have also casing in their formulation and mono and diglycerides muy muy muy cheaper than super Western and so are not by any stretch the cheapest of ingredients to use and that's why in general in food industry there only used in situations where they're really necessary not necessarily in in in every situation where they might kick some serious butt if I'm wrong on that Chris really well so I can probably be a little more specific here since I'm actually pulling up some of that was sensible I put my laptop in front of me and I would be saying you're looking for something like a super Lester with that

what's called in hlb value of around 10 and you're probably looking at about 5% by weight but if you don't have that something like a blend of monoglycerides and lecithin maybe like point to 1.2% of both of those blended into your oil that'll do a pretty good job of stabilizing the mixture to get to on what a hlb is a balance and also on the fact that you know not all that spins made the same right now call or you're on the air

hi Dave and gang and Chris no Chris would be on the show today and it's a really good surprise I just had a few questions I hope my first question is Branson 55:10 and it is a dirty dirty use ultrasonic bath and I know that Chris doesn't work with cavitation french fries and stuff and maybe clean it may be neutralized some of the nasties and he just has a really small niche in California it's doing that so can you guys lose weight our listeners know ultrasonic bath use for a cleaning things and for other operations that you guys can talk about in a minute the smaller ones that you can buy inexpensively are jewelry cleaner

leader sold at Home Folks manufacturer of one's better in industry and life sciences and they also build much larger more powerful ultrasounds for welding tell him how many liters is one told us we have an idea what size I just came from somebody just doing like probably metal cleaning or some sort of Parts you you're not going to worry about getting the geiger-counter out and making sure this wasn't used for some sort of Nefarious radioactive purpose okay that's good news usually what I would do for cleaning this is probably start out if you can get some some lie essentially a drain cleaner I would disperse some of that in water and start off with an alkaline wash which will help with your help get some of that what I'm guessing our sort of metal filings and Fines Office

and then I would bring that out switch over to an acid something like muriatic acid what you can get it Home Depot would be a good choice and then after that just watch really well with the detergent by the way lie if there is some sort of biological contaminant in their live Elite it both of those at at Home Depot and see just one with a good alkaline wash them then drain it out neutralize it was just wash it with some water then go to an acid wash and after that just detergent

William Porter of addition really really important do not dump your water onto a giant pile of lie a lot of it I've gotten really badly damaged by unlabeled lie and you know I like having if you can get some food grade and you know do something amazing work that you can do with lye in the kitchen as well because I like to kill everything I had finish everything off with a good Elite rents let it sit in and then and then blacked out this is one of the ones with the metal outside or the molded plastic outside yeah okay also like if there's weird and crusty stuff at least mine can be completely disassembled including removing the seal that seals between the plastic in the stainless steel things

holding it together you just want to be careful and not dump a bunch of good at least the one I have has the transducers bonded to the inside of a stainless steel tank on the inside that's and seal to the underside of the plastic Whip and all that can be gotten into if there's anything really nasty but I'd avoid doing that unless you really like doing that sort of thing I hope I can blow through this another one real quickly and yeah and I'm going to have to what detergent do you buy those detergent that they use with the ultrasonic bath reviews do you just do like hot water in cavitated for like 20 30 minutes if you can get some phosphate Solutions into the water with a little bit a little bit of detergent you will get very clean glassware you know. One of the one of the unfortunate thing

fortunate depending on how environmentally conscious you are as we remove phosphates from from dishwasher detergent coming years back and unfortunately possibly two really good at removing hard water stains and letting the glassware drain and dry very very clear so that literally some tripolyphosphate maybe like half a percent dissolved in water is going to do wonders for cleaning your glassware how can I still has it doesn't it probably others almost certainly commercial commercial ones are going to have it actually espresso cleaner since we will have a good mixture of of citric acid and phosphates so those would be good choice but if you're still get like a consumer dishwashing detergent it's gone

awesome thank you all so I recently read head to tail the article had to tell this situation by Dave and I was running his manifold system answer my question is real quick is it is it necessary for me to get a coil connector for that set up at the peristaltic pump cheaper and easier with dry ice and I've noticed that the distal it does kind of freeze a little bit initially I think that's what the problem was right is it it wouldn't drip drip down at like 8 I started off life with a with a coil condenser and then move to a cold finger condenser not for reasons of economy but for reasons that I couldn't distill alcohol in a commercial environment without endangering you know my liquor license was just kind of not

actively distill some of the flavors that we want in water and not have them get totally stripped out with you need to have an extremely high temperature Delta between the distillation temperature and the condensing temperature and saw your fingers that I could do that dry ice is really dry ice is so powerful that one of the problems that you're going to know when you're using dry ice in a cold finger condenser is yeah and you're going to act like that the actual vacuum vacuum take off area tends to get clogged with ice crystals more than when you use what's a liquid nitrogen actually distillation using dry ice as the cooling source is vastly cheaper and more efficient than using liquid nitrogen because liquid nitrogen is relatively has relatively low amount of chili powder compared to fry ice on a pound for pound but I find that it's vastly easy

how to use because once your vacuum once your vacuum, and freezes once you no longer can suck a vacuum because of Ice Crystal inclusion in the lines you're done and so I found that happened a lot so you need to be really careful when you're starting a distillation with dry ice that before you add dry ice to your condenser that you suck a partial vacuum on the cold finger and you think that so that you don't have a lot of moisture from the atmosphere condensing up near that the the top of the condenser which is where that the vacuum take off Port is which get clogged very easily so you want to suck a partial vacuum not enough to do any major distillation right then you want to add your dry ice in your alcohol let it cool down then you want to start your your actual hardcore primary distillation and you need to be sure that you don't boil over because you boil over and you have to break your system to clean it before you continue a distillation then all hell breaks loose specially with it with a dry

takes forever to 821 the condenser backup and it's a huge pain in the butt now you can get around that by using a bump flat not none of this is better than glass but very few people use the fretted inserts between the in the in the west called in the vapor. But rotating it wobbling a little bit last has issues they're prone to failure to what we're talking about here folks is there a flask allows you to open and close a beaker so that you can literally put your fist inside of where the product is and it's fantastic if you're going to dry something out and make it a lot easier to clean the issues with the beaker flask or that they are relatively slow to ramp up and down temperature wise cuz the glasses thicker and a seal where the beaker itself is tens to get wonky with X you want to make sure you want to run a real

vacuum test drive before you do anything to make sure that you can get the sucker down to the vacuum levels you need to answer your self together but it becomes more precarious if some knucklehead walks up and hits it with their hand you know what I mean it happened believe me but what you said to your first question you can do some fractionation when you have a system like that but a large amount of stuff is Frozen on to the side of your condenser and so you can't really do accurate fractionation with that kind of a setup what you can do it's a huge pain in the ass but you can use it eutectic salt mixture and you can you can hit a temperature somewhere closer to like -20 C something there and there you can do some really hardcore good fractionation but it's just a lot more difficult to maintain temperatures special because

the actual volume of that condenser is quite low so you'd be better off maintaining something you can buy a and you have to run a condenser colder for a given level of Separation to the surface area is not as great as a coil all right but you can buy / jerry-rig something that allows you to just pump cold stuff into your cold finger and siphoned out so you can sit there and just with a thermometer or circulator keep up an alcohol bath at our glycol bath at like - 20 and then use a pump siphon system to constantly refresh the cold finger and you can do that for like 30 bucks especially if you already have a circulator

wow that's good news that's great that's great. I can't really see it on the cold finger are you looking for the condensation on the outside of the condenser in a time when you're doing distillations much easier to see a water vapor line than an alcohol Vapor line but you're looking for a conversation on the glass itself on the outside and in a coil condenser you're looking for the drip lines where the drifts are starting on the coil coming down and you can kind of see where the Melt zones are in a cold finger condenser to find out if you're melting very high up it means you're losing temperature in your and you're just in your ear condensation line is too high you just get a feel for it over to another really good way this is why I buy dry ice problematic because I freeze everything up and make things difficult

to see but if you just put the tube at the back of your fingers against or the back of your hand against the against the outside glass and feel up and down you can get a feel for where the line is is that possible for it's like the outside the condenser feels too warm then you'll get that problem what you should melt off the tip be liquid at all times when your distilling okay how much energy so much energy to reconveyance team that almost no there's no coolant that is powerful enough at full distillation rates to keep solid ice at the tip

Nicole finger that I've used

I really love chefsteps and you doing some great work Chris. So much thank you break we should do let's just give him a quick thing on hydrophobic lipid phobic balance and the difference in a list of things go simple ideas hydrophobic lipids ceiling fans with just a measurement of how much more a picker misfire prefers to be and what we call the oil face versus the water phase of the aqueous phase and depending on what you're trying to emulsify you often one of the most fire to be more in oil or more in water and there are two forms of less than year usually deal oiled and oil lecithin and they have very very different hydrophobic with the Philips balance is trying to remember the numbers off my head you might you seem to be using to retain numbers much better than I do on a date

like I can not to use them so much so I never really grind them into my into my head but any supplier of repute will tell you the number within it if you start really calling around you'll find out that they can be custom-tailored a lot in fact I believe there's a whole thread on hlb value is in lecithin on the chefsteps Forum which is a much better and more reliable source of information in my brain off and I'm heading the main thing to know is that not all lecithins are created equal and assuming that you can substitute them from one recipe to another is it national going to work if you don't really have a good idea of what the hlb value was on the particular less than being used as a Twist ingredients for technical ingredients because they share the same name

as another doesn't mean they perform in the same way as another and the analogy I always used to use is that pretty much like flowers will all kind of work the same when you're using really blunt blunt instrument type of functionality when you're doing that but most of the work that we're doing with these technical ingredients much more like scalpel working for that you really need to know exactly what is going on and I supposed to be a little more useful to think about this stuff so I should have skipped over this but you know the hlb range runs from 0 to 18 and if you're doing a water dispersed into oil Emulsion you're generally going to be looking for the most emulsifier with an hlb value of something like for dinner maybe five or six and if you're trying to do an oil-in-water Emulsion you really want something that's more like 8 to 18 and soy lecithin Erie Royal blessed intend to have a NHL B value 99 is it a pretty common one and that makes it pretty good for oil in water Emulsion but not very good

water in oil Emulsion if you use a deal oil lecithin you probably find one with an H lb of 5 to back and forth because they straddle the line and they could be on either side of that line which is it's like it's like for those who care about this stuff it's like Louis on Hiatal gel and they're both daily plan but they couldn't have radoc they couldn't have more different textures meme

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guys this is Jennifer Maryland how are you

how to actually have a very quick and probably simple question about pressure cooker mechanic but I was not involved the rest of your time in from out of cooking at home I'd love to start chefsteps by then but a big crowd favorite is the year of the buffalo wings chicken wings with a buffalo oil are the buffalo sauce in Saree and go to the pressure cooker you know in 10 yards or they say you could just simmer it all the ingredients on the stove in oil for about half an hour or so the differential is full pressure at 10 minutes for 10 minutes in the in the jars for on the stove top for a half hour

you're cooking with oil on the stove I'm sure that the temperature is probably close to around 2:50 at low in a low heat on the stove so what's going on inside a pressure cooker this actually shortening will be so I can feel you over the phone out of my skin is it really doesn't matter very much what your oil temperature is on the stove and presuming your it reasonable atmospheric pressure around sea level is a bunch of water those chicken wings and so it can't be hotter than 212 degrees Fahrenheit is 100° C at normal atmospheric pressure because you're stuck at the boiling point of the water will be evaporated from the food but that's all the changes the core temperature doesn't get any hotter pressure cookers allow you to raise the boiling point of the water which means you can actually get the core temperature of the food higher because

you raise the pressure boiling point goes up just like as you decrease pressure boiling point goes down and so the the basic rule of thumb I tend to carry around as you're trying to convert collagen into tender gelatin and if there's any liquid in the products at all the only way to alter the temperature on the inside of that product to accelerate any processes is by applying pressure amount of water in those


I mean like if the problem is poking onion is you bulk the probably bulking onion in a pressure cooker recipe which I do on a regular basis is that you're adding a lot of extra water to it because you're not getting rid of the water in a pressure cooking situation but pressure cooking radically lessons the characteristic flavors of onion and leaves more of the other kind of standard sweet root vegetable flavor tuna

and I know but I found that friend since I I like combinations of pressure cooked onions to it for a balk and regular cooked onions when I actually want onion flavors like french onion soup there's there's going to be another difference you hate you have going on here so I don't think there's a terribly simple explanation I think that's why I don't understand the question your sort of be nice if there was a simple answer I think one of the factors that's going on is inside a pressure cooker in a semi sealed environment that means some of your tools are not being vented as rapidly as they would be on a stove top and you're going to tend to retain more of those in the oil then you than you would in a in a stovetop so that would be certainly one of the reasons I think you get to a similar product faster. Davion t e r that you're the distillation extra I felt like I was listening to Walter White a few minutes ago

well is Walter White just kidding I just saw the last one Whatever anyone but the real reason could be why the venting is an issue which is why I thought you know your original idea Chris of putting things in jars with kind of a genius idea aside from the preservation standpoint and so the others no question your retaining more volatile when you open the pressure cooker I imagine you get really really potent Sulphur atheroma

when was really destroyed in pressure cooking and eyes I emailed block the guy who wrote the garlic and Aliens book and keep you know about this in about like what kind of going on and there is some research on it but he referred me to someone who can actually do that a chemical analysis of it but they wanted to do it for the money and I didn't really have the money they would have had you on a personal basis because in in normal cooking right in activate the the enzymatic Pathway to convert you know the non pungent precursors to the pungent you know about it is Allison to Alan cook on something and then blend in uncooked allium those enzymes will still act on the precursors that are still there and create pungency whereas in pressure cooked product that's not the case in pressure cooked product

edition of fresh enzyme doesn't convert all of the stuff to the pungent so there's something in Sulphur chemistry is incredibly complicated anyway and so that there's something going on there that I think is only empirically understood let's say that means like Cooks know it but there is but I don't know that anyone knows exactly what getting busted into what in the pressure cooker with with onions and garlic and leeks I just know that it's it's complicated and that the that the the rate and nature of the change is not necessarily linear with time so I know if I want to completely obliterate those things I push him for 20 minutes. Maybe 10 minutes is the upper limit where you can retain some of the original character of the of the of the aliens I don't know you know

let's it's it's exactly nursing questions the way that recipe would have been developed literally was just very empirical try things in the end and see what sort of give the closest approximation

a pepper puree some heft should I use modified starch or xanthan and why

or something else or something else they've added it depends on how much have to if it's just a little bit more body it's hard to beat Vamp in for convenience I'm generally not a big fan of a lot of modified starches they tend to really sort of dull and round out the player flavor my personal preference would be to go to a gel and based fluid gel because you can really change the the body to and dial it into whatever you want without making it instead of gloopy your slimy or pork loin. Which tends to be a problem with xanthan or and starch you give it that day if you do not a lot of this you got to remember with Joe and you'll probably have to make that like a stiff gel and fluid gel like water but I've had difficulty getting gel and to set an extremely high like ionic situations like kimchi for instance I tried a bunch of different cream cheese and I couldn't get it to set right now

what you live with more tolerant maybe I was I was developing it for a gel and recipe which is why I kept on trying it with Joanne so I never tried it with with a are probably a lot more tolerant I don't know what the long-term stability of an agar fluid gel vs. gel and though I think I would guess it will be more stable in the long run be better and I suspect you could mean you're right especially you have lots of salt around things get complicated but usually not so that you can't solve a little bit of sodium hexametaphosphate if you just need a little bit more body xanthan it's easy and I like that. I asked last week someone asked this last week about pet peeves right and before that I want to give a shout-out Aaron Morgan Road in about last week what's going on to get to we had a collar in last week

bunch of Mountain Dew it was like 20 years olds want to make it in a Mountain Dew wine near to get rid of a benzoate and was told add HCL to it to get rid of it but I didn't know what the reaction was Morgan Road in on the Twitter sodium benzoate equals NaCl + benzoic acid which is a solid at room temperature or can be filtered out on filter paper thanks Aaron for that and then we had a question what are some good kitchen peas and so these are the ones that were written in this morning in before it will just go over and Crissy we take care of the cooking kid writes in towels on shoulders of cooks not courtesy wiping bottles after use especially with honey or molasses misuse of Kitchen Side tells just completely drives me nuts they're they're filthy they should be banned from the kitchen traffic running wild hates the towels and then Joshua wrote back if it tells dirty I guess can see it instantly if they're plating food fill from the towel for the towel can get in the food accurate Brandon

Boston Road in Welland always also added does not appreciate people drinking out of delhi's I think he needs quack Hall Court calling people you work with closely chef and wearing aprons to the washroom neverwhere freaking a washroom but I have to say that I even at home sometimes I drink out of Courts but I don't know what are your thoughts on the hating drinking out of course whatever vessel suits the purpose so Deli cups are fine by me what what I always heard was the reason to drink out of quart containers is that you could tell the deal when they showed up that you that that was a cooking ingredient in that they weren't drinking anything

oh that's interesting I've never I've never heard that one before you have a cup on the counter if you're obviously drinking in the kitchen if you have something that's there that's in something that is a cooking storage vessel then perhaps you're not drinking it

I'll buy that that's possible cook and white sand public transportation public transit my goodness don't ever do that I hate seeing people outside of the kitchen wearing their cooking stuff it's the same as seeing somebody on the streets in Scrubs from a hospital and what are you doing hope I was just going to say this I drive past the University of Washington Hospital everyday on my way to chefsteps and is just up the step lights are bad enough but to see people like going to work in their scrubs outside is just like mind-boggling manliness to have them outside where it's known filthy I don't even care whether it's real filter not is the game of perception people perception which is why you also shouldn't be smoking outside in your in your uniform or any of that stuff in my in my opinion my opinion

that sucks you're going to become a hated person if you do that how do you say clean up as you go and don't leave a mess for somebody else that just touches good at Again by a pack of wolves people unless your Chef tells you to people because I needed pepper and had and someone saw they was pre-ground pepper and call me freaking out on it I'm still embarrassed this day because I detest pre ground pepper

well so it is it when I was at the fat duck we had to write before service because it hasn't wanted wanted ground pepper of different sizes if Paul had to be ground fracture this is on my station and I had to fill ramekins with fine sifted medium coarse all had to be ground fast and they had to be changed every hour you know as soon as well service what a complete nightmare but it makes a mess of different sold pepper just a sold an expense or any other hanging off Apron Strings out of Wyatt Earp I think that fits in a lot with it with a side towels right I like that idea though I got to give her some anyone in the real life wearing that butcher belt with a knife holders in it I have actually in Portland but then Portland right

haha I'm glad I'm not going to touch that one Seattle vs Portland hashtag whenever you call anyone who steps into the kitchen wearing cologne or perfume and going for a smoke break in April you already hit that. But yeah don't like how he supposed to smell food if you yourself smell like flowers and like whatever else musk weapon assault by your colleagues yeah I hate it I like salmon and bacon but I don't really like handling it that much and cookie I don't like the act of cookie with it because I know there's going to be hard to get that off my hands and I'm going to think that everything else has that scented it for a couple of hours in matter how much I scrub yet we'll worry about I don't get perfume in the kitchen super big sky leaving labels on containers and people who go down because they're afraid to ask for help going down by the way meaning you're in the Wii

you're cooking a lot and your station crash is because you were afraid to ask for help cuz you were just too damn proud or too damn afraid what you think about that why would you do that to everyone is always been a big Mantra in a cooking that a professional level of all about teamwork so you know either somebody on the team or or they have no business being in that kitchen as you're too proud to ask for help and she has every single person only takes one person to mess up the whole meal which is one of the weird things about Henry and being the first to break them nobody likes that smack me in the back of the head for whistling or anything for that matter what you think about the whistling so my co-founder Grant Crilly as a world-class with her so I we we become quite taken with that actually just

soundtrack for the day in a room and have this like to have this out Sarah Sarah balls that can I play with someone other than what you made it we are you should make the medium well steak for well done you hate that I hate that I hate that stuff it's like yeah it's bad we should have Line Road and disorganized CDP without preplus and not labeling good list prokitchen list right Jeremiah bullfrog wet salt I also hate the website which why you saline solution at the bar and ideas in food chimed in Alsip dirty salt in response when your thoughts on the on the salt getting wet and dirty there I'm actually sort of wondering what they mean by Dirty felt like feel filthy

I'm just handling that you know how like you know you were you were you were sprinkling on me and then flipping the meat and that little particle a meat on your finger got in the salt and sitting there in the kosher salt and back that is bad John John Day Oregon road and not having cold food on Coldplay it's hot food on hot place on labels food containers in the fridge and not turning pot handle sideways at you bump into them when you walked past and people who store knives and drawers with other things

hey ya alright alright and cold ketchup ketchup ketchup go bad like cold maple syrup either although I understand the merits of keeping it in the fridge to stop mold growth of the mind never grows mold because I use it that fast can a rodent I do not like the cross between a handle of a spatula I don't like dirty faucet painters without smelling them first or any vessel you put food and smell it first I hate that people don't do that. My good food and liquor is ruined by not sniffing the freaking container before you use it Jack the horse brushing crumbs on the floor and not replacing that damn thing you emptied

freaks me out thank you at Chef Keller and my friends is all about everything and not too much pound pay-per-views in a pot on cutting boards hates that Crooks who are late barely Oregon barely on time an unorganized a Sharia and non condensed cooler I didn't get the third paragraph in here unfortunately I also know notes in their notebooks hates that Pat sheerin good man out in Chicago grocery bags on The Cutting Board


visible field and they burn and people of people yeah you know what they used to do at the SEI they used to stick because their students didn't use the flat tops that often they would stick plastic bottles of ingredients sometimes oil on flat tops

I'm flat tops what about an IQ test laptops while I was working there it happened more than three times cut fire more than twice

wow yeah yeah mostly Road in one more time I'm guilty that likes at least three of these things that have been mentioned at all times we're going to head out thanks so much for Chris cook it whenever to be on the show before you do I want people to know that Howard's I need a Howard is traveling a who write rodent a rodent is traveling to Europe in about a month Western Europe and he wants to take in the sights sound in the food he's having a hard time deciding where he's going so he wants everyone you know your listeners here to tell him where to go for the best culinary pilgrimages pilgrimages is Epicurean experiences must-try dishes or equipment shops in Western Europe such broad but let's get that information in jest end gym I'm going to answer your question on plastic wrap on Twitter but I got an answer for you

if not I'll answer it again next week we come back so go check out we've got a new course that we we created a safety what every first-year line Cooks you know and every home enthusiasts should know about cooking tender cuts of meat and seafood steak the same and how to cook meat like a pro

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